Death Behind Bars

Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe

Your skin is only cover for your heart, your soul. The color of one’s skin is less important than the spirit which moves it.

The rule of thumb in jails is that an individual should walk out of the jail in at least as good a shape as when they came in. Detention officers are supposed to directly observe inmates and document those checks. Cells for inmates considered a suicide risk should be free of items which could help them kill themselves.

Experts in jail security and the care of inmates said the number of supervision failures point to broader problems needing quick attention. What this tells us is these jails are maybe 50 percent of the time not doing the supervision they are supposed to do. The duties of the jail to properly manage, supervise, care for these inmates is paramount.

MARK CANNON ~Video shows lengthy death of Albany County jail inmate
State: Medical firm’s failure to treat inmate ‘‘shocks the conscience’’

JOSEPH MURPHY ~ Family of man who died in Lemon Creek jail cell files wrongful death suit
Joseph Murphy is seen pacing in his cell at Lemon Creek Correctional Center just a few minutes before he collapsed and died on Aug. 14, 2015. (Screenshot courtesy of Mark Choate)

JENNIFER TOWLE ~ Second inmate dies at Hudson County Correctional Facility
A 48-year-old woman, sentenced in Weehawken Municipal Court to 180 days, died at the Hudson County Correctional Center on July 14 as the result of a yet-undisclosed cause. James Kennelly, spokesperson for Hudson County, confirmed that Jennifer Towle, a county resident, died in the jail’s infirmary at about 1:49 a.m.

ELIZABETH STENSON ~ Are inmate deaths linked to improper medical care at Nassau County Jail?
A 58-year-old Long Island woman with a history of mental illness died in jail following her arrest over a car accident that killed two people, and her attorney is blaming the jail’s health care provider.

BENNY SHANE PEMBERTON ~ Suit accuses Scott County, sheriff of neglect in inmate’s death
A Scott County woman accuses the Scott County Sheriff’s Office of ignoring her son’s repeated pleas for medical treatment in jail as an infection gradually took over his body, ultimately destroying his brain and killing him.

MYCHEAL J. LYNCH ~ Video to be released in death at county jail
A Clark County judge ruled Monday in favor of releasing jail surveillance footage used in an investigation of an inmate killed while being restrained by corrections deputies in 2015. During an evidentiary hearing Monday, Clark County Superior Court Judge Bernard Veljacic heard arguments from both sides of a public records lawsuit filed by the estate of Mycheal J. Lynch. The case centered around security camera footage from three of nine cameras that are in the jail’s medical unit, where Lynch was being held and where the altercation took place.

ANDREW HOLLAND ~ SLO County to pay $5 million settlement for inmate’s death after 46 hours in restraint chair
“Andrew Holland’s death at County Jail was a tragedy that should never have happened,” Assistant County Administrative Officer Guy Savage said Thursday in a news release. “It’s clear that counties and jails across the nation face systemic problems as the number of inmates with mental illness continues to climb. We are focused on fixing those problems here in San Luis Obispo County.”

THOMAS DANIEL LITTLECLOUD ~ Suspect who fatally shot Sacramento sheriff’s deputy dies
Littlecloud, 32-year-old Castro Valley resident, tried escaping a hotel room when he started firing an assault rifle at officers. Two CHP officers were injured in the shootout, and one sheriff’s deputy was struck.

RANDALL DALE SCRUGGS ~ Coroner: Death of man in custody ruled a homicide, investigation underway
Scruggs 42 died from asphyxia from aspiration of gastric contents from thoracic/abdominal compression while in custody in Pickens County, S.C.

DEVON GLASS ~ MSP investigate sudden death of father in River Rouge Police custody
River Rouge MI Aug. 11, 2017 Friends say the 26 yr old Glass was involved in a fight Wednesday night at Touch of Class nightclub on Visker Rd. But, he was still alive when police arrived. 7 Action News has learned both Ecorse and River Rouge police were on scene. Relatives say Glass complained he was hurt and needed to go to the hospital, but River Rouge cops instead took him to their police station where he died.

GREGORY BROWN ~ Cops Taunted Black Veteran as He Died
Brown arrived to Tulsa’s pen Feb. 18, 2012, and made multiple requests to see a doctor. He finally saw one four days later after his blood pressure and heart rate dropped dramatically and he spent the previous night vomiting. The doctor, informed of Brown’s history of perforated gastric ulcers and gastrectomy, ordered meds and fluids, but refused multiple requests to send him to the hospital. On Feb. 28, nurses saw Brown had black urine. The next day, his temperature shot to 102.9 degrees and he went to the ER. A surgeon concluded he had bowel perforation and a deadly inflammation of his abdomen and organs. He was placed in the ICU, where he died March 8, 2012.

GWENDOLYN YOUNG ~ Cops Taunted Black Veteran as He Died
Feb. 8, 2013 Young had complained of nausea, vomiting, and lower back and abdominal pain hours before she died of a heart attack on Feb. 8, 2013, yet jail staff did nothing to assess her deteriorating condition. Instead, jail employees “falsified documentation to make it appear Ms. Young passed away after being taken from the jail by ambulance, even issuing a press release that falsely claims Ms. Young died at an area hospital.

LISA SALDAGO ~ Cops Taunted Black Veteran as He Died
Tulsa OK – Saldago was booked into the jail June 25, 2011, and died three days later of a heart attack. It was discovered her vital signs were never recorded in a chart. A supervisor ordered nurses to “doctor her medical records so that it would appear vitals had been taken. While staff were notified of her health issues, which included coronary heart disease, hypertension, and alcohol abuse, they didn’t take any vitals, the complaint alleges. When a nurse showed up to work June 28, he found Salgado unresponsive. She had been dead for at least four hours

CHARLES JERNEGAN ~ Cops Taunted Black Veteran as He Died
July 2009 He had indicated he struggled with mental illness on a screening form, but penitentiary staff never evaluated or monitored him. Jernegan was known to his jailers, having been detained twice earlier that year. Each time, he notified personnel he had suicidal tendencies and one past suicide attempt. Two days before he killed himself, Jernegan submitted a written request seeking treatment but his “cry for help was greeted with apathy

MICHAEL MORITTZ ~ Cops Taunted Black Veteran as He Died
Michael Morittz died after repeatedly begging for his heart medications. He did not received any [medication for] blood pressure, blood thinner or pain pills. Aug. 11th “I am afraid of something happening to me (my heart) please help me!” he wrote in a May 25 grievance form. Morittz submitted over 20 requests for medication. About two weeks later, Morittz was taken to the hospital ICU. His heart stopped beating and he was experiencing kidney failure. He remained on life support until he died Sept. 16, court papers state.

DEJUAN BRISON ~ Man who police say attempted suicide in Jennings jail dies; family calls for investigation/ Jennings hanging attempt is latest in series of area jail incidents
Oct. 23, 2014 Jennings /St. Louis It was not clear why Brison remained in jail for three days in St. Louis without charges. Brison was transferred to the Jennings lockup on a warrant for failing to appear in court in a shoplifting case. Once he arrived at the Jennings jail, Brison complained he was about to have an asthma attack, paramedics from Christian Hospital Northeast and the Northwest Fire Protection District responded. Paramedics said he was healthy and fit for confinement. Brison was placed in the jail about 12:40 p.m. Oct. 4. About 40 minutes later, a Jennings jail officer checking on him saw he allegedly tried to hang himself using bed linens tied around the bars of the cell. The officer claims to have attempted to revive Brison, who was unconscious. Paramedics took him to a hospital where he was pronounced deead.

CHARLES ANTHONY CHATMAN JR. ~ Man found dead in jail cell in Jennings
Jennings /St. Louis March 22, 2013 A man held in jail in Jennings pending posting of bail on traffic warrants allegedly hanged himself. Jennings public safety director, said a video recording shows Chatman Jr. hanging himself at 7:42 a.m., but no one was watching when it happened. That was a little more than an hour after he was moved to a one-man cell in the Jennings Correctional Center because he was agitated, and about 30 minutes after being served breakfast.

KORY DANE WILSON ~ Former McClain County jail administrator sentenced in death of diabetic inmate
Kory Dane needed insulin to control his Type 1 diabetes. Administrator Wayne Evans Barnes of the McClain County jail admitted he failed to obtain medical assistance for Wilson after being alerted of the inmate’s condition.

RAYMOND MILLER ~ 51 NC jail inmates have died in past five years after poor supervision from jailers
Raymond Miller died of complications from diabetes. He was supposed to be checked four times an hour, but the logs showed that didn’t happen. A video camera had been set up for observation of his cell, but it was motion sensitive. If an inmate didn’t move, the camera didn’t record, and it didn’t pick up Miller’s distress.

PATRICK O’MALLEY ~ 51 NC jail inmates have died in past five years after poor supervision from jailers
Died of a heart attack in 2015 after being left in a restraining chair for more nine hours.

AMY BLANKENSHIP ~ 51 NC jail inmates have died in past five years after poor supervision from jailers
Amy Blankenship was left unobserved for 51 minutes in her Davidson County cell in 2013 before she was found hanging; a video camera used to observe inmates was not running during part of that time.

TERRY DEMETRIUS LEE ~ 51 NC jail inmates have died in past five years after poor supervision from jailers
Terry Demetrius Lee hanged himself in 2013 on dangerous window bars; the 21-year-old had been left alone for nearly six hours in his cell.

MATTHEW CLAYTON REYNOLDS ~ 51 NC jail inmates have died in past five years after poor supervision from jailers
Matthew Clayton Reynolds went nearly seven hours between checks, plenty of time to hang himself.

EMILY CALL ~ 51 NC jail inmates have died in past five years after poor supervision from jailers
She should have been watched closely – at least four times an hour, according to state regulations. But Call, 32, a mother of two struggling with drug addiction, went unwatched for more than an hour. She slipped away to a bathroom in a common area, slung a bed sheet over a water pipe, tied it around her neck, stood on a toilet and stepped off.

CARLOS MEJIA-BONILLA ~ A case of mistaken identity, then the death of an ICE detainee
Carlos Mejia-Bonilla was starting his day at work at a construction site on Long Island when he was arrested by immigration officers in an alleged case of mistaken identity. He told authorities they had the wrong person, but he was locked up at the Hudson County Correctional Facility anyway on April 1 because he was in the country illegally. Within 10 weeks, he was dead.

ANDREW HOLLAND ~ Parents of SLO County inmate who died: “It was more than neglect. It was torture”
A 38 yr. old mentally ill inmate died died in January from a blood clot in his lung shortly after he was released from a chair he’d been strapped to for 46 hours at the San Luis Obispo County Jail.

MAX GRACIA ~ Lawsuit filed after inmate’s death from bite by police dog
Max Gracia, 22, was arrested in 2015 on charges of armed robbery and resisting an officer with violence. During his arrest, he was bitten by an Orlando Police dog. Four days later, he was dead. His autopsy showed he was bitten several times on his left thigh and leg, which led to an E. coli infection and a fatal blood infection.

ANDREW KEARSE ~ Widow of man who died in Schenectady police custody wants cops prosecuted
Negroni-Kearse, who will not say if she plans to take legal action, is hopeful that the truth about her husband’s death will come to light. Negroni-Kearse, 40, said the cause of death on her husband’s death certificate says “pending.”

ZACHARY BEARHEELS ~ Ex-Omaha police officer who is charged in connection with man’s death bails out of jail after hearing
Payne has been charged with second-degree assault in connection with the June 5 in-custody death of Zachary Bearheels. Another former officer, Ryan McClarty, has been cited with misdemeanor third-degree assault for punching Bearheels 13 times after Bearheels ripped his hand free from a handcuff.

DELTRA HENDERSON ~ Officials: Inmate suspected of killing Claiborne Parish resident during escape killed after standoff
The Louisiana Department of Corrections says in a news release late Thursday that officials noticed 39-year-old Deltra Henderson was missing from the David Wade Correctional Center in Claiborne Parish about 1:40 p.m. It says Henderson had stolen a car and crashed it not far from the prison complex.

JAMYCHEAL MITCHELL ~ A Deadly Virginia Jail Is Now Under Federal Investigation Hampton Roads Regional Jail saw eight inmate deaths in less than a year and a half
Died last August after spending four months behind bars following an arrest for allegedly stealing $5 in goods from a convenience store.

MARK GOODRUM ~ A Deadly Virginia Jail Is Now Under Federal Investigation Hampton Roads Regional Jail saw eight inmate deaths in less than a year and a half
Died after he couldn’t afford a $100 bail bond in connection with a misdemeanor pot possession charge he picked up for smoking marijuana in his own home.

MICHAEL JEFFERSON ~ Family Releases Graphic Photos Of An Illinois Inmate’s Body In A Plea For Answers
In a desperate search for answers, one family has published pictures online of the body of an inmate who died after he was reportedly found unresponsive in a cell in an Illinois prison earlier this month. The extremely graphic photos, which appear on the family’s GoFundMe page and a family friend’s viral social media post, show the swollen face and body of Chicago resident Michael Jefferson, who was being held at the Menard Correctional Center on a parole violation.

SANDRA BLAND ~ Sandra Bland’s family settles for $1.9M in wrongful death suit
The settlement includes compensation for Bland’s death in custody as well as several changes to jail procedures in Waller County, Texas. Bland was found dead in her jail cell three days after she was pulled over for failing to use her turn signal in July 2015.

SHERRON DALE ~ We Wanted To Find Troubled Jails, So We Counted The Bodies
Ten jails. More than 40 deaths. What happened in one year? Dale died of a relatively common medical condition, a peptic ulcer, according to the St. Louis County medical examiner. Peptic ulcers are easily treated, usually with antibiotics and an acid reducer

JACK DALE PRICE ~ Inmate in St. Louis County Jail dies
A man being held in the St. Louis County jail was found dead in his cell Monday.

GREGORY LEE HILL ~ Inmate in St. Louis County Jail dies
When he became medically distressed, behaving in an “erratic and abnormal” manner, according to documents cited in the lawsuit, corrections officers “physically restrained and pepper sprayed” Hill.

DANNY PHAM ~ Inmate death is latest black mark for OC Sheriff’s Department
27-year-old Danny Pham was scheduled to be released from jail July 10 after serving a three-month sentence for auto theft. Instead, he died in his cell on July 3. has resulted in the suspension of five jail employees and is the latest scandal to hit Orange County CA law enforcement.

THIEP TRUONG NGUYEN ~ Inmate death is latest black mark for OC Sheriff’s Department
In 2014, an inmate at OC’s Theo Lacy jail was charged with murder for killing his cellmate

JOHN CHAMBERLAIN ~ Inmate death is latest black mark for OC Sheriff’s Department
In 2006, inmates beat fellow inmate John Chamberlain to death, leading to murder charges for six inmates. Chamberlain’s death also prompted an investigation into Orange County Theo Lacy Jail operations by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. That investigation is still open.

JOHNNY HALL JR ~ MDOC inmate deaths so far this year top all of 2016
Johnny Hall Jr., a 35-year-old prisoner serving 30 years at Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, is the eighth at a state prison so far this year.

MARAL GARTNEY ~ MDOC inmate deaths so far this year top all of 2016
In a letter he wrote to family members in late March, she said Gartney described an experience of his body warming while reading the Bible, as if possessed by a demon, so he kept reading hoping to exorcise to spirit. A short time later, Gartney was pronounced dead at a prison hospital.

EMILY JEAN CALL ~ 51 NC jail inmates have died in past five years after poor supervision from jailers
Call had been arrested on April 16, 2012, for missing a court date. Call had told detention officers then that she was high on crystal methamphetamine and wanted to kill herself. She should have been watched closely – at least four times an hour, according to state regulations. But Call, 32, a mother of two struggling with drug addiction, went unwatched for more than an hour. She slipped away to a bathroom in a common area, slung a bed sheet over a water pipe, tied it around her neck, stood on a toilet and stepped off.

JOHN TRENTON SMITH ~ 51 NC jail inmates have died in past five years after poor supervision from jailers
John Trenton Smith’s suicide in the Yadkin County jail in 2015. Smith hanged himself in jail after being convicted of assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon. Smith went unchecked in jail for more than two hours.

AMANDA HOGAN ~ 51 NC jail inmates have died in past five years after poor supervision from jailers
Amanda Hogan, 28, should have been identified as a suicide risk and checked more frequently, DHHS investigator Chris Wood said in a report to the jail. She wasn’t, and she hanged herself.

KELLI LEANNE PAGE ~ Female inmate dies after scuffle with jailers in Coryell County
Oct. 8, 2017 Chief Deputy Mark Wilcox said jailers were called to the facility’s administrative segregation section for “jail violations” made by inmate Kelli Leanne Page, 46, when Page refused to comply with verbal commands from the jailers. The jailers then tried a “chemical agent” that had no effect on Page, according to Wilcox, at which point jailers entered Page’s cell and attempted to restrain her physically. During the scuffle that followed, the Coryell County Sheriff’s Office claimed Page got ahold of handcuffs and injured one of the jailers. Wilcox said the jailers were eventually able to handcuff Page, who became unresponsive. Justice of the Peace Coy Latham pronounced Page dead, and her body was sent to the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas for an autopsy.

MATTHEW WALKER ~ Lawsuit blames Florida prison system for inmate’s death
April 11, 2014 Punta Gorda FL Walker was killed by officers at Charlotte Correctional Institution evidence showed when the inmate refused to comply, officers successfully restrained him, but continued to beat him with radios and stomp on his head with their boots until his throat was crushed and he couldn’t breathe. Autopsy report: crushed larynx bashed skull

DONNIE CLAY ~ Officials investigating after Tunica Co. Jail inmate dies
July 2016 Clay was found dead hanging in his cell about 30 minutes after he got there for a domestic violence charge.

DEREK SMITH ~ Officials investigating after Tunica Co. Jail inmate dies
Mississippi Bureau of Investigation agents are investigating the death of inmate Derek Smith in Tunica County Jail who was arrested after a fist fight at a bar on February 15, 2017. Police used a stun on Smith twice in the leg. The first time failed to get him under control, and he was put in handcuffs after the second. Smith never had a mug shot taken, and was in jail for more than 15 hours before he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. From there, he died. Investigators said they do not know what happened after Smith was booked in jail

DEVAN REWIS ~ Collier deputy involved in Chokoloskee custody death had shot a suspect in 2006
Devan Rewis, 31, a seventh-generation resident of Chokoloskee, was being detained there for violating the 9 p.m. curfew in place after the hurricane. After less than seven hours in police custody, Rewis was found unresponsive in a jail cell at 8:30 a.m. He was taken off life support the next day, Sept. 15, 2017

MICHAEL TYREE ~ Last time jail guards had Tasers? Inmate was killed
Aug. 26, 2015 Michael Tyree 31, was mentally ill was beaten to death at the hands of jail guards Jereh Lubrin, 30, and Matthew Farris and Rafael Rodriguez, 28 in San Jose CA. They were sentenced on Sept. 2017 to 15 years to life in prison on the second-degree murder convictions.

JEFFREY LEONTI ~ Last time jail guards had Tasers? Inmate was killed
1989 San Jose CA, Jeffrey Leonti 37, mentally ill inmate restrained by jail guards was zapped and died of acute cardiac arrest due to the Taser. The county settled his parents’ wrongful death lawsuit for $650,000, or nearly $1.2 million in today’s dollars.

STEVE SALINAS ~ Last time jail guards had Tasers? Inmate was killed
Steve Salinas, an overweight man who was high on PCP and died after San Jose police zapped him 10 times in 93 seconds.

WALTER PEREZ ~ Police: Man who acted erratically died after being taken into custody
Walter Perez 36, Police say they were called to 36-year-old Walter Perez’s multifamily residence for a disturbance around 2:20 a.m. When two officers arrived, they were told by another resident of the home that Perez was in the basement acting violently. The resident said Perez was screaming and breaking things. When officers went downstairs, they say Perez was naked, apparently drunk, and was covered in his own blood and waste. Officers tried to physically subdue him, but were unable to do so. That’s when one officer used a Taser, which officials say had no effect on Perez. Another officer also deployed her Taser, again with no effect. They were finally able to subdue Perez and he was placed in handcuffs, and that’s when police alledge he stopped breathing. He died a short time later at the hospital.

ZACHARY BEARHEELS ~ Judge rules special prosecutor must present in-custody death case to grand jury
Zachary Bearheels 29, June 5, 2017 The incident occurred on June 5 at a Bucky’s Convenience Store near 60th and Center streets. In the video, Payne can be seen shocking Bearheels with a Taser 12 times, lasting 18 seconds. McClarty is seen grabbing Bearheels by his hair and punching him in the face. A judge has called for a special prosecutor to present the in-custody death of Zachary Bearheels to a grand jury, which will decide whether the actions of the officers were justified.

HEATH ALLEN SNOWDEN ~ Cleburne Co. Sheriff: Man Died In Custody After Fight with Deputies
Snowden 34 mentally ill, deputies were first dispatched to help with a medical call, on Sept. 18, 2017 when deputies got there a male was acting “disorderly.” The sheriff said deputies tried to talk to the man but he tried to fight them. He said a “very intense physical” fight lasting “several minutes” ensued. He said once in custody the man was in “medical distress.”

DEVAN REWIS ~ Collier man dies in CCSO custody after curfew violation arrest
Rewis 31 died in custody at NCH Downtown Baker Hospital in Naples on Friday after he was arrested on a charge of violating Collier County’s curfew. Doctors could not say what caused him to be on life support. Doctors told the family he was brain dead.

BRANDON LIZOTTE ~ Angola inmate fatally shot by guard, State Police investigating
As corrections officers at Angola were escorting a group of inmates to their work area Lizotte allegedly “began to run aggressively towards a corrections officer. The guard, who has not been identified, supposedly told Lizotte to stop several times and fired a warning shot and when he failed to stop, striking and killing him.

HENRY CLAY STEWART ~ Editorial: An avoidable inmate death
60-year-old Henry Clay Stewart Jr. in the Hampton Roads Regional Jail. Mr. Stewart withered away and died before the very eyes of the men and women assigned to watch over jail inmates. He began losing weight. He was coughing up blood and occasionally blacking out. In early August of last year, jail officials informed him that his most recent written request did not rise to the level of an emergency. He died two days later. The cause of death was determined to be a internal bleeding from a perforated stomach ulcer. He had lost 35 pounds — about 20 percent of his previous weight — in the space of two months. Mr. Stewart died in this facility. Not suddenly, but very gradually. He pleaded for help and was rebuffed right up until his final days. At some point when an inmate is wasting away and begging for help.

COLLIN JAMES FLETCHER ~ Bossier inmate dies after accidental fall
Fletcher, 24 died under medical watch recently died following an accidental fall which resulted in a head injury Sept. 8, 2017. He was allegedly alone in a cell under medical observation and was later found deceased by deputies. Fletcher was incarcerated at the Bossier Parish Maximum Security Facility

BRONISLAW KULPA ~ Lawsuit reinstated in case of inmate suffocated by 300-pound jail guard
Bronislaw Kulpa, held on pretrial detention died of a heart attack caused by asphyxiation in the Macomb County Jail after being knelt on by 300-pound guard John Cardea, while Kupla was handcuffed and restrained by multiple other guards. Candea knelt on Kulpa’s back with both knees while other guards blocked the camera view while three other jail officers knelt on Kulpa’s legs. Kulpa’s “right leg flailed weakly without striking any of the officers.”

JASON MYERS ~ Mother of deceased inmate sues sheriff’s office
Mentally disabled Jason Myers, 36 was beaten by Deputy Matthew Atkins and two John Doe BCSO officers, sometime after his arrival at the jail, then placed in a cell with several other inmates sometime between 1:20 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Sept. 2, 2016. Over the next couple of hours, Atkins and inmates sharing the cell with Myers became aware he was “turning blue,” and becoming increasingly unresponsive, a jail nurse came in to get his pulse seven times. Inmates saw evidence Myers had been beaten, including blood on the wall beside him.

MITCHELL EVERETT WILLIS ~ Inmate who died after going to Oklahoma County jail became upset after police wouldn’t give him a ride
Mitchell Everett Willis, 54, became belligerent and aggressive after Oklahoma City police officers refused to take him to pick up his impounded car. Police used pepper spray on him after warning him to back up several times. He was found unresponsive early Friday evening in his cell on the jail’s medical floor.

DANIEL BYRD ~ $10 million lawsuit filed against Macomb County Jail over inmate’s overdose death
Daniel Byrd, 42, overdosed on prescription pills while in custody in November 2015. The cause of death was intoxication by multiple prescription medications however there is very little chance Byrd smuggled drugs into the jail and hid them for so long, so where did he get methadone, a drug the jail doesn’t even prescribe. It was troubling that Byrd died on his 23rd day behind bars for a nonviolent probation violation.

ANTHONY JONES ~ Summit County Jail inmate dies after altercation with sheriff’s deputies
Sept. 1, 2017 Anthony Jones, 36, and the two deputies got into an altercation around 9:40 a.m. Jones died around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, according to the Summit County Medical Examiner.

BYRON K. TUNNELL ~ Maryland State Police investigate death of man in Ocean City police custody
Byron K. Tunnell, 28, of Ocean City MD, driving on Baltimore Avenue around 11 p.m. 9-4-17 when he was pulled over for an alleged traffic violation he did not immediately stop. When he did, he told police he knew his license was suspended and he wanted to get his car back to his house. An officer used a Taser on Tunnell and he ran away and hid under a porch. Police were able to get Tunnell into custody and called medics to the scene, which they said is protocol after using a Taser. Medics determined he was fine, but Tunnell asked to go to the hospital and was taken there. Tunnell appeared to have a seizure minutes later and medics were called and the van stopped Tunnell was pronounced dead at Atlantic General Hospital.

ROBERT ALEXANDER ~ L.A. County to pay $1.5 million to family of disabled man who was fatally shot after being mistaken as suspect
Robert Alexander, a 26-year-old carjacking suspect died at Patton State Hospital. The cause of death was not immediately clear.

ROBERTO GRANT ~ Manhattan jail staffers blamed OD for inmate’s death in coverup try: $20M suit
Manhattan federal jail officials tried to “cover up” the fatal beating of an inmate, by falsely blaming his death on drugs.Metropolitan Correctional Center staffers allegedly told Roberto Grant’s family the 35-year-old died of a drug overdose at the facility on Park Row in downtown Manhattan on May 19, 2015. The city medical examiner’s office later found there were no drugs in his system, and he suffered “blunt force trauma”.