Are You Being Controlled by Your Food Supply?

Are You Being Controlled by Your Food Supply?
by Rudy TwoMoon


What is money?
Money is perceived value and nothing more. We have grocery stores all around us, so our perception has changed on value. We see so much food everywhere, we believe we don’t have a need for gardens. We allowed someone to talk us into trading what we can do for ourselves, into something we should be buying because of forced circumstances and so called convenience.

Long ago a group of very rich people sat down to a table and they gathered for one purpose only. What they discussed was so excessively brilliant, It must kept a secret for all time. They spent weeks formulating and plotting. They discussed who should all be a part of this scheme. They devised many paths, and soon realized their plot would never work unless the people they wanted to control not only agreed to this evil, but would preach it like biblical lust to their families and friends!

They realized the more that was wasted, the more powerful they would become!
They realized they had to indoctrinate children from their first breath. They had to train teachers it was the will of God these children not only believe fully, but to lash out at and ridicule the non believing! They had to market this ideal through the brainwash machine. They needed pictures, lots if them, shown all through the day and night. Pictures of happiness, glee, family gatherings, play and competition. They realized the more that was wasted, the more powerful they would become!

There are many things they focused on during these meetings, but the end result was always the same… Slavery through the use of of grass and laws.

It sounds stupid, I know, but check this out:

Nothing symbolizes vast amounts of wealth like showing off vast amounts of waste!

Lawns during the 1700′s were used to symbolize wealth. The more space not used for crops, the wealthier and more powerful you were. We try to reflect this imagery today around every home.

You see, the objective of this meeting wasn’t really about selling grass or lawns, but to remove garden space from around property. The less area used for self sustainability, the more dependent users would be on the supplier.

Many communities have made it illegal to have a garden in a front yard. They claim it ruins the prettiness of neighborhoods. They claim it draws in creatures better left in the woods and forests. They claim it creates bacteria which causes disease. But what is interesting to note, those who make these claims often at some point worked with monopolies like Monsanto, Cargill, Dupont, Syngenta, etc. Or like here in Michigan, where they just overturned the right to farm act. Those who seat the board all buy chemicals and seeds made by those just mentioned.

Five Michigan farming companies (information below) made it so people were not PROTECTED against their government or city laws. The vote was 4-1, but I believe it was agreed upon to have one negative vote. Five farming companies decided they had the right to vote on your rights to grow organic food, have chickens or raise bees.

The right to farm act was protection against bullying agriculture practices and monopoly ownership.

Many people falsely believe the right to farm act wasn’t meant for small farms and communities, but that’s exactly why they created it, so we have the right to grow our own food and not be dependent on a monopoly supplier. The right to farm act was protection against bullying agriculture practices and monopoly ownership.

It’s even considered agri-terrorism according to the 2004 Seed Act as written by the USDA to publicly trade seeds. In Pennsylvania, a public library was threatened because they had a seed library and due to the “possibility” of agri-terrorism, this posed a threat to agriculture. What’s a seed library? Its an amazing free system of borrowing and returning organic heirloom seeds for private use, something humans have been doing for thousands and thousands of generations.

Let’s get something straight right here right now. Never in the history of America has the government “NOT” been run by corporations! Nowhere in history can you find the GOVERNMENT is a private entity, separate from corporation control. We falsely believe it’s a god like structure watching over the people and corporations alike, protecting people and environment against exploitation.

Those who signed the documents to make this a country were in fact the owners of slaves, land, tobacco, firearms, sea trade, and agriculture. Aka, corporations. If you weren’t a white land owner or a slave trader, you were not allowed to vote.

If you peel back the United States seal, underneath you find DeBeers, East India Trade, Monsanto, BP, Shell, Lockheed Martin, Smith and Wesson logo’s. The government is run from the janitors closets of these companies. These companies command the government to force it’s products on you.

If we control the food and natural medicines, government has no power.

You see, our only power is food growth. If we control the food and natural medicines, government has no power. They hold nothing over our heads. They tie us up in wars, taxes, media opinion, drugs, laws and jobs, because if we ever realize where the power actually lies, we would never allow them to dictate how we live. When you don’t need the products supplied by the corporations, then you will not have a need for government

Corporate government planned this out. They need a way to control, and the control has always been in food … We just never realized it. Food is our only protest. It is our only strength to hold government “UNDER” us.

Our strength isn’t in voting or petitions, our strength is not allowing ourselves to be controlled through everyday circumstances. Our strength lies in being self-sustaining. As long as we participate by using their rules, laws and oversights, we will never be free. If we are supplying our own needs, then what is the use of a government.

This one bit of KNOWLEDGE being withheld from us … is the only power they have.

MDARD Board Members, Farming Corporations, and Committee’s they seat.

Diane Hansen: Owner and operator of Hansen Seed Farm. Appointed to the U.S. Potato Board, Director and past president of FSA Committee Hiawathaland Farm Bureau.

Trevor Meachum: Production manager at High Acres Fruit Farm, chairman of Michigan Apple Research Committee and finance chair of international Fruit Tree Association and Secretary of the Hartford planning commission.

Fred Walcott: Valley View Pork LLC. Raise hogs, corn, wheat, and soybeans.

Bob Kennedy: President and COO for Auburn Bean and Grain. Annual sales of $200 million. Also a past member and chair of Michigan Agri-business Association.

Dru Montri: Owns and operates Ten Hen Farms

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Are You Being Controlled by Your Food Supply? Long ago a group of very rich people sat down to a table and they gathered for Read more