Are you ready for a food fight?

Are You Ready for a Food Fight?
Authored by Rudy TwoMoon
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Try this. Go to your cupboard and take out 20 random food items. Look at the ingredients. Notice something strange? Yes, almost all of those same products contain soy, wheat, corn syrup, canola oil, and natural flavorings.

So the question is, how can all these products contain the exact same ingredients yet taste so different? For instance, why does chicken soup taste different from graham crackers?

The answer is simple, it’s the so called “natural flavorings.” They each contain a different configuration of chemicals which change the taste and smell of the product.

Natural flavorings are nothing but a slew of MSG ridden chemicals tricking the mind into believing it’s eating something this food is programmed to taste like. The rest of the ingredients are added to change texture.

So what is it you are buying when you go to the store? Before I answer this, let’s describe the growing process of foods.

Farmers hate competition! Absolutely despise it. Bugs, weeds, and bacteria are the perceived threat to the farmer. To conquer this opponent, the farmer uses a concoction of chemicals to bleach the soil and kill everything which is a threat, as well as beneficial, down to 6 feet below the surface. Lacking proper soil nutrition, the farmer must now add a chemical fertilizer made from ammonia to feed the dead soil.

Seeds coated in fungicide are now planted. Something to note, these fungicide seeds are also coated in a pesticide mixture to prevent bugs from eating them during storage.

Why doesn’t the intended crop die with the weeds you ask?

As these seeds begin to grow, other plants from neighboring areas pollinate, travel on wind currents, and plant themselves with the crops. Oh hell no! This will not do! The farmer then sprays the ground again to kill these unwelcome plants. Why doesn’t the intended crop die with the weeds you ask? Well, the seeds were created in a lab to ignore this chemical toxin which kills everything in its path; including bees, butterflies, and all other pollinators.

After all this, the crops are cut, coated in another pesticide/fungicide waxy substance to prevent rot and critters from destroying the crop during storage and delivery.

Going back to the question above, what is it you are buying when you go to the grocery store?

Carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cereals, soups, chips, sodas, and even meats are nothing but different tasting chemicals surrounded by beautiful packaging and advertising call to action words.

How is this any different from eating fast food?

The average consumer eats anywhere from 3 to 8 times a day. Think of all those wonderful chemicals you eat every day, week after week, year after year. How is this any different from eating fast food?! It’s not. You are eating the exact same chemical sewage! All conventional foods are the exact same, created from the same chemicals made by the exact same makers. Then sold to different distribution competitors. The only difference is packaging.

Our bodies are not meant to ingest this amount of toxins, hence the need for so called health care. The same fraudulent system who denies why we became sick in the first place!

These so called foods have changed us. They poison our bodies and our minds. This planet has a mental sickness because of foods. People are more rude, have more, so they demand more. Our society is ill. We poison our children because we watch our peers do it. We have no idea how much sickness we are causing our own children.

If you are eating cancer, you become a cancer to this planet.

As a society of consumers it’s imperative we understand exactly what it is we consume. You are what you eat. And if you are eating cancer, you become a cancer to this planet. The worst part is, we know something is wrong with what we allow to happen. We know it. Yet, we pretend someone else will make it better. We keep waiting for cures to fix what we thought were already the cures. Over and over we wait for a government to tell us to stop.

Organic is the only protest we have. If government controls the food you eat, they have all the power to bend you to their will. If we control the food, they have nothing to hold over us. Nothing. There is a war on foods and it’s imperative to your freedom and survival you know and understand the history of chemical agriculture, how it came to be, why the government always spins lies about its benefits and who really controls who eats and who starves on this planet. I can’t stress enough the need for us to know these factors.

In the next article, I’ll explain how the organic industry was infiltrated by bio-weapon makers and war mongers with the help of government, and how we are being tricked into fighting the wrong battle.

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Are you ready for a food fight?
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