Am I Demanding Violence?

Thank you Rudy TwoMoon


Some people make the fraudulent claim I’m demanding violence because I believe we should burn down pesticide GMO crops, or destroy fluoride distribution centers so water can go through untouched. I say we must destroy Monsanto, Cargil, Dow, etc. by hand, and have the right to return fire at cops.

Some people love to take my words and call them “violence” when the point I am making is “self-defense”.

Never in the history of our laws has a law been written which protects us from these law forces. If a company or officer is found guilty of a crime, they get a wrist slap while we go to prison for years and years, because we had the audacity to protect our water, land, air, and rights.

Many of us may not have a physical gun pointed at our head at this moment, so we can pretend we aren’t an invaded people. Our children are being killed before our very eyes with food and water alone. Hell, cops have been killing people of color since the first invasion and the killing has never stopped.

If some people wish to “imagine” the reality is any other way, we are truly doomed. If they want to “imagine” peaceful thoughts will make it all go away, then we are more than doomed.

We have the right to:

  • know what is happening around us
  • to defend ourselves, by any means necessary, against this onslaught of blatant genocide

Violence is when all your human rights have been raped. Violence is destruction for personal gain. Violence is being beat, shot, and jailed for profit.

I want peace, but I know others don’t and have painted targets on us. They feast from us, and they aren’t going to stop–ever–not on their own because someone “imagined” them doing so.

Whether we sit peacefully or fight, they are committing violence against us.

Cattle herding…

Sometimes circumstances are made for us which appear as choices and leave us little room for being lawful