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1. SHARKS don’t usually attack humans. In fact, “you have a better chance of being struck by lighting on a golf course” than being bitten by a shark.

2. ANIMAL AGGRESSION is not on the rise, we’re just more aware of such incidents due to social media.

3. DOG’s SIGHT. Human eyes have three special cells on their retina called cone photoreceptors which decode color, and color combinations which transmit signals to the brain by detecting and identifying red, blue, green and yellow wavelengths created by light entering the eye for full-color sight… Dogs have only two cones photoreceptors so they’re able to distinguish blue and yellow, but not red and green. Dogs can’t see all of the colors like we can, however they can perceive some differences. This is the same spectrum seen by humans when they have colorblindness which is called color vision deficiency. Color vision deficiency doesn’t necessarily mean color blind people only see things in black and white, it usually means they can’t see certain colors and therefore have a hard time telling the difference between those colors.

a. Here’s a chart of what scientists believe dogs can see
b. PS And just so you know…. Human colorblindness is much more common in men than women, since it’s frequently connected to the X chromosome. Men only have one X, so if it is defective, they’re out of luck. Many women are susceptible to a visual condition which they have one extra color receptor; therefore we can actually see a wider range of colors. Donald Trump obviously has a defective X chromosome!

4. PIT BULLS: 2012, National Geographic set out to measure not only the bite pressure of dogs, but of other animals, like humans. The pit bull registered 235 pounds per square inch on the bite meter, the German shepherd managed 238 psi, and the Rottweiler hit 328 psi. Sounds like a ridiculous amount of pressure, right? They also tested some humans and found that our bite pressure averages between 150 and 200 psi. Hyenas clocked in at 1,000 psi, but the official top dog of the animal kingdom was the saltwater crocodile with a 3,700 psi bite.

5. The ocean isn’t shark infested. It’s the ocean. That’s where sharks live. Humans infest the ocean because we aren’t supposed to be in the ocean.

6. Wildlife Conservation Society: “Of the 873 mammal species, 414 were hurt by climate change, with elephants, primates and marsupials among the most vulnerable. For threatened birds, 298 of 1,272 species are experiencing negative effects, with waterfowl and birds who live at high altitudes being among the hardest hit, of course effects vary greatly for each species. Overall, though, it’s clear that many more animals are in trouble than had been thought.”

7. To all the vegans who falsely believe plants are not sentient beings. Just because you can’t hear them, doesn’t make them less than you. Thinking a plant is to be used at your disposal with barely any regard is just as carnivorous as consuming animals without regard. You are doing the exact same thing with another “creature”. Everything consumes another. You are not special because you get the option to pick or choose. On that note, stop factory farming….. especially pesticide promoted agriculture of all forms.

8. To the vegans. Meat is a medicine when harvested as a medicine. If one poisons their medicines before during and after harvest, it’s no longer a medicine but a threat. There is not a lifeform which doesn’t eat from another living creature….not a single one. The only real option of being humane on this planet is to try and not dictate your surroundings like a demon soul suckerer we’ve all been trained to be. Engage with life, dont avoid it or you become the medicine who is toxic

9. There have been 484 unprovoked fatal shark attacks worldwide since 1580. Humans kill approximately 100 million sharks every year which equates to roughly 11,000 every hour.

10. Unfortunately not all sharks, it’s Great Whites which are protected… Great whites have been off-limits to commercial and sport fishing under California law since 1994. Under the current act, passed in 2013 “may not be hunted, pursued or killed off the coast of California, and anyone caught harming one could face criminal prosecution.” Not sure if those jerks on the Manhattan Beach Pier when they refused to cut the line and the swimmer was attacked got prosecuted.

11. Animal control officers uncover 80 snakes and a pool full of alligators at Thousand Oaks home

12. CALIFORNIA SNAKES (VENOMOUS) Southern Pacific ~ Speckled ~ Mojave Green ~ Diamondback ~ Red Diamond ~ Sidewinder ~ Great Basin rattlesnake ~ hybrid Mojave Green/Southern Pacific ~ and Yellow-bellied Sea Snakes (NON VENOMOUS) King ~ Gopher ~ Garter ~ Coachwhip ~ Racers ~ Ringnecks ~ Rosy and Rubber Boa’s