You fell for it again

Thank you Rudy TwoMoon
Tired of being a slave to forced thought, Rudy decided the only real education was self education. A traditionalist of native decent, activist for real freedom from government, father and promoter of un-schooling, gardener, and fighter for real Organic sustainable foods. Rudy tries to educate others on how to avoid being a victim of forced ideals and forced circumstances.


People wonder why I’m so angry…..and the answer is different from what you’d expect.

I’m not necessarily angered by the state of the world, the greed, the slavery, the genocide or the deliberate actions to control history for the current future.

I think I’m angered the most by a simple thought that runs through my mind….you fell for it again.

Looking back, I remember not understanding the world, but knowing something was fundamentally wrong… Planned almost…..feeling edgy and offended, but by what I don’t know. “That’s not right” or “that’s mean” is something I remember as well.

Then it got to time where I acted like all that I despise now. I regurgitated words and actions I thought would be acceptable to my peers. I needed to fit in to the TV world surrounding me…I needed to be the character like those praised.

An emotion would crop up which contradicted all I saw every now and again, but I’d ignore it.

I still remember a very profound moment when a good friend slapped my logic with simple fact. I was stating how Mexicans (one part of my indigenous bloodline) were stealing jobs from us good American folks. (Please note, I used the term “Mexican” in the most venomous way. Mexican was dirty, stupid and lazy…..oh how this embarrasses me today)

He looked at me and said… many politicians pick oranges? For that matter, how Americans actually work the fields? How many white Americans are there fighting for those slave wage Jobs?

BAM! That was the very first time in my life I couldn’t answer with a smart ass TV defined remark. I had to face the truth at that moment.

But what was the truth? I had to find out on my own. I had to think. I had to evaluate something for the first time in my life…….and the thought that came across was, you fell for it again.

That wasn’t the actual words which went through my mind, but a feeling I still to this day get, especially while I unlearn something.

Now that I’ve come to this point in life, I accept everything I ever learned is a lie. Am I angry that it’s all a lie for an agenda? No, I’m angry because deep inside I feel, before I was born to this very life, I was fooled and tricked.

…..You fell for it again….

I ate the forbidden fruit and realized much too late the promises were in fact false. Before rebirth, I truly understood the illusion and brought it with me to my new body.

….you fell for it again…

And this new body at some point forgot again what the soul knew before completing its journey……
And in this life when I was little, I may have remembered the injustice and later taught myself to forget yet again.

I am angered because at some point between being a child and an adult(?) I allowed it to happen one more time.

So if I seem angry to you, maybe you should ask yourself if you fell for it? If the answer feels like a yes, then I suggest you look to see what it is you fell for….then hopefully you can find the compassion for my anger.