Who Fears Paper, Who Fears Law?

Thank you Rudy TwoMoon


Law 2

Laws are not facts, they are opinions based on how the law maker feels you should act, believe, follow or be. If paper law makers believe we should drink poison, then by the love of their god we will do so! Even if you don’t believe in the god they worship.

As we wait for the paper to reach the hands that could help, they ignore.

Law 1

We have done everything except what we should be doing, all because we are afraid of paper.

These pushers of laws are criminals, murderers, thieves, and psychopaths. They prey on the weakness of those who follow paper laws. While we wait, sign, petition and follow—they manipulate, ignore and abuse the laws “placed” on “us”.

The 1950’s TV show Leave It To Beaver, “it will only happen to them” days are dead and gone.

The lie you grew up with has come to light, and the illusion of freedom is no more. Whether you want to believe or not, your government is the same.

To the law, we are NOT important. We mean nothing. We are not special. Your parents lied, you are no different. You are no better than the rock. You are no better than the mosquito. You are just like the flea.

Do you get it now?

This will not stop until we put ourselves between the law makers and what should be protected

What is sacred and what is holy! Laws are opinions.

Fight for what you believe in. Pitchforks and torches await you. Use them well.