My Best Christmas Ever


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My best Christmas ever was the first we spent in Colorado 1981. We were so broke we couldn’t afford anything. My oldest son was 11 at the time and late Christmas Eve he and his best friend crossed a busy street to the abandoned Christmas tree lot, climbed the fence, grabbed a tree and tossed it over and ran like the wind before the cops caught them. All night long the 2 boys cut snowflakes out of lined school paper. Christmas morning I walked into my empty living room and there before me stood the most beautiful Christmas Tree covered in paper love.



2015 Christmas from my oldest son Rudy TwoMoon who handcrafted this beautiful necklace

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San Bernardino False Flag


False Flag San Bernardino
Splashed across every online news outlet “San Bernardino Shooters Syed Rizwan Farook 28 and Tashfeen Malik 27 Shoot and Kill 14 Injure 21. One Suspect still on the loose” Dec. 2, 2015 10:59 am PST, at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino CA Dept. Health Training Event and Holiday Party, (rented by an outside private 3rd party) with approximate 80 employees in attendance including Syed Farook. 3 shooters, Farook and Malik and a 3rd unknown assailant, wearing non-armored black tactical outfits and ski masks and armed with military style semi-automatic pistols and rifles opened fire on attendees. After the shooting, the couple fled in a rented SUV. San Bernardino SWAT team was conducting its monthly training exercise a few blocks away and was able to arrive within 14 minutes wearing protective gear. The gunfire lasted under a minute before both perpetrators were killed.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist and coincidence is not conspiracy, but I believe this was a FALSE FLAG: Two days prior to the shooting SWAT announced “Victor Valley College officials would like to inform students and area residents there will be an “active shooter” training exercise on the VVC campus on Monday, November 30th. There will be significant police presence at this time.”

I find it highly suspect SWAT was suited up and ready to go and still training 2 days later, AND when did police begin training with live ammo? They don’t! How many vehicles are needed in a training exercise? There were an unprecedented number of governmental vehicles, around 400 on the scene (many federal).

As for news coverage MSNBC reported “It looks like the 3 actors” and “the 3 actors have been caught”, When has mainstream media ever labeled a suspect an actor or were they was the speaking literally or figuratively? When it’s consistently repeated, no they don’t.

Sally Abdelmageed works at the Inland Regional Center saw the attackers enter the building “three men, dressed in all black, military attire with vests on holding assault rifles and one of them opened up the door to building three… and he… opens up the door to building three and … he… starts to spray, shoot all over into the room… I couldn’t see a face, he had a black hat on (mask) and uh, from my view all I could see was a black hat (mask) and long sleeve shirt… black cargo pants with zippers on the sides, big puffy pockets, he had a huge assault rifle and extra ammo… I just saw three dressed exactly the same…. their skin tone looked white. They looked like they were athletic build. They appeared to be tall.”

There are a couple of problems when it comes to the police version. It was broadcast for everyone to lock their doors and stay inside; then police announced they’d caught a “suspect” and subsequently let him go. That would mean the third man is still at large, running loose but he’s no longer mentioned, he’s just been forgotten, swept under the rug like there was no 3rd person. Then there’s Tashfeen Malik who wasn’t male, athletic, or tall. Tashfeen was short, small and only weighed 90 lb.

By Dec. 4th the house had already been cleared by the FBI. Since when does law enforcement wind up an investigation in 48 hours and leave evidence behind? And for that matter who leaves their social security card, driver’s license and passports out in the open? Coincidentally ALL terrorists just happen to leave important documents sitting out in the open, just lying around and FBI wouldn’t remove them for processing. Yeah, right.

The Macy’s card on the table would be documented and numbers run to see what was purchased. The Quran would have been seized to check for fingerprints, notes, or highlighted passages AND it was conveniently printed in English. Photos of friends and associates weren’t seized – what if they were in on the shooting? Its come-on knowledge shredded documents are confiscated, taken to the lab where countless hours are invested putting bits of paper back together like a jigsaw puzzle, yet a trash basket was partially full and the scanner which captures and stores images indefinitely were also left behind. The FBI examines crime screens with a fine tooth comb because everything in that apartment is EVIDENCE but there was no fingerprint dust on the walls or any of the furniture. Real law enforcement collect of hair, fluid, and fiber samples, meticulously cataloguing everything, then transporting the evidence back to the lab where Forensic Scientists would run tests. Law Enforcement wouldn’t leave a residence unsecured for anyone to access; more often than not forensic personnel would go back for a second, third, fourth and even more times check to make sure nothing was missed yet “Inside Edition” was able to pay $1,000 to landlord Doyle Miller who used a crowbar to open the door and allow reporters and photographers inside. Eyewitnesses claim the landlord was whisked away in an FBI van immediately following media departure.

I also find it odd that Michael Wetzel’s (man with 6 kids) wife Renee learned of the shooting she immediately alerted the Facebook support group which she belongs. Celia Behar the co-founder opened a GoFundMe account stating “She (Renee) started crying” “She just felt so much relief that there was such a cushion.” Common, whose first reaction to the death of their husband would be to get on Facebook? And in the photograph CNN publicized, what’s going on with the daughter in the pink dress? Her arm around her brother looks nothing like her other arm! Bad Photoshop?

Gunmen enter into known gun free zones and while it does make for a compelling argument, the advent of crisis and guns leads to an even bigger melee if the average Joe/Jane carried. It’s very apparent these shootings are less random and are actively being planned in order to traumatize the public into thinking the state can only protect us with their militarized police forces because our own guns and self-defense skills won’t neutralize an active shooter.

Media calling “suspects actors” and ignoring the missing 3rd gunman allows me to recognize the telltale signs media has played into, and are even party to in these hoaxes knowing full well they’re protected by H.R. 5736 section (b) “Dissemination of Information” legalizing propaganda published by mainstream news as long as there is the possibility at least one non-US-citizen will eventually read it.

Why Such Secrecy about Private Military Contractor’s Men Working the Event? – Craft International Security Consultants
Breaking ‘Craft Intl Mercenaries Carried Out San Bernardino Shooting’</span>
Video evidence crime sceen
San Bernardino Shooting Hoax Suspect’s Sister Breaks Her Silence For Money


Minority Incarceration and Media’s Societal Engineering



I’ve finally completed my Race and Gender in the Media Class and below is my final essay!!!

Societal Engineering of repetitive media messages focusing on minorities, particularly Blacks as nefarious thugs fail to take into account the majority of penal inmates are comprised of non-violent offenders. Covert strategy applied through media cautionary tales reaching the largest potential audience’s constant barrage of psychological programming is designed to perpetuate a constant state of anxiety, fear and apprehension.

Most people are totally unaware of the level of manipulation by indoctrination they’re subjected through content delivery. Antisocial messages embedded within episodic situational programming encourage and change audience attitudes by altering emotional arousal patterns under the guise of entertainment intended to influence cerebral behavior. This systematic pattern dominates mass media which is dependent on advertising revenue and political support which the media are incapable from detaching.

Jurors have been pre-conditioned through media to view handcuffed Black men entering courtrooms dressed in orange as guilty by reason of skin color. In 1984, nineteen year old Black youth [1]Darryl Hunt, from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was convicted of the rape and murder of Deborah Sykes despite the fact there was no physical evidence tying him to the crime. Darryl was sentenced by an all-white jury to life in prison. Ten years later DNA testing cleared Darryl, however even after being exonerated Darryl spent an additional nine years in prison. After 19 years Hunt was released in 2004.

[2]Mandatory sentencing policy data reflect Black offenders are incarcerated at 5.6 times the rate and receive considerably longer sentences than White offenders. Nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population is Black, and 1 out of every 12 Black males between the ages of 30 and 34 are behind bars, compared with 1 in 60 White males of the same age group; herein lays the contradiction of mind control; Widely published National statistics present these figures “With the help of politicians and news media, criminal and Black has become so interchangeable that social psychology experiments testing implicit racial bias have found Whites view Blacks as less trustworthy, more violent, and innately criminal.”[3]

Repetitious lies, distorted messages, faulty analogies and circular reasoning formulated by politicians, produced by corporate media, and generated though news, television and broadcast agencies as factual is the systematic broken record technique of brain washing. “mind control is possible through the covert exploitation of the unconscious rules that underlie and facilitate healthy human social interactions. Common social rules can be used to prey upon the unwary” [4]. If something is repeated often enough the brain is mentally restrained and prone to suggestion and cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality. To underestimate coercive persuasion by hypnotizing millions of people into believing most if not all Black men are thugs and criminals deserving of prison, and most if not all White men are decent and pure, deserving of second chances is not fair, nor is it balanced, impartial or constitutionally legal which does not allow for due process and equal protection or representation under the law.

Legal assistance and attorney affordability are not synonymous. At the present time there are roughly 650,000 people around the country currently locked down in local jails, and nearly 70 percent of them haven’t been convicted of any crime. Among those awaiting trial, many are stuck behind bars because they can’t afford bail, they’re products of a system which regularly forces legally innocent people to serve time. Black men customarily don’t have the funds to retain high powered legal counsel many Whites are afforded such as in the case of the Affluenza Kid Ethan Couch [5], therefore are subjected to inferior services of disinterested, overworked, incompetent or inexperienced underpaid court-appointed attorneys who typically invest less than 15 minutes reviewing charges and interviewing clients. Without quality representation there is virtually no chance of acquittal.

In the majority of movies and TV, Whites are the saviors, the leaders, the smartest, boldest, sincerest; portrayed fighting with words and logic. Blacks are portrayed as smack talking, drug dealing liars and thugs who fight with guns. White screenwriters haven’t developed Black characters in meaningful ways so their lives and deaths mean nothing, confirming Black lives really don’t matter. Media repeatedly controls our thoughts by using violent imagery.

How impartial and unbiased can a juror be whose been inundated by a system of media propaganda significantly influencing, disrupting and compromising their collective freedom of choice, and can this process be routed out or determined during Voir Dire?

When media’s mind controlling contempt for Black men manifests as acceptable practice, it clarifies the extensive mistreatment and the disproportionately 20% longer mandatory prison sentencing for Black defendants than White defendants.

[1] “Darryl Hunt.” – The Innocence Project. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2015.
[2] Mauer, Marc, and Ryan S. King. Uneven Justice: State Rates of Incarceration By Race and Ethnicity (n.d.): n. pag. Web.
[3] Cox, Robynn. “Where Do We Go from Here? Mass Incarceration and the Struggle for Civil Rights.” Economic Policy Institute. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2015.
[4] Cialdini, Robert B. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. New York: Collins, 2007. Web.
[5] Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2015. Ethan Couch

Send a Merry Christmas to an Inmate


Inmate Letter

If anyone has a few extra Christmas cards these guys could sure use a nice note to cheer up their holiday and it would be much appreciated… If you’re not comfortable using your own return address feel free to use:
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Thank you


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As the saying goes “You’ll never have a second chance to make a first impression” and first impressions mean just about everything or at least they’re 90% of one’s judgment, so hopefully this introduction will spark your interest and possibly be the beginning of a new friendship with no finish line. However, just in case my profile pic didn’t wholeheartedly grab your attention let me tell you a little something about myself. CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING ABOUT Akira

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Waiting on the Lord

Afrow-001I’ve been lonely for a long, long time, for the last seven years to be exact. I’d really like to have a companion to share my hopes, thoughts and dreams with. CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING ABOUT Afrow


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A born and raised Richmond Virginia Gentleman

Brandon Moss

Hi, my names’ Brandon, I’m 22 years old, I’m about 165 pounds and I’ve been locked up since CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING ABOUT Brandon


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Hello Free world!

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My names is Joseph aka “JoJo”, I’m 33 years old and looking to meet a nice woman had has a good head on her shoulders and a warm heart. I’m a caring man seeking long term friendship.  CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING ABOUT “JoJo”

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I am a Libra for those ladies interested in the constellations! 

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William ThumbDuring a time when the country is distracted with concerns on employment, healthcare and ending the wars of the world. One soul suffering the distress of loneliness is but a whisper in a tornado, it gathers no attention. But I cannot abandon my heart, which brings me to your front door. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING ABOUT William
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Rapist Cop Found Guilty

Thank you Xena

People were concerned when the jury took more than three days to deliberate. Daniel Holtzclaw was charged with 36 felonies. Holtzclaw was charged with 36 counts of rape, forcible oral sodomy, burglary and other charges.

Shortly after 9 p.m. ET this evening, the jury returned guilty verdicts. It was their fourth day of deliberations. Holtzclaw was not found guilty on some counts, but he was found guilty of enough counts to spend the rest of his life in prison. Holtzclaw is 28 years old.

Daniel Holtzclaw was an Oklahoma City police officer who was charged with sexually assaulting 13 women over a 7 month period. The women ranged in age from 17 to 57. It was after the eldest victim came forward that others did also, saying that they had remained silent out of fear of retribution. Holtzclaw was placed on administrative leave in January 2015 when GPS tracking devices were used to corroborate the victims’ stories.

There was some racial controversy. Of the 13 victims, 12 are Black. Oklahoma City is reported to have a 40 percent minority population, but the chose jurors, 8 men and 4 women, were all White.

Victims gave testimony describing Holtzclaw’s acts which I will not repeat here. They were deplorable and you can read about their testimonies on News 9.

Holtzclaw hung his head and began sobbing and rocking back and forth as the verdicts were read. His formal sentencing is set for January 21, 2016.