The unique way the United States unites its citizens through their differences.

Reservations, Internment Relocation Centers and Ghettos are America’s Concentration Camps… Welcome to the United States; Land of the free (nope)



Elk 2

wk                                    Wounded Knee So. Dakota Dec. 29, 1890

Dec. 29                                                 Wounded Knee Dec. 29, 1890

Wounded knee 2                                             Wounded Knee Dec. 29, 1890

Sioux                                          Wounded Knee So. Dakota Jan. 10, 1891

Dead Crow Indians

Million Buffalo

Santa Cruz Lynching 2



Sign 2



Burying the Dead                                                    Burying the Dead – Civil War 

Lyniching Blacks 2

Lots of Strange Fruit                                                                 Strange FruitLyniching Blacks 1                                                               Strange Fruit

Lynching 4

Woman Lynching

Fire 2


Lynching 2 guys

Lynching phone pole


Emmett TillEmmett Louis Till

Freedom Riders

Sign 1

Detroit 1943-001

Police Dogs

Detroit 1943

16th St. Bombing


Little Rock School


Hyde Park

Japs 1

Japs 2

Japanese Internment Instructions

Japs 3




Camp                         Holsworthy Interment Camp New South Wales California 1917

J Lady & Baby

Cattle Truck

Interment 3

J man

Interment 1

Internment 5

Chinese stone

The Final Solution: First it was Identification, then Isolation, Deportation and finally Extermination
On January 20, 1942, fifteen leading officials of the Nazi state met at a villa in Wannsee, a suburb of Berlin, to discuss the ‘Final solution of the Jewish Question’. The ‘Final solution’ was a code name for the murder of all the Jews of Europe.

The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide by Robert Jay Lifton
An Auschwitz survivor asked Lifton about the Nazi doctors, “Were they monsters when they did what they did? Or were they human beings?” Lifton turned to him and replied “They were and are men, which are my justification for studying them; and their behavior. Auschwitz itself was a product of specifically human ingenuity and cruelty. Neither brilliant nor stupid, neither inherently evil nor particularly ethically sensitive, they were by no means demonic figures, sadistic, fanatic, lusting to kill. They were people, if they were monsters they would be uninteresting; but the fact they were people makes it imperative we understand them.

“If we understand the past maybe now we can understand the future”
“It’s hard to look at these things, and that’s why we must look at these things.They unleash in us the feeling of shame: shame not because we were the perpetrators, but shame because we are the same species that perpetrated these crimes. If you feel uncomfortable, that’s good. For if we ever feel comfortable, if we ever feel easy, then something deeply and profoundly moral within our own humanity has been deeply shattered and lost.”… Michael Berenbaum Ph.D.. Director Sigi Ziering Holocast Institute

Photos Courtesy of Christian Racism


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