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1. In this country American means White. Everybody else has to hyphenate. ~Toni Morrison

2. When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression… When people say you have privilege they aren’t saying you don’t have problems. They are saying you do not have the specific problems which come from oppression. This is not a difficult concept.

3. To say White Privilege in this country exists, is not the same as blaming White people for it.

4. “White Privilege” isn’t a term meant to diminish individuality; it’s not a personal attack. White privilege is a systemic cultural reality.

5. When some of us refer to Europeans its easier us to replace that word with White people and not always meant in a bad way.

6. One of the perks of White Privilege is thinking you get to decide how we talk about atrocities committed against People of Color.

7. When Black folks have several children they’re called irresponsible. When White people do, it’s called “19 Kids and Counting”. When Muslims are accosted for having the ABILITY to marry more than one wife, they’re called misogynistic. When White people do it, it’s called “Sister Wives”. When various cultures or Brown folks around the world have arranged marriages, they are shamed for it. When White people do it, it’s called “Marriage at First Sight”… Want to know what White Privilege is? Watch TLC

8. Affirmative Action isn’t Black Privilege … Affirmative Action was an attempt to give “an opportunity” to women and people of color because our institutions created an uneven playing field. It was an attempt to correct White Privilege.

9. One or two instances of discrimination do not add up to a lifetime of Institutionalized Racism.

10. Reverse racism is a myth because racism has, as part of its underpinnings, the core of systemic oppression of a minority by a majority benefiting from such oppression.

11. There is no such thing as ‘reverse racism’. There is only racism. Racism is the promotion of one racial group, or the derision of other racial groups. Racism can be engaged in by any race toward any other

12. Black people fighting for equality and an end to prejudice and bigotry do not make them racists because they are not in a position to dominate White people in the US.

13. White people have not been enslaved, colonized, or forced to segregate.

14. White people do not face housing or job discrimination, police brutality, poverty, or incarceration at the level Black people do. This is not to say that they do not experience things like poverty and police brutality at all. But again, not on the same scale — not even close. That is the reality of racism.

15. Black people and other POC must navigate traditionally white spaces or they can’t function. You don’t have to go to the hip-hop club if you don’t feel welcome there, but Black people can’t avoid: The DMV and other government agencies, Banks and the loan application process, the admission process for schools, the white-dominated private sector, and trigger-happy cops.

16. Racism is racism no matter the color or ethnicity it is directed at.

17. The term suggests Blacks can’t be racist only merely “reverse racists” as if to say you Whites own everything including racism itself. Your privilege is showing.

18. Black people have problems White people don’t even have to think about simply because they are White.

19. Your White horror examples don’t work. Many tried to turn it all around and talk about the things that happened to them. Try just thinking about Black people here. It’s not a competition to tell the most horrible story or to not accept that White privilege exists because you had a horrible experience as a White person.

20. Why is it every time articles like this are written, White people start talking about THEIR experiences?

21. There always seems to be a need to negate Black peoples experiences with racism. A large part of White America is, and always will be, tone deaf to the racism experienced by Indigenous, Black and Latinx people. For some reason, it’s like most White people don’t WANT to hear our experiences with racism. It is an unwillingness to honestly empathize.

22. Telling Black people about the experiences you had as a White person being harassed by Blacks is like going to a third world country and telling them about the time that the water in your house was cut off for a week…
23. White people have the complexion for protection

24. White privilege, as a whole still offers better opportunity and treatment to poor Whites than to People of Color

25. One reason White Privilege is hard for White people to see is that so much of White Privilege is the absence of bad things happening rather than the presence of good things happening.

26. White privilege is the freedom to coast through life believing that everyone is treated like you.

27. White privilege means when you cut your finger and grab a band-aid from the first aid kit, it matches your skin color. It means most hair salons will know how to style your hair. It means when people describe you as an individual, they don’t begin with the color of your skin.

28. When a White person responds to the statement “Black Lives Matter” by countering with “All Lives Matter” they exhibit blindness to the privilege of living outside of a painful and marginalizing lens highlighting their race; a privilege not enjoyed by Black, Red and Brown people.

29. The All Lives Matter retort comes specifically and uniquely to Black folk raising their voices. This is part of White denial about racism and privilege.

30. When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feel like oppression

31. Stop referring to People of Color as “minorities!” Because what you’re screaming is White-Privilege! (People are marginalized)

32. White people do not see their own privilege, even though it does exist. They can only see White privilege when it is underlined and contrasted against the same situations where the people do not have the same privilege(s).

33. “White Privilege” is unrelated to wealth. Its constant cultural affirmation everywhere you look; few if any social, professional or educational barriers exist. It’s possible to be poor and benefit from White Privilege, in fact it is guaranteed if you are White you will enjoy certain privileges and money has nothing to do with it.

34. White privilege is being able to get a taxi any time and place you want one.

35. It goes beyond a sense of entitlement or an intentional or unconscious expression of “White Privilege”…it has more to do with an unwillingness to acknowledge the existence of racism. It’s about White people wanting to feel good about themselves and not wanting to think about things which might make them uncomfortable.

36. The key element of White Privilege Theory is that it requires no racist intent, or overt racism. Though hardly a new concept, White Privilege (along with its cousins “male privilege” and “straight privilege”).

37. Black people in America are more prone to oppression. Systemic, home grown, calculated, wholesale oppression. Oppression may take the person who could’ve have been a great legal businessperson and turns him into a drug dealer. Takes the person who could’ve been a great salesperson and turns him into a con-man. Takes the person who could’ve been a lawyer and turns him into a hustler. Not to say that there aren’t Black people who overcome their circumstances to make a legal way in this society but you lose 10 for every 1 that makes it to the Promised Land. Remove the oppression and the people will take advantage of the opportunity. The problem is, many White people are okay with oppression as long as you aren’t doing it to them. As long as they don’t get pulled over for nothing every other week, they are just fine with it. That’s White Privilege. The things that don’t happen to you because you’re White and you don’t even know it.

38. Over the course of U.S. history only White people enjoyed and possessed the rights which they loudly proclaimed were fundamentally human rights.

39. Members of the dominant group, the one which has the privilege, to deny that it exists or that it could exist. Which is precisely what White folks do (for the most part) when faced with claims by people of color that we enjoy social privilege by virtue of the social fact that we are taken to be White.

40. If what you are hearing in conversations centering around privilege, it’s your own bias and unwillingness to examine yourself, and create a straw-man argument to avoid seeing racial inequality for exactly what White Privilege is.

41. White Privilege refers to any advantage, opportunity, benefit, head start, or general protection from negative societal mistreatment, which persons deemed White will typically enjoy, but which others will generally do not enjoy.

42. White Privilege is not the equivalent of nor is it interchangeable with Class Privilege or Economic Privilege

43. White people are 61.8 percent of the student population but receive 69.3 percent of scholarships. Less than 5 percent of all scholarship programs consider a student’s race. White people are 46.5 percent of the student population financially eligible for Pell Grants and receive about 48 percent of Pell Grants. Look at the data: http://www.finaid.org/schola…/20110902racescholarships.pdf . Please stop perpetuating this myth that you don’t have something because Black people took it away from you.

44. To claim minorities focus on their differences is in itself White Privilege. Different from what, the majority? If those differences did not come with consequences there would be no problem. Perception is indeed reality, and everyone is viewing life from a difference lens, but to say it doesn’t exist because you don’t see it is in itself the epitome of White Privilege and refusing to talk about a problem is dysfunctional.

45. Remember, even in privilege, Black people are oppressed.

46. If White people are not to blame because they “inherited” it, that would give them more reason to openly talk about this “inheritance” and NOT accept it.

47. To stop talking about White Privilege is awfully convenient for the majority.

48. Easy to say when you’re on the “right” side of privilege

49. The fact is until you can jump to your feet when asked to “stand up if you’d like to be treated like a Black man”, you still have White Privilege!

50. YOUR experiences do NOT in any shape, form or fashion invalidate anyone else’s pain and suffering. And, your perspective does NOT define the truth regarding the actual issue discussed

51. The Fair Housing Act made discrimination in housing illegal in 1968, people of color had missed out on decades of robust growth in the housing markets (and much of the next generation missed out on that wealth building in the 20 years it took to fully implement the law).

52. You cannot have an honest and real conversation about race in the USA if you refuse to talk about what being White in the USA means.

53. We all have skin in the game, everyone needs to be involved and stop the semi-coherent rationalizations for their racist views.

54. White Privilege is like a virus which never will get cured… They get to break all types of rules but the White Privilege virus continues to spread.

55. Over the course of U.S. history only White people enjoyed and possessed the rights which they loudly proclaimed were fundamentally human rights.

56. “White Privilege” is simply an interchangeable term for Racial Privilege, and refers only to race, not to other privileges a person may have been born into.

57. Let me get this straight. You terrorize and enslave an entire race for over 300 years. Ban them from your privileges for the next 100 years. Fill two thirds of your prisons with them until today and now you’re angry they don’t applaud your history.

58. The Obama administration decision affecting thousands of federal inmates does not alter states, which have increasingly come to rely on private firms to manage prison populations

59. White privilege refers to any advantage, opportunity, benefit, head start, or general protection from negative societal mistreatment, which persons deemed White will typically enjoy, but which others will generally not enjoy.

60. White people have prejudices about people of color because American culture has normalized Whiteness, but the fact that People of Color act “differently” further entrenches the “obvious correctness” of a White cultural norm. Why is it normal to eat with a fork instead of chopsticks? Why is it normal for a man to wear a suit to a business meeting instead of a loose, colorfully printed robe? Why is it normal to sit in a chair instead of on the floor? Why is a woman in a long gown and a bonnet accepted — archaic, perhaps, but accepted? Why is a nun wearing a black gown and habit accepted? Why is a woman in a burka and hijab somehow threatening? Why do we teach the way we do? Write our laws the way we do? In short, why is our society the way it is? All of these questions have the same answer: Because we live in a Western European society built by Western Europeans for Western Europeans to live in. This culture is so normative most White People never have to think about it or even know it exists, because everything they do naturally fits the norm.

61. Your attempt to spotlight bigotry was within itself a bigoted remark. Let me give you a history lesson. Any time you remove the individual from the equation and lump everyone from a demographic into one myopic assumption you are embracing a prejudicial stereotype. Such as it’s wrong to say all Hispanic people are illegal as it is not true. It’s wrong to say all Blacks are on welfare as it is not true. And it is wrong to blame all White people for the ignorance and intolerance in society, as it is not true.

62. Tell me about the time someone in your family or community was lynched because of the color of their skin. Tell me about the time when the KKK terrorized your family because of the color of their skin. Tell me about the time when you were forced to sit in the back of the bus because of the color of your skin. Tell me about the time when the National Guard had to be called in so you could go to school because people didn’t want you there because of the color of your skin. Tell me about the time you were not allowed to vote, get the housing you wanted, go school because of the color of your skin. Tell me about the time you were racially profiled by a shop owner or the police because of the color of your skin. Tell me about the time when your ancestors were enslaved because of the color of their skin. Tell me about the time when you rejoiced because FINALLY someone who looks like you won the presidency.

63. Most of the wealth of the White middle class was built on home equity – homes Black people were not allowed to buy.

64. Were any of your people on the slave ships? Did your great-grandmother walk the Trail of Tears; you’re just talking about how it was for poor Whites, you got to stay together 7 in a room while my ancestors had their babies ripped from their wombs! White’s weren’t lynched and burned or their genitals cut off at town picnics. Police didn’t shoot White men, didn’t breed you, Whites were never ripped from their homes and sold like dogs your families destroyed. Drugs and alcohol weren’t spread in your community. You are not subject to a justice system where you face harsher sentences for the same crime. You had it good. God save me from folks like you. Your ancestors were free.

65. The acute trauma endured by the incarcerated, the abused, the raped, the trafficked, the starved, the murdered, and the dispossessed does not exempt the perpetrators.

66. Never trust anyone who says they do not see color. This means to them, you are invisible. ~ Nayyirah Waheed

67. Would you tell a veteran to get over it? How about a mother who lost her child to a drunk driver? If not, why are you telling Black/Indigenous people to get over it? We’re being told we don’t have rights over how we’re represented in mainstream America. We’re being told we should ‘just get over it’ – but people who say this don’t comprehend what the issues are, and most don’t even care enough to do the research. When people know of us only as a ‘costume,’ something you dress up as for Halloween or for music videos, then you’ve stop thinking of us as people. This is incredibly dangerous because every day we fight for the basic human right to live our own lives without outsiders thinking it’s their job to determine our fate or define our identities. This is a privilege White people such as yourself take for granted.

68. To acquiesce to racism, bigotry, and misogyny is to condone and thus spread those evils. Getting over it is for people who don’t care. Did your great-grandmother walk the trail of tears? Were any of your people on the slave ships? Yes, 1st Nations people were traded for African’s so ships didn’t return to Europe empty. You’re talking about how it was for poor Whites, but your families got to stay together while my ancestors had their babies ripped from their wombs! Children forcefully taken from their parents and placed in boarding schools were raped, abused and many killed because there wasn’t enough room. Were any of your relatives beaten for speaking their native language? White’s weren’t lynched and burned or their genitals cut off at town picnics. Police didn’t shoot White men, didn’t breed you; Whites were never torn from their homes and sold like dogs your families destroyed. Drugs, alcohol, poison blankets weren’t spread in your community. Experimental vaccines weren’t tested on your ancestors. You are not subject to a justice system where you face harsher sentences for the same crime as a White person. You had it good. Your ancestors were free.

70. This is treaty land; land and water are the only things left to us other than stories passed down the ancestors. We had our languages taken away, many tongues are now extinct because Euro Christian’s killed the ancients; murdered our fathers and mothers, raped our sisters, brothers traded for African slaves so ships didn’t return to Europe empty.

71. Children were forcefully taken from their parents, placed in boarding schools where they were raped, abused and thousands killed because there wasn’t enough room to house them. White’s weren’t lynched and burned or their genitals cut off and shoved in their mouths at town picnics. Police didn’t shoot White men, didn’t breed them; Whites were never torn from their homes and sold like dogs or had families destroyed. Drugs, alcohol or smallpox infected blankets weren’t spread through their communities. Experimental vaccines weren’t tested on their ancestors. Euro Christian’s are not subject to a justice system where they face harsher sentences for the same crime as a White person.

72. So not only was our land stolen but they killed our food supply, and are continuing to kill almost all wildlife with chemicals., They’ve polluted our water looking for gold, fracking and pipelines, shoved bibles down our throats and refused to consider us until June 2, 1924 when Congress granted us citizenship to OUR OWN LAND. Yet they name their sports teams and streets after us, appropriate our regalia as *Halloween costumes* and claim to love nature despite what they’ve done to it.

74. Racism is the only invention White people won’t take credit for.

75. Chattel slavery is what most people have in mind when they think of the kind of slavery which existed in the United States before the Civil War. Slaves were actual property who could be bought, sold, traded or inherited.

76. Slavery in America began when the first African slaves were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, to aid in the production of such lucrative crops as tobacco.

77. Slavery existed in North America for 245 years.

78. History should be taught and not forgotten; you can’t whitewash it then call it legitimate history.

79. The transatlantic slave trade began during the 15th century when Portugal, and subsequently other European kingdoms, were finally able to expand overseas and reach Africa. The Portuguese first began to kidnap people from the west coast of Africa and to take those they enslaved back to Europe and took place across the Atlantic Ocean from the 15th through 19th centuries.

80. Start a bucket list with “whine incessantly” on it, and you can immediately mark it off as “accomplished”. Five + billion people on this planet would look at your standard of living with disbelief that you could possibly complain about not having “enough”. You’re White and you were born in this country which means (except for being female) you “hit the jackpot” in life. And, yet, you’re full of resentment that you don’t have “more”?

81. MISSING WHITE WOMAN SYNDROME is a phrase used by social scientists and media commentators to describe the extensive media coverage, especially in television, of missing person cases involving young, white, upper middle class women or girls. The phenomenon is defined as the media’s undue focus on upper-middle-class white women who disappear, with the disproportionate degree of coverage they receive being compared to cases of missing men, or women of color and of lower social classes i.e. a division of a society based on social and economic status.

82. It’s true for those who don’t see color as an issue. But when they walk out their front door and step into the real world, BECAUSE color isn’t an issue for them, they are blind to what’s happening around them…. They always make excuses “they had a weapon”, “they were acting in a threatening manner”, “they were running which made them look guilty” etc. and assume the dead must have some modicum of criminality, present some reasonable threat to the public, right, all because THEY don’t see color. Hello, You SHOULD see color, not be color blind. So get off your high color-blind horse and stand up and draw attention to the injustice! Your words are nothing but a cop-out to absolve you from having to get involved.

83. It’s much easier to say the Civil War was about money when your ancestors weren’t the currency.

84. TO IMMIGRANT: It’s interesting to see how even immigrants feel they have the right to dictate to Blacks how they should feel about racism in their own country.

85. Part of racism is who is included and who is excluded, socially, economically and historically.

86. You’ve been taught the standard world view, but understanding issues of colonization is important to thinking critically. If you don’t understand what colonization is, and where it came from, how can you decolonize your own mind?”

87. Racism isn’t by choice but by programming. Most people of color see and understand this…….while many Whites don’t…..they have never been trained to hate their own color. They have never had to fight themselves due to imagery. This is White entitlement. I don’t mean this in a bad way. Just take notice. This is why people of color have never recovered from the brutality of amerikkka, we’ve never been allowed the chance. How can one recover when one race is always portrayed as clean and sin free and the other dumb and violent? How can we recover when we aren’t allowed to love ourselves without guilt?

88. Amerikkka’s historical practices created a social system of racist economic inequality built right into its foundation, followed through years of practice by “redlining” preventing POC from buying homes while protecting and managing the family wealth of White people.

89. Undeserved impoverishment also results from POC being forced into unfavorable mortgage rates, being channeled by unequal opportunities for education into low-wage jobs, and being paid less than white people for doing the same jobs.

90. There is no more telling proof of the undeserved impoverishment of POC and the undeserved enrichment of White people than the massive difference in average wealth of White versus Black and Latino families.

91. The fact we have to debate whether or not racism still exists is proof that it does

92. The fact we have to debate whether or not White Privilege exists is proof that it does

93. Remember, the next time you attempt to check someone about race related issues, look in the mirror because no matter what your ancestral DNA is, the pale skinned, blue eyed person looking back at you clearly has no concept of what it is to be discriminated against due to his completions lack of pigmentation.

94. White privilege is the inherent suspicion people of color – and predominately men of color are doing something wrong. Big Black men and big Brown men are presumed guilty. All the time, compare it to other times where Brown men and women are “presumed guilty,” which leads to brothers and sisters and mothers and aunts beat down, pepper sprayed and thrown in jail for choosing to answer that question honestly instead of swallowing their tongue.

95. Studies show Whites have a very different experience with law enforcement than everyone else. Studies indicate police officers are more respectful to Whites during stops and less likely to use force on White suspects. Additionally studies found police also less likely to stop Whites or search their vehicles during traffic stops even though White drivers were found more likely to be stopped with guns and drugs in their possession.

96. Within a racist society, White people enjoy many privileges denied to POC. Among these vested group interests “Powerful Whites” and “Ordinary Whites” allow White people to benefit from a White Racial Identity without even identifying it as such. This manifests in support among White people for political candidates who are White, and for laws and political and economic policies working to reproduce a racist social with racist outcomes.

97. White people as a majority have historically opposed or eliminated diversity-increasing programs within education and jobs, and ethnic studies courses that better represent the racial history and reality of the U.S. In cases like these, “White People in Power” and “Ordinary White People” have suggested programs like these are “hostile” or examples of “reverse racism.” In fact, the way White people wield political power in protection of their interests and at the expense of others, without ever claiming to do so, maintains and reproduces a racist society.

98. Keep in mind the call to “recognize your privilege” does not translate to “bear the blame.”

99. Keep in mind the call to “recognize your privilege” does not translate to “bear the blame.” Privilege refers to the myriad of social advantages and benefits associated with being part of an in-group. Said benefits exist whether or not one’s earned them or consciously vied for them. In fact, almost universally, privilege is something conferred without the recipient having any say in the matter. Thus, when announcing the existence of privilege, it isn’t about shaming someone or pointing an accusatory finger. It’s about deflating inequality—not imposing guilt.

100. Rudy TwoMoon ~ White entitlement is saying, stop the hate because we are “ALL NOW” in the same boat….. 525 yrs of degrading racism towards people of color, but it’s “we colors” who need to forget all that so we may help you get back in the position of being ignored. Everything you want back is what has always kept us down… education, media, government, healthcare, borders, religion and peer pressure have all “BENEFITED” racism for the conquering race. You want us to help you make amerikkka great again? Please tell me when it has ever even been decent to us….. when did we ever have fair trials? When did we get to learn our version of history? When have we been allowed to worship in our way without being called anti science or anti-God? So I repeat loud and clear, fuck your all lives matter chants….. because they clearly do not!!!! What matters is…… you are exempt from racial persecution.

101. On that note, this ain’t a hate White post, this is about facts of what you demand after all this time. We are absolutely gonna work with you, but we sure as fuck ain’t gonna help return America back to the glory which holds our heads under water!!!

102. Its Liberal White’s don’t understand they’re benefiting from racism as much as, if not more than, rural White Conservatives.

103. The shorter life spans, limited income and wealth potential, impacted family structure as a result of mass incarceration of Blacks and Latinos, limited access to educational resources and political participation, state-sanctioned killing by police, and the psychological, emotional, and community tolls of living with less, and being seen as “less than.” POC are also expected by White people to bear the burden of explaining, proving, and fixing racism, though it is, in fact, White people who are primarily responsible for perpetrating and perpetuating it.

104. Racist ideology often asserts that Whites are superior to people of color for biological or cultural reasons, and manifests in stereotypes, prejudices, and popular myths and beliefs. These typically include positive images of Whiteness in contrast to negative images associated with People of Color, such as civility vs. cruelty, unblemished and pure vs. hyper-sexualized, and intelligent and driven vs. stupid and lazy.

105. Sociologists recognize ideology forms our actions and interactions with others, so it follows that racist ideology fosters racism throughout all aspects of society. This happens regardless of whether the person acting in racist ways is aware of doing so.

106. White racial slurs don’t work on people who possess White Privilege. White Privilege is the right of Whites, and only Whites, to be judged as individuals, to be treated as a unique self, possessed of all the rights and protections of citizenship. “I am not a race, I am the unmarked subject. I am simply man”. Whereas you might be a Black man, an Asian woman, a disabled Native man, a homosexual Latina woman, and on and on the qualifiers of identification go. With each keyword added, so too does the burden of representation grow. But White people are just people. Normal. Basic Humanity. They carry the absent mark which grants the invisible power of White Privilege. Everyone else gets some form of discrimination.
107. Douchebag: The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For
108. https://medium.com/the-secret-history-of-america/douchebag-the-white-racial-slur-weve-all-been-waiting-for-a2323002f85d

109. Sociologist Joe Feagin ~ (condensed and paraphrased) “The United States was founded in racism since the Constitution classified Black people as the property of Whites. The legal recognition of racialized slavery is a cornerstone of a racist social system in which resources and rights were and are unjustly given to White people and unjustly denied to People of Color. Systemic Racism includes the complex array of anti-Black practices, the unjustly gained political-economic power of Whites, the continuing economic and other resource inequalities along racial lines, and the White racist ideologies and attitudes created to maintain and rationalize White Privilege and power. Systemic means the core racist realities are manifested in each of society’s major parts, each major part of US society: economy, politics, education, religion, family all reflect the fundamental reality of systemic racism.”

110. People tell Blacks and 1st Nation Indigenous to “Get Over It” and “Stop Whining” about stuff from the past. Meanwhile, there is literally blood in the streets because those same people can’t let go of a flag from the Civil War.

111. It’s not the job of Black people to educate White people who are complicit in White Supremacy. It’s not the job of Black people to pat you on the back when you cry about your White Guilt. It’s your job to listen and keep your mouth closed for a while. You can’t really listen and reflect if you’re constantly defending your whiteness.

112. I realize as a White person, the inherited privilege built on the blood and tears of POC is a hard pill to swallow. But this is your legacy, you have to own it, speak against it, and hopefully prevent the perpetuation of it. You’ve been protected by Whiteness so long you were oblivious, no longer. Keep in mind just because you’re not marching at an alt-right rally with a Nazi flag doesn’t mean your silence/deflecting of blame isn’t harmful. You clearly need validation if you’re complaining about feeling alienated. You don’t have the right to question someone else’s everyday reality of living in Racist America just because it makes you feel bad (White Guilt). If you are a true ally, you would listen to their perspective instead of challenging it.

113. This is absolutely true…. how do Whites celebrate culture? What else could they do to show heritage?… What could they do which honors their ancestors? What kind of dance or songs were stripped from them because colonialism forced onto them? What can they do to retain their birth right on this planet which celebrates their people? Seriously, how can you share your people’s struggles and Indigenous history? If we are going to tell them White Pride only equates hatred, we better figure out something where they can feel like they benefit this planet because White isn’t a culture, heritage or even an ethnicity. It’s a color comprised of several nationalities to make up a percentage of the rainbow of percentages which is used to mark geographical statistical data.

114. You benefit from White Supremacy in a historical, political and social context. You benefit by generally escaping the stereotyping and generalizations that people of color do, especially in interactions with the law, in the workplace, and in the media. You benefit from access to educational and economic resources People of Color rarely do. You benefit from rarely having to think about race, because “White” has long been positioned as the default in society.

115. Shaun King ~ The alt-left is an oxymoron, people fighting racism are not the antithesis of Nazi’s.

116. No one is asking you to apologize for your ancestors. We are asking you to dismantle the systems of oppression they built that you maintain and benefit from.

117. Whiteness has always been a malleable category, used for political exploitation and based on the exclusion and persecution of others.

118. Whiteness is a social construct, and one with concrete benefits. Being White in the U.S. has long meant better jobs and opportunities, and an escape from persecution based on appearance and culture.

119. The establishment needs a populace divided. When people are isolated and categorized into their various labels by society they are far easier to control. When people begin to look past skin color, they can see the underlying problem of the system.

120. So please tell me about the time someone in your family or community was enslaved because of the color of their skin. Were lynched and burned or their genitals cut off at town picnics, or the times they were ripped from their homes and sold like dogs or maybe how they were bred like cattle because of the color of their skin. Maybe you can tell me about the time when the KKK terrorized your family by burning a cross in their yard because of the color of their skin. Or how about the time when you were forced to sit in the back of the bus because of the color of their skin or not allowed to use a bathroom, drinking fountain or eat at a restaurant. What about the time the National Guard had to be called in so you could go to school because people didn’t want you there because of the color of your skin, or the time you were not allowed to vote, get the housing you wanted because of the color of your skin. Share with me when you were racially profiled by a shop owner or the police because of the color of your skin. And maybe most important of all; tell me about the time when you rejoiced because FINALLY someone who looks like you won the presidency.

121. One of the perks of White Privilege is thinking people get to decide how People of Color talk about atrocities committed against them. What people don’t comprehend is; just as White Privilege is hard to accept by many in the White Community it is even more difficult for POC to point out the realities of White Privilege without appearing to directly place blame on the individual for their ancestor’s atrocities. If White people are not to blame because they “inherited” it, that should give them more reason to openly talk
122. about this “inheritance” and NOT accept it.

123. How do White Supremacists claim to be the Master Race while also claiming Jews control everything, Blacks are stronger and Asians are smarter?

124. People misunderstand the scope of what racism entails. People think “racism” and picture overt hate, but that’s just the tip of a very large and insidious iceberg. By virtue of growing up in a culture which prioritizes White lives over Non-Whites, there are small but cumulative ways which contribute to that culture. “Racism” is just a one-word way to describe a phenomenon so much more complicated than saying “I hate [insert demographic here].”

125. Racists think they’re justified. So they don’t think they have an irrational hate of others.

126. White people have the privilege of being totally unaware of your own privilege

127. Black Americans working class and the White working class originated in bondage—the former in the lifelong bondage of slavery, the latter in the temporary bondage of indenture. In the early 17th century, these two classes were remarkably, though not totally, free of racist enmity. But by the 18th century, the country’s master class had begun etching race into law while phasing out indentured servitude in favor of a more enduring labor solution. From these and other changes of law and economy, a bargain emerged: The descendants of indenture would enjoy the full benefits of Whiteness, the most definitional benefit being that they would never sink to the level of the slave. But if the bargain protected White workers from slavery, it did not protect them from near-slave wages or backbreaking labor to attain them, and always there lurked a fear of having their benefits revoked. This early White working class was virtuous and just, worthy of citizenship “expressed soaring desires to be rid of the age-old inequalities of Europe and of any hint of slavery” “They also expressed the rather more pedestrian goal of simply not being mistaken for slaves. The Black working class was considered servile and parasitic, dim-witted and lazy, the children of African savagery.

128. White people are shown their central importance every day; by the way they’re portrayed in the media, by the number of White faces in government and boardrooms. The challenge is to recognize how much a person’s skin color impacts their chance for success, and even survival in this country. We know White people earn more, live longer, are at less risk of violence and have better access to political power than Black, Brown and 1st Nation Indigenous people. As long as that’s true, the question for your heart is “Do you want this to continue, or do you want to uplift the communities which have been most unfairly treated so we all have the same chance to succeed?”

129. The rulebook doesn’t mention the national anthem at all. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy “Players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. No penalties will be assessed for those who did not go out to the field for, or kneeled during, the national anthem”. The only section possibly relating to this situation is in regards to “Personal Messages” found on page 23, article 8. The rule about personal messages states: “Throughout the period on game-day that a player is visible to the stadium and television audience (including in pregame warm-ups, in the bench area, and during postgame interviews in the locker room or on the field), players are prohibited from wearing, displaying, or otherwise conveying personal messages either in writing or illustration, unless such message has been approved in advance by the League office. Items to celebrate anniversaries or memorable events, or to honor or commemorate individuals, such as helmet decals, and arm bands and jersey patches on players’ uniforms, are prohibited unless approved in advance by the League office. All such items approved by the League office, if any, must relate to team or League events or personages. The League will not grant permission for any club or player to wear, display, or otherwise convey messages, through helmet decals, arm bands, jersey patches, or other items affixed to game uniforms or equipment, which relate to political activities or causes, other non-football events, causes or campaigns, or charitable causes or campaigns. Further, any such approved items must be modest in size, tasteful, non-commercial, and noncontroversial; must not be worn for more than one football season; and if approved for use by a specific team, must not be worn by players on other teams in the League.” http://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/2017-nfl-rulebook/

130. Ungrateful is the new uppity. People expect affluent Black entertainers are obliged to adopt a pose of ceaseless gratitude—appreciation for the waiver sparing them the low status of so many others. Stevie Wonder began a performance in Central Park by taking a knee, White Congressman Joe Walsh tweeted that Wonder was “another ungrateful black multi-millionaire.”

131. It’s convenient to turn the FACTS about racism and brutality into a debate about the flag and anthem…WHY?…because people do not want to talk about racism….it makes them uncomfortable and it SHOULD. That is what the protests are about.

132. White supremacy is not starched white pointed hoods and swastika armbands. Which is terrorism and violence. White supremacy has nothing to do with hate. White supremacy is the structural mechanism built into American society valuing Whiteness over everything by default. It is not a preference or even a prejudice. It is the dismissive apathy disregarding the freedom and equality of people. It is the repeated placing of White discomfort over Black pain and suffering.

133. White supremacy is hearing every single protesting player loudly say, “This has nothing to do with dishonoring the troops or disrespecting the American flag” but still nullifying their words simply because White people feel that the actions of the Black players are disrespectful.

134. White supremacy is the White middle class booing the .0000485 percent of the population who possess the talent, dedication, work ethic, skill, intelligence and physical ability to work in one of the most profitable industries in the world and say they are “lucky to play in the NFL” because it is “a privilege.”

135. White supremacy is an overweight person sitting in a Connecticut armchair criticizing those players about a missed tackle, bad play call or a fumble while simultaneously screaming at them to “stay in their lanes.”

136. White supremacy is the most powerful man in the world calling for NFL owners to “fire those sons of bitches” for protesting the mistreatment of their race and saying “this isn’t about race.”

137. You are doing what Trump wanted you to do because it’s the way America works. In this country, some people’s opinions are worth more than others’. Some people’s feelings are worth more than others’. Some protests are worth more than others. Some blood is obviously worth more than others. Some people’s lives worth more than others.

138. The individuals and companies who believe words, actions, freedom and even blood of the Black players using the NFL’s platform to address injustice and equality are inferior to the personal feelings of their White detractors who get the heebie-jeebies when they see Black people performing any action they feel is objectionable. That’s not racism. That’s white supremacy.

139. White supremacy is watching Black people protest and then declare their protest is offensive. When asked what manner of protest is fine in their eyes, they give a suggestion, only for Black folks to follow up on that suggestion, and White America will then condemn those are offensive as well, until the only option is to do nothing. Then White people WILL TAKE OFFENSE TO THAT and claim POC are lazy and refuse to help themselves.

140. None of the athletes are taking a knee during the National Anthem because they believe the US has a problem with discriminating against Trump, wealthy people or the flag. These players are drawing attention to the discrimination People of Color face, specifically those who don’t have the fame, wealth or platform to get the attention of those who DO have the power to implement change. To put the primary identity of “millionaire athletes” in something other than what they do and how much they make is a false idea that money is a savior, capable of protecting those who have it from all of life’s uglier challenges. These Black athletes acknowledge how people treat them changed as their wealth and fame grew. But no matter how successful they became, no amount of money could keep many people from reducing their identity to their race. Yes these players are wealthy, but they are also parents, and humans with interests, passions and experiences far beyond their sport. No matter how much money they have as a Black athlete, they’re still not a White athlete.

141. Puerto Ricans in the mainland who voted for Trump are now sobering up to the reality that they and their families were never part of Trump’s dream of a great America.

142. NFL Fans burned season tickets and team paraphernalia in response to football players taking a knee; too bad they didn’t get this angry when police murdered 12-year-old Tamir Rice in less than two seconds in a Cleveland Ohio Park on Nov. 23, 2014

143. What you’re trying to do is almost more dangerous than an outright racist…why? Because instead of dealing with the issue you want to make it “invisible”. We are not color-blind …the issue is to ACCEPT what happened. TEACH the history of why it happened…..we have not done that AT ALL ….we have been taught “everyone is equal” narrative while this is not the case down to policy itself…..if you don’t extract that then the beat goes on….by erasing the sins and erecting cover-ups while still perpetuating the same White Supremacist policies is a recipe for disaster.

144. Imagine the all the beauty you’re missing by not seeing color.

145. If you didn’t see color, you wouldn’t say I don’t see color.

146. White Americans hate being told their history through a Black persons lens !!!!! Just own up to it, White US citizens are so quick to pull the “not all of us are like this”. Stop deflecting and denying the wrong, pain and deprivation White people are still causing to anyone who doesn’t look like them.

147. A full year before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed, more than 60% of White US citizens polled believed that Blacks were treated “the same as Whites” in their communities. The assessment is, of course, ridiculous on its face. It suggests either ignorance of the facts or outright denial on the part of the respondents. It also suggests an inconvenient but persistent truth about race in America, that the majority of white Americans aren’t reliable sources on the subject.. “Black Lives Matter” an uncontroversial statement invisible to the majority of White people who are either blind to the facts of life in the US for people of color, or are bound by ideology to reject it.

148. The first step in overcoming systemic racism and injustice is to simply understand and admit there’s a problem. It’s trying to understand the perspective of others whose experiences are different from your own.

149. You’re attempting to tell a person of color to refrain from feeling any pain is not an intellectual exercise; it’s an act of cruelty.

150. Cross-racial conversations about race have become both more necessary

151. You’re treating racism as a political disagreement around which two opposing viewpoints can reasonably form. In doing so, you’re insisting people of color engage in an intellectual exercise in order to justify our own existence and safety. In order for participation to be valuable, you must be willing to confront White Supremacy head-on rather than by way of harmful mental gymnastics.

152. Your _______ statement can be cast as offensive and deemed “immoral and unworthy of discussion or rebuttal. Instead, the way to address these issues is to “grant your adversary moral respect; give him the intellectual benefit of doubt; have sympathy for his motives and participate empathically with his line of reasoning.”

153. You want to engage in a debate about whether a White Supremacist can still be a kind person. You want me to have “moral respect” or empathy for a line of reasoning, when its conclusion is reached, denies us/me respect or empathy. I don’t thinks so.

154. You’re requiring People of Color make a full-throated defense of their humanity then have them grant you immediate and complete absolution.

155. There is something at the core of your argument you’re (perhaps ashamedly) compelled by, therefore you’re playing one of the oldest rhetorical tricks to allow yourself to argue a position without ever having to hold it which inherently reveals what White people really think and struggle with around race. Because of this charade, you’re essentially able to call “take back” and act as though the conversation never really happened which creates an unfortunate paradox where some of the most reflective demonstrations of racial politics are being had under the condition they are immediately un-said.

156. The problem is White people see racism as conscious hate, when racism is so much bigger. Racism is a complex system of social and political levers and pulleys set up generations ago to continue working on the behalf of Whites at other people’s expense, whether White people know/like it or not. Racism is an insidious cultural disease. It is so insidious it doesn’t care if you are a White person who likes Black people; it’s still going to find a way to infect how you deal with people who don’t look like you.

157. QUESTION: Why don’t we see more hate from the Black community towards their African brothers and sisters who traded them?
158. ANSWER: American economy and power were built on forced migration and torture. The founding fathers of the Constitution regarded Blacks “so far inferior that they had no rights which the White man was bound to respect, and that the *negro* might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit.” The Supreme Court ruled “Americans of African descent, whether free or slave, were not American citizens and could not sue in federal court”. The Court also ruled Congress lacked the power to ban slavery in the U.S. territories. Understand the Constitution is an object of contempt rather than reverence fostering alienation and resentment among Black citizens by excluding them.

The original Constitution required cooperation with slaveholders and protected the institution of slavery. Slaves who escaped to freedom were to “be delivered up” to their masters. The passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery except as punishment for a crime, rendering the clause essentially moot. “No person held to service or labour in one state, under the laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in consequence of any law or regulation therein, be discharged from such service or labour, but shall be delivered up on claim of the party to whom such service or labour may be due.”

Blacks are not suffering from racism due to low socioeconomic status caused by their African brothers and sisters; the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution established the system of White Supremacy which racists of today hold so close to their hearts.

159. You’re failing to recognize the direct ties between the past and the wealth carried into today. Blacks were forced into this economy without even receiving a return. All of the torturing, the killing, dehumanizing, impoverishment, violent punishment, incarceration, a vigorous trade in human property, racialization and sexual interference and all the inhuman treatment boiled down to one main reason, wealth. It was all business. Understand that. As Martin Luther King said “At the very same time that America refused to give the Negro any land, through an act of Congress, our government was giving away millions of acres of land in the West and the Midwest, which meant that it was willing to undergird its White peasants from Europe with an economic floor. But not only did they give the land, they built land grant colleges with government money to teach them how to farm. Not only that, they provided county agents to further their expertise in farming. Not only that, they provided low interest rates in order that they could mechanize their farms. Not only that, today many of these people are receiving millions of dollars in federal subsidies not to farm and they are the very people telling the Black man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps. This is what we are faced with and this is a reality.”

160. Your emotional disconnect is the conclusion of living a life oblivious to the fact your skin color is the norm and all others deviate from it.

161. You’ve never had to think about what it means, in power terms, to be White, so any time you’re vaguely reminded of this fact; you interpret it as an affront. Your eyes glaze over in boredom or widen in indignation. Your mouth start twitching as you get defensive. Your throats open up as you try to interrupt, itching to talk over but not to really listen, because you need to let Blacks/Indigenous know they’ve got it all wrong.

162. The journey towards understanding structural racism still requires people of color to prioritize White feelings. Even if they can hear you, they’re not really listening. It’s like something happens to the words as they leave our mouths and reach their ears. The words hit a barrier of denial and they don’t get any further.

163. That’s the emotional disconnect. It’s not really surprising, because you’ve never known what it means to embrace a Person of Color as a true equal, with thoughts and feelings as valid as your own.

164. White denial being the ubiquitous politics of race operating on inherent invisibility.

165. There are White people who might be willing to entertain the possibility of racism, but think they enter this conversation as equals. However amid every conversation about ‘Nice White People’ feeling silenced by conversations about race, there is a sort of ironic and glaring lack of understanding or empathy for those who have been visibly marked out as different for their entire lives, and live the consequences. It’s truly a lifetime of self-censorship that people of color have to live. The options are: speak your truth and face the reprisals, or bite your tongue and get ahead in life. It must be a strange life, always having had permission in the past to speak and now feeling indignant when you’re finally asked to listen. It stems from White people’s never-questioned entitlement.

166. It must be nice to have the privilege of being oblivious to your privilege. How pathetic, you have an unearned advantage yet are not only proud but arrogant about it.

167. If I bring my car in and complain about a problem I want fixed, I really don’t want the mechanic pointing out how many other cars are out there that may be in shittier shape and turning me away – I just want him to fix my issue with my car.

168. #bluelivesmatter and #alllivesmatter only seem to find their voices when a Black American speaks out against systemic injustice, but when a White perpetrator breaches that system, we hear crickets, that’s White Privilege.

169. Why everything is about race is because racists are hell-bent on dragging us back to the ’60s.

170. The luxury of being able to never think about race is pretty much the essence of White Privilege.

171. You’re trying to whitewash the ethnic out of ethnic.

172. White people view the world through the white racial frame interpreting events to defend racial injustice and a Whites-on-top racial hierarchy.

173. In White peoples mind the abundance of evidence demonstrating how police officers brutalize Black people, establishes Black people deserve the blame. The White racial frame deludes White’s into believing the system is operating as it should when it advantages them and disadvantages people of color.

174. White people believe the system when it favors them and warrants vociferous defense, which has become a cultural-family heirloom, much like grandma’s pearl necklace. Thus, when many White people hear requests to scour their lives for signs of White Privilege, they are being asked to execute a mental routine they have been trained to perform poorly. White Privilege is unconsciously considered both normative and normal, meaning, the system should privilege them and the daily privileges they receive never register as special.

175. Instead of knowledge and acceptance of their White Privilege, many White people display ignorance, get defensive and throw out “Black people racist too”. Such ignorance becomes a tool of racial domination. By denying the unfairness, White people never have to confront it.

176. This country was built on privileging Whites over non-Whites. But this truth has been lost because many White people have programmed their antennas to disregard that signal.

177. White people who detect White Privilege have learned to neither reflexively disregard evidence of their privilege nor twist it into proof against its existence. Only a minority of the population, sadly, has reprogrammed itself in this way.

178. White people living paycheck to paycheck, feel they should be excused for their denial. They don’t understand because they don’t interact with Blacks on a day to day basis their lives are much worse than theirs. That’s one of the things the modern discourse around Racial Privilege and Racial Disadvantage misses.

179. White working-class inhabit a world which increasingly obscures White Privilege from their field of vision: the privileges that matter, that is, the ones they see are vanishing because of destitution: the privilege to pay for college without bankruptcy, the privilege to work a decent job, the privilege to put food on the table without the aid of food stamps, the privilege not to learn of yet another classmate’s premature death.

180. American culture, not impoverishment, has taught White’s to misunderstand White Privilege. Individual White people shoulder no responsibility for creating White Privilege, but denying its presence prolongs its life span. And it does warrant criticism. Granting White working-class people believe this moral reprieve absolves them from culpability.

181. To understand White Privilege is real only requires believing People of Color when we tell our stories, and belief is not contingent upon socioeconomic status. The White working class hears these stories but many choose to disregard them and castigate minorities for blaming the White man for all problems.

182. The issue is not that some White people lack a proper vantage point to see their privilege, but from their vantage point they have chosen to avert their gaze.

183. Black folk, for self-preservation, have become self-taught Caucasian anthropologists and have learned to anticipate White people’s emotions, fears and grievances because their issues are singularly Black problems because “we know our Whites and we know full well they won’t check their privileges simply because we tell them to.

184. White people conclude some portion of the problem is we talk about privilege in the wrong way and someday wise thinkers might devise more persuasive arguments to convince White people about their privilege. But many will still choose ignorance over knowledge until they resolve to see the world as it is, not how they imagine it to be.

185. James Weldon Johnson ~ “the colored people of this country know and understand the White people better than the White people know and understand them.”

186. The video shows football players from Short Pump Middle School simulating sex acts with black players on the ground and other students on top. “What’s going on? He’s fucking a Black,” one student says. “We gonna fuck the black outta these African-American children from Uganda,” another student said in text placed over the video.
187. http://www.theroot.com/va-middle-schoolers-simulate-sex-acts-with-pinned-down-1819735950

188. Bill O’Reilly settled a harassment claim for $32 million and Fox renewed his contract. Donald Trump bragged on tape about sexual assault and the GOP voted for him anyway. Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest racial injustice and police brutality and got blackballed from the NFL. That White Privilege.

189. White people didn’t invent a fluent form of writing, or Africans, or anybody except small groups in the Middle East and the Far East, who then taught everybody else with whom they had trade connections.

190. I didn’t say it was your fault. I said I was blaming you.

191. Recognize common racist experiences of People of Color and those who identify as biracial/multiracial and understand the dynamics of White Privilege and the differential access to power and access based on perceived racial identity.

192. Equality feels like oppression to the oppressors. If equality offends you, then you weren’t good enough to compete equally in the first place. People always bring up Affirmative Action, but they have nothing to say about ivy league colleges having legacies. What is that but affirmative action for the privileged? Does anyone think George Bush Jr. would’ve gotten into Yale any other way???

193. Equality doesn’t mean anyone is discriminated against, they may feel they are but that doesn’t make it true. Just because White people are upset they no longer get special treatment doesn’t mean they are being discriminated against, it just means they are no longer special.

194. Affirmative Action is not discrimination against any other group. White people benefit the most from Affirmative Action. The loss of Affirmative Action has actually shown discrimination to increase against minorities. Research the effect of college admissions in California in the years immediately after the repeal of Affirmative Action. http://www.understandingprejudice.org/readroom/articles/affirm.htm

195. If you want to have an honest conversation about racism you absolutely must speak about the effects of policies which hurt minorities. White women benefit the most from Affirmative Action. White people are not being discriminated against because of Affirmative Action…this is a verifiable fact,

196. Privileged group members can rely on their privilege and avoid objecting to oppression. The result of this societal norm is everyone is required to live by the attributes held by the privileged. In society White people define and determine the terms of success and failure; they are the norm. Achievements by members of the privileged group are viewed as deserving reward or praise as the result of individual effort, rather than as privileged.

197. White privilege is a combination of exclusive standards and opinions supported by Whites in a way which continually reinforces social distance between groups on the basis of power, access, advantage, majority status, control, choice, autonomy, authority, possessions, wealth, opportunity, materialistic acquisition, connection, access, preferential treatment, entitlement, and social standing

198. White Privilege is a form of racism which both underlies and is distinct from institutional and overt racism. It underlies them inasmuch as both are predicated on preserving the privileges of White people. But it is also distinct in terms of intentionality. It refers to the hegemonic structures, practices, and ideologies reproducing Whites’ privileged status. White people do not necessarily intend to hurt People of Color, but because they are unaware of their white-skin privilege, and they accrue social and economic benefits by maintaining the status quo, they inevitably do.

199. Wealth is a measure of cumulative advantage or disadvantage and the fact Black and Hispanic wealth is a fraction of White wealth also reflects a history of discrimination. Whites have historically had more opportunities to accumulate wealth. Some of the institutions of wealth creation amongst US citizens were open exclusively to Whites and a lot of the wealth was due to Red Lining. Similar differentials applied to the Social Security Act. Which excluded agricultural and domestic workers, sectors then later included most Black workers, rewards to military officers, and the educational benefits offered to returning soldiers after World War II.

200. Looking at success with school-work transition and working experiences Black and White males who graduated from the same school with the same skills were found White graduates were more often employed in skilled trades, earned more, held higher status positions, received more promotions and experienced shorter periods of unemployment. Since all other factors were similar, the differences in employment experiences were attributed to race. The primary cause of these racial differences was due to social networking , the concept of “who you know” are just as important to these graduates as “what you know”.

201. Cheryl Harris ~ “The wages of whiteness are available to all whites, regardless of class position — even to those whites who are without power, money, or influence. Whiteness, the characteristic that distinguishes them from blacks, serves as compensation even to those who lack material wealth. It is the relative political advantages extended to whites, rather than actual economic gains, that are crucial to white workers.”

202. Privilege refers to the myriad of social advantages and benefits associated with being part of an in-group. These benefits exist whether or not one’s earned them or consciously vied for them. Almost universally, privilege is something conferred without the recipient having any say in the matter. Therefore when announcing the existence of privilege, it isn’t about shaming someone or pointing an accusatory finger. It’s about deflating inequality, not imposing guilt.

203. Micro-assaults are explicit racial slurs with the intent to hurt an intended victim through name-calling. Micro-insults are subtle communications conveying rudeness attempting to demean one’s racial identity. Finally, micro-invalidations are comments intending to exclude or nullify the feelings or experiences of Persons of Color.

204. Micro-aggressions, in particular micro-invalidations, go unchallenged by people of color, due to the inherent power imbalance felt with White people. Racism is experienced, but not acknowledged.

205. The Popular response is to say White Privilege is just a fancy term for conforming to social norms, obeying the law and working hard and Black people should try it sometime.

206. To mitigate your shortcomings, you surround yourself with comforting words, neutral won’t which don’t point fingers inward). Words centering on Whiteness, while erasing the harshness of discrimination and segregation rejecting words you feel are too direct and might reveal complicity. These linguistic gymnastics are only foolWhite people.

207. When we frame ‘White Privilege’ as one where White people are participating in a system of oppression unconsciously, without malice, it absolves all blame and affirms a state of racial innocence: “We’re not bad people; we’re just powerfully-socialized good people.” You need to stop trying to be good people, and start trying to be real people.

208. Racism today doesn’t look the way it did in 1865, 1965, or 2000. It stays alive by shape-shifting over time, and the good/bad pairing is just part of its proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, with the still present harmful effects. The only way forward is to step outside of it.

209. Most White people can’t handle talking about racism. They don’t understand the subject, get really uncomfortable, and either clam up because they don’t want to say the wrong thing, or bust out the Whitesplaining racism away.

210. The term “White Privilege” is an extremely gentle way of easing White people into awareness. The use of “Privilege” conjures up images of wealth, something Americans typically associate with stature, but it could just as easily been something like “White Undeserved Advantage” but that would only serve to shut down conversation if the listener is a Fragile White person.

211. Acknowledge there is systemic power in just being White, something no one chooses but inadvertently benefits from. Know you are not meant to feel guilty about privilege but rather use it to help equalize our society for by creating opportunities for People of Color.

212. An individual Person of Color can sit at the tables of power, but the overwhelming majority of decision-makers will be White.

206. Part of White privilege has been the ability to not know your privilege exists. If you benefit from racism, do you honestly want to know?” I can see where it would be uncomfortable for people to admit their lives are shaped by unearned advantages, especially in an environment where those advantages may be beginning to slip away, but your blindness itself is a part of the problem.

213. How do White Supremacists claim to be the Master Race while also claiming Jews control everything, Blacks are Stronger and Asians are smarter?

214. Racial profiling never makes sense. Diversity is strength; it’s a source of perseverance, compassion and unity. It’s not impossible to discuss it honestly when White people stop being defensive, insulating themselves from race-based stress and denying White Privilege.

215. Black Lives Matter is fighting for Daniel Shaver, a White man killed by a White cop, while the All Lives Matter crowd is defending the cop. Shows you who really believes that all lives matter, and who just wants to defend privilege and police brutality.

216. If it wasn’t for slavery and genocide on People of Color, American’s would have never survived their own government for 526 years.

217. Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because you aren’t personally affected.

218. White privilege doesn’t mean you have things handed to you. It means you lack certain disadvantages other people experience.