Video’s #NoDAPL – Nov. 28 – Dec. 4, 2016

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe
News Articles and Updates ~ Oceto Sakowin
Nov. 2016 You Tube Video’s ~ Standing Rock
2016 You Tube Video Archive ~ Standing Rock
How You Can Help Standing Rock? #NODAPL
Standing Rock history
Without Water We Can Not Exist
Stories from the Frontlines ~ Standing Rock
Atrocities at Standing Rock and Police Weaponry
Trusted News Sources ~ Standing Rock
Standing Rock Camps #Water Is Life

12-4-16 ~ Bismarck Ramada Inn Kicks Out Veteran & Family For Being Water Protectors! – Mystic Dave

12-4-16 ~ Digital Smoke Signals: Myron Dewey Speaks Up About DAPL Permit Denial at Standing Rock (12/4/2016) – Mystic Dave

12-4-16 ~ Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL (Official Video) – Taboo

12-4-16 ~ Police to leave bridge at Standing rock – Rob Webber

12-4-16 ~ Obama Denies Permit to Drill at DAPL! Victory at Standing Rock Within Reach! – The Young Turks

12-4-16 ~ Jordan UNDERCOVER: Racism Alive & Well In North Dakota – TYT Politics

12-4-16 ~ Battles everywhere. Wars upon our water everywhere – Native American Life

12-4-16 ~ Veterans At Standing Rock – Uprising TV


12-4-16 ~ Standing Rock – Water Protectors stand along side War Veterans, “Water Is Life” – Katherine Duke

12-4-16 ~ Standing Rock Protests #NoDAPL | State Authoritarianism Out of Control – Michael Black

12-4-16 ~ We’re talking to Tara Houska, an attorney and director of Honor the Earth – Native American Life


12-4-16 ~ Veterans at Standing Rock: Now is the time! – Rod Webber

12-4-16 ~ History has been made at Standing Rock! – Uprising TV

12-4-16 ~ DAPL Permits Have Been DENIED! – Uprising TV

12-4-16 ~ Thank you Japan! The world is watching! – Native American Life

12-4-16 ~ Oceti Sakowin Camp Update With Chris Turley #NoDAPL – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ We need every person to call Obama this week before Dec. 5th .Please share – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ Taxi tells their drivers that They Can no longer drive water protectors to Oceti Sakowin Camp! – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ Digital Smoke Signals Myron Dewey Meet The Drone Operators Of #NoDAPL Standing Rock 12 02 16 – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ LAKOTA State of Mind – Standing Rock – Zeda Films

12-4-16 ~ Activists from Hawaii Are holding their ground at Standing Rock! – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ Governor DAPL CAUGHT Lying About ATTACK On Standing Rock Water Protectors – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ Important Update! Sunday December 4, 2016 #NoDAPL – J Grady

12-4-16 ~ New Legal Key to Ending Standing Rock-DAPL Dispute – bruce bagnoli

12-4-16 ~ Stand With Standing Rock #NODAPL Water Warriors Video by The Lor Brothers – Grassroots Booster Club

12-4-16 ~ False information reported by Morton County – J Grady

12-4-16 ~ Update From #NoDAPL Attorneys Daniel Sheehan & Chase Iron Eyes on DAPL Permit Denial (12/4/2016) – Mystic Dave

12-4-16 ~ Veterans for Standing Rock Respond to Army Corps of Engineers Denial of DAPL Permit (12/4/2016) – Mystic Dave

12-4-16 ~ A Victory Celebration! Army Corps has Denied Permit To Drill! – Uprising Media

12-4-16 ~ History has been made at Standing Rock! – J Grady

12-4-16 ~ Marine veteran speaks about Standing Rock – Rod Webber

12-4-16 ~ BREAKING: Obama Denies Final Permit For Dakota Access Pipeline – TYT Politics

12-4-16 ~ Proof that law enforcement involved in Dakota Access Pipeline have been lying – Prolific The Rapper

12-4-16 ~ Jordan UNDERCOVER: Racism Alive & Well In North Dakota – TYT Politics

12-4-16 ~ HUGE DAY AT STANDING ROCK! Army Corps denies DAPL drilling permit – Prolific The Rapper

12-4-16 ~ Standing Rock Celebrates Pres. Obama Denying DAPL Permit – TYT Politics

12-4-16 ~ DAPL permit denied – Rod Webber

12-4-16 ~ The Fight for Clean Water (#NoDAPL) – Matt Orfalea

12-4-16 ~ VLOGMAS IN A VAN 2016 Day 1 #VeteransForStandingRock #NoDAPL #VANLIFE – CoolCat Carolena

12-4-16 ~ Veterans at Standing rock barricade – Rob Webber



12-4-16 ~ #NoDAPL Whistleblower John Bolenbaugh Tears Up Explaining Standing Rock’s Importance – xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx

12-3-16 ~ #NoDAPL: A Just Cause or Just Because? – KnowingBetter

12-3-16 ~ #NoDAPL – Political & media silence. Dec 3 – Tino Barragan

12-3-16 ~ #NoDAPL – Political & media silence. Dec 3 – Tino Barragan

12-1-16 ~ Josh Fox Update on #NoDAPL: Interview With The Young Turks’ Ana Kasparian – TYT Interviews

12-1-16 ~ Uodate dec 1 – Lolly Be Healing

12-3-16 ~ N Dakota cab driver says not allowed to pick up Water Protectors – The Truth Denied

12-3-16 ~ Standing Rock Political Prisoner Red Fawn Needs Your Help – TYT Politics

12-3-16 ~ Midnight update – J Grady

12-3-16 ~ Veterans standing up for Standing Rock – CBC News

12-3-16 ~ UPDATE FROM CAMP: Lakota People’s Law Project at Standing Rock #NoDAPL (12/3/2016) – Mystic Dave

12-3-16 ~ UPDATE FROM CAMP – Uprising TV

12-3-16 ~ Dan Rolle Delivering Human Rights Violations Notice To Morton County Sheriff’s Department – Uprising TV

12-3-16 ~ False information reported by Morton County – Uprising TV

12-3-16 ~ Nodapl Worldwide Live Chat Discussion – Uprising TV


12-3-16 ~ Dakota Access Pipeline Update – We Stand With Standing Rock – Anonymous

12-3-16 ~ Standing Rock Music Video – Indigenous People Of America #NODAPL – Anonymous

12-2-16 ~ STANDING ROCK: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Will Join Veterans Against Dakota Access Pipeline – H. A. Goodman

12-2-16 ~ Water Protector Travis on day 10 of his fast is being arrested – Native American Life

12-2-16 ~ Rep Tulsi Gabbard Urges President to Immediately Halt Dakota – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Governor DAPL LIES Through His Greedy Teeth – TYT Politics

12-2-16 ~ Statement by Attorney General Lynch on the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests – The Justice Department

12-2-16 ~ It’s a good day to do a live feed! These our the topics 12%2F2%2F16 – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Myron Dewey ~ unlawful stop and seized property without a warrant 10/8/16 – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ UPDATE: Veterans For Standing Rock Are Here! Vets Shut Down Bridge At Standing Rock! (12/2/2016) – Mystic Dave

12-2-16 ~ A moment of silence ~ The drone is gone, it just flew away – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Seeing the Veterans off Prayers for your safe return Aho 12/2/16 – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Governor DAPL LIES Through His Greedy Teeth – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Live from Standing Rock 12/2/16 – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Veterans For Standing Rock Are Here! Vets Shut Down Bridge At Standing Rock! (12/2/2016) – Mystic Dave

12-2-16 ~ Vets gather on bridge north of Oceti Sakowin – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Veterans gather on bridge north of Oceti Sakowin | Indigenous Rising Media – Uprising TV

12-2-16 ~ 6,000 plus, hundreds of veterans arrive to support Dakota Access protests – Mary Greeley

12-2-16 ~ What If The Cops Attack? – ‘They’ll Have To Kill Me’ | Veterans To Stand With DAPL Protesters – The Jimmy Dore Show

12-2-16 ~ Legendary Native Leader: From Genocide to Standing Rock – Empire Files

12-2-16 ~ Veterans Heading To North Dakota To Protect Citizens From Criminal Cops – The Jimmy Dore Show

12-2-16 ~ Water Protector Travis on day 10 of his fast is being arrested – Native American Life

12-1-16 ~ Veterans for Standing Rock Organizer Michael A Wood Jr. Interview On The Young Turks – TYT Interviews

12-1-16 ~ Standing Rock: A Great Sioux Nation Perspective – The Alex Jones Channel

12-1-16 ~ Update From #NoDAPL Civil Rights Attorney Daniel Sheehan: Sign Our Petition to OBAMA! – Mystic Dave

12-1-26 ~ Women Lead Healing On The Front Lines At Standing Rock-Indigenous Rising Media – Mystic Dave

12-1-16 ~ Going to Standing Rock/DAPL pipeline protest? Watch this first – Adventure Photo

12-1-16 ~ cultural challenges – Lolly Be Healing

12-1-16 ~ Native Veteran Defends Against TERRORIST Oil Police – TYT Politics

12-1-16 ~ Why Peaceful Resistance Can Be The Most Powerful Force | APTN InFocus – APTN National News

12-1-16 ~ Indigenous tribe canoed from Washington state! | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ Wells Fargo Shut down In Minneapolis | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ Water Protectors at Wells Fargo Offices in Solidarity w Standing Rock | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ Jordan Takes On New York Times/Big Oil Love Affair – TYT Politics

12-1-16 ~ Veteran’s at Standing Rock | NoDAPL – 411 TRUTH

12-1-16 ~ General update from Oceti Sakowin | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ PULL BACK OF DES MOINES RIVER | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ “Know The Truth” Morton County Video Series | Keeping you safe with explosives, from armed workers – 411 TRUTH

12-1-16 ~ #Nodapl Live Chat Discussion – Uprising TV

12-2-16 ~ DEFUND DAPL! – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ James Uqualla Speaks To All – 12/01/2016 – The Real World

12-1-16 ~ Why We Must Stand With Standing Rock PLUS ‘Viper’s View’ Joins Us [39] – Redacted Tonight

12-1-16 ~ Standing Rock – 11/30/16 – Chris Turley walked over 200 miles to show support – #NoDAPL – Valley Forge Network

12-1-16 ~ Kevin Gilbertt Update on ACE Hardware – 12/01/2016 – The Real World

12-1-16 ~ Standing Rock Protesters Are Being Starved Out! (w/Guest: Maimouna Youssef) – thomhartmann

12-1-16 ~ Vic Mensa Protests Pipeline At Standing Rock! (WTS) – SHOT97 MEDIA

12-1-16 ~ Update from the militarized zone 12/1/16 – J Grady

12-1-16 ~ #NoDAPL Standing Rock Protesters Respond to Eviction Letter by Army Corps of Engineers – NoDAPL Highway 1806

11-30-16 ~ Local vets will be human shields at standing rock – ABC 10 News

11-30-16 ~ Veterans Stand with Standing Rock! Will Serve as ‘Human Shield’ for Protestors – Protect Mother Earth

11-30-16 ~ Todays Update From Myron Dewey | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ DAPL blocking Red Cross, and supplies from others | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ CNN Finally At Standing Rock | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ Legendary Native Activist Exposes DAPL Is a SHAM – TYT Politics

11-30-16 ~ African Americans, Native Americans Connect at Standing Rock – TYT Politics

11-30-16 ~ Drone guy address the FAA statement about banning drones at oceti sakowin camp | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ BREAKING! Four people have locked down and shut down TD Bank | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ CBSThisMorning reporting on Nodapl | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ 99.7 KFYR radio in Bismarck Propaganda | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ Full-time RV: #Veteransforstandingrock #NoDAPL Q&A – Luke Capasso

11-30-16 ~ fighting for their rights of Indigenous Peoples | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ update nov 30 – Lolly Be Healing

11-30-16 ~ The Whole World Is Watching – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ Water Protectors locked down to an excavator – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ STANDING ROCK PROTECTORS Veterans VS Morton County Police aka DAPL Do They Know It’s Christmas SNOW – Sun-Daze

11-30-16 ~ STANDING ROCK: Latest Update, Veterans, Water Rights, Police Tactics – carpo719

11-30-16 ~ Veteran Greg Quinn stands with Standing Rock – HousePortraits

11-30-16 ~ Message to Order Followers/Police at Standing Rock – UFORIA Chronicles

11-30-16 Legendary Native Activist Exposes DAPL Is a SHAM – J Grady

11-30-16 ~ Joshua Hayes – Standing Rock – Vets Arriving – 11/30/2016 – The Real World

11-30-16 ~ [90] – Standing Rock Escalates: Latest Updates & Interview –

11-30-16 ~ Standing Rock & Drill Site Drone Footage – 11/30/2016 – The Real World

11-29-16 ~ Standing Rock Stories – AronRa

11-29-16 ~ Joshua Hayes at Standing Rock – 11/29/2016 – The Real World

11-29-16 ~ Standing Rock Update – 411 Truth

11-29-16 ~ Kevin Gilbertt at Standing Rock – Update From Casino – 11/29/2016 – The Real World

11-29-16 ~ Response to Governor Darymple’s order to evacuate the Oceti Sakowin camp – Native American Life

11-29-16 ~ At blockade to stop Dakota Access Pipeline – NoDAPL Highway 1806

11-29-16 ~ Message to the World From Standing Rock – Buffalohair

11-29-16 ~ Big Oil Not Only Storm Assaulting Standing Rock – TYT Politics

11-29-16 ~ #Nodapl Live Chat Discussion – Uprising TV

11-29-16 ~ A message from Native American elder, Saginaw Grant | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-29-16 ~ Former oil worker Payu Harris explains dangers of oil at Standing Rock – Rod Webber

11-29-16 ~ Kevin Gilbert Has A Message For Those Sending Him Death Threats – Collective Evolution

11-29-16 ~ Breaking News: North Dakota law enforcement to Block Water Protectors Supplies | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-29-16 ~ update nov 29 – Lolly Be Healing

11-29-16 ~ “Cyanide Pipelines” says oil whistleblower John Bolenbaugh at Standing Rock – Rod Webber

11-29-16 ~ Water Protector Wants To EDUCATE Oil Police – TYT Politics

11-29-16 ~ – Democracy Now!

11-29-16 ~ Dakota Access Pipeline Update Natives Met With Violence – Infowars The Alex Johen show

11-29-16 ~ Bernie Sanders on the Dakota Access Pipeline & Treaty Rights Violations by U.S. Government – Democracy Now!

11-29-16 ~ Father of Activist Injured at Standing Rock Calls on Obama to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline Drilling – Democracy Now!

11-29-16 ~ Standing Rock Drone Footage Looks Bad, So Government Bans It – The Young Turks

11-29-16 ~ Standing Rock Resistance On Contact travels to North Dakota – J Grady

11-29-16 ~ Accountability ~ Kash Jackson – J Grady

11-28-16 ~ Sheriffs Refuse To Reinforce Cops At Standing Rock – The Young Turks

11-28-16 ~ Facebook is blocking my live streams for DAPL – J Grady

11-28-16 ~ Do You Even Know Who Owns the Standing Rock Pipeline? Donald Trump? – pocketsofthefuture

11-28-16 ~ Press Conference About Governor Darymple’s orders for forced Eviction | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-28-16 ~ Standing Rock Response to North Dakota Governor’s Evacuation Order (11/28/2016) – Mystic Dave

11-28-16 ~ Senator Reid, Standing Rock – J Grady

11-28-16 ~ Jordan TAKES ON Army Corps & Oil Police – TYT Politics

11-28-16 ~ Standing Rock Live update 28 nove 2016 – studio9jam

11-28-16 ~ Local group to join veterans at Standing Rock – KXLY

11-28-16 ~ Jordan’s IMPASSIONED Standing Rock Rant – Enterteinment

11-28-16 ~ Strength In Unity BREAKING! Four people have locked down and shut down TD Bank | #NoDapl Archives- Uprising TV

11-28-16 ~ EXPLAINED: Standing Rock Shows Solar Is Superior To Fracking – TYT Politics

11-28-16 ~ Frances Fisher Slams Obama On Broken Promises To Natives – TYT Politics

11-28-16 ~ Winter Is Here At Standing Rock! | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-28-16 ~ Founder of Black Eyed Peas Taboo Standing with Standing Rock!!! #NoDAPL – Native American Life

11-28-16 ~ Jason Mraz at Standing Rock – 11/28/2016 – The Real World

11-28-16 ~ ‘Alarming attack on journalism & the truth at Standing Rock’ – Josh Fox – RT America

11-28-16 ~ The Turtle Island incident at Standing Rock – waylon pahona

Video’s #NoDAPL – Nov. 11–15, 2016

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe
News Articles and Updates ~ Standing Rock
Nov. 2016 You Tube Video’s
2016 You Tube Video Archive
How You Can Help Standing Rock? #NODAPL
Standing Rock history
Without Water We Can Not Exist
Stories from the Frontlines ~ Standing Rock
Atrocities at Standing Rock and Police Weaponry
Trusted News Sources ~ Standing Rock
Standing Rock Camps #Water Is Life

11-15-16 ~ Susan Sarandon, Anti-DAPL Rally, Los Angeles, 11/15/16 – Truth Justice

11-15-16 ~ Educating Bismarck police and citizens about Indigenous issues – J Grady

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/15/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-15-16 ~ Skipped Class….and went to DAPL Protest (Portland) 11/15/2016 – Yeon Woo Kim

11-15-16 ~ Video from Red Warrior Camp – Native American Life

11-15-16 ~ #NoDAPL Day of Action – Denver, CO – Nov. 15, 2016 – Alex Sandberg

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/14/16? – Lavonne Cox

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Update – Jed Ramos

11-15-16 ~ 11/15/16 : DAPL protest at U.S. Army Corps HQ for #NoDAPL National Day of Action – Nicki Mayo


11-15-16 ~ Police Surround Vehicles #nodapl – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Cops Raiding Vehicles #nodapl – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ UWN – Social Media Censorship, Day of Action, Police Swarm Standing Rock Journalists – DAHBOO77

11-15-16 ~ Inventor Of Pepper Spray:‘It’s Being Misused’! Not meant to shut people up! ! – 411 TRUTH

11-15-16 ~ #NoDAPL – Shut it Down Hwy 6 Dig Site – GoPro video #2 11/11/16 – inLeague Press

11-15-16 ~ #NoDAPL – Shut it Down Hwy 6 Dig Site – GoPro video #3 -THE Great Escape – inLeague Press

11-15-16 ~ Pres. Obama Kicks DAPL Can Down The Road – TYT Politics

11-15-16 ~ #nodapl : People “Talk” About This Violence In North Dakota | All Of This Because Trump – USA Trending Videos

11-15-16 ~ Judiciary racism in ND court room – Native Momma

11-15-16 ~ #nodapl : People “Talk” About This Violence In North Dakota | All Of This Because Trump – USA Trending Videos

11-15-16 ~ Tio’tia:ke call to action NODAPL – nodapl solidaritymtl

11-15-16 ~ NoDAPL OLB StevensPoint 3 – Green-Peoples Media

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock – 11/15/16 Cops raiding vehicles – Red Warrior Camp #NoDAPL – Valley Forge Network

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/15/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-15-16 ~ Petaluma, California stands with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe – Native American Life

11-15-16 ~ #Nodapl Protest In Downtown Columbus – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Water Protectors arrived at DAPL construction site this morning on HWY 6 – Native American Life

11-15-16 ~ The National Gaurd Stands With Morton County Police #nodapl – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Police Closing In #Nodapl – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Iron Eyes addresses the Dakota Access Pipeline during a sold out TEDx event in Charlottesville, VA. – Native American Life

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock: Dakota Pipeline Protests Happening Now NATIONWIDE – Protect Mother Earth

11-15-16 ~ Biker Tries To Intimate Myron Dewey! – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Dapl Man Camp – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ #Nodapl Update With Myron Dewey – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/15/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-15-16 ~ Militarized Police Raid #NoDAPL Vehicle’s 11/15/16 UNCONSTITUTIONAL! – 411 TRUTH

11-15-16 ~ UWN – Social Media Censorship, Day of Action, Police Swarm Standing Rock Journalists – DAHBOO77

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/15/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-14-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/14/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-14-16 ~ Water Protectors: They brought the battle to us, we’ll bring it to them – Rod Webber

11-14-16 ~ 10/14/16 Bismark, ND #Nodapl – Uprising TV

11-14-16 ~ The Heat: Dakota Access Pipeline PT 1 – CCTV America

11-14-16 ~ The Heat: Dakota Access Pipeline PT 2 –

11-14-16 ~ DAPL tries to run down Water Protectors with Truck – Rob Webber

11-14-16 ~ DAPL use baseball bats to intimidate Water Protectors – Rod Webber

11-14-16 ~ DAPL worker Wreckless Driving @ Water Protectors Intimidation November 14, 2016 – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ DAPL Trying to Run Over Protestors – Uprising TV

11-14-16 ~ Standing Rock Struggle Inspires New Independent Journalists – TYT Politics

11-14-16 ~ Inspiration from Standing Rock #NoDAPL The world is Watching – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ DAPL guy shows up for Water Protectors March 11 14 16 – Rod Webber

11-14-16 ~ What does Dakota Mean? Powerful TRUTH of America #NoDAPL – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ Water Protesters Occupied ND, Capital with Prayer – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ DAPL workers threaten Media and Peaceful Protectors with Metal Baseball Bat’s! 11/14/16 – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ What does Dakota Mean? Powerful TRUTH of America #NoDAPL – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ Water Protectors Are Confronted With Baseball bats! #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-14-16 ~ Still We Stand – Shannon Kring


11-14-16 ~ Standing Rock Struggle Inspires New Independent Journalists – Enterteinment

11-14-16 ~ #NoDapl FrontLines update 11/14/16 DAPL attempts to run over Protectors – 411 TRUTH

11-13-16 ~ DAPL Worker With Assault Rifle Infiltrates Standing Rock – Enterteinment

11-13-16 ~ Medicine Creek Treaty Tribes NoDAPL Rally, Tacoma WA – Native Daily Network – Native Daily Network

11-13-16 ~ Anonymous – IMPORTANT Breaking News #NoDAPL Dakota Access Pipeline Standing Rock – Leaked

11-13-16 ~ Obama Betrays ‘Standing Rock’ Water Protectors – 411 TRUTH

11-13-16 ~ #NoDapl 11/11/16 – Protectors Shut it Down! – Front Line GoPro – inLeague Press

11-13-16 ~ Standing Rock Rising Update – Native Momma

11-13-16 ~ Dakota Access Pipeline Needs to Obtain Army Corps of Engineers Permit To Proceed – Kandi Mossett Todd Darling Films

11-13-16 ~ The Horse Nation sings at Standing Rock – Rod Webber

11-13-16 ~ Standing Up with Standing Rock (We Rise Again) – Larry Long

11-13-16 ~ 352 A Nation Built on Genocide Dispatches from the DAPL Protest – New Fall News

11-13-16 ~ Last Stand At Standing Rock – Eric Farmer


11-13-16 ~ 347 Indigenous Indignities at #DAPL & Rescinding Pay for Returning Vets – New Fall News

11-12-16 ~ Truck Driver Shoots At Water Protectors And Even Run Some Of Them Over! #Nodapl – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ 11/12/16 #NoDapl Update – Uprising TV DAPL Running over people

11-12-16 ~ Dallas Standing With Standing Rock #nodapl Worldwide Movement – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ Breaking! Water protectors holding down the space at Mandan, ND DAPL storage site – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ #NoDapl Update Live In Mandan, ND – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ Pipeline Protests Are Happening In Florida #NoSabalTrailPipeline – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ Kill The Black Snake Rally In Chicago- Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ NoDAPL | Los Angeles CA | #BankExit – 411 TRUTH

11-12-16 ~ Dallas Standing With Standing Rock #nodapl Worldwide Movement – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ #NoDapl Update – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ #NODAPL! DAPL Worker Pulls GUN on Protectors! – xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx

11-12-16 ~ Dapl worker fired shots at peaceful prayer – Đoàn Trần

11-12-16 ~ DAPL EXPOSED #3: YOUTH ARM BROKEN BY POLICE – Prolific The Rapper

11-12-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/11/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-12-16 ~ Full Video:DAPL Worker with HANDGUN! Cam 2 – 411 TRUTH

11-12-16 ~ Australia has arrived to standing rock! #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Blunt Truth, Standing Rock – dapl, dakota access pipe line is BAD for Water, Earth, People – thewonderdawg


11-11-16 ~ I’m going to North Dakota. #NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock – Evan Raymond

11-11-16 ~ TYT – 11.11.16: Trump Presidency, Obama DAPL, Prop 64, George Zimmerman – – TYT Politics

11-11-16 ~ Riot Police make arrests north of Standing Rock (Live-stream) – Rod Webber

11-11-16 ~ STANDING ROCK a Dark Reality Must Watch!!! #StandingRock – J Grady

11-11-16 ~ Morton County BOLD LIES In Court! #NoDAPL – 411 TRUTH

11-11-16 ~ Standing Rock North Dakota Access Pipeline better audio – Ted Awesome

11-11-16 ~ NoDAPL shuts down Highway 6 in North Dakota (Live-stream) – Rod Webber

11-11-16 ~ #VeteranStandingRock Make a Stand, Veterans for Standing Rock – MaeWood Photography

11-11-16 ~ Chance – Lolly Be Healing

11-11-16 ~ #NoDAPL activists face off with law enforcement in North Dakota – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Cyrus – Lolly Be Healing

11-11-16 ~ Obama About To Declare Open Season On Standing Rock Water – The Young Turks

11-11-16 ~ Obama Betrays Standing Rock – The Big Picture RT

11-11-16 ~ 11-11-16 Standing Rock ND Police Line Red Warrior Camp – lba10

11-11-16 ~ Veterans March at Standing Rock Oceti Sakowin Camp #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Standing Rock – 11/11/16 1103am – Indigineous Peoples Update – Valley Forge Network


11-11-16 ~ BREAKING: #NoDAPL Water protectors have run into the construction site of the Dakota Access Pipeline – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ #NoDAPL Update 11.11.16 With Angelo Sison – DAPL Update – xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx

11-11-16 ~ #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Jordan LOSES IT On Obama’s DAPL Cowardice – TYT Politics

11-11-16 ~ Lt. Tom Iverson with the North Dakota Highway Patrol talks about #nodapl “riots” – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Direct Action happening! #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ #NODAPL Update, Strength through unity! – xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx

11-11-16 ~ #nodapl Live Update 3pm 11/11/16 – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Josh Fox – Did Obama “Sell Out” On The “Standing Rock” Pipeline? – The Big Picture RT

11-11-16 ~ Impose Sanctions For Crimes Against Humanity! – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Cops Rush Water Protectors #nodapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Prayer Walks on the easement #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Direct Action happening! #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Dapl Mercenaries Moving in! #nodapl – Uprising TV V

11-11-16 ~ #NoDAPL activists face off with law enforcement in North Dakota – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Standing Rock Solidarity – hamishpatterson family

11-11-16 ~ Veterans Head To Standing Rock To Support ‘We The People’ – TheRealNews

11-11-16 ~ #NoDapl – Anonymous Portugal Internacional

11-11-16 ~ #NoDAPL – America’s Water & the ELITE – 4UTWO 2C

11-11-16 ~ Police Headed To Water Protectors To Protect Oil #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ 100+ Water Protectors Stop DAPL construction! 11/11/16 – 411 TRUTH

11-11-16 ~ Riot Police make arrests north of Standing Rock on Veteran’s Day – 411 TRUTH

11-11-16 ~ Copy of standing rock solidarity – Lady Bones

11-11-16 ~ #NoDAPL – Shut it Down Hwy 6 Dig Site – GoPro video #1 11/11/16 – inLeague Press

Standing Rock ~ Stories from the Frontlines ~ 11-2-2016

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe


Reminding people not everything is bad; stories of truth, of connecting with old friends and making new ones, learning new skills, showing respect and integrity, love, laughter, fun and working together as a community. PLEASE share these stories with you friends and acquaintances; the world needs to know, not only about the atrocities being committed but of the good which has come from the enormity of this stance against evil. Sincerely,Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez

11-2-16 ~ Conor Handley … Today many of our protectors tried to cross the river to pray on top of a hill where Oceti Sakowin ancestors are buried, this place has been desecrated by the police and DAPL. The militarized police responded with brutal force, a young man was shot point blank with a rubber bullet and has been coughing up blood, another woman was shot by one of heavily armed officers on a boat. Many of our people tried crossing the river after police destroyed our makeshift bridge, some of them are in critical condition after they were gassed and maced by police and went into shock from the freezing cold waters. Other brave people kept going back by boat to rescue those that were struggling in the cold water but police in their own boat attempted to stop them. These are WAR CRIMES, we are unarmed we are peaceful, no one even lifted a finger against these cops today. I am disgusted by the state of North Dakota and by this country that continues to perpetuate its genocide against Indigenous Peoples’.  

11-2-16 ~ Lady2Soothe ~ Potentially murdering someone by drowning if they couldn’t swim, were overcome by pepper spray or was trampled/pulled/pushed under by someone panicking or unable to see.
This is
ATTEMPTED MURDER… In order for a person to be guilty of attempted murder, that person should have deliberately, intentionally or recklessly with extreme disregard for human life.
In the case of death:
VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER: an intent to kill or cause serious bodily harm
INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER: an unintentional killing resulting from recklessness or criminal negligence.

11-2-16 ~ Peaceful Women standing in the cold water sacrificing themselves to protect the water despite the insane spraying of pepper spray by the police on the north edge of camp today.
11-2-16 ~ Sacred Stone Camp … Police are currently desecrating the burial grounds of Alma Parkin and Matilda Galpin, the indigenous women who once owned the Cannonball Ranch, where Dakota Access is working day and night to finish their pipeline though they have no permit to cross the Missouri River. They have unleashed pepper spray and tear gas on water protectors standing in the river with their hands in the air. In the last shot, notice the small tree on the top of the hill where the armored vehicles are staged. This is the grave site. This is unacceptable.

11-2-16 ~ Olowaan Plain … Camp is not being raided, but the ones that went to the water front are being attacked by North Dakota! That is where the gunfire took place! Prayers for the Water Protectors, everything is fine IN CAMP. Kids are playing; people are chopping wood; folks are drinking tea. Just adjacent to camp, this is are going crazy. Because the state is afraid of people in prayer.
They asked women and children to evacuate the main camp (Očhéthi Sakowin) because rubber bullets were flying, and they are fearful that crazy DAPL employees will infiltrate camp. BUT NO ONE IS LEAVING. WE ARE NOT AFRAID.


11-2-16 Kandi Mossett … I just talked to one of the medics. The kid that was shot in the back by a rubber bullet today Nov 2nd that was coughing up blood had a bruised lung which caused the bleeding but the bleeding stopped & he’s going to be ok. He’ll be very sore but ok. Please spread the word.

11-2-16 ~ DAPL is now flooding the camp with huge lights and flying drones, helicopters, planes, and even fighter jets over us. This is a war zone!! And where is our president? No one is protecting us..they protect the sad to see that they only care about short term profits..where will their children live once the earth is poisoned and they can’t drink water…

11-2-16 ~ Anthony Seal … a former police officer who stands with standing rock, read what he says about shooting at people on horseback…


11-1-16 ~ Baby born during Dakota Access Pipeline protest


So today, Larry Cooper and I went ‘to camp’ to help clean up, and they were moving stuff around, and my eyes saw this banner…
Although I hadn’t had ‘confirmation’ that this came from ND, I felt it… And so I asked: “Isn’t this the banner from…”. And my Brother cut me off and replied: “Take it! Take it, it’s YOURS… Just came down from ND…”
My hands, as I was touching it, froze, and my eyes welled with tears… I knew that, although I am not there ‘physically’, I am still appreciated, and heard, and thanked by all of you in Standing Rock …
So now, as I looked at it, it spoke to me.
“You know what to do… Give thanks… Return the honor … Tell them.”
So this is my Offering of Thanks to all the Warriors, Children, Men, Women, GrandMothers, GrandFathers, All of YOU…
This is the THIRD time I have written this out, in different ways, this time I am SAVING it, because Facebook deleted it… twice already.
I guess Creator and the Ancestors have ways of letting you know’ they saw you’ …


There is no solid line between “organizers” and others- this is a movement, not an organization. There are many camps and points of contact, we can only verify that the ‘Facebook Check In’ action did not originate from the Sacred Stone Camp FB page. We support the tactic, and think it is a great way to express solidarity.

There is no doubt that law enforcement comb social media for incriminating material and monitor communications.

The check in’s have created a huge influx of media attention that we appreciate. Our growing massive social media following plays a key role in this struggle. We have been ignored for the most part by mainstream media, yet we have hundreds of thousands of supporters from across the world. We appreciate a diversity of tactics and encourage people to come up with creative ways to act in solidarity, both online and as real physical allies.

We would like to see these thousands of people take physical action to demand that their banks divest, their police forces withdraw, and the Army Corps and Obama administration halt the construction of this pipeline. We would like CitiBank, Bank of Tokyo, and Mizho Bank to cancel their pending $1.1 billion dollar loan to DAPL. We’d also like to see people connect with indigenous and environmental struggles in their own bioregion. We’d like you to investigate and organize around your personal relationship to fossil fuel consumption and colonization.

We need your support for our legal defense as the battle intensifies-

We need you to plug into a solidarity action

We also need 10,000, 100,000 people to join us here on the ground. Now. Join us!
10-31-16 ~ Redhawk ~ Just received this video from my friend Mike. In the first 15 seconds, you can see a spirit rider holding the line, and keeping distance between water protectors and police. You will then see the water protector shot off his horse at point blank range with rubber bullets, and then his horse shot at point blank range. The next couple minutes are the commotion afterwards. There was no reason to shoot this brave water protector and his horse, as they were not threatening MCSD or military in any way.

10-31-16 ~ NEPALESE MIRACLES IN NORTH DAKOTA: Walking through a section of trees in Sicangu (Rosebud) camp yesterday I ran across this couple–Ken Gagnon and Gina Shvartsman, yurt makers. They said they were setting up a shop to make yurts on demand for all the encampments.
Miracle! I asked if they’d help with emergency shelters and warming stations for medics from the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council.

YES! For FREE! (More about that in a minute.)

If you’re here, or about to arrive, WE NEED YOU. Ken and Gina are going to be in Sicangu for the next two weeks. They want to train yurt makers so that the work can continue through winter. This is incredibly important. I’ve seen (easily) 75 expedition tents crushed flat as a pancake by 50-60 mph winds. Yurts survive. Tipis survive.

Yurts can make a huge difference in protecting people here. In making sure our medics–particularly in a rescue–can get out of the wind and the cold, and warm up while transporting patients overland.

Gina and Ken will train you. Ideally, you should plan to be here for at least two weeks, to go through the training; then you yourself could be a trainer, as ppl rotate in and out of the camps. You’d be making sure the knowledge was passed on. And that yurts keep rolling out of Ken and Gina’s shop.

You don’t need to be here all winter to make a difference. Even ppl who are going to be here a few days could help with some simple tasks. If you can strip bark off poles, you’d be hugely useful. If you can use a drill, there’s a place for you.

So, MSG ME please, if you’d like to become a yurt maker. I’ll start connecting volunteers with Ken and Gina, and we will help them build the shelters we need to protect people here.

And please, for those of you who can’t come, but want to help, support them. Their website is Order a yurt! Even if (God forgive you) you’re warm and dry in Tampa. They’re providing a crucial service. They deserve our support.

You can reach Ken directly, too:
10-31-16 ~ John Floberg … Three hundred Clergy have registered to come and Stand With Standing Rock. There are 16 different faith traditions represented. 10 of those are various Christian traditions.

We made a call for one hundred to come and Stand With Standing Rock. I am humbled by the response by these people/faith communities to come for a Peaceful, Non-Violent, Prayerful, Witness in Solidarity with Standing Rock and the hundreds of Indigenous Nations that are Standing With Standing Rock.

Many of our faith traditions have now rejected the Doctrine of Discovery that provided the way for church sanctioned oppression during the past 500 years. For those of us that are able, in our faith tradition, we will reiterate our renunciation of that doctrine in Camp Oceti Sakowin before we ever go out to stand witness with the Standing Rock Nation. That act will be the first thing and the first time done by so many in attendance of denominations and of Indigenous people.

10-30-16 ~ Lee Burkett … Here’s the thing:
Baton down the hatches, here comes the Cause.

I’ve seen it. You’ve seen it, whether you recognize it for what it is remains to be worked out.
Now that the battle of Standing Rock is garnering national and international attention and support, there is a mad rush to brand it, to attach organizational and political agendas to it.
What began very simply as wise and brave Indigenous people taking a stand to protect the water, the Earth, life itself, is now being defined and redefined through long standing filters of belief, opinion, ideology and, of course, celebrity culture.

People are turning it into a political debate, a philosophical debate, an economic debate …
Because now, it’s a cause. It’s a movement.
And we thrive on causes.

Especially white privileged self described liberals and progressives. We can’t help ourselves. We need to meddle. We need to educate. We need to emphasize just how liberal and progressive we are by taking over, re-branding, every cause, every movement.

So, as a public service, I’ve written a letter that sums up the approach most of us white, privileged people are taking as regards the Protectors of The Water:
“Dear Indigenous People,
Gee … thanks, you Indigenous people for bringing this to national and international attention. You did kind of all right, you know, considering none of us white liberals were there educating and organizing and forming consensus groups.

And, you know, having millions of US citizens pledging support for you without our help is quite a feather in your cap.

So pat yourselves on the back. No, really, you deserve it, coming all this way without our guidance. National and international attention and support, resistance groups springing up everywhere, you’ve done well. Considering, you know … but now it’s too big, too important for us to let you keep running things.

We’ll take over from here. I mean jeez, look at all we’ve accomplished in the past 40 years. Look how we helped Occupy! And who could forget how we came up with the touchy-feely all inclusive politically correct “All Lives Matter” in response to the racially charged and possibly offensive “Black Lives Matter.”

We’ve got to step in and educate you. First, this is gonna hurt, but we question your leadership. We mean no offense, but your Elders and stuff don’t seem to know anything about consensus building and networking and educational outreach and media relations and the all important spin this little movement of yours needs. You guys don’t get that you have to attach yourself to us and our agenda.

Like for instance, there’s been talk about re-routing the DAPL away from Indigenous land.
If they reroute it, where will that leave all of us? We might have to organize our own communities to resist a pipeline being put through our local cemetery or our rivers and aquifers.

Do ya get how uncaring that attitude is? All pipelines matter, right? What a turn off to keep making this all about you Indigenous people and your lands and your water and your history and stuff. You’re not going to get anywhere alienating people like that.

So thanks for all you’ve done. Can we move into this office? Great, listen, somebody form a consensus about building a movement. Can we get some memes going? ”

10-29-16 ~ Sarah Sunshine Manning… This morning was just what we needed to refocus on the work we were all called here to do- to stand prayerfully and peacefully for each other, for Earth, and Water. We all walked up to the frontline, Arvol Lookinghorse with his pipe, and a beautiful group of women in their healing dresses. We were reminded not to treat each other poorly as tensions heighten, to not use profanity and especially while pipes are at these sites. During the day of the removal from the north camp, elders stood with a pipe, and they stood in prayer. Some with heightened energies lost sight of that pipe there and began spreading energies opposite of the energy necessary for that pipe to truly do its intended work. Today was a humbling and beautiful reminder of who we are, and what we need to do moving forward.

10-28-16 Floris Ptesáŋ Huŋká … My friends and relatives I’m OK, so to speak. I was arrested yesterday. What I saw, felt, and heard was ….unreal. I’m proud of my people, we stood together. People did their best to protect one another, unarmed.

After we were arrested, we were dehumanized. We were given a number. They trucked us by busloads to Morton Co. We were held in dog kenels, packed. There were tarps to cover the two that women were put in. We sat and laid on the cold cement.
Standing Rock were the first called out to be shipped out to Fargo. I have so much to say but right now I just want to let you all know I am ok and, we will not stop.

10-28-16 ~ Jacquelyn Cordova … International Indigenous Youth Council member Lauren TwoBraids Howland has been repeatedly abused by law enforcement this past week. Her wrist was broken earlier this week. She was maced alongside other water protectors 3 times yesterday and her wrist was rebroken.

Medic are working to clear all burning agents from our protectors eyes as they continue standing in prayer. PLEASE, pray for our medics! Many have now been arrested and are therefore unable to help with frontline and overall camp injuries and illnesses.

10-28-16 ~ Ron Toahami Jackson… This comes from Greg Grey Cloud, one of these beautiful horses was murdered by the militarized goons on Thursday. UPDATE ON HORSE NATION:
Two of my horses have been shot by Morton county police, along with their riders. One horse was wounded in the front leg. Going to be ok though we doctored her up. Both warriors shot, are my boys from the Crow Creek Spirit Riders and are both going to be ok!
Sidebar::: “can’t keep warriors down too long”
Four other horsemen were ripped off of their horses and violently arrested. One horse was injured so badly, it didn’t make it home. RIP to one of our relatives of the horse nation…
Other horses were left. Apparently they can’t legally detain livestock.
Sidebar::: “I guess livestock have more rights than Indians”


10-28-16 ~ Red Hawk…. Today at Standing Rock during the 1851 Treaty Camp standoff, a hired DAPL security guard was spotted in the crowd with an automatic rifle in his vehicle. When he was spotted, he began to head towards camp. Water protectors made an effort to stop him on the road, in which he shot off onto the shoulder, and began speeding towards camp through the grass. The community feared for the women and childen and began taking action. Water protectors began setting up a blockade at the bridge ahead, as 2 water protectors used their vehicles to crash into the securities truck, causing him to spin out on the riverbank. The security then exited his vehicle, cocked his AR-15, and began back stepping from protectors into the nearby river. A near half hour stand off took place where water protectors pleaded and tried to defuse the situation of the man coming directly at their families. Eventually, BIA came to the scene, disarmed the man, and his was placed under arrest.

America, this is what is happening here. DAPL will do anything possible, include the threat of death and violence to get this pipeline through. DO NOT LET MAINSTREAM MEDIA LIE TO YOU. Protectors are facing the threat of death simply for protecting water and preserving history.


10-28-16 ~ Kenny Frost ….Here is what is in store for the DAPL workers destroying our burials and in store for the sheriff n state police officers. The spirit of our ancestors will come after them making them and their families so sick for life.

Plus they don’t believe like we do as native people. If they believe like us. They would be protecting our burials sites.

I met the descendant of Colonial Chivington who killed the Cheyenne people at Sand Creek. He was not a happy person. He said, “He wish his great-great-father never killed the Cheyenne people.” He said, “His family either killed themselves in the past.” Or they had “Terrible sickness like cancers, and other dreadful disease.”

They really have screwed themselves….drugs, alcohol, disease’s for them and their families…plus they are non-believers…they don’t care.

This is the faith of those who hurt and harm our people. There is nothing we can do to help them.
Let the spirits have at them!
=->>>— Kenny —>
10-28-16 Tim Yakaitis … Standing Rock Today. People were shot with rubber bullets, a horse rider was shot off his horse, we were pepper sprayed several times and a DAPL worker armed with a 9mm and an AR 15 was chased into a pond by Water Protecters. He shot into the water several times before he was arrested by BIA police.

10-28-16 Fawn Wasin Zi … Medic “Michael” who was at the front lines told his story. “The cops actually pulled medics out of their vehicles and arrested them. They had their red cross insignias on their cars, shirts and arms. They are unbiased, they were there to help ANYONE in need.

10-27-16 ~ Olowaan Plain … America, you killed 50-100 million of our people throughout our nation’s history…then you hide it by not sharing it with the public…then you turn us into Mascots and demonize us in John Wayne movies…as if that’s not enough, now your allowing North Dakota to use Militia to illegally dig up the graves of the same millions of our ancestors you killed, just so you can build an oil pipeline which will poison the water for us & 17 million other U.S. Citizens!

Just know the world is standing with our people on the front lines on Standing Rock, who are unarmed! You’ve chosen your path and you will answer for your actions someday! We will continue to honor our ancestors and share the truth because our ancestors taught us well and died to save our traditions and values! WE ARE PROTECTORS, WE ARE STANDING ROCK!

10-27-16 ~ The Other 98%… Share to support the #WaterProtectors!!
Read this Call to Action from Nick Tilsen, Lakota leader and co-founder of the Indigenous Peoples Power Project (IP3)
Stand With Standing Rock Now
1. We need thousands of people, who care about justice, to come to camp willing to stake a peaceful stand!
2. We need Tribal Governments on the front lines. Don’t leave this fight to the tribal grassroots! Governments need to take risk and stand with the people!
3. We need all national media to come to camp. We’re done doing your damn job for you. You’re supposed to report the news and this is a giant story!
4. Celebrities who care about justice should come to North Dakota. Bring press with you. Be willing to take arrest and stand in solidarity with all of us!
5. Al Gore, Jessie Jackson, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, we need you on the frontlines with us! Now!! Don’t wait for this jacked election to be over, while innocent natives are attacked using tax payer dollars!!!

10-27-16 ~ Olowaan Plain … I just received this statement from the Hillary Clinton campaign re: the Dakota Access Pipeline and #NoDAPL.
“We received a letter today from representatives of the tribes protesting the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. From the beginning of this campaign, Secretary Clinton has been clear that she thinks all voices should be heard and all views considered in federal infrastructure projects. Now, all of the parties involved–including the federal government, the pipeline company and contractors, the state of North Dakota, and the tribes–need to find a path forward that serves the broadest public interest. As that happens, it’s important that on the ground in North Dakota, everyone respects demonstrators’ rights to protest peacefully, and workers’ rights to do their jobs safely.”

10-27-16 ~ Spence Etzkorn … I am asking for prayer from all my friends. I know that not all of you agree with the pipeline protest but my nephew (15 years old) had his horse shot and killed out from under him today by one of the mercinaries and. He is still missing and no one knows if he is ok. He could have been shot instead of his horse. As a rancher, uncle, human, and Lakota I am extremely pissed, sadened and worried for all that are up there especially my nephew. I am hearing of some really bad things from up there. Our greed has got in the way of compassion and humanity.

10-27-16 ~ Indigenous Life Movement …. One man was shot with a taser in the face, as I was filming. The bar is still in his face. They already began arresting protectors, unlawfully checking people’s cars pepper spraying people in the face… and moving into our camp grounds. Helicopters and planes circle up above us. They have breach sacred burial grounds, and have moved along side of those ground, surrounding our entire camp.

All this has been caught on film, and when we can release it you all will be able to see for yourselves. I’m doing my best here to respite but many of our phones are blocked.
Everyone please Keep us in your prayers.
We are standing our grounds here.

10-27-16 ~ Clarence Rowland … A sweat lodge has been torn apart and all whom were in ceremony were arrested, my brother arrested also… Granny Helen went to jail too… Elders were pepper sprayed and arrested, we are asking for help now at this place it is a real war happening, rubber bullets were fired and percussion grenades thrown at the crowds.

10-27-16 ~ Lee Sprague …. It’s Begun, the Removal of Water Protectors at Standing Rock.

The United States is expert at removing Indians off the land. Ethnic Cleansing all legal. Because they wrote themselves a Bill of Rights to our lands.

North Dakota is just a proxy, handling the Great White Father in DC’s mop up operations.

That’s how they came to occupy over 567 nation’s lands, all legal.

I’m sure President Obama told Tribal Leaders their peoples, the Water Protectors at Standing Rock’s removal would be legal. That’s How Great White Fathers Roll.
10-27-16 ~ John Bravebull … “Take your armored vehicles home. Put your assault rifles away. You don’t need them, the people are unarmed. This isn’t Wounded Knee. This isn’t Sand Creek. This isn’t centuries ago. Your actions against an unarmed people will not go down in history as a victory. You said today you have the man power to end this now? How? With violence? With fear? With military tactics on the prairie? Do you realize how ridiculous an over armed military style raid on people from all around the world who are known as water protectors sounds? You claim everyone’s safety is your number one priority but you are the only one making threats of violence. Think about that. Just step back and think about what you are doing. Six million dollars to build an army of officers to defend an oil company against prayer. How is this happening in 2016? Have we really not come that far?”
10-26-16 ~ Kei Kurimoto… It has been an amazing journey protecting the water from greedy corrupt corporations that have no regard for how their actions affect the earth and all people. However this experience has been so much more. Words cannot give justice to the power of Nations coming together as one family to fight for what is right. I have spent a lot of time working in the kitchen feeding the masses and learning the native ways. This work has fed my soul, I have never felt more connected to the source of what life is really about. I’m so grateful to everyone I have met and everyone who has come to help us!! Here is just a glimpse of the love and the unity. Do not be fooled by all the smiles…in the kitchen we are on the front lines everyday. We began cooking over the fire battling the wind and the rain. But love poured in and donations were brought! We now cook on a stove that was deployed to Hurricane Katrina, to Sandy and now to Standing Rock thanks to Rosetta Buan. We have an actual shelter now to cook in thanks to Regina Randall. So many people have come here…but we need more warriors now!! Please come! Please stand with us. We are writing history everyday!

10-26-16 ~ Mississippi Stand
DAPL Security Harassment Update: Two of our comrades, Cameron Kennedy and James McBride, were arrested on false pretenses on the East bank of the Mississippi River yesterday afternoon near the drill pad in Illinois that bores underneath the river.

In this video update Cameron explains that the DAPL private security spotted himself and James on a public road near the linchpin drilling operation and within three minutes they were surrounded and blocked by multiple Hancock county squad cars as well multiple DAPL security cars. The two were arrested under false pretenses with private security as the only witness to a criminal trespassing charge.

Cameron denied consent to a vehicular search by Police, but the Private DAPL security guards began conducting the search regardless of this. The Hancock Sheriff, Scott Bentzinger, who was present at the scene simply said, “They are going to do what they want.”

These are the first known DAPL related arrests in Illinois and it sets a clear precedent about whose side of this battle the police are on. The money of big oil has seeped into small towns and counties across the United States and has effectively hired the police as enforcers of the Dakota Access agenda.

We need bodies on the ground here in Iowa to help with our mission to stop the drilling operation underneath the Mississippi and to amass a force that can librate us from the tyranny of militant security forces and police collusion.

Please come join us and also consider donating to our legal fund to help Cameron and James.

10-25-16 … The moment shortly after @kyfurneaux and I made it to Sacred Stone Camp, and stand in awe of a timeless scene…the fading colors of the day, rainbow on our left and shooting stars already visible above us, bareback riders galloping up a hill overlooking camp to watch the sunset…

As many as you already know, the Standing Rock Reservation is in the process of protecting their land, water, and burial grounds from being destroyed by the Dakota access pipeline. I was lucky enough to first visit Standing Rock over eight years ago, and will never forget the kindness, generosity, and humility of the people I met there. Returning this fall and having the privilege of once again being a guest of the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Nation, I was brought to tears at seeing Sacred Stone Camp, at the beauty and music of that space, of the individuals I met there, their spirit, and everything they stood for. It breaks my heart to hear that hundreds of police and military members are mobilizing at this very moment to descend upon camp and the water protectors there in preparation for any resistance to the pipeline as it reaches these sacred grounds.

I’m not sure how this became a world in which money and greed demand so much power, but I know one thing – it will only get worse if we let it. Only we can choose what we hold sacred as a people, if human beings have more rights than corporations or if anything, even our basic rights, can be bought for a price. I refuse to be someone who sits on the sidelines at this point in history, and watches the rights of a people be taken away and their land destroyed, all over again. People are standing strong in the front lines, but they can use as much help as we can give them. If you can’t make it to North Dakota to stand with these peaceful warriors, please call the White House to make your voice heard ( 202-456-1111), check out the link in my bio, and spread the word!!!

10-24-16 … The United Nations has made communication with the Oceti Sakowin Seven Council Fires Camp yesterday evening, we are now recognized as a nation and they are sending UN Marshalls here to observe and help our people put a stop to this pipeline.

There has been a camp set up right in the path where the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline is to be built, this land the tribes is taking through eminent domain.

The time has come, our Mother Earth needs our help.
10-24-16 ~ Chad Charlie at Oceti Sakowin Camp
First, I must say….. I’m glad I wasn’t shot..
Now to the real story..

If you didn’t know, that was me being taken down by the riot officers. From what I recall I was in a line of peaceful protectors. We had a mission that did not involve being attacked by authority abusing, short tempered mercenaries protecting large oil companies.

I have been charged with Engaging in a Riot. I heard the Moron County Sheriffs statement lying about us crossing some imaginary line. First off, there was no line to begin with. The only line formed was our line of warriors protecting our people when they rushed forward to attack us with mace and violently push us in the chest to move us backwards, frequently causing us to trip and fall so they can nab us on the ground.

I was singled out by the officers to put under arrest because as we had our media teams filming the atrocities set forth by these cops, they continuously tried to grab our camera men and women to prevent us from getting out the true stories. Every time I watched an officer move forward on someone with a camera, I either stepped in front of them or pulled that camera person out of the way. One officer caught on to what I was doing and informed the overly aggressive mace attacker to move up on me. I had my hands up from the moment they arrived to our group to the moment they put me in zip ties.

During the time I was in those zip ties, which was 10 hours to be exact, I went through my day as my normal self, with humor. From cracking little jokes on the cops like telling one officer “I like your ugly stick” and he responded with “why do you call it that?”, I said “because ugly people hold them”. To urgently screaming in a garage full of protectors and officers “I NEED AN OFFICER OVER HERE!!!” and as they rush to me, I calmly state “my nose itches”.. I used my humor to maintain an image to these officers. Even on our three hour trip to Fargo police station, we sang songs and told jokes. We humorously gave our transferring officers a hard time, encouraging them to smile.

We have been labelled as verbally abusive, cattle-stealing, riot-engaging eco-terrorists. How can I continuously inform the world that we are peaceful people when we can’t even convince the officers in front of us that we are peaceful? Regardless how unfortunate it is that they are treating us so brutally (I mean, look at this image of me being slammed), we still have the potential to humanize our image by remaining peaceful, friendly people.

After spending over 10 hours with arresting officers, I managed to ask atleast four of them “We’re probably the coolest bunch of people that you’ve arrested aren’t we?” And every one of them hung their heads down and slightly smirked “Yeah, you kinda are”.

This is the power we have. We can change the game. All it takes is a little humility and humor.
Let’s put this pipeline to an end with our power..

10-25-16 ~ Water Protector and Gold Star mother, Netha Morgan, locked down to a barrel yesterday with another protector, Dan T., in order to block Dakota Access from entering the site where they have been dumping toxic sludge. The sludge accumulates as Dakota Access operates the drill that bores beneath the Mississippi River. Our action today has halted their boring operation because they cannot dump off the excess sludge!! This video is a somewhat comprehensive recap of the first afternoon of action. More will follow in the coming days.

Netha and Dan have not been arrested. After over 36 hours the site is still being occupied by Mississippi Stand! We are preparing for a number of arrests; there has already been one. Please consider donating to our legal fund in order to keep the movement strong, and come to join us in person!!
Water Protectors Stand Up!

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Atrocities at Standing Rock and Police Weaponry

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe

Militarized Police beating people with batons; shootings to the face with rubber bullets and bean bags rounds; high voltage stuns guns held directly to Protectors bodies for prolonged periods of time and tasers with electrical pronged hooks incapacitating people; pepper spraying women and Elders; flash bang explosions permanently damaging hearing. Spirit Riders were shot multiple times with rubber bullets from helicopters flying 15 feet over their heads. One 15 yr. old Spirit Rider’s horse killed, shot out from under him. Horse’s intentionally injured by police projectiles at close range, buffalo shot from helicopters and left to die in fields. Tipi’s and tents torn down, clothing and household items seized. Spiritual items lost or stolen; a ceremonial drum appropriated and impounded. Over 400 arrests of peaceful, unarmed people worshiping in prayer circles and sweat lodges with no charges filed and no access to legal counsel; Medics were barred from assisting the wounded and arrested, their medical equipment seized. Journalists taken into custody, their cameras and equipment confiscated. Media blackouts, surveillance devises blocking transmission and reception signals. Protectors were required to remove all of their clothing, bend over or squat, and cough. Searches took place in bathrooms or cells in front of male and female guards then arrestee’s were stuffed into dog kennels, numbers written on forearms keeping Nazi tradition alive. Jailers forced arrestee’s to give DNA samples violating their privacy and constitutional rights. Serious medical conditions like diabetes and severe anxiety went untreated. Guard’s refused to allow phone calls to attorney’s, denied access to the restroom, food, water or blankets which left people hungry, thirsty and without clothing to sleep on frigid concrete floors.

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier is the official who sets the tone for police actions in Morton County North Dakota. He alone determines how prisoners are treated. He holds the authority to enforce humane treatment or encourage cruelty designed to instill fear, humiliation, embarrassment and shame. AND “shame is the ultimate weapon” utilized by the narcissist in a pitiful attempt to gain control and break the spirit of his victims.

UPDATE 11-2-16 ~ Morton County dumped 4 truckloads of Eagle Feathers, Headdresses, Regalia, Sacred Ceremonial Pipes and personal items on the ground.

THE SPIRIT RIDER In the first 15 seconds of the video you can see a spirit rider holding the line, keeping distance between water protectors and police. You will then see the water protector shot off his horse at point blank range with rubber bullets, and then his horse shot at point blank range. The next couple minutes are the commotion afterwards. There was no reason to shoot this brave water protector and his horse, as they were not threatening MCSD or military in any way. See below for screenshots taken from the video.

DAPL will do anything possible including the threat of death and violence to get this pipeline through. DO NOT LET MAINSTREAM MEDIA LIE TO YOU. Protectors are facing the threat of death simply for protecting water and preserving history.

….. Let’s get to know some of the weapons you’re hearing about being used by Morton County Police, DAPL Security and Militarized Law Enforcement. These peace officers “allegedly” possess “non-lethal” weapons which have been brought to Sacred Land and utilized against unarmed Water Protectors. Not all of these armaments were imported, but you should know about them, what they are and how they’re used.

AR-15 SEMI-AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLE is a selective fire rifle with the ability to switch from semi-automatic and fully automatic fire. The AR-15 rifle is a gas powered, semi-automatic rifles which means that one press of the trigger results in one round being fired. The “AR” in AR-15 does not stand for Assault rifle, it stands for “ArmaLite Rifle” after the firm that designed the weapon in the 1950s. A single bullet from a handgun is not likely to be as deadly as one from an AR-15. The bullet from a handgun is slow compared to that from an AR-15. The bullet from an AR-15 does an entirely different kind of violence to the human body. It’s relatively small, but it leaves the muzzle at three times the speed of a handgun bullet. It has so much energy that it can disintegrate three inches of leg bone. These high-velocity bullets can damage flesh inches away from their path, either because they fragment or because they cause something called cavitation, like when you trail your fingers through water, the water ripples and curls. When a high-velocity bullet pierces the body, human tissues ripples as well, but much more violently. The bullet from an AR-15 might miss the femoral artery in the leg, but cavitation may burst the artery anyway, causing death by blood loss.

AGENT PROVOCATEUR aka OUTSIDE AGITATOR’s are persons who commits, or who acts to entice others to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate them in partaking in an illegal act by encouraging people to break the law so they can be arrested. AGENT PROVOCATEUR.aka OUTSIDE AGITATOR’s help to organizes and persuade people to join a protest or political activity and stir up confrontation and urge others to protest or rebel stirring up controversy in order to upset the status quo and further a political, social, or other cause when in fact they actually work for the other side. The “outside agitator” is a reeking of good old boy vigilantism, the commingling of race-baiting and red-baiting

BATON – STRAIGHT STICK BATON is a modern day impact weapon popular with law enforcement departments. A stick of less than arms-length. A baton may be used to strike, jab, block, and aid in the application of arm locks.

BATON – EXTENDABLE BATON smaller, easier to carry and deploy than the straight stick baton, this extendable baton is a working tool for many law enforcement officers. Officers who are trained to carry these tools, must initially be certified, but are seldom retrained often enough, other than the periodic recertification classes required to carry this tool/weapon.

BEAN BAG rounds can severely injure or kill in a wide variety of ways. They have caused at least one death a year since their introduction. A round can hit the chest, break the ribs and send the broken ribs into the heart. A shot to the head can break the nose, crush the larynx or even break the neck or skull of the subject. A strike in the abdominal area can cause internal bleeding or strike the solar plexus which can disrupt breathing or heartbeat. Loaded into 2-gauge shotguns. Designed to incapacitate the target and leave large welts but not penetrate the skin.

CONCUSSION GRENADE or FLASH BANG emits an intensely loud “bang” of 170–180 decibels and a blinding flash of more than one million candela within five feet of initiation, sufficient to cause immediate flash blindness, deafness, tinnitus, and inner ear disturbance. Exposed persons experience disorientation, confusion and loss of coordination and balance. While these effects are all intended to be temporary, there is risk of permanent injury.

CONCUSSION RIFLE is very good at disorienting as the blast sends the target into the air, and the flash momentarily blinds them. Due to the concussion rifle’s ability to send enemies flying into the air, fired a concussive blast at a range of up to less than 100 ft. creating an explosion about 13 ft in diameter, with enough force to send an average human flying a short distance. It also possessed a secondary firing mode, the blast from which was less devastating in terms of radius, but had a greater impact on the target

CONCUSSION WEAPONS cause the bulk of their damage through sheer physical force.

ELECTRIC BULLETS are metal or rubber bullets which release an electrical charge when they hit a target, much like a Taser or other shock weapon.

ELECTRIC SHOCK PRODS are larger baton-style prods similar in basic design to an electric cattle prod. It has a metal end split into two parts electrically insulated from each other, or two thin projecting metal electrodes about 1 in apart.

FACIAL RECOGNITION SYSTEM is a computer application capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. One of the ways to do this is by comparing selected facial features from the image and a facial database. Facial recognition software can detect faces in images, quantify their features, and then match them against stored templates in a database.

FLASH GRENADE, FLASHBANG or SOUND BOMB allegedly non-lethal explosive device used to temporarily disorient a person’s senses. Designed to produce a blinding flash of light and an intensely loud “bang” of greater than 180 decibels. The flash produced momentarily activates all photoreceptor cells in the eye, making vision impossible for approximately five seconds, until the eye restores itself to its normal, unstimulated state. An afterimage will also be visible for a considerable time, impairing the victim’s ability to aim with precision. The loud blast is meant to cause temporary loss of hearing, and also disturbs the fluid in the ear, causing loss of balance. The concussive blast of the detonation can still injure, and the heat created can ignite flammable materials such as fuel. The fires that occurred during the Iranian Embassy siege in London were caused by stun grenades. On detonation it created a blinding flash equivalent to 300,000 candlepower, activating all of the light-sensitive cells in the eye, and making vision impossible for approximately five seconds. The grenade itself remains intact upon detonation; it is cylindrical, with the light and noise being emitted through holes down the sides, so there is no shrapnel. One problem of the G60 was the danger of the flash setting fire to flammable objects nearby, but this was considered acceptable given its tactical benefits and capabilities.

HAN-BALL™ CS GRENADE is an outdoor use grenade expelling its payload in approximately 15-20 seconds. The rubber ball round has an over all size of 4.8 in. tall, including the fuze head, and 3.1 in. diameter. This launchable grenade holds approximately 1.6 oz. of active agent which is expelled through three ports around the equator of the ball. Due the intense heat generated by this grenade, it should not be used inside a building or near flammable material”

LRAD ~ LONG RANGE ACOUSTIC DEVICE Electronic harassment is the use of electromagnetic emitting dangerously loud, high-pitched frequency waves to harass victims causing intense pain, migraines, and lasting hearing damage. Psychologists have identified evidence of auditory hallucinations, delusional disorders or other mental illnesses in online communities supporting those who claim to be targeted.

LIGHT POLUTION / LIGHT TRESPASS / GLARE LIGHTING is excessive, obtrusive artificial light causing adverse health effects by disrupting the eyes as any night vision built up in the eye rod cells is what is used to see in the dark. Light pollution shuts down night vision capabilities causing temporarily (up to 40 minutes) night blindness impacting us directly with adverse health effects i.e. pain induced by overly bright sources, the sensation of annoyance, discomforting and disabling. Light pollution also affects ecosystems and wastes energy.

M4’S snipers with silenced rifles, armored vehicles equipped with sound cannons, pepper spray, and tazers for unarmed women, children, elders, and men protecting that which gives us all life.

CONTINUOUS DISCHARGE GRENADE CS TEAR GAS CANISTER Designed specifically for outdoor use in crowd control situations, the Riot Control Grenade is a high volume continuous burn canister expelling its payload in approximately 30 – 40 seconds.” The device should be deployed utilizing wind advantage and should not be deployed onto rooftops, in crawl spaces, or indoors due to its fire-producing capability. Hand thrown or launch use only. Launching of grenades will provide deploying officers additional stand-off distances.

PLASTIC BULLETS used by police for riot control. Also used for target practice.

PORTABLE CELL TOWERS mobile cellular site providing temporary network and wireless coverage to locations where cellular coverage is minimal or compromised. Cellular tower equipment and mobile wireless communication machinery include cellular antenna and electronic radio transceiver devices. Customizable Military-Spec portable tower solutions support emergency response, temporary and long-term communications and surveillance.

RUBBER BULLETS allegedly won’t penetrate the skin, but will leave nasty welts that will require medical attention.

SOUND CANNONS LONG-RANGE ACOUSTIC DEVICES are extremely high-power sound waves can disrupt or destroy the eardrums of a target and cause severe pain or disorientation. This is usually sufficient to incapacitate a person. Less powerful sound waves can cause humans to experience nausea or discomfort and to injure, incapacitate, or kill an opponent.

STING BALL 9590 GRENADE Same as the sting ball canister above, but in grenade form. Think of the Pineapple-looking spheroids from World War II newsreels and films they’re normally talking about something called a “fragmentation grenade,” which detonates either when it hits something or after a specified amount of time. These grenades fire out lethal munitions made of metal or wire; they’re designed to kill. Sting-ball grenades — much like the sting-ball canisters above — are basically the same thing, but send out hard rubber instead.

STING BALLS this type of destructive device is not only a firearm but is also an explosive. A sting ball canister alongside the sting balls loaded inside of it by the manufacturer. Much like tear gas canisters, these are also shot out of a riot gun, some release tear gas upon impact along with rubber balls the size of large peas.

STINGER GRENADE is most widely used as a crowd management tool by Law Enforcement and Corrections in indoor and outdoor operations. As a pain compliance, distraction and disorientation device for crowd management, it may be hand thrown or launched in the general direction of the crowd. Can also be deployed for ground bursts or aerial bursts. IMPROPER USE OF THE STINGER GRENADE CAN RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS BODILY INJURY

STUN GRENADES several injuries and deaths have been officially attributed to their use.

STUN GUN are designed to cause pain through the use of high-voltage electricity pulsing between two metal prongs located at the end of the device. Touching the target with the electrified prongs sends electronic current at the point of contact, causing the target to jerk away. Because stun guns require the owner to physically touch someone with the device, they are considered close-proximity weapons.

TACTICAL FOLDER is a folding knife built for action and built to abuse. Most modern “Tactical” knives use a spring metal clip which is mounted directly onto the handle. A single thick blade sometimes featuring aggressive serrations and grips made to fit the hand. The most popular lock type is the liner lock. When folded inside the handle, the blade is surrounded on each side by a metal “liner.” As the blade reaches its open position, one of the liners acts like a leaf spring and jumps into the space in the middle of the handle, holding the blade open until the user pushes it back into place, allowing the blade to fold.

TASER use electricity to disrupt muscle control, but instead of delivering electricity through metal prongs, Tasers shoot two (or more) metal probe darts at the person. The darts, which are connected to the Taser device by wires, attach themselves to the target and send electronic current throughout the target’s body. This causes the person’s muscles to seize up, completely immobilizing him. When fired, Tasers also disperse “confetti”, which contain the Taser’s serial number. Tasers have a range of up to 15 feet, and most models can also be used in close-proximity, as can a typical stun gun. Taser’s shooting out metal darts could cause the heart to stop if they landed on either side of the chest causing the current to pass directly across the heart. The United Nations Committee against Torture reports that the use of Tasers can be a form of torture, due to the acute pain they cause, and warns against the possibility of death in some cases

THERMOGRAPHIC CAMERA (also called an infrared camera or thermal imaging camera) is a device that forms an image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light. Instead of the 400–700 nanometre range of the visible light camera, infrared cameras operate in wavelengths

THUNDER GENERATOR produces shock waves that result in a loud sonic boom and extreme air pressure, which can be heard and felt by people up to 100 meters away. The Thunder Generator device is a cannon which fires shock waves passing through people and objects. Although the shock waves are allegedly harmless, they give people the impression of standing in front of a firing squad. Maintaining a safe firing distance is important since standing within 30 ft. of the cannon, the shock wave could inflict permanent damage or even kill. The device is intended for longer distances. The company has proposed a multi-barrel design and synchronized networks of multiple cannons to simulate a battlefield experience. The cannons can also be mounted on vehicles and operated via remote control. Plus, by using a curved barrel design, the cannon could produce shock waves at 90-degree angles to bend around walls or other obstacles.

TRIPLE CHASER SEPARATING CANISTER PYROTECHNIC GRENADE DT102 The Triple-Chaser® CS consists of three separate canisters pressed together with separating charges between each. When deployed, the canisters separate and land approximately 20 feet apart allowing increased area coverage in a short period of time. This grenade can be hand thrown or launched from a fired delivery system.” It has an approximate burn time of 20-30 seconds.

VORTEX RING GUN is an experimental non-lethal weapon for crowd control using high-energy vortex rings of gas to knock down people or spray them with marking ink or other chemicals. Typically using acetylene-air or hydrogen–oxygen explosions to create and propel the vortices.

WAX BULLETS can penetrate the skin at close range or if they strike a sensitive body part.

WIRELESS LONG-RANGE ELECTRIC SHOCK WEAPON wireless electro-shock projectile called XREP(eXtended Range Electro-Muscular Projectile), which can be fired from any 12-gauge shotgun. It contains a small high-voltage battery. Its range is 98 ft.

60 CAL. STINGER 37MM BLACK POWDER RUBBER BALL The 60-Cal Stinger is generally deployed in low trajectories or skip fired in the general direction (non-target specific) of the intended targets. Apparently these things can be problematic if the “operator” sets them off at too low a trajectory. It is necessary to keep the trajectory low so the projectile spread will not engage the subject above the breast line.

62-SERIES 59MM GRENADE CS Tear gas canisters, but instead of being launched out of a riot gun, these are thrown like a grenade. CS somehow stands for orthochlorobenzylidene malononitrile. Among the effects (apparently animals were harmed in the testing of this equipment): “examination of rabbits exposed to CS revealed an increase in number of goblet cells in the respiratory tract. More: “experiments in dogs showed that the animals dying as a result of exposure to very high concentrations died from obstruction of the upper respiratory tract.” In humans: “The first symptom is a burning sensation in the throat, developing into pain and extending to the trachea and bronchi. At a later stage a sensation of suffocation may occur, often accompanied by fear.”

7290M MINI FLASH BANG like a grenade, but emitting a bright light (“flash”) and a loud noise (“bang”) instead of something more obviously dangerous. What should I know about them? From the Combined Systems site: “Flash-Bangs are used by special tactical units during hostage rescue and high-risk warrants. It is an ATF controlled Class-C explosive device emiting a bright light and thunderous noise to distract potentially dangerous individuals.” These may sound relatively harmless (pretty close to being actual smoke and mirrors), but they can cause serious harm. Atlanta News: “‘Baby Boo Boo’ spent weeks in a burn unit after a SWAT team’s flash grenade exploded near his face.”
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