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Spiritual enlightenment isn’t comfortable, safe or even powerful. Its almost always the opposite of this. You become small, and powerless. You realize everything about you is weak. From there, you start to understand equal ground and equal spirit. That’s when real power comes.


You don’t become magical. Don’t be fooled by this fake cosmic muffin New Age crap. Enlightenment is knowing exactly how weak you are and what you personally need to change about yourself to better serve this planet.

So called Enlightened people are allowing this planet to be killed through neglect of action. Groups are plotting and committing acts of violence while they mediate and “just think good thoughts.”

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You need to judge yourself more harshly than anyone else ever can. You need to learn how not to care about other’s opinions. Through not caring, you find compassion. And I think that’s one of the major secrets. Not caring to find compassion.

Compassion is the feeling of remorse one feels when an action must be taken to prevent an unavoidable outcome.

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You will be sickened. Getting past this is hard, because that’s when you really need to dig deep and find personal forgiveness, and through personal forgiveness you find selfless love. Loving yourself is a real bitch to do. Its easy to love everything except yourself, especially when you become enlightened to the thoughtless crimes you committed against nature.

Love for yourself is hard to find when you participated in joyful acts of violence perpetrated by you on your surroundings.

Enlightenment brought me to a level of hatred I never felt before, but that’s what taught me compassion. I thought I knew what compassion meant until I witnessed others making the same mistakes, and I, being so weak, am helpless of stopping them from committing these acts.

Don’t fall for the lies of those who use a word which means the opposite of what they do. This new age dogma is no different than any other religion — full of false hope. Sitting and smiling, denying the pain of others in trade for personal joy, is no different than being a thief or a murderer or a false prophet preacher or a con artist or a politician.


Right here and now, this earth is physical, you are physical, the actions around you are physical, the threats are physical. There are physical people surrounding us doing physical harm.

Defense isn’t violence, but schools, media, religions, laws, new age movement, and police want you to believe defending yourself is violent. You have the right to question, know, and act against their violence!

Even the rabbit will turn and attack the wolves when it’s chased to exhaustion. It doesn’t stop running, sit in a yoga pose, smile and pray itself to safety. No! The rabbit turns and fights because it’s enlightened to the danger!


The deliberate toxins and bio weapons used in food and water, the deliberate oil spills, the Geo-engineering that governments have admitted to hundreds of times, the private prisons who have contracts to stay at 90% capacity, or the media who promote excessive violence to help those who own stock shares in the prisons, or the manipulation of the population’s minds so the prisons do stay at a 90% occupancy…

Enlightenment is realizing the education buildings you send your children to are nothing but a brain washing center of propaganda for engineering self slavery.

Enlightenment is realizing “government is violence” in all its symbolism and imagery.
Enlightenment is realizing the illusion of “you can’t do anything without permission from an entity of authority!”

That’s the whole illusion, you need permission to be human from those who are inhumane.
Enlightenment is realizing inhumane people do not provide any services you can’t accomplish on your own!!!!

Enlightenment is the realization of this new movement of spirituality being created by those in power to keep you inactive, passive, and blind to any struggle.


Rudy TwoMoonRudy TwoMoon

Tired of being a slave to forced thought, Rudy decided the only real education was self education. A traditionalist of native decent, activist for real freedom from government, father and promoter of un-schooling, gardener, and fighter for real Organic sustainable foods. Rudy tries to educate others on how to avoid being a victim of forced ideals and forced circumstances.