The Great Gathered Circle

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And all were gathered before the Great Thunders. All came with compassion and great respect. All spoke with the highest regard for each other and all spoke for the mother inside and out. Not all present spoke, but would listen and nod their heads when words were spoken true. And all were present…. except one.

The Eagle, who is the ears and eyes of Creation, spoke first.

“Many of myself are honored and remembered in sacred ways. Songs are sung and dances spoken. I have seen from the skies the heated Mound Mothers they crawl into as a sacrifice for prayers, not for themselves, but for others in hopes they will reach you Great Thunders. May you take these prayers to creation. They honor the feather, and guard it with pride. They hold true and follow the pipe. They seek your advice and they are not the people we speak of today. Today we speak of another. I ask my silent brother Wolf to come forth and speak to you, Wise One, and you, take our words to Creation.”

Stepping forward, Wolf said, “Thank you Great Eagle for watching over me and allowing me this moment.” Looking up at Great Thunders, Wolf began, Thank you Great Thunders for your gift of waters and light and for hearing my words today. Eagle is correct when he says there is another we speak of. These others have waged war on us. They take our flesh without feeling thankful and trade it for paper. They take our land and our young. They take our heads and decorate their walls. Most humiliating of all, they laugh while they do these things. They do not eat us. They say we are killers. They say we hunt them in their forests of concrete, they say we destroy their foods and we do not understand why. We are very few now. I have said enough here today and ask Buffalo, the wise and noble to speak.


Stepping from the Great Gathered Circle, Buffalo stood with dignity and sadness. I Buffalo, have seen the greatness of the people. I have prayed with them and given my flesh. In turn they have honored me as they have honored Wolf and Eagle. They have laid down their lives to protect me. They have cried
when my people were murdered by the millions. They have suffered like Wolf and I. These people are also hunted for their hair and land. Again, these are not the ones we speak of today.

“I ask you Great Thunder to protect these people who carry Creations wisdom. I ask you watch over the people in the same way you watch over us. I pray they hold strong and not turn from the old ways. But I have seen many do just this. The lands which surround them make them forget. The people who surround them also make them forget. Their own families even make them forget. The foods and medicines they now eat make them forget. They do not understand the true medicines are right at their feet, and they fear these medicines as if they are evil enemies. They believe light from the sun is poison. These ancient ones are becoming like the others. They take the earth and trees, build walls to keep themselves from us. They do as the others tell them, even when it causes great hurt to themselves. These are what my eyes and heart have seen. I have spoken.


Flying into the lightening mist, Vulture spoke. “I also wish to speak”, said Vulture. “Many good prayers have been thought today. Many good words have been exchanged. We all here remember the teachings and share them as they must be shared. They also have honored me with songs and stories. Long ago I brought sacred light from the sun to the people. They have used this fire to heat the Sacred Grandmother Stones to pray with. This fire almost burned away not so long ago. It has come back strong and is being used for healing again. But it is also being used for destruction. They harvest this fire in seeds which erupt like lightening. The others have taken this power to cause great death for many. They even kill those they have created in their own image! This I do not understand Great Thunders. Maybe Great Whale would also care to speak.”

Looking to the waters as one, the Gathered Circle listened with compassion.

“The waters are too vast, so I will not speak for myself.” Great whale spoke. “Instead I will speak for all who lives in this water. The people pray with us while the others prey on us. On the surface of the world, the others use fire and poison to do much harm. Down here they capture many of us and still they starve the children of their own. They take the mothers blood from the earth bottom and pour it on us from the surface. They poison the medicines and allow us to drown in it. I have heard the people sing and drum against the others, and this is good. I have heard the people pray for the others and this is also good. We People of the water sing and pray with them. We pray the others see what they do. We pray for their healing in the way it will heal us all. We of the waters have spoken.


The great Thunders had been silent and listened with respect. After a long period, Great Thunder finally spoke. “You have all gathered here in a good way. I have heard your cries and prayers. I have also witnessed the actions of the others. Like Water, I too am everywhere. I am everything. These others know what they do. They know why they do them. They know who they hurt. I know they create death in their concrete buildings. Is my power not there as well…? I know their secrets. I will take your message to creation and ask what we shall do with these others. AHO. ”

A short distance away, a shape stood and Creation spoke up. “You do not need to bring me this message”, Creation said in a kind voice. “I have always been here. I am you. I have heard your pleas and your prayers. You have all suffered a great deal, and have given much. Too much. But there is more for you to do.

Turtle walked towards the center of the circle. With a deeply troubled look, turtle asked, “Why must we continue to suffer for the greed and fear of the others? Why must we suffer just because they feast from pain and destruction? Why must we sit here and witness what they do to us…… And the people?”

Creation turned its caring eyes to Turtle and replied,

“Do not fear. Even though you have been slaughtered, abused, ignored and slaved. One day soon, the others will realize …. Like a reflection understanding its own reflection, that what is done to you, they do to themselves. And soon they will come to you to guide and teach them the way. It will be your responsibility to share in this blessings. Do not seek vengeance. Be patient… For you are the original keepers of wisdom…

Stone That Lights The Fire

©Rudy TwoMoon