What is the Only Protest You Have?

Thank you Rudy TwoMoon

Rudy Protest

I’ve stated this thousands of times, but I believe only now people will truly understand the depth of these words.

The only protest you have, the only protest that will cripple a government, the only protest that provides us real power is…


If you demand more money, you become a richer slave. If you demand equality, all someone needs to do is continue ignoring you to rule. If you demand labeling, you still only have access to food at someone else’s will. If you demand a better government, someone will rule you. If you demand a better justice system, you are still in contempt of court. If you demand better jobs, someone still rapes your land and you still remain a slave.

Food is

Home and community organic gardens. You dont need to leave the house. You decide everything. The money, if you should choose to use it, only goes where you want it to go.

rulers rule

The only power they absolutely have is the illusion of, “You can’t do it without them!” That’s the whole illusion! They do not provide any services you can’t accomplish on your own!!!!


Not race, not equal rights!!!!! Not mascots!!!!! Not laws!!!!! You own nothing of those! You never will! You can’t grow any of this. But you can grow the one real object this government secretly holds over your head. They tell you everything is the cause of your enslavement. They will admit everything except the truth. If you grow and trade food, they have absolutely nothing to hold over you except death threats. That’s it! If you know how to grow or trade food, you have health care! Healthcare isn’t drugs, healthcare is nutrition!

Food 3