The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend?
Authored by Rudy TwoMoon


Self punishment, oppression, and the imbalance of man and nature. Do I love or hate myself. Is my enemy my friend because he hates me?

I have been doing some personal reflection and realized I have been angry at the wrong people but for all the right reasons. When ghettos slaved us, instead of fighting the oppressors, we killed each other. We chose color or class. We dealt with our problems with alcohol and drugs. We beat our children because they were the small ones we could take out anger on. Then we beat them again because it hurt us – to hurt the ones we love. We use punishment to punish ourselves

Unfortunately, people have been trained to believe we need a common enemy before we come together. I guess this must be true or we wouldn’t be fighting ourselves so much. We must harm our enemy so we may punish ourselves for some unknown crime we have committed. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Do I love or hate myself. Is my enemy my friend because he hates me?

Non-Native American Nations Control over North America 1750-2008 Wikimedia Commons:
Now in a time when all colors and classes have no other options but to be brothers and sisters, real relations, “WE” the most oppressed are saying, “see, it can and will happen to you. You deserve this for not standing with us, you turned your head to avoid guilt. You only want to stand because it only now concerns you.

Those who ignored us were also being used. They were being trained to fear us. Being trained to take from us. Being trained to say, “Stop your bitching, that was so long ago.” Even 519 years later we all still hold the guilt of oppressed or oppressor.

The problem is bigger than us. The problem is not just on this land, but every land surrounding us. The problem is in the air our factories abuse; in the sweet clean water we can no longer drink. It’s in the ground our food grows from. It’s in the oceans where our swimming relations live and now die because we haven’t come together as an all nation’s people.

This battle isn’t about just people; we have proven we are a cancer on this wise and loving mother we bite and scratch. We rape the mother with ignorance and blame. We kill what we think is our lesser. Our winged, many legged, water, and four legged creatures are being punished for our sins. We are harming them so we may punish ourselves.

We must protect us from ourselves.
It is time we stand for all. We are the protectors and we must protect them from ourselves. We must protect us from ourselves. I am now understanding why forgiveness is so important. 40 years later and it is only now starting to make sense. When we punish ourselves it harms others. When we punish others, it harms us.
So when you stand against greed, make sure it’s not for selfish reasons. At every moment try to think of everyone and everything around you. You are the center of the universe and when you move – you are still the center wherever you walk.
You are the ripple in the water and the cause.

Just one of many examples of indigenous injustice in the Americas:
“On 5/19/1848 Mexico ratified the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (signed on February 2, 1848) in which they ceded California, Nevada, Utah and parts of six other modern-day states to the United States for $15 million. No indigenous groups were consulted in this massive transfer of land. Articles VIII and IX of the treaty ensured the safety of existing property rights of Mexican citizens living in the transferred territories, yet no part of the treaty considered the indigenous people or their rights in the lands transferred.” Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources”

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