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1. SHARKS don’t usually attack humans. In fact, “you have a better chance of being struck by lighting on a golf course” than being bitten by a shark.

2. ANIMAL AGGRESSION is not on the rise, we’re just more aware of such incidents due to social media.

3. DOG’s SIGHT. Human eyes have three special cells on their retina called cone photoreceptors which decode color, and color combinations which transmit signals to the brain by detecting and identifying red, blue, green and yellow wavelengths created by light entering the eye for full-color sight… Dogs have only two cones photoreceptors so they’re able to distinguish blue and yellow, but not red and green. Dogs can’t see all of the colors like we can, however they can perceive some differences. This is the same spectrum seen by humans when they have colorblindness which is called color vision deficiency. Color vision deficiency doesn’t necessarily mean color blind people only see things in black and white, it usually means they can’t see certain colors and therefore have a hard time telling the difference between those colors.

a. Here’s a chart of what scientists believe dogs can see
b. PS And just so you know…. Human colorblindness is much more common in men than women, since it’s frequently connected to the X chromosome. Men only have one X, so if it is defective, they’re out of luck. Many women are susceptible to a visual condition which they have one extra color receptor; therefore we can actually see a wider range of colors. Donald Trump obviously has a defective X chromosome!