Stories from the Frontline 2-1-17 – 4-11-17

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe

4-11-17 ~ UPDATE Red Fawn
Per Jordan Chariton:
#NoDAPL BREAKING: Just got off the phone with Red Dawn, sister of Red Fawn. After initially getting the go-ahead for release to a half-way house earlier today, Red Fawn is now NOT GETTING RELEASED. Waiting for more details on why.
Our sister Red Fawn has been DENIED released today, pending her trial and was headed to a halfway house. After 6 months of her being wrongfully held since October 27th.
A US attorney requested and was granted a block on the judges orders of the release.
Author: Ambassador D. Kam, for Free Nations

4-11-17 ~ Red Fawn released today
Yesssssss….Thank You Tunkasila my sissy called me from Bismarck this morning nd I’m super excited to share that she is en route to the half-way house‼

I am so happy after six long months she will see the light of day…although she has a long road ahead of her to prepare for her trial, she won’t have to do it from a jail cell we are so thankful for all your continued support and as soon as she’s settled and I have all the information we will let y’all know…

4-4-17 ~ Matthew Borke… Oceti/Standing Rock/Sakima Camp update: Although our homes have been bull dozed and physical bodies have been abused. We can never leave camp now. For our spirits must rise up. We have been scattered across the country creating refreshed homes and raising awareness. Of all that has been destroyed, our hearts grow stronger. We are still Standing. A movement must change its tires to gain more traction yet driving on the ice gives one skills. Water Protectors are in your back yards now. There are new camps going up all the time. They could still use support. We are still praying on several fronts. Court houses, Toxic waste dumps, State capitals, Drill pads, and on and on. Every camp is built with a kitchen. And every kitchen needs supplies and medicines. It is a hearth that warms and nourishes the spirit and fuels the drive. Please continue to collect supplies. Tarp, ladles, pots and pans, cutting boards, large tents, seasonings, and mess can kits. Cots, sleeping bags, pillows, batteries, headlamps. The more reusable, the better. Solar panels, wind turbines, car batteries, and inverters. Please continue to do events, invite a water protector to speak. Show alternative ways of living. I am presently in Michigan. Sioux Z Dezbah is in California. Joye Braun is in South Dakota.

We will direct your support in the best way we can.
We are all people of the land and with out you, we are nothing.

4-2-17 ~ Eric Poemoceah… Your Name and Picture are more than just little icons on my Computer or Phone. They Represent and identify u All and who u are. They Represent People who are loved by me and many many others. These Pics and Names are real people with Families Children, Husband, Wife, Brothers, Sisters, Aunties, Uncles, Grandpas, and Granmothers Ext… When I See your Picture and Name on my FB please Remember that u r more than a Symbol on my Computer, U r more than a Screen name, u r my Relative and u r Loved by Me and all of your Real and FB Family. When u See my Profile picture pop up just please remember that I am a real Person who has a Heart and a Soul just like u, Remember I am a Real Person with trials and tribulations just like u, but most Importantly remember that I as Well as many others are Fighting the Battle of Life and to Love all by trying to Protect Mother Earth and Water while Balancing Everything I Said Above and So So much more. I Love u all and Pray that Blessing Rain down on u and your Families. Thank u for Reading and A’Ho for being my Relative

4-1-17 ~ UnicornRiot… Sacred Stone Camp One Year Celebration: One year ago today, the Sacred Stone Camp was established at the confluence of the CannonBall & Missouri Rivers. No one knew of the movement to come; people only said they came together to pray for the water and for future generations. Today we return to listen as people tell why they are still standing for the water.Sacred Stone Camp One Year Celebration: One year ago today, the Sacred Stone Camp was established at the confluence of the CannonBall & Missouri Rivers. No one knew of the movement to come; people only said they came together to pray for the water and for future generations. Today we return to listen as people tell why they are still standing for the water.

4-1-16 ~ LaDonna Paperwork… Let it be told! Today is the First Anniversary of the Water Is Life Movement. April 1st, 2016. We Thank You LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard and We Stand!

LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard
The phrase – “The Good Red Road” is a term used by many different Native American tribal communities to represent one who is walking the road of balance, living right and following the rules of the Creator.
The Good Red Roads – Code of Ethics

1. Search for yourself, by yourself. Do not allow others to make your path for you. It is your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.
2. Treat the guests in your home with much consideration. Serve them the best food, give them the best bed and treat them with respect and honor.
3. Do not take what is not yours. Whether from a person, a community, the wilderness or from a culture. It was not earned nor given. It is not yours. You cannot enjoy what it not yours.
4. Respect all things that are placed upon this Earth.
5. Rise with the sun to pray. Pray alone. Pray often. The Great Spirit will listen, if only you speak.
6. Honor other people’s thoughts, wishes and words. Never interrupt another or mock or mimic them. Allow each person the right to a freedom of opinion. Respect that opinion.
7. Never speak of others in a bad way. The negative energy that you put out into the universe will multiply when it returns to you.
8. All persons make mistakes. No matter how small or how large the mistake is, it can still be forgiven.
9. Bad thoughts cause illness of the spirit, the mind and the body. Keep bad thoughts at bay. Practice optimism.
10. Nature is not FOR us; it is a PART of us. Treat all natural beings as a member of your family.
11. Children are the seeds of our future. Plant love in their hearts and water them with wisdom and life’s lessons. When they are grown, allow them find their own place.
12. Keep yourself balanced. Your Mental self, Spiritual Self, Emotional Self and Physical self all need to be strong, pure and healthy. Work out the body, to strengthen the mind. Grow rich in spirit to cure emotional ails.
13. Make conscious decisions as to who you will be and how you will react. Be responsible for your own actions.
14. Treat the elders as special gems – their wisdom will shine.
15. Be true to yourself first.

“Peace…comes within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the enviers dwells Waken-Tanka, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us”
Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

3-29-17 ~ Jeane LaRance‎ … It’s been over three months now since I left Oceti Sakowin and I’m calming down a bit more. I don’t cry as much and I’m sleeping without nightmares, I still jump when a helicopter flies over but I’m getting used to it. After the first month I couldn’t go on the way I was, I kept hearing elders saying the fire is lit inside all Water Protectors. so I became very active in my community and it is amazing how much better I am. I will never be the same woman I was and that’s good, I am active. I am here to Protect. I am proud to be Native. I don’t focus on painful images anymore like I did and on my website I see only beauty on the faces of the Water Protectors you can check it out yourself please do.

Clarence Wolf Guts; the last Lakota code talker…
Clarence Wolf Guts was not the sort of hero who capitalized on his exploits; he never wrote any books or ran for office, and you could count his speaking appearances on one hand. When we met him in 2007, he was living almost as simply as he did when he was a boy on the Rosebud Reservation in the 1920s.
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3-28-17 ~ Eric Poemoceah… DAPL has put out a statement that says OIL has been placed in the pipeline under the Missouri River, we may have lost this battle of time but the War has just begun and trust me when I say We Will Win The War!! Water Protectors r every where and we will not stop protecting Mother Earth and our Sacred Water!! Please Pray for all of our Protectors that they will gain strength to continue to fight for our future generations!! Water Protectors r Still Yelling NODAPL!! Keep them prayers coming for our Creator hears our Cry. A’Ho Relatives

3-24-17 ~ Lori Davis … Can anyone claim this? If so know that I have it and it will be sent to the Texas camps. Please share.

3-22-17 ~ Becky Allmon‎… I feel honored and privileged to have served the Water Protectors at Standing Rock in providing medical care and am willing to work with any further Camps to serve the medical needs, just let me know when and where. To serve with you was a life changing experience that has altered my life. Mni Wiconi!

3-19-17 ~ Vanessa Castle ….feeling nostalgic…The days were warm and sunny, and the nights were cold. We rode horse up to the top of the ridge to watch the sunset upon Oceti and Rosebud. There they sang, after hearing hoots and hollers and “MNI WICONI!” from every direction. We offered prayers. It was a beautiful time.

3-18-17 ~ Ernesto Burbank… What did they think, we were just gonna stop? The more they try and shut us down the more we laugh #honorlife #standyourground #mniwiconi rents due homie……. killing them softly in a good way

Native Eagle Feather Teachings By Adrian LaChance

“You have wandered away from your teachings. You must concentrate on your spiritual teachings…Don’t be sidetracked.”
— Henry Quick Bear, LAKOTA

Why are the Elders always telling us to know The culture and listen to the teachings? When we go off track, why do the Elders say, return to the teachings? The teachings tell us how to live in harmony with the Laws and principles of the Great Spirit. Living means life – a good life, a happy life. Many of us have grown up without the teachings and the culture, that is why we don’t know how to live. To improve on relationships, to treat our children with honor, and to respect our Elders, we need to live by the old teachings again.

Great Spirit, today, show me how to live.

3-18-17 ~ Jeff Andreasen Kelly-Sky… OK. Water protectors especially: pay attention my loved ones. So, today after finally getting to the point of HAVING to do something, I went out and spoke to my ancestors, all the living spirits, all the spirits that never were physical. I cried. I yelled. I told them I’m ready to leave my purpose because I feel so lost. I couldn’t feel anything but pain, or numbness. All enjoyment or hope was gone from my existence. I felt defeated like I’ve never felt. I told them this as I held my tobacco and cried. I told them I couldn’t do it this way anymore and to forgive me.

All of a sudden I heard footsteps and breaking branches from a few different places, and I was thinking what are these people doing out here? I hadn’t seen any tracks besides animal out there. I actually thought someone had misinterpreted my facebook posts and sent out a group to make to make sure I was safe. How embarrassing, I thought. I started packing up my bundle to get out of there, I was trying to listen to see who it might be, and a soft breeze blew. All the crusty snow in the branches was clinking together sounding like tiny jingle dresses. That’s when I felt it. FELT IT. I was surrounded by loving beings and they hadn’t gone anywhere.

It was my pain and fear of pain that closed me off from being able to feel and hear them. I had even forgotten that I COULD hear and feel them. I was so lost.

We need to take our pain and feelings of defeat and give it to the ones that never left our sides. It’s the idea of being defeated that cut us away from them. It’s the feeling of lack of purpose that is driving us to depths we haven’t found before.

Use your tobacco to absorb those feelings even if you can’t believe in it at the moment, and ask them to help, ask them to show you your purpose again.

It is the only way. I tried to wait, thinking I’ll come out of it.

Just get on with your prayer. The one from the deepest part of you. Don’t be ashamed because you lost your connection. Its understandable. If not to anyone else, it is to me. We had a huge thing traumatize us repeatedly in the worst kind of ways.

I will be the first spirit to say I love you, no matter what. Unconditionally, I love you. Now get your tobacco so you can feel that message from everywhere else.

Do it. They’re waiting.

3-18-17 ~ Linda Gaddie-Garcia Standing Rock Protectors – Pipeline Protest… E-Eric Poemz Protector News had to name change to Eric Poemoceah Protector News!….. due to troll activity! So hence forth he’ll be sharing E-Eric Poemoceah Protector News from now on! Eric has been having endless troll problems especially since he had his pelvis broken by BIA Police at Oceti Oyate Camp on Feb. 22, 2017!

These trolls have also been trying to get Eric’s Go Fund Me Page’s reported as fraud to fb! Eric is legitimate and so is his Go Fund Me page! I post his Go Fund Me Page once, or twice a week (in my groups) because Eric needs money to pay for medical expenses. But also because he used his own money traveling around to different protests to live stream! He live streamed as well from CNN until CNN finally did media coverage of what happened at Standing Rock on November 20, 2016! Eric also live streamed at the Super Bowl in Jan. 2017! All to raise awareness, when mainstream media wasn’t reporting on important issues! Eric is willing to travel to where ever he is needed to live stream and raise awareness of protests!

In the U.S. and Canada! He just needs gas money to get to the protests!

Eric Poemz … “Trolls Reported my Name on my Account and FB tried to take down my Account so I had to correct my name. I’ve never had problems using Eric Poemz b4 but all the sudden trolls started reporting me to FB!!”

Will You Stand With The Indigenous People Against The Dakota Pipeline? (w/Guest: Dave Archambault) – Thom Hartmann Program

3-16-17 ~ Kenny Frost…. In DAPL Dave’s own words.
DAPL Dave invite people to camp on standing rock as guests. Asking for donations.

Standing rock tribal council claim that the campers have no permit. Yet were invited to camp Treaty land inviting people from around the world to camp in the first place?

You invite people to come camp there, they are your guest. Then on Dec 5th telling all people to get the hell out!

Later sending an eviction notice and trespassing notice to people you begged to come camp there and then removing people at gun point will make a lot of pissed off campers. People are insulted and hurt.

On Dec. 4th you made the deal with the devil of selling out to ND governor, DAPL, Morton County sheriff, ACOE.

It was also the standing rock tribal council who made a resolution to LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard supporting Sacred Stone Camp. Then at the end telling her she has no right on her allotted land. Then bulldozing a school. It’s a school! Why bulldozed a school intended for children’s.

DAPL spoke with the words of a fork-tongue. He lied to the people. He lied to the water protectors. He lied to his own ancestral spirits.

The ancestors will be going after him for turning his back against the ancestor’s burials.

=->>>—- Kenny —->

Daniella Zalcman‘s Pulitzer-Center funded project… Signs of Your Identity, reveals the damage of the residential school system on indigenous communities. Many of her subjects and their relatives travelled to Standing Rock to stand in solidarity with the Sioux Reservation.

“Standing Rock was about a return to sovereignty. The Treaty of Fort Laramie has been explicitly violated in so many different ways and this is an act of reclamation, of the Lakota saying: “We’re done with coercive assimilation. We’re done with land grabbing. And we also don’t want the water supply poisoned for the eighteen million people who live downstream.” They see themselves as stewards of the land for the next seven generations.

“A lot of the Lakota prophecies have to do with the land and the mythology of the Black Snake. The youth were a major part of bringing about this prophecy and reclaiming
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3-11-17 ~ Luba Williams… Thank you to everybody who has done what their hearts have compelled them to do. Thank you to those who did what your greed told you to do. Thank you to those who did what their fears told them to do. Thank you to those who did what their anger told them to do, what their needs told them to do and what their jealousy told them to do.

Because of all of you the world knows about Standing Rock and more people have a voice, more people are aware of corruption, greed and dishonesty. To face the ones destroying our earthly home and creatures of land air and sky.

So, who is the honest who is the greedy who is the corrupt who is the fraud who is the angry ? I don’t care. That’s all on them the good the bad and the ugly. Yet it doesn’t take much to see who true good responsible supportive and trustworthy leaders and warriors are. And who are not. Opportunists knock on every cause just in the nick of time. Some how they walk away unscathed overall. While the hearts of pure pick up the others who are broken.

I’m proud either way of all the good I have seen. My love and respect far outweighs any negative feelings or intentions by the insider corruption and the external evils. They are of the same battle and fight, are they not. And so they oppose the good, and that is their battle in the long run. Standing Rock has defied what ‘they’ had expected and I am damn sure it will continue to. The WORLD has grown a huge set of balls because of all the brave people who had risked their lives at Standing Rock. And I love you all each of you for that. Thank you for the teachings you have bestowed upon me and for so many of your dear friendships. Thank you for the witness of your pure strength, compassion and determination. Your examples of goodness and tradition have shook some of the hell out of this world. You have given people a reason to get up each day and breathe again. You inspired people to do something take action stand up and face the injustices within their own lives and communities.

We have laughed with you, cried with you and stood with you.
and you know who you are
May the creator bless you and protect you always. To those suffering in any way my heart and prayers are with you. I love you all.

3-8-17 ~ Lakota People’s Law Project… Finally, a voice of reason published in The Bismarck Tribune! In it’s final days, Oceti Sakowin was no where near an ecological disaster. The rumors of human waste flowing into the river are false, and the debris left from thousands of campers don’t have any long term implications for the land or water.

3-16-17 ~ Angie Spencer …
My trial at Morton County Court House about being arrested at Standing Rock is now scheduled for September 7th 2017. I was arrested October 27th 2016 and they wrote “trespass” on my arm but the paperwork I just received reads, “Offense: Endangering By Fire Or Explosion; Maintaining A Public Nuisance; Engaging In A Riot/Mob” for a misdemeanor jury trial. It was originally a felony charge, I have an attorney and have put over $4,500 into defense now.

The first appearance in court was originally scheduled for December 5th 2016 which was cancelled and rescheduled for February 14th 2017, which was cancelled again in late January 2017.
Morton County is accusing people of anything they want and throwing around false allegations as a form of suppression, tying people up in the legal system costing thousands to water protectors and systematically criminalizing them. I am just one of 700+.

3-15-17 ~ Matthew Borke… I was arrested on Feb. 23rd at Oceti. As they said in the article. They removed a lot of snow and wood. They also removed several people’s homes. I am happy to hear they may have taken propane tanks to recycling. No one was allowed to stay to witness. As far as the 3 weeks previous, I saw no recycling from the bulldozing crew. What I did see was if you happen to be looking the other way, your home may have been demolished. No checking if anyone was home. No checking what they were bulldozing. I also had a my dog with me. I was lucky. She ran with the ATV they picked me up in. And when it stopped and the door opened, she jumped in. She was the only animal I saw that got approval to come with us. I had never imagined they would abandon all the animals. As officers told me. That was there plan all along. So you arrest all the inhabitants and leave the animals. And let no one to return. The officers abandoned those dogs. This is the truth. The officer actually told me that I was killing him when my pooch was running with the vehicle. I said “excuse me? You’re not actually planning on abandoning my dog here.” He said “yes.”
There are some who are saying to not put information out that Alicia Mitzel is missing. If this was your child would you be ok if someone said to not find your child? I would not be, ever! On this feed is her dad speaking and letting the people know. If someone should speak on whether the information should be shared or not, it would be the parents, not other people. You can hear her dad yourself and listen to the one affected speak for himself and his family. Philámayaye!

3-12-17 ~ Support from Africa…

3-12-17 ~ Jennifer Dawn… When I saw a video of the tipi going up in front of the Trump hotel, I caught a glimpse of the women placing the last pole and it reminded me of the famous WWII image, so I tried to sketch it out a little bit- I added the other image for reference but if you saw the tipi going up, perhaps you saw it the way I did- true, powerful Americans raising a symbol of life, birth, and this homeland

3-11-17 ~ Tara Zhaabowekwe Houska… Morton County has filed the paperwork alleging I committed trespass while fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Although the ground fight may be at an end, over 800 cases brought by North Dakota against water protectors continue, as does the divestment campaign and several lawsuits against the state and federal governments. The same state that strip searched us for misdemeanor charges, put us in dog kennels, and attempted passing legislation to legalize running us over. I gave this interview at Democracy Now! back in November — the violations of our rights are ongoing: Please support our legal defense at: :

3-11-17 ~ Indiana reveals the arsenal they brought with them to Standing Rock
The Indiana Department of Homeland Security has provided us with a remarkably unredacted look at their EMAC (Emergency Management Assistance Compact) agreement with North Dakota. 37 sworn law enforcement officers from nine different Indiana agencies including Indianapolis Metropolitan PD, were deployed to Morton County. Their mission lasted for 18 days and went through late October to early November.

42 “sidearms” (judging from the individual officer’s paperwork, these are various Glock models): $16,464
37 (one for each officer!) Bushmaster AR-15’s: $14,504
16 outfits of riot gear: $9,408
23 shotguns: $9,016
21 pairs of Gen III night vision goggles: $8,232
37 seemingly department issued cell phones: $6,160
21 pairs of binoculars: $1,029
10 spotting scopes (possibly used as part of a sniper team): $490
2 tear gas launchers of different sizes: $784
1 TAC 700 pepper ball launcher: $392
1 thermal imaging camera: $784

In addition to all this gear, Indiana law enforcement agencies brought seven ATV’s (two models), 23 pickup trucks which cost North Dakota $117,208 (three models), five Ford SUV’s and two Dodge Chargers. This convoy cost North Dakota $149,000, and that isn’t including actual fueling costs.
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3-10-17 ~ Eric Poemz … Fallon is a young 17 year old Oglala Lakota youth from the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, she resides in Wounded Knee SD where the massacre took place in 1890, she is a 7th generation youth and is also a descendant from Chief Crazy Horse.

She is an activist and water protector who dedicated her time to Oceti Sakowin Camp near Standing Rock reservation, our water is being threatened by the Dakota Access Pipeline that will go under Lake Oahe which is where the Missouri River flows.

During the camp evacuations and police and National Guard raids people were hurrying to get to safety from these mad men, she ran down after last minute items when the structure she went into exploded and burned her.

She was pulled to safety then rushed to the hospital and from there she was life flighted out to a Burn center.

She has some serious burns and will have a long road to recovery but her spirits are back up and she still has the fighting spirit to fight for Mother earth, she would like to travel around the state’s to stand up against pollution happening.

She thanks everyone for their support and continued prayers at this time, we are asking for your generous contributions to her road to recovery and medical bills.

Wopila Tanka. #MniWiconi 7thGenerations #MotherEarthsArmy

This GOFUND me is going to support the family’s increased cost as they have to travel and live in Minnesota while Fallon Recovers.

There is another fundraiser happening on another site, but those funds aren’t accessible for another 30 days, and the family needs financial support NOW.

ALL funds will go DIRECTLY to Clarence, Fallon’s older brother and legal guardian.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

3-9-17 ~ The oil isn’t flowing, and we’re not done fighting. Recently unearthed court documents show that Energy Transfer Partners cooked the books to mask the Dakota Access pipeline’s environmental and social justice impacts on Standing Rock. Watch and share our #NoDAPL TV ad (currently airing in Washington D.C.) and tell lawmakers to demand a FULL and FAIR environmental impact statement at

3-8-17 ~ Jackie Kaitautoko … Come on America, Water is Life.. Look at your children and think of the future they will have if you do nothing.. Take the time to defend your rights to fresh clean water.. It’s time for everyone to make a stand, First Nation have done everything they could to fight DAPL, and now’s the time for every American Citizen to make a STAND..


1. Rise with the sun to pray. Pray alone. Pray often. The Great Spirit will listen, if you only speak.

2. Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path. Ignorance, conceit, anger, jealousy – and greed stem from a lost soul. Pray that they will find guidance.

3. Search for yourself, by yourself. Do not allow others to make your path for you. It is your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.
4. Treat the guests in your home with much consideration. Serve them the best food, give them the best bed and treat them with respect and honor.

5. Do not take what is not yours whether from a person, a community, the wilderness or from a culture. It was not earned nor given. It is not yours.

6. Respect all things that are placed upon this earth – whether it be people or plant.

7. Honor other people’s thoughts, wishes and words. Never interrupt another or mock or rudely mimic them. Allow each person the right to personal expression.

8. Never speak of others in a bad way. The negative energy that you put out into the universe will multiply when it returns to you.

9. All persons make mistakes. And all mistakes can be forgiven.

10. Bad thoughts cause illness of the mind, body and spirit. Practice optimism.

11. Nature is not FOR us, it is a PART of us. They are part of your worldly family.

12. Children are the seeds of our future. Plant love in their hearts and water them with wisdom and life’s lessons. When they are grown, give them space to grow.

13. Avoid hurting the hearts of others. The poison of your pain will return to you.

14. Be truthful at all times. Honesty is the test of ones will within this universe.

15. Keep yourself balanced. Your Mental self, Spiritual self, Emotional self, and Physical self – all need to be strong, pure and healthy. Work out the body to strengthen the mind. Grow rich in spirit to cure emotional ails.

16. Make conscious decisions as to who you will be and how you will react. Be responsible for your own actions.

3-8-17 ~ Lakota People’s Law Project… The oil isn’t flowing, and we’re not done fighting. Recently unearthed court documents show that Energy Transfer Partners cooked the books to mask the Dakota Access pipeline’s environmental and social justice impacts on Standing Rock. Watch and share our #NoDAPL TV ad (currently airing in Washington D.C.) and tell lawmakers to demand a FULL and FAIR environmental impact statement at

3-8-17 ~ LANGELLE PHOTOGRAPHY … Standing Rock’s Arvol Looking Horse Speaks in Buffalo: Photo Essay
Chief Arvol Looking Horse spoke on the peaceful encampment in Standing Rock, where thousands of Water Protectors are gathered to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. A press conference was followed by a talk attended by over 200 people on November 28, 2016 at the Network of Religious Communities in Buffalo, NY.
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3-8-17 ~ Elder’s Meditation of the Day – March 8
“Balance is implicit in the Red Road. When you’re on the Red Road, you are in the center. Yet, you do not go to either extreme, and you allow both sides to exist. This is accomplished by continually postponing surrendering to temptation, whatever it may be. It is saying ‘later’ instead of ‘no.'”
— Dr. A.C. Ross (Ehanamani), LAKOTA

The Sacred Path of life has a middle, a left side, and a right side. As human beings, we are designed to walk this middle path as much as we can. As we walk, we will stray to the left and to the right and come back to the middle. Straying to the left or right side is as sacred as being in the middle. Sometimes we call this straying our mistakes. We are designed by the Creator to walk the Sacred Path of life, and realize that our mistakes are the source of lessons. These lessons give us our wisdom. It is not wrong that we are tempted. What matters is what we do with the temptation.

Great Spirit, today, let me enjoy the Sacred Path of Life

3-7-17 ~ LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard… Anpetu waste I feel awful right now wish this cold would be over, but I got elder Nathaniel on his way to Washington DC. As Sacred Stone water protector arrive in Washington DC to represent protecting the water. I want to thank each and everyone who stood up in prayer against everything that was thrown at them from DAPL, Morton County Governor, State of North Dakota, Cannon Ball District, STST tribal council, BIA police, State Patrol. National Guard, National Park service. The people from Sacred Stone who stood in prayer and we will continue in prayer and civil disobedience for the water. No matter what kind of rumor or lies they put out there we stand for the water we stand for prayer we stand

3-7-17 ~ UPDATE: LEAD HORSE CHOCTAW IS FREE. ALIVE AND WELL… He was freed from Fort Yates Jail. He never gave the authorities his name or signed anything, so he was released as John Doe.

After his release Lead Horse told me he wants to continue to inform people about what happened “with our kidnapping and what would have been my last days here” He also stated “We are fixing our vehicle for travel and may need gas and food funds to make it all the way back east. Right now water protectors we brought will meet us–to help set up and share knowledge of what can happen and prepare. Thanks Spencer for your help. We always move forward together.” #leadhorsechoctaw #freeleadhorse#protectthesacred #defendthesacred #nodapl #standingrock#blackhoopcamp #americanindianmovement #rezpectourwater photo by Nobu Sozuki originally Published with permission

3-7-17 ~ MARCH 4th UPDATE A MESSAGE FROM LEAD HORSE CHOCTAW WHILE IN JAIL AT FORT YATES VOWING TO DIE FOR THE CAUSE… “I would not eat with my enemies–with four days of no food no water I knew I would last about 10 days total. I set my body not to hurt as we journey to the next world, I told my body don’t hurt as we pass that we go in peace, I smiled at the thought at all we have done in our lives for many nations and tribes around the world. I said we go in a good way.” – LEAD HORSE CHOCTAW –Lead Horse was arrested at Ceremonial Grounds during the BIA raid on the Seventh Generation Camp on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. Lead Horse was manning the Sacred Fire when he was pepper sprayed and handcuffed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs police and taken away on March 1st. #nodapl #freeleadhorse #standingrock #blackhoopcamp#rezoectourwater #defendthesacred #protectthesacred photo by Nobu Sozuki originally Published with permission

3-7-17 ~ Jamarkis Athabaskan… On the morning of January 19, 2017, the day before Trump’s inauguration, I was shot in my left eye by police at the Backwater Bridge on Highway 1806 just north of the Oceti Oyate Camp outside of Cannonball, ND. The impact from a “non-lethal bean bag round” shattered my cheek bone and orbital wall next to my eye, resulting in loss of my vision, hearing, sense of smell, taste, and touch on the left side of my face. The police officer that shot me was aiming directly at me with the intention to cause serious harm. This video was taken on January 21, after I was found in the hospital in Bismark, ND. My location or news of my injury was not released by the Morton County Sheriff’s Office or the hospital “due to security reasons,” – I believe that the police and hospital were intentionally trying to hide my injury from the public. At the hospital I was handcuffed to the bed after surgery to remove metal pellets from my eye, denied calls to my family, denied water, and kept under armed guard. After my relatives found me, I was immediately released from custody and allowed visitors. The day I was discharged from the hospital, Morton County issued a warrant for my arrest. Under legal advisement, I chose not release this video due to my warrant until I received necessary medical care and my health recovered. As my relatives and Indigenous People from across Turtle Island are traveling to march on Washington D.C., I believe that now is the time to share my story because we must not be afraid and we must share the truth about what this country is doing to Indigenous People and our precious mother water for the existence of next 7 generations. Our struggle is not over, it is just beginning. #WaterisLife #NoDAPL

3-7-17 ~ Larry Eagleheart Broome… The Chicken and the Eagle
There was once a poor farmer who only had a few crops and a chicken coop. One thing he especially loved was the great eagles that lived in a tall tree on his farm. He loved to watch them soar. The female eagle was sitting on eggs and the farmer was very excited.

One day a foolish young man crossed his property line with a gun. He saw the female eagle as she left the nest to exercise her wings for just a minute. He shot and killed her. The farmer was enraged. Although he tried, he could not catch the man. Saddened, he returned to his farm. He thought and thought, “What should I do”?

Finally an idea came. He got a ladder out of the barn and climbed the tree where the eagle nest was. He took two eggs from the nest, immediately brought them to the chicken coup and placed the eggs under a sitting hen…

Time went by and the chicks began to hatch. One of the eagle eggs did not hatch but one did. When the eaglet looked around he saw the mother hen and thought MAMA. He followed the hen and chicks and thought “I am a chicken”…but something inside told him, “I need to be up higher, up there in the sky. But no, I am a chicken…” This went on for a long time until he was grown. He kept thinking, “I need to be up higher, up there in the sky, but no, I am a chicken”.

One day for no reason he decided to hop up on a corral fence. Thinking all the time “I need to be up higher”. He felt the need to spread his wings as far as he could. While he was spreading his wings, a strong wind blew hard and all of a sudden he began to rise; higher and higher until he was soaring high in the sky. From there he could look down on his circumstances as they really were. He thought, “I am not a chicken at all!! I am an eagle and I have eagle eyes for I can see things as they really are”.

The question is: Are you a chicken or an eagle?

But someone may say, “If I am an eagle how do I get where I belong?”

The answer is….

Hold your wings out and wait for the Creator to send His Spirit to blow you where you are supposed to be.

3-5-17 ~ Barbara Anne Kirkman… “You all talk as if this is the past, well then I suggest you go to ND and take a good look at what has happened at Standing Rock..the 75p0+ people arrested on bogus charges…the 1,000 forced to leave, leaving behind their possessions, many have had their cars confiscated because they were not allowed to take them since the road in and out was under a blockade at both ends…people who cannot leave the sate until they are tried in court..have no place to go, many left with just what was on their backs….and then there was all of the chemicals used on them, or sprayed over the camps at night, and yes, there is proof of this. Many are still ill…many also now have glass lung disease….many gave up everything they had to stand to protect the waters there in Lake Oahe and the Missouri River…More than a thousand made it thru 3 blizzards…well over 600 injured by rubber bullets, bean bags pepper pops, the police aiming for their heads, chest and groin areas…they loved shooting the men in the knees…and the police shot and killed a horse and badly damaged others…the police would come into the camps at night and to snatch and grabs..Planes and helicopters flying over head 24/7..Stadium lights set up to shine directly on the main camp…so much that people do not know about what happened at Standing Rock…and remember this is the second decade of the 21st Century.”

3-5-17 ~ AJ+… Every morning, students in Toronto pay respect to indigenous land and people before singing “O Canada.”

3-5-17 ~ Wasté Win Young… TOMORROW, I’m going to get the papers to file a petition for the removal of our tribal council officials.

The reason why is because they dishonored us and shamed us under the guise of protecting us–disrespecting thousands of allies– especially the Očeti Šakowin who have a treaty right to be here. Also for the theft, misuse/ misappropriation of money and donations that were meant for water protectors. I will swear before a judge (and anyone) what was told to me in August 2016–about getting people to donate to the tribe instead of Sacred Stone.

I know this will bring me more enemies and create hard feelings but how do you think the grass roots people feel? The council allowed a foreign military, BIA, and the ND state patrol to step onto sovereign lands and systematically, physically remove homes and people. This action not only displaced hundreds of people (non-native, indigenous and tribal citizens) but directly caused economic hardship and inflicted great emotional duress & trauma.

(I would also be game to file paperwork to initiate a lawsuit against the state of ND for closing 1806 and police abuse).

I can’t apologize anymore. I still carry those values of respect,–waunsila, wolakota, with me. But I’ve got to do this. It’s time we stood up to our government.

If anyone would like to help or gather signatures in your district let me know.

3-4-17 ~ ‎Spencer Keeton Cunningham‎… MARCH 3rd UPDATE. Lead Horse Choctaw (a man I saw in person speak at Oceti Sakowin camp and saw days before his disappearance) was arrested at Ceremonial Grounds during the raid on the Seventh Generation Camp when the camp was attacked by police. 7th generation camp (also known as black hoop camp) was next to Sacred Stone Camp. Lead Horse was manning the Sacred Fire when he was pepper sprayed and handcuffed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs police.

Lead Horse was then kidnapped by BIA police and taken to the Fort Yates Jail. He is on a hunger strike and told the court he will die there for the cause.

Lead Horse asked for the names of the police when they arrived in camp on March 1, 2017. BIA said earlier that they were only coming into the camps to assess the situation. Lead Horse said in court that he was a Ceremony Keeper, and a peaceful man, and was in a closing Ceremony when the BIA trucks came in to the Ceremony Grounds.

3 people were arrested. They pepper sprayed him and handcuffed him. People had to walk all the way to the Prairie Knights Casino after which is more than 11 miles away.

Seventh Generation, which is Black Hoop Camp, was raided by police on the same day as the original camp, Sacred Stone Camp.

Oceti Sakowin, the large camp, and Sacred Stone Camp were raided and water protectors evicted.
Now evicted and displaced, water protectors are still being welcomed by Harold Frazier of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe camp to continue the defense of the water. Cheyenne River Sioux have continued to open up their Powwow Grounds in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. #freeleadhorse#leadhorsechoctaw #standingrock #nodapl

3-4-17 ~ Digital Smoke Signals… Newly remodeled Pit Stop Gas station owned by Dave Archambault starts 2 days after Sacred Stones trespassing notice, delivered by BIA on request of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Seems like an inappropriate time to do remodeling of GAS Station. While WATER PROTECTORS” Personal belongings are under-siege at Sacred Stones Camp and cannot be retrieved.

Gas station cannot be missed, as it is on the only road out of Sacred Stone camp.
We are documenting on both sides of the pipeline…


Tiki Blu ~ This makes my skin itch and my bowels churn!! This is a very ugly “In-Your-Face!” accompanied by a middle finger flip off to all nodapl media, water protectors, land defenders & supporters. With a heavy heart, I am very ashamed of the actions of the chairman of the Standing Rock Tribe. This remodeling of the Pit Stop at this terribly crucial time defines who he really is …..and it is not pretty!!
Debbie Edge ~ Corruption n greed
Mary Najdzion-Gagnon ~ WTF????????????????? WOW…this man has balls!!!! To do this at this time?????? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Virginia Cappello ~ Do not let history repeat itself..this should never had happen. Reminds me of the 1860s…follow AIM and stand together
Tammy Beau Bordeaux ~ And he said they lost money because of the road block. Looks like we know where all the money they kept went to.

3-4-17 ~ LomaStar Cleveland … Once AGAIN…my sister was suddenly moved from Bismarck to Rugby, ND.
The state of ND insists on moving her abruptly for no apparent reason. We will continue to support her regardless of where she’s at…here is the newest mailing address for our sister…

Red Fawn Fallis
110 Industrial Rd
Rugby, ND 58368

There is no message line and she does not have access to the phone like she previously did, so letters or cards are the only form of support as of right now. As always thank U all for the continued support…

3-4-17 ~ Angie Spencer… Apparently Prairie Knights Casino is into #FalseAllegations and #TacticalSuppression as well. Unbelievable that the tribe’s casino would treat Water Protectors so poorly, yet invite the BIA tribal police, armed U.S. Park Rangers, and undercover Federal Agents who are clearing out the camps, into the hotel with open arms. This letter is so bogus, its beyond suspect. Just to be clear, there was never any “incident” it is part of how they are systematically cutting people off from access to resources to encourage people to flee the area. This can be seen in the closing of HWY 1806 and now with the multiple barricades in place in and around the reservation, this is just another form of tactical suppression and blocking of resources which is a tactic within attempts at social control but this time it is within the tribe’s casino itself – which is telling. I was never spoken to about this or asked to leave because no “incident” actually happened. This letter was mailed to my home in Seattle, I just now received it upon arrival home. The reality is, hundreds of Water Protectors and Indigenous people from around the world have been banned from the Prairie Knights Casino now in an effort to make sure they never come back. #StandingRock

3-3-17 ~ Alisha Ali Vincent
I am not one to put faith in rumors. But let us remember that it was Standing Rock Tribal Council who voted to remove all of the camps, including Sacred Stone. I have shared with you that documentation from every step of the process. This was not just a move taken to please the residents of Cannonball. Part of the decision-making process DID include personal vendettas, long-standing family disputes, and petty jealousies.

The current RUMOR is that Sacred Stone will be razed by bulldozer in the coming days. I have zero evidence that this is true. On the other hand, why would we possibly sit around and wait until we receive official confirmation courtesy of someone watching the bulldozers driving down the street?

So… here is my personal plan of action and I hope you will JOIN ME…
Call Chairman Dave Archambault TODAY… 701.854.8500
– we came when you asked
– our majority came in a good way
– standing rock youth need hope & help
– DO NOT DESTROY Sacred Stone school
It DOESN’T MATTER if this is rumor or truth. What matters is that we act now and use our voice on this Friday… to step up and speak out as a moral obligation to the Indigenous Youth in Standing Rock that deserve to have these remaining structures benefit THEM. If it is even the slightest of possibilities that bulldozers will disrespect the future use possibilities of these structures… Then we should be acting NOW.
Forward and share please!
This is an action for TODAY, not tomorrow.

3-1-17 ~ Holding A Pipe at Oceti Sakowin Prayer Resistance Camp ==> Met With Live Ammunition
Only 39 years since the 1978 Federal American Indian Religious Freedom Act…
(photo by Unicorn Riot)

3-1-17 ~ Johnny Dangers… BIA Federal Police and Park Rangers will NOT allow LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard through the hard barricade on to her own property at Sacred Stone Camp! LaDonna shares her thoughts on the situation just outside the barricade in Cannonball.
Share and spread the word to the World about the injustice of shutting down a Prayer Camp!

3-1-17 ~ Johnny Dangers… Breaking News. BIA SUV just went through Sacred Stone Camp and said Final Warning. BIA is “Taking over Cleanup” “Everyone should leave” There is now a Hard Blockade at the Check Point and Park Rangers are not letting Water Protectors back into camp to Clean! Share and spread the word!


Photo Essay 1904-1924 ‘The North American Indian’
Born on a Wisconsin farm in 1868, Edward Sheriff Curtis grew up to become a commercial photographer in Seattle. In 1895 he photographed Princess Angeline, the daughter of the Duwamish chief Seattle, for whom the city was named. That encounter sparked Curtis’ lifelong fascination with the cultures and lives of Native American tribes. He soon joined expeditions to visit tribes in Alaska and Montana. In 1906, Curtis was approached by wealthy financier J.P. Morgan, who was interested in funding a documentary project on the indigenous people of the continent. They conceived a 20-volume series, called The North American Indian. Continue Reading

2-26-17 ~ White Wolf Pack… Powerful Photos of the final hours at Standing Rock
The Oceti Sakowin camp was the largest of several temporary camps on the northern edge of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota. Protectors have been living on this land for months, in support of members of the Standing Rock Sioux.

The North Dakota Joint Information Center reports that 46 people were arrested. Others left the camp voluntarily throughout the day, according to a news release from the center.
Continue Reading


2-26-17 ~ ‎Andrea Zanardi‎
Okay.. Yes..
The enemy is great.
The enemy reinforced the ramparts and became more aggressive.
Waving like a flag his power for frighten us.
So what should we do? forget it? Let them do?
Remain silent? Leave our home with tail between the legs?
And what to say to our brothers and sisters who have sacrificed?
What to do of the tears, the pain suffered and the shed blood?
Think about the paradox of this struggle:
the enemy has deployed hordes of police, soldiers, National Guards.
Missing only the Marines and the Navy Seals. For what?
To counter a peaceful people movement and unarmed. Surreal.
The enemy knows only this language. Just this!
But we do not. We have different ways to go.
After a losing battle remain two things:
At first, the anger and the pain that he had to back away.
And then the pride and the desire for justice that do raise and continue the fight.
We are able to learn from everything .. it is victory or defeat.
In recent months we have learned a lot and we will treasure it all.
Sooner or later all the chickens come home to roost .. the rope eventually breaks.
And while they are still on their static certainties,
we grow and there we spread.
The enemy fights for base money.
We are fighting for human rights.
The difference is great and sooner or later events show which fight is more important.
Hug the Brothers and Sisters who have paid the price of this battle.
I can only promise that: We don’t give up! They can make us back away, they can hit us,
They can pretend that we take the despair.
But if they think this, then they have not understood anything.
They can try to stop those who fight for a just cause,
but the Revolution .. The Change .. are Unstoppable!
We take a breath, we take care of the wounds, we remain united and ready for the next step.
Surrender is not an option.
Hoka Hey, beloved Brothers and Sisters!..


2-26-17 ~ Tee Dub… To anyone who had made it to camp you would know how truly a special place it was. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”


2-26-17 ~ I ILM Team San Francisco, CA … (Standing Rock, ND) Kate Arrington was arrested last night by Federal GFP officers at the prairie Knights casino.

Kate is what the water protectors are calling a keyboard warrior as she worked diligently on covering the events at Standing Rock and pushing media out from her hotel room at Prairie Knights Casino and Resort. Kate is well known in the Water Protector community and many are wondering why this mother, daughter and sister was arrested as her role in Standing Rock is providing the public with valid and factual information VIA Facebook and other media outlets. Her friends say she hasn’t done anything wrong besides covering standing Rock as media.

As the days role onward media in Standing Rock fear their rights may be violated by the militia police presence in and around Standing Rock.

What does one do when law no longer protects us as citizens of the United States and what does one do to protect themselves against illegal arrests and raids?

We will provide more information as it comes available.
ILM Team
San Francisco, CA


2-26-17 ~ Jana Stone… Our vision with the Rise of the 7th Generation/Blackhoop camp was to provide a safe space for fleeing refugees from the other camps, to at least rest a bit before their next move, and we succeeded in that, at least for awhile. But tribal land ownership is fractioned and complicated and we’re not totally legal to be here after all. We will be after probate on Thursday but the raid is tomorrow. We feel sure that’s why our eviction notice was originally 10 days but was soon shrunk to 5. DAPL’s influence is far reaching.

So, now we are to be the refugees, again, alongside all these other traumatized folks. We came to protect the water and indigenous rights, and we sure shed a lot of light on both. We are invited to join Sacred Stone as well as CRST, but we don’t know what we will do. We’re tired. Our trucks are broke.

The Humvees arrived at the barricade late last night. The wolves are near.



2-25-17 ~ Johnny Dangers… Propane tanks used for heat are being banned at Sacred Stone Camp. Also water is being limited. Rosebud has a real militarized presence now!

Hours ago BIA blocked propane delivery used for heating at Sacred Stone Camp at their barricaded checkpoint. Reports of one water jug per person coming in. Feds including Park Rangers are all over the area. Rosebud Camp is now currently under what looks like a military occupation with the same vehicles used in the Oceti Oyate Camp Raid.

Invading a prayer camp would be shameful but when has that stopped the colonizers.

When have they listened to prayer?

I watched them destroy an inipi (Lakota Sweatlodge) from he hill up on Rosebud less than an hour after a grandmother was arrested praying outside it after not being able to finish her prayers.

I hope they listen to the prayers everyone is sending but I fear they will not.


2-25-17 ~ Hector Lavalle… “The 35-page legal analysis of the pipeline’s potential environmental risks and its impact on treaty rights of the Standing Rock Sioux and other indigenous tribes was authored in December by then-Interior Department Solicitor Hilary C. Tompkins, an Obama appointee who was — at the time — the top lawyer in the department.

“The government-to-government relationship between the United States and the Tribes calls for enhanced engagement and sensitivity to the Tribes’ concerns,” Tompkins wrote. “The Corps is accordingly justified should it choose to deny the proposed easement.”

Tompkins’ opinion was dated Dec. 4, the same day the Obama administration announced that it was denying an easement for the controversial crossing and initiating an environmental impact statement that would explore alternative routes for the pipeline. Tompkins did not respond to a request by ABC News to discuss her analysis or the decision made to withdraw it.”


2-25-17 ~ Julie Kurylowicz … BIA preparing for blockade to #SacredStoneCamp 2/25 This report : Propane Delivery person to Sacred Stone relaying what BIA checkpoint person said. No Propane Delivery allowed tomorrow as scheduled because both Sacred Stone and new 7 Generation camps to be cleared 2/26 . Let us not forget that ,apart from anything else, LaDonna was given permission and blessings to open Sacred Stone Camp last April by SRST Council,now the same people partnering with BIA.all federal agencies to bring this Shame upon their own people and allies. This divide and conquer is the oldest war tactic there is,but they UNDERESTIMATE the power of this movement. #BoycottNorthDakota Now.


2-24-17 ~ Alison Rossiter … “They just showed they can change the rules at anytime to suit them, they just showed stuff what’s right, we want it sorry rules have changed to suit us and get people excited about money and jobs, greed has taken over pipes will break because they have shown what they want greed. Compassion is what needed and stand for what is right is what is important, kids family and people will remember and not forget what treacherous act you have done to many good and peaceful families that lived there shame on you, the people will not forget and our generation will grow with caution not trust in what the law has proceeded to consciously go ahead even though it is completely wrong. You may as well not own your homes or stand up for what is right because if they want it they will take it they are evil” Alison Rossiter


2-24-17 ~ The White House lies AGAIN.
“The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe reacted to yesterday’s false claims by White House Press Secretary Spicer that “our team has been in contact with all the parties involved” and also claimed that “we are constantly in touch with them” regarding the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL).

In fact, no one from the Administration has contacted the tribe according to a press statement sent to Native News Online this morning regarding issue. The tribe maintains Spicer twice lied about the President’s promise to negotiate a solution between Tribes and Energy Transfer Partners.


2-24-17 ~ Johnny Dangers… Breaking News: BIA is invading Rosebud Camp! Share!! 20 trucks entering main gate: BIA has full control of Rosebud Camp, 2nd camp raided today.

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Chairman Harold Frazier calls for the end of the BIA!
Send Prayers of Strength!
Share with the world the truth!

2-24-17 ~ Chase Iron Eyes. … Drilling complete under Missouri River reports DAPL, 43 days early…

2-24-17 ~ Digital Smoke Signals Myron Dewey… Yesterday’s events were difficult to document and witness, the independent media teams on the ground worked to make sure the narrative was told properly. While the camp was invaded by excessive military presence the drill pad was working away.


2-24-17 ~ Jordan Chariton … #NoDAPL BREAKING: North Dakota oil police owed $30 million in overtime…pricey business brutalizing unarmed people w/ militarized weapons on behalf on an oil company (who has publicly offered to pay overtime costs).


2-25-17 ~ Andrea Zanardi‎ … I hoped would not end this way.
Deep down I knew that, despite the great heart and great courage, evil would win. And ‘so it was.

Evil has bitten the brake, waited patient and then exploded in all its violence, vulgar, trampling Rights, Justice and Intelligence. Has burned, has crashed and destroyed .. slapped freedom and smothered in blood and tears a whole people.

Peaceful protests are as crystal: beautiful, fascinating and stimulating as extremely and sadly fragile.

Peaceful protests, to get results, take time and opponents with common sense, logical skills and a modicum of humanity.

Unfortunately, in the specific case of North Dakota, the time was not enough .. and the opponent was none other than a rabid monster, able to use only violence and money to achieve their personal goals.

You can not reason with those who are unable to communicate .. you can not deal with those who impose their will by threatening and military force .. you can not extend the hands to those who just want ammanettarle .. you can not explain your reasons to who do you tip him a weapon ready to shoot you.

Hard to talk to those who don’t listen .. difficult to show alternatives to those who can’t see beyond their nose .. hard to find meeting points with those who only know the language of violence.

In recent months, my brothers and my sisters in Standing Rock, showed a myopic world courage and self-sacrifice out of the ordinary .. have withstood the infamous militia of the government, the senseless violence, the unjustified arrests and cold winter and ruthless.
In recent days it has consumed the sad final momentary (?) of this History page.
I’m hurt to see our world remain silent and walk towards a shitty future like nothing had happened .. insensitive to the sacrifices made and the true values.

My heart is destroyed, tears in his eyes and the soul closer to my brothers and my sisters.
But there is still alive anger and hope that this struggle remains exemplary and is repeated in every place where the arrogance of power tries to trample on Human Rights.
Standing Rock has planted a seed.
Grow something.

2-24-17 ~ Faces and voices from the stand at Standing Rock – Reveal


2-24-17 ~ Natalie Finch… In Loving Memory of the Oceti Sakowin encampment at Standing Rock 2016 – Feb 22, 2017


2-24-17 ~ Rob Wilson Photography… A Water Protector praying on the bank of the Cannon Ball River in front of the line of Riot Police that completed the takeover of the Oceti Sakowin Camp.


2-24-17 ~ Saul David Madrigal … It has been sad day for America. Welcome to the police state. You will follow your orders or be imprisoned and beaten if you resist. You have no rights. There are no laws that protect you. You are here to prop up the rich, your masters, your overlords.

We had unarmed civilians standing up for their rights, their treaty lands, the water, the air, with lethal weapons pointed at them. Journalists with credentials were walked off in hand cuffs. A civilian waiting for a tow truck on a public highway threatened by armed military personnel and militarized police in riot gear. There were groups of unarmed civilians, forced onto unstable ice over a river as swat teams cattle them.

The Standing Rock movement has indirectly created a training ground for the implementation of Marshal Law, for the police state, for the NWO. We have National Guard, federal and state law enforcement personnel and equipment from multiple states. They have been brainwashed and trained to follow orders and dehumanize those who stand against tyranny. They do not realize that they are on the same side of history as the Nazis in Germany. They are deaf, blind, dumb, and born to follow.

The mistake they made, however, was that while driving blindly towards us with all their force, they woke the world up and a new Army of protectors has risen. An Army who will never back down, for we know, the future of civilization depends on us. The time for rest is over. Every able minded and able bodied person alive on this planet today must take action, NOW. Find out what you are good at and perfect it and then teach your neighbor or friend. We can take back control, but it will take every single one of us, working tirelessly and supporting each other.
Game on.
Saul David Madrigal


2-24-17 ~ Energy transfer partners in a court document claims now that the drilling for the Dakota Access Pipeline is finished.

This is 43 days before their projected finish date of 60 more days needed to drill. They were projected to finish somewhere around April 8th if the drilling did commence on February 8th. This may be proof and it is a strong possibility that they were illegally drilling in times before the easement was granted. They claim they can lay the Pipeline under the river and have oil flowing by march 6th – April 1st.

The Standing Rock Sioux, Cheyanne River Sioux, and Oglala Sioux Tribes all have pending court dates suing Energy Transfer partners and DAPL. On February 27th the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe have a hearing in Washington DC about their temporary restraining order to stop drilling based on the religious freedom and restoration act and the American Indian religious freedom act. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is suing Energy Transfer Partners and DAPL on the basis of upholding the national historic preservation act, the tribal conservational provisions act and the Environmental Policy Act.

The Oglala Sioux Tribe is suing on the basis of the adequacy of the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) and whether or not the Trump administration was arbitrary and wrongfully discarded the EIS all together to allow the drilling to continue. The Yankton Sioux Tribe is expected to file a lawsuit as well to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.
This fight is not over ! As Chase IronEyes stated earlier today. We must adapt. There are still the Sacred Stone and the Black Hoop camp remaining. They can’t stop us. #nodapl #standingrock


2-24-17 ~ Mashugashon Mesha Camp… “The next few days the media will focus on the trash and clean up at camp. The government would not let us clean up. They will make it ugly when the reality is if they had given us another week camp would be cleaned and everyone would have been moved … it was so unrealistic to not give the extra time. The mud after the snow melt was so deep .. So please please do not buy into their narrative..” – Mashugashon Mesha Camp


2-24-17 ~ ‎Isaac Ames‎ … Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.

As I write this I reflect on the past few months, they’ve been cold and they’ve been difficult at times, not everyone agreed on the path and each chose their own according to their heart. There was conflict but that doesn’t matter anymore, what we have is a bond that can never be broken. Let us lift each other up in prayer, appreciation, and thankfulness. I do not agree with the path chosen by law enforcement, but I will pray for them as well. I will pray that their hearts will be turned one day and they will learn to walk the Red Road with all of us.

Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.

Personally I would like to mention Jameson Dargen being the last holding ground at Oceti, sitting on a roof, holding the North Dakota flag, and not coming down until he decided to. He didn’t fight or antagonize; only engaged in peaceable protest and communication. That was his stand and I will always be honored to call him friend.

Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.

One fire has been extinguished, but millions more are being ignited from it and from each that burns inside everyone of us; and one fire can ignite a wildfire that is unquenchable that can spread across nations and beyond oceans of distance and time.

Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.

Regardless of circumstances, we have each other and those we’ve never met, those we may never meet. Regardless of what comes tomorrow, we have today. We have our love for the sacred and respect for it, this can never be taken from us.

Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.

You are life, you are love, and you are everything you ever dreamed to be. From now until your last days, remember, you stood on a good side of history.

Take heart my relatives, you are not alone and never will be again.
Mni Wiconi.


Photos courtesy of Myron Dewey
2-24-17 ~ Linda Black Elk… Border Patrol being used to intimidate and monitor the Indigenous people of this land….this is almost too ironic for words. He has a weapon


2-24-17 ~ Tom Goldtooth … The following is a statement by Tom Goldtooth, the Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network:

“We are appalled by today’s forced evacuations of indigenous people at the Camp at Standing Rock, they are a violent and unnecessary infringement on the constitutional right of water protectors to peacefully protest and exercise their freedom of speech. It hinders the camp cleanup process and creates confusion and chaos that puts the Missouri River at risk of pollution from construction and camping debris.

“Today’s expulsion is a continuation of a centuries old practice, where the U.S. Government forcefully removes Indigenous people from our lands and territories. We urge supporters of the water protectors to continue to resist this travesty by organizing mass mobilizations, distributed actions, speaking out against the violations of the Treaty rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Seven Council Fires of the Great Sioux Nation, and continuing to source up the capacity for litigation and grassroots organizing against the Dakota Access pipeline.

“Our hearts are not defeated. The closing of the camp is not the end of a movement or fight, it is a new beginning. They cannot extinguish the fire that Standing Rock started. It burns within each of us. We will rise, we will resist, and we will thrive. We are sending loving thoughts to the water protectors along the banks of the Cannonball River, today. May everyone be as safe as can be. #noDAPL”


2-24-17 ~ Lyla June and Jodi Archambault Gillette are both correct. We scored a major victory on Feb 22-23 but the war is not over.
Why is it a victory?
Vietnam fighting in pajamas went up against the greatest super power on Earth and won. The USA had greater fire power and never lost a single battle, yet they lost the war. How can that be?

In war is that we have a condition called “moral authority”. The USA claims that they have the moral authority to fight communism because it was evil. They lost the moral authority when Americans start seeing dead children and women bombed and killed by the Americans. Also, the public was against the soldiers coming home dead in a war they did not want to participate in.

The USA had declared victory but during the Tet offensive that image of victory was shattered when troops poured into the capital city of Vietnam.

They pulled out of the war shortly after because public opinion and protests were crippling the America economy. The USA had lost their moral authority.

Victory at Standing Rock?
Flash forward to Standing Rock. When troops, armor vehicles and militarized police rolled into Standing Rock to arrest little old ladies, unarmed people in prayer and to occupy Treaty lands, the USA lost their “moral authority”. All mainstream media and alternative media covered it.

People all over the world are now even more outraged about the mistreatment of indigenous peoples.

This is the beginning of the end of Dakota Access Pipeline. Even if they finish the pipeline and oil flows through it, all the banks, governments and USA that support the pipelines will be crippled by the people of the world taking out the anger on the USA.

The USA has always claimed “moral authority” to be the heart and soul of the world. They preach that American capitalism is the best. How many people around the world and in the USA believe this narrative anymore?

Next Steps?
The Great Sioux Nation is well on its way to victory.
– 350 to 700 indigenous nations have come together
– indigenous issues are at the forefront of the world stage
– water, land and treaty rights are in the forefront
– injustice for indigenous peoples and oppressed peoples are in alliance with one another
– the USA moral authority is no longer existent for pipelines

The SRST tribal council are not the enemy and the water protectors are not the enemy. The enemy is ETP, DAPL, banks and the system that supports their oppression.
Just a reminder that the fight is not over. The SRST still needs our full support to fight the battle in the courts and elsewhere. We may be judging the Chairman too harshly without knowing all the circumstances and all the information like Jodi Archambault-Gillette said with the slice and dice video taken out of context.

Most important aspect in the Art of War from Sun Tzu is “The Will of the People”. You lose the support of the nation and you lose the war. The leader must regain the trust of the people and the people must trust the leadership. Moral authority is a double edge sword. Time for a serious heart to heart pow wow for the tribal council to unite with the water protectors to defeat the black snake.

This confusion happened because outside forces are now controlling how the story is being written and told. It is no fault of anyone.

It is time to fix the problem.
>>>>>—David Kam, Ambassador of Free Nations ——>


2-24-17 ~ NDResponse… What a bunch of bs ..from nazi nd
Honoring a flag left behind at the Oceti Sakowin camp, law enforcement takes a moment in evacuation efforts to properly respect the symbol that represents our #freedom. #NDResponse #America #DAPL Supporting Our Veterans Morton County Sheriff’s Department North Dakota National Guard

Nate Curley It’s all for show!!! They only show what people want them to see. What they really don’t want people to see is the brutality that the unarmed protestors received at the hands of the cops.
Mnêmosynê VT Aú So the flag gets more respect than the people it represents. What a travesty.
Marcus Diaz Wow the nerve to use the word freedom when you just used force to move people. They probably took the flag down themselves and said natives left it on ground. America the imperialists
Jeryl Black Bear What a load of SHIT!!! Of All the Flags flown at the Camps, this flag, so “Happens” to be the Biggest and Cleanest flag, there on site!!! With Kirschmeir right there!!! Our Veterans would have NEVER left that or ANY flag behind…… Morton County at its Best… With yet Another Lie….
Maria Elena These cops are bottom feed





2-21-17 ~ LomaStar Cleveland with Luta Wi Red Fawn…. Today my sister Red Fawn was moved from Stutsman County Jail to Bismarck, ND. I believe she will be held there until her trial, which is set for next month but will most likely be moved to a later date.
We have secured private counsel for Red Fawn, who will be led by Mr. Bruce Ellison. We would like to thank everybody who has donated/supported #FreeRedFawn thus far and humbly ask that y’all continue to SHARE our sisters story as we have a long way to go with our fundraising efforts!

If U haven’t donated yet…PLEASE go to
Donate today as EVERY dollar counts!
Please continue to pray for our sister as things are rapidly approaching. My sister deserves to be FREE but until than she could
use a word of encouragement

701-223-8388 or a letter of kind words Red Fawn Fallis
Burleigh County Detention Center
PoBox 1416
Bismarck, ND 58502-1416

Thank You All for your continued support nd please help US #FreeRedFawn


2-21-17 ~ Unify… The snow is starting to melt at Standing Rock and flooding at the main campsite is still a strong possibility. So we are quickly hauling away all of the leftover trash on site so we leave it cleaner than we found it. We are 80% of the way there.

Meanwhile, the water protectors on site have been asked to leave by Wednesday. And there are many who have decided to stay standing at Standing Rock regardless of this threat..

We will continue support the water protectors, the U.S. veterans, and thousands of other people who support a clean future for the human race. We ask your to pray with us tomorrow and take action to support our efforts.
This is a prayer for the water that nourishes all of us. On all sides.

Help support our victory by donating now. Our team is working on site to deliver firewood, distribute food to the local communities, create media, and help the clean up of camp. Let’s support those who are coming together to protect our planet.


2-20-17 ~ Jennie Monet… The Prairie Knights Casino and Resort is swarming with rangers with the National Park Service; their vehicles are everywhere in the parking lot. Tonight, I observed them checking in to their hotel rooms. To witness a tribally-owned resort become the essential staging ground to remove its disowned water protectors — some of whom stood by and observed the rangers with me — is in a word, surreal. Today, the two groups shared eating schedules inside the casino buffet but held their own private meetings in separate conference rooms. The one I attended was called “Honoring the Grandmothers” where women came together for strength. Tears were shared. But in the other room, just steps away, the rangers were likely unpacking their plans of how to use force, if needed, to drive away these Lakota women and others from their ancestral homelands.


2-20-17 ~ 60:05 pm ‎Remi N Alaina‎ … Witnessing BIA Police blocking ambulance from using route to hospital.


#LetOurVoicesEcho #IndianHolocaust #StandingRock #OcetiOyate #MilitarizedPolice #LetOurVoicesEcho #IndianHolocaust #StandingRock #OcetiOyate #MilitarizedPolice

#LetOurVoicesEcho #IndianHolocaust #StandingRock #OcetiOyate #MilitarizedPolice #LetOurVoicesEcho #IndianHolocaust #StandingRock #OcetiOyate #MilitarizedPolice

2-20-17 ~ Brandon Green… I haven’t done a live stream in a while. So I will go live tonight. I have a message in my heart I want to share. I was told I need to be careful with my feeds but I have to follow my heart and my path I am being guided down. I was told by an elder at Standing Rock that if I am ever unsure about what to do, to just simply follow my heart. These words have carried with me for months and they havent failed me yet. I refuse to censor myself. Its the transparency I have shown that has brought this love and support together. I refuse to not share my story and my journey because someone out there in the world may need to hear it. We are all human and we all make mistakes. I am willing to accept and learn from my mistakes and continue to grow but I will not censor my heart. This is the Rise of The 7th Generation. We are made up of all the races of man, all religions, all cultures. We are here and we are here to help change this world. Not just for native people, but for all people. Corporations no longer see color. They aim to dissolve all those who oppose their tyrannical reign over mother earth’s resources. They seek to destroy all those who oppose their system of modern day slaves. The 7th Generation is here to wake up the world, and we cannot do that if we censor our hearts! The heart is where our path is! Aho!


2-19-17 ~ Unicorn Riot… Puppies were born recently at the Oceti Sakowin #NoDAPL camp in North Dakota





2-19-17 ~ Bernie Sanders Brigade … Bernie Sanders Brigade Relief Effort for Water Protectors on the way. Our commitment to support Water Protectors remains firm. We will stand with strong hearts.

Specific supplies along with food, arctic and sub-zero gear are among items we will be delivering to those standing up for right to clean water.

Among some of the support you can continue to give for the cause:
1. Prayer
2. Contact your Representative and let them know you expect them to do the right thing.
3. Move your money out of big banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline
4 Call on Federal, State & Local to provide better banking options by creating Public Banking. Let’s turn from Private Banking to Public Banking


2-19-17 ~ ‎Ray R Ferrer‎… Latinos of the Americas are decendents of the American Indian. Through DNA genetics it’s been scientifically proven that over 20,000 years ago the American Indian migrated from North America, through Mexico and South America up through the Caribbean Islands. Although the red, white, blue, one star Puerto Rican Flag thats depicted on my Taino Indian post is a product of the colonization from the USA, because Puerto Rico is a colony of the united States, doesn’t change the fact that we, descendants of the Taino/Arawak Indigenous people, all know who the enemy is. We support Standing Rock Water Protectors.

Standing Rock;
(If I Could Be Where You Are)
Had a dream last night
as I faded to sleep.
I could hear the breeze whisper
of a river that weeps.

As I stood on this rock
looking out towards the horizon.
I see the Eagle fly
above the dust of the Bison.

Images of thousands
In this far away land.
People standing tall
holding hand to hand.

I could feel their spirit
calling my name.
Telling me their blood
and mine are the same.

In the land of the brave
where my ancestors roam.
There’s an evil of greed
destroying their home.

Standing Rock Dakota
Sacred land so far.
Water Protectors
If I could be where you are.~RF©

Ray R Ferrer
Nov 28 2016


2-19-17 ~ Chase IronEyes… Let us continue to stand together for the rights of all humans


2-19-17 ~ Cass Gehrke and Kathleen Duncanson Heseltine … Yes!! So sad when people have to fight our government (the ones that are supposed be protecting us, and fighting for us not against us) to try and preserve earth and its resources….” Cass Gehrke

“Standing with Standing Rock… Our government MUST do better to protect the water rights of our country… These brave souls are facing great hardship to bring this message to the American people… Stand up for Standing Rock..” Kathleen Duncanson Heseltine


2-18-17 ~ LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard … It was a day of laughter and mud, everyone working hard to clean up the camps, getting things moved out, people working with each other, good songs, laughter and slipping in the mud, it is good to see smiling faces.

I do get a little down with the gossip I understand that is how a community lives instead of finding truth they live with lies, it comes from a long history of injustice. but I can’t let lies get me down I must stand by truth and prayer. The lies of DAPL, Morton County, Army Corp of Engineers, National Guard, governor of North Dakota, newspaper and local media. most of lies coming out of the community is just what they heard from media, every day you are either super human with super powers because some of the things people say you do when most of the time you are just wore out and want to sleep.

In this movement there are no leaders so it is hard when people think you should tell other people what to do when you don’t even know who everyone is. There is no hierarchy with water there just people standing up for the water. When there are no leaders it makes it hard for people to understand, my dear friend was questions last night and told to tell her people not to make threats and it is surprising because she is just a nice women who is not in charge of anyone. I pray that everyone take two steps back from the he said she said and find the truth, non-natives are having a hay day spreading gossip to the Indians to cause division again.
Photo Copyright: © Toni Cervantes 2017


2-18-17 ~ Jason George… Good morning beloved family. It truly is a beautiful day.The forces around us have closed ranks and as of yesterday they have cut off our supply routes. I am in prayer.My I mind is clear and my heart is clean. I am unafraid.stay sweet love each other and yourself.

2-19-17 ~ Johnny Dangers ~ Oceti Oyate Clean-Up and Barricade Update – J Grady

2-18-17 ~ Red Lightening… Thank you All Who Worked So Hard!
Excited to share a video of several deliveries of camp donations that have delivered to local Standing Rock communities..

For the past month Red Lightning has been supporting a Team of 10-14 Water Protectors called the Green Team that are focused on cleaning up and breaking down the main Oceti Sakowin.

The Green Teams Primary intentions are:

– Support community leaders, families, and elders with breaking down their camp structures and cleaning up the campsites. Also assisting in transporting and putting up the new structures at new camp

– Protect the water and land by focusing on cleaning up trash and waste before the spring thaw and water levels rise

– Focus energy on ensuring that all the blessings of food and clothing, blanket, and sleeping bags that flowed to the camps go to new camps being set up and becoming a blessing to surrounding tribal community.

Supporting in this phase of camp has been a blessings & an honor. One of the best parts is the donation runs. The scale of donations that are piled up in the camp from before the winter storms reduced the camp size from 12,000+ to under 1,000 is hard to communicate. There are many tents and structures full around camp.

The clean up crews that have come in from the Standing Rock tribe to help have been a blessing of heavy equipment, but also A challenge. A challenge because they have been bulldozing tents full of good materials and putting them in dumpsters for the landfill.

So far there have been 7 trailers loads from just the main kitchen supply and main camp donation tents. Each trailer has approx 4,000 – 5,000 lbs of food and clothing, blanket, and sleeping bag donations..
Roughly our team has moved 14+ tons of donations could possibly have ended up in the landfill Its been wonderful to make sure the blessings for the camps have become a blessings to local tribal families.

Deep gratitude to all the members of the Oceti Sakowin Camp who have been working so hard to clean up before the spring thaw.

Specifically like to acknowledge Red Lightning Green Team members:

Jonah Lee
Simone Schulz
Maya Rose Berko
Timothy Powers
Tristan Drizdan Bennett
Connor M Evans
Stan Smith
Alex KuroNeko Thanh
Dongles Walloo
Cyrus Mayer
LeRoy West
SunShine Bear – Sunny
Big Love to Media Team for capturing the magic and telling the story… while also cleaning up…
Kalen Wolf
Moon Mandel

Deeply grateful to Unify for supporting the Green Team and their awesome media team continuing to share the stories of Standing Rock.

The main camp is under an eviction notice from Army Coprs of Engineers by February 22nd. There is so much work to complete before then.

Red Lightning Camp will breakdown before the 22nd and will update later on what is next phase for Red Lightning @ Standing Rock.

Please continue to send prayers & blessings more now than ever!

There is still a need for funding to support camp move and the clean up for Spring.
The best ways to donate:
Main Camp Oceti Sakowin </span>
Sacred Stone
Last Real Indians:
To support the Red Lightning Village with our community dome, camp satellite internet and green team clean up crew go to or Paypal “friends and family” to
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


2-18-17 ~ First Nations artist dies in Thunder Bay Jail and days later grieving sister killed in car crash
Moses Amik Beaver had struggled for years with mental-health issues. His sister and family members were on their way to see him. the art world lost famed indigenous artist Moses Amik Beaver after he was found dead in the Thunder Bay Jail.

Three days later, his grieving sister, Mary Wabasse, on her way to Thunder Bay in an SUV along with her family, was killed in a car accident outside the city limits when the vehicle collided with a transport truck. Continue Reading


2-17-17 ~ Adam Elfers‎ … I love Standing Rock. I love our elders, the youth, the water protectors, the land, the river, the sacred fire, the spirit of this movement & everything it has & continues to teach me. Humbling. Strengthening. Guiding.

Even though I’m far away right now. My heart is with them and all the water protectors.

We’ve all given so much of ourselves to this movement and we pray for the help of our families, Creator, and that the pipeline company and Morton County realize what they are doing is wrong and the effects and repercussions of their actions effect millions of people, born and unborn, the winged, the four legged and all in between.

No matter what happens, this movement has changed my life. I’m still #StandingWithStandingRock.

Are you???


2-17-17 ~ Citizen’s groups on Friday delivered a petition with more than 11,300 signatures to three of Japan’s mega-banks to demand they halt funding for the Dakota Access Pipeline reinstated by Army Corps of Engineers. A group of concerned citizens started the online petition at They are calling on Mizuho Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and the Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group to withdraw their funding for the Dakota Access Pipeline, saying the $3.7 billion project threatens Lake Oahe, the indigenous Standing Rock Sioux Nation’s only source of drinking water in North Dakota. Continue Reading


2-17-17 ~ Adam Elfers‎ … In this time of uncertainty & change we must find our center, our pillar, our strength, return to our roots & ask:
What do we stand for?
& slowly, like the whispers of an ancient wind, these words arise:
We stand for water
We stand for earthz
We stand for sacred sites
We stand for Native American rights
We stand for the coming together of the People:all colors, all tribes-
We stand for equality, justice, and thriving ecologies
We stand for a future where our children can drink fresh water and walk barefoot on lush, sacred grounds
We stand up to the invasion of the earth, the people, and the waterways by those who attempt to seize the rivers, forests, and native villages for their own short term monetary gain, private persons & corporations backed by military, police, and a corrupt judicial system.
We stand United, Stronger than ever. Knowing who we are, why we are here, and what it is we came to do.

Protect the Sacred. Honor The Earth. Unite the Tribes.
So repeat it with this mantra now:
W A T E R ~ I S ~ L I F E.

2-17-17 ~ La Donna Allard Update for Sacred Stone Camp (2/17/2017) Live From Standing Rock With Toni Cervantes


2-17-17 ~ Is there any Native Nation actively supporting the #NoDAPL camp north of the cannonball river? Woke elder Helen Red Feather speaks Lakota, telling Tribal Leaders to stop kissing the BIA’s ass, & by extension the US Army Corp & the ND Governor, Republican legislature, & the collusion with local ND media & DAPL mercenaries. It’s time to be Lakota. #NoDapl Where is your heart?

2-17-17 ~ Jordan Explains How DAPL Just Revealed Pipeline Will BURST – TYT Politics


2-16-17 ~ ‎Adam Elfers‎… I’m sincerely asking every person reading this to remember Standing Rock & stay engaged. It’s going down. Everything is changing. Their are mass eviction notices. There are proposed laws that could put very mild charges into immediate felonies (10 year jail, 20,000 fine, myself and hundreds of others included) there is a military state getting closer to the camps. There are water protectors who know what it means to stand up for the sacred, for the next seven generations, regardless of these laws, brutality, injustice. & all of us, are still standing.
We need you engaged & ready to act.
We need you aware. Grounded & on call.
Thank you.
We are Standing Rock.
We’re Still Standing.


2-16-17 ~ Oceti Sakowin Support and Information group… “With between 300 to 400 campers still camping on Wednesday at Oceti Sakowin Camp, several have been attempted to leave the camp. Reports out of camp are Morton County Sheriff deputies have been stationed at the main entrance to the camp and been arresting some attempting to leave. Personal belongings are being confiscated.”

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum on Wednesday afternoon issued an Evacuation Order of Oceti Sakowin camp “effective immediately.” Continue Reading

2-16-17 ~ Jason George … A lot of people are falling back due to flooding. I and a handful of warriors have decided not to give up the breakwater bridge where so much of our blood has been spilt. They are seeing a weakness and will try to roll over us soon. I don’t share their vision. We stand strong with your prayers and we will give our all to safeguard our mother and the continued line of our relatives. We love you and should we fall, know that we have not broke.
With love I shall return.
Forever your warrior Jason George son of the Colville Nation and shield of the rainbow clan.

Elder Robert speaks about the Eviction Notice – J Grady


2-16-17 ~ Elder Robert speaks about the Eviction Notice
Breaking News: On Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council’s request the Bureau of Indian Affairs Police gave Sacred Stone Camp a stunning 10 Day Eviction Notice in person at camp that says the entirety of Sacred Stone Prayer Camp needs to go or property can be seized and people charged with trespassing.

LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard whose family has owned this beautiful land along the Cannonball River where so much healing is taking place for generations and Water Protectors are being targeted for standing up for the Water and Mother Earth!
We must ask ourselves why? Why?


2-16-17 ~ Redhawk… UPDATE: Army Corp has stated at a later meeting at Backwater Barricade that the February 22nd deadline is flexible.
3 different phones, 2 mobile wifi hotspots, and our media team couldn’t get a live feed out. It appears live feeds were being blocked. Today, Water Protectors met with members of the Governors office, Army Corp of a Engineers, National Guard, Indian Affairs, and others on the middle of Cannonball Bridge, located between the Standing Rock reservation, and Army Corp land . With the intention of discussing cleanup, officials avoided any questions from the camp regarding the pipeline, treaty rights, illegal property sales to DAPL and other concerns. Discussing further Camp assessment from Army Corp, camp voices including Holy Elk, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Chase Iron Eyes and other camp voices are currently speaking with agencies to come into an agreement. Once again ignoring the camp locations above potential flood plains, the agencies are still set on the February 22nd eviction date.



2-16-17 ~ Redhawk… LaDonna Allard has just been issued an eviction notice for Sacred Stone Camp. BIA has given 10 days notice. After that point access into camp via roads will be shut down for Water Protectors.


2-16-17 ~ A reporter’s arrest crystallizes her commitment to cover Standing Rock
THE DAY THE DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY granted the final easement for the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, I hopped into my pickup truck—a beater that I rent from a local—and drove straight to the Sacred Stone Camp. Darkness fell slowly over the yurt-village of campers, who were only then learning the news. Continue Reading


2-15-17 ~ Herman Singh… If you listen and observe you can hear and see the wind and the ocean speak to you. They are the voices of Waheguru/Great Spirit, the ancestors, and our brothers and sisters who have returned back home to The Otherside Camp. When you stop, you will see that you are never alone and never without. They are always there around us all. Life is meant to be celebrated my friends! Live each day knowing it can be your last! Love one another with your whole heart; never hold back for life is short. And, life is beautiful. CHOOSE to see the beauty. LEARN to see the simplicity. Know love and let go of all that holds you down.
I will carry your shell my brother


2-15-17 ~ Johnny Dangers… Police have moved the barricades up hundreds of feet to the edge of the Big Camp with 7 police off their snowmobiles stationed in front of the hills near camp on the right flank!


2-15-17 ~ Lee Sprague… Everybody is in legal jeopardy. The Morton County Sheriff is trying to frame Water Protectors and Allies to intimidate them.. Once arrested, they will overcharge an individual, and try to get them to snitch others out.

That’s not gonna happen.
You can see in my documents below that the Sheriff indicates that I confessed. The Sheriff also notes that I have two subjects with video cameras on. I can assure you, the Video Cameras do not show me confessing. If the Morton County Sheriff is willing to lie, when their are two cameras rolling, you can see the depths they will go to.

Pressure. Criminal Defense Attorneys barred in North Dakota are Not available for many water protectors. I did try contacting one criminal defense attorney, but there was no return call. I think they are busy. I have a brother on the Morton County Domestic Terrorism List. Others have charges filed against them also. A cousin who has had her trial delayed, and cannot leave the state. There are Tribal Members from my Triibe in SW Michigan and other Tribes who have members who are charged with Crimes while in Standing Rock.

So Legal Expenses seems to be the instrument they will try and use to break up the Water Protectors, get them to turn in evidence and start going after other Water Protectors. Then they go after family members and threaten them with financial intimidation, legal intimidation, to get family members to crack creating desperation and fear.. Its a common tactic.

It has been reported that Standing Rock used some of the money donated for a Legal Defense Fund for Water Protectors to clean up the camp. This may be a rumor.

So I at least have two video tapes of the incident, that is contradictory to what the Officer wrote down in his report regarding my so called “confession.”

I believe the Morton County Sheriff has overcharged Water Protectors and will increase the financial pressure on Water Protectors and their families to coerce confessions. This combined with the lack of criminal attorneys tp properly represent their defenses against baseless charges, will be used to create a sense of desperation, to get them to confess and point out other Water Protectors.

So I am gonna continue my quest for a criminal defense attorney that will work for nothing, and have the skills and time to properly defend those innocent. This is a snowball that is ready to start rolling down hill fast.

Everyone is in legal jeopardy at this point. And it wont stop us from fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline, Protect Water Protectors at Standing Rock, and Continue to build our Eco Village at Sacred Stone.

This Legal Resouce Site for Water Protectors is Legit. Great leveraging of resources and continuity of defense of Water Protectors. Volunteer Lawyers, who are here to help, and they can house water protectors when their court dates are needed.


2-14-17 ~ The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Litigation on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Asks Federal Court To Set Aside Trump’s Pipeline Reversal; Critical Motion Charges Trump Administration Circumvents Law And Ignores Treaty Rights.

Today, on behalf of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Earthjustice filed a motion for summary judgment on the major legal claims in the lawsuit filed against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to prevent the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline under Lake Oahe near tribal lands. The motion for summary judgment asks the judge to rule on major legal questions that have not yet been resolved during this case, including whether National Environmental Policy Act requirements have been met and whether the Corps’ actions violate the tribe’s treaty rights.

The judge appears ready to move forward on this case on an expedited basis, which is vital since attorneys for the Dakota Access Pipeline now say construction could be completed much sooner than they originally told the court. Dakota Access has been ordered to reply to our motion within three weeks. Continue Reading


2-14-17 ~ Lee Sprague… The Morton County Sheriff is trying to stop Veteran Water Protectors from reinforcing our prayer circles and peaceful resistance at Standing Rock North Dakota. There are several ways into camp from the South, It is marginally better, but the BIA and Tribal Police have blocked the bridge at the request of the Morton County Sheriff Department.

Try coming from the South to Prairie Knights Casino. Avoid Bismarck and Mandan on the way here. They target folks. I am not naming a specific way, so it does not become targeted by the Po Po.
In the article it mentions several items carried by the Veterans, that were used as a pretext to arrest and charge Veterans with crimes.

We take extraordinary measures to avoid being stopped and pulled over when we do go to Bismarck. We don’t take it for granted that is is ever safe driving rescue supplies, medical equipment, safety gear and supplies into camp to help keep people safe, and from harm by the National Guard, the Morton County Po Po and Mercenaries hired by the Dakota Access Pipeline.


2-14-17 ~ Veterans at Standing Rock see police retribution after arrest and charges
Police have filed charges against two US veterans supporting Standing Rock, holding one in jail for several days, raising concerns that law enforcement is trying to prevent them from aiding activists at the Dakota Access pipeline. Continue Reading


2-14-17 ~ Edmonton photographer wins prestigious award for Standing Rock coverage
Albertan photographer Amber Bracken is the 2017 first prize winner of the World Press Photography award in the Contemporary Issues category. Continue Reading </span>


#LetOurVoicesEcho #OcetiOyate ##FtLaramieTreaty #SacredStone #StandingRock #

#LetOurVoicesEcho #OcetiOyate ##FtLaramieTreaty #SacredStone #StandingRock #


2-14-17 ~ Ivy Martin … People are cleaning up each day. Snow being cleared. Most choosing to take down their camps, but with challenges of ice and muddy exit roads. The snow has been melting but ice and frozen ground underneath. Some dwellings frozen to the ground with water inside. The Cannonball River system and local watershed has not even thawed yet, but with weather being unpredictable (like Trump), Spring weather could come earlier this year. “Facebook Hill”, is high-ground and is prime real estate (in a bad choice of words…haha). New camps being formed south of the river, on top of the hill, with camp names such as, “7th Generation Rising Camp (originally called Cangleska Sapa-Black Hoop camp), Cheyenne River Sioux Camp, Eagle Nest Camp (above Sacred Stone Camp) and another trying to be formed west of 1806, across the Cheyenne River camp.

Standing Rock Discussion with Holly Bird and Lee Sprague

2-13-17 ~ Lee Sprague… We are at the North Dakota State Governed Office in Bizmark. Looking for the Governor’s office to clarify how justice is served in Standing Rock. Filing a complaint with the Morton County Sheriff is mystifying, seemingly to the Morton County Sheriffs Department as well. I have jail support and my attorneys phone numbers magic marked on my forearm. You never know…. Here we go, please share and ask your friends to follow us, the Michigan Canoe Cold Water Rescue team on Facebook.


2-13-17 ~ Douglas Mehring‎… A seed was planted in North Dakota. It was planted by the youth who saw that something was wrong. They nurtured it with their sweat and it became a plant. They watched and spoke out and it grew. They ran, carrying their words far and wide. People listened and it grew to become a sapling. These people showed up to see for themselves. They nurtured that sapling with their sweat and it became a tree. The taller this young tree grew the more people saw it. They came to add their sweat, to help it grow and so it did. Storms came as peoples camps were raided and that tree grew its own seeds. Nov 20th fire came to cut down this tree and some limbs fell, more seeds flew and people saw and came to add their tears to the sweat so the tree would grow stronger. The Vets showed up and added food to the prayers and tree matured. The winds took those seeds that had fallen and they began to grow. They grew in Texas and Florida. They grew in Iowa and Oklahoma. The more the winds blow the further the seeds spread. The more these younger trees grow the further their own seeds went. Tennessee and Ohio, West Virginia and New York now have seeds planted and trees growing. That tree in North Dakota is now old. It has lost limbs, Rattler and Red Fawn, Angry Bird and many others but it has given more than it lost and Its still alive. Its not just a tree anymore, its a great forest. Have you nurtured your seed today? Have you sweated and cried for it, marched and sang to it? Have you written and called your representatives today? Have you protected your local tree today? Will you dig and plant, speak and teach and help this forest grow?


2-13-17 ~ Doug McLean with Kenny Frost … Message In Boot-le…
This note was inside a pair of brand new insulated, waterproof boots donated to Standing Rock Water Protectors by a 24 year veteran…


2-13-17 ~ Pa’Ris’Ha … Recently someone asked me why I have Elders, and why do I think I need them. That we are our own teacher.

I hear that often, and I say to those who ask; my cup is only half full, your cup is running over, and there is no place for more, but for me, I not only have my life’s wisdom, We are all only a part of a whole, my Elders multiply my knowledge and with their guidance and experience that addition becomes a greater wisdom. Some read books to learn, I grow as my Elders share their lives with me.


2-13-17 ~ Isaac Ames… For everyone who’s never been arrested and had to fight charges this is a precursor of what to expect, completely, when one is arrested.

First, if you so much as make any element of putting those bracelets on difficult for the officer, according to the cops, that’s resisting arrest. These are people who are allowed to make a mistake in reaction and shoot you dead on the spot; however, you are always expected to have perfect reactions when they interact with you.

Seem unfair?
It is.

Innocent until proven guilty is a myth sold off in this country, don’t believe the hype. That’s why they arrest and process you; it lends weight to the prosecution in its creation by assuming the officer correct in arresting you. Ever hear the phrase, ‘If they were innocent they wouldn’t have been arrested’? This is where it stems from.

If they don’t read you your Miranda Rights you are technically not even arrested, you’re being detained. Don’t forget that under any circumstance. Be polite and courteous, even if they’re not. The key of the law is to be blameless before it.

You’re going to be transported and that transportation is going to be recorded with audio and video. So cussing, spitting, kicking around, and such is only going to be accessed against you. You’re going to go to a holding cell and you’re going to be processed into custody. You’ll get naked and it’s always a bit awkward the first time you have to squat, spread, and cough the first few times.

Take a breath and remember that this person has seen some heinous individuals in their career, and yes, things have been found hanging/falling out of people. They’ll fingerprint you and get information pertinent to your existence, one way or another. Try not to be belligerent to the processing/intake officer, they’re just admin after all.

You’ll be put in a holding cell that has no comfortable place to sit and the lights will be on always, if you’re lucky it won’t be that cold. Your shirt works as an eye mask for sleeping in these kinds of instances. No, you’re not guaranteed a phone call in immediacy, that’s TV bullshit. When you get housed you have protective custody (PC) or general population, each has their benefits and drawbacks. PC assumes you’ve been touching children, are a rapist, or are an informant; but you get a fair amount of isolation and privacy. However, this also marks you by the general population as someone in need of a beating; why else would you PC up?

General population means TV, human interaction, and such. However, you’ll get asked for favors like hustling extra privileges, food, and such (be amicable). Sometimes you’ll have people seem friendly and ‘look out for you’. Be careful about accepting generosity, you’ll be expected to pay it back and you might not have too much say about that. Not paying what you owe often results in violence or some form of retribution, learn to walk that fine line. Don’t look around scared, be calm and act like you’re supposed to be there or have been there before. Always decry the injustice of your incarceration when asked, when in doubt just say, ‘It’s bullshit’. There’s usually some form of rules and expected behavior, don’t be afraid to ask particulars like which toilet is for peeing and which is for poop; this is common in county lockups to be separated for privacy and hygiene.

Being quiet and minding your own business with your nose in a book usually doesn’t get people in trouble with the other inmates, usually. Speaking of, be polite and courteous. It doesn’t hurt to know a joke and laughter is a good way to make friends while you’re in.

Same goes for the guards.

They’ve seen tougher and harder than you, no one is going to be impressed with any show you put on. Best to mind your manners for everyone’s sake. Don’t forget, they can ask that person sleeping next to you to handle you when the lights go out for extra privileges, and that person might be willing to do it anyway if you’re an insufferable individual.
So what’s next?
Arraignment and trials.
Give me a minute to write it all out.


2-13-17 ~ Unify … With the pipeline easement being granted last week, people are flooding in to the site to join the movement and help keep our water safe. We believe that we must remain at Standing Rock to stand up for what we believe in.

We ask you to pledge your support by donating to the movement.

Grandmother, the Earth is called by so many here. And as she changes her clothes, shrugging off this long Winter and emerging into Spring, our work is made all the more urgent.

Along with the Standing Rock Tribe, we are excavating leftover supplies from the thousands of supporters, tourists and passersby who have lent their support, in myriad forms, these past many months. Time is of the essence, as rising flood waters from the Missouri River will soon wash away any trash or refuse that was left behind during evacuations from blizzard conditions.

Now we roll up our sleeves and do the difficult work of sorting through the thousands of donations and camping supplies which can still be repurposed to support the struggle to stop DAPL, or that may find new life in other nearby communities.

Already we have packed and delivered two shipments of clothing and non-perishable food to nearby charities and donation centers, with plans to send out our massive 28 foot trailer fully loaded two more times.

Our trucks roll through camp, excavating forgotten tents from the frozen ground, layers of ice and the all-concealing snow. Tools purchased with your contributions allow us to overcome these barriers to our success, and scrub from this sacred land every tarp, tent stake and cigarette butt we find.

But it’s not all about cleaning. Far too many elders have been left with the responsibility of breaking down their own camps, with little or no support. These have been homes for nearly a year, and are often full of yurts, large military tents, tipis and even some fully fledged houses. Unify identifies those members of the Standing Rock community who are being forgotten and we help.

You help. We could never do it without you. From the beginning, the movement against DAPL and to protect this water has relied on the aid of those whose support came from afar. We have rallied together each according to their ability. Each piece of this movement is sacred, as each cell in the body amounts to more than the sum of its parts. And now, more than ever, it is imperative we stay together.

Though the pipeline bores on, its infamy now burnished by the support of a new Presidency, the last impact of Standing Rock remains to be seen. Will we allow this movement to come stuttering to a halt, or can we find a way to fuel this new community in a responsible, sustainable manner?

Your support means direct aid on the ground as Water Protectors begin relocating to permanent ecovillages. Sacred Stone and Rosebud have no intentions of disbanding, and have secured their future on private lands directly neighboring the flood plain.

Unify will be here, sorting recycling, restoring the land and helping Grandmother wherever we can and in whomever we see her twinkling eye. Nothing in the future is certain, but we are certain not to abandon this place, not now when Standing Rock needs us the most, not ever.

Please join us in preserving and protecting this most magical of moments, and breathing new life into the most important movement in generations.



2-12-17 ~ Another AIM Legend, Fred Short.
Dennis Banks awarded Fred and Henry Dominguez with eagle feathers. He also said that The Standing Rock protectors who had been injured on the front lines would also receive eagle feathers from him personally. He said that at some point, the American Congress passed a law that only Native Americans could possess eagle feathers. Dennis pointed out that thousands of people from all Races and many nations have shown up in South Dakota to express their support. He said they absolutely are deserving of the honor because what they have done, standing up and walking to a problem, is what the eagle feather honor is about.

While Dennis was speaking prior to awarding the feathers, I noticed Fred looking down on the ground, and then getting out of his chair and gently herding something into his hand. I watched, fascinated, as he carefully and gently walked about 50 or 60 feet across the packed Earth to a spot of grass, and released whatever he had just rescued from his hand into the protective grass. Dennis stopped speaking for a moment, apparently wondering why Fred had wandered off. Everyone quietly watched Fred save a tiny little life that many people would not have even

2-11-17 ~ Brandon Green… Is One Of The Most Devoted Water Protectors And Always In Good Spirits!


2-12-17 ~ Kevin Martin… This is a military staging tactic wherein you demonize the populace and create an image of people that are hypocritical and less than honorable, that way they appear to be trouble makers, and liers.

The real truth will be told, because both sides have had a longer period of time to prepare, and our new government is embolden by a series of flagrant actions, and an aggressive narcissist for a leader.

His handshake with foreign Ieaders (Japan) is aggressive and dominating, and clearly without honor. This period of time is dangerous and all actions need consideration of our collective vulnerability in a termination staged political arena.

There would be a true uprising across the US if they were to attempt such a bold action, yet small bills ( North Dakota), have been written to allow access to tribal resources. The changes in the BIA, BIE should be watched carefully, and all supportive government branches (EPA, Parks) are being staged for a fire sale. A fire sale meaning, all environmental, social, and political propundents with any protective mission will have all support shut off at once.

Mass protest it’s possibly the biggest conundrum that throws a wrench in the action, and by disavowing the intelligence, and media , the billionaire cabal has a near silent coup (soft opening), of a fascist state. The obvious question on everyone’s mind is what will be the incident that pushes the population to direct action?

It’s hard to demonize a peaceful population, and nonviolence is working. It would be wise to offer sustainable Ecovilliage, and green energy solutions. The green energy companies will be looking for a new place to do business, and the tribes have the public support for such a sustainable venture.

Yes growing pains are hard, yet the truth cuts like a knife. Our country will stand together and fight, we are growing supporters by the day. All aggressive actions are being documented by the world, and a den of thieves cannot flourish in the light. Dumping trash on a camp site is a flagrant sign of a desperate and weak minded agressor.

We will all RISE, and create water in the mountains!


2-12-17 Pueblo U.S. Veteran Brandee Paisano: Why I, a veteran, joined the fight at Standing Rock
‘I bled in Iraq and you’re going to threaten to shoot me on a bridge in North Dakota?’ Laguna Pueblo U.S. Veteran Brandee Paisano. Veterans here say there are a number of reasons drawing them in, including standing up for Indigenous people, environmentalism and even seeing an opportunity to put specialized survival skills to use.


2-12-17 ~ Angelo Sison… Wanted to lay low for awhile but there’s been something I wanted to get off my chest. There’s been talk of a NODAPL calendar for awhile highlighting certain individuals and certain organizations. I openly say FUCK NO to the calendar idea….unless…you have a month or page for every wood hauler, every cook, every mechanic, every security guard, every medic, every culture, every tribe, every warrior, every person who’s marched, every person who’s divested, every person who’s given up their liberties to fight for clean water, and every person from Cannon Ball and surrounding communities. If I lose support for this post….I honestly don’t give a fuck. If you glorify a certain individual such as live feeders, then you are a part of the problem. It doesn’t matter if you’re at camp, on live feeds, at the casino, in a office, or at home in front of your computer. We all have our part to play in this revolution. This movement has no leaders.


2-12-17 ~ Margaret Tuka‎… I see people want to buy rooms for water protectors. Let’s not do this. The casino is swarming with feds. Not saying any names, but one of the protectors was arrested at the casino. Let’s work on getting them water heaters for showers instead. I think that $164 would benefit the entire camps, not just one person. Just an idea. We have to protect them, while they protect us. Don’t get my words misconstrued!! They don’t need us to play hero. They are the hero’s!! Let’s just try to ensure we don’t get anyone hemmed up by BIA, Morton County, or the feds. This is just my humble opinion!!

2-11-17 – Earthjustice… Phyllis Young Standing Rock speech to DAPL Company
The company building the Dakota Access Pipeline has claimed that if the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe had voiced their objections to the project earlier, “we could have changed the route.”

The company is lying, the Tribe did engage in discussions more than two years ago. A recording has been released of September 2014 meeting where the Tribal members told the company not to build the pipeline near their reservation.


2-11-17 ~ David Kitchen… International Indian Treaty Council: Trump’s Executive Orders Violate Treaties
Consistent with our previous statement by the International Indian Treaty Council in support of the SRST, it is our position that these actions taken by the President ignore both federal and international law to which the U.S. is obligated, including its legally-binding commitments under the Treaties concluded with the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota (“Great Sioux Nation”). The International Indian Treaty Council again asserts that President does not have the legal or moral authority to violate the U.S. Constitution, which states “treaties are the supreme law of the land.”


2-11-17 ~ Trey Davenport … Springtime conditions have come to Standing Rock today

2-11-17 ~ Mauna Kea To Standing Rock!


2-11-17 ~ Labor For Standing Rock… Colorado and Wyoming’s UFCW Local 7 has become the first union in the state to officially oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. An amalgamated local of over 22,000 members from the food and medical industries they also donated $2000 which will go to the renewed effort to support the First Nations and end DAPL. #nodapl#laborforstandingrock Water is life.

2-11-17 ~ Fairess Reid‎ … Today the North Dakota house voted in favor of 5 bills that are specifically meant to target water protectors.

They passed the “run protesters over” bill, the mask bill, and bills that turn riot offenses, criminal trespass, and causing a business economic harm of $1000 or more Class C felonies. Meaning your punishment could be up to 5 years in prison and $10,000 in penalties.

They put an emergency clause on these bills so after today they will go straight to the Senate (as opposed to waiting for crossover which happens halfway through the legislative session) So these laws could be in effect very soon.+

They have officially sanctioned murder in North Dakota. Its time.


2-11-17 ~ Jenni Monet, a Native American journalist, was arrested last week while covering Standing Rock. You’d think that would trigger a lot of support from the national and regional news media.

There is an idea in law enforcement called the “thin blue line.” It basically means that police work together. A call goes out from Morton County and, right or wrong, law enforcement from around the country provides back up.

You would think journalism would be like that too.

When one journalist is threatened, we all are. We cannot do our jobs when we worry about being injured or worse. And when a journalist is arrested? Well, everyone who claims the First Amendment as a framework should object loudly.

Last Wednesday Monet was arrested near Cannonball, North Dakota. She was interviewing water protectors who were setting up a new camp near the Dakota Access Pipeline route on treaty lands of the Great Sioux Nation. Law enforcement from Morton County surrounded the camp and captured everyone within the circle. A press release from the sheriff’s Department puts it this way: “Approximately 76 members of a rogue group of protestors were arrested.” Most were charged with criminal trespassing and inciting a riot.

As was Monet. She now faces serious charges and the judicial process will go forward. The truth must come out.

But this story is about the failure of journalism institutions.

The Native press and the institutions that carry her work had Monet’s back. That includes Indian Country Media Network, Yes! Magazine, and the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Reveal. In Canada the Aboriginal People’s Television Network reported on the story during its evening news. And, The Los Angeles Times has now weighed as well in with its own story written by Sandy Tolan who’s done some great reporting from Standing Rock. The Native American Journalists Association released a statement immediately: “Yesterday’s unlawful arrest of Native journalist Jenni Monet by Morton County officers is patently illegal and a blatant betrayal of our closely held American values of free speech and a free press,” NAJA President Bryan Pollard said, “Jenni is an accomplished journalist and consummate professional who was covering a story on behalf of Indian Country Today. Unfortunately, this arrest is not unprecedented, and Morton County officials must review their officer training and department policies to ensure that officers are able and empowered to distinguish between protesters and journalists who are in pursuit of truthful reporting.”

Yet in North Dakota you would not know this arrest happened. The press is silent. (UPDATE on Feb. 7: Bismarck Tribune reports on the arrest.)

I have heard from many, many individual journalists. That’s fantastic. But what about the institutions of journalism? There should news stories in print, digital and broadcast. There should be editorials calling out North Dakota for this egregious act. If the institutions let this moment pass, every journalist covering a protest across the country will be at risk of arrest.

After her release from jail, Monet wrote for Indian Country Media Network, “When Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman was charged with the same allegations I now face—criminal trespassing and rioting—her message to the world embraced the First Amendment. ‘There’s a reason why journalism is explicitly protected by the U.S. Constitution,’ she said before a crowd gathered in front of the Morton County courthouse. “Because we’re supposed to be the check and balance on power.”

The funny thing is that journalism institutions were not quick to embrace Goodman either. I have talked to many journalists who see her as an “other” because she practices a different kind of journalism than they do.

Monet’s brand of journalism is rooted in facts and good reporting. She talks to everyone on all sides of the story, including the Morton County Sheriff and North Dakota’s new governor. She also has street cred … and knows how to tell a story. Just listen to her podcast — Still Here — and you will know that to be true.

So if we ever need journalism institutions to rally, it’s now. It’s not Jenni Monet who will be on trial. It’s the First Amendment. Journalism is not a crime.


2-11-17 ~ Andy Ziegler… Good evening water protectors and those everywhere who Stand w/Standing Rock. Now is not the time to be arguing about who left what at the camps, the support or nonsupport in spirit or $ from the SRST, and it is not the time to sit down and shed tears.

I hear of the “last stand” happening now and I say no…This is not the last stand, this is only the beginning. Yes they are drilling, and my heart wants it to stop, but my mind knows this snake will flow w/its poison. I have read many stories of people’s journey to SR. online, and all who I talked to at Oceti, all say the same thing–It was a calling they could not ignore, at they felt “healed” or “renewed” and even those who could not make the journey were called to engage and help as they could.

I believe our creator called us together from across the country and world like the vision of Crazy Horse, but this was not the final battle, we are meant to be the seeds. The 1st Nations has shown the world once again that standing together in peace and prayer renders a military and police force defenseless. DAPL and our Gov. think they have defeated us but they fail to realize it’s a hollow victory, as People are “STANDING” everywhere, do not think it’s over. Do not argue over trash. I will return as many times as needed-risking criminal charges if I must–to restore the area to a better cond. than before. As seeds now is the time to take root wherever we’ve returned to and continue the fight for mother Earth. Prayers to all… Mni Wiconi


2-11-17 ~ Army Veterans Have Just Returned To Standing Rock To Form a Human Shield Against Police
The growing group of military veterans could make it harder for police and government officials to try to remove hundreds of activists who remain camped near the construction site and, some hope, could limit use of excessive force by law enforcement during demonstrations. “We are prepared to put our bodies between Native elders and a privatized military force,” said Elizabeth Williams, a 34-year-old air force veteran, who arrived at Standing Rock with a group of vets late on Friday. “We’ve stood in the face of fire before. We feel a responsibility to use the skills we have.” Continue Reading


2-10-17 ~ Unify FEB 10th: STANDING ROCK Update: The struggle is heating up, and we need your support more than ever in the coming weeks. The campsite is growing, thousands of veterans have committed to joining in solidarity with us. And we are on site providing support to Grandmother, the Earth is called by so many here. And as she changes her clothes, shrugging off this long Winter and emerging into Spring, our work is made all the more urgent. Rising flood waters from the Missouri River will soon wash away any trash or refuse left behind by the waves of supporters, tourists and passersby who have lent their support, in myriad forms, these past many months.

Now we roll up our sleeves and do the difficult work of sorting through the thousands of donations and camping supplies which can still be repurposed to support the struggle to stop DAPL, or that may find new life in other nearby communities.

Already we have packed and delivered two shipments of clothing and non-perishable food to nearby charities and donation centers, with plans to send out our massive 28 foot trailer fully loaded two more times.

Our trucks roll through camp, excavating forgotten tents from the frozen ground, layers of ice and the all-concealing snow. Tools purchased with your contributions allow us to overcome these barriers to our success, and scrub from this sacred land every tarp, tent stake and cigarette butt we find.

But it’s not all about cleaning. Far too many elders have been left with the responsibility of breaking down their own camps, with little or no support. These have been homes for nearly a year, and are often full of yurts, large military tents, tipis and even some fully fledged houses. Unify identifies those members of the Standing Rock community who are being forgotten and we help.

You help. We could never do it without you. From the beginning, the movement against DAPL and to protect this water has relied on the aid of those whose support came from afar. We have rallied together each according to their ability. Each piece of this movement is sacred, as each cell in the body amounts to more than the sum of its parts. And now, more than ever, it is imperative we stay together.

Though the pipeline bores on, its infamy now burnished by the support of a new Presidency, the last impact of Standing Rock remains to be seen. Will we allow this movement to come stuttering to a halt, or can we find a way to fuel this new community in a responsible, sustainable manner?

Your support means direct aid on the ground as Water Protectors begin relocating to permanent eco-villages. Sacred Stone and Rosebud have no intentions of disbanding, and have secured their future on private lands directly neighboring the flood plain.

Unify will be here, sorting recycling, restoring the land and helping Grandmother wherever we can and in whomever we see her twinkling eye. Nothing in the future is certain, but we are certain not to abandon this place, not now when Standing Rock needs us the most, not ever.

Please join us in preserving and protecting this most magical of moments, and breathing new life into the most important movement in generations.


2-10-17 ~ Salina Manson… I actually saw this guy at Standing Rock. But since he wanted privacy it wasnt spoken about. I felt like he didn’t want to become a distraction. I’m sure folks will always say something critical and mean about people but I felt like he just wanted to be respectful. Wasn’t a limelight moment for him. I really respect that.

It’s all about the actions unsaid. Where no credit is needed. A million things happened at SR we all didn’t share on-line because resistance movements aren’t speaking every detail. They are too busy staying focused.
Great job Leo!

Leonardo DiCaprio Helps Pull Out $2.6 Trillion in Fossil Fuel Investments
Leonardo DiCaprio has long since come out against big oil companies and their effect on the environment. Now in an influential display of force this past fall, DiCaprio and over 2,000 people and 400 institutions have pulled out their funds in fossil fuel companies, representing an extraordinary $2.6 trillion in investments.
Continue Reading


2-9-17 ~ Brenda Crawford‎ … I was watching for eagles on a dark, overcast day and a single ray of sunlight illuminated the tree line across the lake. It looked like a line of ghosts marching across the water. This is what one ray of light can do. Dedicated to the Native people and water protectors at Standing Rock. May the ray of light and love of God/The Creator shine upon you..


2-9-17 ~ CHEYENNE RIVER SIOUX TRIBE REACTS TO BIA POLICE BRUTALITY … Recent images of Bureau of Indian Affairs (“BIA”) agent brutality beating a water protector have emerged from the Sacred Stone Camp. Sources present at the incident indicated that BIA agents drove toward individuals with around seven (“7”) vehicles marked “BIA” and the officers identified themselves as BIA agents. Video images of the incident have been uploaded to various media and internet outlets showing water protectors being beaten with security batons in the legs until they fall. Audio from the video clearly picks up the water protectors’ screams. Once fallen, the water protectors were arrested. Continue Reading

2-9-7 ~ Video Shows Morton County Dumping Trash Inside Standing Rock Camp To Frame Protesters …
Puente narrates that a man — whom he describes as employed by Morton County — can be seen standing near the quickly amassing pile of waste, taking pictures of the progress and attempting to persuade a few of the crew to pose in lawn chairs in front of it. Continue Reading


2-9-17 ~ Lauri Hust Zupan… This is crazy !! These cases should not be taking place anywhere near Morton County !!! With the way things are a person has nowhere to go to dispute this !! We need to help find a way to get these moved and retried !! There has to be a way !! EVERYBODY reach out to everybody you know to help find a way to end this madness!! We need to make all this reach out beyond our circle of water protectors !! It may seem like the world knows but when you start to connect with those outside our news feeds on Facebook you see that it’s still too quiet ! WE NEED TO LIFT OUR VOICES BEYOND what we know to bring more awareness. There are still so many people that are not aware of Standing Rock or its happenings and how it’s affecting the country as a whole. Think about how much do you really hear about all the other pipelines going in everywhere else in the country (we need to unite). That is how much we are being heard about Standing Rock!! Many are tired but we are just in the beginning of this fight !! RECHARGE and let’s make some noise and share your knowledge from Standing Rock with other Water Protectors and Treaty Enforcers from other pipeline fights as they are all our fight for the future , so all these pipeline associated cases around the world are being heard (UNITE AS ONE ) . We need this to be talked about around the world at every water cooler and dinner table in the world each and every day until there is a solution to this madness !!! Our future generations are depending on us!! Continue Reading Four More Water Protectors Indicted on Federal Charges


2-8-17 ~ MORTON COUNTY SHERIFF KIRCHMEIER: Today’s decision from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is a step toward the closure necessary for pipeline construction. If protestors continue to take unlawful actions in response to the Corps’ decision, law enforcement will be forced to continue to put themselves in harm’s way to enforce the rule of law. Our hope is that the new administration in Washington will now provide North Dakota law enforcement the necessary resources to bring closure to the protests. This has never been about the pipeline or the protests. This has always been about the rule of law, protecting both residents and peaceful protestors from criminal elements that have significantly harmed people and property – all with very little assistance from the federal government in the last administration.

COMMISSIONER SCHULZ: The last administration in Washington decided against granting an easement to DAPL even through the career experts at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recommended approval and a federal court denied a request to stop it. And they refused to give North Dakota law enforcement the much needed resources to deal with professional protestors who have assaulted police officers, bullied residents, killed livestock, and angered the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe for treating their land with disrespect. But today’s decision from the Corps shows that this new administration will not politically meddle in a thorough review of a project that will have an enormous positive effect on the economy and public safety in our area. With professional protestors continuing to engage in criminal activities, we have new hope that we didn’t have before: an administration that will help law enforcement provide public safety for the citizens of Morton County instead of turning their backs on them.

On the morning of Feb. 1, a group of water protectors established a new camp, Last Child Camp, on higher ground west of HWY 1806, which is contested treaty land. Lakota activist and LPLP attorney Chase Iron Eyes spoke with law enforcement officials at the barricade before returning to camp, where he was later arrested and charged with “inciting a riot”—a class C felony with a max sentence of five years. This video is a recap of the day and some of the wisdom Chase had to impart about this treaty stand.


2-8-17 ~ Kat N Jamie Moore… Here ya go let’s all so this. They saying the polls we sign on fb aren’t legit electronic signatures don’t count. So please send a signed no DAPL post card to the address below on the date stated.

Lorins Lewis comment to post of Trump saying he hasn’t received any negative calls about the pipeline. On March 15th, each of us will mail Donald Trump a postcard that publicly expresses our opposition to him. And we, in vast numbers, from all corners of the world, will overwhelm the man with his unpopularity and failure. We will show the media and the politicians what standing with him — and against us — means. And most importantly, we will bury the White House post office in pink slips, all informing Donnie that he’s fired.

Each of us — every protester from every march, each congress calling citizen, every boycotter, volunteer, donor, and petition signer — if each of us writes even a single postcard and we put them all in the mail on the same day, March 15th, well: you do the math.

No alternative fact or Russian translation will explain away our record-breaking, officially-verifiable, warehouse-filling flood of fury. Hank Aaron currently holds the record for fan mail, having received 900,000 pieces in a year. We’re setting a new record: over a million pieces in a day, with not a single nice thing to say.
So sharpen your wit, unsheathe your writing implements, and see if your sincerest ill-wishes can pierce Donald’s famously thin skin.

Prepare for March 15th, 2017, a day hereafter to be known as #TheIdesOfTrump

Write one postcard. Write a dozen! Take a picture and post it on social media tagged with #TheIdesOfTrump ! Spread the word! Everyone on Earth should let Donnie know how he’s doing. They can’t build a wall high enough to stop the mail.

Then, on March 15th, mail your messages to:

Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

It might just be enough to make him crack.
Not my original post but someone else’s great idea!
Copy and repost.

From someone that cares…not a bad idea and obviously not just the women or democrats or yada yada…


2-8-17 ~ Jordan … It is with a heavy heart that I can no longer be in Standing Rock at this time and every time I am on Facebook I see members of my NODAPL family being arrested, mistreated and wrongfully accused with false allegations and charges. For the simple act of trying to protect our Mother Earth and practice our constitutional right to assemble and speak against our government. There have been over 676 of arrests since the NODAPL movement started. Imagine peacefully protesting one minute then after being beat and brutalized by police you are suddenly facing felonies as well as 10 years to LIFE in prison?! That is the reality for most of those who have been arrested in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. For standing? For praying? For trespassing? For being a leader? The corruption in legal system in Morton County and countless lies being told by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD) and ATF is ruining peoples lives. I may no longer be physically in Standing Rock but my heart and spirit stays with my warriors.

I know this may just be another Facebook story to many of you but for myself and so many others these people are my friends and my family. These people have children, wives, husbands; these protectors have lives. Don’t abandon those who have risked everything to protect the Earth and stand up against injustices for future generations. Spread awareness. Find out how you can help. Don’t let a corrupt system continue to go unnoticed and unaccountable.

Below is a great video by TYT Politics that will give you an idea about what is going on in regards to those being charged.

Hell, they have not yet been held accountable for the 100’s of injuries I have personally seen caused by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Headquarters and DAPL employees. Lets at least hold them accountable for being unjust in arresting our water protectors.

North Dakota Supreme Court: 701-667-3350
Morton County Sheriff (Morton County Sheriff’s Department): 701-667-3330
Department Of Justice (The United States Department of Justice): 202-514-2001


2-7-17 ~ Floris Ptesáŋ Huŋká… Today us ladies met with Alicia Custer, the grandniece of General George Armstrong Custer. My grandfather killed her grandfather. I know exactly what most are going to feel immediately. Still processing this among so many other things including the Army Corps granting DAPL easement to drill under Mni Sose.

She’s a mother. She brought her daughter. She’s actually a supporter of us in this fight against DAPL. She’s brought donations and wood to the camp. So she’s helped the people keep warm through this brutal winter. She takes responsibility for her grandfather and apologized. Her family has no male births and the girls are unsica. She came for forgiveness. It struck me when she said “You’re fighting for my daughter too.” It’s true. Just like we are fighting for MCSD’s children’s water, the pipeline workers water.

She doesn’t carry an honorable name. That name is synonymous with the death of women and children. We don’t carry that burden. Our ancestors fought and died defending their families, honorably. It’s their sacrifices and honor that we draw strength from.

She had some good words the pipeline workers and MCSD could use. The stains on their legacy families incur for “just following orders”.


2-6-17 ~ Water Protector Recalls Moment National Guard Took Selfies With Caged Protectors In Background
When our bus pulled in to the Morton County facility, we saw that the bus before us had already unloaded the other Water Protectors into the dog kennels and they had been stripped down to their base layer of clothing and it was freezing cold in the garage.

There were police officers and National Guards standing around casually eating pizza and joking with each other. From my window I had a view of the cage where they were holding the men. I could hear them singing and chanting #mniwiconi to keep their spirits up. It felt good to hear that, I felt connected to them even though they were outside of the bus we were on because we are all one heart, one mind and one prayer.

As we were looking out the window, someone pointed out that 2 National Guard officers were taking selfies with their personal phones with a view of the men in the cage behind them. Sure enough, there they were smiling and laughing as they posed and snapped pictures of our Water Protector brothers in cages behind them who were doing their best to hold each other’s spirits up. It was disgusting to see them take such pleasure in it.

We sat on the bus for hours and most of us had to pee so bad but our requests to use the bathroom were denied. At one point the female guard said “ok, stand up if you have to go bathroom and can’t hold it” so we all stood up. She laughed and walked off the bus. I was in the very back of the bus and a young woman who was in the seat across the aisle couldn’t hold it anymore and pee’d in her pants then jumped out of the back of the bus with zip ties still on. I assume they took her to get cleaned up but I never saw her again after that. When they had our bags labeled there was a Jane Doe bag that none of us recognized so it may have been hers. Continue Reading


2-6-17 ~ Marcos Ramirez … Yes, I’m here at Standing Rock … I’ve been here for over two weeks now, working through sickness (we have incredible medical support), cold , through the night. We’ve moved houses, modified heavy equipment, provided jail support, and supported the Warriors / Water Protectors in ways that I can only speak of quietly with the sponsors that have supported us…. We awoke Wednesday to the beautiful sight of 7 teepees on a hill, treaty land to the Lakota ( Sioux ) Nation. That day’s action would show the hypocrisy of the 6 month bridge blockade that was torn down within hours, and also thrust treaty rights back into the court system. Is there a special court, or justice system for whites vs Indigenous people? We shall see …..

I haven’t always had the time or energy to post, but I’m always watching, observing. Below is some of my photographs and short clips


2-6-17 ~ Photo by Myron Dewey… Currently taken at 7:00pm this evening at Sacred Stones Camp…across from Dakota Access Pipeline


2-6-17 ~ Dallas Goldtooth… Today during a federal court status conference, DOJ lawyers told the Judge that the Corps has forwarded a “review and analysis” to the Army leadership for a decision on the easement. They did not state what that decision was of course. They expect to announce the decision as early as friday.

Once the Army makes a decision it goes to Congress for notification. While Army policy is to wait 14 days after notification, the Presidential memo says waive that waiting period, and the DOJ did not indicate its position on this either.

The other fact that came out today under the Court’s questioning is that it would take DAPL a minimum of 83 days from the start of construction until the pipeline is fully in operation. After 60 days there could be some oil in the pipeline underneath Lake Oahe.

In layman terms. The department of army will most likely released its determination on the easement this Friday. Whereupon the tribal immediately file for an injunction.


2-6-17 ~ Ronda Hanning‎… After reading so many things these past weeks on opposing opinions, and seeing people’s frustration pouring out I feel compelled to share my thoughts.

There are many who feel victory can only be had if the DAPL is completely stopped. I too would like this outcome but do not believe we are defeated if it gets finished. I feel victory has already been achieved in many ways and that more victories will come.

A. THE AWAKENING: The Sioux Nation awakened a staggering amount of people to not only the destruction these pipelines cause but to the injustices past and present perpetuated on them. This will continue like a domino affect until the bigger victories can be made. The only way to make sure this domino affect continues is to stay committed. To continue exposing the devastating affects of big oil and oppression of Native Americans.

B: THE UNITING: Good people, black, brown, red, yellow, white, gay, straight, catholic, muslim, baptist, wican, old, young, rich, poor, democrat, republican, german, irish, african, japanese, veterans, pacifists, teachers, students, doctors, the dieing, lawyers, the addicted and the recovering have come together. The list is endless. We all have gained insight to the others experiences, pain, joys, traditions, information, struggles and opinions. From this we are a powerful collective to right the wrongs of our past and make a better future for all.

C: THE HEALING: Individually each of us has had to confront our ignorance, our character flaws, our wrong doings, our biases, our egos, our lack of self worth, our spiritual disconnect or self-righteousness. This helps unpollute our souls so we can continue to stand for goodness.

These victories will carry us forward in truth and in light and should not be forgotten when we feel nothing has changed for the better in our efforts.


2-14-17 ~ Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn … The Dog Pack From The Camp




2-13-17 ~ Moana Maaka‎ …Our time here at Standing Rock is now, no matter where you stand we at will can allow our good energies and prayers to flow to where they need to be, that’s the beauty of prayer and blessings xx

Mother Earth and our Ancestors hear and feel our vibrations connecting. They are forgiving as we go about our lessons needed to be learned but also to be taught, she is patient even as greed becomes so disconnected to their destructive ways, lessons to the watching world will be to see the level of corruption and discontent they will go to to make a dollar, no more can they hide their greed they have televised, social networked, spread their lies and their intentions for all the world to see..

As peaceful Water Protectors we are merely a vessel bought here to give and show compassion, to give love, strength and bring Unity. Our connection goes deep and we understand that respect and appreciation must be given to all things living it’s Natures Law…


2-13-17 ~ Allison Peacock … A CALL TO ARMS: STANDING ROCK NEEDS YOU
The spring thaw is just around the corner. And if the movement that made the world sit up and notice doesn’t rally back to camp, well, we should all be ashamed.

A small group of very dedicated volunteers and a few paid contractors who come by to haul things away are doing the work of thousands. At times heavy equipment arrives to scoop up snow into large piles and clear the way for movement around camp to remove trash and debris.

The amount of debris a few people are trying to sort through is overwhelming to behold.

Some say it’s hard to imagine how ten thousand people who love the earth and the water so much would leave behind this kind of tonnage in waste. Yet no one can outwit a blizzard.

When people around the world heard the call, they came. And if they couldn’t come, they sent clothing. They sent sleeping bags. They sent food.

And then, on December 5, a massive blizzard hit the Cannonball area. I can personally attest to the fierceness of the white out conditions. I was stuck in a casino nearby unable to drive for several days until the state gave the all clear on the roads. By that time tents full of donations and provisions had been buried. Well-meaning campers, thinking they were providing for the next person who came along, left tents, food, and gear.

It is the Standing Rock way. Share what you have with your neighbor and we’ll all be just fine.

It’s hard to imagine how so much actual trash made it onto the ground as well. We all tried so hard to be self-contained and live light on the earth while in camp. I personally carried my every scrap of food wrapper and used Kleenex out of camp with me in my own trash bag. I carried my orange peels to the community compost. Yet there are thousands of bags of trash left behind anyway.

Somehow in all of the massive outpouring of humanity, we all weren’t as thoughtful as we could have been.

I personally picked up three bags full today between shuttling media and documenting stories. I realized my first day back that I would have to keep a trash bag in my pocket and pick things up as I walk to the compost toilets or to interview a crew organizer. It would hurt my soul not to bend over and pick up the old batteries or crushed carton of eggs when I pass by – screws in my back or not. It’s a start.

Now if only 200 more people would come and do the same.

Camp Oceti needs us. Teams of people are needed to clean up and clean up hard. Rally your football teams, fraternities, Boy Scout troops, youth groups, and VFW groups.

Where are the veterans who raised $1 million to come to camp for four days? I saw none today cleaning up. I hope they’re here. I hope they’re picking up trash as I did today.

Mother Earth deserves it. We can’t become the great irony of the water protection movement. Please come. Bring your work gloves. Bring your trash bags. Just come.

Tomorrow I’ll post instructions on how you can help clean up our beloved Camp Oceti.


2-13-17 ~ These 10 Quotes From an Oglala Lakota Chief Will Make You Question Everything About Our Society
Luther Standing Bear was an Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief who, among a few rare others such as Charles Eastman, Black Elk and Gertrude Bonnin occupied the rift between the way of life of the Indigenous people of the Great Plains before, and during, the arrival and subsequent spread of the European pioneers. Raised in the traditions of his people until the age of eleven, he was then educated at the Carlisle Indian Industrial Boarding School of Pennsylvania, where he learned the English language and way of life. (Though a National Historical Landmark, Carlisle remains a place of controversy in Native circles.) Continue Reading


2-13-17 ~ Wopida to the Akicita with #VeteransRespond who have sent some people out to camp to help with cleanup and be on hand for any other need the people may have. We appreciate our veterans across the country for everything they’ve done and pray for all the things they have yet to do. They’re a group I trust and have had a blast getting to know, I’ll paste their fundraiser link below.


2-5-17 ~ Chief Crazy Horse
I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one.
~ Chief Crazy Horse
Oglala Sioux, 1877


2-5-17 ~ Jim Graywolf Petruzzi… LaDonna Allard, Standing Rock and No DAPL
I read LaDonna Allard’s post a couple of hours ago, but needed to wait and comment after letting her words sink in. Now I will comment since LaDonna is one of those people who has become so much more than just LaDonna. This has happened not through ego or intention, but because of the leadership and spirit she has shown.

When friends asked me to begin a Facebook support page for the Standing Rock Protestors in August I knew little of what was going on – and little of Standing Rock. The Black Hills – Pine Ridge – yes, but Standing Rock and North Dakota – no. I was busy running our educational non-profit, Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother, with Sue, my wife and did not need more work. But, after three calls and requests I agreed to do it. As we talked on the phone we spoke of how the people beginning to mass at Standing Rock were Protectors. So the group name of Standing Rock Protectors – Pipeline Protestors was used.

The group grew quickly and we were 30,000 strong by September. In October Sue and I headed to Standing Rock and Sacred Stone Camp. So, that is the beginning of the virtual support and how I came to meet LaDonna. After we were at Sacred Stone 5 days or so we walked back to our little RV one evening and saw LaDonna and her husband sitting by one of the fires. We went over and we all began to speak. I have written about this before and will post that again another day. This is about LaDonna and the Protectors. I was immediately impressed by her strength and commitment. And by her words. She spoke of the young ones who had come to her about the pipeline. And mentioned her son. We spoke of the pipeline and the sacred ground. She shared how that camp was on her land and she would fight to keep it there. Her husband spoke of LaDonna’s long time commitment to her families land and untiring work at stopping the pipeline now.

I told her of the virtual group supporting her and the main camp and how many people were already in it. She said that piece was critical and wanted us to do whatever it took to tell more people, spread the word and tell them why the pipeline was bad for Standing Rock and all people along the rivers fed by the Missouri. We told her we would do all in our power. And we would try to help with donations and materials. Then we spoke of re-routing the pipeline and she was the first who said to me this was about stopping, not re-routing, the pipeline. Under the river was bad, no matter where it was done. She gave us permission to film and record those willing and we got press passes and did so for a week.

Since that time our group has followed LaDonna’s work and all the camps at Standing Rock. And promoted and educated. And watched groups appear around the world. Now with over 134,000 in this group we continue the work Standing Rock – and LaDonna and all the elders began. They are the heroes. And they have won SO much that has captivated and amazed people around the world.

Some of the things LaDonna told me were: 1) this had to be and remain a peaceful protest and 2) have the people send prayers – lots of prayers and 3) talk about all people working together.

Other elders told me similar things as LaDonna, but Sue and I heard her words first and with our hearts. This we have done and will continue. The Standing Rock protest is not over – the venue changes now. But the successes and wins do amaze me. The biggest, most incredible success of these camps is that everyone there was working together – shoulder-to-shoulder. We worked with red, white, black and yellow… old and young… male and female… citizens of the U.S. and many other countries. And I watched Native American friends from tribes long considered enemies embracing. This is truly the prophecy of the four colors coming together and sharing their wisdom playing out. When Sue and I went to camp meetings we heard LaDonna also speak to this.

For months now we in our virtual group have spoken of Water is Life the Movement and how that must be the next evolution of this water protection work. I have long said Standing Rock or any individual protest will eventually be decided – win or lose. And that ends the issue. But a united movement for clean water around the world goes on and on – each protest connected to all the others. A tsunami of clean water demands that cannot be stopped. Now I see that is also the best way to honor LaDonna and all the camps and protectors of Standing Rock – carry on the Water is Life Movement with the same fervor as is being shown at Standing Rock… and Flint… and Florida… and Texas… and everywhere.

The Red Nations began Standing Rock and welcomed in the White, Black and Yellow. Other protests were first led by the Black Nation or White or Yellow. Together, being colorblind now, we move ahead.

Lately there have been some dark comments – some divisive ‘one color only’ comments – some ridicule – some hate talk. Those doing this have no understanding at all of what Standing Rock is about. The majority in the movement know we must be all one and welcome and share with ALL people – regardless of their color or race. That is the current huge legacy of Standing Rock.

Thank you LaDonna. Thank you Protectors.


2-5-17 ~ Lorna R Knowshisgun… Sacred Stone Camp today when the BIA forced their way into the upper entrance to the camp due to a phone call made by the gentleman in the house who is pointing. In the process 3-4 people were abused and one person sustained a possible broken arm.

It is unclear why the BIA were called to the house. It is possible the owner complained about the mutually shared driveway was being blocked. However, it seems strange that 6 BIA vehicles and countless BIA police were necessary to answer a call that could have been handled by one car, one man.




2-5-17 ~ Oceti Sakowin Camp… Kinetic impact projectiles (KIPs) | Less Than Lethal Weapons on US Civilians

**Name ONE of these injuries that Water Protectors have NOT sustained at Standing Rock. Where else are these happening in the United States?**

Direct trauma to the eye from KIPs nearly always causes total blindness in that eye, due to rupture of the globe (eyeball) as well as trauma to nearby structures. KIPs can also penetrate through the eye socket and enter the brain, causing brain injury.

KIPs can cause bruising of the lungs or heart, and penetration into the chest may cause serious, possibly fatal injuries such as bleeding, pneumothorax, and heart attacks.

Injuries to the muscles and bones may cause sprains, bruises, and fractures. Deeper injuries can cause permanent damage to the neurovascular structures, leading to amputations or compartment syndrome.

Blunt trauma to the brain can cause concussions and bruising inside the brain (contusions) as well as different types of bleeding in the brain (intracranial hemorrhage) and skull fractures. KIPs have also been known to penetrate the skull or enter the brain tissue, causing hemorrhage, injury to the spinal cord, and severe brain injury from the foreign body.

The delicate structures of the face and neck are particularly vulnerable to traumatic injury. The bones of the face and skull, the spinal cord, and the blood vessels in the neck are all close to the skin surface.

Blunt injuries can cause bleeding in the solid organs such as the liver, kidney, and spleen; penetrative injuries can also cause bleeding, perforations, and urogenital injuries.

KIPs can cause bruising and contusions of the skin and soft tissue, as well as superficial and deep lacerations, some of which may cause muscle or nerve damage as well as bleeding.”
**Where else in the United States are we seeing injuries like these, delivered by Law Enforcement to control crowds of peaceful protesters?**

Download the Full Fact Sheet Here:

Photo by AdaMedia Med Mera

2-4-17 ~ TO SAVE THE WATER, WE MUST BREAK THE CYCLE OF COLONIAL TRAUMA… Ladonna Bravebull Allard says, “This movement was started by the people, and led by our youth. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s decision to negotiate with the State and disown the people who came to fight for our water is risking more than they understand. We have had many thousands of people ready to stand together in front of those machines. The Indigenous nations of Turtle Island had united as never before. But as division grows, it is very difficult to see a path forward. We have no choice but to break the cycle of trauma so our future generations can have a better life.” Continue Reading

2-4-17 ~ Luba Williams… Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault has been criticized for things he recently said. Without getting into specifics the Chairman indicated perhaps the battle is not best fought in person. There were other comments made about water and the pipeline which seemed unusual and odd, not very supportive of the Water Is Life movement.

At first you may be in shock when you hear these words. But if you look at the mans face his posture the tone of his voice and facial expressions he does not believe what he is saying. To me he looked like an emotional blackmailed hostage. Forced to say things he did not want to say. I cannot say if this is true nor why and by whom, but that is just my personal opinion. So he will now take heat from both sides and be surrounded by negative energy. When in fact I think this is the time perhaps some positive prayerful energy needs to surround him, his family and every single person involved directly or indirectly at Standing Rock camps. Remember he is not the enemy and he is not the one wanting to build this pipeline. But he is the focus of speculation and the one that the powers who make decisions in this country will focus their sites on. That is not an easy position to be in.

We are living in a time where money is very powerful and people and companies have power to do very sinister things. There are concerns about poisoning of people with rodent killing chemicals at Standing Rock. Imagine if that’s just the start. What else could the sinister do?

What else and how else could people be affected. The pipeline is dangerous, but what else is also ? We know the pipeline may eventually leak. But we also know that direct deliberate actions may be more dangerous right now. What is the solution, I don’t know. Yet I strongly believe we need to be thoughtful of our words and intentions and how we feel about others right now.




2-4-17 ~ Oceti Sakowin Camp… Kinetic impact projectiles (KIPs) | Less Than Lethal Weapons on US Civilians

Though the law enforcement agents used no weapons on the Water Protectors during the Last Child Camp raid on February 1, they were fully armed with them. At close range, rifles like these were trained on the assembled people gathered, all of whom have no reason to begin trusting that this sort of unregulated weaponry won’t be used.

Why must military-grade weapons be used to manage a peaceful assembly of people, a First Amendment Right? How does this ongoing show of force protect and serve anyone?

“KIPs are commonly known as rubber and plastic bullets, are used for crowd-control purposes by law enforcement worldwide in multiple forms and are shot from myriad types of guns and launchers. The findings of a systematic review of medical literature carried out by Physicians for Human Rights indicate that KIPs cause serious injury, disability, and death. KIPs are inherently inaccurate when fired from afar and therefore can cause unintended injuries to bystanders and strike vulnerable body parts; at close range, they are likely to be lethal. Therefore, KIPs are not an appropriate weapon to be used for crowd management and specifically for dispersal purposes.

KIPs can cause blunt or penetrative trauma. Penetrative injuries are those that pierce the skin or soft tissue. Blunt injuries are those that cause internal damage without breaking the skin barrier.”

Download the Full Fact Sheet Here:


2-4-17 ~ Help still needed for the clean up effort. That December 4th stunt really left the protectors with a lot of clean-up to do. Making good progress.

Keep in mind when they announced victory on Dec 4th with all the world watching nearly 8000 people disappeared over night. Also there were many supplies that were bought with donation money so those who used it likely did not think it was theirs to take.


2-4-17 ~ Joshua Smith… With great reluctance I wanted to throw some actions out into the public, and honestly they might give some firepower to those against the Standing Rock Movement. There are many rumors of Financial Malfeasance by David Archambault and other members of the Tribal Council but I will stick to the ones which there is verifiable evidence for. It appears as though SRST Tribal Council and Chairman David Archambault may have MISAPPROPRIATED the $6.5 million in donations, and are now working with the federal government to crush the grassroots movement of those still there opposed to the pipeline.

The stench of malfeasance doesn’t smell any better just because it emanates from an ally. In some sense, I do have to say they are still on the forefront of the legal battle challenging DAPL in court.

Lateral Violence is when two different factions within a given movement criticize the other in a manner which creates division and also provide those opposed to the movement reasoning to criticize us. That being said I believe it is incumbent upon any movement to not close ranks and hide facts. In the spirit of that I’m urging individuals who support the Water Protectors and are part of the NoDAPL movement to consider the following actions and if you find it appropriate either withdraw your support and/or demand accountability from Dave Archambault and the Standing Rock Tribal Council.

I want you to consider their actions in the last few months. I also want you to consider throwing all your support behind Sacred Stone Camp, LaDonna Allard and Chase Iron Eyes. Understand that within any movement there is not one voice, but many voices and groups. I would like to point out that the SRST Chairman and Tribal cCouncil are but a small portion and have been allied, but have not been Leaders of the Camp Movement. Also remember, they are a political organization. Early on they made huge appeals for people to come to Standing Rock, and we did. Since mid-December, they have taken numerous actions that I believe are extremely questionable, which have been widely reported in the media but also documented as they were discussed and voted on in public council sessions. It appears they have misappropriated the money donated to them and at this time are trying to evict those that came to stand in solidarity with the NoDAPL Movement.

They are making numerous statements implying that this movement is led by themselves and are now portraying themselves as the only legitimate Water Protectors and calling Sacred Stone and the other people camped out as rogue factions. I can only surmise that perhaps they are trying to co-opt the movement in an attempt to silence the movement.


Last count IIRC they have accepted more than $6.5 million dollars in donations and while they have provided some support financially to the camps, purportedly they also voted to Use a large chunk of this money to pay Debt which Pre-existed the movement. This was adopted by a recorded council resolution and once again reported by the independent media. Call SRST Council and demand accountability for where they spent your money if you donated.

Also In December, after they called for the Water Protectors to go home, It was found that an entire warehouse owned by the tribe was filled with months full of Mail as well as monetary and purchased items addressed to both individual water protectors but also Sacred stone Camp (a separate entity) had been stockpiled and not delivered to whom they were addressed. The Council Asserts this was an administrative Error. Given the totality of their actions I question this.

Cody Two Bears, a council member has been very vocal and has also publicly advocated now that the federal government and federal law enforcement assist them in clearing the camps. One such camp, Sacred Stone, is purportedly on private ground owned by Ladonna Allard. In the Past SRST has made numerous statements supporting that this Camp is a safe camp because it is on Ladonna’s private ground.

In a stunning reversal they requested Federal Law enforcement and BIA officials, along with ATF and ACOE enter her private property without a warrant yesterday for an “Assessment.” They are now claiming that the tribe not Miss Allard has majority ownership of the property. I would challenge this claim, based on their previous statements.

I would urge you to call the tribal Government to:
Demand an accounting of your money.
Express your opinion of their actions.
Ask them about their recent collaboration with Federal officials.

Ladonna Allard and Chase Iron Eyes are still on the ground still standing up against the DAPL Movement and I believe these actions of protest have ensured our success thus far. Consider withdrawing your support from the SRST tribal Council and Dave Archambault, and support those still on the ground, still standing up for the water.


2-4-17 STANDING ROCK Update:
Greetings from Standing Rock, where the struggle to bring compassion and awareness into the thoughts and minds of all peoples in all parts of the world continues. We are here on the ground, partnering with local organizers, native communities and you, the generous supporters of our continued efforts to restore the land to the pristine state in which we found her.

Grandmother, the Earth is called by so many here. And as she changes her clothes, shrugging off this long Winter and emerging into Spring, our work is made all the more urgent. Rising flood waters from the Missouri River will soon wash away any trash or refuse left behind by the waves of supporters, tourists and passersby who have lent their support, in myriad forms, these past many months.

Now we roll up our sleeves and do the difficult work of sorting through the thousands of donations and camping supplies which can still be repurposed to support the struggle to stop DAPL, or that may find new life in other nearby communities.

Already we have packed and delivered two shipments of clothing and non-perishable food to nearby charities and donation centers, with plans to send out our massive 28 foot trailer fully loaded two more times.
Our trucks roll through camp, excavating forgotten tents from the frozen ground, layers of ice and the all-concealing snow. Tools purchased with your contributions allow us to overcome these barriers to our success, and scrub from this sacred land every tarp, tent stake and cigarette butt we find.

But it’s not all about cleaning. Far too many elders have been left with the responsibility of breaking down their own camps, with little or no support. These have been homes for nearly a year, and are often full of yurts, large military tents, tipis and even some fully fledged houses. Unify identifies those members of the Standing Rock community who are being forgotten and we help.

You help. We could never do it without you. From the beginning, the movement against DAPL and to protect this water has relied on the aid of those whose support came from afar. We have rallied together each according to their ability. Each piece of this movement is sacred, as each cell in the body amounts to more than the sum of its parts. And now, more than ever, it is imperative we stay together.
Though the pipeline bores on, its infamy now burnished by the support of a new Presidency, the last impact of Standing Rock remains to be seen. Will we allow this movement to come stuttering to a halt, or can we find a way to fuel this new community in a responsible, sustainable manner?

Your support means direct aid on the ground as Water Protectors begin relocating to permanent ecovillages. Sacred Stone and Rosebud have no intentions of disbanding, and have secured their future on private lands directly neighboring the flood plain.

Unify will be here, sorting recycling, restoring the land and helping Grandmother wherever we can and in whomever we see her twinkling eye. Nothing in the future is certain, but we are certain not to abandon this place, not now when Standing Rock needs us the most, not ever.

Please join us in preserving and protecting this most magical of moments, and breathing new life into the most important movement in generations.


2-4-17 ~ ‎Joshua Taflinger… We have been in camp all week collecting information face to face directly from camp coordinators and leaders in Oceti Oyate, Rosebud, and the new Black Hoop Camp. **(Didn’t spend time in Sacred Stone, so can’t report facts on that one. Check out live feeds for those updates)

All camps agree that Dave Archambault and the SRST are corrupt politicians that have been bought and have bailed on the people that THEY called out to stand and help protect the water, land, and sacred sites.

The Army Corps announced an eviction notice to Oceti Oyate(main camp) and the sections of Rosebud that the Army Corps has illegally (based on the treaties) claimed for February 22nd. Many are cleaning up, packing up, and heading out.

Many Water Protectors are dedicated to stay and stand and are praying for you, Veterans, anyone to stand and resist with us on the 22nd!

The numbers in camp are dwindling and with these declining numbers, when police raid on the 22nd, they will have no problem clearing out the resistance. We cannot quit now. If we give them this victory they will just keep taking more and more until there is nothing left to stand for.

Now more than ever, people are being called to camp. It would logistically be much more difficult/improbable for police to clear out camp if there were 1,000’s present on the 22nd.
Come prepared to resist and potentially be arrested. If you don’t come, this will be over!

Rosebud camp is focused on major clean up efforts as well as working out logistics to move their camp up the hill to higher ground to the new Blackhoop Memorial Camp.
This will be an invitation camp. People will be vetted to make sure there are as few “agitators”.
This will be a peaceful prayer camp.

All camps, especially Rosebud, need help cleaning up the grounds to prevent the debris from getting washed into the river if flooding occurs. Please go NOW!! You are NEEDED and encouraged to help with clean up efforts if possible. Many hands make light work.

And this is directly from those who are committed to staying and resisting DAPL. There is a call for the VETERANS to begin arriving before the 22nd, set up, and dig in and prepare. If you do not come in large numbers, the camp will be crushed and cleared out.

Face your fears! Get in your car and get your butt to Standing Rock!! This is our last chance to STAND and kill this Black Snake! We need you!


2-3-17 ~ Redhawk Standing Rock Rising



2-3-17 ~ Redhawk… During the police sweep of Last Child Camp, Water Protectors were all charged with “engaging in a riot” along with “trespassing” on treaty land.

In this photo, to the right, you can see all the Water Protectors holding a prayer circle around the Sacred Fire.

On the left, you can see law enforcement approaching the Water Protectors.

Not quite sure where this “riot” is.
False charges.


2-3-17 ~ Andrew Alexis Varvel… “I think Chase Iron Eyes set a trap for the Morton County Sheriff and Dakota Access LLC and they fell in. Firstly, Sheriff Kirchmeier had been claiming that the Backwater Bridge needed to be closed down because it needed repairs – his very use of that bridge exposes Morton County’s blockade of that bridge as entirely punitive in nature. Secondly, Chase Iron Eyes now has a clearcut case testing his rights as a member of Oceti Sakowin to press territorial claims under the Fort Laramie Treaty. Thirdly, his arrest exposes the flimsy nature of Dakota Access LLC’s claim to own (and at that, temporarily own until the end of this year!) the Cannonball Ranch – the Attorney General had to twist North Dakota’s farming law into a pretzel (in defiance of over three-fourths of the electorate as expressed in last June’s referendum!) to accept Dakota Access LLC’s justification that it needed to use the property as a security perimeter around its state-granted easement. Fourthly, Chase Iron Eyes has now become a political prisoner, which helps bring more publicity for the cause. Fifthly, his arrest can show the outside world how morally corrupt the local news media’s demonization of him has really become.

Chase Iron Eyes is a lot smarter than his opponents give him credit for. I would not underestimate him.”
– ‎Andrew Alexis Varvel‎ // #LastChildCamp #IndigenousRising


2-3-17 ~ Ken Ward tried to save our water and was sentenced to 20 years for his efforts. These oil companies have the country’s judicial and law enforcement in their pockets. they want profits and we need water. The people of this country need to rise up NOW!! We need to tell everyone we know what’s happening to our water ways and water ways all over the world. The last war will be for water!


2-1-17 ~ US Army Corps ordered to allow the completion of the Dakota Access pipeline
Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer had “directed the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access pipeline,” and that Congressional notification was “imminent”. Continue Reading


Standing Rock Last Child Camp Raid 2/5/17

2-1-17 ~ Lindsey Norton… DAPL has set fire the the new camp set up across from Oceti. The DAPL men are now having a celebration around the burning remains of the arrested protector’s homes and property.

Standing Rock Camp Raided, Mass Arrests

2-1-17 ~ Johnny Dangers… Police arrested 76 Water Protectors at the New Camp Raid after dismantling the barricade and rolling in like an Army!

Tin Soldiers and DAPL’s Army
Completely exhausting day. I hope the arrested can be bailed out quickly.

Mass Arrests by shameful Miltarized police at New Camp Raid! Humvees and military gear line our streets and we stay silent? Will you?
Share Everywhere! Protect the Water!!

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2-1-17 ~ Last Child Camp. It’s gone now. Torn down and burned.


2-1-17 ~ Updates from Sacred Stone Camp… requests for Standing Rock allies to physically provide support at Sacred Stone Camp. But you must be self-sufficient. The kitchens are closed down there now. you need to be able to feed yourself….and provide your own winter gear and camping gear etc. once at Camp you will be put to work.

If you can’t go to Standing Rock…..please go to any of the Army Corps of Engineers and do a peaceful, prayerful sit-in. Do not leave until they force you to leave. Finally, divest your money from the banks that fund the pipeline


2-1-17 ~ Gary Rice… In honor of the Last Child Warrior Society, the only such society created by Crazy Horse we are asking all frontliners in camp to come to the high ground west of the Oceti camps to put out a call for others to join this stand. It’s time brothers & sisters. Our conscience won’t let us back down. In the spirit of Crazy Horse.

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