The Terms of Real Freedom

The Terms of Real Freedom
Authored by Rudy TwoMoon
There is never enough hope going around, and that’s why I say what I say and do what I do, because I have hope. The messages I share appear as doom, but in fact they are the complete opposite. We will have hope for a better 7 generations if we accept our mistakes and faults for what they always have been, strive to correct those mistakes, take back our personal and local power, accept no handouts or political agendas, and cut out any company working with government. If we learn how corporations and governments have never held up their part of the bargain, they have only destroyed what is peace and will only continue their madness, we as a human entity can bring back the original glory of peace for all beings.

We just have to accept this right here and right now. No one but ourselves can change our surroundings. No health care, no United Nations, no budget cuts, no laws, no corporation no matter how good and earth friendly they appear. They all have the same agenda – to make us consume only from them.

A funnel of control. Less rights, less action. More threats, more fear.

Everything we have been taught and agree too is a compromise from another compromise from another compromise, like a stone being chiseled. The left makes a compromise to the right and vise versa. The only ones who lose are the voters. On and on again, each side agreeing to a loss. A funnel of control. Less rights, less action. More threats, more fear. We are taught defense is violence, the Police rule and have final authority, to defend ourselves is a criminal act punishable by more law. Speaking out is a crime punishable by confinement. Thinking is an act of violence, while watching murder is enjoyment. Exploitation is praised with gifts of cheaper exploitation.

The only action left, the only power we still have, is non conformity. Community preservation, cultivation, and accepting all beings are one body. Plants and animals are the sacred circle which keeps us humans alive. We must experience their pain to understand their power.

If our objective is to be a slaveless society, then we must at all costs understand what the agreement to slavery really represents. If you agree to the slavery of a creature, then you have no right to complain about your own slavery to any institution. If you don’t like when an entity feeds from your labor, then feed not from another’s. These are the terms to real freedom.

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