Programmed to Act

Thank you Rudy TwoMoon
Tired of being a slave to forced thought, Rudy decided the only real education was self education. A traditionalist of native decent, activist for real freedom from government, father and promoter of un-schooling, gardener, and fighter for real Organic sustainable foods. Rudy tries to educate others on how to avoid being a victim of forced ideals and forced circumstances.


My youngest wanted to go see the parade so we went. It’s so weird when all that American Nationalism gets washed from you. You see people as not who they are but exactly how they’re programmed to act.

This strange pride they emit. It reminds me of the old Hitler promo…or any nationist event. Children marching, stoic expressions and pursed lips..its exactly the same…same faces….same tears of joy…same exact stance and foot placement with the arched back. flags waving…and that was the only difference, the color on those flags. Nothing else. They even had middle school kids in their ROTC preteen marine uniforms, with this child sized ideals of freedom and democracy…..

It doesn’t matter if it was China, Japan, Iran, Cuba, Korea, Britain, Afghanistan….. These same faces in Plymouth MI could be over there if they were carrying their flag. There was no difference whatsoever.

As I’m watching parents jump into the street to grab candy that was tossed so they could make sure it was their kids who got the 1st pieces, and I’m standing there thinking… poor people. You don’t know. You can’t see because of the glass wall in front of you with the images and memories of TV scenes still playing across your eyes. You are no different from any other family on this planet. You really don’t know this.

Your country has used you and molested your minds. They talked you into throwing your children at bullets. You believe freedom is using your children as weapons for a group who poisons every single thing surrounding you.

And for what? All this because another group across the ocean is acting exactly like you, waving colors. Your patriotism is superior, yet you act no different at all from them. You are the same. The only difference is, your slavery is promoted as better….. Exactly like theirs is. Those who fought are forced to combine mourning and patriotism into a single action, and ridiculed if one should decide to separate the issues.

When I look at this flag, I get enraged at how many people had to die. Murdered by those they protect. Murdered! And murdering others. Murder murder murder!!! Desecration of purity for government control while each day removing more and more of future earth rights.

Humans are fucking sick. Their minds are sick! They raise their children to accept this sickness. Soldiers, parents, gawkers and children accept this sickness and prance cannibalism in cheering parades. Please wake up. Please please please.