Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

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VHEMThe leader of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement Les U Knight (pseudonym assumed) has claimed Human Beings urgently need to wipe themselves out to avoid ecological catastrophe. “The end of humanity would be good for humanity. That seems contradictory but as we phase ourselves out, the lives of those left behind would steadily improve. And those of us who don’t exist won’t know the difference. .” http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/06/10/wipe-out-humans-to-save-the-earth-group-says/

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Here it is my friends…..the call for eugenics genocide…. Interesting how they use the term over population to promote it, saying food shortage and clean water are not enough for everyone. Total and complete bullshit.

The US throws away enough food at a single sitting to feed the entire planet 3 times a day. [1] Currently, in the U.S., almost half of our food – 40 percent of what we grow – ends up in the garbage. Globally, food waste is rising to 50 percent as developing nations struggle with spoilage and Western nations simply toss edible food away. 31 million tons of food added to landfills each year. Decomposing food releases methane, a greenhouse gas which is more than 20 times as effective at trapping atmospheric heat than carbon. Instead of turning our food system inside out to meet that 2050 deadline, why don’t we simply waste less? [1]

Added to this fact all the chemical food fillers being grown in place of real edible food for bio fuel, cheap food filler and biodegradable products. Did you know these 3 combined block 80 plus % of organic edible clean foods from being grown?

Now for the water issue…..We have more than enough water on this planet if companies like Pepsi, Coke, Nestles, fracking and industrial cattle farms were removed by force. The US destroyed bison and replaced them with the same number of cattle.

A bison needs less than a 1/3 of water to survive then a cow does and even eats less than conventional cattle. Buffalo also don’t eat grass roots so the fields never die and have to be reseeded and constantly watered if free range.

Did you know it takes 3 times the amount of water to create a water bottle than it takes to fill it? That mean a 1 cup bottle of water uses 3 cups of water to create the entire filled bottle. Imagine all the soda bottles and other junk plastics.

Transporting and Recycling Bottled Water: More energy is needed to fill the bottles with water at the factory, move it by truck, train, ship, or air freight to the user, cool it in grocery stores or home refrigerators, and recover, recycle, or throw away the empty bottles. The Pacific Institute estimates the total amount of energy embedded in our use of bottled water can be as high as the equivalent of filling a plastic bottle one quarter full with oil.

Over population is a direct link to these issues because of its abundance and nothing more!

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Eugenics in America – The forced sterilization of at least 60,000 citizens who were deemed unfit to procreate. http://americanwiki.pbworks.com/w/page/12595323/Oklahoman%20Sterilization%20Laws%20of%20the%201930%27s

[1] http://www.nationofchange.org/americans-throw-out-40-percent-their-food-which-terrible-climate-1370527960