If I Were an Evil Genius

If I Were an Evil Genius
Authored by Rudy TwoMoon
Evil If I say the word “Government,” it implies total corruption.

But if I say, “Corrupt Government” it implies there are parts of government which aren’t corrupt. Interesting, yes!?! Media, propaganda, and mind control are the major tools and weapons of corporations.

How old are you? How many T.V. shows, sitcoms and movies have you seen, where it always works out in the end. Just about every single one, right? Everyday, for all your life T.V. has been programming your mind by saying, “If you fight long and hard enough by the rules supplied to you, you will eventually win!”

Yet, did you ever notice in real life that this tends to be the opposite when using the justice system? This is propaganda. But a better definition would be “Brainwashing.”

Brainwashing – Any method of controlled systematic indoctrination to change ideas and beliefs by methods of repetition, peer pressure, guilt, confusion, isolation, discomfort, or even comfort. Without repetition brainwashing wouldn’t be possible.

If I were an evil genius, I would first develop definitions of words imposed on my enemies only they are allowed to use. Next, I would do the same with laws. Then I would create events to prove my definitions and laws to be true, but how do I do this when life proves the opposite.

Well, I would create a form of pictures broadcasted at every minute of everyday which shows many people winning against corruption when applying these rules and techniques. I’d change the story pattern to fit every single mode of life, and I would show these images day and night for generations. I would force these images for so long it would be believed as real, even propagated by those who lose to this evil system. I would leave out or downplay all the images of deceit and work involved. I would only show images of a few people who abuse the system in government and never show that the whole system is designed this way.

Let’s go back to the statement of corrupt government. Again, this implies there are forms of government which were invented to protect people against corporations. This is false. Government was created by the corporations to protect themselves against you!

For instance, a company breaks the law and poisons your water and to protect yourself you call on government. First, you must make up a petition. But who is going to sign the petition if they are unaware of misconduct, because it’s not in the media? Now you have to inform people, as well as accumulate signatures and after weeks and months of informing people and obtaining signatures, you turn this into the courts. They then play a waiting game, which can take many many years.

During this time, the company who is poisoning the water starts paying off judges by making them shareholders or installing members of the corporations into the courts. (don’t believe me, look into Monsanto’s control of the U.S.D.A., the F.D.A., and the Supreme Court. Also, look into who has stock in private prisons.)
Let’s just say after many years of litigation, limited and dwindling financial resources, you actually win. Please note, these criminal corporations have been allowed to poison the water all this time and all they get is fined. Either the fine is so small it has no impact, or the company goes bankrupt and nothing ever happens to them (Think, B.P. oil spills.) Either way, they pay nothing into the destruction they caused.

Does the media ever really focus on this? Nope.

But who owns the media? I’ll give you a hint: big agriculture, pharma, chemical makers, weapons makers, and above all central banking. Every program you watch promotes all those ideals. Every single program!

As you watch movies and ‘shitcoms,’ notice what they promote. Either they make direct statements or imply an ideal within another statement. All the actor’s accept these statements as fact. If it’s fact to them at every single moment in every commercialized program, and all my surrounding peers believe it, then it must be fact in the real world.

Media, government, states, townships, they all love the criminal. Don’t let their words fool you. They love the criminal so much they make everything illegal, so they can build super prisons to fund more unjust laws.

You see, as an evil genius, it’s imperative you believe the system “I created” could actually be used against me and cause my demise!

“Only a fool will let his enemy teach his children.” Malcolm X

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