Part 1) Unarmed Victim Archive of Law Enforcement Murders 1-250



Currently, there is no national database documenting the murders of un-armed people by police, security guards, self-appointed vigilantes or bounty hunters. Although not all victims found here were weaponless, the fatal murdering of the unarmed: whether they are of ethnic origin, disabled, mentally ill, homeless or their sexual orientation, by Police Departments across the country is unjustified, and the vast majority of officers involved are not being held accountable.

I believe ALL those listed below regardless of whether they were in the process of perpetrating a crime, in a gang, drug possession, incarceration, resisting arrest, alluding, a weapon thrown aside, mentally ill or just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, they are all victims. Victims who loved and were loved. This memorial is dedicated to all the Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wife’s, Grandparents, Sisters and Brothers, Nieces and Nephews, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Lovers, Friends and Neighbors who have lost someone at the hands of law enforcement. For all the heartbreak, shed tears, unanswered questions, lies and grief for a life unfulfilled, to you I give honor, for “there but for the grace of God go I”. May you find peace in knowing their bloodshed will not go unnoticed nor will their life be forgotten.

As we remember victims of violence let us remember the sadness of loss. May that sadness be transformed into compassion for the victim and their loved ones. May the fear struck in us by the power of tragedy give way to reverence at the unending power of unconditional love. May we uncover the energy of our anger and use it to right what is wrong in our own behavior toward one another and to challenge the mindsets and systems which enable and promote violence. May love gently wipe the tears from our eyes and remove the fear from our hearts. Look with favor upon the families and friends who mourn the victims and comfort those who are in grief and despair, that peace, the fruit of justice and charity may reign for each of us gathered here today. For all victims of crime, abuse, harassment and all who commit acts of violence; from those who speak harsh words in anger, to those who hate others who are different from themselves, to those who take the life of another, may we learn to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly.

My definition of Unarmed
Please keep in mind I am only able to research and write bio’s on 5-7 victims per day. Each bio is verified through multiple sources, photos are retrieved, copied, cropped. Each bio is written and condensed close as possible to a single paragraph, many have links to READ MORE. Each name, age, state and ethnicity are entered into 3 data bases and then, after all pertinent information has been gathered I individually post to the website. Therefore each bio takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

It is at my discretion as to what I consider as being unarmed. If the person has a weapon but is unable to use it because it’s under a seat, knocked to the side, fallen to the ground, in someone else’s possession etc. I consider that person unarmed. If someone is shot in the back, I consider that person unarmed. If there appears to be questionable circumstances surrounding the death, I consider that person unarmed. If the person is mentally ill and can be contained without using deadly force, I consider that person unarmed. Even if the person is a felon and has a violent criminal history, yet fits into any of the above categories, that person is still considered unarmed. If someone is in the commission of a crime, yet fits into any of the above categories, that person is still considered unarmed. If ANYONE can be contained without using deadly force, I consider that person unarmed.

There is no reason, in my opinion to shoot someone when police manage to apprehend and incarcerate extraordinarily dangerous serial killers/ mass murderers/spree killers and vigilantes yet cannot manage the capture of citizens of ethnic lineage without executing them.

However, if someone is shooting, holding a weapon or hurting someone (including an officer) and there is absolutely no other way to control them, I consider that person armed. Mind you, I credit witness statements far above police reports.

I DO NOT believe Law Enforcement reports. Lies the police tell that are so familiar anyone can recite them: “Reached for waist band”; “Pointed hand at police in a threatening manner.” “Backed the car toward officers” “Lunged at me” “Had a black object in hand” “Tried to grab gun” “Officers of the Un-Peace” or “Un-Peace Officers” Campaigns were formed against the “Blue Code” supposedly making it more visible to the public eye have taken place but all they seem to be doing is allowing the police to police the police and the police. Police are liars, period. So please don’t think I would even consider relying on their statements. The code of Blue Silence is too real to be ignored, and has been proven over and over again to be the real badge of the law.

As for Grand Juries they’ve been bought and paid for in more cases than can be counted. There is something fundamentally unfair about a grand jury system which doesn’t reflect the racial, political and ethnic diversity of the community it serves and the people it indicts.

Visual map displaying accounts of extrajudicial killings of people of colour beginning in 2012

Unfortunately due to the ongoing killings by Police and vigilantes claiming Stand Your Ground (Castle Doctrine) this list will continue to grow. Please keep in mind each victim is double and triple checked for accuracy, therefore it takes approximately 40-60 minutes to complete each bio, including editing, separating into 4 data bases and posting online to the appropriate page(s). This website is an extremely time consuming endeavor, yet a true labor of love, but often mentally overwhelming and occasionally must be set aside as I regroup. If you have a family member, friend or know of someone killed at the hands of Law Enforcement or Vigilante(s) please leave their name, age, state, date of death etc. by replying in the comment box; they will be given top priority on the next post and you will receive links to their location(s). Completed bio’s on this page have ** # and 1, 2, 3 or 4 behind the entry denoting the part/page where the bio can be found. Due to lack of space ((#)) signifies mental disorders, including but not limited to Suicide.

This Is What It’s Like To Be An Unarmed Black Man In America

DarrienDarrien Hunt 22, Sept. 10, 2014 Saratoga Springs, UT – Police say they were called about 9:40 a.m. Wednesday to investigate a “suspicious” man walking near businesses along the road while carrying a “Katana”, a souvenir sword with rounded edges, not a blade he’d bought at a concert. A concerned eyewitness snapped a photo of Darrien just seconds before police opened fire. A shot was fired by police during the confrontation and multiple shots were fired after he ran away. Witness Jocelyn Hansen says when she heard the shots she saw Darrien turn and he was running away from the police officers. Officers claim when they made contact with Mr. Hunt, he brandished the sword and lunged toward the officers. However ALL witness accounts say “he never raised the sword or confronted anyone. They can only think of one reason why he was shot. ‘Because he’s black’” Darrien was shot at least four times; once in the leg, the shoulder, the wrist and the lower middle back substantiated by the bullet which didn’t have an exit wound. Murdered by Saratoga Springs PD Read more about Darrien’s murder

Trayvon 2Trayvon Martin17, Feb. 26, 2012 Sanford. FL – George Zimmerman self-appointed neighborhood watch profiled, followed, confronted, aimed a gun at, and pulled the trigger shooting a bullet into unarmed Trayvon’s torso creating an entry wound 1 inch to the left of the midline and 1/2 inch below the left nipple with the trajectory of the bullet going straight through from front to back without deviating up or down, left or right. Vigilante George Zimmerman got away with murder. More on Trayvon with multiple links and videos here

KendrickKendrick Johnson 17 January 11th, 2013 Valdosta, Georgia – Found rolled up in a wrestling mat in the Lowndes County High School gymnasium. There were multiple signs to indicate that this wasn’t an accidental death, such as the school security cameras showing Kendrick entering the gym, but not getting into the rolled up mat. There was also a shoe and sweatshirt that were found nearby but not taken as evidence by officers. And finally, there were blood stains on a nearby wall. the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office closed the case. Luietenant Stride Jones works for the LCSO, “The opinion of our crime scene personnel after looking at it closely, the blood appeared as it had been there for an extended period of time. It doesn’t appear to be very fresh.” Unsatisfied with the investigation, the Johnson family had Kendrick’s body exhumed last June and the second autopsy showed that Kendrick died by blunt force trauma, not accidental suffocation as the first autopsy reported. “The family believes that it’s a cover up. They’re not saying who responsible for the cover up, but they know without a shadow of a doubt, in their heart of hearts that Kendrick did not die they way they say he died.”

EzellEzell Ford 25 (mentally challenged), Aug. 11, 2014 Los Angeles, CA – Veteran Police conducting an “investigative stop”. (nothing is known about why the officers stopped Ford). Per witness’s Ford was unarmed and being compliant with the officers, lying on the ground when three bullets were unloaded into him by the police. Members of Ford’s community and family say that it was well known, even by police officers, that Ford was mentally ill. Police demanded Ezell lie on the ground, complying with the officers’ orders, when he was shot in the back 3 times. Police have maintained an “investigative hold” on the Ford autopsy report. The LAPD’s Force Investigative Division and Robbery Homicide Division investigations into the shooting are ongoing. Murdered by LAPD
UPDATE: 9-14-14 LAPD Newton Division’s “Gang Enforcement Detail” Officers Sharlton K. Wampler 12 years as an Officer and Antonio Villegas 8 years as an Officer are the cops responsible for shooting Ezell Ford to death in South Los Angeles. Both officers are now on paid vacation. The night before Ford’s life was taken. A witness says these same 2 officers were harassing Ezell, despite knowing he, as one neighbor put it, “wasn’t all there”. Needless to say the cops’ story is disputed. In the words of LeRoy Hill, who saw the entire incident go down, “They had him in the corner and were beating him, busted him up, for what reason I don’t know; he didn’t do nothing… The next thing I know I hear a ‘pow!’ while he’s on the ground. They got the knee on him. And I hear another ‘pow!’ No hesitation. And I hear another ‘pow!’ Three times.” “When Ford’s mother Tritobia Ford rushed to the scene to see what happened, the cops raised their batons at her in an attempt to intimidate her. Not once did they ever try to console her”. Another witness is quite clear of the fact he heard the officer who was pinning Ford to the ground yelling out to the other officer, “Shoot him!” After that, “three bullets were planted in Ford’s back while he was lying on the ground.” Rather tellingly the cops did not have a dash-cam mounted on their patrol vehicle at the time Ford was shot.

JordanJordan Russell Davis 19 Nov. 23, 2012 Jacksonville, FL – Fatally shot by Michael David Dunn. Dunn demanded Davis and his companions to turn down the loud music being played in the vehicle in which Davis was a passenger. Dunn pulled out a gun and began shooting hitting unarmed Davis in the back, killing him. After the jury was unable to return a unanimous verdict on a charge of first-degree murder, the judge declared a mistrial on that count. However, Dunn was convicted on three counts of attempted second-degree murder for firing at three other teenagers who were with Davis and one count of firing into a vehicle. None of the other teenagers were injured.

KajKajieme Powell 25, Aug. 19, 2014 St. Louis – St. Louis PD executed Kajiemi Powell within 15 seconds of arrival after being called regarding a man who had reportedly taken two sodas and some donuts from a convenience store. The police fired twelve shots in rapid succession, killing Kajiemi as he began to walk away with hands at his side.

MikeMichael Brown 18, Aug. 9, 2014 Ferguson MO – Jay Walking – Police Officer Darren Wilson pulled his car in from of Michael, blocking him, then open his door, grabbed Michael. Brown was pushing, trying to get away from the officer, officer Wilson was trying to pull him in. Brown got 35’ away when the officer began shooting. Michael turned, put his hands up in submission and Officer Wilson put 6 bullets in Michael Brown. Michael Brown could have survived five of the six gunshots fired at him by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, but the last shot to the top of his head killed him. Murdered by Officer Darren Wilson Ferguson PD

OscarOscar Grant 22, Jan. 1, 2009 Oakland, CA – Responding to reports of a fight on a crowded Bay Area Rapid Transit train returning from San Francisco, BART Police officers detained Grant and several other passengers on the platform at the Fruitvale Station. Officer Johannes Mehserle and another officer were restraining unarmed Grant, who was lying face down. Mehserle drew his gun and shot Grant once in the back. Murdered by Oakland Transit Police

rgRamarley Graham 18 Feb. 2, 2012 New York – Mr. Graham walking on the street near his home when He was approached by plain cloths officers in NYPD marked raid jackets. The officers were investigating suspected drug sales at a bodega. Graham fled on foot towards home and was followed by the officers. After officers kicked down the door they followed him into the building, he entered his Grandmothers bathroom. An officer ordered Graham to “Show me your hands! Show me your hands!” After he failed to comply, the officer shot Graham once in the chest. Residents of the apartment say that police didn’t identify themselves. There were no weapons found on Graham’s person or at the scene.

ChavisChavis Carter 21, July 29, 2012, Jonesboro, Ark. – A small amount of marijuana was found on him and he was put in the back of a police car, without being handcuffed, when a background check revealed an open warrant for a marijuana charge in Mississippi He was then searched more thoroughly a second time, according to police, handcuffed and put in the back of the police car again. That’s when police say the left-handed Carter retrieved a gun he had somehow managed to conceal through two searches, maneuvered his cuffed hands, and shot himself in the right temple.

ReikaRekia Boyd 22, March 21, 2012 Chicago – Boyd was an innocent bystander in Chicago’s Douglas Park around 1:00 a.m. on March 21, 2012 when Officer Servin, responding to a disturbance call, arrived on the scene. The officer exchanged words with Antonio Cross, who was also in the park. After turning away, Servin, who was in his car, claims he saw Cross pull out a gun. It was actually his cell phone. Servin fired five shots “blindly” over his shoulder, shooting Cross in his thumb and striking Boyd in the head. Rekia died the next day at Mount Sinai Hospital. Cross was charged with aggravated assaulted against Servin. The officer did not appear for the court date, so charged were dropped. Boyd’s family will receive $4.5 million as part of a wrongful death settlement, they say justice has in no way been served until or unless Servin is criminally charged in the shooting death. Murdered by Chicago PD

ericEric Garner 43, July 17, 2014, in Staten Island, New York – Previously had been arrested for selling untaxed cigarettes, a police officer Justin Damico who attempted to arrest Garner after he had broken up a fight which brought additional police units to the scene. A New York City Police Department officer, Daniel Pantaleo, put Garner on the ground by the use of force, which included the use of a chokehold. Eric was unarmed and continued to scream “I can’t breathe!” On August 1, 2014, medical examiners concluded chokehold and chest compression as the primary causes of Garner’s death. Murdered by NYPD

TamonTamon Robinson 27, April 2012, New York City – Tamon was struck and killed by an NYPD police car after Robinson was allegedly caught stealing cobblestones from a public housing complex although he had permission to take the stones.. The official accident report states the police car was stopped on a footpath outside the Bayview Houses last April when Robinson “did run into” the vehicle, causing him to fall backward and strike his head. Multiple witnesses came forward, saying Robinson was deliberately mowed down by the cops. Both police and fire officials initially described Robinson’s injuries as non-life threatening, but on the day of the incident, witnesses told DNA info that police at the scene pulled Robinson from under the car, yelling “Wake up! Wake up!” before bouncing him off the hood of the car. Robinson was in a coma for six days before dying. During that time, he was handcuffed to his hospital bed. Murdered by NYPD

KimaniKimani Gray 16 March 2013 Brooklyn NY- Kimani had been fixing his belt when he was shot. A total of 11 rounds were fired, seven bullets struck the teen, three entered from his back, suggesting he was running away. Kimani was heard begging ‘Please don’t let me die,’ ” One of the officers replied: “Stay down, or we’ll shoot you again.” The only publicly identified eyewitness, Tishana King is standing by her claim that the young man was empty-handed when he was gunned down, one officer stood “right over” Gray, continuing to shoot him while he was on the ground. Neither cop identified himself as law enforcement when the incident began. One of the cops involved has threatened her life. Murdered by NYPD

kdKendrec McDade 19, March 24, 2012 Pasadena, CA: – Oscar Carrillo, reported his computer stolen and falsely told police he’d been robbed at gunpoint. Officers Jeffrey Newlen and Mathew Griffin responded. Unarmed Kendrec ran past the police car, carrying a cellphone in his pocket. McDade fled on foot up Sunset Street with his right hand at his waist. As he ran, Officer Griffin sped past him in a patrol cruiser and blocked the street as Officer Newlen chased him on foot. McDade was about to run past the cruiser when he turned and ran directly toward where Griffin was seated. “He left the sidewalk and he’s running at me,” Griffin told investigators. “This — this scares the crap out of me. I don’t know why he is running at me. He’s still clutching his waistband. I think he’s got a gun. I’m stuck in the car. I got no where to go.” Griffin fired four times through the open driver’s side window. McDade was two or three feet away. Griffin then ducked down to his right to avoid being hit by shots he expected from McDade. McDade suffered three fatal wounds and five other non-lethal rounds. Murdered by Pasadena, CA PD

VWVictor White 22, March 3, 2013 Iberia Parish, LA – According to the Louisiana State Police, deputies with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office were investigating a fight when they stopped White as he was walking down the street. “Deputies supposedly discovered he was in possession of illegal narcotics,” “White was taken into custody, handcuffed behind his back and transported to the Sheriff’s Office for processing.” Upon arrival at the sheriff’s office sometime in the early morning hours White became uncooperative and refused to exit the patrol vehicle. “As the deputy requested assistance from other deputies, White produced a handgun and fired one round, striking himself in the *back*”. The Iberia Parish Coroner Carl M. Ditch released a copy of White’s autopsy stating White was shot in the chest, not in the back, in the area of his right nipple. The bullet exited out his left side. However the records show the manner of death as a suicide. Murdered by Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Dept.

YvetteYvette Smith 47, Feb. 16, 2014 Bastrop, TX – Two Bastrop County Sheriff’s deputies went to check out a call at Smith’s boyfriend’s house. The caller said he and his son were fighting over a gun. Investigators say when deputies arrived; Yvette came to the door where deputy Daniel Willis shot her twice, once in the lower abdomen and hip. Yvette died from her injuries. Initially, officials said Smith came to the doorway with a firearm and disregarded Willis’ command. They later retracted that statement saying it’s unclear whether Smith had a gun. Officer Willis was arrested, booked into jail and fired from the sheriff’s office. His bond was set at $100,000. A lieutenant and a sergeant with the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Department were demoted and suspended for tampering with records following the shooting. Murdered by Bastrop PD

TRTimothy Russell 43 (and Malissa Williams) Nov. 29, 2013 Cleveland Ohio – It began with a pop, perhaps a backfire from a car speeding past police headquarters. At least 30 patrol cars chased their vehicle, a chase that ended with 13 officers firing 137 rounds, killing two people. No weapon or shell casings were found in the fleeing car and the chase route was searched for any trace of bullets. Russell had been shot 23 times and Williams had been shot 24 times. Murdered by 137 bullets by Cleveland PD READ MORE

Malissa WilliamsMelissa 30, (and Timothy Russell) Nov. 29, 2013 Cleveland Ohio – It began with a pop, perhaps a backfire from a car speeding past police headquarters. At least 30 patrol cars chased their vehicle, a chase that ended with 13 officers firing 137 rounds, killing two people. No weapon or shell casings were found in the fleeing car and the chase route was searched for any trace of bullets. Russell had been shot 23 times and Williams had been shot 24 times. Murdered by 137 bullets by Cleveland PD READ MORE

DPDante Parker 36, Aug 12, 2014 Victorville, CA – San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department considered him a suspect in the attempted burglary of a house by a thief on a bicycle. A deputy from the Victorville Station stopped the unarmed Parker while he was riding his bicycle around 5 p.m. after the reported breaking-and-entering attempt. The resident who called deputies had told them the suspect fled on a bicycle. Dante died in the custody of sheriff’s deputies after being stunned by a Taser several times. Murdered by San Bernardino County Calif. Sheriff’s Department

EJErvin Jefferson 18, May 2012 Dekalb County, GA – Ervin ran outside their home towards a crowd of people who had driven up in two cars threatening his sister. Dekalb County police confirmed two private security guards shot and killed Ervin after responding to a disturbance outside of his home. They were supposed to be securing the premises of The Village at Wesley Chapel, an apartment complex near the family’s home. After being shot, someone drove a car into and on top of him, literally under the car.” Curtis Scott, 25, and Gary Jackson, 26, were charged with impersonating police officers on the night that 18-year-old Ervin Jefferson was killed. Murdered by Atlanta Security Guards

ADAmadou Diallo 23 February 4, 1999 Bronx New York – Diallo was standing near his building after returning from a meal. Four *plain-clothed NYPD Officers* claimed Diallo matched the description of a *since-captured well-armed serial rapist* involved in the rape or attempted rape of 51 victims. When they approached him. Diallo ran up the outside steps toward his apartment house doorway, ignoring their orders to stop and “show hands”. Diallo reached into his jacket and withdrew his wallet. Plain Clothed Officer Carroll yelled “Gun!” All 4 officers opened. During the shooting, lead officer McMellon tripped backward off the front stairs, causing the other officers to believe he had been shot. 41 shots were fired, more than half of which went astray. Sean Carroll, Richard Murphy, Edward McMellon and Kenneth Boss, fired a combined total of 41 shots, 19 of which struck Diallo. Murdered four New York City Police Department plain-clothed officers

DorisPatrick Dorismond 26, March 16, 2000 New York – Undercover police officers approached Dorismond and his friend as they were standing outside the “Distinguished Wakamba Cocktail Lounge” and asked him where he and his partners could purchase marijuana. Dorismond declared he was not a drug dealer. Dorismond’s friend, Kevin Kaiser, claims neither of the officers identified themselves. The first undercover cop approaching Dorismond was aggressive and “in their face.” Kaiser said one of the cops who initiated the fight, hitting unarmed Dorismond first. Officer Anthony Vasquez, shot Patrick Dorismond in the chest during a scuffle. The single bullet from Vasquez’s 9mm pistol had struck Dorismond’s aorta and his right lung, and he rapidly bled to death. On July 27, 2000 a grand jury declined to indict Officer Vasquez in the death of Dorismond, announcing that they had found the shooting to be accidental. Murdered by NYPD

ZongoOusmane Zongo 16, May 22, 2003 New York City – Police had targeted a Manhattan storage facility while investigating a CD/DVD pirating operation. Zongo repaired art and musical instruments at the same location but was not implicated in the scheme. NYPD officer Bryan Conroy, disguised as a postal worker guarding a bin of CDs when Zongo appeared to turn on a light. A chase ensued that ended when Zongo ran into a dead end. Conroy shot Zongo four times, twice in the back. Conroy did not receive any jail time but was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and was given five years’ probation. Murdered by NYPD

TSTimothy Stansbury Jr. 19, January 24, 2004 Brooklyn, New York – Stansbury an unarmed 19-year-old was shot and killed by New York Police Department Officer Richard S. Neri Jr. Officer Neri and a partner were patrolling the rooftop of a housing project in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood approximately 1 a.m. Officer Neri, with his gun drawn, approached a rooftop door to check the stairway inside. Neri testified to a grand jury he fired his standard Glock 17 pistol unintentionally when he was startled when Stansbury pushed open the rooftop door. Stansbury died from one shot in the chest. The grand jury found the shooting to be accidental. Murdered by NYPD

SeanSean Bell 23, November 25, 2006 New York City – The night of his death, Bell was holding his bachelor party at Club Kalua, a strip club being investigated by undercover police over accusations the owners fostered prostitution. Bells friend Joseph Guzman had an argument with a man outside the bar, and supposedly threatened to get a gun. Supposedly thinking a shooting was about to take place, plain-clothes officer Gescard Isnora followed Bell and his friends tp their car. Isnora alerted his backup team, the detectives never identified themselves when they approached with weapons drawn. The three men were shot at a total of fifty times by a team of plain clothes undercover NYPD officers, killing Sean and severely wounding his friends, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman. An autopsy showed Bell was struck four times in the neck and torso. Guzman was shot 19 times Benefield, who was in the back seat, was hit three times. Three of the five detectives involved in the shooting went to trial on charges ranging from manslaughter to reckless endangerment, they were found not guilty. Murdered by NYPD

Kelly ThomasKelly Thomas 37, July 10, 2011 Fullerton, CA – Kelly was a homeless man diagnosed with schizophrenia who lived on the streets. On July 5, 2011, about 8:30 PM, officers of the Fullerton Police Department responded to a call from the management of the Slidebar Kitchen that someone was vandalizing cars near the Fullerton Transportation Center. While investigating, they encountered the shirtless and disheveled Thomas and attempted to search him. In the 34.14 minute video, unarmed and compliant Kelly can be heard repeatedly screaming in pain while officers are repeatedly asking him to place his arms behind his back. He audibly responds “Okay, I’m sorry!” and “I’m trying!” while the officer’s stretch his arm back. The police officers claim that, unable to get Thomas to comply with the requests, they used a taser on him (up to five times according to a witness statement, and the video footage). In the video Thomas can be heard screaming “Dad! Dad!”. Six officers were involved in beating Thomas, who was unarmed. He died after being beaten by Jay Cicinelli, Manuel Ramos, and Joseph Wolfe, three members of the Fullerton Police Department, on July 5, 2011. Thomas was taken to St. Jude Medical Center before being transferred to the UC Irvine Medical Center, where he was comatose on arrival and not expected to recover. He never regained consciousness. Medical records show that bones in his face were broken and he choked on his own blood. The coroner concluded that compression of the thorax made it impossible for Thomas to breathe normally and deprived his brain of oxygen.

Criminal trial: On January 13, 2014, former Fullerton police Officer Manuel Ramos was acquitted of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in the 2011 death of Thomas. Former Cpl. Jay Cicinelli was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force.
Anonymous response: In August 2011, the Internet activist group Anonymous demanded that the officers involved be prosecuted, the Fullerton Police Chief resign, and that Thomas’s family be awarded US$5 million in compensation; they threatened to shut down the Fullerton municipal website if their demands were not met. In January 2014, after the police officers involved were acquitted, Anonymous released their personal addresses, as well as the identities of the jurors. On January 18 and 19, Anonymous took down several websites belonging to or run by Fullerton police and municipality.


OBOrlando Barlow 28, Jan. 29, 2010 Las Vegas NV – a suspect in a domestic disturbance at the southwest Las Vegas home of his girlfriend. Orlando surrendered and was on his knees when Officer Hartman shot him from 50 feet away. Hartman testified he thought Barlow was reaching for a gun and the shooting was ruled justifiable. Later, a federal investigation discovered two other uses of excessive force by Hartman and the officer was finally fired ONLY after he and two other co-workers printed t-shirts with “BDRT” on the front…”Baby’s Daddy Removal Team.”

ACAaron Campbell 25 Feb. 16, 2010 Portland OR – Jones’ aunt who had first called 9-1-1 that afternoon, saying she couldn’t reach her niece, whose boyfriend had a gun and was suicidal over the death that day of his younger brother. Officer Quackenbush called and asked him to come out in a conversation marred by a bad connection and interference. Unarmed Campbell emerged, walking backward with his hands locked behind his head. Five officers standing ready behind a parked patrol car and a garbage bin in the parking lot said they were surprised. They unleashed a dog when they saw Campbell start running after getting struck by the beanbags, he fell down and the dog was on top of him. The first shot hit Campbell in the buttocks, and he seemed to lean over, about to run. From behind a police car Officer Ronald Frashour fired five from his AR-15 rifle at Campbell’s lower back and buttocks killing him. Murdered by Portland, OR PD

VSVictor Steen 17 October 1, 2009 Pensacola, FL – Was struck and killed by the cruiser of Police Officer Jerald Ard while riding his bicycle. Officer Ard claims to have spotted Steen at an empty construction site around 1:50 AM and attempted to stop him for questioning. According to Ard, Steen fled the area. Ard pursued Steen in his police cruiser and attempted to fire a Taser weapon from the window of the moving cruiser. When the boy refused to stop, the officer aimed his Taser out the driver’s window and fired. The boy fell off the bike and the cruiser ran over him dragging his lifeless body until the cruiser came to a stop at a median in an empty parking lot. A judge ruled the officer committed no crime.

RenishaRenisha McBride 19, November 2, 2013, Dearborn Heights, Michigan – McBride crashed her car on the west side of Detroit. Police report a 911 caller (approximately 1:00 am) said a woman had been speeding down the street, struck a parked car, got out of the vehicle, and then left on foot. Police initially considered the incident a low priority, so no officers were immediately dispatched. Forty minutes later, another call was placed indicating that the driver had returned. EMS arrived on the scene, but McBride had again walked away and was not treated. It is unclear what McBride was doing during the three hours between the crash and the fatal shooting. It is believed she was looking for help after her phone died, and becoming disoriented by the crash, in which she may have sustained a head injury. The Caucasian homeowner, 54-year-old Theodore Wafer who lives alone, claimed he believed someone was breaking and entering the night he discovered McBride on his doorstep. “On that night he was woken up. … Everything was dark in the house, and he was awakened by sounds of a person knocking on his door. Instead of calling the police Wafer opened the front door and shot McBride in the face, firing through a screen door.

Version #1: Wafer first suggested to police that it was an accident but later admitted to intentionally pulling the trigger.
Version #2: Wafer claimed he discharged his gun accidentally
Version #3: Wafer claimed he feared for his life

Coroner’s Report: Entrance shotgun wound to the face, with no evidence of close-range discharge of a firearm noted on the skin surrounding this wound. The wound track passed through the soft tissue and bones of the face and entered the brain. The wound track was from front to back, and right to left. Multiple lead pellets and fragments of wad were recovered from the brain and retained. The manner of death was homicide.

Theodore Wafer convicted of second-degree murder. Maximum sentence is 32 years in prison, eligible for parole after serving a minimum of 17 years. Murdered by Homeowner Theodore Wafer

AAAlonzo Ashley 29, July 19, 2011 Denver, CO –Suffering from a heat stroke Alonzo got so overheated that he vomited. He was trying to cool down by splashing water on his head from a fountain near the elephant enclosure when a zoo staffer asked if he needed help. He allegedly responded by saying he wanted to be left alone, leading to calls to zoo security and Denver Police who describe him as so wild the press the taser device directly against him to immobilize him completely. Only after he was belatedly brought under control did he begin convulsing, then stopped breathing. He died at a nearby hospital. Murdered by Denver PD

WAWendell Allen 20, March 7, 2012 New Orleans LA – Officer Joshua Colclough was executing a search warrant related to a marijuana investigation fired a single bullet into the chest of Allen who was shirtless and wearing only jeans and sneakers in the home’s stairwell – had no weapons on him. Former cop Joshua Colclough admitted he shot her unarmed son dead, during a botched drug raid. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and accepted a four-year prison sentence.

RMRonald Madison (mentally disabled) 40 September 4, 2005 New Orleans, LA – “The Danziger Bridge Shootings” New Orleans police fabricated a cover-up story for their crime, falsely reporting that seven police officers responded to a police dispatch reporting an officer down, and that at least four people were firing weapons at the officers upon their arrival. New Orleans police received a call from an officer at Danziger Bridge reporting gunfire. Several NOPD officers—including Sgt. Kenneth Bowen, Sgt. Robert Gisevius, Officer Anthony Villavaso, and Officer Robert Faulcon—arrived at the scene in a Budget rental truck. They proceeded to open fire with assault rifles and a shotgun on the unarmed Bartholomew family who had been walking to a grocery store with family friend James Brissette who were sheltering behind a concrete barrier. Two brothers, Ronald and Lance Madison, fled the scene, but were pursued down the bridge by Gisevius and Faulcon in an unmarked state police vehicle. Faulcon fired his shotgun from the back of the car at Ronald. Bowen was later convicted of stomping Ronald on the back before he died. The police shooters stated that while approaching the bridge, they had been fired on by civilians, and were forced to return fire. Homicide detective Arthur “Archie” Kaufman was made the lead investigator on the case. He was later found guilty of conspiring with the defendants to conceal evidence in order to make the shootings appear justified, including fabricating information for his official reports on the case. NOPD lieutenant Michael Lohman also encouraged the officers to “provide false stories about what had precipitated the shooting” and plant a firearm near the scene. Guilty verdicts were handed down for Bowen, Gisevius, Faulcon, Villavaso and Kaufman on August 5, 2011. Murdered by New Orleans PD

JCJohn Crawford 22, August 5, 2014 Beavercreek, Ohio – Two police officers responded to a 911 call about a man waving a gun at customers inside a Walmart store. Crawford was shot in the torso and died. He was carrying an air rifle/pellet gun he’d picked off a shelf from inside the store. Video contradicts statements by police and witnesses that Crawford ignored commands to drop the gun and “looked like he was going to go violently.” One of the officers in Crawford’s death was involved in a 2010 shooting that was ruled self-defense. Murdered by Beavercreek PD

James BrissettJames Brissette 17, September 4, 2005 New Orleans, LA – “The Danziger Bridge Shootings” New Orleans police fabricated a cover-up story for their crime, falsely reporting that seven police officers responded to a police dispatch reporting an officer down, and that at least four people were firing weapons at the officers upon their arrival. New Orleans police received a call from an officer at Danziger Bridge reporting gunfire. Several NOPD officers—including Sgt. Kenneth Bowen, Sgt. Robert Gisevius, Officer Anthony Villavaso, and Officer Robert Faulcon—arrived at the scene in a Budget rental truck. They proceeded to open fire with assault rifles and a shotgun on the unarmed Bartholomew family who had been walking to a grocery store with family friend James Brissette who were sheltering behind a concrete barrier. Two brothers, Ronald and Lance Madison, fled the scene, but were pursued down the bridge by Gisevius and Faulcon in an unmarked state police vehicle. Faulcon fired his shotgun from the back of the car at Ronald. Bowen was later convicted of stomping Ronald on the back before he died. The police shooters stated that while approaching the bridge, they had been fired on by civilians, and were forced to return fire. Homicide detective Arthur “Archie” Kaufman was made the lead investigator on the case. He was later found guilty of conspiring with the defendants to conceal evidence in order to make the shootings appear justified, including fabricating information for his official reports on the case. NOPD lieutenant Michael Lohman also encouraged the officers to “provide false stories about what had precipitated the shooting” and plant a firearm near the scene. Guilty verdicts were handed down for Bowen, Gisevius, Faulcon, Villavaso and Kaufman on August 5, 2011. Murdered by New Orleans PD

S WashSteven Eugene Washington 27, (Autistic) March 20, 2010 Los Angeles CA- Died from a single gunshot wound to the head. Although no weapon was found, officers said they feared for their lives because Washington did not respond to their commands as and appeared to be reaching for his waistband. Steven had been walking home after visiting a friend Murdered by LAPD

TavTravares Mcgill 16, July 18, 2005 Sanford, FL – Two people in McGill’s car survived unhurt. They told authorities they were parked at an apartment complex when someone, they weren’t sure who shined a bright light into their car. Security guards William Patrick Swofford and Bryan Ansley were on one of their regular patrols, witnesses testified McGill tried to back out and get away. But as he did, he scraped two vehicles, including the guards’ and broke the leg of James Dean, 54, who had stepped out of McGill’s back seat moments earlier pinning him between McGill’s Dodge and a van parked next to it. As McGill continued backing up, Ansley drew his 9 mm semiautomatic handgun. The teenager then shifted into drive and slammed down on the gas, according to a state accident-reconstruction expert the car’s tires began to spin and smoke. The car skittered sideways, leaving skid marks, then lurched forward. That’s when the guards opened fire. A review of more than 600 pages of evidence shows the bullet killing McGill hit him in the middle of the back and that Swofford kept firing after the car was no longer headed toward him. When it was over, investigators collected seven shell casings and seven bullets, two from McGill’s body. They hauled McGill’s borrowed Dodge to a garage, it had been hit by six bullets. FDLE lab analyst N. Scott Henderson calculated their trajectories. At least one of Swofford’s bullets, the agency concluded, hit the passenger-side door at a nearly 90-degree angle, meaning McGill was no longer moving toward when Swofford pulled the trigger. The fatal bullet hit teenager in back. Murdered by Sandford FL PF

NickNicholas Naquan Heyward Jr. 13, Sept. 29, 1994 New York – Nicholas described as an honors student by his teachers was playing with a toy guy with other kids from the housing projects in Brooklyn where they lived when he and Officer Brian George met in the staircase. Officer George mistook the 18-inch toy rifle for a real one. The kids playing with the young boy insisted he dropped the gun before the shots were fired. Officer George never served a day in jail for the boy’s death. Murdered by NYPD READ MORE

No Photo Available-001Jamiel Johnson 16, Sept, 29, 1994 Brooklyn, NY- Shot once in the stomach by Officer Robert Rodriguez, a plainclothes New York City police officer who said the youth had pulled a toy replica of a 9-millimeter gun from his waistband. Officer Rodriquez claims “He was observed by three plainclothes anti-crime officers adjusting his waistband several times and supposedly “ordered to stop,” Mr. Johnson fled, going over a fence, with Officer Rodriguez in pursuit and the other officers seeking to cut him off by going around a corner. The officers are telling him, ‘Stop, police,’ with their shields out.” When the youth was on the other side of the fence Johnson turned and pointed the gun at Officer Rodriguez, who fired one time. However neighbors whose apartments overlook the driveway said they heard the police shoot Jamiel Johnson immediately after shouting for him to halt. Mr. Johnson was in critical but stable condition at Kings County Hospital. Shot by NYPD

MFMalcolm Ferguson 23, March 1, 2000 Bronx NY – Five members of the Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit of the housing police had been on their way to 1057 Boynton Avenue, a public housing building where there were complaints of drug activity. The officers moved toward a group of three men in the hallway. The unarmed Ferguson, bolted up the stairs, one of the officers, Louis Rivera, ran after him. At some point, on the second-floor landing, there was a struggle supposedly the officer’s firearm discharged. A witness to the events leading up to the shooting: ”I saw two guys with hoods go into the building, they didn’t look like cops.” Ferguson’s Mom was awarded $10.5 million in damages by a jury of five blacks and one Hispanic it two days to decide the city and NYPD were 100% responsible for Ferguson’s death, however Officer Rivera, was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing. Murdered by NYPD

DBDuane Brown 26, Jan. 13, 2012 Brooklyn NY – Duane Browne and his girlfriend were upstairs watching a movie when they heard a strange noise coming from his brother’s basement apartment house they shared. Dressed in pajamas, Brown saw his brother being beaten in the basement by two masked men. He raced upstairs and fetched a loaded .38-caliber revolver (which cops later claim was unregistered). Browne ran outside holding the gun just as the cops were arriving. But the cops fired without identifying themselves or saying a word. With a single shot to the chest, Browne staggered back upstairs, apparently not knowing it was a police officer who fired the bullet “I just got shot. Call the cops,” were Brown’s final words to his girlfriend. Instead of rushing to get Browne medical help, police kept paramedics from treating him for critical minutes while they rummaged through the house searching for incriminating evidence. Murdered by NYPD

No Photo Available-001Angelo Clark 31, Jan. 16, 2012 – Littlerock AR – SWAT officers entered Clark’s home approximately 6:30am and were met by Angelo holding an AK-47 rifle at the top of a short set of stairs. LRPD claims a search and seizure warrant was the result of a weeks’ long investigation by undercover narcotics officers and included a controlled buy of crack cocaine from Clark at his residence. Clark was accused of pointing an AK-47 at the police but he had no way of knowing that the people who broke into his home were police until after he was shot. No cocaine was located, however police say they found a small grow operation of marijuana, marijuana plants and some scales along with another handgun and some ammunition. Murdered by a SWAT team searching for drugs.

ClintonClinton Roebexar Allen 25, March 10, 2013 Dallas, TX – Officer Clark Staller fatally shot Clinton Allen during a confrontation. Dallas police have said “Allen exhibited signs that he was high on PCP” he claims Clinton charged him, grabbed his collar and choked him prior to the shooting. The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office autopsy reports: One of the seven bullet wounds was to Allen’s back. The other six were to his chest, abdomen and left upper arm. Officer Staller has credibility problems because of a disciplinary history for being untruthful to a supervisor and entering inaccurate information on a police report, among other things. Murdered by Dallas PD

StephonStephon Watts 15, (mentally challenged) Feb. 1, 2012 Calumet City, Il – Stephen Watts, Stephon’s father, had reportedly called police after arguing with his son, who didn’t want to go to school, having been instructed by social workers that Watts should be handled by authorities when agitated. Police claim they found Watts armed with a knife in the basement of his parents’ home. When one officer sustained a defensive wound to his left forearm, two other officers on the scene fired their weapons. Steven Watts says his son was shot once in the leg, and then again in the head. Murdered by Chicago PD

ManuelManuel Loggins Jr. 31, February 7, 2012, Orange County, CA. – Loggins was at the wheel of his GMC Yukon with two of his daughters inside when he crashed through a gate parking lot of San Clemente High School. Loggins left his daughters, aged 14 and 9, in the SUV and walked to the athletic field carrying a Bible. When Loggins returned to the SUV, Sandberg ordered him to stop and show his hands, but he ignored the deputy and displayed a “mean” expression. “Give me my kids back”. After Loggins climbed back into the SUV, Sandberg believing the children’s lives were in danger, shot him three times through the window of the vehicle, killing Manuel in front of his 9 and 14-year old daughters. After witnessing the murder of their father, his two daughters, 9 and 14, were detained in isolation for 13 hours… Orange County authorities said they will pay $4.4 million to settle a federal lawsuit brought by the family of an unarmed U.S. Marine sergeant fatally shot by a deputy. Murdered by Orange County PD

No Photo Available-001Jason Moore 31, (mental disorder) Sept. 17, 2011 Ferguson, MO – Officers encountered a dazed-looking man, naked and unarmed walking from behind a building in a residential area. A witness said Moore had been yelling “glory to God” and “I’m Jesus” He “was suffering from a psychological disorder and demonstrated clear signs of mental illness”. Officer Brian Kaminski ordered Moore to put his hands up and walk toward him. Kaminski fired his Taser prongs into Moore’s chest and legs, one prong struck Moore in the left side of the chest near his heart and another prong hit him in the right thigh. A second officer, Michael White, arrived and physically held Moore while Kaminski repeatedly tasered Moore with electric currents until he became suffered a heart attack, became unresponsive and died on the scene. Murdered Ferguson MO PD

J JenningsJoseph Jennings 18, Aug. 27, 2014 Ottawa, Kansas – Joseph had a history of mental issues and had just been released from Ransom Memorial after he attempted suicide by swallowing some 60 pills the day before. Ottowa police were called to the parking lot of Orscheln Farm and Home for a report of a man with a gun and found Jennings in a ‘suicidal state,’ The Officers confronting Jennings were the same two officers who’d rushed him to the hospital where they pumped his stomach the day before. He was suicidal. He had only been out of the (psychiatric) hospital for three hours. Brandy Smith, Joseph Jennings Aunt said her husband tried to intervene but he was threatened by the police. “My husband was going to tackle him. He was within arms reach. The police said to get back or they were going to shoot him too” Smith thought they were going to “bag” him, which is when they shoot with bean bags instead of bullets, six officers, and one cop yelled, ‘Bag him!’ they bagged him two more times. Police pulled their guns and 16 shots rang out. Unarmed Joseph fell to the ground. He was rushed to an Ottowa hospital where he died of his injuries.

JohnnieJohnnie Kamahi Warren 43, Feb. 15, 2012 Dothan, Alabama – Dothan Police Department received a call from Houligan’s Bar when Warren apparently became disorderly inside the business, which led three employees to take him outside as he continued behaving in a combative manner. When a sheriff’s deputy arrived he saw the three men struggling with what appeared to be an intoxicated patron on the ground outside the business. The deputy deployed a Taser in an attempt to get him under control. Shortly thereafter three or four Dothan police officers managed to handcuff Warren when he started going in and out consciousness. Warren was UNARMED when he was electrocuted to death for the crime of public intoxication by the unidentified police officer. Murdered by Dothan, AL PD

GatorRaymond Luther Allen Jr. 34, Feb. 27, 2012 Galveston TX – Allen Jr. rented a room at the Beachcomber Motel. He was seen jumping from a second story balcony. A worker at the motel said she saw Allen Jr. jump twice and that’s when the police showed up. Instead of helping the unarmed man … the police pumped him with 50,000 volts of electricity with a taser two to three times then hog tied him. The crime listed on the incident report is resisting arrest. Investigators said Allen Jr. stopped breathing at the scene, was revived, then rushed to the hospital. He died two days later. Murdered by Galveston PD

DP-001Dante Price 25, March 1, 2012 Dayton OH – Two Ranger Security Guards Justin Wissinger, 24, and Christopher Tarbert, 32 were patrolling the parking lot at the apartment complex when they saw Price, as he attempted to keep an appointment to babysit his own kids.. They pulled their guns and ordered him to stop. Instead, Price fled in his car, and the guards shot at him at 22 times. The Guards exceeded their legal authority in trying to detain Price and by using deadly force to try to make him comply because police officers; they did not have any arrest powers. Private citizens do not have the legal authority to detain someone for a misdemeanor. The Guards said they had no choice but to shoot Dante Price because he tried to run them down with his car. Murdered by Apt. Security Guards

BoBo Morrison 20, March 3, 2012 West Bend, WI – When police broke up a party where alcohol was being served to underage people, Morrison ran away and hid on a neighbor’s back porch. Homeowner Adam Kind shot him in the chest. Kind was not charged under the “Castle Doctrine” claiming he had a right to defend his home against a perceived threat. Murder by homeowner Adam Kind

D BarryDarryl Berry 45, March 6, 2012 Bush Creek Township, PA – In the aftermath of a car accident on a rural stretch of the PA Turnpike involving an unarmed Berry who had no illegal drugs or alcohol in his system. State Trooper Marshall Kephart arrived and alleged Berry released his two Rottweiler’s on Trooper Kephart and then proceeded to attack the officer with a metal flashlight. Dr. Joyce Hamilton Berr, Daryl’s Mother said “My son didn’t have a criminal record” and she couldn’t remember him ever being in a fight. She also said her son didn’t train his dogs to be aggressive and described one of them as being like Marmaduke, the genial Great Dane from the comic strip. “Daryl was very unassuming, He thought all people were basically good, not malicious.” Coincidently there is no video recordings of the incident available, as the trooper’s dash cam didn’t record the shooting. Murdered by a PA State Trooper

MelvinMelvin Lawhorn 26, March 1, 2012 Kershaw County, SC – Shot by County Sheriff when he tried to avoid a drug traffic stop. After receiving a tip that Lawhorn would be picking up a large amount of drugs Narcotics Officers pulled over a pick-up truck driven by Daryl Herbert, while the vehicle was stopped, Lawhorn stepped on the gas pedal. A deputy tried to stop the vehicle, but the truck ran over his foot. The deputy was holding on to the car as it sped off and claims while being dragged he shot through the window fatally wounding Lawhorn. A patrol car then rammed the pick-up, bringing it to a halt. The sheriff claims the deputy was dragged about 120 feet and had tire tracks up his boot and leg. He was treated at a nearby hospital for torn ligaments and abrasions, and released. It is unclear exactly how the deputy managed to shoot Lawhorn while being dragged beneath the vehicle. Murdered by Kershaw County, SC PD

SingleRonald Singleton 45, July, 13, 2014 Manhattan NY – Singleton was taken into police custody after a yellow cab driver waved down a police officer near St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. The cab driver claimed the passenger was “acting overly irate and irrational, cursing, screaming and causing alarm” Singleton then exited the taxi and “became combative with the officer, struggling while being taken into custody. The officer radioed for assistance and other officers responded along with members of the NYPD Emergency Service Unit. Singleton was placed in a “protective body wrap by the ESU officers. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital Singleton went into cardiac arrest and pronounced dead on arrival. The medical examiner released a statement ruling his death a homicide, stating cause of death by the “physical restraint by police during excited delirium due to acute phencyclidine (PCP) intoxication. Murdered by NYPD and NYPD Emergency Service

Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley JonesAiy 7, May 16, 2010 Detroit, MI – Just after midnight on the morning of May 16 seven-year-old, Aiyana slept on the couch as her grandmother watched television. A half-dozen masked officers of the Special Response Team —Detroit’s version of SWAT—were at the door, guns drawn. In tow was an A&E crew filming an episode of The First 48. Thirty-four hours earlier, Je’Rean Blake Nobles, 17, had been shot outside a liquor store on nearby ID’d a man named Chauncey Owens as the shooter and provided this address. The SWAT team tried the steel door to the building. It was unlocked. They threw a flash-bang grenade through the window of the lower unit and kicked open its wooden door, which was also unlocked. The grenade landed so close to Aiyana that it burned her blanket. Officer Joseph Weekley, the lead commando—who’d been featured before on another A&E show, —burst into the house. His weapon fired a single shot, the bullet striking Aiyana in the head and exiting her neck. Police first floated the story that Aiyana’s grandmother had grabbed Weekley’s gun. Then, realizing that sounded implausible, they said she’d brushed the gun as she ran past the door. But the grandmother says she was lying on the far side of the couch, away from the door. Compounding the tragedy is the fact that the police threw the grenade into the wrong apartment. The suspect fingered for Blake’s murder, Chauncey Owens, lived in the upstairs flat. Murdered by the Detroit Special Response Team… Video of Aiyana Stanley-Jones First 48 Hours Evidence 1 READ UPDATE 10-3-14

NemNehemiah Dillard 29, March 5, 2012 Gainesville FL – Dillard, who lived in Spring Hill in Hernando County and was reportedly going through a divorce, was detained Sunday under the *** “Baker Act” after displaying strange behavior in a stranger’s yard on Southwest Sixth Terrace near Micanopy, Kelly said. He was apparently in the area to visit his mother. Deputies claim they tried to talk Mr. Dillard down, when that didn’t work they blasted him with 50,000 volts of electricity from their taser although he continued to fight back. A second shot was fired from the taser. This second electrocution effort brought Dillard down. He was transported to a local hospital … Dillard went into cardiac arrest and died either en route to a hospital or shortly after arriving where he was promptly pronounced dead. murdered by Gainesville FLPD

*** “BAKER ACT”; Florida Statute 394.451-394.47891 (2009 rev.)), allows the involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual and allows for involuntary examination (emergency or involuntary commitment) which can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals. There must be evidence that the person:
• possibly has a mental illness (as defined in the Baker Act)
• is a harm to self, harm to others, or self-neglectful (as defined in the Baker Act).
• Examinations may last up to 72 hours after a person is deemed medically stable and occur in over 100 Florida Department of Children and Families-designated receiving facilities statewide.

Michael LMichael Lembhard 22, March 7, 2012 Newberg, NJ – Police reportedly spotted Lemhard on Liberty Street and tried to stop him for an outstanding warrant for missing a court date, but Lemberd took off when they approached him. Following him into an apartment building four police officers’ broke down the door without a warrant. Lembhard only had a small pocketknife when the police opened fire and at least nine shots were fired killing him. Lembhard was a father of two; officers pointed a gun at the head of one of the children. Murdered by Newberg, NJPD

BrianBrian Claunch 45, Sept. 23, 2009 Houston, TX – After two police officers arrived in the middle of the night at a group home for the mentally ill responding to a report that Claunch, a recognized paranoid schizophrenic and double amputee who had lost an arm and a leg in a train accident, was acting aggressively. His caretaker had refused to give him a cigarette and a soda. Claunch was clutching an object as he advanced on one of the police officers. Claunch trapped one officer with his wheelchair in the corner of a room where he couldn’t get out. As he advanced toward the officers, Claunch refused to show his hands. The object turned out to be a pen, which Claunch attempted to use to stab the cornered officer. The 2nd officer, Matt Marin, was “in fear of the safety of his partner and the safety of himself,” Marin then fired his duty weapon into Claunch’s head killing him. The grand jury declined to indict the Houston police officer for shooting Claunch for refusing to drop the pen. Murdered by Houston PD

Jersey GreenJersey Green 37, March 12, 2012 Aurora, IL – Officers responding to several 911 calls regarding a man acting wildly and jumping on parked vehicles. Upon arrival, Aurora Police Officer Matthew Huber observed Green on top of a parked SUV. When Green saw the officer, he jumped off the vehicle and began running. Green proceeded to run toward Officer Spayth’s fully-marked squad car and jumped on the hood. As Spayth exited the car, supposedly Green moved toward him in a threatening manner. Officer Huber believe Green was going to attack Spayth so he deployed his Taser striking him in the upper thigh and side. The two officers then struggled with Green who was eventually taken into custody with the assistance of a third officer, Enrique Gutierrez. That was enough provocation for a police officer to pump another 50,000 volts of electricity into Green, the jolt was enough to knock Green to the ground where the three police officers handcuffed and put him into custody. The unarmed Green was in physical distress so an ambulance was summoned. Suffering from a seizure in the back of the ambulance while being treated by paramedics Green stopped breathing. He was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead. Murdered by Aurora, IL PD

No Photo Available-001Sheron Carter Jackson 21, March 27, 2012 Baltimore MD – Police claim a person inside the home called 911 operators reporting a man inside was armed with a weapon and they feared he may do something ‘crazy’. Apparently Sheron was the one who called the police to the house. Ordered to answer the door by his mother, he was shot multiple times and killed by a licensed and trained officer who claims the young man wielded a “knife-like object”. Murdered by Baltimore PD

DaleDale Graham 29, Oct. 28, 2008 Baltimore MD – Graham a political activist, was shot and killed by Baltimore City police when officers responded to the house of his children’s mother due to a call of a domestic disturbance. Graham was shot several times by multiple officers who were caught lying about how many times he was shot – not releasing the autopsy report to his mother until months later. Six (6) different versions given to the family, who was responsible for the shots fired that ended this young man’s life, NEW police policy that does not reveal that information (even to the deceased family members), to the “on-going investigation” of the officer(s) involved, which has yet to determine whether the shooting was justified homicide or plain murder. Murdered by Baltimore PD

TendaiTendai Nhekairo 18, March 27, 2012 Cobb County PD Atlanta, GA – Police responding to a 911 call reporting a “suspicious person” say they “encountered a nude man armed with two knives.” According to police, Tendai “tried to feloniously assault” one of the “officers.” This prompted the cop to shoot the young man who scheduled to graduate high school in a few weeks, killing him instantly.

Police Version 1: Police originally said they had to shoot Nhekairo when he threatened them with 2 knives.
Police Version 2: Tendai lunged at them with a knife during the standoff.
Police Version 3: Naked and armed with a gun.
Police Version 4: Naked and armed with several weapons. Murdered by Cobb County PD Atlanta, GA

BookerMarvin Booker 56, Oct. 9, 2010 Denver, CO – Homeless street preacher who often recited Martin Luther King Jr. speeches, jailed on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia. Video footage shows Booker at jail intake processing unit, dressed in a dark suit and waving his arms, approaches the desk, but doesn’t sit. Officer Gomez tries to grab Booker and he jerks away then walks heading toward his shoes. The video shows the deputies holding Booker down with Grimes at his head grabbing him around the neck in a carotid hold. After a few moments during which Booker was told to stop resisting or he would be tased, another deputy jumps a rail that fronts the booking desk and retrieves a taser from a lock box. Booker was tased one time for eight seconds. He stopped resisting and Officer Grimes releases his hold. Deputies are then seen carrying him to a cell and taking him inside. There is no video camera footage of the inside of the cell. The deputies claim to have removed the handcuffs. Booker placed his hands at his side and grunted. After deputies back out of the cell, a nurse is called in to evaluate Booker. Officer Grimes looks through the cell window and doesn’t see Bookers back moving so he shouted to get the attention of the nurses who tried to resuscitate him. When first responders arrived they too tried to bring him around to no avail. Coroner’s Report: Cause of death “cardiorespiratory arrest during physical restraint” homicide. Deputies were cleared by a criminal investigation which found they had not broken any laws. Murdered Street by Denver PD Deputies

CaryCary Ball Jr. 25, April 24, 2014 St. Louis, Missouri – 3 time Honor Student Ball was accused by Police of refusing to pull over for a traffic stop and eventually crashed into a parked car then started running. Several witnesses say Ball threw his gun to the ground and was walking toward police with his hands up to surrender when he was shot “the police looked at the gun on the ground and fired. He never fired. They never fired, that is until the gun was nowhere near him.” Despite Ball placing his gun on the ground, police shot him 25 times, 7 of the 25 shots hit him in the back. It has also been reported by witness that Ball had already been handcuffed and was lying face down on the ground which would account for the 7 bullets in his back. Murdered by St. Louis PD

CorrinaCorinna Mullen 20, 1987 Central City KY – Corinna, a file clerk with the Central City Police Dept. confided to her supervisor Detective Billy Fields that her roommate was involved with drug dealer Jeffrey L. Boyd. The night before she was to move back home to her parents’ home; asleep in her room she was attacked and brutally raped and repeatedly stabbed. The body of Corrina was found in the trunk of her car, parked in the Central City Municipal Garage by a maintenance worker who noticed blood dripping from the trunk of a car. Authorities found Mullen’s beaten and mutilated body stuffed inside the trunk. An extensive search headed by Corinna’s supervisor Detective Billy Fields went nowhere. The Mullen family looked for justice for almost 22 years and during this time a new detective took Billy Fields place and sifted through every piece of evidence to no avail. Out of nowhere a woman came in and told the detective when she was 16, as she walked home from a friend’s house a police car pulled up, a man jumped out (Jeffrey L. Boyd) and dragged her into the car where she spotted Detective Billy Fields as the driver. They drove her to Corrina’s apt. and made her watch as Corrina was raped and murdered, then they and a 3rd man raped her. The 16 yr. old managed to get away. Lieutenant Detective Billy Fields was sentenced to life in prison, after he was found guilty of murder, rape, kidnapping, sodomy and tampering with physical evidence. Jeff Boyd was also sentenced to life in prison for Mullen’s murder, kidnapping and rape. The third defendant, Jimmie Cramer, was sentenced to 60 years in prison for manslaughter, rape and kidnapping. Murdered by Central City Police Detective

HernandezIsrael Hernandez 18, Aug. 7. 2013 Miami Florida – According to Hernandez’ friends, Felix Fernandez and Thiago Souza they were acting as lookouts as Hernandez, well known for his art, spray-painted an empty building. But before Hernandez finished the graffiti, Miami Beach Police spotted him, and he took off running. Hernandez jumped a fence, hid in a building. When one officer was in close reach he fired his Taser at Hernandez. According to Hernandez’ friends, the officers shoved Hernandez against a wall and who was then motionless on the ground. Fernandez and Souza said the officers “were high-fiving and congratulating each other as their friend was in need of medical help, they were all just laughing”. Hernandez was transported to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. Murdered by Cops Miami PD

JFJonathan Farrell 24, Sept, 16, 2013 Charlotte, N.C. – Ferrell’s car ran off the entrance road to a sprawling suburban neighborhood crashing his car into trees. Ferrell kicked out the back window and headed up a hill to the first set of closely-clustered houses he could see. He began “banging on the door” of a home to attract attention. The woman inside answered, thinking it was her husband coming home late from work. When she saw Ferrell, she shut the door and called police. The unarmed Ferrell made no threats. Officers responding to the breaking and entering call found Ferrell walking away from the house, barefoot on a road that only leads to the neighborhood’s pool (Ferrell likely lost his shoes in the car wreck, kicking his way out the Camry’s back window). Ferrell ran toward the officers and as two red laser dots from stun guns flashed on his chest, Jonathan Ferrell hitched up his pants and held out his arms to show officers he was unarmed. Officer Randall Kerrick who didn’t identify himself as a police officer fired his gun 12 times, hitting Ferrell 10 times. Ferrell died at the scene. Murdered by Charlotte PD

Ferrell was at least the sixth person to be shot by Charlotte-Mecklenburg officers since the start of 2012. Four of them have died.

HenryHenry Glover 31, September 2, 2005, New Orleans, LA – Officer David Warren shot Glover in the chest with a .223 rifle as Glover tried to pick up stolen goods taken near an Algiers strip mall shortly after the Hurricane Katrina struck. Glover’s brother, Edward King, and sister, Patrice Glover, came to Glover’s aid. Glover’s neighbor William Tanner drove Glover and his brother to seek medical attention at a nearby elementary school, which had been commandeered by a SWAT team of officers. SWAT officers at the school immediately placed Tanner and King into handcuffs, and beat them. Glover sought help from a group of NOPD officers, but the cops refused to treat him or call for an ambulance, allowing him to bleed to death in the back seat of a car. The police seized both the auto and Glover’s body. Officer Greg McRae set Glover’s body ablaze. The car was eventually discovered in an isolated spot along the Mississippi River Levee down the street from a NOPD office with Glovers charred body in the destroyed Chevrolet Malibu. Istvan Balogh, a former law enforcement officer who had come in from out of state, discovered Glover’s corpse on September 9.

Five current and former officers of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) were charged with Glover’s death. David Warren, a rookie at the time, was convicted and sentenced to 25 years and 9 months in prison for shooting and killing Glover. Former NOPD police officer Greg McRae was convicted of obstructing justice and other charges in the burning of Glover’s body and was sentenced to 17 years and 3 months in prison. Lt. Dwayne Scheuermann is charged with assaulting civilians who came to Glover’s aid, as well as obstructing a federal investigation through the burning of Glover’s body in a 2000 Chevy Malibu. He faces a maximum of 60 years in prison. Former NOPD Lt. Robert Italiano and NOPD Lt. Travis McCabe are charged with obstructing justice and lying to the FBI. McCabe is also charged with lying to a federal grand jury. Italiano faces up to 25 years in prison, while McCabe faces up to 30 years in prison.

A federal appellate court has overturned the convictions of two former New Orleans police officers imprisoned in connection with the killing.

BillieBilley Joe Johnson 17, Dec. 2009 George County, MS – Billey was a star football player with a bright future in December 2009 when he was stopped for a traffic violation by George County (MS) deputy sheriff Joe Sullivan. Sullivan’s patrol car did not have a camera and the young victim in this story is dead. The George County Sheriff’s Department claims that on that fateful morning, Billey Joe attempted to break into the home of an on-again, off-again girlfriend in the nearby city of Lucedale. According to the sheriff’s department, he left the scene and ran a red light at 5:34 a.m. After a 1½-mile pursuit, Billey Joe got out of his truck, met sheriff’s deputy Joe Sullivan and handed over his license. Billey Joe returned to his truck, supposedly put a 12-gauge shotgun he used to target deer to his head and committed suicide. None of his friends or family is convinced someone forced Billey Joe on his knees, shoved the shotgun barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Probable cause of death, George County (MS) deputy sheriff Joe Sullivan.

MKMontalito McKissick 37, Aug. 21,2011 Oklahoma City, OK – Unarmed Montalito McKissick fled from Oklahoma City police officers Sgt. Daniel Godsil and Officer Justin Walters who had been called to break up a fight at the El Dorado Club. Godsil and Walters gave chase shooting him with at least 50,000 volts of electricity from their tasers. Officers shot McKissick with a Taser where McKissick collapsed in a yard near the club. After they handcuffed him, officers noticed McKissick wasn’t breathing. They removed the handcuffs and began CPR an EMSA paramedic claims he discovered a baggie lodged in the victim’s throat. Police didn’t say if the baggie contained drugs. Moments later McKissick was declared dead. Murdered by Oklahoma City PD

RufinoRufino Lara 54, July 10, 2012 Houston TX – Florida Ruvio, a family friend, bumped into Lara on his way back from a liquor store in southwest Houston. Lara told her that some men were chasing him with a knife and asked her to call police. When two officers arrived to investigate, they approached Lara, asking him to stop and put his hands up. “They were speaking to him in English only. (Police claim the spoke in both Spanish and English). Lara, who doesn’t speak English, did not stop the first time, Ruvio said. Eventually, he put both hands up against the wall of a vacant store, facing his back to the officers. “He didn’t have his hands in his pocket or his shirt,” said Ruvio, who remained with Lara throughout the event. A second witness, 14-year-old Rigoberto Rubio, who was buying water from a machine nearby, said he also saw Lara with both hands against the wall. Suddenly, Lara turned around to face the officers and was shot fatally by McGowan, his hands still suspended in the air a beer can in one hand. Stunned at the scene, Ruvio yelled to McGowan that she had killed an innocent person, and McGowan responded that “he had drawn out a gun.” McGowan then proceeded to tear Lara’s shirt open and take off his shoes. No weapon was found. Ruvio brought out her phone to take a video of the scene, she said, but an officer seized it from her, telling her she was not to record anything. Murdered by Houston PD

EugeneEugene Ellison 67, December 9, 2010 Littlerock AR – Eugene Ellison, an African American war veteran, was killed by Police Office Donna Lesher while working off duty with Officer McCrillis as a security guards in the apartment complex where Ellison lived, Lesher entered Ellison’s home uninvited with anot McCrillis after spotting his door open and refusing to leave when asked. Following an alleged physical altercation in which Eugene’s glasses come off, and he was pepper-sprayed directly in the eyes. However, by the time the back-up officers arrived, any physical contact between Lesher, McCrillis and Ellison was over and they were outside of Eugene’s apt. Instead of walking away Lesher took out her gun, pointed it at Ellison through his door and shot him twice. Another officer present at the shooting, said Ellison had not presented a deadly threat and that Lesher and the other officers were all outside when she opened fire into the house, killing Eugene. Officer Lesher had failed to issue any warning. Murdered by Off-duty Littlerock PD

Lesher and her partner, Tabitha McCrillis, were cleared of any wrongdoing by an internal inquiry. But it has since emerged that Lesher’s husband was a supervisor in the LRPD homicide department, which carried out the investigation. US prosecutors launch investigation into fatal Little Rock shooting

DeAndreDeandre Brunston 24, August 24, 2003 Compton, CA – Sherriff’s deputies of Los Angeles County received report on Deandre Brunston for domestic violence. He was un-armed and shot 22 times on the front stoop of a tiny apartment holding a flip-flop as a weapon. The suspect in the video (See EXTREMELY GRAPHIC video here) appears to fear the police dogs and was begging the police to take them away. There’s lots of barking and screaming in the video, but you can clearly hear the plea that he was drop the weapon and surrender but he was scared of the dogs and wanted them gone and also wanted someone to call his estranged girlfriend. The first shot is fired, Deandre disarms instantly by tossing the flip-flop toward a police dog, once disarmed, 81 shots were fired. Frenzied K9 comes running towards the suspect and is caught in the crossfire. One of LA County Sheriffs scooped the dog and rushed him to the hospital, while a still-livin Deandre bled to death. The dog went to the hospital and Deandre stayed as cops walked around him. In the name of justice. Murdered by LAPD

TyTyrone Brown 32, June 5, 2010 Baltimore MD – Off-duty Baltimore Police Officer Gahiji Tshamba and three female friends were at the rear door of the Red Maple when Mr. Brown allegedly got touchy with some women standing outside, moving to hug one, and grabbing the butt of another. When she smacked him, he shoved her back. Gahiji Tshamba fires 13 rounds hitting ex-Marine Tyrone Brown six times. “Life is too short.” Those were some of the last words spoken by former Marine Tyrone Brown moments before he died in a hail of bullets, according to a patron who was in the bar the evening the deadly shooting occurred. Police have searched for Tshamba, a 15-year- veteran of the force for the a week, Detectives believe Tshamba was attempting to avoid capture and may have possibly left Baltimore. He faces first-degree murder charges. Originally Prosecutors ruled the shooting justified but disciplined him for being intoxicated on the job. Eventually convicted of manslaughter, Tshamba was sentenced to 17years in prison, with two years suspended. Officer Gahiji Tshamba was had a history of getting into trouble while drinking, had been allowed to continue on the force. Murdered by Off-duty Baltimore Police Officer Gahiji Tshamba

MiddleChristopher Middleton 26, Aug. 12, 2012 Chicago, IL -An off-duty officer was riding his motorcycle when he saw 4 year old Taniyah Middleton dart directly in his path. He ditched his bike to avoid hitting her but it skidded, hitting the girl and her 18-year-old cousin. The child’s father, Christopher Middleton inside a nearby restaurant, approached the officer yelling and screaming. Apparently the officer told Middleton to calm down. Middleton said he “didn’t give a (expletive)” and punched the officer in the face. Another person hit the officer in the back of the head. The girl’s 18-year-old cousin, who ran into the street after the girl and was holding her hand when she was hit, also kicked the officer while he was on the ground. The officer removed his weapon and fired once, hitting the un-armed Middleton in the groin, The officer claimed he felt he was near losing consciousness and fired at Middleton in defense of his life. Tanya Jones, who identified herself as Middleton’s fiancée and the mother of the 4-year-old girl, said she and Middleton had been visiting his family in Maywood when he decided to dine at a restaurant nearby. She said she came outside after the fight had begun and saw both men trying to get up off the ground when the officer shot Middleton. “Chris asked him, ‘Why did you shoot me, why did you shoot me,’ Middleton died at Loyola University Medical Center. Murdered by Chicago PD

AlanAlan DeWayne Blueford 18, May 6, 2012 Oakland CA – During a phone call to his father, Alan told him he and 2 friends were standing on the corner waiting for “some girls in a white Chevy”. After the phone call, Oakland police officers approached with guns drawn. The police officers had been called to respond to another incident, but decided to stop Alan and his friends because they “believed the young men had a concealed weapon.” Alan ran away from the police officers. Approximately two blocks down the street the officer chasing Alan shot him multiple times. The officer also shot himself. Although Alan had his brown wallet with his ID, Oakland Police Department never called to tell his parents, Alan’s body was left lying in the streets for approximately 4 hours. Alan’s two friends were detained for over 6 hours. After their release, one of the young men had the traumatic task of calling Alan’s parents and telling them their son had been shot and killed. Murdered by Oakland Police Officer

Police Verson # 1: “a suspect” (Alan) and a police officer exchanged gun fire and the officer was shot in the stomach by the suspect, the suspect was shot by the officer. Both were said to have been rushed to Highland Hospital where Alan died and the police officer was expected to recover. OPD reported that they retrieved Alan’s firearm at the scene.
Police Verson # 2: OPD changed their story to state that the officer was shot in the leg and an investigation was in process to determine whether the officer was wounded by “friendly fire.”
Police Version # 3: OPD changed their story yet again, admitting and confirming that THE OFFICER SHOT HIMSELF.

NilesNiles Meservey 51, June 10, 2009 Everett, WA – Several people called 911 from a restaurant to report Niles Meservey was drunk and trying to drive away. Officers arrived and boxed in his Corvette along a fence. But Meservey refused to get out of his car. An officer used a stun gun even though the car was running and the Corvette drove forward, crashing into a fence: the Taser jolt probably caused the crash. The moment the Corvette hit the fence, it buckled and hit a bystander. Officer Troy Meade fired seven shots with his handgun into Meservey’s back, killing him An autopsy confirmed Niles Meservey died from multiple gunshot wounds. Meade was charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, but eventually acquitted. He was later found to be civilly responsible, and the city of Everett was forced to settle a claim with Meservey’s family for $500,000 on top of the $640,000 spent on Meade’s defense. Meade was suspended with pay for 24 months and received $183,984.87 in tax-funded salary. Murdered by Seattle PD

RobinRobin Taneisha Williams 21, June 25, 2012 Philadelphia PA – Barry Searfoss a highly intoxicated off-duty state trooper returning from a fundraiser raising money for youth scholarships in honor of a girl who was killed by a drunk driver traveling approximately 76 miles per hour when his truck slammed into the car of Robin Taneisha Williams. A few moments earlier, Williams’ vehicle had reportedly suffered a mechanical failure and was in the process of slowing to a stop. Searfoss’s truck slammed into the rear of the Williams car, which then burst into flames. Williams was found in the driver’s seat, which was in a partially reclined position. A witness and motorist on the road with Williams described what she saw in her rearview mirror to police as a “fireball” that erupted from Williams’ vehicle. Searfoss failed two field sobriety tests, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and was transported to Abington Memorial Hospital for a blood test, which showed a 0.188 percent BAC, more than twice the legal limit. Searfoss was suspended without pay and He charged with homicide by vehicle, two counts of driving under the influence, careless driving and reckless driving.. Cause of death was attributed to multiple blunt force injuries, thermal burns and smoke inhalation, according to the criminal complaint. Murdered by Off-duty PA State Trooper

KiwKiwane Carrington 15, Oct. 9, 2009 Champaign, Illinois – It started with a neighbor calling police about two people he thought might have been trying to break-in, then, another person called 911 to say they thought three people were breaking in. Carrington and his friend were trying to get into the place where Kiwane stayed but the door was locked. The Chief of police, R.T. Finney showed up. When Officer Norbits arrived, the Chief already had his gun drawn so Norbits drew his. Norbits, with gun in hand allegedly got into a tussle when Kiwane and his friend supposedly disobeyed police orders. Officer Norbits’ gun ‘accidentally’ (their words) went off fatally striking Kiwane”. The officer only received a 30 day suspension without pay which he has yet to serve as the FOP is currently appealing the decision. Murdered by the Champaign, Illinois PD

KendraKendra James 21, May 5, 2003 Portland, OR – James was a passenger stopped by Portland police officers Rick Bean, Kenneth Reynolds, and Scott McCollister. The driver, Terry Jackson, was arrested and placed in a squad car after he was discovered to have an outstanding warrant. After he and another passenger in the car were removed peaceably by the officers, James jumped from the back seat into the driver’s seat. McCollister claims to have made several unsuccessful attempts to remove James while partially within the vehicle through an open door. He claimed to have tried to pull James out by her hair, and also attempted to use a Taser. He said that he had also attempted to use pepper spray to subdue James, but was unable to operate the canister; an investigation by the Portland Police Bureau found McCollister’s pepper spray canister was operational, but no traces of spray were found. McCollister drew his firearm and held it to James’ head, demanding she exit the vehicle. McCollister said he then felt the car move and, concerned that he could have fallen out and been run over, fired a single shot. Several witnesses alleged that McCollister did not fire while within the car; powder residue testing indicated that McCollister’s handgun was at least 30 to 48 inches away from James when discharged, completely inconsistent with McCollister’s version of events. Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schrunk declined to hold a public inquest into James’ death; McCollister was cleared by a federal grand jury. Murdered by Portland PD

PootJose Santos Victor Mejia Poot 29, April 2, 2001 Portland OR – Experiencing an epileptic seizure after boarding a city bus on the morning of March 30, 2001. Tri-Met driver Terry Johnson waved Officer Ferner over because Spanish speaking Jose was short on his fare and was apparently having problems communicating. A struggle broke out after Officer Ferner tried to get Jose to leave. Ferner then pulled Jose off the bus, and the two men separated briefly. According to witnesses on the bus and at the Plaid Pantry store, three other male officers showed up almost immediately and wrestled Jose to the ground, repeatedly striking him in the ribs and legs, kicking, punching and pepper spraying him when a female officer jumped out of her patrol car, hitting Jose in the head with a flashlight, punching him repeatedly in the face and dropped her knee into his neck and back three or four times. The officers continued beating Jose after he was handcuffed, his feet were bound and he was hogtied then placed in a patrol car and driven to psychiatric ward of Gateway Hospital. 2½ days later Jose broke out of his room and apparently knocked a staff member down. 25 police officers responded to a call from the hospital. Sources at the hospital said there were no witnesses to the shooting and no security camera in the hallway where the shooting took place. Police allege Jose was wielding a metal bar he’d ripped off a door and was advancing toward officers. The officers claim to have used used verbal commands, pepper spray and fired several nonlethal beanbag rounds before Jeffrey Bell fired two fatal shots, killing Jose. A Multnomah County grand jury in the arrest and subsequent fatal shooting of Jose ruled Portland police officer Jeffrey Bell did not act criminally. Murdered by Portland PD

SherShereese Francis 30 (schizophrenic) March 15, 2012 Jamaica, Queens, NY – Shauna Francis called 311 looking for some information. She wanted to call an ambulance for her 30-year-old sister, Shereese, but wasn’t impressed by the quality of care at Queens General, the nearest hospital. Shauna wanted to know if she could ask the ambulance to take Shereese to a Long Island hospital. The 311 operator told Shauna she would have to take that question up with the EMTs. Shauna drove to her mother’s home where Shereese was living and as she pulled into the driveway, she saw a police cruiser had already arrived, and four officers were approaching the front door. Assuming an ambulance was on its way, Shauna led the officers into the house, where her mother, Eleen, explained Shereese was in her bedroom in the basement. Eleen saw the officers wrestle Shereese onto a bed, all four of them piling onto her as they pressed her facedown into the mattress and handcuffed her. Within 20 minutes of the police arriving, Shereese Francis had stopped breathing. When Shereese was finally taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center she was pronounced dead. Hospital staff told the family she likely had been dead for at least 90 minutes before she arrived. The death certificate signed by the medical examiner listed Shereese’s death as a homicide and cited the immediate cause of death as “compression of trunk during agitated violent behavior (schizophrenia) while prone on bed and attempted restraint by police officers.” Murdered by NYPD

kiethKeith Vidal 18, January 5, 2014 Boiling Spring Lakes, No. Carolina – Vidal’s father, Mark Wilsey, had called the police for help when the boy suffered what was described as a psychotic episode armed with a screwdriver and wanting to fight his mother. Three law enforcement officers from three different agencies answered the 911 call. After repeatedly tasering the troubled young man and while pinned down beneath two other officers the officers simply shot him as a time-saving measure saying “We don’t have time for this!” Murdered by Boiling Spring Lakes PD

TWTarika Wilson 26, Jan. 4, 2008 Lima OH – Officers had been looking for Wilson’s boyfriend, Anthony Terry, a suspected drug dealer and were there to arrest him. A stun grenade was detonated outside to create a loud noise prior to entering the residence because Officers were obviously aware children were inside as there were toys in the yard and front porch. Police broke down the door and started shooting, Takika’s oldest daughter, 8, told relatives her mother ran upstairs after police detonated the charges. Chavalia recklessly fired three shots into a bedroom where un-armed Wilson and her six children were gathered, even though he could not clearly see her or whether she had a weapon. Officer Chavalia shot blindly into the bedroom killing Tarika and wounding her year-old son in the shoulder. One of the child’s fingers had to be amputated. Chavalia, an officer of 32-years, testified that he thought his life was in danger. He said he saw a shadow coming from behind a partially open bedroom door and heard gunshots he thought were aimed at him. The gunfire he heard was coming from downstairs, where officers shot two pit bulls. A Lima, Ohio jury has acquitted police officer Joseph Chavalia of involuntary manslaughter. Murdered by Lima, Ohio PD

Damon LDamon Lowery 29, December 1999 Lynnwood, WA – Lowery’s friend called police to his home when Lowery, who was visiting, began acting irrationally after taking drugs. Nine (9) police responded to the scene and got a woman and her boyfriend out of the home. Lowery crashed through a window in the back of the house and fell approximately 15 feet where with his back to the fence an Officer Ladd shot him 10 times with lead-pellet-beanbags from less than 10 feet away. (This is significant because Officer Ladd admitted aiming at Damon’s abdomen with those first shots: the manufacturer recommends aiming the “bean bag” rounds at “lower extremities” from less than 30 feet or risk significant injury or death). He climbed over a fence and into an adjoining property where officers emptied six full cans of pepper spray including some sprayed directly into his open neck wound while beating him. Sgt. Adams, who arrived on the scene after most of the confrontation occurred, clocked in her time of arrival and testified she saw 180-pound-plus Officer Shane Nicholson standing on handcuffed and unarmed Lowery’s neck and back. An EMT who arrived over two minutes later testified Nicholson was still on Lowery when he arrived. Lowery was taken by ambulance to OHSU Hospital and pronounced dead. The Deputy State Medical Examiner: “He died from sharp-force injuries to his neck” The Medical Examiner later testified her office did not have the information about Nicholson standing on Lowery at the time she signed the autopsy report. Murdered by Lynnwood PD

duffyVictor Duffy Jr. 25, June 2012 Tukwilla, WA – Mrs. Mills, Victors mother called 911 during a fight with his younger sister despite his “deathly” fear of police. Victor had been diagnosed as being bipolar and having post-traumatic stress disorder after a confrontation with police in which he was tased six years prior. Mills said she told the officers who came to her house that her son was mentally ill and had not been taking his medications. “I begged them not to use a Taser on him,” “I told them he was afraid and I asked them to take care of him.” She said she and other family members were herded outside leaving her son alone in the house with police. “As soon as we were out, I heard ‘zzzt,’ ‘zzzt,’ and him screaming. As officers tried to take him into custody for an involuntary mental-health commitment, Duffy attempted to escape and broke his ankle by jumping out of a second-story window. While her Victor was on the ground and unable to move, officers attacked him, used the Taser on him again and handcuffed him. Medics were summoned to treat the ankle injury and transport Duffy to the hospital. A short while later he was dead. Murdered by Tukwilla PD

No Photo Available-001Stephen Dons (race and age unknown) Jan. 27, 1998 Portland, OR – A house occupied by Steven Douglas Dons was visited by 3 Police Bureau’s Marijuana Task Force and surmised there was a marijuana growing operation there. While those officers went to obtain a search warrant, two other officers from the MTF called for backup. After the backup officers arrived, Sgt. Jim Hudson, officers Steven Morrow, Kim Keist and Colleen Waibel knocked on the door, yelling “Portland Police.” The officers did not know if anyone was in the home. After receiving no answer, Hudson used a paving stone to break down the front door, 23 minutes before the warrant was signed. The officers were met with gunfire. Keist and Hudson were injured; Waibel was killed. Officers returned fire and Dons was shot once in the chest. At 4:45 AM on February 25, Dons was found dead in his medical cell at the Justice Center jail, where he was in custody of the County Sheriff. Although Dons was suspected of killing a police officer and wounding two others, he was not under guard. Authorities say they were checking on Dons through a window twice an hour. Police claim they found a sheet tied around Dons’ neck at one end, and around the bed frame at the other and he was taping the “up” button on his hospital bed. The official story is that Dons, weighing over 250 pounds and paralyzed from the waist down, tied the sheet around his neck and bed frame, then rigged the control for his hospital bed using electrical tape and a wad of paper to raise it until he was strangled. No one other than jail staff ever saw Dons with this alleged contraption in place. There was a surveillance camera in Dons’ cell, but it was conveniently out of order and had toothpaste smeared over the lens. Interesting how Dons’ ability to kill himself while not only paralyzed, but heavily medicated. Murdered by Portland PD

coreyCorey McGinnis 35, July 1, 2012 Cincinnati OH – Police responding to calls about a fight and shots fired at a basketball game. Police shot McGinnis with a taser while he was trying to protect his four sons after a brawl broke out. McGinnis was shot in the upper torso with a Taser police had not regularly tested (later testing showed the taser was emitting higher voltage than manufacturer specifications) McGinnis collapsed from cardiac arrest at the Crutchfield Park and died five days later in the hospital. A settlement for $650,000 will help support McGinnis’ eight children. Murdered by Cincinnati PD

DADamon Abraham 34, May 11, 2012 Baldwin, LA – Abraham showed up at the police tation to investigate a restraining order that was filed against him. After police told him he had warrants our for his arrest, Abraham fled on foot. A Baldwin Police Officer repeatedly used a taser on Abraham and hit him over the head with a baton after he ran from police. Abraham was held at police headquarters after being tased but then began showing signs of physical distress. He was transported to Franklin Foundation Hospital and was then being moved to a Lafayette hospital when he died en route. Murdered by Baldwin PD

BMBobby Louis Merrill Jr. 32, April 11, 2012 Saginaw, MI – Merrill was headed to his mother’s house when he was met by police. The Saginaw Police Department said they received a complaint of someone disrupting traffic and jumping on to vehicles and they found Merrill just a few blocks from his destination. After an altercation with police in the street, police said, Merrill was subdued with a Taser, arrested and placed in the back of a police car. Police said he was being combative and was tasered 5 times, but they initially did not appear to have an effect on him. One of the taser blasts connected with Merrill and he was subdued then handcuffed before placing him in the back of the police car. Merrill went into cardiac arrest and according to witnesses police were high-fiving each when they finally allowed the medical responders to treat Merrill. The medical personnel had been onsite before the tasing but weren’t allowed to help. Merrill was pronounced dead at Saint Mary’s of Michigan hospital a short time later.

CHClinton Hightower 27, May 15, 2012 Dekalb GA – Hightower was walking to his sister’s home to babysit. Officer Jason Cooper driving 80 mph with no lights or siren on his way to a fatal shooting in another part of the county when he struck Hightower killing him instantly. Killed by Dekalb PD

RCReynaldo Cuevas 20, Sept. 7, 2012 New York – Cuevas was working closing up the bodega where he worked when armed robbers held him and his uncle hostage. He and his uncle both managed to escape as police were arriving. As they sprinted from the store, Cuevas was shot in the torso by a cop. According to Jesse Rodriquez a neighborhood resident “The first guy ran out with his hands on his head. The second guy ran out and tripped by the fire hydrant,” referring to Cuevas. And the cops shot him.” Cuevas, who was not armed, was shot once in the torso “People were screaming, ‘He works there! He’s an employee!” “He’s innocent.” Cuevas was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Murdered by NYPD

AdAdaisha Miller 24, July 1, 2012 Detroit, MI – Adaisha was celebrating the weekend before her 25th birthday at a fish fry at Officer Parrish’s home by friends who knew him.

Police Version # 1: Adaisha was standing when she hugged an off-duty police officer Parish while dancing at a party causing the officer’s service weapon to fire.
Police Version # 2: Adaisha was performing some kind of ‘exotic dance’ that placed her in the line of fire for Officer Parrish’s holstered gun to discharge.

The bullet punctured Adaisha’s lung and hit her heart, she died at the hospital. Officer Parish was cleared of charges.

SmilexWalwyn “Smiley” Jackson 26, (emotionally disturbed) September 7, 2012 Queens, NY – His family had called 911 when they found him holding a kitchen knife to his own throat. Jackson was distraught at being unemployed and unable to provide for his 2-week-old son. His Grandmother, Gloria Cameron, said “We called 911 because we wanted an ambulance to come to take him to the hospital. He was no threat or harm to anyone but himself. When the police came to the door, I didn’t want to let them in. They told us to get out of the way and stay downstairs. One of them went for their gun as they went upstairs. I tried to tell them he’s sick. I started to cry and then I heard the shot. He never even made a sound. Rather than apologize to the family, the NYPD continues to victimize them, including at the wake. The police parked a van down the street, harassed and searched people or their way inside, and even ticketed her 21-year-old son when he picked up a beer can someone had left on the ground outside. Murdered by NYPD

DKDarrius Kennedy 51, (mentally ill) Aug. 18, 2012 New York – Kennedy was skipping along 7th Avenue with a kitchen knife when he was confronted by the police. Kennedy had a history of mental problems, and was previously taken to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation. After becoming agitated by the encounter, he began to walk backwards down Seventh Avenue, refusing to drop the weapon. Continuing to walk backwards, away from police, for 5 blocks and at least three minutes, there is still no Emergency Service Unit in sight. The police have no batons or tasers. Police say they pepper-sprayed Kennedy six times, but it failed to stop him. After Kennedy allegedly lunged at the cops, they shot him 12 times however Kennedy from 15 to 20 feet away while standing at their squad cars. Michael Massett, 41, 18 years on the job, shoots three or four times. Peter Rogers, 33, a police officer for the last seven years, pulls the trigger of his Glock nine or 10 times. Thirteen bullets strike Kennedy: six in the chest and abdomen, three in the back, two in the left upper arm and one in each thigh. He is pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital, at 3:42 p.m. Murdered by NYPD

rodriquezSteven Rodriguez 22, Jan. 23, 2013 Monterey Park CA – Rodriquez had no alcohol or drugs in his system at the time he broke several windows with a lead pipe bender at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant. Police were called and according to the YouTube video, Rodriguez raised the pipe bender, but he did not retract it as though he was going to swing. Monterey Park Police Officers Peter Palomino and Everado Romo tazed him, but when that didn’t work, each fired five shots killing him instantly claiming they were in fear for their lives. Officers and emergency responders did not did not give Rodriguez adequate medical attention after he was shot, he was left alone, handcuffed, bleeding and dying on the ground of the parking lot for approximately 10 minutes before anyone gave him medical assistance. Monterey Park paid the family $875,000 for wrongful death. Murdered by Monterey Park PD

DW!Davinian Darnell Williams 36, May 9, 2012 Jacksonville FL – Officer Jeff Edwards began following Williams for “driving suspiciously in an area known for drug activity. According to Officer Edwards Williams tried to evade him by making sudden turns and running stop signs. When Williams finally stopped, police claim Williams refused commands to show his hands and was moving around inside the vehicle. Officer Edwards moved from one side of the car to the other to get a better view of what Williams was doing. “The suspect made a sudden motion, reaching down”. Edwards opened fire, shooting seven times through a side window hitting Williams with six of the shots. Williams died at the scene. Williams had drugs in his socks but no weapons were found. Murdered by Jacksonville PD

J HaperJames Harper 31, July 24, 2012 Dallas TX – Dallas police officers responded to a 911 kidnapping call at a known drug house. The 911 call that turned out to be phony. Officers claim when they entered the house, they saw a gun and four suspects running in four separate directions. According to the 3 other witness/suspects “ they heard what sounded like someone trying to break in and made a decision to leave out the back of the home to escape what they perceived to be a dangerous situation.” The officers gave chase, with Rowden tasked with running down Harper. Rowden claims to have caught up to Harper several times, and they fought each time, Harper allegedly kicked the officer in the chest. Rowden was losing the fight and was exhausted when he claims Harper said, “You’re going to have to kill me.” Rowden shot when he thought it appeared Harper was reaching for a weapon in his pocket. Rowder shot unarmed Harper in the back 3 times claiming he feared for his life. Murdered by Dallas PD

JMJeterius Moore 18, May 10, 2012 Selma, AL – Police say they got a call about a “disturbance” in the area. When they arrived, police say one of their cops became “engaged” with an individual and “shots were fired. It can be safety assumed Jeterius was unarmed…or at least did not have a firearm. Police in all jurisdictions immediately will tell the public of guns possessed by individuals they shoot and kill, which justifies these summary executions in most Americans’ eyes. The fact Selma police are not releasing any details at all and will not answers any questions when a young man was killed by their department makes this appear to be yet another senseless murder. Murdered by Selma PD

DTDillon Taylor 20, Aug. 11, 2014 Salt Lake City, UT – Taylor was exiting a 7-Eleven with his brother and cousin when officers arrived in response to a report of a man with a gun in the area “waving a gun around.” When police arrived, they found three men leaving the convenience store. One of the men, later identified as Taylor, reportedly matched the description of the man reported in a 911 call. Police said Taylor ignored the officers’ commands to stop. Taylor’s brother, Jerrail Taylor, they were both wearing headphones and didn’t immediately hear the officers, who were shouting conflicting commands and shot Dillon Taylor 2 times even though he was unarmed and posed no threat. Murdered by Salt Lake City PD

C ThomasChristopher Jerome Thomas 22, June 28, 2012 Dothan AL –The traffic stop, which is highly questionable initiated the pursuit which started between a marked patrol K-9 vehicle and a white Ford Explorer driven by Thomas. The pursuit spanned 12 blocks, starting on Blackshear Street. Thomas’ SUV traveled across a busy roadway and ended in the strip shopping center in a parking lot striking a printing business and injuring one person inside. Officer Darren Moody jumped from his car and began firing shots before giving Thomas a chance to obey instructions. Officer Moody shot Thomas five times with all bullets passing Thomas’ in a left-to-right trajectory, including two in the neck. Witnesses at the scene claim Officer Moody ran toward Thomas’ car and fired at nearly point blank range with the officer NEVER in the path of Thomas’ vehicle, witness’s also testified Thomas was not moving, and not facing anyone including Moody at the time of the shooting. Of course the shooting was not captured in the video recording, only the chase during which Officer Moody appears to make at least two misrepresentations to dispatchers and supervisors. The officer reported speeds of 30 miles per hour when his patrol car was actually traveling at 62 miles per hour while passing through a residential neighborhood. Moody has claimed twice that Thomas’ car attempted to strike an unmarked police car while the video clearly shows Thomas swerved to miss it. Officer Darren Moody claims he thought he was chasing Jerry Jerome Hill, a convicted felon also known as “Booty Bop” as they both “are African-American.” Murdered by Dothan PD

TDTrevion Davis 13, June 28, 2012 Clayton County GA – Clayton County police officers responding to a burglary saw multiple suspects leaving the location. Attempting to make contact with Trevion, who had a BB gun. An officer was forced to open fire, shooting the boy in the head. The teen was transported to a hospital, where he later died. Murdered by Clayton County Police

Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham-Lawson “it’s possible 18-year-old Jamar Odom, who is accused of participating in the burglary, could face a murder charge since he was involved in a crime that led to Davis’ death.’

omarOmar Abrego 37, Aug. 14, 2014 Los Angeles, CA – LAPD claims police attempted to pull over Abrego because he was driving erratically and almost hit a pedestrian. Officers say he attempted to flee, first in his vehicle, then on foot, before eventually being caught. In the ensuing altercation, police officials claim Abrego suffered a laceration. Witnesses claim to have seen officers striking unarmed Abrego on his head and face, one saying the beating lasted 10 minutes. A cell phone video shows a motionless Abrego with a bloodied face, lying on the ground. An ambulance was called to the scene, and 12 hours later, Abrego was dead. The LAPD claim the two sergeants involved in the incident were injured as a result of the arrest and that the department has mounted an investigation into the incident. Murdered by LAPD

zavalaJacinto Zavala 21, Aug. 14, 2014 Greeley CO – Greeley Police claim a 911 caller reported an intoxicated man armed with “two or three guns”. Zavala, a military veteran reportedly had a brief encounter with police, which officials claim, Zavala refused their commands to drop a weapon and instead pointed it at officers, leading them to shoot and kill him. Police maintain Zavala was brandishing an AR-15, he was armed only with a BB gun, and he never raised it at the officers. The source of the 911 call, who claimed the suspect had PTSD. Zavala’s family alleges he didn’t suffer from the disorder, but that officers should have behaved differently if they believed they were responding to a mentally unstable individual. The Weld County District Attorney’s Office is currently investigating the case, though details about incident have not yet been released. Murderd by Greeley PD

DianaDiana Showman 19, Aug. 14, 2014 San Jose CA – Diana Showman suffering with severe bipolar disorder, called 911 reportedly telling dispatchers that she had a gun and was going to shoot her family. However, no one else was at home with her. When Showman later approached officers outside of her home with a large black object in her hand, the officers ordered her to drop it, but when she disobeyed police claim, an officer fired one fatal round. Showman had a black cordless drill in her hand. Showman’s parents, as well as local police, are demanding a thorough investigation of the shooting. Murdered by San Jose PD

mcMichelle Cusseaux 50, (mentally ill) Aug. 14, 2014 Phoenix AZ – On the same afternoon, a veteran officer from the Phoenix Police Department arrived at 50-year-old Michelle Cusseaux’s apartment in order to transport her to an in-patient mental-health facility. Police say Cusseaux — who was said to have serious mental illness which included schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression — met the officer at her front door with a hammer in her hand when she was shot dead. The Arizona Department of Public Safety will conduct a criminal investigation into the shooting after Cusseaux’s mother asked that the city use an independent agency to look into the incident. Murdered by Phoenix PD

JPJoshua Paul 31, Aug. 17, 2014 (photo: Joshua in front) Carpentersville, Illinois – Joshua was pulled over by police for suspicion of driving on a revoked license. Officers informed Paul he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest due to prior traffic violations, and attempted to take him into custody. Police reported a “brief physical struggle,” which left Paul with a laceration under his chin requiring on-scene medical attention from paramedics. The extent of his injuries was reportedly more substantial as he was eventually taken to the hospital in an ambulance, where he died a few hours later. The cause of Paul’s death and extent of his injuries have still not been officially released, although witnesses testify they believe his neck was broken. The Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit has launched an investigation into the incident. Murdered by Carpentersville PD

mariaMaria Fernanda Godinez 22, Aug. 19, 2014 Orlando FL – Several people called 911 to report a man with a gun outside of a downtown nightclub, but that he hadn’t fired it yet. According to a police affidavit, police ordered Kody Roach, the gunman, to get on the ground, but when he started to back up toward the club again, witnesses say policed fired as many as a half-dozen shots. Police say during a police confrontation with the gunman, 22-year-old Maria Godinez was killed by a stray bullet fired by an officer. Roach survived the shooting and now faces a murder charge for the killing of Godinez. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has launched an investigation into the shooting. Murdered by Orlando PD

No Photo Available-001Guillermo Canas 36, (mentally ill) Aug. 28, 2014 St. Paul MN – Police say they received 911 calls describing a man walking down a street wielding a pipe and bashing in windows. A witness described the man as homeless. St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith said that the man was attacking officers with rocks and had also apparently attacked a school bus with a metal pipe. Witnesses say that when police arrived, the man was throwing rocks and trying to punch police officers just before he finally charged at one of the officers and was fatally shot. Murdered by St. Paul PD

marlonMarlon Horton 28, Sept. 7, 2013 Chicago IL – Horton was reportedly attempting to visit his girlfriend on the morning of Sept. 7, 2013, but a lawsuit claims that his cell phone battery had died, leaving him unable to call his girlfriend to get into her building. Horton then asked two building security guards, one who turned out to be an off-duty Chicago police officer, to let him into the building. When the pair of guards refused to let him in and asked him to leave, Horton allegedly began to urinate near the police officer’s car and a scuffle began. It ended with Horton being shot as he moved toward the off-duty police officer. Transcripts from 911 calls reveal a dispatcher instructing the off-duty officer to give Horton medical assistance after Horton had been shot, but security video from the scene of the shooting shows no assistance was given. The Chicago Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the incident. Murdered by Chicago PD

No Photo Available-001Hernandez L. Dowdy 36, June 27, 2014 Memphis TN – Memphis police arrested Erica M. Moore on June 23, when police received complaints from a BP Gas Station about women soliciting truckers on the lot. Moore had been seen at the BP and warned to leave the area before she was arrested. She was charged with criminal trespass and pedestrians soliciting rides or business. She told an investigator that after she had been arrested for flagging down cars, she didn’t know who had her silver 2008 Pontiac G6, it was stolen by a gunman. Moore claimed she was carjacked about 9:30 p.m. on June 22 by one of four people she allowed in her car. She said she had given two men wearing dreadlocks and two women a ride after failing to find a man called “Hap” because he needed her to buy Xanax. Moore told police she gave them a ride with the condition one of them take the wheel, because she suffers from anxiety about driving. Moore reported the man driving her car pulled over, told her to get out at gunpoint and then said he would kill her and her family if she called police. June 27 a GPS company notified the Memphis department’s Communications Bureau that the car was in the 3400 block of Wingate. Police reported Dowdy refused to stop, fled east, struck another vehicle and bailed out of the car. “According to officers on the scene, the suspect reached toward his waistband and indicated he had a gun, at which time the suspect was fatally shot by Memphis police pursuing the driver of what was reported to be a carjacked vehicle. But there was no carjacking. The Southaven woman who made the claim has been charged with the felony of making a false offense report to Memphis Police. Dowdy was pronounced dead later at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis. The department on Friday released the name of the officer involved, James Archie, 40, who joined the force in November 2006. Archie remains relieved of duty with pay during an investigation of the shooting. Police officials have declined to release additional information, saying in statements that the exact details surrounding this incident are still under investigation. Murdered by Memphis PD

Deshone Lamar Travistravis 20 June 27, 2012 Port Wentworth, GA – Port Wentworth police department had been asked to assist Pooler Police detectives on a robbery investigation they were conducting in Pooler at the Wendy’s on Highway 80. The investigation led to a home in Port Wentworth and while there, police encountered unarmed Deshone Travis. Robert Travis told us he received a call from his son saying ” police wanted to impound his car and it had something to do with a robbery. I told him I would be right there”. “Everything was calm, no one was irate or anything, so I thought I was just going there and to see what was going on with the car and talk to the officers and see what why they thought his vehicle was involved. But when I got to the scene that was not the case. The glass was busted out of my son’s car which was in the street and I realize my son is in that car and I am asking what happened?” Witness Algerene McKinnon, “police wanted to search Deshones’ car, but then gave him back his keys. I think Deshone assumed he was free to go so he went to the car and was backing away”. McKinnon said officers were not behind the car, but rather to the side on the grass. He said one officer from Pooler followed Deshone to the passenger side of the car after Deshone got inside the vehicle. ‘He told him to get out but he didn’t,” when the car began moving, that’s when officers began shooting from the grassy area to the side. An officer walked behind the car and fired. “Their lives were not in danger”. Murdered by Port Wentworth PD

davisShantel Davis 23, June 15, 2012 Brooklyn NY – Plainclothes cops spotted Shantel Davis drive erratically in a Toyota Camry she’d allegedly stolen at gunpoint earlier in the month. After running a series of red lights, she crossed a double yellow line, where, according to NYPD she crashed into a minivan. As cops approached unarmed Davis, she attempted to open the passenger side door. A cop was hit by the door and pushed backwards. Davis then reportedly went back to the driver’s side and put the car in reverse, hitting the gas. At the same time, another cop, Detective Phil Atkins, entered the vehicle through the driver’s side door, attempting to put the car in park. In one hand, he was carrying a gun. “He’s attempting with the other hand to shift the gear into park,” “When she’s hitting the gas, a single round was discharged from his firearm, striking the woman in the chest.” Cops then asked Davis to step out of the car, she stumbled onto the street, bleeding profusely as a large crowd looked on in horror. One witness said “She did not try to put no car in reverse, they were already on her, she had nowhere to go.” Murdered by NYPD

ChrisChristopher Brown 17, June 15, 2012 Baltimore MD – Teens were throwing rocks and ringing doorbells at random houses in their Randallstown neighborhood. Christopher Brown had expressed disapproval of the vandalism that had residents complaining to police. But a friend said the high school junior and church usher — dubbed “Mr. Congeniality” by his teachers — reluctantly agreed to join in. According to this friend, he accompanied a separate group trailing behind Brown. They approached a house; he doesn’t think any of the teens out that night knew that a police officer lived on the street, it just happened to be the final house targeted in their game. Some members of the group were acting unusually rowdy and broke away from the rest of the pack. Brown was behind the rowdier group of teens who went to Laboard’s house, and heard two bangs, possibly from a rock and a kick on the door, but the friend was too far away to see who threw the rock or the officer rush out. The friend said he saw Brown in the street at the time, too far away to have thrown anything. People scattered, but Brown was slowed by a knee brace. One of the other kids asked him, “Where’s Chris? Where’s Chris?” About five minutes later, Brown called him on his cellphone “There’s people looking for you all,” Brown whispered. “Get in a house and stay there.” He thought Brown was calling him from his house and was speaking in hushed tones to keep his mother from hearing. Later, when the friend saw county police officers and a helicopter in the area, he thought they were searching for vandals. The friend said Brown did not throw the rock that thumped against Off-duty Police Officer James D. Laboard’s front door. But it was Brown who was caught after Laboard, chasing the teen through yards and between houses, cornering him several blocks away where Laboard found the 17-year-old hiding in some bushes. “The officer hears the young man in the bushes and tells him to come out. The police claim “the young man refused to come out, so the officer reached into the bushes and pulled him out, and Brown engaged in a physical fight with our officer, in the course of that physical fight, at some point the young man became unconscious”. Brown ended up dead by asphyxiation, ruled a homicide by the state medical examiner. James D. Laboard, a nine-year veteran, faces charges of voluntary and involuntary manslaughter in the asphyxiation death whom police said he chased after a group of teens threw a rock at his front door on June 13. Each count carries a maximum of 10 years in prison. Murdered by Baltimore PD

derrick2Derrick Gaines 15, On June 5, 2012 San Francisco CA – Hanging out with friends. They had been to McDonald’s. They first went to the bus station, but when no bus came, they wandered back towards McDonald’s and an Arco station. A police car was watching them, making Derrick look over. The cop swooped into the Arco station, full of people, and asked the young men why they were there. “Derrick backed off and started to run. Police Officer, Joshua Cabillo, hit Derrick on the head with his gun; then they struggled on the ground. Derrick was carrying an old gun, which didn’t have a firing pin. It was an old collector-type gun, not visible inside his clothing. It skidded out to the side, after he had been knocked down. The cop pointed the gun to Gaines’s throat and shot him point blank. Witnesses say Gaines’s gun wasn’t near enough to have been a threat.” His mother says that Gaines had been writing rap songs, and she believes the gun may have been a prop. a gentleman who was trained in CPR offered to help, but Cabillo refused to allow it, attempting CPR himself instead. Derrick was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where they went to great lengths to save him. They found a wound in his neck and his lower back.” There was an extensive investigation, including ‘re-creation’ of the scene at the service station. The conclusion was that it was a ‘justified’ shooting. Officer Cabillo was part of a special Neighborhood Response Team [a police unit aimed at combating gang violence in the neighborhood], which swings into high gear when school is out. He has been quoted as saying that he loves foot pursuits.” Neither Gaines nor his friend was a member of any gang. Murdered by San Francisco PD

KijuanKijuan Byrd 28, June 1, 2012 Miami FL – Security Guard Lukace Shane Kendle noticed Byrd and Smathers inside of a Ford F-150 in a nearby parking space rolling up marijuana cigarettes. Kendle says he first decided to join co-workers across the parking lot, but turned back to retrieve something from his truck. As approached his truck, Kendle says he saw the Ford’s doors swing open and then heard someone shout, “I’m going to kill that n—–.” Kendle says as Smather’s was exiting the vehicle, he “might have been pulling something ‘upwards.’ Kendle never saw a weapon, but says he feared for his life. He then pulled out his gun and shot Smathers four times, then focused on Byrd. He told the cops he shot in Byrd’s direction once because he felt his life was in danger. Byrd had crawled under the vehicle at this point. In the warrant, Kendle said he could not see Byrd’s hand, but still fired anyway because he was still “in fear for his life.” Byrd and Smathers were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, where Byrd later died. An autopsy later revealed that Byrd was shot 11 times. Smathers was still hospitalized Friday in critical condition. Kendle was allowed to go free after shooting by invoking ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ Murdered by Private Security Guard

DariusDarius Simmons 13, May 31, 2012 Milwaukee WI – Surveillance video taken from John Henry Spooner, a 76-year-old own security cameras showed him emerge from his house and confronts Darius, who is retrieving his family’s garbage cart from the street. Spooner points a gun at Darius, who quickly moves back a few steps asking if he’s had stolen some of his guns. The boy, who held his hands up and said he didn’t have anything. Spooner then talks to Darius’ mother, who’s standing on her porch out of view of the camera, and Spooner briefly points the gun in her direction. Moments later, Spooner points the gun back at the boy standing a couple of feet in front of him. He fires, hitting Darius in the chest. The teen stumbles and runs away, and Spooner fires a second shot that misses. Darius’ mother, Patricia Larry, testified she chased her son to where he collapsed in the street and held him in her arms as he died. “I pulled his shirt up, he had a bullet hole in his chest. He took one more breath and that’s it.” Spooner paced up and down the sidewalk until police arrived a few minutes later. Police officer Richard Martinez testified that he was handcuffing Spooner when Spooner acknowledged, “Yeah, I shot him.” John H. Spooner was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide. He acknowledged shooting the 13-year-old in the chest while the teen’s mother watched. Murdered by a neighbor

barrettAnton Barrett Sr. 41, May 29, 2012 Vallego CA – Police claim Barrett was driving a white Lexus without its headlights on near an intersection where they were conducting a routine DUI checkpoint. When Barrett failed to stop, they went after him. The chase ended at an apartment complex where Barrett and two other male passengers jumped out of the car and ran. Barrett was confronted by an officer and told to show his hands. The officer says instead, Barrett ran towards him, reached into his pocket, and pulled out a dark colored metal object. The officer claims he was forced to fire on Barrett multiple times and that when Barrett tried to get up after being shot, another officer tased him to subdue him. Barrett died later at a hospital from his injuries. Police now admit the object in question wasn’t a weapon but the victim’s wallet. Barrett may have run because he was afraid of getting another DUI and losing his job”. Murdered by Vallejo PD

No Photo Available-001David Winston 27, May 25, 2012 Birmingham AL – Winston, his common-law-wife and three children, were temporarily staying at the hotel while waiting on their apartment to be ready. The two had left their room to smoke in a grassy area next to the hotel when hotel security guard Pierre Myles approaches and told them to go back into their room. Myles wasn’t supposed to be armed but he’s brought his own gun for his job, Winston was unarmed. On the hotels video tape Winston and Myles are seen arguing and yelling. Myles fires the first shot into the ground. When Winston starts running between two cars, Myles follows firing multiple times. The video of the shooting was synced with a 911 phone call from a hotel employee to dispatcher “ He just shot the guest” Winston is seen in the parking lot suffering from 16 shots from Myles Ruger 9mm pistol. Myles can also be seen shooting a bystander in the leg. Myles was sentenced to 25, to life in prison for the murder charge and 10 years in prison for the second degree assault on the woman, with both sentences to run concurrent.

DBDewayne Bailey 38, May 8, 2012 Memphis TN – Bailey was in a public store parking lot asleep with the car running. Someone observe him and contacted local police. While attempting to awaken Mr. Bailey, he awoke suddenly and was startled. It is stated that Mr. Bailey exited the vehicle and started to become physical with the officers however it is also states Mr. Bailey got back into his vehicle and proceeded to drag a police officer making three white officers shoot him 32 times. One black officer that’s states “I DID NOT FEAR FOR MY LIFE SO I DIDN’T SHOOT”. Witnesses disputed the claim by police that when they woke Bailey up, he got out of his car and fought with them, then got back in his car and started driving it. Murdered by Memphis PD

JMcJeremie McCraven 20, Feb. 10, 2012 Memphis TN – Police claim McCraven was the leader of an auto theft ring and been arrested several times in stolen vehicles. Jeremie was shot in the back while fleeing police while allegedly driving a stolen car. Murdered by Memphis PD

CFChristian Freeman 19, (paranoid schizophrenic) June 12, 2012 Memphis TN – Police claim Freeman charged at two officers with a knife and they shot him to death. That was Freeman’s second encounter with police. He spent a month in a mental health ward after allegedly yelling and making obscene gestures at police officers in April 2012. Freeman’s uncle in Texas, Todd Jones, said police should have tried to incapacitate and restrain Freeman rather than shooting him. Memphis Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is used as a model for intervention services regarding arrests of mentally ill people in crisis, but Memphis police do not use it. Murdered by Memphis PD

No Photo Available-001William Howlett 41, March 10, 2012 Memphis TN – After police chased and arrested Howlett for allegedly attacking his girlfriend he mysteriously became “unresponsive”. Murdered by Memphis PD

momDelores Epps 53, and Mackala Ross 13, Aug. 26, 2013 Memphis TN – Officer Beard ignored police regulations to use the flashing lights and the siren on his car when he hit a car driven by Michael Ross, killing Mackala Ross and Delored Epps. Michael Ross was critically injured and remained in the hospital. A fourth passenger was treated and released. Beard, who has been suspended with pay, suffered minor injuries. Sept. 2013 Former Officer Beard agreed to plead guilty to two counts of vehicular homicide and two counts of aggravated assault in the crash that killed the mother and daughter and injuring the father and will ONLY serve six months in jail. Murdered by Memphis PD

No Photo Available-001Randy Green (age unknown – legally blind) March, 2012. Memphis TN – Green was pepper-sprayed to death by Memphis police officers on the campus of the University of Memphis, where he was attempting to use the library. It is not known if his case was even properly referred to the Medical Examiner’s office, or if they examined the crime scene, and whether this is yet another case of ME-police cover-up. Murdered by Memphis PD

JTJustin Thompson 15 , September 24, 2012 Memphis, TN – Justin was shot four times by a Memphis police officer, the motive was presented as “robbery”. No weapon or other evidence of “robbery” ever presented. His brother whom they claim was a participant was never arrested, and was not even on the scene. The ME’s office is purportedly investigating the body, but has issued no findings of any sort, or have decided to keep such finding a secret at the behest of the police. This appears to be yet another cover-up of police misconduct and excessive use of force by the County Medical Examiner’s Office, working in collusion with the police and local political authorities to protect their interests rather than impartially presenting the facts to the public or a grand jury, if need be. Murdered by Memphis PD

No Photo Available-001Bobby Rodriquez (age unknown) July 19, 1995 Jersey City NY – Police officers Hazecamp and Wolfe pulled Bobby over, allegedly for running a stop sign. Police claim that the unarmed Rodriguez then jumped out of his van and ran into a vacant lot. The officers gave chase. Wolfe said he scuffled with Rodriguez and lost control of his weapon. Wolfe’s gun went off three times. Hazecamp then shot Bobby four times, and he died on the spot. The two cops each suffered a minor wound. Witnesses contradicted the police account. Several people who ran to the vacant lot when they heard the shots arrived to see Bobby lying face down in a pool of blood, with the cops removing handcuffs from behind his back. The cops deny this, but cannot explain why he would have fled and braved police gunfire over a traffic violation. As it turned out, Bobby had been driving home to pick up his companion to take him to work. His companion was Jose Torres, the prisoner being transported in the back of Chiusolo’s car the night that Maximino Cintron was killed. Jose Torres told the press that ever since he testified to the grand jury in 1991 Jersey City police had continually harassed him and Bobby Rodriguez. The grand jury ruled the killing of Bobby Rodriguez to be justifiable homicide. No indictment was returned. Murdered by Jersey City PD

DavisLorenzo Davis 28, July 3, 2012 Memphis TN – Lorenzo Davis was allegedly caught selling drugs in front of a house and when police tried to arrest him for possession of crack cocaine, Davis supposedly punched one of the officers and took off running. After police chased and arrested him, he was dragged him down a gravel driveway and across a street. Officers say he was profusely sweating and had a rapid heartbeat. He collapsed while in the squad car. They neighbor witnessed 6 officers beating Davis. Doctors at Methodist Hospital who examined Davis told his mother the only drug in his system was Tylenol and that he had severe head injuries, contusions, internal bleeding, and a broken leg. Family members told the news media they believed police beat Davis to death. To discredit the family, the medical examiner’s autopsy claimed that Davis died from an overdose of cocaine poisoning, which caused him to struggle with the police, thereby justifying the severe beating they gave him. Murdered by Memphis PD

No Photo Available-001Julio Tarquino 22, May 11, 1995 Jersey City NJ – Julio, his fiancée, and a friend went to a gas station convenience store to buy some food around 3:30 a.m. Two white men began taunting and insulting them and Julio and his friends headed to their car to leave. As they were leaving, Officer John Chiusolo (who killed Maximino Cintron four years earlier) drove up. He was off-duty and out of uniform. He handcuffed Julio and beat him to the ground, kicking him repeatedly in the head. Julio’s finacée attempted to reason with Chiusolo and was also beaten. Julio was arrested for assaulting an officer, then taken to Christ Hospital in Jersey City and treated. He was released back into police custody at 6:30 a.m. “coherent and even joking,” according to hospital personnel. Six hours later, Julio was returned to jail – a time lapse that has never been accounted for. Fifteen minutes later, he was found slumped over in his cell, convulsing. He died of skull fractures. Community protests followed, and another man, German Barrantes, came forward to say that Officer Chiusolo had beaten him at a traffic stop a few days before the murder of Julio Tarquino. In September, 1995, Chiusolo was indicted for second-degree manslaughter. As of September, 1997, he remained free on bail with no trial. Murdered by Jersey City PD

charlesCharles Livingston 32, Dec. 27, 2012 Memphis TN – Police claimed they killed Livingston while he was fleeing from a McDonald’s restaurant, which he allegedly robbed, and that supposedly he pointed a gun at them while he was escaping. Charles was the only suspect of the McDonald’s robbery who was apprehended. There were two more in the actual robbery. One is believed to have fled on foot, and the other is believed to have been driven away by a female accomplice. For over 30 years the MPD has been under a U.S. Supreme Court decision forbidding them from shooting “fleeing felons” like Livingston in the back. Murdered Memphis PD

No Photo Available-001Donald Moore 67, Jan. 11, 2013. Memphis TN – Was shot to death on Police claim that when they came to Moore’s home to serve him with a warrant for animal cruelty, he pointed a gun at them. However, when the cops came busting into the house, they broke down the door in the middle of the night and never announced they were police officers. Moore was fatally shot when he went for his firearm on a night stand. Murdered by Memphis PD

No Photo Available-001Steven Askew 24, Jan. 17, 2013 Memphis TN – After falling asleep in his car waiting for his girlfriend to come home from work. Two police officers, who were called to the area on another matter, claimed when they approached Askew’s car, he pointed a gun at them and they killed him. Askew was licensed to carry a gun. A video of the incident disputes the police version of events. Murdered by Memphis PD

No Photo Available-001Horace Whiting 63, March 10, 2013 Memphis TN – Police Officers Forrest Wright and Brandon Hatley claim Whiting had a shotgun when they confronted him in front of his house and that he fired at them when they told him to put the gun down. A neighbor of Whiting said Whiting never pointed the gun at anyone, and that he was on his own porch. Officers involved in deadly shooting ad numerous previous reprimands Murdered by Memphis PD

gdGeorge Golden 42, March 27, 2013 Memphis TN – The incident began when Kimberly Houston, an off-duty Memphis Police Deparment officer moonlighting as a security guard, reported she saw Golden shoplifting at the Walmart, then followed him out of the store. Houston, who has numerous anger-related disciplinary infractions in her MPD personnel file, then flagged down two on-duty cops who were in the lot: Erica Washington, 29, and Leon Dickson, 33. Shot, kicked and beaten by two police officers in the parking lot of a Walmart store, where police claim Golden was shoplifting. A cell phone video taken by a bystander shows that one cop beat and kicked Golden while he was lying on the ground after being shot by another cop. Police made no reference to the fatal shooting in their final incident report, covering up the cause of death. Memphis PD

No Photo Available-001Daniel Brock 47, (mentally ill) April 10, 2013 Memphis TN – A complainant told police at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Appling Farms Station he was at AutoZone when he first noticed a male suspect following him. When he noticed Brock tailgating him, he attempted to evade him. The complainant said while attempting to flee, he stopped at the light and Mr. Brock, exited his vehicle and approached him. Mr. Brock began beating and spitting on his window while making threats to kill him. The complainant exited the interstate and drove to Appling Farms Station seeking assistance from Police. The suspect got back into his vehicle and also exited the interstate and continued to follow the complainant to the police station. As officers arrived to assist, Brock sped off the precinct lot as the responding officers pulled into the area and found that the suspect had crashed. Brock exited his vehicle and approached the officers while holding his hand behind his back. After commands from the officers requesting that he stop and show his hands were ignored, an officer shot one time from his duty weapon striking him. Mr. Brock was pronounced deceased on the scene. Murdered by Memphis PD

No Photo Available-001John Walker May 18, 2013 Memphis TN – Walker was working for a private company working as a traffic escort for a funeral when an off-duty police officer Larry Jackson pulled out in front of him hit the motorcycle Walker was riding. MPD spokesperson Sgt. Karen Rudolph said “no disciplinary actions will be taken at this time. This incident occurred due to an accident which was reported and proper notification was made, therefore he followed policy.” Murdered by Memphis PD

No Photo Available-001Sharmel Edwards 49, April 20, 2012 Las Vegas NV – Went on what her boyfriend described as a romantic date. Later that evening, he claims he woke up and discovered she’d gone on a late-night drive. He called the police and reported she took his car from a bar “without his permission.” He also reported he kept a gun in the car’s console. Officers pursued Edwards, calling in a SWAT team for back-up. Multiple witnesses claim that she exited the car with her hands up and unarmed, while the police and others claim she was holding a gun. A total of five officers fired at least 15 bullets at the woman with three handguns, a rifle, and a shotgun. The gun in the car Edwards was driving was never fired. Edwards was shot multiple times and died at the scene. The five officers that fired upon Edwards were Melvyn F. English, 43, Todd G. Edwards, 31, Truong T. Thai, 38, Matthew J. Cook, 43, and Christopher M. Grivas, 31. Grivas was involved in another fatal shooting less than a year ago. Murdered by Las Vegas PD

TMTyisha Miller 19, Dec. 28, 1998 Riverside, CA – Three days after Christmas in 1998, Tyisha Miller got a flat tire while driving home after spending the day shopping and drinking with friends. When her cousin and a friend arrived to pick her up, she was unconscious and unresponsive to their knocks on her window, with a gun on her lap. They immediately called the police, who were informed of the presence of a gun, so they approached the vehicle with guns drawn. Because Miller would not wake up, police forced entry into the car. When one of the officers attempted to remove her gun, police claim that Miller sat up and grabbed for her gun. Officers then opened fire 23 times, hitting Miller with at least 12 bullets, including four in the head. Murdered by Riverside PD

A JonesAndre Jones 18, Aug. 22, 1992 Jackson MS – – Andre Jones was a Jackson, Mississippi college student who was found dead in a Simpson County Jail. He and his girlfriend Tanisha Love had gone out the night before, but when they went to a police checkpoint, an officer claimed that Andre threw a gun out of the car and they arrested him. When he was found dead, authorities claimed that he had hanged himself with a shoelace. However, his family and friends believe that he was murdered and that his death may have been racially-motivated. They also believe that his death may have been connected to several other suspicious deaths that occurred in the jail in the years prior. Andre was more than likely murdered. A separate pathologist who exhumed the body and studied it found evidence of other stuff and claimed in his findings the hanging was staged. He was killed, maybe even accidentally, but then the cover up to stage a hanging went into effect. Too many other people saw or heard strange things happening, including the wheelchair affidavit. Some cell-mates even later heard that the shoelace thing was staged to make it look like a suicide. In February of 1996, Lumumba announced that he would pursue lawsuits on behalf of Charles and Esther Quinn. A few days after the Quinns’ son Andre Jones had been arrested in August of 1992, he was found hanged in a shower stall in the Simpson County jail. The case attracted national attention for three reasons: first because he was one of the last of forty-eight jailhouse hangings of young African American men in Mississippi since 1987; second, because an independent autopsy ruled the death a homicide after state’s pathologist had called it a suicide; and finally, because the hanging happened under the supervision of Simpson County Sheriff Lloyd “Goon” Jones. Jones had become infamous after being accused in the deaths of two foreign journalists covering the landmark racial integration admission of James Meredith to the University of Mississippi in 1962. Jones was later implicated in the murders of two Jackson State University students in 1972. Lumumba won substantial damages for the Quinn family. Murdered by Jackson PD Read more:

WTWilliam Terrel Allen 31, April 6, 2012 Tulsa OK – Vigilantes 19 year old Jake England and 33 year old Alvin Watts. In an video interview the England described the trauma of watching first his father and then, nearly two years later, his girlfriend being shot dead (suicide) a few feet away from him. He also lamented his father’s death exactly two years earlier “at the hands of a f–king n—-r” Three Crime Stoppers tips helped lead authorities to the men, according to the affidavit. A caller described England as “a racist (who) hates black males” and said he had “bragged about other shootings.” England and Watts went into a largely African-American section of Tulsa shortly after midnight and gunned down apparent strangers at four locations. Two men and one woman died after being shot in the chest — with one of them found “lying face down” outside a funeral home: Bobby Clark, Dannaer Fields and William Terrel Allen, two others were shot and survived. All the shooting victims are black. Police have identified Watts and England as white. Another person phoned to say that England had gone off to burn his truck, which was similar to the vehicle seen by several people including one of the survivors in an around the area where the shootings took place. Sheriff deputies soon after found a 1989 Chevy truck with the Cherokee Nation tag on fire in North Tulsa. The third caller to contact Crime Stoppers on April 7 said England had “made several comments about killing black people” and wanted “justice” for his father’s killing. This person added that England “uses drugs and will not go down without a fight.” Murdered by vigilante’s

BCBobby Clark 54, April 6, 2012 Tulsa OK – Vigilantes 19 year old Jake England and 33 year old Alvin Watts. In an video interview the England described the trauma of watching first his father and then, nearly two years later, his girlfriend being shot dead (suicide) a few feet away from him. He also lamented his father’s death exactly two years earlier “at the hands of a f–king n—-r” Three Crime Stoppers tips helped lead authorities to the men, according to the affidavit. A caller described England as “a racist (who) hates black males” and said he had “bragged about other shootings.” England and Watts went into a largely African-American section of Tulsa shortly after midnight and gunned down apparent strangers at four locations. Two men and one woman died after being shot in the chest — with one of them found “lying face down” outside a funeral home: Bobby Clark, Dannaer Fields and William Terrel Allen, two others were shot and survived. All the shooting victims are black. Police have identified Watts and England as white. Another person phoned to say that England had gone off to burn his truck, which was similar to the vehicle seen by several people including one of the survivors in an around the area where the shootings took place. Sheriff deputies soon after found a 1989 Chevy truck with the Cherokee Nation tag on fire in North Tulsa. The third caller to contact Crime Stoppers on April 7 said England had “made several comments about killing black people” and wanted “justice” for his father’s killing. This person added that England “uses drugs and will not go down without a fight.” Murdered by vigilante’s

DannerDannaer Fields 49, April 6, 2012 Tulsa OK – Vigilantes 19 year old Jake England and 33 year old Alvin Watts. In an video interview the England described the trauma of watching first his father and then, nearly two years later, his girlfriend being shot dead (suicide) a few feet away from him. He also lamented his father’s death exactly two years earlier “at the hands of a f–king n—-r” Three Crime Stoppers tips helped lead authorities to the men, according to the affidavit. A caller described England as “a racist (who) hates black males” and said he had “bragged about other shootings.” England and Watts went into a largely African-American section of Tulsa shortly after midnight and gunned down apparent strangers at four locations. Two men and one woman died after being shot in the chest — with one of them found “lying face down” outside a funeral home: Bobby Clark, Dannaer Fields and William Terrel Allen, two others were shot and survived. All the shooting victims are black. Police have identified Watts and England as white. Another person phoned to say that England had gone off to burn his truck, which was similar to the vehicle seen by several people including one of the survivors in an around the area where the shootings took place. Sheriff deputies soon after found a 1989 Chevy truck with the Cherokee Nation tag on fire in North Tulsa. The third caller to contact Crime Stoppers on April 7 said England had “made several comments about killing black people” and wanted “justice” for his father’s killing. This person added that England “uses drugs and will not go down without a fight.” Murdered by vigilante’s

Suzie PenaSuzie Marie Peña 19 months old July 10, 2005 Los Angeles CA – Suzie was the 19-month old little girl who was killed when her drunk and meth and coked-up father, Raul Pena, threatened violence in a quarrel with his wife, Lorena Lopez. Lorena went to get a restraining order, Raul Pena managed to get into a shootout with police, most of the time while holding his baby daughter. Eventually an LAPD SWAT team stormed the inside office of Pena’s South LA used car dealership where the man was holed up. Of the 50 rounds that the SWAT guys fired in that final battle, two struck Raul, killing him, and two struck the little girl, one of them hitting her in the head, killing her too. LAPD and special SWAT officers fired at least 250 bullets into an auto shop after a three-hour standoff with Peña. Two bullets hit and killed Suzie Peña. The incident was recorded by nine video cameras, which recorded a total of 27 hours of footage. Supposedly, none of this footage documented the killings of Suzie or Jose Peña. The LAPD deemed the incident a “hostage situation,” but no negotiator was ever called. Instead, five officers stormed the office where the Peñas were located. At the same time, 11 officers opened fire, leaving one police officer injured and both the father and his daughter dead. The commission’s main finding absolved the police for killing Suzie and her father. It was determined the cops acted within the LAPD’s use-of-force policy. The report also concluded that two Los Angeles police officers involved in the early stages of the incident violated department tactics and policy. But these officers will remained on the force and received pnly light, internal punishment. The commission squarely blamed the murder on Peña’s father, a victim of police violence himself. It issued its ruling after meeting behind closed doors with police chief William Bratton for nine hours. As a result, no criminal charges will be filed against the officers involved in the killings. In a 10-page letter to the LAPD, Deputy District Attorney Renee S. Cartaya; wrote the 11 police officers involved in the incident “acted lawfully in self-defense and in defense of others when they used deadly force against Jose Peña.” LAPD chief, William Bratton, applauded the officers’ “outstanding job. I want to commend the men and women of this department who in every instance of this incident behaved courageously, marching toward danger, every one of whose interest and intent was to save the life of the hostages.” LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa praised the commission and supported the police. In a statement, Villaraigosa said that he is ”confident that the commission reached the appropriate decision”. Murdered by LAPD

ethanRobert Ethan Saylor 26, (Down syndrome) Jan, 12, 2013 Baltimore MD – When Saylor’s caretaker had gone outside to get the car after a screening of “Zero Dark Thirty,” Saylor returned to a theater seat because he wanted to watch the movie a second time but he was without a ticket. Frederick County Sheriff’s deputies were summoned to oust Saylor. Three off duty deputy sheriffs moonlighting as security guards went in. Saylor’s aide pleaded for everyone to wait it out and allow her to deal with the situation. His mother was on the way and warned Saylor would “freak out” if touched. Saylor had a reported medical history of anger issues, especially when confronted or touched particularly by strangers. Deputies dismissed her advice and told her to stay out of the theater. They went in, ordered Saylor to leave then grabbed him when he refused, swearing at them. When he resisted, the others officers joined in. The three deputies and Mr. Saylor all fell into a heap” in a side aisle of the auditorium. Deputies cuffed him, while Saylor struggled and cried, “Mommy, mommy. It hurts.” He cried out for his mommy in the final moments of his life “. The three sets of officers wrestled with 294-pound Saylor and he fell to the ground with a deputy on his back face down on the floor with the deputies sitting on him to accommodate his girth. Saylor became unresponsive so the deputies rolled him over and he started breathing on his own, he still had a pulse when emergency medical workers arrived. The deputies then re-handcuffed Saylor, but his heart stopped again as they tried to apply a breathing apparatus and a breathing tube, which they had difficulty inserting. They couldn’t find a pulse, so they removed the handcuffs and started chest compressions. Saylor was pronounced dead at Frederick Memorial Hospital. An autopsy later revealed his larynx was crushed, injuries to his wrists, face and torso consistent with being handcuffed while lying on his stomach. He also showed signs of “positional” asphyxia, or having been in a position in which he couldn’t breathe. A grand jury did not indict the deputy sheriffs. Murdered by Baltimore Off-duty Sheriff’s

MABMark Anthony Barmore 23, Aug. 24, 2009 Rockford, IL – Officers Oda Poole and Stan North were in a prisoner transport van when informed by a dispatcher Barmore was wanted for questioning in regard to a reported incident involving a woman and knife. An outstanding warrant for Barmore indicated he should be “considered armed and dangerous.” Unarmed Barmore ran inside the church to avoid police, entering through a locked door before it could close behind Sheila Brown and her daughter, Marissa. He tried to hide in a large storage room with no possible exit other than the door he entered, which was located in a reception/work area in the corner of the large room in which 12 children, 4 to 12 years of age, were being cared for by three adult staff. Poole and North, entered with drawn weapons, according to witnesses and called for Barmore to come out. It is unclear exactly what happened as he came out. What is clear is that one officer fired once and the other fired three times, leaving Barmore dead on the floor with three entry wounds in his back. Two of the three staff people working in the room with the 12 children were members of the pastor’s family—his wife, Sheila, and his daughter, Marissa, were witnesses to the shooting. The daughter left the room during the shooting, running up the stairs to notify Apostle Melvin Brown, her father, the pastor. The officers called for supervision and support, both police and medical pronounced Barmore dead. Investigative procedures required in all cases of police use of deadly force began immediately, including statements taken from Sheila Brown, Marissa and each of the 12 children interrogated separately, allegedly without parents, lawyers or DCFS representatives allowed to be present. Although a grand jury, as well as other agencies, ruled the shooting justified, an outside investigation by Independent Assessment & Monitoring alleged the officers had not acted according to department policies and training in the minutes leading up to the deadly use of force. The report also identified a number of other alleged deficiencies, including no apparent supervisory oversight during the incident. The Police Department completed its own review. No action taken against North, pending the outcome of his application for disability, which is being considered. Poole was suspended for 30 days and will be subjected to a fitness-for-duty evaluation before he may resume full-time duties. Murdered by Rockford PD

sago2Michael Sago Jr. 16, Oct. 1, 2011 Rockford, IL – Michael was hanging out with adult relatives, when one of them attempted to rob a pizza cafe. Off duty sheriff deputy Frank Pobjecky of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Dept. and friend Vince Tarara happened to be inside the small carryout pizzeria when men wearing dark hooded sweatshirts with cloths covering their faces demanded money. One of the relatives pointed a .357-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver at Tarara, deputy Pobjecky seized the opportunity to grab the weapon. Both men struggled for possession of the gun. Pobjecky said he was aware Tarara routinely carries a Glock semiautomatic handgun in a holster on his hip covered by his shirt while at work. As Pobjecky struggled for the Smith & Wesson, the other would-be robbers supposedly joined the fight. At the same time, Pobjecky took the holster off Tarara’s hip and within moments shot the three men and a lookout who entered the restaurant as shots were being fired. Three men fled out the front door. Pobjecky locked the door behind them and told a restaurant employee to lock the side door and call 911. Pobjecky then turned to his right and noticed Coates on the floor, wounded and looking up at him. “I patted him down. He was unarmed and trying to get up. I told him ‘Stay down. Stay down. I’m a sheriff’s deputy.’ The two other men left and Sago, Jr. tried to leave the scene too. Pobjecky shot the unarmed teen in the back, Sago Jr. fell to the ground just outside the pizzeria, which is located across from a hospital, and lay bleeding in the parking lot until he died. Frank Pobjecky, violated Sago, Jr.’s civil rights, used excessive force, failed to provide medical care, and failed to summon paramedics in a timely fashion. It was discovered the entire incident was captured on the pizzeria’s video security system. Sago, Jr.’s family has not been permitted to view the video footage. A grand jury did not indict Pobjecky. The three adults with Michael were convicted for his murder although they never fired a bullet. Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers said he believes that Deputy Pobjecky’s actions were “in compliance with all department policies and procedures and acted according to proper police training.” Sheriff Meyers subsequently nominated Pobjecky for a law enforcement award for his actions. Murdered by Rockford PD

devin brownDevin Brown 13, Feb. 6, 2005 Los Angeles, CA – Brown and a 14-year-old friend led Police Officers Dana Grant and Steve Garcia on a short high-speed chase in an allegedly stolen vehicle. Police officers who were on patrol shortly before 4 a.m. when they saw the Toyota drive through a stoplight. As reported the Newton Division officers turned on their police car’s siren at 3:49 a.m., Garcia radioed to say they were pursuing a possible drunk driver. The top speed they cited was 40 to 50 miles per hour and the chase was over just minutes after the car skidded turning around a curve and came to a stop. The 14 year old, got out and ran away, leaving Devin alone. Officer Garcia was reportedly standing away from the patrol car when the Toyota began to move backwards traveling no faster than 2 mph and hit the cop car. The Toyota then drove forward nine feet, coming to rest alongside the police car. Within seconds, a cop got out of his car and standing by the Toyota’s passenger side window, it took Officer Garcia just seconds to draw his gun and fire: Five shots. Then five more. Seven of them struck and killed the boy who sat alone in the front seat ending his life in a violent burst of gunfire. Garcia was so trigger-happy five bullets hit his own vehicle. The police claim the small compact backed into the police car, and the cop fired “in fear of his life.” And because a cellphone held by Brown’s companion was a gun”. People in the neighborhood disputed many aspects of the police version, casting doubt on whether Devin was ordered to get out of the car before police opened fire, and even whether Devin was even driving. After slandering Devin authorities in L.A. have made a big show of “apologizing.” The LAPD disciplinary board met behind closed doors and overruled the Civilian Police Commission by determining Officer Steven Garcia was justified in shooting Brown. Murdered by LAPD

Michael BellMichael E. Bell 21, Nov. 9, 2004 Kenosha WI – After a night out with friends Bell and a friend were followed by Officers Strausbaugh and Officer to Bell home. Officers ordered him out of his car, handcuffed him behind his back. After being thrown to the ground and tased Bell managed to get away and attempted to flee to his backyard. Officers gained control, bouncing him back and forth between the blows like a “teeter-totter” while they kicked and kneed him., as he yelled “Get off of me.” With his left leg trailing behind him Bell limped away. Officer Albert Gonzales ran into the backyard with gun drawn. Strausbaugh screamed “He’s going for my weapon” Strausbaugh shot Bell in the temple. Bell went limp and died. Murdered by Kenosha PD READ MORE Wisconsin Passes First State Law Requiring Independent Investigations of Police-Custody Deaths READ MORE

No Photo Available-001Nicholas Hans Killinger 23, Feb. 23, 2004 Santa Monica CA – At the conclusion of a 90-minute high-speed pursuit ending outside Santa Monica High School, the Malibu man’s vehicle rolled back toward two patrol cars after he failed to negotiate a U-turn, television viewers saw two officers fire into the back window of Killinger’s Ford Tempo. A third officer fired when Killinger’s car struck a patrol car as the man flung open his door. Killinger, who sustained wounds to the upper body and left arm, died about an hour later at a Santa Monica hospital. Claiming they acted in self-defense, Hollywood Division Officer Manuel Solis and Rampart Division Officer Carlos Ocegueda said they were entitled to use deadly force to protect themselves or others from immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury. Witnesses said they were cold-blooded killings. Murdered by LAPD

Kathryn JohnsonKathryn Johnston 92, November 21, 2006 Atlanta, GA – Three officers entered Kathryn’s home in what was later described as a ‘botched’ drug raid. Officers cut off burglar bars and broke down her door using a no-knock warrant. Police said Johnston fired at them and they fired in response; she fired one shot out the door over the officers’ heads and they fired 39 shots, five or six of which hit her. None of the officers were injured by her gunfire, but Johnston was killed by the officers. Police injuries were later attributed to “friendly fire” from each other’s weapons. Officer Smith handcuffed Johnston as she was dying. Johnston was pronounced dead at the scene. One of the officers planted marijuana in Johnston’s house after the shooting. Later investigations found that the paperwork stating that drugs present at Johnston’s house, which had been the basis for the raid, had been falsified. The officers later admitted to having lied when they submitted cocaine as evidence claiming that they had bought it at Johnston’s house. Three officers were tried for manslaughter and other charges surrounding falsification and were sentenced to ten, six, and five years. Murdered by Altanta PD

MCMcKenzie Cochran 25, Jan. 25, 2014 Detroit, MI – The day after he had been asked to leave the building over suspicious behavior, Cochran returned and reportedly told a worker at a mall jewelry store that he wanted to kill someone. The worker called security, and when Cochran wouldn’t leave, guards pepper-sprayed and restrained him. He struggled on the ground as three officers held him for several minutes, one with a knee in his back. Cell phone video shows Cochran crying out and saying, “I can’t breathe,” One of the guards can be heard saying, “If you can talk, you can breathe.” Southfield police say Cochran was unconscious, cuffed and in a “seated position” by the time their officers arrived. Paramedics brought him to Providence Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He also asked for bystanders to call 911 and said he was dying. “Stop resisting,” a guard repeated several times during the incident, captured in a longer cell phone video from a bystander: The Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Cochran’s death an accident, naming the cause of death as position compression asphyxia. No charges filed against vigilante Mall Cops. Murdered by Mall Security Guards.

ABAnthony Baez 29, Dec. 22, 1994 Bronx, NY – Early in the morning on Cameron Place in the Mount Hope section of the Bronx,New York. The fatal encounter began when Anthony Baez and his brothers hit a police car with their football accidentally around 1:30 am. Officer Francis Livoti ordered them to go home. The Baez brothers continued their game, playing in the opposite direction. Officer Francis Livoti arrested David Baez first for disorderly conduct. He then attempted to arrest Anthony Baez, who had protested his brother’s arrest by crossing his arms in front of his chest. A scuffle ensued, while other officers arrived on scene. Baez was subdued, lost consciousness, and was taken to a hospital, where he was declared dead of asphyxiation. Officer Livoti denied that he had used a choke hold, asserting that any choking was unintentional and that he had not caused Baez’s injuries or death. In June 1998, Livoti was convicted in Federal court of violating Anthony Baez’s civil rights, and was sentenced to seven and a half years in federal prison. Livoti was released in April 2005, after serving six and a half years. Murdered by NYPD

rickyErik “Ricky” Bradley (age unknown possibly mid to late 30’s) March 25, 2013 Lawndale, IL – Ricky allegedly found police surveillance equipment in an abandoned building while he was scrapping. That equipment was being used to watch the local drug trade. Ricky took it and walked around all day with it in a black bag. That same night, hours before Ricky was murdered, neighbors told me he was roller skating, his friends skated with Ricky often. He was a sportsman, a former teacher who caught a bad wave on drugs and ended up homeless. According to police, they responded to a call of a ‘theft in progress’ at 1500 block of South Kostner. There they found Bradley with a bag of stolen items. During a ‘protective pat down,’ Bradley allegedly reached for a gun, at which point the officers shot and killed him. Larry Kimbrough, a neighbor Bradley’s contends police officers killed him in retaliation for stealing a police detective’s laptop days earlier, then planted a gun on him. Larry maintains Ricky wasn’t the kind of man to carry around a gun. “If he had a gun, five minutes later he would sell it for some money to go do what he liked to do.” … So how did Ricky Bradley end up behind a building at 15th and Kostner with two bullets in his head and six in his body? The story of Ricky’s ending brings up more questions than answers. The police say Ricky had a gun while in their custody and he reached for it when being searched. Everyone in the area knew that if Ricky had a gun he would exchange it for drugs. He wasn’t in the business of sticking people up. He washed cars and collected metal. He was higher than high. Some would even say happy. Family and friends say there are two crime scenes in this case: One, that the official police story of Ricky being killed behind an abandoned building is false; and two, that allegedly police shot him in his home, an abandoned house which was across the alley where his body was found. Outraged, about 200 people in the neighborhood broke into the house where Ricky stayed, where they found blood remains. There is fresh blood is on the stairs outside and in a room upstairs. Police refuse to answer to this discovery. Murdered by Chicago PD

No Photo Available-001Eulia Mae Love (mentally ill from grief) 39, Jan. 3, 1979 Los Angeles, CA – Shortly after her husband died, and raising 3 young daughter the gas company showed up at her door for an overdue bill of $69. The service man would need to collet $22.09 or he would disconnect her service. As he was turning off the gas meter Ms. Love raised her shovel as she screamed obscenities and brought it down on his shoulder. She then went to the corner market, brought a money order for the $22.09. The police were called, exiting their cars with guns drawn. Ms. Love had a 11-inch boning knife she had been using to whack at two rubber trees in her front yard. When the cops approached her from approximately 15 ft. away, Ms. Love, reacted emotionally refusing to put the knife down screaming she wouldn’t let her children go hungry. The Officers began to approach her, Officer O’Callahan whacked her knife hand and it fell to the ground, she managed to retrieve it and threw at at the officer, missing him. Two minutes and 27 seconds after their arrival, she lay dead with eight bullet wounds. Police Chief Daryl Gates exonerated the officers as they were within departmental policy but they’d used “faulty judgment and poor tactics” in approaching Love with their guns drawn. Murdered by LAPD

MitchellMargaret LaVerne Mitchell 54, (mentally ill and homeless) May 21, 1999 Los Angeles, CA – Ms. Mitchell was wheeling a shopping cart when she was stopped in the by bicycle officer Larrigan and his partner, Kathy Clark who believed the grocery cart she was pushing might have been stolen. Ms. Mitchell walked away from the police her shopping cart held all her possessions, including her trademark red blanket. As she walked down the street, someone driving by recognized her, pulled over and tried to talk the cops out of hassling her. But the cops continued their pursuit. Another witness saw her running and pulling the cart behind her as the cops ran after and catching her. During a verbal confrontation, Mitchell allegedly lunged at the officers with a screwdriver. Larrigan fired once. The single bullet struck her in the chest. She died shortly thereafter. In a decision issued by the district attorney’s office said it would not file criminal charges against Larrigan. There was just too much confusion surrounding the incident to determine whether or not he had actually committed a crime. Murdered by LAPD

jordanRandall Jordan-Aparo 27, (DOC Inmate) September 2010 Franklin Correctional Prison FL – Incarcerated for check forgery Jordan-Aparo was serving an 18 month sentence. Experiencing cold-like symptoms caused by a pre-existing blood disorder documented in his prison medical file, Jordan-Aparo pleaded to be taken to the hospital for his blood disorder which had flared up. Instead of giving him proper medical treatment, guards locked him in solitary confinement and repeatedly sprayed him with poisonous mustard-colored gas. He lay in the cell for five days begging for help. He was found dead in solitary confinement with a Bible next to his head, covered in yellow residue from the gas. An investigation has uncovered officials covered up the death and claimed it was due to natural causes. Murdered by Franklin DOC Guards

RaineyDarren Rainey 50, (mentally-ill inmate) June 2012 Dade Correctional FL – Rainey defecated in his cell and refused to clean it up. The correction officers locked Rainey in a closet-like shower “He was crying, please stop, please stop, the guard said “Enjoy your shower, and left.” Rainey was scalded to death. Chunks of his skin were slipping off his body. When staff witnesses reported their finding to their boss, Inspector General Jeffery Beasley, Beasley alleged said that he would “have their asses” if they didn’t back off. Rainey was serving a two-year sentence for drug possession and housed in a psychiatric unit. After his death, guards forced another prisoner, Mark Joiner, fellow inmate who heard the man’s screams of pain and agony was forced to clean up the shower where Darren died, including chunks of skin.
The inspector general’s report said that the video camera in the shower area showed DOC officer Roland Clarke place Rainey in the shower at 7:38 p.m. Hempstead said the shower had sufficient room for an inmate to avoid a direct hit from the spray, but that the extreme heat would eventually make the air unbreathable as the scalding water lapped at inmates’ feet.Hempstead wrote that he and other inmates, whose cells are directly below the shower, began hearing Rainey’s screams about 8:55 p.m. It went on for about 30 minutes before it sounded like he fell to the shower floor. The DOC inspector general’s report said Clarke found Rainey dead at 9:30 p.m. and called for medical assistance. “I then seen [sic] his burnt dead body naked body go about two feet from my cell door on a stretcher,’’ Hempstead wrote. Miami-Dade homicide investigators were called to the prison. But another inmate, a convicted murderer named Mark Joiner, wrote in a letter to the inspector general that he was ordered to “clean up the crime scene’’ prior to the area being secured. Early in the week after the incident, maintenance workers at the prison disabled the plumbing that fed the shower, Hempstead told the Herald in an interview at the prison. Murdered by Dade Correctional Guards

jeromeJerome Murdough 56 (schizophrenic) Feb. 15, 2014 Rikers Island NY – Former Marine was arrested for sleeping in a stairwell to avoid inclement weather he was sent to Rikers Island of misdemeanor trespassing after being unable to pay $2,500 bail. After the Temperatures in his cell exceeded more than 100 degrees as not checked on for at least four hours, was found slumped at the foot of his bed with a pool of vomit and blood on the floor in the early hours of Feb. 15 with an internal body temperature of 103 degrees. City Official Murdough said “he literally baked to death.” The officers watching him were supposed to be periodically checking on him, but didn’t. Murdered by Rikers Island Guards

LopezChristopher Lopez 35, (schizophrenic) March 17, 2013 Pueblo CO – San Carlos correctional officers found Lopez in an intake cell at about 3:30 a.m. An hour later, six correctional officers dressed in riot gear entered his cell and dragged him out. They stripped him, chained and cuffed him to a wheeled transport chair, and pulled a spit mask over his head. They left him in the chair, slumped forward, held to the chair by a chain around his belly, the suit says. Sometime after 6 a.m., Lopez began shaking uncontrollably while having a grand mal seizure, the lawsuit says. At about 9:10 a.m., after a second seizure, Lopez’s body, which had been heaving with each breath, stopped moving as he died. Officers called mental health clinician Cheryl Neumeister, who arrived at 9:15 a.m. “I can see you breathing,” Neumeister called to the dead man, the lawsuit says. She left the area after chatting and joking. It took staff another 15 minutes to determine Lopez was dead. He was shaking and lying on his stomach. His arms were under his chest, and his face was on the floor. Lopez died on a cell floor after two severe seizures and other obvious and dire symptoms didn’t prompt staff to help him. *Lopez died from severe hyponatremia, a condition that develops when a person’s sodium levels fall fatally low. It’s been suggested that Lopez had been given too much psychotropic medication, which caused his body to begin shutting down. Several guards, nurses, and a mental health clinician stood outside Lopez’s cell, where he was lying manacled on the floor, talking
casually and laughing while he suffered a series of seizures. The facility was obligated to report it (within one day) yet failed for 17 months. Adrienne Jacobson, spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Corrections, excuse was “Lopez’s death was not reported to the health department because Lopez did not die in the clinic. When deaths occur in prison clinics, they are reported” Murdered by San Carlos DOC Officers

SmithFrank Lee Smith 44, (DOC Inmate) Sept. 4, 2012 Miami, FL – He died mysteriously after a violent altercation with officers as he was being moved from a prison hospital to his cell at Union Correctional Institution in Raiford. No additional information is available.

No Photo Available-001Efrain Lopez 18, Nov. 9, 1992 Pacoima, CA – Santos Gallardo says she had never seen that wild glint in her son’s eyes before and it scared her. He looked and acted crazy–drinking holy water, draping rosary beads around his neck, and claiming to be both Christ and Satan. When he grabbed for his baby half-sister and smashed the window of her Pacoima garage apartment with a broomstick, she dialed 911. Gallardo, 40, said she just wanted police to bring Efrain Lopez under control. “I never thought they’d kill him”. But Los Angeles police officer, 30-year old Neil Goldberg, shot Lopez nine times during a confrontation on, which took 72 seconds, start to finish. The bullets pierced or grazed virtually every vital organ: heart, lungs, liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys. Later, police said Lopez was under the influence of phencyclidine (aka PCP and “angel dust”) and was swinging a one-pound broomstick like a baseball bat at officers. The officer was neither prosecuted nor disciplined. But the city paid Lopez’s survivors $200,000. Murdered by LAPD

LuisLuis F. Rodriquez (age unknown) Feb, 15, 2014 Moore, OK – Mrs. Nair Rodriguez got into an altercation with her 19-year-old daughter outside the Moore Warren Theatre and slapped her. A bystander who witnessed the incident reported the event to police. The mother-daughter disagreement upset Mrs. Rodriguez so much she had bolted for the family car. Her husband, Luis followed to calm her down when he was intercepted by five police officers. However instead of confronting Nair, the five cops took down her innocent husband Luis Rodriguez, beating, pepper spraying and pinning him on the road. “When they flipped him over you could see all the blood on his face, he was disfigured, you couldn’t recognize him”. In a state of shock, Nair Rodriguez took out her phone and recorded the final moments of the police brutality where she can be heard screaming and demanding officers to stop as her husband appears lifeless. See video here “Luis! Luis!” Please somebody tell me that he is alive,” she implored. “He is not moving,” she screams. The police responded to Ms. Rodriguez by telling her they had called a medical unit. Rodriguez can be heard demanding to know why they pinned down her husband to which officers replied, “He refused to give his ID.” Luis was then taken to hospital, however, Luis was soon pronounced dead. “Luis committed no crime. He was not armed. He had no gun, no knife, no weapon of any kind. But Luis is the one who lost his life that night,” Police say their actions were protocol, though three have been suspended with pay while the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation continues to investigate. Murdered by Moore PD

woodTyree Woodson 38, August 6, 2014 Baltimore, MD – Woodson was on his was to see his parole officer. Allegedly wanted on attempted murder charges after being brought in on warrants for attempted murder and weapons violations. He was placed in a holding cell for several hours before being escorted to use the restroom. “The individual went into one of the stalls at which time a round was fired from within the stall, “Things don’t seem quite right here,” said Councilman Carl Stokes. “This person could have a gun, a high caliber gun, that could be used against other officers and then he allegedly kills himself?” The police department is claiming the weapon did not belong to them, and that they have no clue where it came from. “We don’t know how the weapon made its way into the police station, let alone into the bathroom,” Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez. “We know it was not our weapon.”… Died under mysterious circumstances at Baltimore Police Station

HuertaJesus “Chuy” Huerta 17, Nov. 19, 2013 Durham NC – Officer Samuel Duncan picked up Huerta in response to a call about a runaway and learned there was a warrant out for his arrest. Duncan was transporting Jesus to Durham Police Department shortly before 3 a.m. to pick up a warrant charging the teen with second-degree trespassing. When the officer got to the parking lot, he heard a loud noise in the car and jumped from the vehicle. The patrol car rolled into a van and came to rest with Huerta in the back seat. Police say Jesus still had his hands cuffed behind him, slumped over in the back seat of the car, had a gunshot wound to the mouth, handgun was found on the floorboard of the patrol car. According to police, Duncan missed the .45-caliber handgun when he frisked Huerta. According to autopsy and toxicology reports, Huerta died of a close-range gunshot to the mouth and had in his system a potentially lethal dose of cough medicine that could have caused the teen to hallucinate. Murdered by Durham PD

roweRudolf Rowe (25?) Aug. 16, 2012 FL – Five fired corrections officers from Union Correctional had been accused of using excessive force in the death of inmate. No additional information. Murdered by Union DOC Correctional Officers
PatriciaPatricia Cook 54, Feb. 9, 2012 Culpeper, VA – Police Officer Daniel Harmon-Wright was dispatched to find out why Sunday School Teacher Cook would not leave the Epiphany Catholic School’s parking lot. When Cook rolled up her window during questioning and began to drive away, Harmon-Wright fired two shots point blank, striking Cook in the face and the arm. As Cook drove away, Harmon-Wright fired through the back window, striking her in the head, the spine, and the heart. The last shot killed her and sent the Jeep careening into a telephone poll. In his statement Officer Daniel Harmon-Wright, claimed he was responding to reports of a suspicious woman sitting in her vehicle on the school’s property, and when he went to take Cook’s license, she rolled up his arm in her Jeep’s window and drove off, dragging the officer and forcing him to shoot. Kris Buchele, a carpenter who was working nearby “Harmon-Wright was not dragged and that he shot Cook before she drove away”; that “he didn’t have his arm caught because the officer’s left hand was on the door handle and right hand was holding a weapon”; that “he distinctly saw her roll up the window all the way before the officer shot out the glass and killed her.” The first two rounds, fired at point-blank range, tore into Cook’s face and arm. Another round, fired as Cook was driving away from the shooter, entered her brain. A fourth round severed her spine and veered into her heart, killing her. A telephone pole brought her Jeep Wrangler to a halt. Soon after Harmon-Wright was arrested, it was revealed that he had a tarnished military record, a drinking problem, and a history of harassing Culpeper residents. The first two problems nearly kept him from getting the job, and no one at the Culpeper Police Department will say why they didn’t. Harmon-Wright was convicted of manslaughter. On Friday, a jury recommended he serve three years in prison. Murdered by Culpepper PD

joseJose Adan Cruz Ocampo 33, July 27, 2013 Durham NC – Police were dispatched to a stabbing call. When they arrived, they found a man cut on the face and bleeding. As three police officers arrived, one noticed Ocampo had a kitchen knife in his back pocket, and the officer announced to the other two officers the presence of the knife. At least two of the officers then drew their weapons, and in English ordered Ocampo to throw down the knife. Ocampo then took the knife from his pocket by the blade and presented the handle of the knife to the officer. Someone nearby then yelled to Ocampo in Spanish to throw the knife down, and as he was handing the officer the handle of the knife, Officer R.S. Mbuthia shot Ocampo, striking him multiple times in the chest. He died at the scene. When asked whether Ocampo, who speaks only Spanish, might not have understood the officer’s commands, Durham police chief Jose Lopez replied , “No matter what language you speak, when a police officer is pointing a gun at you, getting out a weapon is not a response that anybody would think to give. You put your hands up, not go into your pocket and pull out a knife. It was a deliberate act – bringing out the knife. Ocampo failed to follow the officer’s orders to raise his hands up and instead advanced toward the officer with the knife”. Witnesses later said Ocampo was trying to hand the knife to an officer when he was shot four times. Murdered by Durham PD

walkerMatthew Walker 55, (DOC Inmate) Charlotte Correctional Institution April 11, 2014 FL – During visitations and letters he had written from prison to his sister Mae Atkins, he told her he had ongoing issues with an officer. “He did tell me something about some big bald-headed guy that didn’t like him”. Atkins did not want to reveal the officer’s name, but said her brother’s stories were disturbing. “The officer used the ‘n-word’ and told (Walker) what he was going to do to him,” and he did exactly what he said he was going to do.” Walker was slapped by a female corrections officer while he was handcuffed in his cell, a group of 10 prison employees handcuffed and beat Walker to death inside his cell. 32 Officers have been fired. DOC Officials are calling this “inappropriate use of force.” Murdered by Florida DOC Guards

fosterDamion Foster 37, (suicidal DOC Inmate) Charlotte Correctional Institution April 18 (?), 2014 FL – Damion Foster was housed in the mental health unit at the Charlotte Correctional Institution. He died when corrections officers were attempting a “cell extraction’’ following an altercation with corrections officers in the prison’s mental-health unit. He was found dead inside the prison. His death is listed as an active investigation. 32 Officers have been fired. DOC Officials are calling this “inappropriate use of force.” Murdered by Florida DOC Guards

Richard MairRichard Mair 43, (suicidal DOC Inmate) Charlotte Correctional Institution Sept, 2013 FL – another mentally-ill inmate, hanged himself. Mair, serving time for murder, left a note alleging a litany of cruel acts and punishments inflicted upon the mentally-ill prisoners by the prison’s corrections staff, including forcing inmates to fight each other in the yard for the entertainment of guards, they gambled while on duty, sold cigarettes and marijuana, and forced prisoners to perform sexual acts on each other threatening them if they filed complaints. Mair’s note also cited specific alleged events and named officers. Two corrections officers were suspended and one was fired in connection with Mair’s suicide, but not because of what was in the note. DOC officials concluded the suicide could have been prevented if the officers had conducted the required inmate checks. Richard Mair, committed suicide but tucked a very telling suicide note into his boxer shorts before taking himself left which alleged prisoners with mental health issues had been subject to cruel acts and punishments. “Life sucks and then you die, but just before I go, I’m going to expose everyone for who and what they are,’’ “I’m in a mental health facility…I’m supposed to be getting help for my depression, suicidal tendencies and I was sexually assaulted.’’ DOC Officials are calling this “inappropriate use of force.” Murdered by Florida DOC Guards

LavarLavar Valentin 35 (DOC Inmate) Charlotte Correctional Institution Aug. 1, 2014 FL – Valentin pleaded to be transferred because he feared he would be killed by his cellmate was found strangled in his cell by that same cellmate. Prison protocol dictates that inmates be isolated when they express fear for their lives, at least until their complaints can be evaluated. According to multiple sources, that was not done in the case of Lavar a slightly built convict who remained in a cell with his alleged tormentor, Eduardo Carmenates-Zayas. Also the prison system rules also call for corrections officers to conduct security checks every half hour. That, too, was not done. Only one corrections officer was in H Dorm, responsible for 265 inmates, at the time of Valentin’s death. That officer was by necessity deployed in a control room, not circulating to check on inmates’ well-being. The officer who would have been making the rounds had been pulled to another assignment. Valentin’s cellmate, Carmenates-Zayas, had not been charged in the death, which remained under investigation. Valentin was pronounced dead at Homestead Hospital at 2:56 a.m. One source said the dorm’s security breach happened between midnight and 2:30 a.m., as guards were taking turns watching a training video on security and staff awareness. Murdered by cellmate, allowed by Charlotte Correctional Institution

Richard IannuzziRI 44, died May 25, 2014 at Florida State Prison FL – DOC Officials are viewing Iannuzzi’s deaths as another in the wide spread abuse in the Florida Prison Scandal of 32 Officers fired. DOC Officials are calling this “inappropriate use of force.” Murdered by Florida DOC Guards

valdezFrank Valdes July 17, 1999 Florida State Prison FL – nine corrections officers at Florida State Prison in Starke stormed the cell of Death Row inmate at about 3 a.m. on. The officers took turns wildly beating Valdes, stomping on him so fiercely that many of his organs and bones were crushed. 22 broken ribs and fractures of his sternum, vertebrae, nose and jaw and numerous internal injuries.According to other inmates, the guards threw Valdes corpse into a hallway, cleaned his bloody cell with bleach and put him in another cell before calling 911. For months after the beating, DOC officials called Valdes’ death a suicide, insisting he inflicted his own injuries by diving headfirst off his bunk, striking the bars of his cell. The autopsy, however, clearly showed bootprints embedded in his skin. Department of Corrections fired all nine prison guards who falsified reports and used excessive and/or unnecessary force and therefore violated the department rules. Capt. Timothy Thornton, 36, and Sgts. Charles Brown and Jason Griffis, both 28, were acquitted Feb. 15 of second-degree murder. Five others still face second-degree murder charges for his death. The Justice Department will independently review the entire case to decide whether action is warranted. Murdered by Florida DOC Guards READ MORE HERE

ShawnShawn Gooden 33, April 2, 2014 Suwannee State Prison FL – Died under mysterious circumstances at Suwannee, and his death is also under investigation by the FDLE. Inmates there have long complained of violence, abuse and corruption at the prison, located in Live Oak, just west of Lake City. The facility is one of nine mysterious inmate deaths being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Only one of those cases involves inmate-on-inmate killing. Murdered under the unwatchful eye of Suwannee State Prison Guards.

ShuaniSuhani Bhakta 12, February 12, 2012 Wichita KS – Suhani and her cousin crossed mid-block to buy some groceries for the family who lived across the street. Police Officer Atlee Vogt responding to a burglary call and was speeding going as fast as 51 mph in a 30 mph zone without flashing lights or siren struck and killed Suhani. They drug tested the child who was crossing the street in front of her home, but not the 24 year old police officer who killed her. Officer Vogt declined to make a statement concerning the events of that evening. Murdered by Wichita PD

SmartMarquez Smart 23 March 10, 20 12 Wichita, KS – More than a thousand people were being let out of a concert and
Officers were assisting as clubs were closing. Officials claim when Smart began firing rounds from a large caliber handgun into the crowd so they pursued him into in a nearby parking garage. Chief Norman Williams said Smart was confronted by officers and he ran, ignoring repeated commands to drop his handgun, Officers fired hitting him once and when an Officer caught up with him shot him a second time, fatally wounding Smart. Four other people were injured. A 29-year-old man and three females ages 17, 18 & 19, but Williams could not confirm whose bullets injured the other four victims. Smart was taken to a hospital in critical condition where he succumbed to his injuries. No physical evidence was ever found on Smart, no gun residue, no magazine cartridges, nor any of the shells casings that were fired, or on the individual bullets still contained within the magazines had Smarts fingerprints or DNA. Murdered by Wichita PC

karenKaren Day Jackson 45, July 11, 2012 Wichita KS – The woman was at her husband’s house after filing a protection from abuse order against him. Her husband left and called police Authorities were called to a disturbance. Police said a woman was sitting on a front porch with a knife, a bottle and lighter and was stabbing herself. Police said the woman then approached two officers with the knife she lunged at them so they shot her multiple times after she repeatedly ignored their commands to drop the weapon. Chief Norman Williams said the woman told the officers to shoot her when the officers asked the woman to “drop the knife.” Williams said the officers fired when the woman got about five to seven feet from them. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead. The department claims Karen was stabbing herself when they shot her. However, Karen’s body does not have any stab wounds, only bullet wounds. Murdered by Wichita PD

TK LanningTroy Kevin Lanning II 24, April 12, 2012 Wichita KS – Dispatchers told the officers to look for a white vehicle. Officer Randy Williamson saw a white vehicle pass him while going the opposite direction. Williamson turned around, and saw it speed away. The driver refused to stop after the officer turned on his lights and sirens. The chase lasted seven minutes when the white vehicle drove up over a curb damaging a wheel. Four people bailed out of the vehicle, three men and a woman. The officer chased Lanning, yelling at him to stop. Lanning climbed over a privacy fence; the officer followed and confronted him in a backyard telling him to stop reaching into a bag containing nothing more than clothes and shampoo. Supposedly Lanning continued going through the bag, raised it and appeared to aim it toward the officer in a threatening manner. Multiple shots were fired at Lanning, hitting him in the back killing him. Lanning was taken to Via Christi Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Investigators found no weapon, either in Lanning’s bag of belongings or in the white vehicle. Williamson has been the active shooter in at least three shootings and been involved in other excessive force cases, has been placed on “medical retirement” after confessing to making false statement in a separate shooting he was involved in. UPDATE: Police Department quietly fired Officer Randy Williamson, for the falsification of documents for shooting and the killing of an unarmed man who was obviously running away. Murdered by Wichita PD

No Photo Available-001Timothy Freeborn Collins Jr. 17, April 13, 2014 Wichita KS – Collins was unarmed, and, according to witness statements, had not planned on being involved in a robbery, but was simply in the car with his sister’s older boyfriend when they decided to commit the crime. Collins reportedly told the victim that he did not want to be there yet he was shot to death while fleeing from a robbery. When police arrived on scene, one of the officers was wearing an Axon body camera, but that officer was located in the front of the house. The shooting took place in the back of the home, after Collins fled out of the backdoor. Initially, police claim they yelled “stop police”, but the audio record from the police camera shows that officers opened fire without any verbal warning. Collins was struck in the back of the head with gunfire. The officers who opened fire on Timothy Collins Jr. are Shannon Dunkel and Robert Schmeidler. These officers were identified in the trials of the surviving defendants in the robbery case. Murdered by Wichita PD

DeJuanDeJuan Colbert 28, Oct. 31, 2012 Wichita KS – Three suspects entered the store. Colbert encountered the store manager at the front and demanded access to the safe. An employee made a frantic 911 call reporting the robbery. Three minutes later, three officers arrived. The first officer through the door fired three shots, while two other officers approaching the door fired a combined total of 32 or 33 shots. The police lied saying “He charged us raising his right hand, knife above his head as I gave him repeated commands to get down on ground and drop the knife, he refused and continued charging”. However the store videos show an officer entering the store, gun drawn on Colbert as he ran toward the door with the bag of money he was carrying as he tried to bolt out the door. The officer fires when Colbert is only about a foot away, and other officers behind the first one open fire, too. Colbert staggers at the door entrance, and collapses as glass shatters in both doors cascading down onto the pavement where Colbert falls. As he lay dying on the cement officers are heard screaming “roll over, roll over”. Colbert was pronounced dead approximately half-hour later at a local hospital. The two other suspects were arrested inside the store after the shooting. An autopsy determined Colbert was hit 15 times by gunfire. Murdered by Wichita PD SEE VIDEO HERE

I RandolphIcarus Randolph 26, July 4th, 2014 Wichita KS – Due to the noise created by fireworks on Independence Day, Randolph an Iraq Marine Veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder he’d struggled with since returning home a few years before. Randolph’s family called ComCare to get assistance regarding his mental health. ComCare informed the family they were unable to assist thwm. Police officers arrived at Randolph’s home, where they allege Randolph charged at them with a knife. Randolph was gunned down in front of family members who have identified as Officer Ryan Snyder as the shooter. Members of Randolph’s family encountered Officer Snyder in traffic, following the shooting. Officer Snyder reportedly rolled down his window and arrogantly asked Randolph’s sister, whom he recognized from the scene, if she had said something to him, or if she had something to say to him. Murdered by Wichita PD

DaneDane Garrett Scott Jr. 18, March 14, 2012 Del City, OK – After what is described as “a routine traffic stop” a chase ensued that ended with Scott Jr. hitting the back of an 18-wheeler two miles away near an I-35 on ramp. Eyewitnesses say Scott was attempting to surrender at the time he was shot. Others say he was attempting to run away with his hands up. On more than one account, witnesses claim Scott did not have a gun. There was a scuffle between the officer and Dane Scott Jr. and multiple shots were fire, at such close range, how could a trained officer only manage to shoot Scott once in the back? Dane Scott Jr. was shot in the back while he was standing–not during a struggle. Del City Police Captain Randy Trent Harrison faces manslaughter charge in 18-year-old’s death. Murdered by Captain Randy Trent Harrison Del City PD

PedieRichard “Pedie” Perez 24, Sept. 14, 2014 Richmond CA – Police claim Officer Wallace Jensen first tried detaining Perez because he “displayed obvious signs of being very intoxicated.” Jensen said he shot Perez for trying to grab his gun. But witnesses have claimed Perez didn’t make threatening moves, though he resisted being arrested. It was mandatory for Jensen to carry a Taser and nightstick with him, according to John Burris, an attorney for the Perez family. But on the night of the shooting, Jensen didn’t have either, “We have no doubt Perez was resisting arrest but he was not threatening Murdered by Richmond PD

CameronCameron Tillman 14, Sept. 24, 2014 Houma LA – Two officers were responding to an emergency call of armed individuals entering the abandoned house. Residents of the loop said the run-down brick home where the shooting took place had been vacant for more than a year. Local kids were often seen going in and out of the building, which neighbors said had been empty since its last occupant left and there was no way Tillman and the others were robbing the home because it was completely empty. Andre Tillman, Cameron’s brother, was inside the abandoned house at the time of the shooting. He said somebody knocked on the door. “My little brother thought somebody was just clowning, because somebody is always clowning by the door. He opened (it) and the man just shot him. He didn’t have nothing in his hand.” Josh Miles, Tillman’s cousin, echoed those sentiments. “He stayed out of trouble. He was just a good kid, an honor student” Miles said. “I told the sheriff that as scared as he was, he’d never point anything at anybody.” Police allege during an altercation with a police the deputy opened fire, fatally wounding Tillman. Murdered by Houma PF

smithKenneth Smith 20, March 10, 2012 Cleveland OH – Investigators claim the incident began when off-duty Cleveland Police Officer Roger Jones saw a suspect firing a weapon from a car outside the bar, and decided to follow the car on foot. After the car was boxed in, police said the driver of the vehicle and the rear seat passenger complied with their commands and were detained, but the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association maintains Kenneth Smith, sitting in the front passenger seat, did not, and that’s when off-duty officer Jones decided to bust out the car window. Off-duty officer Jones claims he couldn’t see Smith’s hands, at which point a gun was seen, and that’s when the officer fired, because he was in fear for his life.” The shooting was being reviewed by the prosecutor’s office, the other two people in the car had been released pending further investigation. Murdered by Cleveland PD

HaynesMichael Anthony Haynes II 24, March 10, 2012 Detroit MI – Haynes bought a box of condoms about 12:45 a.m. at a BP station on Detroit’s west side. When Haynes complained about the high price of the condoms and asked for a refund, the cashier refused. A heated argument ensued, and Haynes started knocking items from the store’s shelves. Ibrahim Kassim Saleh, the cashier emerged from behind bullet-proof glass and shot him in the back. The cashier claimed he “didn’t know he shot him because the man was walking out, He wasn’t attempting to shoot at him. He was just trying to scare him”. Haynes was placed in a car by his friend, Jerome Williams, 24, who was waiting for him outside the gas station. Williams rushed Haynes to Sinai-Grace Hospital where security guards pepper-sprayed Williams when they arrived at the wrong entrance — leading to 20 minutes of delays in treating Haynes, who was still alive. As Haynes lay in the back seat, Williams alleged guards also put a boot on his back, handcuffed him and thrust his head into a building. Williams was detained for six hours and told by guards he would be criminally charged. The hospital is facing scrutiny for possibly delaying treatment for Haynes. Ibrahim Kassim Saleh, 23, of Dearborn, is serving a 29-month to 15 year prison sentence after Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Michael Hathaway dismissed first-degree murder charges against him and a jury found him guilty of manslaughter and felony firearms. Murder by vigilante cashier

No Photo Available-001Kalvin Porter 34, May 19, 1999 Detroit MI – Kalvin was trying to buy a pack of cigarettes when two Yemeni Muslim Arabs, Fadhel Mazeb, 46, and Adel Altam, 26, illegal immigrant gas station clerks were leering and making inappropriate remarks at Porter’s 12-year-old daughter. An electrician and father of six was beat to death with a tire iron/ in front of his five children when he told them to stop looking at her. The gas station attendants sat on top of Porter and cut off his ability to breathe. The attendants in Porter’s case walked after Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Maggie Drake dismissed charges against one and a jury acquitted the second. Murdered by 2 illegal immigrant vigilantes

HenningRobert Henning 22, Feb. 2, 2012 Los Angeles CA – He was passing through LA to see his daughter on her second birthday. His car had broken down on the freeway… There was an eyewitness not more than 10 feet from away said “he was maybe having a mental episode. … He was sitting in the middle of the road talking to himself. I pulled my car over to block traffic. I didn’t want the man to get hurt. I didn’t want to get out of the car; I didn’t know what was going on. So I called the police”. (The witness has a lot of guilt over that). A cop arrived, and the eyewitness heard him call in a 51-50 (police code for a person of danger to him/herself). “The next thing I knew there were four or five cars pulling up. As soon as the officers got out of their car, I heard them all lock and load their weapons. Unless I blinked, the man (Henning) never went for a gun. There was an officer holding him by each arm.” The Police claim he went for a weapon. … They shot him twice and killed him.. … Henning was unarmed. His keys were still in the car. He was a skateboarder; his skateboard was in the car. We know he had cash because he was traveling. The police say he had no personal affects with him. No cell-phone, no wallet. Murdered by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Ernest DueneaErnest Duenez Jr. 34, June 8 2011 Manteca CA – Duenez parked his truck in his yard. Footage from Moody’s dashboard camera shows Manteca police officer John Moody following Duenez in his car. When parked in front of Duenez’s house, Moody told Duenez not to move. Duenez began to exit his vehicle when Moody charged, gun drawn. As Duenez was slowly exiting the vehicle, Duenez opened fire, hitting Duenez 11 times. Moody continued to fire into Duenez even as he lay injured on the ground. Later in the video, another Manteca cop, Armen Avakian, claims to find a knife in Duenez’s truck, which Moody claimed to see in Duenez’s hand as he was exiting. No knife appears visible in Duenez’s hand in the video, however. San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office cleared Moody of any wrongdoing. He has since been promoted by the Manteca Police Department to train other officers in his “tactics.” Murdered by Manteca PD

Luther BrownLuther Brown Jr. 32, April 10, 2012 Stockton CA – During a traffic stop which two officers pulled Brown over for not having license plates supposedly ran from Officer Pete Smith, there was a foot chase. When officers caught up to him a few houses down from the traffic stop Police claim Brown grabbed an officer’s baton and began beating them with it, forcing’ the officers to shoot him to death. Officer Smith claims an examination of Luther Brown Jr’s. car revealed what appeared to be rock cocaine, marijuana, prescription pills and a large amount of cash. Murdered by Stockton PD

James RiveraJames Earl Rivera Jr. 16, July 22, 2010 Stockton CA – Unarmed James Rivera was driving at normal speed to his home, Rivera was allegedly in a stolen car when Stockton Police Officers Gregory Nunn and Eriz Azavard began chasing him A second police car driven by San Joaquin County Sheriff Deputy John Nesbit rammed him again, pushing him through two neighboring garages and immobilizing his car. Witnesses at the scene say the crash through the garages would have easily injured James seriously. The three officers exited their vehicles and positioning themselves on both sides and behind (the seriously injured) James, opened fire with 48 rounds from 2 (9mm) handguns and a AR-15 Army Assault rifle. 19 of the 48 bullits hitting Rivera on both sides of his body and in the back of his head. His mother followed the ambulance to the hospital and was threatened by police dogs and forced out of the hospital when she demanded to see her sons body. Two years after the brutal assassination style killing of James Rivera, the police have still not released a report to the family. Witnesses have stated that James was stopped by Stockton police and let go minutes before he was killed. Police claimed they shot Rivera because they thought he would back his car up and was a threat to them. It is clear from pictures of the crime scene that it was impossible for James’ car to move. In fact, police had to use a tow truck to pull James car over the debris of the crash and out of the garage. This video contains disturbing images of the deceased after being rammed through two garages and shot 19 times. Murdered by San Joaquin County Sheriff

Jordan BakerJordan Baker 26, Jan. 16, 2014 Houston TX – Off duty Houston Police Officer J Castro, was moonlighting as a security guard for the strip mall was on the lookout for hoodie-wearing armed robbery suspects. Castro says Baker an unarmed college graduate “matched the description” of robbery suspects who’d held up three stores. The Officer claims he asked Baker for an I.D. and there was a scuffle, then a foot chase, with the officer finally cornering Baker in the alley. The officer told investigators Baker charged toward him, and that’s when he fired his gun. Murdered by off-duty Houston vigilante PD

RonSettlesRon Reginald Settles 22, June 2, 1981 Signal Hill, CA – The incident began when he was pulled over for speeding by the Signal Hills Police Department in Long Beach, CA. He was arrested after a scuffle with SHPD white officers. The morning after his arrest, he was found severely beaten and hanging in his jail cell at the SHPD station. Police officials maintained Settles committed suicide, and no criminal charges were filed. His parents accused officers of killing their son and hanging him in a cell to cover up his murder. In a subsequent coroner’s inquest, attorney Johnny Cochran demonstrated the chokehold, which resulted in a jury’s finding that Settles had died “at the hands of another.” Moreover, the decision was reversed in court following the testimony of an expert (a Dr. Baden), who determined there was no evidence that Settles had died from hanging, but was most likely killed by a chokehold. The case was settled in 1983, and though the family was awarded $1 million dollars, no officer was ever brought to trial. Murdered by Long Beach PD

Manuel DiazManuel Diaz 25, July 21, 2012 Anaheim CA – Diaz a suspected car thief and considered a gang member by law enforcement officers was unarmed with two friends when they were approached by three Anaheim police officers. Diaz ran and one of the officers chased after him. According to a witness, Diaz was shot from behind, first in the buttocks, then the head. She also told reporters police proceeded to handcuff Diaz before searching him, despite his body lying bloody and motionless on the ground. Several witnesses also accused police of trying to buy cell phone recordings of the incident. Witnesses have told the source the man was handcuffed, then shot by police. No one is being allowed to take photos, when a group tried to take photos from an upstairs apartment, police shined a bright light onto the residents to block the view. Video show Diaz still alive March 6, 2014, a federal civil jury found the officers that killed Diaz not guilty of excessive force. Murdered by Anaheim PD

Martin Hernandez

Martin Angel Hernandez 21, March 6, 2012 Anaheim CA – The definitive back-up, it was hoped, lay in possible surveillance footage from different mounted cameras. Martin’s mother Caroline Toneygay says, “But when my daughters went to see them, Anaheim PD had already came, took down three surveillance cameras and confiscated them.” As the investigation ran its course, she was insistent about finding what truths that they might hold. “This whole time I was told that the DA was still viewing the tapes by the attorney that had put a subpoena on them,” she adds, feeling led on. “Two days after the two recent shootings, the investigative DA on Martin’s case finally calls me back to ask me what videos am I talking about.” When Toneygay responded saying the same ones she always insisted on, she was rebuked, asked “what cameras?” and told that there were never any videos that captured the incident that night. Murdered by Anaheim PD

Joel AcevadoJoel Acevedo 21, July 22, 2012 Anaheim CA – Acevedo was riding in a 2003 silver Lexus SUV driven by Vanessa Janine Duran. Jose Gaudencio Hernandez was also a passenger in the vehicle that police later reported as stolen. After police officers engaged in a car pursuit, supposedly an occupant of the car shot at police, which led to police to shoot back. the SUV jumped the curb, blowing out its front tires as the three occupants took off running. Hernandez was said to have dropped and then picked up an object as he fled. Officer Phillips stated he believed the object was a firearm. Hernandez was later detained by Officer Lambaren, but the report does not specify the alleged object or if it was ever recovered by police. Duran and Acevedo ran in different directions. Phillips, an officer involved in the fatal 2009 shooting of Caesar Cruz in Anaheim, went on to claim that a dark shadow emerged towards the front of the second vehicle and when he heard a second gunshot, returned fire shooting four rounds from his .45 Caliber Glock Pistol. “I just had a dark shadow moving,” the officer is quoted as saying. “As soon as I got the dark shadow, I shot.” The night of the shooting, a photo emerged showing Acevedo with a gun between his legs. The OCDA report noted that Phillips kicked it out of his hand as he lay on the ground twitching after the shootout. Acevedo was never armed, officers altered evidence. Vanessa Duran, the driver of the SUV that night, told OCDA investigators she witnessed an execution-style killing as officers held down her friend before firing. Duran’s account was dismissed as without merit and at odds with the evidence collected at the scene. A female resident who lives in the apartment’s right above where the shooting took place told OC Weekly she heard five consecutive shots, with no apparent gun exchange. Another resident who lives a few blocks down said she heard a loud crash then sirens blaring of at least 20 police cars, which she says drowned out the noise of the apparent gunshots. Acevedo’s family tried to cross police lines to see his body and they were not allowed. A photo has been released of Acevedo’s body with a handgun sitting between his legs (which clearly looks clearly) A handgun was supposedly found in the silver SUV driven by Acevedo, which was reportedly stolen. Three other occupants were also in the car. Officer Phillips (who received a Distinguished Service Award this May for the Acevedo incident during the PD’s annual awards) and fellow officers Trang Pham and Daniel Lambaren had the young man detained and handcuffed. At that point, Phillips fired a shot to Acevedo’s head without warning. Murdered by Anaheim PD

No Photo Available-001Michael Anthony Kerr 54, (Schizophrenic DOC Inmate) March 12, 2014 Alexander Correctional Institution Raleigh NC –
Died Of Thirst After 35 Days Of Solitary. Kerr was found unresponsive in the back of a van March 12 after being driven three hours from Alexander Correctional Institution in Taylorsville to a mental hospital at Central Prison in Raleigh. An autopsy released reports Kerr died of dehydration. The report also said he was receiving no treatment for the symptoms of his mental illness. Kerr was placed in “administrative segregation” on Feb. 5. On Feb. 21 and again on Feb. 24, records show Kerr was cited for intentionally flooding his cell. Proson officials state “The water may be cut off to prevent continuation of the misconduct or damage of the facilities or other property.” The following day, Feb. 25, records show Kerr was moved to “disciplinary segregation,” While in disciplinary segregation, inmates are sometimes deprived of basic amenities, such as bedding and a mattress for their bunk. Food rations may also be reduced to “Nutraloaf,” a hard-baked concoction containing the blended ingredients of a meal formed into a block. In an autopsy report released Thursday, Dr. Susan E. Venuti of the North Carolina Medical Examiner’s Office wrote that she was allowed to read internal prison report into Kerr’s death, though she was not permitted to make a copy. Venuti wrote that the report left unanswered key questions, including when the inmate last had food and water. Seven employees at Alexander have either been fired or resigned through the course of the investigation, including a guard captain, nurses and a staff psychologist. Murdered by DOC Officials

Tinothy HelmsTimothy E. Helms 49 (mentally ill DOC Inmate) September 5, 2010 Alexander Correctional Institution Raleigh NC – The head of the state prison system said Friday that security camera footage of Timothy E. Helms being pulled from his smoke-filled cell shows guards did not beat him. But a second segment of tape shows the inmate being taken into another cell where he was alone with up to five guards, out of view of the prison’s cameras, for 22 minutes. Reviews of the Aug. 3 incident by both the state Department of Correction and the State Bureau of Investigation have failed to determine precisely how Helms received extensive blunt force injuries that left him a quadriplegic. The prosecutor said there was not enough evidence to pursue any criminal charges was not shown footage of guards at Alexander Correctional Institution taking Helms to another cell after they removed him from the one he set on fire. Helms, who had a long history of mental illness, had been held in solitary confinement for more than a year was left paralyzed after he said he was clubbed by correctional officers after setting a fire in his locked cell. Medical records indicated Helm’s skull had been smashed. A subsequent state investigation failed to determine precisely how Helms received his injuries, and prison officials denied any wrongdoing. Helms, had been previously diagnosed with multiple psychiatric disorders, and he must have rammed his head into the cement wall. Some states have moved to curb the long-term isolation of inmates, which can greatly exacerbate such psychiatric symptoms as paranoia, anxiety and depression. The longstanding policy in North Carolina’s prison system says no inmate should be housed in isolation for more than 60 days in a stretch. Helms’ prison records showed he was kept in isolation 571 consecutive days before the fire and altogether 1,459 days throughout his incarceration. READ The sad life and cruel death of Timothy Helms Murdered by North Carolina Dept. of Corrections

No Photo Available-001Glen Raeford Mabrey Jr. (age unknown) (mentally ill DOC Inmate) 1997 Raleigh’s Central Prison Raleigh NC – Vietnam veteran Mabrey died from dehydration after being held in solitary confinement. Mabrey’s water had been cut off for four days after he’d intentionally flooded his cell. Murdered by North Carolina Dept. of Corrections

Gil CollarGil Collar 18, October 6, 2012 Mobile AL – Collar was student at the University of South Alabama. While naked the 5’4”, 140 lb student walked to the campus police station early on a Saturday morning. Collar attempted to open a locked door and banged on a window to the police station. An officer exited the building with gun drawn. Video shows that Collar approached the officer with arms outstretched and palms up. As Collar approached the officer, the officer backed away, then shot Collar once in the chest. Collar was never closer than four feet from the officer and didn’t try to grab his weapon. A second officer arrived and assisted in handcuffing Collar. He died from the gunshot wound. It was later determined that Collar had taken LSD prior to the incident. The officer had both pepper spray and a baton with him. Murdered by Mobile PD

Jose OrtizJose Manuel Guerena Ortiz 26, May 5, 2011 Pima AZ – Former Iraq veteran Jose Guerena was shot to death by Pima County Sheriff SWAT officers. They suspected Guerena of being part of a drug dealing operation (he was not involved). The officers prevented the ambulance from getting Guerena medical attention until they searched the house. The officers even pointed their guns at Guerena’s wife and 4-year-old son. The Pima county Sheriff’s department released a 1:17 video of the incident. The SWAT team was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Pima County Attorney’s Office and never apologized to Guerena’s family. Neighbors also said that the SWAT officers burst into their houses after the shooting and intimidated them, which the officers deny. The family had originally filed a $20 million complaint against all agencies involved, but none responded. Guerena’s widow has filed a lawsuit with the intent of letting a jury decide the award. Murdered by Pima PD

Joseph HamleyJoseph Erin Hamley 21, (mentally disabled) March 7, 2006 AR – Hamley, was shot and killed by state trooper Larry Norman while laying supine on the ground. Norman mistook Hamley for a fugitive. Norman was indicted by a grand jury on a charge of negligent homicide.[3] On June 28, 2007, Norman pled guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 30 days of community service, one year of probation and a $1,000 fine.[4] Norman served 54 days of his jail sentence.[5] The Arkansas State Police settled a lawsuit on March 5, 2007 with the victim’s family for one million dollars.[6] Norman was later granted a full early medical retirement from the Arkansas State Police at the age of 40. Although the Arkansas State Police expressed regret for the shooting of Hamley, they deny any wrongdoing as part of the settlement. Murdered by Arkansas State Police

No Photo Available-001Juan Herrera 23, December 23, 2004 Buena Park CA – was shot and killed by Officer Ron Furtado after a car pursuit in Buena Park. Officer Furtado claimed that Herrera was reaching for a gun. Herrera’s family sued and hired a forensic expert who was testified Herrera was sitting upright. However, the city settled with the Herrera family for $5 million. Officer Furtado was not charged. Murdered by Buena Park PD

Doug ZerbyDouglas Zerby 35, Dec. 12, 2010 Long Beach CA – Several Long Beach police officers shot Doug Zerby 21 times, killing him instantly. Zerby was allegedly intoxicated and wielding what appeared to be a gun (it turned out to be a black metal-tipped water nozzle). The police were on the scene for around fifteen minutes and allegedly never identified themselves before shooting Zerby. The police claimed the use of force was necessary, but the family and filed a wrongful death suit against the police department. Murdered by Long Beach PD

Jason KempJason Alan Kemp 31, July 20, 2010 Grand Junction CO – State troopers were investigating a minor accident that resulted, at most, in minimal damage to a neighbor’s lawn involving a pickup pulling a trailer and jet ski” in which “the jet ski fell off the trailer and the truck was stuck in a neighbor’s yard.” Callers “said it appeared as if the three people trying to remove the truck were intoxicated”. They suspected Kemp, their neighbor was responsible as he may have been driving under the influence. The police wanted to gain entrance to Kemp’s house but Kemp insisted police comply with the Fourth Amendment and obtain a warrant before entering. Two supervisory officers, a corporal and a sergeant were present at the scene and supported and or participated in attempting to kick down the door and with guns drawn entered Kemps home. One witness said Kemp was shot after troopers fired pepper spray through a small opening in the door then shot him at point blank range. Murdered by Colorado State Troopers

Arthus McDuffieArthur Lee McDuffie 33, December 17, 1979 Miami FL – McDuffie was supposedly doing daredevil stunts on his motorcycle when police spotted him. After a high-speed chase, McDuffie was caught. At least a dozen police officers encircled him. For 20 minutes, according to reports, they beat him with nightsticks and flashlights. Four days later, after slipping into a coma he died. The police officers wrote up an accident report, saying McDuffie sustained injuries when his motorcycle hit a curb and went out of control. But, the pieces didn’t fit. The Dade County medical examiner became suspicious. Rumors about the “accident” were whispered throughout the police department, prompting an internal investigation of the case. Working together, the medical examiner and police investigators found that McDuffie was handcuffed when he was beaten. The killing blow had crashed into his forehead at 90 times the force of gravity. Murdered by Miami PD

Martin Lee AndersonMartin Lee Anderson 14, January 6, 2006 Panama City, FL – Bay County Boot Camp Youth Detention Center located in and operated by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. Within the first two hours of Anderson’s first day at the camp (where he had been committed for stealing his grandmother’s car, curfew violation during probation, and theft of candy), camp officials forced him to continue exercising after he stopped exercising. Drill instructors grabbed Anderson and applied numerous uses of force, including holding Anderson by the arms, take-downs, pressure point applications, and COVERING HIS MOUTH WHILE FORCING HIM TO INHALE AMMONIA. Anderson became unresponsive during this episode, and eventually died the next day in Pensacola, Florida after his parents elected to remove him from life support. On 28 November 2006, authorities announced the arrest of 8 people in connection with Anderson’s death. 7 guards and a nurse were charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child. A 30-minute portion of the surveillance video depicting the coercion was made public. On April 16, 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice stated that no federal criminal civil rights charges would be filed against the eight people who were originally charged in his death. The press release included the following: “After a careful and thorough review, a team of experienced federal prosecutors and FBI agents determined that the evidence was insufficient to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges. Accordingly, the investigation into this incident has been closed.” Murdered by Bay County Sheriff’s Office

Nick ChristieNick Christie 62, March 27, 2009 Ft. Myers FL – Nick Christie was strapped naked to a chair at Lee County jail and until he died of heart failure after being pepper sprayed. The officers involved in the incident say that Christie was “combative, despite the fact he was restrained in a chair so he allegedly wouldn’t spit at his jailers.” However, other inmates on the cell block tell a different story. They say that there was excessive use of pepper spray, his whole head was turning purple, he was gasping for air and was telling the officers that he couldn’t breathe and that he had a heart condition. The District 21 Medical Examiner “ruled his death was a homicide because he had been restrained and sprayed with pepper sprayed by law enforcement officers.” The officers responsible were cleared of wrongdoing, but Christie’s family has filed a lawsuit against the police for his wrongful death. Murdered by Myers PD

No Photo Available-001Robert L. Hall 56, January 23, 1943 Newton GA – Hall was arrested at his home and transported him to the Court House Square, in Newton,’ where they beat him into insensibility. It is charged in the indictment that Hall died the same night, shortly after being taken to a hospital at Albany. Ga. Police in Baker County, Georgia beat with their fists and with a solid-bar blackjack about eight inches long and weighing two pounds. After Hall, still handcuffed, had been knocked to the ground, they continued to beat him from fifteen to thirty minutes until he was unconscious. Hall was then dragged feet first through the courthouse yard into the jail and thrown upon the floor, dying. An ambulance was called, and Hall was removed to a hospital, where he died within the hour and without regaining consciousness. A Federal Grand Jury at Macon GA returned an indictment on three counts on April 10, 1943 charging 2 Baker County law officers and a Newton GA city policeman with violations of the Fereral Civil Rights Statues. Named as defendants in the indictment were all of Newton GA: M. Claude Screws, Sheriff and Jim Bob Kelly, Deputy Sheriff of Baker County for a combined penalty of 13 years imprisonment and $16,000 in fines. Murder by 2 Georgia Law Enforcement agencies

LaTricka SloanLatricka Sloan 32, January 22, 2011 Attapulgus, GA – When Ms. Sloan approached a safety checkpoint on the highway, she made a U-turn back towards her home. An officer from the checkpoint caught up to Sloan about five miles from the checkpoint and performed a PIT maneuver (precision immobilization technique, is a pursuit tactic by which a pursuing car can force a fleeing car to abruptly turn sideways, causing the driver to lose control and stop) on Sloan’s vehicle. Sloan’s vehicle spun around and flipped into a drainage ditch. A witness reports that Sloan was not traveling fast and the witness thought the officer was going to pass Sloan’s vehicle but instead hit her vehicle. Sloan was killed in the crash. It was later determined that Sloan was not licensed to drive in Georgia and her Florida license had been revoked. The only reported violations on Sloan’s records were traffic citations. Murdered by Attapulgus PD

Flint FarmerFlint Farmer 29, June 7, 2011 Chicago IL – Officer Gildardo Sierra and a partner had responded to a domestic disturbance call allegedly involving Farmer. When confronted by the police, Farmer fled. Sierra shot at Farmer multiple times, hitting him in the leg and abdomen. Publicly available police video shows Sierra circle the prone Farmer as three bright flashes emit from approximately waist level. Sierra fired 16 shots at Farmer, hitting him seven times. The coroner who performed the autopsy on Farmer reported that Farmer could have survived the shots to the leg and abdomen, but any of the three shots through the back would have been fatal. Chicago Police officer Gildardo Sierra had been drinking before reporting for work, but the Police Department waited more than five hours after the shooting to test him for alcohol. Although the Chicago police department ruled the shooting justified, by October 23, 2011 Sierra had been stripped of his police powers and the FBI had opened an investigation into the incident. Records reflect this shooting was the third by the Officer Gildardo Sierra since January — and the second fatality in six months. Murdered by Chicago PD

Sophia SalvaSofia Salva (miscarriage) February 5, 2009 Kansas City KS – Salva a Sudanese native was driving to the hospital because she felt she was having a miscarriage. Two Kansas City police officers Melody Spencer and Kevin Schnell pulled her over for having stolen tags and suspected her to have stolen the car. On the police car’s dashcamera, Salva pleads to the officers twenty times to let her go to the hospital After the ninth request, the tape shows, a female officer Melody Spencer asked “How is that my problem?” The officers made Salva sit on the curb while they searched her car, purse and grocery bags. Spencer said, “that will be something you can take care of when we get done with you.” Salva was held overnight on traffic violations and outstanding city warrants. After being released the next morning, she delivered a premature baby boy who died immediately after birth. The officers were suspended and eventually fired. No tapes were available of Salva’s time in the jail, but she contends in the lawsuit that her continued pleas for help were ignored. The department said videotapes from that period had been recycled before it became aware of Salva’s claims. The city reached a $750,000 settlement with Salva in 2008 and the two officers lost their attempts to get the courts to overturn their termination. Baby murdered by Kansas City PD

Aldolph ArchieAdolph Archie (age unknown) March 22, 1990 New Orleans LA – During a shootout, Archie was accused of killing Officer Earl Hauck. Moments later a security guard shot Archie in the arm and he was taken into custody by police officers. As the prisoner was driven from the scene in a patrol car, angry officers could be heard on the police radio cursing and calling for him to be killed. The demands were heard all over New Orleans. When the car carrying Archie arrived at a hospital, a mob of 100 plus screaming officers was there to meet it. No superior officers dispersed the mob. For reasons never been satisfactorily answered, Adolph Archie was not taken into the hospital, but was driven to a station house in the precinct of the officer he had killed. There he was fatally beaten. No officer was ever charged in connection with Archie’s death. A settlement of $333,000 was eventually reached between Archie’s family and the city, with one-third of the sum going to the family of the fallen officer. Murdered by New Orleans PD

Artie ElliottArchie “Artie” Elliott III 24, June 18, 1993 District Heights MD – Elliott was driving home from his construction job in the late afternoon when Officer Jason Leavitt of the District Heights Police Department pulled him over for driving erratically. Leavitt administered a field sobriety test, which Elliott failed. After determining to arrest Elliott, Officer Leavitt searched Elliott, handcuffed him and placed him in the front seat of Leavitt’s police car, securing him in the seat with the seat belt and closed the car door. Shortly afterward, Officer Wayne Cheney of the Prince George’s County Police Department arrived as backup. Two officers were standing beside the car when they claimed that Elliott suddenly exited the car and pointed a gun at them. Both officers opened fire and shot Elliott a total of fourteen times. Police say they recovered a small, unloaded, .22 caliber handgun from the scene. Several witnesses disputed the officers’ account of the incident, however a grand jury declined to issue an indictment. Officer Wayne Cheney shot and killed 29-year-old Michael D. Reed in Upper Marlboro on Feb. 18, 1995. Cheney was also cleared of those charges. Murdered by District Heights PD

Raymond Robaire 2Raymond Robair 48, July 30, 2005 Treme LA – Several neighbors of the man who was killed testified they saw Officer Melvin Williams approach Raymond Robair on the street in and kick him in the side stomp and beat him repeatedly with a baton but the two officers accused in the case claim they were helping Robair, who they claim was found stumbling around and clutching his chest. To get him quick medical assistance, Officers Melvin Williams and Matthew Dean Moore — placed an unconscious Robair into their police car and drove him to Charity Hospital. The Officers falsely informed the hospital staff they found Robair under a bridge and all they knew was that Robair was a drug user. Based upon that information, the hospital treated Robair for a drug overdose rather than blunt force trauma. Robair suffered fractured ribs and a ruptured spleen as a result of the beating. He was pronounced dead within a few hours. An autopsy found that Robair suffered fractured ribs and a ruptured spleen. But the latter detail wasn’t noted by the Orleans Parish coroner’s office. The autopsy done by McGarry listed the fractured ribs, but states only that the spleen is absent, removed in surgery. Minyard classified the death as accidental. A second autopsy, performed 10 days later by Dr. Kris Sperry, the chief medical examiner in Georgia, recounts that doctor’s efforts to track down the spleen, which had been cut into sections. Sperry put the spleen back together, finding lacerations that indicated to him a rupture caused by blunt force to the abdomen, according to the autopsy found evidence of blows to Robair’s thighs and the back of his legs. Two New Orleans police officers were convicted in federal court in the beating death and cover-up after initially telling investigators the victim was suffering from a drug overdose. Murdered by Treme PD

Malice GreenMalice Green 36, November 5, 1992 Detroit MI – died while in police custody after being arrested by Detroit police officers Walter Budzyn and Larry Nevers during a traffic stop. Green allegedly failed to relinquish a vial of crack cocaine. Nevers struck Green in the head with his flashlight approximately fourteen times during the struggle which, according to the official autopsy, resulted in his death. An Emergency Medical Service worker arrived on the scene and sent a computer message to his superiors asking, “What should I do, if I witness police brutality/murder?” Other officers and a supervisor arrived but did not intervene to stop the beating. Green had a seizure and died en route to the hospital. The official cause of death was ruled due to blunt force trauma to his head. Both officers were convicted of second degree murder, but in a retrial (due to juror misconduct), they were convicted of involuntary manslaughter. The City of Detroit paid a civil agreement of $5.25 million to Malice Green’s family. Murdered by Detroit PD

Ernest Satterwhite-001Ernest Satterwhite 68, Feb. 10, 2014 North Augusta SC – Ernest Satterwhite was a laid-back former mechanic with a habit of ignoring police officers who tried to pull him over so when Public Safety Officer Justin Craven said he tried to stop the vehicle Satterwhite was driving because he suspected the driver might be drinking. When the driver failed to stop, Craven pursued the vehicle. The 25 mile per hours slow speed chase resulted in several damaged mailboxes and two accidents. As the pursuit left Aiken County, North Augusta Public Safety notified the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office that the chase for 9 miles and was heading its way. Edgefield County deputies joined the pursuit just as it ended at Satterwhite’s residence. Satterwhite parked in his own driveway AND Craven ran up to Satterwhite’s parked car and fired several shots into the driver’s side door, telling the other officers that Satterwhite tried to grab his gun. The other officers couldn’t get Satterwhite’s door open, so they broke the passenger side window, unlocked that door and dragged him out. Investigators determined that North Augusta Public Safety Officer Justin Craven broke the law. A prosecutor, in a rare action against a police officer, sought to charge him with voluntary manslaughter, punishable by up to 30 years in prison. But the grand jury disagreed, indicting him on a misdemeanor. The grand jury opted for “misconduct in office,” a charge used for sheriffs who make inmates do their personal work, or officers who ask for bribes. Their single-page indictment, returned in August, contains no details other than accusing Craven of “using excessive force and failing to follow and use proper procedures.” Murdered by Public Safety Officer Justin Craven

Cayne MiceliCayne Miceli 43, Jan. 5, 2009 New Orleans LA – Miceli was arrested on municipal charges at Tulane University’s hospital after she sought treatment for her severe asthma. She ended up in the jail’s oft-criticized psychiatric ward after a suicide attempt. Despite her asthma, she was tied down on her back in five-point restraints for nine hours, which a federal lawsuit brought by Howell against the Orleans Parish sheriff’s office argues directly led to her death. Minyard at first classified Miceli’s death as accidental, finding it was “drug-related.” But the toxicology report came back clean. The initial classification seems to stem from the “multiple fresh and recent injection sites of the forearms”. But McGarry did not make note of a logical explanation for those marks: Miceli was hooked up to life-support equipment before she died. The drug finding was removed from a subsequent death certificate and autopsy that was issued by Minyard’s office more than a year after the McGarry autopsy. The second autopsy notes the pulmonary disease found in Miceli’s body. Her death certificate was also changed, removing “drug intake” and replacing it with “bronchial asthma.” Murdered by New Orleans PD

Omega LeachOmega Leach 17, June 3, 2007 Chad Youth Enhancement Nashville TN – The City of Philadelphia decided a trip south was best for Omega Leach, an angry teenager who got in trouble for stealing a car. Leach was sent to the Chad Youth Enhancement Center outside Nashville, a mental-health facility for troubled teenagers approved by the city’s Department of Human Services. Leach had a confrontation with staff member. He tried to choke one counselor, and another staffer pushed Leach facedown to the floor and pulled his arms behind his back. A surveillance camera showing a Chad mental-health technician with both hands around Leach’s neck as he pinned him to the floor. Leach had “multiple hemorrhages” of his neck muscles. Tennessee treatment center has settled a federal lawsuit against the facility for $10.5 million. Murdered by Chad Youth Enhancement counselor

No Photo Available-001Unknown Female 14, September 2005 Chad Youth Enhancement Nashville TN – , the city was told that a 14-year-old girl from Long Island, N.Y., had dropped dead of a heart attack after a confrontation with staff. March 2005, a man called the Philadelphia child-abuse hotline with a warning: His coworkers were using “improper and illegal” force against city youngsters sent to the Chad Youth Enhancement Center. Unknown Male teen June 2005 Chad Youth Enhancement a Philadelphia child-care investigator learned that a staffer at the Tennessee center had been fired after he allegedly slammed a boy to the floor so hard the child fouled himself. In 2005, when Tennessee staged a surprise inspection of Chad, a girl told the inspectors that a Chad supervisor “will try to hurt students during restraints and ‘wants us to scream.’ ” Another youngster said she had seen “Big Mike slam kids down real hard on the floor. I don’t want that happening to me, so I try hard to do everything they ask me to do. Murdered by Chad Youth Enhancement Counselor

John CapanoJohn Capano 51, Dec. 31, 2011 Seaford NY – Capano, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, was shot in the chest by a retired officer while struggling with McGoey, who had just robbed a pharmacy where Capano was a customer. The officer had mistaken Capano for an armed assailant. McGoey was then shot and killed by an off-duty officer who came to the scene. No criminal charges were filed in what is considered a friendly-fire shootout. Murdered by one of his own

Dawntree WilliamsDawntree Ta’Shawn Williams 15, (mentally challenged) Dec. 20, 2011 Buford GA – Police responded to a domestic dispute Monday afternoon when family therapist called 911 Family members were allegedly locked in a room by the mentally challenged teenager while he threatened to kill them. His therapist called police in an effort to obtain help for him. The responding officers claim to have immediately ordered Williams to drop the weapon. When he refused, they claim they were forced to shoot him because he presented them with a deadly threat, even though these officers had been called to the house a week before because of his mental capacity. Williams later died from his injuries at Northeast Georgia Medical Center. No officers were injured in the incident. Murdered by Buford PD

Michael GilyardMichael Dewayne Gilyard 44, Dec. 16, 2010 Shreveport LA – Gilyard was riding his bike home when Officer Brian Lauzon stopped him for *looking suspicious*. Lauzon got out of his patrol car to question Gilyard and a struggle ensues off camera. During the struggle, Lauzon says he shot Gilyard in the back because he believed Gilyard was reaching for a gun. The coroner’s report indicates that the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the chest with a trajectory from back to front. Gilyard was later pronounced dead at LSU Hospital. No charges were be filed against Lauzon in the shooting death. Murdered by Shreveport PD

Aniston WaitersAriston Waiters 19, Dec. 14, 2011 Union City GA – Shot during a physical altercation with police. Officers were responding to a report of a fight between teenage girls and young adults. Neighbors report that the man was not involved in the fight and when shot. Officer Lewis claims Waiters was running from police to avoid arrest on outstanding warrants, however witness’ say “When Lewis seized Waiters, he did not have probable cause to believe that Waiters had been involved in criminal activity; he only knew that Waiters had been walking away from an incident involving several teenage girls.” Unarmed Waiters was lying faced-down on the ground, being handcuffed by a Union City police officer, when the officer fatally shot him. Laying on his belly with his arms outstretched above his head Lewis then knelt beside the teen, putting one knee into Waiters’ back as he affixed handcuffs to the teen’s left wrist, attempting to comply with Lewis’ commands Waiters reached his right hand behind himself to be cuffed. Lewis fired two shots into Waited back. Union City police refused to allow a registered nurse – one who provided her credentials to officers – into the shooting scene to render aid to Waiters as he lay bleeding following the shooting. Autopsy confirmed Waiters was shot in the back close enough to leave burn marks on his skin, Murdered by Union City PD

Stanley GibsonStanley Gibson 43 (PTSD and brain cancer) Dec. 12, 2011 Las Vegas NV – Gibson, a veteran, was allegedly suffering from PTSD and brain cancer and was disoriented when he struck a police cruiser with his car. Officers boxed him in with their vehicles, commanding Gibson to exit his vehicle as he continued to attempt to drive away. Police reportedly made a plan to break Gibson’s window with a beanbag round and use pepper spray to force him out. When the beanbag round was fired, Metro Officer Jesus Arevalo fired seven rounds of live ammunition at Gibson, who was unarmed. In October 2012, the Clark County District Attorney’s office announced an indictment against Arevalo and is seeking a grand jury hearing of the case. In May 2013, following an internal review, the Critical Incident Review Board recommended the termination of Arevalo’s position with the Metro Police for the shooting death of Gibson. Murdered by Las Vegas Metro PD

No Photo Available-001Austin Welling 18, Nov. 27, 2011 Tacoma WA – Unarmed Welling was shot and critically injured after an officer pulled him over on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle. Welling allegedly put the car in reverse and drove toward the officer, who fired at him several times. The 18-year-old was taken off of life support on January 31, 2012. Murdered by Tacoma PD

No Photo Available-001Steven Michalacos 67, Nov. 23, 2001 Brooklyn NY – As he was crossing Fifth Avenue near 80th Street in Bay Ridge Michalacos supposedly walked into the path of the approaching police vehicle, which authorities claim it had its siren and emergency lights on. Authorities said the car was responding to a report of a theft from someone in a bank building, but the location of the bank remained unclear. Michalacos was pronounced dead at Lutheran Medical Center. Police spokeswoman, Cheryl Cox, said the officers in the car were not injured and the incident was under investigation by the department’s accident investigation unit. Murdered by NYPD

Jermie McravenJermie McCraven 20, Feb. 10, 2012 Memphis TN – Jermie, along with friend George Gray were in a Memphis apartment complex, visiting a friend and helping Gray take tires off of his car. Mccraven was followed by a manager because he was parked in a complex where he was not from and the manager automatically assumed he was up to no good. Mccraven and Gray parked in front of a dead end which had a ditch in front of it. When getting the last tire off, Jermie got into his vehicle along with Gray, and suddenly officers pulled behind him. Gray said that officers fired multiple times saying get out, but they were afraid so they held their hands in the air and remained in the vehicle. Officers fired again, this time constantly. Gray said Jermie laid his head down and took his last breathe. The car already in drive and with Jermie dying instantly, his foot smashed the gas, causing the car to be out of control and rolling into the ditch. Officers say that Jermie attempted to run over them, not knowing he was already dead before the car even moved. Gray said by him being shot he blanked out, then officers awoke him when busting Jermie’s window out telling him to “get the F**k out and climb over Jermie’s body”. Two officers were at the scene, but Only one officer fired. No one’s house was ever reported broken into. Officers basically said that he deserved to be killed because of his record. Jermie was never convicted of nothing more than driving tickets. He was taken to jail for theft, but never convicted because no evidence was ever found. He was only accused and then let out of custody. Jermie wasn’t found with any drugs, weapons or anything which would make officers believe he threatened them, causing them to kill him. His body was moved from the scene without being identified. Officers never attempted to call any numbers in his call log to notify the family or friends. Murdered by Memphis PD

No Photo Available-001Thomas Anthony Black 44, Dec. 8, 2011 Port Madison Indian Reservation Suquamish WA – Officers were serving an arrest warrant on Stacy Callihoo, 42, who was in the Black home. Black, who was seated, to keep his hands where they could see them. Officers said they shot him when he raised his hands holding what they thought was a gun. Police retracted their original statement that Black had shot at officers after no handgun was recovered at the scene and no evidence supported Black’s firing at them. Detectives then claimed they found a toy gun in the vicinity. Murdered by Suquamish PD

Vang ThaoVang Thao 21, Dec. 3, 2011 Merced, CA – After a disturbance reported during a party at a home Two officers responded to the scene. As they approached the home, they saw and heard what appeared to be an argument between two men. Thao was killed by a stray bullet as officers fired at 18-year-old Kong Xiong, who was pointing a gun at them. Thao was not their intended target, and the Merced Police Department stated that Xiong was responsible for Thao’s death. Murdered by Merced PD

Lamont HarmonLamont Harmon 47, Feb. 6, 2012 Sacramento CA – Unarmed Harmon was walking across the Kmart parking lot on his way to his mother’s home shortly after a stolen car was discovered in the parking lot of an AM/PM gas station a block away. The deputy chased Harmon through the Kmart parking lot, to an intersection. Police say Harmon didn’t surrender once the deputy caught up. Supposedly as the two fought, the deputy used his stun gun on Harmon, to no effect. The Officers claims Harmon made a quick move, and the deputy, claims, fearing for his life he opened fire. Murdered by Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy

Bernard PateBernard Pate 37, Feb. 22, 2011 Las Vegas NV – Pate has an extensive police record, including arrests for attempted lewdness with a minor, attempted robbery, attempted burglary, open and gross lewdness, annoyance of a mentally challenged minor, lewdness with a minor under the age of 14 years, unlawful contact with the mentally ill, and battery, domestic violence. He is also a registered sex offender. During the foot pursuit, an officer shot the suspect, who was *believed* to be carrying a gun. Police claim a gun was found next to the suspect, but was it his? The suspect was also shot in the back, so was he running away and not posing a threat? Murdered by Las Vegas PD

No Photo Available-001Dwight Person 54, Nov. 17, 2011 East Point GA – Approximately 10 minutes after arriving at his nephew’s home, East Point police claim they knocked then entered the house looking for drugs. Witness say “The door busted down, and they were telling everybody to get down,” Police claim Person made a threatening gesture toward the officer. The veteran officer, claims she was fearful of her safety, fired once, striking the man in the abdomen. Barick Vaughn said police had no reason to be inside the house, let alone shoot anyone. Police arrested seven people, charging them with operating a dive, a violation of a municipal code. Two were released on bond, and five others attended a municipal hearing which is a lower court which tries misdemeanors and civil lawsuits. Medical attention was immediately sought for the Person and after being transported to a local hospital, he was pronounced deceased.” Murdered by East Point PD

Kyam LivingstonKyam Livingston 37 July 20, 2013 Brooklyn NY – Police arrested Livingston because she broke an order of protection her grandmother had taken out against her. Johnson said she called the cops after Livingston, who lived with her in Windsor Terrace, drank a bottle of vodka and turned violent, breaking two TV remote controls and two tables. She said the order of protection didn’t bar Livingston from living with her, but forbade her from arguing with her and drinking in her apartment. Officers called for medical assistance several hours after Livingston began complaining of stomach pains and diarrhea Emergency Medical Services crew was finally called, by the time they arrived, Livingston had been dead for 20 minutes. Fellow inmate Aleah Holland, a registered nurse, told The News that Livingston died needlessly “They said, ‘Shut up before we lose your paper work and you won’t be seen by a judge,’ we cleared a bench for Livingston to lie on. “She was convulsing on the bench”. Police at Central Booking ignored her complaints of stomach pains and diarrhea. She said that when she and other inmates banged on the bars calling for help, officers told them Livingston was an alcoholic. Brooklyn police Livingston claim she died in an ambulance heading to Brooklyn Hospital Center. Per the letter from the family’s attorney, “We are writing to request a copy of your ambulance call report, medical records documenting any treatment rendered to Ms. Livingston, and an itemized bill for services rendered.” The Hospital’s response is alarming: “We are unable to comply with your request at this time for the following reason(s): We show no treatment at this facility for the dates of service you requested.” The medical examiner’s office said that the cause of death was alcoholic seizure from chronic alcoholism Livingston’s toxicology report proves she was sober before her death. Aside from 5 mg’s of caffeine and 20 mg’s of glucose, Livingston’s blood and urine showed no signs of ethanol, basic drugs or any methamphetamines in her system. Murdered by Brooklyn PD

Kenneth ChamberlinKenneth Chamberlin Sr. 68, Nov. 19, 2011 White Plains NY – After his Life Aid medical alert necklace was inadvertently triggered, police came to his home and demanded that he open his front door. Police knocked on his door. Chamberlain told them through the door, he did not call them, did not require assistance, was not having a medical emergency, and asked them to leave. Police refused to leave his home, and insisted that Chamberlain open the door. Throughout the entire incident, an audio recording was made by a Life Alert device in the home. The police became more insistent, and began banging on the door. Chamberlain then contacted the Life Alert operator asking them for help. He stated that the White Plains Police employees were going to enter his home and kill him. The police continued to bang on the door, and then attempt to force it open for approximately one hour. During that time, officer Steven Hart swore at him and called him a “nigger.” Despite his objections and statements that he did not need help, the police broke down Chamberlain’s door, tasered him, and then shot him twice in the chest. A camera mounted on the taser captured the tasing, but was not functioning during the shooting. Chamberlin later died in surgery at White Plains Hospital. A grand jury reviewed the case and decided that no criminal charge would be made against police officers involved in the killing. White Plains police system wrote their reports to cover up racism and wrongdoing by the officers. Their transcript of the incident omitted Hart’s use of the word “nigger,” as well as the information that the original call had been for a medical emergency. Murdered by White Plains PD

Justin Crowley-SmilekJustin Crowley-Smilek 28, (mentally ill) Nov. 19, 2011 Farmington ME – Former Army Ranger suffering from combat stress and physical injuries from service in Afghanistan, was armed with a large knife when he arrived at the Farmington municipal building for help regarding mental health problems. Crowley-Smilek used a call box mounted on the building to contact the Police Department. Officer Rosie Peck went to the front entrance of the building, stepped outside and saw a man – later identified to be Justin Crowley-Smilek was walking away. Rosie took cover behind a police cruiser and drew his service firearm and fired seven or more shots at Crowley-Smilek, killing him. Peck claims he felt threatened with imminent deadly force. Murdered by Farmington PD

Kollin Elderts 2Kollin Elderts 23, Nov. 5, 2011 Wikiki HI – While at the cashier counter at a Honolulu McDonalds, Elderts began to verbally harass Perrine using racial slurs. Perrine asked Elderts to leave him alone, not to single him out, and stated words to the effect that he was a ‘local’’. Elderts did not have any weapon in his possession during the confrontation. Officer Deedy, was in Hawaii to provide security for the Asia-Pacific Economic Conference. There was a brief but escalating brawl that involved Deedy and Elderts and their friends. Deedy showed Elderts his State Department badge and credentials and Elderts responded: “What, you gonna shoot me? You got a gun? Shoot me. I’m gonna gut you.” Deedy is up and draws from his right rear hip the gun. Kollin turns around and sees Deedy within three feet. Deedy misses. Kollin, now having been shot at by the Deedy, lunges toward him reaching for the gun. They grapple in front of the counter and then two more shots ring out. After the shots, Kollin falls on top of Deedy onto the floor. The third bullet was fired. After the third bullet was fired, the gun jams.” The prosecutor has painted Deedy as an inexperienced agent who consumed alcohol against State Department policy while carrying a firearm and “stuck his nose” into a situation “that was not his business” and the fight with Elderts. Deedy testified he had intervened to stop Elderts from harassing another customer and he shot Elderts in self-defense as the confrontation escalated. Deedy was charged with second-degree murder and released on $250,000 bail. Murdered by State Department Officer

Jason BitzJason Richard Bitz 23, Oct. 31, 2011 Lakewood CA – Bitz had been given $12 and the keys to the vehicle by Rita Gomez son to help change the tire on a van and was doing so about 6 a.m when the off-duty officer came out of his home. He had permission to use the van, but was using a screwdriver to open the door. He ran after being confronted by the officer, who shot him multiple times claiming Bitz reached for his waistband. No weapon was found at the scene. Murdered by Lakewood PD

Michael NidaMichael Nida ll 31, Oct. 22, 2011 Downey CA – The night of the shooting, Downey PD officers detained Nida because he matched the description of a suspect in an armed robbery, but Nida fought them and escaped. Nida was detained a second time, only to escape and run again. According to sheriff’s investigators, Nida then turned toward police in an aggressive manner, and was shot 5 times in the chest and back. Nida was unarmed, likely running from police because of a small amount of marijuana in his possession and a known distrust for police. Nida was mistaken for a suspect wanted in an armed robbery at a Bank of America ATM. Prosecutors declined to criminally charge the officer, citing Nida’s resistance and that he had run from officers three times. Family settles for $4.5 million. Murdered by Downey PD

Joetavarious StaffordJoetavius Stafford 19, Oct. 15, 2011 Atlanta GA – Was involved in an altercation at the train station when a shot was fired into the air by someone in the crowd. Joetavius’ brother Rodney Stafford said he then saw a MARTA Police Officer Robert Waldo run toward the fight and shoot at his brother. “They were like, ‘Where the gun at? Where the gun at?’” “So after that, I heard a gunshot. Pow. Everybody started running. As he was drawing his gun, I was turning back around. My brother threw his hands up. MARTA police shot him in the back. Pow. And my brother lying on the ground, just looking at me and I was looking at his gunshot wound. As I’m looking at that, MARTA police shot him two more times in the back”. Witnesses said Stafford was unarmed and surrendering. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced his office had concluded a MARTA police officer was justified in shooting a man he believed was an armed felon and shot Stafford because he believed he was going to shoot him. Shot three times in the back. Murdered by MARTA PD

Rafael LaureanoRafael Laureano 51, Sept. 29, 2014 New York City NY – Laureano had gone to the apartment after his girlfriend called him for help as her ex-boyfriend Francisco Carvajal was hold her and her 3 children hostage . Police say he helped them break down the door then rushed past officers to confront Carvajal. Police say officers told Carvajal to drop the knife several times. Police initially had said that Laureano was stabbed before officers arrived. The medical examiner said no stab wounds were found on his body. Unarmed Laureano who intervened in a confrontation between police and a knife-wielding assailant died of a single gunshot wound to the back from a police officer. Police also killed the attacker, identified as 47-year-old Francisco Carvajal. Murdered by NYPD

No Photo Available-001Barrington Williams 25, September 17, 2013 New York, NY – NYPD officers suspected Williams was selling MetroCard swipes at the East 161st Street B/D train subway station in the Bronx. Officers walked toward him and he took off. They caught him shortly after. Police claim at some point during the arrest, however, Williams became “unconscious and unresponsive.” It’s unclear whether the asthma attack began while he was already in custody or before. He was pronounced dead at Lincoln Hospital. Murdered by NYPD

Jesus AguilarJesus Octavio Aguilar 28, (Inmate Jefferson County Jail) Oct. 12, 2011 Golden CO – The unarmed inmate, was shot as he attempted to flee from a medical facility. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy who was transporting Aguilar fired one time during the attempted escape. The bullet struck Aguilar who collapsed at the entrance to the medical facility. Aguilar was transported to St. Anthony’s Hospital where he died. Murdered by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

Canard ArnoldCanard Arnold 17, Dec. 31, 2011 Atlanta GA – Arnold was running away from a dispute when he was shot in the back at an Atlanta apartment complex. The the teenager did not confront or threaten the security guard. “There was no threat of force, no threat of violence, no threat of death but claims he feared for his life as so he shot Arnold in the back as the teen ran away. Murdered by trigger-happy armed security guard and vigilante bounty hunter

Johnny GammageJohnny Gammage 31, Oct. 12, 1995 NY? – The Jaguar Gammage was driving belonged to NFL player Ray Seals, Gammage’s cousin. Seals was not present; he had loaned the car to Gammage, who was visiting from his hometown of Syracuse, New York. According to court testimony, Lieutenant Milton Mullholland of the Brentwood Police Department began following Gammage as he drove northbound on State Route 51, after noticing that Gammage had braked when passing Mullholland’s patrol car, which was parked on the side of the road. After driving behind Gammage for more than a mile and a half (leaving Brentwood and entering City of Pittsburgh limits) Mulholland decided to stop Gammage because Gammage repeatedly braked to slow his car – despite the fact that the portion of the roadway on which Gammage was traveling is graded and braking is necessary to remain within the speed limit. Upon stopping Gammage, Mullholland called for backup, but rather than a general backup call, he specifically requested the presence of Officer John Vojtas on the scene. As Mullholland ran computer checks on Gammage’s driver’s license and the car registration, Sgt. Keith Henderson of the Whitehall Police Department arrived on the scene. Witnessing Gammage talking on his cellular telephone inside the vehicle, Henderson shone his flashlight into Gammage’s car and drew his weapon. Officer John Vojtas of Brentwood arrived next, and with his weapon drawn, had a loud discussion with Gammage which resulted in Gammage exiting the car, cellular telephone and datebook in hand. Vojtas knocked the items to the ground using his flashlight. When he raised his flashlight, Gammage knocked the flashlight from Vojtas’s hand. Vojtas and Henderson tackled Gammage and wrestled him to the ground. Mullholland joined in the altercation, helping the other two men pin the struggling Gammage to the ground. Officer Michael Albert of the Baldwin Police Department (who had arrived in response to the backup request) approached and attempted to assist in handcuffing him. Officer Shawn Peterson of the Whitehall Police Department also became involved, and joined Vojtas, Mullholland and Henderson in holding Gammage down, as one or more of the men struck him with flashlights. Gammage was eventually handcuffed, at which time only the two Whitehall officers, Henderson and Peterson, remained in contact with him, one sitting on Gammage’s legs, another holding his upper body. Within just seven minutes, Gammage lay dead. The coroner’s report showed his cause of death to be asphyxiation due to pressure applied to the chest and neck. His last words were alleged to be “Keith, Keith, I’m 31. I’m only 31”. a coroner’s jury recommended homicide charges be brought against all five officers, but the Allegheny Countydistrict attorney at the time, Bob Colville, chose only to file the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter against Mullholland, Albert and Vojtas. Pittsburgh and Syracuse, the Department of Justice declined to bring a civil rights action against the officers and police departments involved. Murdered by at least 3 Police Dept.

George StineyGeorge Junius Stinney Jr. 14, (inmate South Carolina State Penitentiary) June 16, 1944 Clarendon County SC – The youngest person executed in the United States in the 20th century. Stinney was arrested on suspicion of murdering two girls, Betty June Binnicker, age 11, and Mary Emma Thames, age 8, in Alcolu, located in Clarendon County, South Carolina, on March 23, 1944. No witnesses were called for the defense. The trial lasted two and a half hours. The jury took ten minutes to deliberate before it returned with a ‘guilty’ verdict. Murdered by a corrupt legal system READ MORE

Danroy HenryDanroy “DJ” Henry 20, Oct. 17, 2010 Easton NY – Police officer came across “a large group of unruly patrons” in front of Finnegan’s Grill in Thornwood, New York, and called for support . Some 50 police officers responded to the brawl. Henry and others in the car were waiting for a friend to come out of the establishment “when a police officer banged … on the window.” Henry began driving after his friend Brandon Cox, told him he thought police wanted him to move his car. Another police officer with his gun drawn just ran out in front of DJ’s car Henry had no time to stop. Henry shot through the windshield of his car as by police officer Aaron Hess. All the people in the car, including Henry were handcuffed because it was considered a “felony stop” since gunfire was involved. Police “pulled DJ out of the car, handcuffed him, put him face down on the ground and left him there for 15 to 20 minutes.” Police a ultimately a admitted to lying that the Pleasantville police officer who shot him, Aaron Hess, said Henry was driving toward him and wouldn’t stop. He fired from the hood of Henry’s car. Murdered by Easton PD

No Photo Available-001Dale Neel 62, Sept. 15, 2011 Fircrest WA – Neel was driving home from work on his moped when Deputy Jason Smith approached in the opposite direction travelling over 55 mph to a traffic stop already covered by another deputy and a Tacoma city policeman. Smith had his lights and siren on, so Neel moved from his position in the center turn lane to the curb. Smith inexplicably crossed the center lane and entered the opposing lane, striking Neel at the curb. Neel died an hour later in the hospital. Smith was working under contract at the time for the City of University Place. He had a history of 5 prior accidents, 3 of which had been determined to be “preventable” by the Pierce County Sheriff’s office. Murdered by Tacoma PD

Christen VargasChristen Vargas 27. Sept. 13, 2011 Colorado Springs, CO – Christen was in some trouble the night she and three other people were seen in a stolen car at the Chief Motel. She was on the run from a community corrections facility in Colorado Springs known as COMCOR. Three sheriff’s deputies surrounded the car she was driving deputies originally tried to question the passengers in the car. Deputy Marcus Miller pulled his gun when Christen Vargas began pulling forward running over the deputies foot. As she drove away, she ran over a deputy’s foot.. Investigators say she first stopped and Miller fired when Christen reached over to put the car in park. Brittney Angela passenger in the car currently is accused of jumping in the driver’s seat and racing away from deputies. The car was dropped at Memorial Hospital about an hour after Vargas was shot. An anonymous 911 call was made and Vargas was found dead three hours later in the abandoned car outside the emergency room of Memorial Hospital. Deputy Marcus Miller was suspended for 20 hours without pay for the policy violation, one of several committed by Miller and two fellow deputies according to the internal affairs report. The sheriff’s office internal investigation found Miller and two other deputies — Glenn Boarman and Christopher Gonazalez — broke several policies. Chief among those was the fact that Miller placed himself “in jeopardy” to be run over by standing so close to the car that his legs touched the side of Vargas’. Boarman, Gonzalez and Miller didn’t notify dispatch they were stopping the vehicle. Gonzalez and Boarman also didn’t identify themselves as deputies during the incident. Gonzalez also didn’t properly position himself next to Vargas’ vehicle, the investigation found, and he failed to keep an eye on the four people in the vehicle. Murdered by El Paso County Sheriff Dept.

No Photo Available-001William Wolford (age unknown) Sept. 11, 2011 Pueblo CO – Died from injuries sustained when struck by police cruiser. Officer was stopped at red light and struck Wolford as he crossed intersection at crosswalk. Officer was initially cited for careless driving causing bodily injury. Murdered by Pueblo PD

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