It’s about to get all Zen up in this place

It’s About to Get All Zen Up in This Place!
Authored by Rudy TwoMoon

The air we breath together transmits the sounds that can join us in the moment. Is this Zen?

All original teachings begin with sound. All our songs are sung with intention and prayer. Images for things to come, but seen in the mind in the past tense, as already happened.

The drum is the heartbeat of the mother. Each beat a representation of seasons changing or breathing.

This song is more of a 49er song, sung after the powwow closes for the night. All night long, drumming and singing.

I like how they circle him in a medicine wheel. The sacred energy being shared in smiles. He, connecting the symbolic movements in story and prayer. Each move a complete retelling of some event, just like our dance. These are the memories of old ways. These are the prayers. These are the movements, prayers and memories to share with all life throughout the universe. This is the respect we showed our neighbors. This is the respect we showed in their beliefs. No, we haven’t forgotten.

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