Oceti Sakowin ~ Stories from the Frontline ~ Nov. 28, 2016

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe
News Articles and Updates ~ Oceto Sakowin
Nov. 2016 You Tube Video’s ~ Standing Rock
2016 You Tube Video Archive ~ Standing Rock
How You Can Help Standing Rock? #NODAPL
Standing Rock history
Without Water We Can Not Exist
Stories from the Frontlines ~ Standing Rock
Atrocities at Standing Rock and Police Weaponry
Trusted News Sources ~ Standing Rock
Standing Rock Camps #Water Is Life

12-4-16 ~ Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL (Official Video) – Taboo

12-4-16 ~ Police to leave bridge at Standing rock – Rob Webber

12-4-16 ~ Obama Denies Permit to Drill at DAPL! Victory at Standing Rock Within Reach! – The Young Turks

12-4-16 ~ Jordan UNDERCOVER: Racism Alive & Well In North Dakota – TYT Politics

12-4-16 ~ Battles everywhere. Wars upon our water everywhere – Native American Life

12-4-16 ~ Veterans At Standing Rock – Uprising TV


12-4-16 ~ Standing Rock – Water Protectors stand along side War Veterans, “Water Is Life” – Katherine Duke

12-4-16 ~ Standing Rock Protests #NoDAPL | State Authoritarianism Out of Control – Michael Black

12-4-16 ~ We’re talking to Tara Houska, an attorney and director of Honor the Earth – Native American Life


12-4-16 ~ Veterans at Standing Rock: Now is the time! – Rod Webber

12-4-16 ~ History has been made at Standing Rock! – Uprising TV

12-4-16 ~ DAPL Permits Have Been DENIED! – Uprising TV

12-4-16 ~ Thank you 350.org Japan! The world is watching! – Native American Life

12-4-16 ~ Oceti Sakowin Camp Update With Chris Turley #NoDAPL – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ We need every person to call Obama this week before Dec. 5th .Please share – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ Taxi tells their drivers that They Can no longer drive water protectors to Oceti Sakowin Camp! – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ Digital Smoke Signals Myron Dewey Meet The Drone Operators Of #NoDAPL Standing Rock 12 02 16 – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ LAKOTA State of Mind – Standing Rock – Zeda Films

12-4-16 ~ Activists from Hawaii Are holding their ground at Standing Rock! – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ Governor DAPL CAUGHT Lying About ATTACK On Standing Rock Water Protectors – NoDAPL Highway 1806

12-4-16 ~ Important Update! Sunday December 4, 2016 #NoDAPL – J Grady

12-4-16 ~ False information reported by Morton County – J Grady

12-4-16 ~ Update From #NoDAPL Attorneys Daniel Sheehan & Chase Iron Eyes on DAPL Permit Denial (12/4/2016) – Mystic Dave

12-4-16 ~ Veterans for Standing Rock Respond to Army Corps of Engineers Denial of DAPL Permit (12/4/2016) – Mystic Dave

12-4-16 ~ A Victory Celebration! Army Corps has Denied Permit To Drill! – Uprising Media

12-4-16 ~ History has been made at Standing Rock! – J Grady

12-4-16 ~ Marine veteran speaks about Standing Rock – Rod Webber

12-4-16 ~ BREAKING: Obama Denies Final Permit For Dakota Access Pipeline – TYT Politics

12-4-16 ~ Proof that law enforcement involved in Dakota Access Pipeline have been lying – Prolific The Rapper

12-4-16 ~ Jordan UNDERCOVER: Racism Alive & Well In North Dakota – TYT Politics

12-4-16 ~ HUGE DAY AT STANDING ROCK! Army Corps denies DAPL drilling permit – Prolific The Rapper

12-4-16 ~ Standing Rock Celebrates Pres. Obama Denying DAPL Permit – TYT Politics

12-4-16 ~ DAPL permit denied – Rod Webber

12-4-16 ~ The Fight for Clean Water (#NoDAPL) – Matt Orfalea

12-4-16 ~ VLOGMAS IN A VAN 2016 Day 1 #VeteransForStandingRock #NoDAPL #VANLIFE – CoolCat Carolena

12-4-16 ~ Veterans at Standing rock barricade – Rob Webber



12-4-16 ~ #NoDAPL Whistleblower John Bolenbaugh Tears Up Explaining Standing Rock’s Importance – xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx

12-3-16 ~ #NoDAPL: A Just Cause or Just Because? – KnowingBetter

12-3-16 ~ #NoDAPL – Political & media silence. Dec 3 – Tino Barragan

12-3-16 ~ #NoDAPL – Political & media silence. Dec 3 – Tino Barragan

12-1-16 ~ Josh Fox Update on #NoDAPL: Interview With The Young Turks’ Ana Kasparian – TYT Interviews

12-1-16 ~ Uodate dec 1 – Lolly Be Healing

12-3-16 ~ N Dakota cab driver says not allowed to pick up Water Protectors – The Truth Denied

12-3-16 ~ Standing Rock Political Prisoner Red Fawn Needs Your Help – TYT Politics

12-3-16 ~ Midnight update – J Grady

12-3-16 ~ Veterans standing up for Standing Rock – CBC News

12-3-16 ~ UPDATE FROM CAMP: Lakota People’s Law Project at Standing Rock #NoDAPL (12/3/2016) – Mystic Dave

12-3-16 ~ UPDATE FROM CAMP – Uprising TV

12-3-16 ~ Dan Rolle Delivering Human Rights Violations Notice To Morton County Sheriff’s Department – Uprising TV

12-3-16 ~ False information reported by Morton County – Uprising TV

12-3-16 ~ Nodapl Worldwide Live Chat Discussion – Uprising TV


12-3-16 ~ Dakota Access Pipeline Update – We Stand With Standing Rock – Anonymous

12-3-16 ~ Standing Rock Music Video – Indigenous People Of America #NODAPL – Anonymous

12-2-16 ~ STANDING ROCK: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Will Join Veterans Against Dakota Access Pipeline – H. A. Goodman

12-2-16 ~ Water Protector Travis on day 10 of his fast is being arrested – Native American Life

12-2-16 ~ Rep Tulsi Gabbard Urges President to Immediately Halt Dakota – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Governor DAPL LIES Through His Greedy Teeth – TYT Politics

12-2-16 ~ Statement by Attorney General Lynch on the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests – The Justice Department

12-2-16 ~ It’s a good day to do a live feed! These our the topics 12%2F2%2F16 – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Myron Dewey ~ unlawful stop and seized property without a warrant 10/8/16 – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ UPDATE: Veterans For Standing Rock Are Here! Vets Shut Down Bridge At Standing Rock! (12/2/2016) – Mystic Dave

12-2-16 ~ A moment of silence ~ The drone is gone, it just flew away – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Seeing the Veterans off Prayers for your safe return Aho 12/2/16 – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Governor DAPL LIES Through His Greedy Teeth – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Live from Standing Rock 12/2/16 – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Veterans For Standing Rock Are Here! Vets Shut Down Bridge At Standing Rock! (12/2/2016) – Mystic Dave

12-2-16 ~ Vets gather on bridge north of Oceti Sakowin – J Grady

12-2-16 ~ Veterans gather on bridge north of Oceti Sakowin | Indigenous Rising Media – Uprising TV

12-2-16 ~ 6,000 plus, hundreds of veterans arrive to support Dakota Access protests – Mary Greeley

12-2-16 ~ What If The Cops Attack? – ‘They’ll Have To Kill Me’ | Veterans To Stand With DAPL Protesters – The Jimmy Dore Show

12-2-16 ~ Veterans Heading To North Dakota To Protect Citizens From Criminal Cops – The Jimmy Dore Show

12-1-16 ~ Going to Standing Rock/DAPL pipeline protest? Watch this first – Adventure Photo

12-1-16 ~ cultural challenges – Lolly Be Healing

12-1-16 ~ Native Veteran Defends Against TERRORIST Oil Police – TYT Politics

12-1-16 ~ Why Peaceful Resistance Can Be The Most Powerful Force | APTN InFocus – APTN National News

12-1-16 ~ Indigenous tribe canoed from Washington state! | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ Wells Fargo Shut down In Minneapolis | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ Water Protectors at Wells Fargo Offices in Solidarity w Standing Rock | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ Jordan Takes On New York Times/Big Oil Love Affair – TYT Politics

12-1-16 ~ Veteran’s at Standing Rock | NoDAPL – 411 TRUTH

12-1-16 ~ General update from Oceti Sakowin | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ PULL BACK OF DES MOINES RIVER | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ “Know The Truth” Morton County Video Series | Keeping you safe with explosives, from armed workers – 411 TRUTH

12-1-16 ~ #Nodapl Live Chat Discussion – Uprising TV

12-2-16 ~ DEFUND DAPL! – Uprising TV

12-1-16 ~ James Uqualla Speaks To All – 12/01/2016 – The Real World

12-1-16 ~ Why We Must Stand With Standing Rock PLUS ‘Viper’s View’ Joins Us [39] – Redacted Tonight

12-1-16 ~ Standing Rock – 11/30/16 – Chris Turley walked over 200 miles to show support – #NoDAPL – Valley Forge Network

12-1-16 ~ Kevin Gilbertt Update on ACE Hardware – 12/01/2016 – The Real World

12-1-16 ~ Standing Rock Protesters Are Being Starved Out! (w/Guest: Maimouna Youssef) – thomhartmann

12-1-16 ~ Vic Mensa Protests Pipeline At Standing Rock! (WTS) – SHOT97 MEDIA

12-1-16 ~ Update from the militarized zone 12/1/16 – J Grady

12-1-16 ~ #NoDAPL Standing Rock Protesters Respond to Eviction Letter by Army Corps of Engineers – NoDAPL Highway 1806

11-30-16 ~ Local vets will be human shields at standing rock – ABC 10 News

11-30-16 ~ Veterans Stand with Standing Rock! Will Serve as ‘Human Shield’ for Protestors – Protect Mother Earth

11-30-16 ~ Todays Update From Myron Dewey | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ DAPL blocking Red Cross, and supplies from others | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ CNN Finally At Standing Rock | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ Legendary Native Activist Exposes DAPL Is a SHAM – TYT Politics

11-30-16 ~ African Americans, Native Americans Connect at Standing Rock – TYT Politics

11-30-16 ~ Drone guy address the FAA statement about banning drones at oceti sakowin camp | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ BREAKING! Four people have locked down and shut down TD Bank | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ CBSThisMorning reporting on Nodapl | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ 99.7 KFYR radio in Bismarck Propaganda | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ Full-time RV: #Veteransforstandingrock #NoDAPL Q&A – Luke Capasso

11-30-16 ~ fighting for their rights of Indigenous Peoples | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ update nov 30 – Lolly Be Healing

11-30-16 ~ The Whole World Is Watching – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ Water Protectors locked down to an excavator – Uprising TV

11-30-16 ~ STANDING ROCK PROTECTORS Veterans VS Morton County Police aka DAPL Do They Know It’s Christmas SNOW – Sun-Daze

11-30-16 ~ STANDING ROCK: Latest Update, Veterans, Water Rights, Police Tactics – carpo719

11-30-16 ~ Veteran Greg Quinn stands with Standing Rock – HousePortraits

11-30-16 ~ Message to Order Followers/Police at Standing Rock – UFORIA Chronicles

11-30-16 Legendary Native Activist Exposes DAPL Is a SHAM – J Grady

11-30-16 ~ Joshua Hayes – Standing Rock – Vets Arriving – 11/30/2016 – The Real World

11-30-16 ~ [90] – Standing Rock Escalates: Latest Updates & Interview – Occupy.com

11-30-16 ~ Standing Rock & Drill Site Drone Footage – 11/30/2016 – The Real World

11-29-16 ~ Standing Rock Stories – AronRa

11-29-16 ~ Joshua Hayes at Standing Rock – 11/29/2016 – The Real World

11-29-16 ~ Standing Rock Update – 411 Truth

11-29-16 ~ Kevin Gilbertt at Standing Rock – Update From Casino – 11/29/2016 – The Real World

11-29-16 ~ Response to Governor Darymple’s order to evacuate the Oceti Sakowin camp – Native American Life

11-29-16 ~ At blockade to stop Dakota Access Pipeline – NoDAPL Highway 1806

11-29-16 ~ Message to the World From Standing Rock – Buffalohair

11-29-16 ~ Big Oil Not Only Storm Assaulting Standing Rock – TYT Politics

11-29-16 ~ #Nodapl Live Chat Discussion – Uprising TV

11-29-16 ~ A message from Native American elder, Saginaw Grant | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-29-16 ~ Former oil worker Payu Harris explains dangers of oil at Standing Rock – Rod Webber

11-29-16 ~ Kevin Gilbert Has A Message For Those Sending Him Death Threats – Collective Evolution

11-29-16 ~ Breaking News: North Dakota law enforcement to Block Water Protectors Supplies | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-29-16 ~ update nov 29 – Lolly Be Healing

11-29-16 ~ “Cyanide Pipelines” says oil whistleblower John Bolenbaugh at Standing Rock – Rod Webber

11-29-16 ~ Water Protector Wants To EDUCATE Oil Police – TYT Politics

11-29-16 ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdAr-py_1CM – Democracy Now!

11-29-16 ~ Dakota Access Pipeline Update Natives Met With Violence – Infowars The Alex Johen show

11-29-16 ~ Bernie Sanders on the Dakota Access Pipeline & Treaty Rights Violations by U.S. Government – Democracy Now!

11-29-16 ~ Father of Activist Injured at Standing Rock Calls on Obama to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline Drilling – Democracy Now!

11-29-16 ~ Standing Rock Drone Footage Looks Bad, So Government Bans It – The Young Turks

11-29-16 ~ Standing Rock Resistance On Contact travels to North Dakota – J Grady

11-29-16 ~ Accountability ~ Kash Jackson – J Grady

11-28-16 ~ Sheriffs Refuse To Reinforce Cops At Standing Rock – The Young Turks

11-28-16 ~ Facebook is blocking my live streams for DAPL – J Grady

11-28-16 ~ Do You Even Know Who Owns the Standing Rock Pipeline? Donald Trump? – pocketsofthefuture

11-28-16 ~ Press Conference About Governor Darymple’s orders for forced Eviction | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-28-16 ~ Standing Rock Response to North Dakota Governor’s Evacuation Order (11/28/2016) – Mystic Dave

11-28-16 ~ Senator Reid, Standing Rock – J Grady

11-28-16 ~ Jordan TAKES ON Army Corps & Oil Police – TYT Politics

11-28-16 ~ Standing Rock Live update 28 nove 2016 – studio9jam

11-28-16 ~ Local group to join veterans at Standing Rock – KXLY

11-28-16 ~ Jordan’s IMPASSIONED Standing Rock Rant – Enterteinment

11-28-16 ~ Strength In Unity BREAKING! Four people have locked down and shut down TD Bank | #NoDapl Archives- Uprising TV

11-28-16 ~ EXPLAINED: Standing Rock Shows Solar Is Superior To Fracking – TYT Politics

11-28-16 ~ Frances Fisher Slams Obama On Broken Promises To Natives – TYT Politics

11-28-16 ~ Winter Is Here At Standing Rock! | #NoDapl Archives – Uprising TV

11-28-16 ~ Founder of Black Eyed Peas Taboo Standing with Standing Rock!!! #NoDAPL – Native American Life

11-28-16 ~ Jason Mraz at Standing Rock – 11/28/2016 – The Real World

Video’s #NoDAPL – Nov. 11–15, 2016

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe
News Articles and Updates ~ Standing Rock
Nov. 2016 You Tube Video’s
2016 You Tube Video Archive
How You Can Help Standing Rock? #NODAPL
Standing Rock history
Without Water We Can Not Exist
Stories from the Frontlines ~ Standing Rock
Atrocities at Standing Rock and Police Weaponry
Trusted News Sources ~ Standing Rock
Standing Rock Camps #Water Is Life

11-15-16 ~ Susan Sarandon, Anti-DAPL Rally, Los Angeles, 11/15/16 – Truth Justice

11-15-16 ~ Educating Bismarck police and citizens about Indigenous issues – J Grady

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/15/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-15-16 ~ Skipped Class….and went to DAPL Protest (Portland) 11/15/2016 – Yeon Woo Kim

11-15-16 ~ Video from Red Warrior Camp – Native American Life

11-15-16 ~ #NoDAPL Day of Action – Denver, CO – Nov. 15, 2016 – Alex Sandberg

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/14/16? – Lavonne Cox

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Update – Jed Ramos

11-15-16 ~ 11/15/16 : DAPL protest at U.S. Army Corps HQ for #NoDAPL National Day of Action – Nicki Mayo


11-15-16 ~ Police Surround Vehicles #nodapl – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Cops Raiding Vehicles #nodapl – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ UWN – Social Media Censorship, Day of Action, Police Swarm Standing Rock Journalists – DAHBOO77

11-15-16 ~ Inventor Of Pepper Spray:‘It’s Being Misused’! Not meant to shut people up! ! – 411 TRUTH

11-15-16 ~ #NoDAPL – Shut it Down Hwy 6 Dig Site – GoPro video #2 11/11/16 – inLeague Press

11-15-16 ~ #NoDAPL – Shut it Down Hwy 6 Dig Site – GoPro video #3 -THE Great Escape – inLeague Press

11-15-16 ~ Pres. Obama Kicks DAPL Can Down The Road – TYT Politics

11-15-16 ~ #nodapl : People “Talk” About This Violence In North Dakota | All Of This Because Trump – USA Trending Videos

11-15-16 ~ Judiciary racism in ND court room – Native Momma

11-15-16 ~ #nodapl : People “Talk” About This Violence In North Dakota | All Of This Because Trump – USA Trending Videos

11-15-16 ~ Tio’tia:ke call to action NODAPL – nodapl solidaritymtl

11-15-16 ~ NoDAPL OLB StevensPoint 3 – Green-Peoples Media

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock – 11/15/16 Cops raiding vehicles – Red Warrior Camp #NoDAPL – Valley Forge Network

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/15/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-15-16 ~ Petaluma, California stands with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe – Native American Life

11-15-16 ~ #Nodapl Protest In Downtown Columbus – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Water Protectors arrived at DAPL construction site this morning on HWY 6 – Native American Life

11-15-16 ~ The National Gaurd Stands With Morton County Police #nodapl – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Police Closing In #Nodapl – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Iron Eyes addresses the Dakota Access Pipeline during a sold out TEDx event in Charlottesville, VA. – Native American Life

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock: Dakota Pipeline Protests Happening Now NATIONWIDE – Protect Mother Earth

11-15-16 ~ Biker Tries To Intimate Myron Dewey! – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Dapl Man Camp – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ #Nodapl Update With Myron Dewey – Uprising TV

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/15/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-15-16 ~ Militarized Police Raid #NoDAPL Vehicle’s 11/15/16 UNCONSTITUTIONAL! – 411 TRUTH

11-15-16 ~ UWN – Social Media Censorship, Day of Action, Police Swarm Standing Rock Journalists – DAHBOO77

11-15-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/15/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-14-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/14/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-14-16 ~ Water Protectors: They brought the battle to us, we’ll bring it to them – Rod Webber

11-14-16 ~ 10/14/16 Bismark, ND #Nodapl – Uprising TV

11-14-16 ~ The Heat: Dakota Access Pipeline PT 1 – CCTV America

11-14-16 ~ The Heat: Dakota Access Pipeline PT 2 –

11-14-16 ~ DAPL tries to run down Water Protectors with Truck – Rob Webber

11-14-16 ~ DAPL use baseball bats to intimidate Water Protectors – Rod Webber

11-14-16 ~ DAPL worker Wreckless Driving @ Water Protectors Intimidation November 14, 2016 – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ DAPL Trying to Run Over Protestors – Uprising TV

11-14-16 ~ Standing Rock Struggle Inspires New Independent Journalists – TYT Politics

11-14-16 ~ Inspiration from Standing Rock #NoDAPL The world is Watching – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ DAPL guy shows up for Water Protectors March 11 14 16 – Rod Webber

11-14-16 ~ What does Dakota Mean? Powerful TRUTH of America #NoDAPL – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ Water Protesters Occupied ND, Capital with Prayer – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ DAPL workers threaten Media and Peaceful Protectors with Metal Baseball Bat’s! 11/14/16 – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ What does Dakota Mean? Powerful TRUTH of America #NoDAPL – 411 TRUTH

11-14-16 ~ Water Protectors Are Confronted With Baseball bats! #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-14-16 ~ Still We Stand – Shannon Kring


11-14-16 ~ Standing Rock Struggle Inspires New Independent Journalists – Enterteinment

11-14-16 ~ #NoDapl FrontLines update 11/14/16 DAPL attempts to run over Protectors – 411 TRUTH

11-13-16 ~ DAPL Worker With Assault Rifle Infiltrates Standing Rock – Enterteinment

11-13-16 ~ Medicine Creek Treaty Tribes NoDAPL Rally, Tacoma WA – Native Daily Network – Native Daily Network

11-13-16 ~ Anonymous – IMPORTANT Breaking News #NoDAPL Dakota Access Pipeline Standing Rock – Leaked

11-13-16 ~ Obama Betrays ‘Standing Rock’ Water Protectors – 411 TRUTH

11-13-16 ~ #NoDapl 11/11/16 – Protectors Shut it Down! – Front Line GoPro – inLeague Press

11-13-16 ~ Standing Rock Rising Update – Native Momma

11-13-16 ~ Dakota Access Pipeline Needs to Obtain Army Corps of Engineers Permit To Proceed – Kandi Mossett Todd Darling Films

11-13-16 ~ The Horse Nation sings at Standing Rock – Rod Webber

11-13-16 ~ Standing Up with Standing Rock (We Rise Again) – Larry Long

11-13-16 ~ 352 A Nation Built on Genocide Dispatches from the DAPL Protest – New Fall News

11-13-16 ~ Last Stand At Standing Rock – Eric Farmer


11-13-16 ~ 347 Indigenous Indignities at #DAPL & Rescinding Pay for Returning Vets – New Fall News

11-12-16 ~ Truck Driver Shoots At Water Protectors And Even Run Some Of Them Over! #Nodapl – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ 11/12/16 #NoDapl Update – Uprising TV DAPL Running over people

11-12-16 ~ Dallas Standing With Standing Rock #nodapl Worldwide Movement – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ Breaking! Water protectors holding down the space at Mandan, ND DAPL storage site – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ #NoDapl Update Live In Mandan, ND – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ Pipeline Protests Are Happening In Florida #NoSabalTrailPipeline – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ Kill The Black Snake Rally In Chicago- Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ NoDAPL | Los Angeles CA | #BankExit – 411 TRUTH

11-12-16 ~ Dallas Standing With Standing Rock #nodapl Worldwide Movement – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ #NoDapl Update – Uprising TV

11-12-16 ~ #NODAPL! DAPL Worker Pulls GUN on Protectors! – xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx

11-12-16 ~ Dapl worker fired shots at peaceful prayer – Đoàn Trần

11-12-16 ~ DAPL EXPOSED #3: YOUTH ARM BROKEN BY POLICE – Prolific The Rapper

11-12-16 ~ Standing Rock Water Protectors 11/11/16 – Lavonne Cox

11-12-16 ~ Full Video:DAPL Worker with HANDGUN! Cam 2 – 411 TRUTH

11-12-16 ~ Australia has arrived to standing rock! #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Blunt Truth, Standing Rock – dapl, dakota access pipe line is BAD for Water, Earth, People – thewonderdawg


11-11-16 ~ I’m going to North Dakota. #NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock – Evan Raymond

11-11-16 ~ TYT – 11.11.16: Trump Presidency, Obama DAPL, Prop 64, George Zimmerman – – TYT Politics

11-11-16 ~ Riot Police make arrests north of Standing Rock (Live-stream) – Rod Webber

11-11-16 ~ STANDING ROCK a Dark Reality Must Watch!!! #StandingRock – J Grady

11-11-16 ~ Morton County BOLD LIES In Court! #NoDAPL – 411 TRUTH

11-11-16 ~ Standing Rock North Dakota Access Pipeline better audio – Ted Awesome

11-11-16 ~ NoDAPL shuts down Highway 6 in North Dakota (Live-stream) – Rod Webber

11-11-16 ~ #VeteranStandingRock Make a Stand, Veterans for Standing Rock – MaeWood Photography

11-11-16 ~ Chance – Lolly Be Healing

11-11-16 ~ #NoDAPL activists face off with law enforcement in North Dakota – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Cyrus – Lolly Be Healing

11-11-16 ~ Obama About To Declare Open Season On Standing Rock Water – The Young Turks

11-11-16 ~ Obama Betrays Standing Rock – The Big Picture RT

11-11-16 ~ 11-11-16 Standing Rock ND Police Line Red Warrior Camp – lba10

11-11-16 ~ Veterans March at Standing Rock Oceti Sakowin Camp #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Standing Rock – 11/11/16 1103am – Indigineous Peoples Update – Valley Forge Network


11-11-16 ~ BREAKING: #NoDAPL Water protectors have run into the construction site of the Dakota Access Pipeline – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ #NoDAPL Update 11.11.16 With Angelo Sison – DAPL Update – xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx

11-11-16 ~ #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Jordan LOSES IT On Obama’s DAPL Cowardice – TYT Politics

11-11-16 ~ Lt. Tom Iverson with the North Dakota Highway Patrol talks about #nodapl “riots” – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Direct Action happening! #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ #NODAPL Update, Strength through unity! – xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx

11-11-16 ~ #nodapl Live Update 3pm 11/11/16 – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Josh Fox – Did Obama “Sell Out” On The “Standing Rock” Pipeline? – The Big Picture RT

11-11-16 ~ Impose Sanctions For Crimes Against Humanity! – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Cops Rush Water Protectors #nodapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Prayer Walks on the easement #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Direct Action happening! #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Dapl Mercenaries Moving in! #nodapl – Uprising TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsOQhA6S_Vw V

11-11-16 ~ #NoDAPL activists face off with law enforcement in North Dakota – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ Standing Rock Solidarity – hamishpatterson family

11-11-16 ~ Veterans Head To Standing Rock To Support ‘We The People’ – TheRealNews

11-11-16 ~ #NoDapl – Anonymous Portugal Internacional

11-11-16 ~ #NoDAPL – America’s Water & the ELITE – 4UTWO 2C

11-11-16 ~ Police Headed To Water Protectors To Protect Oil #NoDapl – Uprising TV

11-11-16 ~ 100+ Water Protectors Stop DAPL construction! 11/11/16 – 411 TRUTH

11-11-16 ~ Riot Police make arrests north of Standing Rock on Veteran’s Day – 411 TRUTH

11-11-16 ~ Copy of standing rock solidarity – Lady Bones

11-11-16 ~ #NoDAPL – Shut it Down Hwy 6 Dig Site – GoPro video #1 11/11/16 – inLeague Press

Obama Keeping Unrest Alive

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe


President Obama Takes Trump Matters Into His Own Hands, Launches This Investigation

The Obama administration is reviewing the Democratic Coalition’s investigative report highlighting ten “clear links” that the FBI failed to investigate about our President-elect’s business ties to Russia and to the regime of dictator Vladimir Putin’s regime. It’s named “The Dworkin Report.”

“The FBI missed at least 10 key connections between President-elect Trump and Russia when they conducted their investigation and concluded that our President-elect had no links to the country,” said Scott Dworkin, Senior Advisor to the Democratic Coalition and author of the report. “It is imperative that the American people be made aware of this information.” Continue Reading the full story

LOL, how convenient, no way did this all of a sudden come to light 2 days after the 2016 Presidential election. I call bullshit. Obama’s administration is *only now* reviewing the Democratic Coalition’s investigative report highlighting ten “clear links” the FBI failed to investigate about Trumps 250 registered business in Russia????

This new press release is more of the diversionary tactics keeping up the unrest we’ve seen during the entire campaign. The defeated Hillary is now pushing for the Purple Revolution, like it’s a freakin’ afterthought? No. This is all pre-planned resistance against efforts by the Trump administration to push back against the globalist policies by supposedly uniting red and blue = purple; framing their agenda’s, manipulating given circumstance, factual and/or implied into pre-formed perspectives with the intent to influence by indoctrinating the public to their way of thinking. Black vs. White: is the RACE War – Organic vs. GMO/Chemical: is the Pesticide War – Fracking vs. Conventional Drilling: is the Oil War – Prescription Drugs vs. Alternative Medicines (Pharmaceuticals): is the War on Sickness – Men vs. Women: is the War of the Sexes – NRA vs. Gun Control: is the 2nd Amendment War – Christianity vs. Atheists/Agnostics/Muslim etc. the War on Religion. The principals of these *Wars* are established by invisible borders to cultivate and gain control of the public sector.

President Obama campaigned hard in 2008 for the votes of American Indians. He vowed his administration would pay special attention to their grievances about federal mismanagement and the government’s recurring neglect of treaty obligations.

OBAMA: “Few have been ignored by Washington for as long as Native Americans — the first Americans”

So why is Obama ignoring the 1st Nations Native American’s? Why is Obama refusing to stop the Energy Transfer Partners Dakota Access Pipeline in No. Dakota from desecrating Sacred Indian burial ground? Obama’s last days in office should be prosecuting the criminals threatening and destroying the water of millions of people and the violent attacks by government officials on peaceful Water Protectors at Standing Rock who are peaceably gathering and praying. Why did Obama say:

“I want to make sure everybody is exercising their constitutional rights be heard that both sides are refraining from situations that might results in people being hurt” ????

Why isn’t Obama stopping Militarized Police from beating people with batons; shootings to the face with rubber bullets and bean bags rounds; high voltage stuns guns held directly to Protectors bodies for prolonged periods of time, and Tasers with electrical pronged hooks incapacitating people; pepper spraying women and Elders; flash bang explosions permanently damaging hearing. Spirit Riders shot multiple times with rubber bullets from helicopters flying 15 feet over their heads. A 15 yr. old Spirit Rider’s horse killed, shot out from under him. Horse’s intentionally injured by police projectiles at close range, buffalo shot from helicopters and left to die in fields. Tipi’s and tents torn down, clothing and household items seized, then dumped along the roadside after being urinated on. Spiritual items lost or stolen; Eagle Feathers stomped on, a ceremonial drum appropriated and impounded?

Why were there over 473 felony arrests of peaceful, unarmed people worshiping in prayer circles and sweat lodges with no charges filed and no access to legal counsel; Medics barred from assisting the wounded, arrested, their medical equipment seized. Journalists taken into custody, cameras and equipment confiscated. Media blackouts, surveillance devises blocking transmission and reception signals. Protectors required to remove all clothing, forced to bend over, squat, and cough. Cavity searches took place in bathrooms and cells in full view of male and female guards then arrestee’s stuffed into dog kennels, numbers written on forearms keeping Nazi tradition alive. Mandatory DNA samples required, violating privacy and constitutional rights. Serious medical conditions went untreated and prescription medications withheld. Guard’s refusing to allow phone calls to attorney’s, denying access to the restroom, food, water or blankets which left people hungry, thirsty and without clothing to sleep on frigid concrete floors. Whose Constitutional Rights is Obama protecting?

And why is it while people were distracted by the corrupt, dishonest and incompetent Hillary Clinton and the orange headed misogynist racist buffoon Donald Trump, Obama approved two additional pipelines, the Trans-Pecos and Comanche Trail, going from Texas into Mexico? The United States is in the process of writing another disgraceful chapter in its history of relations with Indigenous Peoples and Obama is ignoring it.

I voted not once but twice for Obama and I’m thoroughly disappointed, disgusted and have lost all respect for this man. Obama has disgraced himself in the eyes of all First Nations people with his broken promises.

At the end of FY 2017 the gross US federal government debt is estimated to be $19.5 trillion, according to the FY17 Federal Budget.

2017 – The debt ceiling is currently set at $16.394 Trillion
09/30/2015 18,150,617,666,484.33
09/30/2014 17,824,071,380,733.82
09/30/2013 16,738,183,526,697.32
09/30/2012 16,066,241,407,385.89
09/30/2011 14,790,340,328,557.15
09/30/2010 13,561,623,030,891.79
09/30/2009 11,909,829,003,511.75
09/30/20005 674,178,209,886.86

In 2016 the U.S. dropped bombs: 49.8 percent (or 2,941 airstrikes) carried out in Iraq, and 50.2 percent (or 2,963 airstrikes) in Syria.

12,192 ~ Syria
12, 095 ~ Iraq
1,337 ~ Afghanistan
496 ~ Libya
35 ~ Yemen
14 ~ Somalia
3 ~ Pakistan

TOTAL 26,172

2015 U.S. bombs dropped: 23,144

1. Obama quadrupled the oil/gas/fracking production on Native lands, more than any other president in the past 100 years.
2. He showed up in Flint, drank a glass of water which pretty much said fuck you to the residents in Flint.
3. The Kalamazoo pipeline break happened under Obama’s watch, and he gave nothing more than a slap on the wrist to those responsible same with the gulf spill.
4. He opened up arctic drilling.
5. He also increased the uranium mining, mostly done on Native lands.
6. He cut Indian Health services by 8%, after promising only 2%.
7. He also increased oil rail cars from 10,000 to over 400,000 with tar sands oil.
8. Put boots on the ground in Syria , despite 16 times saying “no boots on the ground”.
9. Despite campaign pledges, planned a $1 trillion progam to add more nuclear weapons to the US arsenal in the next 30 years.
10. Dropped bombs in 7 Muslim countries; and then bragged about it .
11. Said, “I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being.”
12. Bragged about his use of drones – I’m “really good at killing people”.
13. Deported a modern-record 2 million immigrants.
14. Signed the Monsanto Protection Act into law.
15. Started a new war in Iraq .
16. Initiated, and personally oversees a ‘Secret Kill List’.
17. Pushed for war on Syria while siding with al-Qaeda .
18. Backed neo-Nazis in Ukraine.
19. Supported Israel’s wars and occupation of Palestine.
20. Deployed Special Ops to 134 countries – compared to 60 under Bush.
21. Did a TV commercial promoting “clean coal”.
22. Drastically escalated the NSA spying program .
23. Signed the NDAA into law – making it legal to assassinate Americans w/o charge or trial.
24. Given Bush absolute immunity for everything.
25. Pushed for a TPP Trade Pact .
26. Started a new war on terror – this one on ISIS .
27. Signed more executive memoranda than any other president in history.
28. Sold $30 billion of weapons to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia.
29. Signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia .
30. Opened a military base in Chile.
31. Touted nuclear power , even after the disaster in Japan.
32. Opened up deepwater oil drilling, even after the BP disaster.
33. Mandated the Insider Threat Program which orders federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues.
34. Defended body scans and pat-downs at airports.
35. Signed the Patriot Act extension into law.
36. Launched 20,000 Airstrikes in his first term.
37. Continued Bush’s rendition program.
38. Said the U.S. is the “one indispensable nation” in the world.
39. Waged war on Libya without congressional approval.
40. Started a covert, drone war in Yemen.
41. Escalated the proxy war in Somalia.
42. Escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan.
43. Sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan.
44. Repealed the Propaganda ban, making it legal to spread government propaganda via news outlets.
45. Assassinated 4 US citizens with drone strikes.
46. Obama caught dumping 274 Veteran Soldiers cremated remains in King George County Virginia landfill

The U.S. pledged $38 billion military aid package to Israel signed by President Obama ($33 billion in FMF grants plus $5 billion in missile defense) over the course of 10 years (FY2019 to FY2028). This new MOU replaces the current $30 billion 10-year agreement signed by the Bush Administration that will expire in 2018.

Obama saying EXACTLY the same thing Trump has been saying for the past 2 years about illegal immigrants. It would be a shame for liberals if this was shared, wouldn’t it?

Mueller’s report looks bad for Obama ~ Fri April 19, 2019
The partisan warfare over the Mueller report will rage, but one thing cannot be denied: Former President Barack Obama looks just plain bad. On his watch, the Russians meddled in our democracy while his administration did nothing about it.

The Mueller report flatly states that Russia began interfering in American democracy in 2014. Over the next couple of years, the effort blossomed into a robust attempt to interfere in our 2016 presidential election. The Obama administration knew this was going on and yet did nothing. In 2016, Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice told her staff to “stand down” and “knock it off” as they drew up plans to “strike back” against the Russians, according to an account from Michael Isikoff and David Corn in their book “Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump”.
Continue reading

#TheWorldIsWatching #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

Standing Rock ~ Stories from the Front-lines ~ 11-7-16

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe

Reminding people not everything is bad; stories of truth, of connecting with old friends and making new ones, learning new skills, showing respect and integrity, love, laughter, fun and working together as a community. PLEASE share these stories with you friends and acquaintances; the world needs to know, not only about the atrocities being committed but of the good which has come from the enormity of this stance against evil. Sincerely,Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez

11-7-16 ~ © Emily Levine … A few days ago I posted biographical information on Matilda Galpin, Waŋblí Ayútepiwiŋ (Eagle Woman Who All Look At), one of the women buried on the top of the hill. I thought people might want to see what she looked like. I believe history is important. These are real people, from not so very long ago.
Keepin it real.
>>As far as I know, nothing has happened to her grave.<<

For those who don't know who Matilda Galpin (Eagle Woman Who All Look At) was, again, here is the footnote I wrote for the book I edited. For those of you sharing the image, feel free to cut and paste this info if you want (with the credit):

"1. Mathilda Galpin, Mathilda Picotte, Eagle Woman That All Look At, Waŋblí Ayútepiwiŋ (Waŋblí=eagle, ayúta=to be looking at, pi=plural indicator, 1820-December 18, 1888): A major figure in Standing Rock history and a fascinating full blood woman, Eagle Woman was born on the east bank of the Missouri River south of the future site of Ft. Pierre. She was the daughter of Two Lance (Wahúkheza núŋpa) of the Two Kettle band and his first wife, Rosy Light of Dawn (Iyošahinapȟa) of the Húŋkpapȟa. At the age of eighteen, she married prominent French Canadian fur trader Honoré Picotte who rose in the ranks of the American Fur Company to become the General Agent for the Company’s Upper Missouri Outfit. Picotte had been married to two other D/Lakota women as well, but in the late 1840s, he returned to his French wife in St. Louis leaving Eagle Woman with their two daughters and a stepson. By early 1850, she had married Picotte’s protégée, Charles E. Galpin. By all accounts, the following nineteen years forged a close marriage and partnership that resulted in two additional daughters.

Eagle Woman served as an interpreter during crucial negotiations between the army and the so-called hostile Indians. During the 1865 and 1868 councils with Father De Smet, she was respected by army officers and warriors alike. Her husband’s journal kept during the journey of the Peace Commissioners is especially interesting (see Rev. Louis Pfaller, O.S.B., “The Galpin Journal: Dramatic Record of an Odyssey of Peace,” Montana: The Magazine of Western History, 18 (2): 2-23). When Galpin died the following year, Eagle Woman continued to operate their trading post near the Cannonball River, in spite of powerful government and commercial interests that tried to prevent her continued success.

Her stature among her people grew as she served as a peacekeeper, signer of the Agreement of 1882, and major trader on the upper Missouri River. Eagle Woman Who All Look At died at her daughter’s home, the Cannonball Ranch, on December 18, 1888. John S. Gray’s “The Story of Mrs. Picotte-Galpin, a Sioux Heroine,” an in depth two-part article, is the best published source on Eagle Woman’s life. See also Holley, Once Their Home."

11-7-16 ~ Myron Dewey … I now see what my ancestors have seen, my “Existence is my Resistance”

I will continue to pray in resistance and as the Ghost Dance was done in prayer, the difference today is the world is watching in solidarity and we are the media…..filming through Indigenous Eyes.

11-7-16 ~ Lee Sprague…. Memories: Father Daughter first time getting maced together. My daughter Ahjani comments after yeterdays Peace Action by Water Protectors at Standing Rock against DAPL.


Michigan Canoes set up a first aide station on “Turtle Island” occupied by the Dakota Access Pipeline Security forces. We used our canoes as shelters.

We carried hypothermia kits, space blankets, wool blankets, hat and gloves. Eye wash for maced eyes, we also had gas masks and protective eye gear.


The first time I was maced, I was out for 5 minutes, eyes burned, hard to breath. I did not have my gas mask on.

Then it felt better, a little, and we continued to deliver first aid.



Once our first aid station was maced, the Water Protectors ổn shore ưsed our canoes to cross the river to Turtle Island. Ropes were tied to both ends of the canoe, and peoples, first aid and safety supplies were ferried accross the river at Standing Rock. Over 200 people crossed the river to Turtle Island.

Amos Cloud, and the Man in the Coyote Skin Hat were with us on the Turtle Island.



A fire was built. Defensive Baier made of wood blocked DAPL Security Forces from getting to our beach by foot.

Tear gas was fired by boat at us.

Andrea Waitner and Joseph and many others were our shores crew. Helping to unload and load our canoes, and replenish first aid kits in the waterproof bags we carry.

The second time we were maced I was better prepared with gas masks. We continued to help people in the water.

One of our life guards was in the water 4 hours, helping people struggling in the water.

When our water protector action was over, we were able to secure all requests equipment, all canoes and trailer. All of our Canoe rescue workers. A few people had hypothermia, and we were able to assist them, keep them warm.

I have no pictures of the water protectors peace action on the Island, just pictures of us putting our canoes in the water with DAPL forces in speed boats. The Police forces on the ridge were directly above us. But have a few from Camp. Our solar powered station is operational. We are putting up telephone poles, using our 18 foot cedar poles, to light up our camp. This phone was charged by solar.

New telephone poles earlier this morning. We stay busy.


Batteries bank and equipment inside our teepee, powers light for winter light. One of our projects, in addition to our rescue canoes from Michigan by many who helped us to travel hêre.


I never imagined I’d be living in a solar powered teepee in North Dakota for winter. We have some more work, then take some R&R off the front line. Our camp I surrounded by DAPL Security Forces. There are surveillance flight over head. We mostly ignore them, and work together a community.

Not even two days and I smell tired. Thêre ảe folks hêre for months. They need our continued support.

11-7-16 ~ Female Water Protectors BRUTALIZED By Oil Police
Lauren Howland… Jicarilla Apache 21 yr. old girl whose arm was broken


11-7-16 ~ Indigenous Rising Media …. Water protectors reclaimed “turtle island” near the Cannon Ball River. This sacred land holds many people that are buried there.

Morton County Sheriffs and other law enforcement have set up their station on top the buried ancestors. This is a continuation of the disrespect and ignorance towards the territory of the people of Standing Rock.

11-7-16 ~ Dallas Goldtooth… Morton County sheriff’s department erected this barricade to keep our people from moving north to stop construction.
One of thier stated reasons they made this move was because they say we were blocking the road from Emergency Services accessing our camp.

So they erect this…essentially blocking the road from Emergency Services accessing our camp. Oh the irony…..


11-6-16 Groovyyurts – Authentic Mongolian Yurts just ran out of inventory until Spring of 2017 because they dedicated their efforts to support Standing Rock! They lent out dozens of yurts to various groups of campers and water protectors at discounted prices. Next time you’re down at camp you’ll know where all those Mongolian Yurts came from. (y) #bethechange#nodapl


11-5-16 ~ Lee Sprague and Brad Kallio…. Conspiracy to Commit Peace. After they arrested a water protector for buying kayaks, we’re making our intentions clear. We are hêre to commit peace, and Protect Water.

From Law Enforcement:
“Law enforcement arrested one individual who was aiding in illegal activity by purchasing canoes and kayaks to be used for crossing the waterway. He was arrested for conspiracy to commit obstruction of a government function.”

Surely the Police and Military forces will let the Indigenous Red Cross through. That’s who we are, the Indigenous Red Cross.

We’re not going to let them confiscate our canoes, and emergency relief supplies, to impair abilities to conduct water rescues.

We are on the final leg into Standing Rock.



11-5-16 ~ Chad Charlie… Let me give you a little backstory to this photo from what I witnessed first hand…

The young girl that is being maced is a Warrior with a capital W.

The rope that she has in her hand is tied to a line of logs. She was tying those logs to a post in the water. That was a tactic to prevent the National Guard boats (the ones that shot a reporter on shore from their boat) from approaching the warriors in the water.

As she swam up to the post, the officer came and tried to prevent her from tying the line. He maced her for 5-7 seconds. When he stopped, she continued to tie the rope. He maced her again and they went back and forth from tying and macing about four times. She finally succeeded in tying the line and made it back to the medics.

After being maced about four times for 5-7 seconds each time, I am more proud of this woman’s drive to protect her people than I am angry at this so-called police officer attacking her with some sort of passion.

As he sits at home tonight, I hope that he sees this photo and takes time to think about the trauma and torture he is putting our people through.

The next time he says to himself “I would never harm a woman” or “No man better bring harm to my daughter” I hope he thinks back to this time when he tortured a woman protecting her people from trigger happy officers armed to violently put us down with a smile on their smug little faces.

If anyone can identify this warrior, please do and give her thanks. She is truly a hero in my eyes.


11-4-16 ~ Waniya Locke …. So in case you haven’t heard, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple said that he wants to charge people who are donating to the #NoDAPL effort with “supporting an unlawful activity.” I think it is HILARIOUS! What is he going to do? Charge the Episcopal Church? Charge the City of Seattle? Charge the entire cast of the Justice League?

He has lost his mind. He is seriously mentally ill…the blind emperor leading his blindly-believing public. North Dakota’s government and its law enforcement are on the WRONG side of history, and their racist minions will go down in history as the people who attacked prayerful Native Americans who are just trying to protect Mother Earth from further destruction.
I hope that this will only solidify your efforts to help us. I hope that you will consider your donations to be public service, because our cause is just and the people have good hearts. Stand strong with us!

North Dakota…#MississippiOfTheNorth

11-4-16 ~ Kandi Mossett…

“2 Policemen cried and 3 put down their batons and set them beside them instead of in front of their chests. Thank you for listening, thank you for crying with us. Thank you for showing us your humanity. Thank you for showing us your tears.”

11-4-16 ~ Chad Charlie… Personal account:
Last night I prayed for this to be over.
I am tired.
I’ve been out here for three months at nearly every action hoping that it would be the last.
Last night I prayed for the “last stand” to just hurry up and come.

I am tired.
I’m ready to either go back home to visit my mom, or go home to be with my late grandpa, hoping he’d be proud of me.

Last night I prayed that wherever the next action may lead to, those officers with guns held to our face think about why we are doing this.

Last night I prayed that if these officers go as far as to use those live rounds again, at least my children would have something to be proud of when I’m gone.

The fear of escalation is a real thing here.

Now replace that word “escalation” with the word “death”.
I am tired.

11-3-16 ~ But Smokey rides again… It’s good to see him, finally. And see him riding again, after Morton County Sheriff’s deputies tased and killed his horse about 6 days ago (please see the earlier post). And shot Smokey three times with rubber bullets (knocked him backwards off the horse).
He’s doing well–I’m very happy to say.

11-3-16 ~ Rudy TwoMoon … So the clergy arrived. 524 yrs of ignoring the cries of their victims.. sure, use their voices and numbers, but remember this…. they carry the church on their backs. They may mean well and even some of them may even believe in their stance, but when they leave, they won’t take the church home with em….that shit stays. They will look you in the eye and remind us how they fought a struggle with us… never mind the 500 yrs of non stop oppression we haven’t healed from. That was yrs ago and today is a new dawn they’ll say. As we fight the black snake, pay very close attention to the white snake at your side… always plotting for gain…. waiting to consume. The church has never done anything for another, for the purpose of just giving, it’s only for gain. These clergy have been sent by the UN. These are the Jesuits, Knights of the Red Cross your forefathers feared and we’re murdered by. While we focus on their weaponless hands, let’s not forget, this is how they always started an invasion….. with promise of peace hope and love. Never forget, the church’s continuous past actions. Never forget, the church runs the largest military on the planet. Never forget, they will turn on anyone who doubts their ideals of God without a second thought. Remember, we are nothing but disposable gain, a throw away. Fine, use the clergy, but don’t ever forget what they are and never underestimate them…ever.

11-3-16 ~ Redhawk … There have been at least 2 reports of police officers turning in their badges acknowledging that this battle is not what they signed up for. You can see it in some of them, that they do not support the police actions. We must keep reminding them they are welcome to put down their weapons and badge and take a stand against this pipeline as well.
Some are waking up.

11-2-16 ~ ProlificTheRapper … NEW EVIDENCE: This is what happens in America when we let our politicians get bought by Big Oil Corporations. ON 10-27-16 they SHOT A LIVE LETHAL ROUND at one of our UNARMED YOUTH HORSE RIDERS WHO WAS RIDING AWAY FROM THEM. This is a police state, this is not American, this is Fascism.

Human rights abuses galore. People being held in dog kennels. Police Brutality, Reckless Endangerment, Lines blurred between DAPL security/police, Zero Police Accountability, Police taking orders from unidentified masked men, Illegal Search and Seizures, Unjust charges pressed on Journalists, Egregious Felonies placed on protectors, Excessive bond sought by states attorney, NO CHARGES ON POLICE OR SECURITY TO DATE (none for the dog attacks, or illegal shooting of drones, or the DAPL infiltrator who broke through a barricade chasing protectors with an AR-15).

And for what? For wanting a FULL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT. For wanting fair inclusion of tribes concerns on projects that affect their water, graves & sacred sites. For wanting human rights abuses to stop. For wanting clean water.

Everyday that we delay this pipeline is $6,000,000 that DAPL loses. This is why we have seen an escalation of police/DAPL violence. This police state was made possible when the ND Governor declared a State Of Emergency. Those emergency powers give him the ability to change the rules governing the agencies involved as he sees fit. But he needs to portray us as a dangerous, riotous, hazard to public safety in order to justify this police state. That is why it’s so important for the world to see the true story, beyond infiltrators, that we are peaceful no matter what violence and injustice they perpetrate on us. SEE THE LAWS HERE
Despite everything we remain with prayer.
Obama needs to step in NOW, not later, NOW.

11-2-16 ~ Erin Schrode … Speechless. I was shot by militarized police WHILE interviewing a peaceful man at Standing Rock live on camera. I woke up this morning with the thought that I may have that very footage – and broke down in reliving the 40-second horror before my own eyes. Warning: it’s very very difficult to watch and sent me into quivers and tears, even without the compounding historic trauma that Native Americans face.

I do not wish to divert focus away from the bravery of the Water Protectors, from the power of nonviolent direct action, from the people fighting for their lives and for our futures – but I want you to witness the indiscriminate use of excessive force firsthand. Many have said that militarized police firing a rubber bullet at a female reporter was a fabrication, provoked by violence, or otherwise merited, including a Morton County, North Dakota press release. That is a lie; we have proof and eyewitnesses (cc Josh Fox, Matt McGorry, Jordan Chariton, Josue Rivas, Evan Simon, Josh Fox, Wes Mekasi Horinek, Kendrick Sampson, Doug Pineda, Doug Good Feather and countless more).

I was standing innocently onshore, not making any aggressive gestures, never exchanging a single word with the police who fired at my lower back from their boat. Peaceful souls were seeking to cross the river to hold a prayer circle on Army Corps public land, but halted by over one hundred hostile military police armed with and deploying tear gas, pepper spray, batons, and rubber bullets, as well as assault weapons and the threat of jail, only one week after 141 individuals were brutally arrested. I was shot at pointblank range, dozens were maced and pepper sprayed in the face, hundreds faced freezing waters. There were no arrests or deaths and I will be okay physically, but the safety and wellbeing of many peoples and lands remain in danger, for present and future generations.

Thank you for your prayers, for your action in calling upon our President, government and Department of Justice to halt this atrocity immediately, for showing up and donating to support this fight for human rights, for the environment, for peace. Please continue to pray for the strength and protection of all peoples, for the physical pain, for the emotional trauma, for the desecrated land. #StandWithStandingRock #NoDAPL



Native American Heritage Month

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News Articles and Updates ~ Standing Rock
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How You Can Help Standing Rock? #NODAPL
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Stories from the Frontlines ~ Standing Rock
Atrocities at Standing Rock and Police Weaponry
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