RUDY ~ Jan. 1, – June 30, 2017

Hey Keri white…
You friend requested me yesterday, how am I the troll in these parts. Grow a brain you moronic twit. To anyone, If you are reading this, chances are you requested me and not the other way around…. you don’t like my posts, either make a good case, shut the fuck up or leave. It’s that simple. Don’t try and gaslight. This goes for you as well Edward Tan.

Let me remind you, when I make a set of posts, I try and provide as much proof as humanly possible…. if you can’t provide proof to contradict a claim, but wanna be rude, I suggest you shut the fuck up… or at least be cordial. I also suggest you not troll me, I have a lot of people who will troll you if I ask. I can easily have your shit shut off… just by asking.

If you got proof, put it on the table…lets debate. We can cuss and laugh whatever… but don’t fuck with me, I ain’t your toy.

My reason for being here is to share with you what’s going on, real news, avoiding slavery, bio poisoning and whatever the fuck I FEEL LIKE POSTING. You don’t like it, so what, go eat a dick.

The real Mandela died in, or was claimed to have died in prison…. whomever he was, stood there and allowed corporation much more power to rape the lands by allowing the blacks to take over positions the whites held. This is why biko was killed. He had the power behind him to stop the corporate rape and remove it forever…. if biko hadn’t been killed and replaced with this fraud, Africa would have returned to the blacks in peace…. instead reverse apartheid is happening as planned.

Overpopulation is a direct cause of over abundance. Ever notice those who claim overpopulation are the producers of over abundance? Ever notice this over abundance happens to be poisoned on a mass scale… Phudes… medicines…. Wi-Fi products….
Those who create over abundance also happen to be creators of laws, military and police, own oil and fracking, are the owners of geoengineering, are creators of vaccines, hoarders of water, write the sciences, own the schools and media while printing money from thin air… these are your educators.
Take your time, think on that because
Real eyes – Realize – real lies

Sometimes I feel sorry for those who control our circumstances… imagine the fear and amount of non stop work they must maintain to keep control. Their stomachs must twist and turn every time another starts to wake. Every time another refuses their poisoned education, poisoned phude or their poisoned medicine. Always having to create criminals or adjust perception. That’s some hard work…. I’d say it’s the slave master is enslaved to the slave. They work twice as hard to be lazy engineers than if they just left us alone.

The Standing Rock Sioux Claim ‘Victory and Vindication’ in Court

So what they said was, “yeah I guess DAPL didn’t have proper paperwork, hell no we ain’t gonna shut em down…. but get excited anyways because we are about to put something on paper that you can try (hahahahahahahaaha) to use against our guns and courts. Now be good little injuns and consider this a win or something.”
That’s what happened

Everything Is Rigged: Medicine, Elections, Food, The Media…You Are Living In A Fabricated Fairy Tale
While accurate, this article is also very inaccurate. Get it straight in your head now, the US and America create laws to only protect the dynasties of the elite families who own governments. The US has not been taken over nor is it compromised, it was designed for this specific purpose. Government is the bulletproof shield for the bulletproof corporations who protect these families. I repeat, amerikkka is not compromised…. it’s a creation by design!!!!

When will people get it….. It’s not just GMOs, but all lab made chemical farming. When will they see its the lab made ammonia fertilizer and pesticides? It’s also about killing perceived threats and separation by boxes. What we do with food mirrors our lifestyles in war, daily communication and peer conduct. We treat all living as separate units instead of a planned cosmos of networking entities functioning together creating life for life.

Hybrid and GMO is not the same. One cannot extract elephant DNA and combine it to a tomato or even a dolphin. Hybrid can only use the same types of DNA strands. A gene gun is used to smash parts of DNA Into each other.

To do this, the protective coating must be removed opening the door to disease and allergens as well as genetic disease creating the unknown. One is natural, the other is ……fuck, I dont know what to call it for it is truly horrendous. Diabolically evil maybe.

Also to note, the gene gun when smashing creates bruising and breakage, thus creating an already disabled gene sequence. The genes are also placed wrong according to coding. It’s a hodgepodge of the unknown. The strand that appears to be the least damaged is the one used even if its coding is incorrect.

The 2 types of allergens found naturally are also combined creating something not understood….. Hence the nut allergies we see today from vaccines.

These allergies latch to our DNA opening doors to sicknesses plants or animals are only in danger of getting, where once humans were immune to.

VACCINE: If your child was killed by a certain babysitter as well as many other children, do you think it’s a “right” of another parent to allow this same babysitter to watch over their children “KNOWING THIS PERSON IS A KILLER”? Would you do everything in your power to stop this parent from having this babysitter watch over their child…. or would you just sit back and say….. oh, that’s their choice? These children are innocent!!! They don’t have a choice to becoming murdered or sick!!! They don’t get a choice! This woman “claims” her child was murdered by vaccines, yet she somehow believes it’s a choice!!!! What the fuck is wrong with these people???? Are you going to allow these people to help create laws which govern your choices and your children????

This student’s message about white privilege is the most important thing you’ll read today
Michele Thiess Sighs… I’m exhausted from this and exhausted having to explain white privilege to whites and being told by blacks to get my pink rat skin bush face back to my cave when I support them. I’m done. The racists of the world, white and black, can duke it out and I’ll watch from my cave.
Rudy Twomoon Sounds good and I agree
Dolly Novax Adriatico I’m considered white although I have quite a bit Native American blood. When I hear white priviledge, I assume it’s talking about those with lots of $$-certainly not me.
James Lee College campus is NOT a reflection of real world. – Just Sayin’
Rudy Twomoon While that is true, what this woman is saying is also true…
James Lee I’ll have to give it some thought
Rudy Twomoon I know 1st hand…. I’ve seen it so many times. Fuck man, my brother is black and I’m brown, he gets fucked with by cops and they’d leave me alone while we were together…. but when I was with a white person, it would be me who they would target…. it’s no joke… the darker you are, the more of a target you are.
James Lee I don’t discount that. But this girl’s story is anecdotal at best. She’s a nerdy white girl with a sword. Not surprised no one took her seriously.ngry
Rudy Twomoon I tell ya, it’s true…. I’m pretty sure if she was darker, she would have gotten in trouble… if she 2as a black make she probably would have been expelled.
It’s because of the media…. the media has always painted us as less than on every show, ad, news report, movie and everything else.
Did you know there is a law which states, for every 5 white males, there has to be one minority. Doesn’t matter the color, but it has to be a minority… usually to get around this, they make the 6th person either a jew or a woman, sometimes oriental, then Mexican then black and last and least Indian. In the last 6 yrs or so, they’ve had more blacks so they can ignore the Browns.
If you watch this all the time you see see an amazing pattern…. the minority always acts as goofy or as smart as the leads….. if they don’t, then they’re usually a vilian. The minority is almost always the sidekick…..
James Lee Good points. Makes me think.
Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez James Lee …Below please find just a mere sampling…
Store employees at a national retail chain admitted they were instructed to follow Black customers around the store and avoid giving them large shopping bags. When the Black actress of “What Would You Do?” was hired as a shopper walked into the store, she was intentionally and immediately singled out. What began as discreet trailing escalated until the shopper was ultimately frisked and thrown out. The show was careful to script the scenario to make it clear this woman had not actually been shoplifting and was simply targeted because she was Black. “Look at you, you don’t even look like you can afford to be here,” the clerk said. “You’re humiliating me in front of all of these people for no reason,” the shopper said. “You’ve singled me out for no reason.” “You’re the one drawing attention to yourself,” said the clerk. “You were born into it.” “Are you doing this to me because I’m Black?” the shopper asked, making it clear to bystanders this was a matter of race. With a shrug, the clerk called the security guard. Despite the shopper’s cries, the guard grabbed the shopper by the arms and frisked her, in plain view of the shoppers nearby.
Macy’s paid New York state a settlement of $600,000 after the attorney general found that the majority of people detained at a sampling of Macy’s stores were Black and Latino.
Can you ever be rich enough or famous enough or beautiful enough to not be racially profiled while
1. Chanel Store: Saleswoman told actress Gabourey Sidibe three times to leave store and shop at the discount store across the street.
2. Oprah asked to see a $38,000 designer handbag secured behind a screen the saleswoman said, “nope, it’s too expensive”.
3. Apple store denies entry to black students because ‘they might steal something’
4. Barneys accused Black teen Trayon Christian of using fake debit card for $349 Ferragamo belt with a silver buckle and a reversible black and white strap because he’s a ‘young black American male’. Clerks called police and was detained because they didn’t believe a young black man could possibly afford to buy such an expensive belt.
5. Daniele Watts, Black ‘Django Unchained’ actress, labeled a prostitute, handcuffed and detained by police after kissing white boyfriend.
6. Grammy-winning musician and former Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean was coming from the recording studio when authorities pulled him over without communicating with him, handcuffed him after Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies pulled him over while they were investigating a nearby robbery
And Black NFL players arrested nearly 10 times as often as White NFL players
7. Linebacker Steve Foley was shot multiple times by an off-duty police officer who pulled the player over for speeding and erratic driving but failed to flash a badge.
8. Florida A&M University football player Jonathan Ferrell was shot 10 times by police in North Carolina while seeking help in the wake of a car crash.
9. Cincinnati Bengals running back David Lee “Deacon” Turner was shot and killed by police after stopping to buy beer in a convenience store in Bakersfield. His two sons, 19 and 16, were with him. Police were responding to a call that someone had been buying booze for minors, whoops wrong person.
10. Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha’s leg and tear ligaments in his ankle during a wrongful arrest outside a Manhattan nightclub.
11. NYPD officers made international news by tackling tennis star James Blake and kneeing him in the back — as he stood calmly smiling in broad daylight in front of his Manhattan hotel.
12. Despite being on a the lookout for a “mixed race” man in his 50s with a salt-and-pepper goatee, police in Fort Myers, Florida decided to detain Oakland Raiders defensive back Nate Allen for nearly six hours
13. Olympic gold medal-winning track star Al Joyner was falsely arrested not once, but twice on the same day in Los Angeles in 1992 as he was training for that year’s Games. The first time, he was handcuffed and forced to lie on the ground at gunpoint by LAPD officers in Hollywood who believed his car he was driving was stolen. Moments after being released, he was arrested again for a hit and run he didn’t commit.
14. Robert Tolan, the son of former MLB player Bobby Tolan, who was shot by police on the porch of his parents’ suburban Houston home in 2008. Police pegged the younger Tolan for a car thief — and fired three bullets in his direction, striking him once, as he protested their mishandling of his mother, who was trying to clear up the situation. The bullet lodged in Tolan’s liver, ending his prospective baseball career before it ever started.
15. Celtics rookie Dee Brown was welcomed to his new suburban Boston community at the local post office by nine police officers, guns drawn, who thought he was a bank robber.

Your government is so brilliantly smart, it convinced you they are ignorant so they could keep doing what they’ve always done. …playing you like chumps….and profiting off genocide. Look at all you allowing them to get away with all this because you believe them stupid. This attitude justifies their actions.

To the vegans. Meat is a medicine when harvested as a medicine. If one poisons their medicines before during and after harvest, it’s no longer a medicine but a threat. There is not a lifeform which doesn’t eat from another living creature….not a single one. The only real option of being humane on this planet is to try and not dictate your surroundings like a demon soul suckerer we’ve all been trained to be. Engage with life, dont avoid it or you become the medicine who is toxic

New SB18 Bill Passed Allows Police To Enter Unvaccinated Children’s Homes
Hey sleepers, this is exactly why the government wants you unarmed! This is the peace movement! This is the education of the enlightened hippie new age movement! Do you get it now???? You are being groomed to believe defence is violence…and defense is in your mind praying…. this is what the Christians did to the masses… turn the other cheek was never said by Jesus! He never ever uttered those words!!! The church wrote that to convince you not to take up arms against your oppressor!!! Wake the fuck up sleepy heads!!! Wake up!!! Wake up…wake up…WAKE THE FUCK UP AND ARM UP!!!!

I love how people think you wake up one day, flip a coin to decide if we trust the official report…. throw a dart at a conspiracy board then take the snopes approach to prove it. Hahaha

Know your enemy….. this is one way to spot fake organic. Real organic doesn’t support vaccines.

Look guys, learn the truth and you won’t feel “COMPELLED” to “BUY” these lies! What is he really selling….. “Fear”!!!! Nothing else….
The simple truth is…. take away the land from bio weapons makers and turn the food and soil organic…its that fucking simple!!!!!!! Take back the fucking land!!!

The Elite objective is to educate the cattle so they “elect” certain cows to manage the slaughterhouse which feeds the cattle.
I can’t dumb it down or simplify any further than this. If you find contradiction to this medaphoric quote, then you may be educated to the point of welcoming self genocide as a means of fighting an oppressor.

Seriously, you demand more freedom and want armed persons at your schools. You demand children safety and serve toxic foods to your own kids. You don’t want to be labeled but send kids to be evaluated by drug pushers. You’re more worried what your peers think and ignore the mental health needs of the children so you don’t look bad. Kids don’t need drugs, labels or your fears! Turn off the goddamn TV, make a real meal for once and tell your neighbors to shut the hell up. It’s not anyone else’s responsibility to raise your kids. Education is on you. Feeding is on you. Health is on you. Entertainment is on you. One day your gonna wake up and find out you don’t like the monster they created and you will be powerless.

You have no idea how powerful you really are at this very moment, and yet you just keep giving away that power to someone else.

Haven’t you seen the pattern yet? Laws only protect the criminals with intent, never the victim.

We are going to reach the earth at some point, and flapping your arms will not slow you down. We are in free fall…. All of us…. Realize this. Come to grips with it. Somehow we believe taking off all our clothes in mid fall will make the impact lighter…

The difference between us and those in power are, they know we’re falling, and they plan to land on us.

Since 2008 I’ve never made a single penny by sharing info, writing articles, face to face consults, phone consults, head to head confrontations, email or chat.…. but I’m called shill by those who stream in cash using:
Fake Alternative news sources
Fake GMO labeling
Fake Anti Vaxxers
Fake organic companies
Fake Alternative medicine providers

100 objects are sitting on a table with 2 unknown men, one on each side. Both pick up 2 objects and tell you one must be tossed aside. Do they let you pick the object… Nope, they get to pick the one to discard. All the while each of them are screaming how unfair the other is being with your objects. Finger pointing, Cussing, name calling and demanding you side with them. At one moment you are angry with one of the table people but forgive them in order to be angry with the other one. After a while, there are only a few objects left, and each one of the table people are screaming at you how unfair each of the object takers are being. No one has added any objects to the table and if they did, would it really matter because one of the table people would just remove it sometime in the future. –

Now, take a second to replace the word “object” for “rights.” Now replace the table people with political parties called left and right, or even middle.

Now imagine behind you when you weren’t looking, someone was poisoning everything you are about to eat and drink. Making laws that protect themselves from you. Making it illegal to have a garden and clean water. This person has cut down all your beautiful trees and plants and replaced it with GMO Pesticide ridden grass, removed all the wildlife but is willing to sell you food and water from his private lab. Running next to the house is a huge leaking oil pipe and a fracking well guarded by the military. Unknown to you, this same person also pays the people at the table called left, right and middle from the money you worked so hard to get. Yes, the taxes you paid!

Why didn’t you see the person behind you? Because you were too busy getting all worked up over objects. Taking sides. Calling names. Trying to convince your friends that only one of those people were bad. Desperately trying to pick your favorite objects from off the floor and place them back on the table. Begging, pleading, demanding for some of those objects to be put back. Asking and pleading with friends to help you pick up those objects. Signing petitions, calling on the courts, voting, because several parties were breaking your things, your prized objects. Your stuff!

And that’s why you didn’t see what’s behind you. You never even looked.

Sound familiar?

Family threatened by Delta Flight Attendant kids to foster care if they didn’t give up their paid seat

Look at all the fucking cowards who said absolutely nothing because they are nothing but fucking cowards! Are you fucking people for real…. do you not see what kind of fascism is happening right around you! Are you fucking kidding me. No, it was disrupting convenience….. every fucking person there thought to themselves, I’m so fucking glad that wasn’t me! Lucky me!.

Letter from a hospital on the left, telling all employees that they need to get the flu shot and promising the staff to… “never worry, all vaccines are now thimerosal (mercury) free”. Image on the right, the exact vaccine the hospital wants every staff member to receive, the manufacturer declaring that the vaccine in question contains 25mcg of thimerosal (mercury) per dose. The EPA is required to shut down public access to drinking water if the water exceeds 2 ppm (parts per million) of mercury. The vaccine in question contains 50,000 ppm of mercury and you inject it under your skin. Awake yet?

She started up again this morn… sent this…. bitch has completely changed her tone with me. Hahahahaha

Niizh Dbik Genesis (Twice Dark Sun) aka TwoMoon Son of George Hernandez, Yaqui and Mayan…..

Hernandez is a government mandated name. The other Indigenous part, The Mexican Aztec part comes from my grandmothers side, who created Chihuahua city, fought with and sometimes against Poncho Villa.

Adopted into all 3 Ojibwa, Potawatomi and Odawa nations of the Annishnabe. Nimkii Doodem Ishkadai~ossin Nindizhinikaaz Nindoonjibaa Ahki Yaqui, Mayan, Aztec

Thunder Clan Stone which lights fire From the original people of Yaqui, Mayan, Aztec

Ex magician because deception turns out to be too real in life, so now I help uneducate to break from the slave mentality. Thats who I am.

Now why did i ask you what i did? I wanted to know where you stood on deception. I clearly stated “I also believe the holocaust doesn’t exist as dictated, educated and force fed into our minds.” I noticed you instead of agreeing that this is true, you went “Full Potato”. The facts on the 6 million number occurs to happen much earlier than the war and other times through history prior to WW2…. I also noticed you didn’t mention the entire medical industry, agriculture industry, media industry, banking industry are in fact jew zionist owned. You totally neglected to mention any of this as fact or how many of the holocaust stories are made up from the thin air. I suspect and have for a long time the goal of a NWO can be created in 2 different ways….. Through violence… or the avoidance of violence. I wished to know which side of this objective you reside on…. did our conflict answer this question, no it didn’t, but i have a clue to who and what you really are. Do i see you as an enemy. Nope. Just a very needy, obnoxious, self absorbed individual who absolutely needs glorification from all her peers. I really didn’t mean to sidetrack the issue, i just had a simple question, which you turned into Judenhass. Am i a jew hater…. No way, there are some really great people out there fighting israel and sharing truth, unlike you, who immediately uses name calling, distraction and anger , exactly what so many others also do when they wish to hide the FORCED EDUCATION WHICH CANNOT EVER BE QUESTIONED AT ALL COSTS FOR A PEACEFUL TRANSITION of planetary ownership.

Bitch is talking with respect now

No its not…. people are still stupid and worship voting machines and petitions. We are not power till will accept the power as ours.
But I’m a fool for saying this, so prove me wrong by voting even harder next time… I mean, put your back into it! VOTE HARDER THAN YOU EVER VOTED BEFORE!
“Ummmm…. if you voted, this means you granted this power to be hoarded. It means you agreed in some way that they have power over you. You give a kid a bomb, what do you thinks gonna happen? Don’t blame the child, you blame those who allowed the child this power. It’s really that simple. If you voted, then you are the cause and effect.”

The Big Fat Canola Lie
This article states organic foods CANNOT be made with gmo seeds….this is false! There is absolutely a law which allows for gmos in organic! In fact there are more than one law which allows this….*** there is ABSOLUTELY NO SUCH THING AS ORGANIC CANOLA OIL!**** The term organic in this instance is not sprayed with “conventional” pesticides… (there is also a loophole for that as well). Protect organic standards, don’t label already known toxic bio weapons!!!

Trans-Canada…. the same oil company pushing dirty oil, created this for machine parts. They genetically modified the oil so when it became too hot, it wouldn’t off gas one of the most toxic poisons to humans, just a bit less toxic than water hemlock, but equally deadly….
Can = Canada….
Canada-oil = canola
Later is was promoted to health officials as being healthy because it lacked transfats… the study came with Gigantic paychecks to those who promoted it such as Dr. Andrew Weil the health fraud!

It’s stated in many many cultures, there was a time when all humans were able to talk with all the creatures. We asked them for advice and they would provide. We asked them for favors and they would provide. It is said we became too dependent on the animals and became careless with their friendship. We stopped doing for ourselves and became lazy. Instead of treating the animals as friends, we treated them like slaves. We would trick and play cruel jokes on them.

Then one day all the creatures held council. …and each gave it grievances. It was then decided the animals would no longer be our friends. They would no longer share their secrets freely until the day came where we admitted our mistake and offences and promised to never abuse our friends again. We would be separated from the council and would walk alone in our ignorance.

Until then, only a selected few who were accepted as friends would be able to communicate back and forth…. And until that day, the only secrets we would receive were those who took the time to study for ourselves.

My belief is, this is why we turn on our sisters and brothers today. Not only did we lose the language of the animals, but we also lost the stories of our downfall and our achievements.

We have forgotten the medicines we call food and water are also creatures we lost the language of.

We can’t see and hear their songs as they sing for all life. We can’t hear the cries of our own. We have assimilated into being lost and search for the alternative. We search and search for new ideas and new technologies. But the answer has always been the same and right in front us for thousands and thousands of generations.

Be humble to your surroundings. Be thankful to your surroundings. Care for your surroundings. Protect your surroundings. You can be honored or abused, protected or destroyed because you are also the surroundings of another.

A phone case that steals all your info and sends it to the manufacturer through your own phone!!!! Check out all the tracking chips inside…this thing was a beast to rip apart. This case tried to alter and create an update on the phone, and those round things were NOT magnets either….wtf!!!

Lucifer, Satan and jesus, that’s the real holy trinity. Jesus rose from hell, which “is” his heaven…. to bring peace on earth…. when in the history of the church has the message of Jesus ever been peaceful… when they eradicated those they conquered, thus bringing peace for themselves ….. Your Jesus is the demon…the Holy demon of hell, legion himself. Your bible is Satan’s bible. We People of the earth, say fuck your weak ass gods, who need humans to do his evil work. We say fuck your Jesus, your bibles, your satan, your churches, your rules and laws. We say fuck your soul. You may want to go to hell’ven, but we have no such place. The earth is our heaven… which your kind destroys in the name of its master, the Christian Satan jesus. Go ahead and eat his flesh and drink his blood. Partake in the Cabal cannibalism ritual feast of the dead and dying. If your zombie should ever come back, I pray it’s me who puts him down with 2 shots to the head. You can Amen that!

My almost 15 yr old decided to put his hands on the youngest after bullying him all week…. I was so pissed, I smacked his hand while yelling, we don’t hit… (now I feel like a total fuck-tard) so still yelling, I scream, now I gotta fucking apologize to you for hitting!

ILLUMINATI EXPOSED : The Video Alex Jones won’t show or talk about!

You wont because it’s 3 hrs long….. but if you take 20 mins, you’ll see something in your mind, soul and skin to be true.

The Teachings of Don Juan
I tried to read this garbage back in 1988….. got about a quarter of the way before I became so entirely offended, I literally kicked the shit out of this book. I was screaming at this book while kicking it into walls till the pages came out…. I didn’t stop, I kept screaming and kicking this book and calling it a fucking liar…. what’s strange is, this book “is” a total fabrication… somehow in my DNA, I knew this for a fact. Turns out I was 100% right. I don’t know how to explain it, but every single molecule in my body knew this was a total and complete lie. I’ve only had one more reaction like this to a book, though not as violent, it was the same nevertheless…. the Celestine prophecy….. offended me to my very existence, I also never finished it.
I know why now… because these were written for an agenda I was born to help kill.

RUDY…. Hey guys, here’s a list I compiled last week from a few sources. You may want to copy this info and save it. I get censored a lot so the link may become useless soon…. doesn’t matter, I got it in hard copy should you need it later…. just ask.…
(The list is on the vaccine document)

Bomb attack damages Monsanto research center in Italy
The attacker launched four incendiary devices in total—two did not explode—and fled after spray painting a wall with “Bayer criminal marriage. No GMO.” Bayer, the German pharmaceutical giant, merged with Monsanto, an agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology multinational company based in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2016.

Woman charged with child, animal sex back at work
Remember when I told ya about Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, 44, is the “deputy director” of the CDC’s Laboratory Science who got busted having sex with animals and a 6 yr old boy.

Joseph Smith, the myth who would shoot up morphine while starring into his hat with a stone in it, translating the KJ bible into moron literature prophecy, the guy who fucked his own daughters and called them wives, who really hated blacks so much he made his sheep believe they were from the seed of Satan himself, was shot dead by an angry mob…. this is who she follows.

Camp jijak
Scraping beaver hide, eating muskrat soup, mush corn dessert, filling and cooking wild geese and beaver with fruit……was even gifted Anishinaabe ceremonial tobacco that was planted on the Cherokee trail during the Indian Roundup. What was gifted to me was the very 1st seeds sent back to this sacred tobaccos MI homeland!!!! Talking about an honor!!!! what a great day!!! Aho [ooooooo]!

DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East
This article is a total fabrication. They chose Cherokee because there are 4 who claim this blood… but only one is real… the others are European decent. Back when indians had to enroll, many whites wrote themselves in as Indian so they could get free food. So many whites did this, many natives starved to death. the whites also paid for enrollment for land which also blocked natives from land. These are the people this study is talking about. It was their blood which was tested……(if tested at all). Total and complete fabrication and lies.

I love during a debate, you disprove an opinion with fact and the dipshit gets flustered and threatens your life, then has audacity to call “you” the keyboard warrior. It’s open play after that. Damn right I’m going to say anything to make you flip your lid my little play toy. That’s right, youre my bitch because I own your emotions

Pigmentary Demarcation: Systematic Discrimination and Inhumane Treatment Defined by Skin Color
Soul food…or poor man’s food was the most nutritious foods…. pure medicine. These weeds the slave owners thought of, were below them. Slave masters were very stupid as they are to this day. They are so ingrained with self entitlements, they can’t see what is real medicine, even for themselves. Possession of all, thrown in baskets to stare at. A slave master is more than willing to destroy all including themselves just to keep others from what they have. They are trickery…. they are those who teach your teachers how to educate you… they are those who instruct your teachers in the medical fields. They are those create laws and judges on (sic) cultivation. They are the privileged who create perceived value notes out of thin air. You, you the voter are their personal army. You lift and carry them and their desires on your backs. You cheer their actions, and paper chase their sins. You give them the power of the electric chair to kill those who behave as programmed. You freely give them money to propagate our youth into war, killing other humans for their gain and your trickle down benefits. Your vote creates a master out of thin air, you could be soul food, yet you choose to be the kings edibles.

It’s estimated that around 20 percent of the genes we all share are already patented by companies.

By being circumcised, God ensured the promise of fertility to the Jewish people. Circumcision also served as a tribal sign; without it, one was banished from the tribe, which was certain death for the Jewish people were desert inhabitants. The ritual of circumcision was therefore applied to all Jewish males, and because of this, writers began to consider circumcision as a normal step as to how the penis was supposed to function as God intended. Therefore, many people were led to believe that circumcision was healthy and natural. References to circumcision are found throughout the Old Testament, but they are vague as to how and at what age the action of circumcision itself was to be performed.

4-16-17 Easter
You do realize every single day for 20 yrs the US gave Israel 8.5 million dollars a day, every single day till Obama upped it another 4 million a day plus a 45 Billion dollar bonus….. do you know how that money is being used? For Israel’s war against the Palestinians, the real indigenous people of that area as can be proved in the bible, the Torah and the Qur’an when God instructed the jews to walk the earth forevermore because they sinned against God. Fuck israel. They all should die so the land can be returned to the indigenous!!!!

Oh you silly voters! Still using paper as a defensive weapon against slavery and genocide. 2,500 yrs have proven you can’t use signed paper to protect yourselves.

500 thousand people were infected with AIDs in Boston, San Fransisco and New York during the 70-80s hep vaccine…… 50,000 were paralyzed in India after the vaccine and still haven’t recovered. …. gates is being sued…..he’s using Merck pharmaceutical….. Who should be noted are the same company linked to the AIDs debacle in the US as we’ll as Asia.

Merck and Bayer almost infected the entire planet with a pandemic swine flu virus placed in the H5N1 vaccine in 2009 which would have killed 2/3 of the planets population ……as reported throughout the entire world except here in the states…..BTW, the lawsuit is still going for that as well. Let’s not forget the 6.8 billion in payoffs due to death from vaccines.

Confirmed and admitted….polio was on its way out long before the vaccine….. And 500,000 people were infected with live cancer cells through the vaccine…..again admitted

….why with every single increase of vaccines, we see a huge spike of child deformities, autism, cancer and still births…..also we see spikes of asthma and mental disorders ….

….not everyone in car accidents die, but many are injured for life….my point is, there is way too much evidence out there to prove to me they are dangerous to many people who’s immune system is compromised. I know the drug manufactures can’t be sued in the US over defects….only the government can be…..for now.

There isn’t a shred of evidence to support the claims the makers claim about safety. I will not allow their vaccines into any of my family….and god save the face from an impact of bullets to anyone who tries!

Reposted from Heather Rose Lockwood
The Pirate Code
Look at the word master. We see “mast” as part of the word, relating to a ship. The word master means the one in charge. We see the word order, meaning oar-der, the oars of the boat. Getting things “in order” is about getting all the slaves to pull their oars at the same time, to move the ship. This reflects the ancient maritime origins of our language. The hidden law of the sea, where a special brand of legality rules and a special brand of pirate has already taken full control. We see doctor, the one in charge, the one who “docks” the “oars” (dock-t-oar) and allows us to pass the port, but only if you comply to everything asked of you. The dock-toar is the one in CHARGE (the one guiding the electrical CHARGE), the one giving the oar-ders.

We see the word citizenship includes the word ship. The citizen-ship……the sit-is-sin (the citizen)….where of course the slaves must move and work hard to produce tribute for the person who owns the river bank (the bank), because sitting is a sin in the slave e-CON-omy. (these pirates often use the letters CON in their words and thus the phrase con-job) If you had the proper paper work, you could get past the port. That’s where the word passport is from and paper is really pay-per, the method by which you would pay to land on a piece of shore stolen through criminal enterprise and corruption. Do you have your documents? Meaning, do you have your dock-u-ments, the pay-per you need to dock your boat on the shore of the tyrants.

This is why at the end of every month many slaves meet at the bank (the river bank) to get their currency (current sea) and to be under full control of the all seeing eye of the bank, to watch the cash flow. (flow like water) Come up to the counter at the bank (the cow-n-ter) and have the master asses the livestock, the human cattle. Do you have your birth certificate? A birth also being the slot in a port, where the boat sits. After the slave gets their current sea (the currency) they can then hit the big SAIL (the big sale) and give it right back to the pirates who have organized this entire system.

Seeing something and being blind to it is called indoctrination (in-DOCK-tri-nation – a nation of uniformed people on the dock) The word tri also meaning triangle or hierarchical pyramid of control., the primary symbol of our human farmers from ancient Egypt. A pirate means pi-rate. Pi is a mathematical calculation, so a pi-rate is a rater or assessor of the math. And the math is looking pretty good for the pirates because they keep their secrets hidden in plain sight. Are you aware that government is Latin for govern, which means to control and ment (mentis) means the mind. Government’s literal translation is mind control, which means most people’s minds are already spoken for and completely owned. This is the basis of pirate control……the CON for the TROLLS. This is why people have a hard time connecting the dots. because the system is designed to inhibit thinking and to thwart any discussion outside the consensus trance. – Jason Christoff
Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez… The person who wrote this piece really stretched their cute idea and went to a lot of work breaking words down for comic effect, or had little or no knowledge of etymology “the study of word origins”. Below please find the root of a few; it would be a waste of my time to touch on all of them.

ECONOMY: Origin Ancient Greece. Eco is a derivation of the Greek oikos, meaning an extended family unit consisting of the house, members of the family, slaves, farmland, and all property. Oikos was run by the oldest male of the family, whose role was to tend to agriculture and ensure all components of the family unit were running smoothly. Eco designates a broad, self-sustained unit, as in the terms ecology and ecosystem. The suffix –nomy is derived from the Greek nomos, meaning management, law, or principle. Thus oikonomos, the original form of economics, meant the management of the hearth and home.

CON: word-forming element meaning “together, with,” sometimes merely intensive; the form of com- used in Latin before consonants except -b-, -p-, -l-, -m-, or -r-. In native English formations (such as costar), co- tends to be used where Latin would use con-. “to swindle,” Confidence with a sense of “assurance based on insufficient grounds” dates from 1590s. American English, from confidence man (1849), from the many scams in which the victim is induced to hand over money as a token of confidence.

CURRENCY: Borrowing from Medieval Latin currentia, 1650s, “condition of flowing,” from Latin currens from currō, present participle of currere “to run” the sense of a flow or course extended 1699 to “circulation of money.”

ORDER: Old French ordre “position, estate; rule, regulation; religious order” from Latin ordinem (nominative ordo) “row, line, rank; series, pattern, arrangement, routine,” originally “a row of threads in a loom,” from Italic root *ord- “to arrange, arrangement” (source of ordiri “to begin to weave;”), of unknown origin. first recorded c. 1300; meaning “command, directive”.

CITIZEN: Old French citeien “city-dweller, town-dweller, citizen” (12c., Modern French citoyen), from cite (see city) + -ain (see -ian). Replaced Old English burhsittend and ceasterware.

DOCTOR: The root of the word doctor is from the Latin word docere, meaning “to teach” and also unexpectedly shows up in the roots of the word docile because someone who is docile is easy to teach, and also the word document, which was originally the thing from which you took information that was to be taught.

MASTER: Old French maistrier, from Medieval Latin magistrare. Meaning “to reduce to subjugation” is early 15c.; that of “to acquire complete knowledge” is from 1740s. Related: Mastered; mastering.

And to finish off: A PIRATE CODE is the pirate articles or articles of agreement code of conduct for governing pirates. A group of sailors, on turning pirate, would draw up their own code or articles, which provided rules for discipline, division of stolen goods, and compensation for injured pirates.

Rudy Twomoon … I understand why anyone would call this a stretch…. but many of the words go back to Egypt shipping…many of these words are linked to maritime law. Maritime law is a completely different forms of word play. To understand these words in this way, is to understand the current laws and how they only apply to those who allow Consent.

Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez… I agree with you to a point however hieroglyphs must be taken into the equation. In order to convert the English words one must use etymology.

I also understand the earliest maritime code is credited to the island of Rhodes which is said to have influenced Roman law. It is generally accepted the earliest maritime laws were the Rhodian Sea Laws, which have been claimed to date from 900 B.C., but which more likely appeared in the form recognized today during the period from 500 to 300 B.C.

The oldest of these codes was Consolato del Mare, or Regulation of the Sea, prepared at Barcelona. It was a compilation of comprehensive rules for all maritime subjects. It dealt with ownership of vessels, duties and responsibilities of the masters or captains, seamen and their wages, freight, salvage, the only concept in the Rhodian Laws that still exists is the law of jettison which hold if goods must be thrown overboard (jettisoned) for the safety of the ship or the safety of anothers property, the owner of the goods is entitled to compensation from the beneficiaries of the jettison. Libre del Consolat de mar of Barcellona and the Tablets of Amalfi, one prepared at the famous of Italian seaports, enjoyed authority far beyond the ports where they were promulgated. In essence, until the rise of modern nations, maritime law did not derive its force from territorial sovereigns but represented what was already conceived to be the customary law of the sea.

All day it’s.. “Blah, blob, yak, yak, screech” …. But at bedtime….. “Father, why is it light has a duel wave particle nature which causes dispersion and diffraction while creating the Photoelectric effect”

Archeologists confirm Heiltsuk village site three times older than Great Pyramids
Does this mean the land bridge lie will go away….. nope, never. White science can’t stand the truth, hence why they shove this lie down our throats every single time indians are mentioned.

Cuban missile crisis…. there was no crisis. Both countries agreed to use that opportunity to make its citizens afraid of the other. Even if Cuba didn’t agree, the US used this to scare the fuck out of its people for compliance.

WW111 started after 911 and has been perpetual ever since. We’ve been in war for 16 straight years. Russia and the US are going to use the Syria crisis just like the Cuban missile crisis. They ain’t going to war….. we are. With our logic. They’re feeding you fear for compliance and agreements. Mind fuckery illusions.

Replacing the word teaching with myth, legend or story is the first and last step to removing the history of our future. Do not make this mistake; it is the key to the path of light and redemption.
Susan Pawlak Dopkowski Teach others with your experiences, good or bad.
Our elders have such great knowledge to share…to make you understand the past that they have lived through and what true freedom is supposed to be, even if they have not known it, but reached for it.
Don’t listen to the victors when it comes to history, listen to those who have been alive for 90 years.
Insist that they share their history, their memories.
If you only learn from the victors, you will never know true history.

The Detox Project
Big time heads up folks….


The The Detox Project and Sustainable Pulse have launched their first “Glyphosate Residue Free” labeled product. However, I asked the Detox Project whether this product is entirely free of glyphosate/Roundup residues or is simply below the permitted Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) set by the EPA ? And what about residues of other poisonous and neurotoxic pesticides sprayed on citrus such as chlorpyrifos ?

In response to my question, The Detox Project wrote:
“Free of glyphosate residues down to the best laboratory minimum limits of detection. We are working on creating a comprehensive toxic chemical certification.”

I further asked:
What are the “best laboratory minimum limits of detection” ? And are they above or below the MRL set by the EPA ?

Detox Project answered:
There is no specific MRL for lemonade set by the EPA – but all Glyphosate Residue Free products are below or equal to EPA/USDA MRLs when they are set. MRLs are never below what can be detected in the lab and are usually way above that level. If glyphosate is detected in a product in the lab then we do not certify it Glyphosate Residue Free.
J’aime • Répondre • 18 min

My response to the Detox Project:

The Detox Project ~ You write: “All Glyphosate Residue Free products are below or equal to EPA/USDA MRLs when they are set.”

However, as you very well know and understand, the risk assessment process and the MRL set by the EPA is scientifically flawed ~ as I have argued and demonstrated in my paper (see copy below).

Moreover, both glyphosate, Roundup and each one of its so-called “inert” and “secret” co-formulant have been found to be endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) which are extremely toxic to human health at low/minute doses and at the MRL set by the EPA.

Furthermore, both the industry and regulatory agencies set the MRL based on the toxicity of glyphosate alone, not the complete formulation i.e. Roundup. However, Gilles-Éric Séralini has found that Roundup is 125 times more toxic than glyphosate alone.

Therefore, there are NO safe levels of EDCs/glyphosate/Roundup in our food at ANY level! Certifying products “Glyphosate Residue Free” and “safe” below or equal to EPA/USDA MRL is scientifically flawed, misleading, fraudulent and a danger to public health!

I am surprised and perplexed that you are labeling products “Glyphosate Residue Free below or equal to EPA/USDA MRLs” ????

Please read my paper on the toxicity of glyphosate/Roundup residues in our food (copy below)

Note: The The Detox Project has (unsurprisingly) deleted my above comments and paper on the toxicity of Glyphosate/Roundup residues in our food from their FB page.

Why have you deleted my comments and paper The Detox Project ?

Arya Vrilya
#Glyphosate #Roundup #DetoxProject The Detox Project Sustainable Pulse #GlyphosateResidueFree

4-4-17 ~ JULIE
It’s Autism Awareness Day: What the American Medical Association Isn’t Telling You
“To the reader I ask: “If an ASD rate of 1:48 (2.1%) is not alarming today, how about 1:20 (5%) in five years or 1:5(20%) in 10 years or 1:1 (100%) in 20 years”? To deny that we are in the midst of a true medical worldwide pandemic is unconscionable. Science does not change; it can be ignored, or twisted to fit a popular mindset, but science does not change: you cannot have an epidemic without an underlying disease process.”

This bitch reported me and tried to have my fb shutdown. Fuck you Natalie smith. This pic is public domain or you wouldn’t have posted it in a public forum on your personal page, with a share button! She tried to hide her identity by posting as a non profit she works for. But I she slipped up and I found her name and real page. So go ahead and report me again….. you’ll lose. I have all proof nat.

If you have a story about surviving vaccines or have a child who was damaged and would be willing to share this story for Natalie Nevadacure Smith, would you do so here.

Anyone ever see concrete and rebar cut clean through, perfectly because of fire? I think I’m gonna call bullshit on this…. it was deliberate…. for what, no idea yet, but unfortunately we will find out soon.

In 1986, Congress created the NVICP in response to a sharp increase in personal injury lawsuits against vaccine makers during the 80s – a time when personal injury lawyers were bankrupting vaccine makers. (They didn’t start a pay out till 1989) But then Congress stepped-in and immunized vaccine makers by passing the NVICP and creating the Vaccine Court, which has paid-out $3.6 billion dollars – in taxpayer money – on injury and death claims.

The NVIC forbids personal injury lawsuits and instead funnels vaccine victims into a kangaroo court — with no judge, no right to cross-examination, no right to inspect vaccine industry documents, and perhaps most significantly – no right to trial by jury – which many believe is plainly unconstitutional.
“Vaccines Murdered My Baby!” – From Cover-Up … to Catastrophe … to the Courtroom!
I was quoted in this article….check it out

T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. (Mar. 31, 2017) ~ And last, just remember that calling for safer vaccines is not an option! Turning to the words of fellow free-thinker, Rudy Twomoon: “To ask them for safer vaccines only encourages the safe vaccine myth!” Truer words were never spoken. #WorldwideVaccineBanNow

In 1989, Congress created the NVICP in response to a sharp increase in personal injury lawsuits against vaccine makers during the 80s – a time when personal injury lawyers were bankrupting vaccine makers. But then Congress stepped-in and immunized vaccine makers by passing the NVICP and creating the Vaccine Court, which has paid-out $3.6 billion dollars – in taxpayer money – on injury and death claims.

The NVIC forbids personal injury lawsuits and instead funnels vaccine victims into a kangaroo court — with no judge, no right to cross-examination, no right to inspect vaccine industry documents, and perhaps most significantly – no right to trial by jury – which many believe is plainly unconstitutional.

The more overweight a person is, the more likely their body is starving. Easy access to phudes which have no nutritional value, but consist of gmo heart attacking cancerous oils, grains, sugars and flours, cause fat cells to swell. All that fat is just the body doing everything in its power to get real nutrients, scrambling around, over consuming, probably in hopes we accidentally reach out and grab something it needs. Overweight “usually” means starvation.
~TwoMoon 2013

More than ever, we need to pay attention. More than ever, we need to ask questions and if we don’t understand the answer, ask again. Start connecting the dots. Start realizing that toxic chemicals are in our food, our personal care products, and our everyday environment. Start realizing that everybody has cancer or some sort of ongoing ailment. Put it all together. Take the blinders off… The more we know, right?
Trump Just Released His Plan to Gut Obama’s Climate Policies. It’s Worse Than You Thought.
You know climate change is fake when governments fight to hoard it for corporate interests…. just another tall tale to make you demand more slave owner.

What I say may piss people off here but I don’t care. I stopped worrying what others thought of me so I could do the right thing uninterrupted.

If everyone who disagreed with me was a troll, I’d walk this earth very lonely. Just because I sin differently doesn’t make me better. My sins are my own, I own them, they are mine and mine alone and you can’t have them!

Each person has a different history and path which led them to this now. Sometimes we walk a path and miss a fact. Sometimes our paths bypass a lesson or even many. What I “thought” I knew yesterday may be obsolete today…. again, this is my sin should I not choose to change my stance based on new Information. It’s not anyone else job to force me into anything.

I’ve noticed many came here to seek a truth…. yet are leaving because they sin differently and are being persecuted for dealing with facts in different ways with regards to others.

Some are seen as trolls because they defend a friendship…. I’m all for outing trolls and those who coopt movements. I’m all for calling out the fakes…. but I’m also done with lumping everyone into a single category and vilifying every single action based on different sins.

I love this page and any other page which deals with dishonest scoundrels, but sometimes it goes way to far. We talk about other pages acting out with a cult mentality but are acting exactly like them. That’s not even sinning differently, it’s exactly the same damn sin.

Like I said at the beginning, I don’t need anyone to agree with me and I don’t need your permission nor endorsement. Should my words anger you, oh well. I don’t really care because I’m going to do my thing uninterrupted with regard to new facts.

I hope this page becomes a safe place to be. A place where people can find comfort and the like minded. A page were ideas can be groomed into actions and actions into personal power we can share and teach.

“I have spoken”

The lie is ALWAYS supported by truth… that’s how he and so many other frauds get to where they’re at. The lie is so convoluted and wrapped in truth, the lazy have no choice but to accept all as simple fact. The mind doesn’t like to sort the micro, so it places it prearranged boxes. To be in his play yard, we must abide by his rules, therefore it is the evil who question the movement, and they are those who destroy the movement.
It’s exactly, to a T, this is how a cult functions and operates.

DETROIT, MI — Grisly evidence that will be presented at the upcoming federal trial of Grosse Pointe Park body parts broker Arthur Rathburn
Holy fuck! I didn’t hear of this!!
Heads were stored in mouthwash, human remains were washed down the drain, limbs were severed with chainsaw, according to federal complaint.

Black market body part investigation spreads from Detroit to Chicago
A federal investigation that began in Detroit has spread to Chicago.
FBI agents raid a lab and crematorium in Shiller park, outside Chicago. The Biological Resource Center of Illinois deals with bodies donated to science – sending cadavers and body parts to medical schools and laboratories for research and training.
Now they say they are under federal investigation for having business dealings with Arthur Rathburn – the former coordinator of the University of Michigan’s anatomical donation program from 1984 to 1990.

The documents say that the raids uncovered thousands of body parts and tissue samples; everything from heads and hands to legs and torsos, all part of an alleged “body broker” ring that illegally obtained and sold human remains on the black market.

Federal authorities say the operation came to light after scores of body parts were found on ice, instead of embalmed, in warehouses in Detroit and Phoenix.

Documents show some of the remains were infected with HIV, Hepatitis and other disease, but nonetheless sold for medical training to hospitals and doctors in the U.S. and overseas.

Federal agents say those body parts were supplied by Biological Resource Center of Illinois. They also say the company lied to its donors, promising remains would not be sold.

But financial records obtained in the January raids show whole corpses were routinely sold for $5,000, arms for $750 and heads for $500.

Named in the documents are Donald A. Greene and Donald A. Greene II, the father-and-son owners of Biological Resource Center and the Schiller Park crematorium.

Their attorney responded to the documents in an email, saying, “There is significant information missing from the affidavit that provides a fuller picture of the standards and practices employed by BRCIL. Those standards and practices are in line with industry standards.”

That attorney says BRCIL has been cooperative with investigators. The unsealed documents are related to the search warrants executed in January, and no criminal charges have yet been filed.

White folks are stealing black peoples organs!

This is some real shit. This goes way back, but news has barely touched on it. What a cover up!!!! Thousands of bodies infected with disease are being traded on the black market. These are black children and adults who were cut apart using chainsaws, then the parts stored in mouth wash or just frozen waiting for shipment to white education centers.

This guy has collected somewhere between 50,000-100,000 in donations…. his claim is to stop mandatory vaccinations…. but for some reason, he hasn’t created a lawsuit nor helped anyone else with one. Where is the money going? Who’s it going to? If you watch close, these scam artists always say, stop trying to break up the movement… or they’re trying to divide the movement…

What movement? Hell yes we are trying to divide the movement…. abso”fucking”lutely we are….. we want you to know you are are being conned. We want you informed to the truth. We can’t win against the state if the people don’t know who and what they are fighting for…. and that’s the reason people like Larry cook and Zen Honeycutt are created…. to keep you running in circles, doing circle talk in circle cult movement.

When the lie and truth become the same, they’ve won the game.

If you voted, you are responsible.
I didn’t vote, that’s why I can laugh and say………hahahahahaha I TOLD YA SO! You wanted a master, you got one!!!

White House Says Cutting Meals on Wheels Is ‘Compassionate
People called me crazy when I said their use of “eradicating poverty” really meant killing. So who the idiot now. I told ya this all the back in 2011 and say it all the time. The agenda is out and out “compassionate” genocide.

While people are fighting trump so they can install a new master who will exploit them undetected like the last guy, I’m over here living in the real world.

Over 30 years ago Congress passed a nationwide law that forbids Americans from suing vaccine makers. During the 1980s, jury trials against vaccine makers brought million-dollar jury verdicts that threatened to put vaccine makers out of business. And thus, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which makes it impossible for anyone to have a jury trial against vaccine makers.

The 1986 Vaccine Act is unconstitutional because it defies the 7th Amendment, which guarantees the right to sue and have a trial by jury. And, where federal laws – such as the Vaccine Act – are in conflict with the Constitution, the federal law must be struck down because the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

Vaccine makers should be held accountable for vaccine injuries and death the American way: trial by jury! Consumers of every other American product are able to have jury trials against every other manufacturing subset in America – all except the vaccine makers.

Sadly, in the 31 years since becoming law, nobody has ever challenged the Vaccine Act in the courts. Since, 1986, the federal government has paid-out over $3.5 billion (funded by taxpayers) to compensate victims of vaccine injury and death.

The Vaccine Act is fundamentally unconstitutional. Vaccine makers must be held accountable for the injuries and deaths their products are causing.
We seek to restore the American right to trial by jury. Please join our fight!

3-14-2017 ~ Liam
We are the children you reject and disregard. these aching cries come from the bottom of are heart. you can’t disown us now we are your own flesh and blood and we don’t disappear just because your eyes are shut. as there castles slowly crumble we watch them. fall there crowns slip from heads unworthy as we gain control. cause it’s the rase we run but it keeps us at the start. now this is the song we sing from the bottom of are hearts. that’s how we read you like a polygraph. not one single bone in your back owns up to how you let us down. but to live if we have to be numb I’d rather know the pain.

In the morning, I will tag a bunch of you…. I’m asking if you will help out by sharing some very vital information. This is gonna be huge! Gigantic! And I will need all of you to share it. Nothing like this has been done before. It needs to be known across the waters before the censorship machine kicks in. THIS WILL BE CENSORED, LAUGHED AT, RIDICULED AND MOCKED BY THE FORCES WHO OWN MONEY AND MEDIA. POWERS THAT BE WILL TRY EVERYTHING TO STOP THIS. WHEN I SAY THIS IS BIG, I KID YOU NOT. So in advance, I beg you to help make this go viral. In about 8 hrs you’ll be tagged. Should you not wish to be involved before or after, let me know, i understand, I will exempt you and there will be no hard feelings.
!!!!Thank you in advance!!!!

#1 believed lie. Organics can not feed the world. Total and complete bullshit! The only reason organics are not able to feed the planet at this time is because the space is being used for the sole purpose of creating toxic so called food. If you plant asparagus it eats up the toxins from the ground. (What do you do with all that toxic asparagus?) There is a fungus that can consume toxins so completely the toxins from pesticides and GMO;s are not put back into the earth. They are gone forever! It takes 2-4 years to clean the soil back to almost total organic if using the asparagus method. (I’m more than sure there are other plants who make this go even faster) It takes 7 years to clean up the soil if all you do is stop using pesticides and GMO’s. During that time, there are many people who could care less less if they consume that kind of food. They would be willing to buy it. Hell, i would be willing to eat it if this is the route we would be willing to go. If we started removing the toxic field farms right now, we could have 100% organic meals for everyone on this land in 2-4 years. So remember that when someone regurgitates the lie that organics cannot feed the planet, then shove that statement down their throats!!!!.

You’ll eventually get if you follow me long enough…. that or you’ll get offended by having trained ideals to face, and storm off. Either way, you can’t avoid the truth much longer. The curtain was made in clear plastic for a reason.

When I was younger and my bike broke, I had to push that shit home, even if it was 10 miles. Cell phones and pick ups. Kids are lucky today… a way. Many of these kids don’t leave their neighborhood let alone go exploring. I got great kids who are always down to explore.

There is something so ingrained, so gross, so loud and blantant happening on this planet, weak minds can only see the problem as money and greed. .. They can’t even begin to come to grips there may be another reason. It’s like watching a person shock themselves over and over and are completely surprised it happens, Almost like a new 1st time experience…. Kinda comical really.

This wont make sense to you, so don’t waste your time reading.
binary speaking….
If zero (0) is limbo or the between, conscious 1 is the entrance, break through …….
2 is connection which creates the sacred number 3, new birth, trinity
4 is 2 twice, which is 33, trinity 0 trinity
5 human, discovering of self
….(regress from outer to inside)
6 is again 33…trinity 0 trinity [going backwards in spirit)
7 devine 4 and 3= 333 or 5 and 2= discovery of spirit
8 is the infinite. 2=3…..4 times. 66, trinity 0 trinity and trinity 0 trinity, the infinite or 4 directions.
9 is the exit back to Zero then back to one.
Binary code?

To my vegan friends who falsely believe plants are not sentient beings. Just because you can’t hear them, doesn’t make them less than you. Thinking a plant is to be used at your disposal with barely any regard is just as carnivorous as consuming animals without regard. You are doing the exact same thing with another “creature”.
Everything consumes another. You are not special because you get the option to pick or choose.
On that note, stop factory farming….. especially pesticide promoted agriculture of all forms.

Jokes and insults aside…I’m here to abolish slavery and self-servitude. I’m here to deprogram. I will not raise little slaves out of fear of conformity or peer pressure. This isn’t about us anymore; it’s about grandchildren’s grandchildren’s freedom. We need to uneducate from these Mafia tactics of education. We’ve been trained to accept immoral as lawful. We been taught by our captors we must fight using their rules, petitions, laws and governments to obtain a liberty. We’ve been trained to give up values for entitlements. We’ve been trained to use their courts, criminal courts to fight land rapists and water murderers. We’ve stood long enough on the sidelines called courts while our air is turned to oil slick chemicals. No more. No more votes. No more petitions. No more courts. No more waiting. No more watching. It’s time to break the cycle of abuse. It’s time to stop accepting any of this shit. Fucking no more. Stop being willful. Stop the hope. Turn your backs on all this shit. You see police harming another, gather up forces and put him in his place. Use your greater forces to prevent police violence. Make them fear the people. You see the prison system incarcerating victims, remove the prison system. Laugh at politicians and just turn your backs. Ignore them. You see a factory poisoning you, take out the fucking building. Block people from working there. They say “I got a family to provide for” you tell them, “fuck you and your family! Your one family isn’t more important than 100,000 other people, the land, water and air. Tell them this. Say it. Stop being politically correct cowards. Say, fuck your family, you murdering holier than thou piece of shit.

Take a stand. Choose just one thing to fight and die for. Choose one thing which makes you fight to live for at all costs. Make your very presence a threat to their existence. Make every conversation a threat to their power. Every thought and breath a threat which makes them hide in fear. Be their enemy. In fact, you already are, you just have one accept the truth. They have been trying to either enslave or kill you since before your birth.

Controlled opposition. People were already waking up to vaccine injury and death… so the pharmaceutical companies hired these guys to spotlight other known issues, while keeping the real dangers overlooked.

One of their arguments are single jab vaccines instead of bulk injections. They say if you remove “SOME” of the “MORE” dangerous elements, vaccines will magically become “safe”

Rachel Dolezal Has Changed Her Name
You know, the white Spokane, Wash., NAACP chapter leader who was passing as black, got outed by her lily-white parents and declared herself “transracial”; then said she’s really black, not white; and then went on to score a book deal but is now also on the verge of homelessness because she can’t find a job?

Feb. 26, 2017
The Social Security Administration estimates that unauthorized workers have paid a whopping $100 billion into the fund over the past decade.

Feb. 25, 2017
It would be nice had they mentioned the truth as to why we are a plastic society. Had the engineering of hemp not been blocked back in the 30s, we could have a replica of the same products, even packaged the exact same way, but instead of it being a pollution, it would be a soil builder. Today’s packaging was forced on the public and not demanded by the public. Had hemp not been censored, we wouldn’t have the need to address many of these issues.

Everyone wants to blame the consumer, even the consumer…. but we never describe how things really started, we’re forced by law, but created by a Cartel. The oil industry is nothing but a legal Cartel.

Feb. 24, 2017
Standing Rock … “Personal stories, truth, the fight for survival, sadness and joy. Many of you have no idea the history you witnessed or ignored. This is bigger than you realize. It will be talked about for generations as the “movement to start all movements”. The movement which shifted balance back to protection of the earth and ourselves. In a flash of time, you’ll be telling the younger generation, I remember when we almost almost lost ourselves. Your story will probably start like this… “Not long ago, the world was getting darker. No, we weren’t without light, we just couldn’t see any longer. It was children, babies, who brought the light back to the grandmother’s with song…..”

Feb. 23, 2017
IGD: Anaheim Erupts After Off-Duty Cop Fires at Students
A crowd gathered outside of the officer’s home, which was vandalized with “FUCK PIGS” in spray paint, as youth pushed back against “organizers” which tried to keep the crowd passive even though they had just witnessed their friends and family members almost being killed for the crime of walking across a yard. The crowd then took to the streets while riot police were stationed around the home in order to protect the officer who was inside.

Feb. 23, 2017
BREAKING: Trump Orders Army to Evict Sioux from Standing Rock at Gunpoint

Feb. 21, 2017
A Nation of Immigrants enters dark chapter
Here comes the NDAA fair labor act where citizens are hand picked to do jobs at a pay that is fair to the company. In this will be the transportation act of the NDAA and we’ll as food hoarding and redistribution. Obama set this up, now this piece of shit gets to knock it down….on us all.

Feb. 21, 2017
Me: kids, why do you have to look both ways at crosswalks?
Kids: there’s voters out there!
Me: what’s this mean?
Kids: voters can’t see what’s right in front of them!
Me: Good job. Have fun!

Feb. 20, 2017 (Standing Rock)
On 2/22 @ 2pm on the year 2 thousand seventeen, water protectors are evicted. Media will have cramped freedom cages they are “ALLOWED” to film from or they will be arrested. Many will not comply with the “freedom cages”. Many others plan on staying in threat of arrest. Looks like jurisdiction continues to be opened for all (sic) law en”FORCE”ment violence enhancers.

Feb. 19, 2017
Mr. Buffett’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, has now revealed which companies it’s investing in, and a U.S. seedmaker that has agreed to a tie-up with a German chemicals giant is high on his shopping list.
Berkshire has bought 8 million shares of Monsanto for $800 million in a clear sign that Mr. Buffett is confident that the company’s mega merger with Bayer will go through.

Feb. 18, 2017
“Gate of the Sun” at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia
Wait, I thought the earth was 6,000 yrs old and scientists planted made up dinosaur bones to create the devils lie on history. This has gotta be a fake. When Jesus wrote the bible he made no mention of this place. I mean heck, everyone knows all of North and south America were empty of humans until 45 min before Columbus landed in Utah.

Feb. 18, 2017
1) Think of a rule, law or social value you would break which has been imposed on you without your consent. It can be anything from dancing in public to murder. Anything you want. But really take a moment to explore something which has been imposed on you, you feel isn’t fair.
2) Would you feel guilt if you did so because it’s morally wrong or because of human conditioning.
3) What prevents you from doing this action?
Feel free to keep this to yourself, share here or private message me.

Feb. 16, 2017
Thought this was a great share from my good friend, Rudy Twomoon. A great conversation between he and the self-serving, Zen Honeycutt, the leader of MAA. This is really what we are up against in the clean food world. It is all smoke and mirrors. The hands that rock the cradle have their claws deep and will stop at nothing to get the control of the food supply they want. Therefore, not only are we up against the big Ag companies, but we are also up against the spiders who welcome the flies. THIS right here is exactly why we are working so diligently for the @pure integrity verified seal. Start demanding bans NOT co-existing labels. (yes, fyi, the PIV seal seems to be a “label”, however, it definitely is NOT a co-existing label). Carry on everyone, carry on!

(From Zen Honeycutt creator of MOMS ACROSS AMERICA)
Are you aware that I did not dsay one word about labeling when I spoke at one of the most toxic companies in the world?
And who exactly is going to ban GMOS? YOU? NO the legislators. When is the last time you called your legislator or met with him/her? What are YOU doing?

What I did took courage. Peopel asked me to do it again. People asked me to do a fundraiser. Why are YOU Not spending hundreds of dollars and three days of your time to go speak at these companies? What are YOU doing? Are you aware that the gene gun Bio Rad makes is used for Leukemia and Alzheimer’s research too? Shame on you ffor critcizing a person who has sacrificed 60-90K a year for two years to work 6-11 hours a day on this cause. It took courage what I did to speak at Monsanto and it will take courage to speak at the other shareholder meetings. If you don’t like it, DO SOMETHING besides criticizing other peope. .- Zen

And if you read what Is written if I raise the money I go. No matter what. I am not keeping any of the money for anything else. If there is EXTRA money I will need a couple hundred to pay an editor to get the story out about the cause. To RAISE AWARENESS. _ Zen

(My Reply)
Thank you for contacting me Zen. First of all, I have a question for you. Are you going to reply, cut and run again? I hope not this time.

For the record what you did, didn’t take courage, what you did do was take the cowards approach. In fact, it is your moral duty to speak out! Nothing you said makes you a target of anything. Nothing you said places you in danger of anything. All you did was regurgitate the same old media sponsored hogwash. You mentioned what, two different chemicals and GMOs? What about canola oils, MSG, the other thousands of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, fungicides?

Did you happen to mention all Monsanto pesticide products were invented as bio weapons first, then sold to the public? Did you mention all these pesticides were in fact used to kill millions of people in the most horrific ways? No, not even close!

Did you happen to mention how chemical fertilizer is the major cause for most of the so called climate change issues? No again.

Did you mention Monsanto and big banking are the actual cause for starvation in 3rd world countries? Did you mention their global plan of taking over the food supply? What about mentioning Monsanto now owns +80% of all seed production companies on the planet including heirloom?

Did you mention the great Monsanto rBHT milk cover up?

You see, you call yourself a leader, but as a so called leader, the only thing you have done is promote chemical companies and your book. You have zero idea what you are even fighting. You actually think the government can stop a company like Monsanto or any of the other chemical makers? Are you kidding me….if these companies went down, we wouldn’t have a government anymore. You have absolutely no clue to who you claim you are fighting. Not a one!!!

Who do you think supplies the chemicals used for ALL wars? And you have the audacity to ask if I have spoken to any representatives. The same people who promote war. Come on.

As far as leukemia and Alzheimer’s…… you do realize the so called war on these sicknesses are because of the toxins caused by these foods, medicines and chemicals from Monsanto and Co. right?

So I’m supposed to endorse one company so it may fight itself through another? Yeah right!

I don’t give a damn what you think you sacrificed in pay, not at all…..i repeat, its your moral obligation to remove yourself from these genocide companies!!! How dare you demand I praise you for something everyone should be doing.

You buying stock to visit the companies who promote violence against this planet is idiotic…..they know exactly what they are doing and why they do it. You need to wake up to what the hell is going on around you and get out of your little self serving world of consumerism and self entitlement.

Your GMO label campaign is a joke as I explained before. But just in case you didn’t read it, I will send you the copy I share with everyone.

I used to endorse the label campaign, that is till I understood what they (Monsanto and Co.) are really doing……its all in that article. I highly suggest you read every word and visit every link so you may better inform yourself if you plan on running a true fight against the genocide makers. Personally, I don’t really believe you are for the betterment of this planet, I believe you are a fraud. Everything about you and your actions screams Big Agriculture promotion. Either way, until you actually do wake up and fight the real war, you are not my leader, and I will do everything in my power to expose you as a fraud to anyone and everyone.

You see, I am expendable. I have nothing left to lose in this fight. These criminal organizations have been poisoning my foods and water way before I was born. They have tried to poison my family, and what poisons we avoid, they use the law to force on me and my family. Hell, they use law to protect these companies from people like myself……and you want to use their rules and regulations to fight them.

Its time you wake up, stop patting yourself on the back and demanding praise.

Its time you really spoke out for all the mothers and their children! You want to lead, then put it all on the line! What is there to lose? You must remove your ego from the equation if you are to accomplish anything.

Feb. 14, 2017
Bill Would Require Schools To Teach Students ‘Appropriate’ Way To Interact With Police
Do as your told and you won’t get broken. We are your friends, so don’t make us shoot you when you get older….remember kids, you have no natural rights….you gave those up when you “chose” to live past birth. We are your real parents. You do exactly what we say, no matter how unjust it feels. OK kids, who wants to see how finger prints are taken?

Feb. 11, 2017
Hahaha. So full of shit. It’s proven we didn’t cross an iceberg so now “white” science has to say we came the other way around a couple of years earlier…. never mind the 50,000 yr old girl found in the water cave, nor the 50,000 yr old village in Michigan… no, “white” science needs to justify it’s lies by using “different” lies to cover up the crimes of its past, present and future.

Feb. 10, 2017
This is what you get when you buy a pre-installed dictatorship! Jesus fucking christ…. look whos on his cabinet…. and you dolts thought he was gonna fight the NWO.

Feb. 10, 2017
Look at the looks on these idiots faces as they proudly and mindlessly honor this stupid genocidal eugenics flag. A flag who is using militarized police, laws, poisons, mind control and intimidation on its (sic) “own” people.
Wake the hell up you useless mindless drones. You are why this land is so screwed. stupid Idiot Nazi nationalists.

Feb. 10, 2017
Throughout the ages, white males have conquered nations with this kinda violence… and in 60 yrs, they want us to forget it all. Luckily there is a new breed of consciousness and a new breed of those males who are aware of the entitlements who are fighting against this. Thank you for turning your backs on your training.

Feb. 9, 2017
Do me a favor: define violence….
Then define violence as its been educated in your mind

Feb. 8, 2017
Ever notice the oppressor defines violence by the way you resist his authority

Feb. 6, 2017
recently The Examiner exposed that Louis Farrakhan has now announced that his organization is married with L. Ron Hubbard’s controversial Church of Scientology.
The NOI is thoroughly intertwined with the leading occult trends of the twentieth century. In Black Terror White Soldiers I pointed out that the NOI traces its decent again to one Jamal ud Din al Afghani, the notorious imposter who simultaneously was the main inspiration behind the Occult Revival of the nineteenth century, as well as the fundamentalist Salafi “reform” movement of Islam, which has been the backbone of the CIA’s projects in the Middle East.

Feb. 5, 2017

Holy shit, this just happened.
My 9 yr old and I were talking about thermometers. I mentioned mercury, so we went exploring articles, trying to find the difference between the red liquid and silver liquid. In one video some guy is playing in a big dish filled with it…. I started talking about the dangers.. so we YouTubed drunken cat syndrome and this video pops up…My 9 yr old asked, is this autism? I never brought up vaccines or autism.
……He has seen autism numerous times, with family and other friends.
How come a 9 yr old can see the link, but a doctor, educated with years and years of schooling can’t?
….This made me sad.

Feb. 5, 2017
………Since 1969 we’ve been telling ya about class division (but really it was much earlier) funny how it’s now the new “in” thing among a certain people! Thanks for waking don’t even think you can school us…. we’ve been telling ya a long long time.

Feb. 4, 2017
Last night you liked my comments on a post by Felicia. She came back with some bullshit, you should see my reply.

Felicia … Rudy Twomoon you sound like a very judgmental type of person. This obviously means you could never do what this man does . you don’t have the balls you don’t have the skill you don’t have the love for this country that this man does. It is not his fault that there are bombs going off all around the world . you know very well that America is a bully and that there are just A select few elite pulling the strings .. for you to blame this man is very hypocritical. Because while you enjoy living here in America he’s making a sacrifice for you . I would consider you a part of the ungrateful group that does not deserve to be protected by those brave soldiers because you take for granted the very core of what this country stands for. I admit this country has very shitty beginnings we stepped all over people in the beginning to steal this land . The founding of this country meant stepping all over Native American rights and Mexican rights . I am both native American Yaqui Indian and Mexican American but I will not live in the past. I have to recognize what this country has done for me and what it has done for my family and I am forever grateful . I will not hold the sins of our founding forefathers and all of the civil wars that happened in the past …I will not hold them against current military men & women because that is not progressive thinking and healing does not take place with such guarded and selective view points

Rudy… You are correct. I am not like this guy, I’m not a rapist nor a contract killer. You are also correct, no, I do not love this corporation because it’s NOT a country. I will not murder innocent people for false ideals and lies. So thank you for recognizing this in me. You may have spots of Indigenous blood, but you aren’t NDN, you are colonized with propagated education which makes you a threat to all real protectors of this planet. Real history is in front of you, everywhere, easily attainable, yet you prefer to obtain your education through false media which propagates lies for profit…. just like this murdering coward who is confused as to what freedom is. So again I thank you for saying what you did about me.
Rudy… Lol….hahahaha….. instead of a reply I got blocked….. oops, did I make her almost think

Feb. 3, 2017
Is Trump’s United States in the middle of a coup?
No. It wants us to think so though.
It’s actually restructuring…. we think we are making changes, when in reality we are being programmed to act according to our personal histories.
……. and this article is a scare tactic to make us fight the ideals of a Nazi power rising… where we shed our skin of history, demanding something new, thus creating our own new world order.

Feb. 3, 2017
You do not have the right to brush off racism as Jewish if you or your forefathers benefit from it. White forefathers caused racism in america. They beat us, slaved us, murdered us for profit. White forefathers created laws to protect themselves from us and from what they did to us. You can’t blame the jews for what whites gladly partook in. On that note, I do not hate whites…. all I’m saying is, you don’t have the right to shrug off the sins of your ancestors while the rest of us are confined to the laws they created to keep us below white owned laws.

Feb. 3, 2017
No you wont. You’ll never beat this. It’s systematic…. embedded in amerikkka. You can’t separate one from the other. If you are American, support any of its structures, institutions and education, you support racism. If you support American police, it’s military and laws, you support the very foundation amerikkka was made from. Racism is the corner stone of the foundation. You have to remove America to remove racism.

Feb. 2, 2017
The funniest thing about this trump thing is, all those dipwads telling me it’s my moral obligation to vote……and now you’re saying not my president!!!! You people screamed at me, called “me” THE fool….scolded me, told me how stupid I am for not voting….telling me I don’t have a right to complain if I dont….. but he’s not your president….the fuck he isn’t! You lost the bet…own up. You got yourself a master. What are ya gonna do when the UN overrides trump and offers you a new master??? I know exactly what you’re gonna do. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Feb. 2, 2017
Nazi punching is the next big thing from those who hate racism and did noting nor said anything when the black Nazi ruled. I think your TV said to kill yourselves….better get on that so you’ll be cool.

Jan. 31, 2014
This is not a joke, it is not a conspiracy theory nor is this fear mongering… This is very real… You already know your food is being poisoned… Your water is being poisoned…. The so called medicines are poisoned….. Why wouldn’t someone unleash this beast for population reduction. Everything in the pattern of the cards is pointing in this direction, the only problem are those unwilling to allow this thought to enter their mind.

Feb. 1, 2017
Stories From the Frontline Feb. 1, 2017
I have watched as militarized forces have attacked Native Americans and their allies with unnecessary force and brutality and then lied about what they did even when confronted with video and photographic evidence. I watched the live stream videos from the Backwater Bridge on November 20th, with tears rolling down my face and a strangled scream in my throat.

Feb. 1, 2017
Watching football or friends…… they weren’t around because the TV didn’t tell them to revolt, like it is now. (Do what the TV says, don’t think…that’s right, just do)

Feb. 1, 2017
My reply to the person who shared this video and Steven…
Let’s think about this for a min…. you got this big meat head driving around armed, in armored vehicles, with armed buddies, carrying grenades, with back up flying in armed helicopters and planes, dropping bombs an average of 20 mins for the last 8 yrs straight, and he would be a victim for walking alone.
Let’s go a bit further because being armed and blowing up cities doesn’t describe why they are there in the 1st place.
The US invaded for several reasons. 1st is oil, then pharmaceutical grade poppy, and now water pipelines where the water is sold to israel who in turn sells it to Turkey for huge profits.
So is the big dumb guy a victim?
Rudy Twomoon Let’s think about this for a min…. you got this big meat head driving around armed, in armored vehicles, with armed buddies, carrying grenades, with back up flying in armed helicopters and planes, dropping bombs an average of 20 mins for the last 8 yrs straight, and he would be a victim for walking alone.

Let’s go a bit further because being armed and blowing up cities doesn’t describe why they are there in the 1st place.

The US invaded for several reasons. 1st is oil, then pharmaceutical grade poppy, and now water pipelines where the water is sold to israel who in turn sells it to Turkey for huge profits.

So is this big guy a victim here?
Brandyn Harris The point of the video was an American in general. Don’t be dumb.
Ryan N Frances Corley Smdh. If you dont like America dont let the door hit you in your liberal whiney ass on the way out
Rudy Twomoon What’s that have to do with anything. Don’t be dumb
Rudy Twomoon Actually you bring up a good point ryan… I’m trying to get amerikkka off my native land as we speak.
Damian Grube R u fucking kidding me they are over there teaching them how to protect themselves your out there bud damn killing me
Rudy Twomoon Lol
Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez Ryan N Frances Corley
Try using measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. How soon you forget where your roots come from and your sea-water wetbacks illegal immigrant White Racist Forefathers who started illegal immigration, never learned the native language…Europe sent its worst people…murders, rapist, sick with deadly diseases, racists, muggers, and when asked to leave they proceeded to murder men, women and children, rape, and forcefully stole and from you standing on from American Indians.

The Native Americans didn’t hate Europeans just for the clouds of shit-smelling awfulness they dragged around behind them. Missionaries met Indians who thought Europeans were “physically weak, sexually untrustworthy, atrociously ugly” and “possessed little intelligence in comparison to themselves.” The Europeans didn’t do much to debunk the comparison in the physical beauty department. Verrazzano, the sailor who witnessed the densely populated East Coast, called a native who boarded his ship “as beautiful in stature and build as I can possibly describe.” …. British fisherman William Wood described the Indians in New England as “more amiable to behold, though dressed only in Adam’s finery, than … an English dandy in the newest fashion.”

So Ryan N Frances Corley don’t let the door hit YOU on your PALE WHITE ASS on the way off OUR land.

Jan. 31, 2017
85 yrs we’ve not only been lied to, but trained to pass this lie on to others. That’s almost 5 generations we could have fixed cancers and mental health. 5 generations we’ve watched people die from preventable suicides and preventable sicknesses. 5 generations of healing lost. 5 generations of deliberate genocide. 5 generations of preventable pain and suffering. 85 yrs we’ve allowed this government to secretly kill us…. 85 yrs we helped them.
Think on that

Jan. 30, 2017
Bullshit propaganda…. key words, converse.
Israel was not nor ever a country, stolen from Palestine, yet he talks about conversing. No mention of why these people must defend themselves in the face of total genocide, Land grabs and Displacement. No, the president wants them to shut up and “converse” with their rules, on their time, under their sanctions and regulations. This is the exact same thing that’s happened to us on our land. Fuck israel and this ongoing lie.

Jan. 30, 2017
POTUS is not enacting new laws (nor does he have the power to make up laws). He is leveraging executive power to enforce our existing laws. Laws that have gone through the legislative process and signed while you were distracted by football, Kardashians, and the multitude of other bs distractions going on while laws quietly pass.
Easy to make him the bad guy for being a dick about it, but your other “elected” bad guys made these laws.

Jan. 30, 2017
Bourgeois propaganda:
Ideology is not divided into truths/lies, but rather by the class interests it serves, think of the facts and interpretations being omitted from the subject.

Both facts and fabrications are used to set up a narrative because propaganda does not have to be news. Much of pop culture is bourgeois propaganda.

All news/culture available has ideological content (you cannot be above ideology), and this content is connected to a certain class outlook on how the world functions.

I would regard anything in media from arts to news that upholds or pushes bourgeois decadence/values or that serves the capitalist system ( for instance commercials that encourage consumption ) to be the ruling class’s propaganda.

A central pillar of the bourgeois propaganda system is that it appears to be free and appears to provide a space for vigorous discussion. But in reality, only a vary narrow spectrum of opinion is deemed “acceptable” — the range of opinions commonly held by the bourgeoisie and their intellectual helpers.

These factors are reinforced by the fact that the corporate media is privately owned, not by a government. But the big capitalists who own the media have the same class interests and outlooks, however much they might sometimes disagree on tactics. They can propagate their interests on a variety of outlets, such that it tells working people this must be the truth because all these different outlets are saying the same thing. And when these interests are propagated multiple times in multiples places every day without dissent, the ideas of the ruling class become the ideas of a society. This is the essence of bourgeois propaganda — the most effective propaganda system ever devised while appearing to be anything but.
(Note: these are a combination of replies I edited together from Reddit on the topic, “What is Bourgeois propaganda”. None of the words are mine, I just adjusted the replies in a attempt to form a flowing definition)

Jan. 29, 2017
This land isn’t a country, it’s a corporation…this is basic fact. Those who control this corporation own a media… which is this media you listened to this very morning. This media says anything to protect its investments…. and today’s investments have to do with commercial transportation or the blocking of said transportation. In other words, these nations being blocked are done so because something is being blocked from which brings the US a profit. In other words, you are being lied to so a corporation can gain a strong hold in these nations abroad.

Jan. 29, 2017
Governor of Washington just declared Donald Trump an enemy of the United States

Why was it ok to drop bombs every 20 mins for 8 straight years on women and children, fund Mexican drug cartels with guns, create NDAA on Turtle islanders, support big oil, fracking and monsanto like Obama did???? The guys president for what, 5 days and you suddenly forget all of this. No wonder you are ruled over and continue to vote!!!

Wendy Belloli Ernzen My understanding is that the Obama administration stopped processing Iraqi refugee requests for six months in 2011 after it was discovered that two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists, who had previously attacked US soldiers in Iraq and were trained in bomb making, entered the country as refugees and were living in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The current ban is much more extensive, includes countries that had not previously been involved in terrorist plots, and excludes those that were involved in past terrorist plots (e.g., Saudi Arabia) that happen to have business ties to Trump.
Julie Ernzen TwoMoon I get it, but I am also a but appalled by all the folks insinuating that Obama was a saint, negating 8 years of bombings, NDAA, Monsanto immunity and more. It’s all control, and the sooner we understand this, and act according to human principle, and rescind our allegiance to those in supposed power, the sooner we can bring balance back to our planet.

there was a Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 two years before Trump? There was a kind of “Muslim ban” before the Muslim ban? But almost no one critiqued it in 2015 because it was Obama’s administration overseeing it.
So for more than a year it has been US policy to discriminate against, target and even begin to ban people from the seven countries that Trump is accused of banning immigrants and visitors from. CNN even hinted at this by noting “those countries were named in a 2016 law concerning immigration visas as ‘countries of concern.’” But why didn’t CNN note that the seven countries were not named and that in fact they are only on the list because of Obama’s policy?

50 opposed
48 Silent

Jan. 28, 2017
Just a reminder: Voting; the act of doing so little to change an outcome, one must greatly voice their endorsement so venomously as to scare an opponent into doing even less but louder.

Jan. 28, 2017
What’s funny to me is, all those who will follow an unjust law because it was placed on paper the day before. Then they think they gotta use paper to fight it…

Jan. 28, 2015
Looks like we’re gonna have to dismantle all these basic lies with facts. Notice how they tie lies on truths, then immediately go on to the next lie by using a segue truth. Absolutely brilliant!

Agreement tactics are amazing and should always be studied! Notice the buddy system here….delivered as if everyone agrees! Remarkably brilliant!

FYI…..this right here was the point of MK ultra. Compliance with the illusion of choice or herd mentality. Fact stacking in tandem with circumstantial truth and blatant lies. The viewer agrees with so much truth, they cannot disagree with the tie ins. To disagree with one, makes you have to justify why you disagree with the other, and that’s much too hard to do, so the mind shuts down and just accepts all.

The only way to combat this, is to know about every single topic mentioned. This includes patterns, dates, laws, sicknesses, alternative medicine and growing, pesticides, gmos, vaccines, population, water and corporate introduction to the environment.

These are just one of the millions of tactics used against you…..but good news…….they need all these circumstances like police, military, banks, media, toxins, chemicals, chemtrails, peer pressure…..that’s how powerful you are. They need to use all these weapons against little ole you.Told you it was brilliant……so you better start your studies people…..its your responsibility.

Jan. 27, 2017
“Only a feminist has the right to define feminism”. Interesting because I’ve seen baby killers who are feminist… Klansman women, eugenics specialists, elite women and so on define feminism….. and as a male from birth, I am inadvertently responsible to the subjugation forced onto women world wide. I was even told men cannot ever be repressed, only abused… after 3 attempts to point out history….later it was revoked after she realized yet another contradiction to her stance she couldn’t defend.

I support the feminine 100%. The feminine is the equal power….not less nor greater. The feminine is all power and pure, in the same way this earth is, with all its creatures equally fighting for survival and beauty.

I wont degrade myself for the false ideal of the feminine. No, I will not use body waste as war paint. You want to slather menstrual blood on your face to prove vagina power, go ahead, just don’t leave that pic of yourself on my page again.
Market your wares elsewhere.

Jan. 27, 2017
Today is Holocaust Memorial Day yet many people remain unaware of the key role of companies like Bayer and BASF in Hitler’s crimes, including the holocaust. Their role was so critical that it led the Chief Prosecutor at Nuremburg to warn: “These companies, not the lunatic Nazi fanatics, are the main war criminals. If the guilt of these criminals is not brought to daylight and if they are not punished, they will pose a much greater threat to the future peace of the world than Hitler if he were still alive.”

But despite the enormity of their crimes, their guilt has remained largely hidden and by the early 1950s a number of those convicted of slavery, looting and mass murder were already back at the helm of Bayer, Hoechst and BASF – companies still owned and led by the very people who had helped Hitler to power and provided the technical know-how for his wars of aggression and the holocaust…… It’s disturbing yet vital to know these things. ..and now to get a tissue…

Jan. 26, 2017
I kinda don’t care if I offend for the most part..your agreements to criminal activity is much more offensive than me hurting feelings.

Jan. 26, 2017
It’s not trumps wall;
It started with Bill Clintons fence, was gifted to Bush who added to it, who then gave the wall to Obama who also added onto that with the help of Hillary clinton. Trump is just keeping the tradition. Know your facts dumbasses! The wall is jew owned and pushed.

Jan. 26, 2017
Back when I was forced to study the Holocaust, I was forced to believe a lie of 6 million people were murdered. I was also forced to forget a 100 million of my own people were destroyed right here on this land. Later I found out the six million number has always been a fabrication as is Ann Frank. In fact, the entire mandated official jew story is a complete and total lie. The real question isn’t the truth behind all this, the question is, why did the entire US feel the need to educate us all with these complete fabrications….. who has this power to create a worldwide lie and why do they have the need to do so…

Jan. 26, 2017
Growing concerns that ROZOL poisoning could be the cause of “camp cough” at Standing Rock camps
Your captors taught you to be peaceful for a reason. So now what’s up? Protecting is now an act of war against the United States of Amerikkka. I repeat, ACT OF WAR!!!
Under Obama, not trump or hillary. When will you finally admit the peace movement was created by your captors

Jan. 25, 2017
When a movement reaches across multiple forms of major media, reaches millions, has no stated goals but many-many separate ideals, is defended venomously, odds are close to 100% it’s drafted by your oppressor.

Jan. 25, 2017

Let me say this….. we had 1.3 million people, marching together….in front of these “houses of the lords” where it hosts maybe a few hundred unarmed criminals….. and all they did was hold signs and complain….
1.3 million angry, hurt, abused humans at the very places where injustices are signed into law….hmmmmmmm

Greg Fessler asking for permissions from those who took them away!! heh! stupidity at its finest…
Jewely Ann Wait, so where are the structurally more powerful MEN at the front of the ranks to lead the charge? #SexistCritique What the actual fuck? Making the most oppressed 50% of the planet the butt of your ridicule for NOT doing the heavy lifting, while we have the least structural power? Huh? #ToneDeaf
Rudy Twomoon Fuck you Jewely. That isn’t a joke. It’s a fact for every walking protest. You say the women should lead, so fucking lead already.
Rudy Twomoon ……reminder. I stated this countless times during the occupy protests
Jewely Ann We’re not structurally equipped to lead a violent protest. Native women lead by holding sacred pace and taking a beating. That’s not inciting open rebellion. Context is everything, brother, in 3D.
Rudy Twomoon Like geese, the female leads from the back… same with buffalo and indigenous
Rudy Twomoon But I ain’t blaming a sex….I’m blaming the numbers which is very apparent
Jewely Ann You can’t ignore that the numbers are of women, who lack structural power contextual to male supremacy. It matters.
Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez The March for Women was destined to be ineffective; there was no set goal to the protests other than “I’m woman hear me roar”; no clear path from marching to power. The protest was a feel good extravaganza of festooned women in pink pussy hats (did they not realize not everyone’s genitalia is pink), costumed in cartoon female genital orifices and body waste spread across their cheeks simulating war paint. What was that supposed to prove?

The obvious first question should have been: why a communal march in the streets as a form of protest? Female activists have succumbed to one of the most enduring myths of the contemporary American protest: the comforting belief; “if you can get enough people into the streets from diverse demographics, largely unified behind a message, the powers that be will be forced to cave in to the crowd’s wishes”. But no one bothered to ask “What was supposed to come afterwards?”

The only awareness raised from this ridiculous continued embarrassment to women was giving more comedic fodder to the media “Isn’t that cute, women are such giddy little creatures. Now go sit down so we can get back to business”…

These females were a laughingstock by mocking their own bodies and the only thing they managed to prove was a bunch of gaggling women could get together and gather a bigger crowd than attended Trumps Inauguration.

Jewely Ann I have total respect for everything you just said here. I’m not supporting the march. We do need all those bigger questions. However, because women are systemically separated isolated and denied community, is inherently subversive to get them together on the micro level, even for a day. Heavy critiques are certainly warranted. All i meant was that it’s inappropriate to ridicule women as a class when they hold so little of society’s power for not attacking the Lords all by themselves. It lacks contextual awareness.
Rudy Twomoon They weren’t all by themselves. There were men and women as well as military women. You’re arguing just for argument sake. I talked about numbers and you went straight to sexism. Face it, you were used for an agenda and you know it. I don’t exactly know what the agenda was, but I do know it was for distraction, Displacement of ideals and a cover up for pedophiles and rapists.
Rudy Twomoon Also, with these numbers, no one need bring weapons nor violence, presence was more than enough for a take over….just like occupy
Kristeen Irigoyen-Hernandez Jewely Ann … I didn’t see Rudy as critiquing women, actually he acknowledged them as being “angry, hurt, abused humans” begging for acceptance yet not discerning they were “at the very places where injustices are signed into law”.

These females were a laughingstock by mocking their own bodies and the only thing they managed to prove was a bunch of gaggling women could get together and gather a bigger crowd than attended Trumps Inauguration.

Jewely Ann Me? i didn’t march. It wasn’t a black bloc match, obviously. Women being used by the power mongers, gee, that’s really something new. #DownByPatriarchy Not everyone there was pro-Clinton, but those who were certainly unknowingly support those things. I’m always clear about that.

Jan. 24, 2017
Yep! In 4 years or so you’re gonna be sooooo voted out when you give us the plastic steering wheel of choice… you watch! We are gonna vote so fucking hard this time, you won’t know what hit you! We’re gonna sign soooooooo damn many petitions against you, you’ll be reading for days!!!!! When you give us new representatives to choose from, we are so gonna pick the lesser evil and thrown you back into your mansion!!!!!!!!!! You just watch us…someday it’s gonna happen!!!

Jan. 24, 2017
When you gonna get it? They don’t fucking care about your protest…they love it. When you hold a sign, it means you aren’t aiming a gun at them. They love when you demand permission. They love it because you are still asking them in a pleading way. They own your mind and actions. When they make protesting illegal, you ask for that back too…. politely, because you won’t want to upset or anger them and their paper laws.

Jan. 23, 2017
We are often used as leverage for the leadership to gain more money for their resources and then left with no support and often vilified by the very leadership that asked them to make a stand. Obviously this was not the intent of the Camps or the Water Protectors themselves, we can however speculate that it may well have been the intention of Dave and SRST but the situation spiralled out of their control because they had no idea how committed to protecting Mother Earth our People and Allies truly are.
How many gallons of petrol bought? How much fast food consumed? How many cardboard cutouts were left? How many water bottles, plastic and Styrofoam cups used? Yep, You really stuck it to the “MAN” with this Million March!

Jan. 22, 2017
Now that the March is over, it’s time to get back to shutting our eyes on political baby rapists, paying taxes, supporting war, eating fake phude, taking vaccines, promoting colonism, drinking fluoride, saying those are clouds, cheering for police and soldiers, watching fake media, and of course cheering for self-servitude to fascism! Good job TV minds, your entire job is complete! You sure did put the golden toilet shitter right in his place! Now he is aware………are you?

Jan. 22, 2017
I’m just about done. You want your A21…. fucking have it with your fake ass marching, your gmo labeling and single shot vaccines. You’ll protest a pussy grabber but not a child fucker. Enjoy your stupidity. Enjoy your fucking follow the leader sheep mentality. Enjoy false rights and cryogenic liberties

Jan. 20, 2017
I am a 3 time 9th grade uneducated failer……and far proud to claim this title. It means I was strong enough to resist implanted thoughts and implanted ideals 3 times, while disregarding the prior attempts of kindergarten through 8th. That’s 11 yrs of self preservation and resistance. You couldn’t have me with your media, education, propaganda and peer pressure combined. I win…. and as winner, I challenge you to the masses. I will uneducate those around me, giving them the power to uneducate others around them. Your move amerikkka, let the games begin.
Jan. 18, 2017
President Obama won’t commute Native American activist who killed FBI agents despite plea from Pope Francis
No shit, duh….. was anyone dumb enough to believe he just might… if so, then you are not familiar with your surroundings or history.

Jan. 18, 2017
Public Law 105-85 Allows Chemtrails and Biological Weapons Testing on Civilians Without Explicit Consent 8
Public Law 105-85 Allows Chemtrails and Biological Weapons Testing on Civilians Without Explicit Consent
Because you’ve already been “informed in advance” and you’ve already given your “consent”.
Because this “law” is publicly available for everyone to read, you have been “informed”. Because you have not contested it (that’s what the courts are for), you have provided your “consent”.
This law is part of a contract between you and the government. When the terms of a contract are known and uncontested, it’s called “acquiescence”. Acquiescence essentially means that both parties are in agreement.
Acquiesce: “submit or comply silently or without protest”

Jan. 18, 2017
The non-GMO movement has failed to recognize and stress that the total impact of GMO farming has two parts, one: GMO seeds and two: copious application of pesticide, herbicide and fungicide. Avoiding GMO while still ingesting conventional foods may limit the harmful and disastrous consequences of ingesting genetically modified foods, it does not however protect one from the equally disastrous and documented effects of chronic pesticide exposure. Therefore, the products being marketed by the above company and so many others are relying on consumer fatigue as their selling point, while capitalizing on a movement that in truth does little to diminish exposure to harmful toxins in our food supply. Worse yet, they promote their products as being good for detoxification while filling their consumer’s bodies with denatured, toxin laden food.

Jan. 17, 2017
Maybe this *WOULD NOT* have been the damn case if the elders had let the vets take the platform ***WHEN THEY WERE STILL THERE!!!!*** THIS IS ALL TURNING OUT TO BE SOME SELF FULFILLED AGENDA 21 BULLSHIT!!!!!!

Jan. 17, 2017
It’s funny when whites experience amerikkka for the 1st time….. the shock…. the look of….”But I’m supposed to be exempt!!!!! School didn’t teach me this!!!”
Our friend Matt Orfalea was Handcuffed for sharing MLK quotes at MLK Memorial on MLK Day

Jan. 15, 2017
I present the *Unsinkable* Sharon Brown!! Sharon is the TRUE LEADER of our movement — she is the smartest — her voice always rings TRUE — and her opposition is the loudest & fiercest!!! ::::::: I urge you all, STOP following the impostors: Larry Crook, Brandy Vaughan, Christina Hildebrand, Del Bigtree, etc. Sharon explains it best —>> we already know vaccines come with risk of great bodily harm, therefore, we have a moral obligation to FORBID parents from choosing vaccines for their kids!! ::::::: When groups like *OurKidsOurChoice,* or *VoiceForChoice* say they “fight for the parent’s right to choose” — then that’s just plain wrong! Sure, freedom-of-choice sounds appealing — but NOT when it comes to vaccines — which carry an appreciable degree of risk — they are *unavoidably unsafe.*. And, furthermore, as Sharon argues, if doctors ever gave “proper” informed consent — no sane person would EVER choose to plunge a syringe full of toxins into their baby’s thigh muscle!! ~~TMP.

Jan. 15, 2017
Can you believe there are dumb people out there who think this guy (Obama) was good. They need to be slapped…. hard, in the face, with bricks of knowledge.

At the end of FY 2017 the gross US federal government debt is estimated to be $19.5 trillion, according to the FY17 Federal Budget.

2017 – The debt ceiling is currently set at $16.394 Trillion
09/30/2015 18,150,617,666,484.33
09/30/2014 17,824,071,380,733.82
09/30/2013 16,738,183,526,697.32
09/30/2012 16,066,241,407,385.89
09/30/2011 14,790,340,328,557.15
09/30/2010 13,561,623,030,891.79
09/30/2009 11,909,829,003,511.75
09/30/20005 674,178,209,886.86

Of the $12.9 trillion chunk of debt owned by Americans, $5.3 trillion is held by government trust funds such as Social Security, $5.1 trillion is held by individuals, pension funds and state and local governments and the remaining $2.5 trillion is held by the Federal Reserve. Outside the U.S., China is the largest foreign holder of the debt, with $1.25 trillion. It is followed closely by Japan, which holds $1.13 trillion.

Jan. 15, 2017
Definition of govern
transitive verb
a : to exercise continuous sovereign authority over; especially : to control and direct the making and administration of policy in
b : to rule without sovereign power and usually without having the authority to determine basic policy
a archaic : manipulate
b : to control the speed of (as a machine) especially by automatic means
a : to control, direct, or strongly influence the actions and conduct of
b : to exert a determining or guiding influence in or over
c : to hold in check : restrain
: to require (a word) to be in a certain case
: to serve as a precedent or deciding principle for
intransitive verb
: to prevail or have decisive influence : control
: to exercise authority
governableplay \ˈgə-vər-nə-bəl\ adjective

Jan. 13, 2017
You have more strength and freedom than you’ll ever know, but you just hand it over to pedophiles and baby eaters who “GIVE” you phreedumb.

Jan. 13, 2017
Monsanto Buys Up Heirloom Seed Suppliers
I’ve been saying this for yrs..with proof…thankfully someone is thinking! The NM Tree and Garden Center located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico has discovered that Monsanto is buying heirloom seed companies. They are also buying the trademarks to a number of heirloom seeds. This means that you may think you are supporting an heirloom seed company but in reality the company is owned by Monsanto.

Jan. 12, 2017
Republicans in Congress Set Value of All Public Lands and Buildings to $0 for Easy Sell Off at Taxpayers’ Expense
234 to 193, that would allow Congress the ability to essentially give away federal lands and buildings for free. The new rule, authored by GOP Rep. Robert Bishop of Utah, Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, codifies that any legislation to dispose of federal land and natural resources would have a net sum zero cost to taxpayers. As the rule applies only to the House legislative rules, it is not subject to approval by the Senate or a presidential signature and is effective immediately.

Jan. 12, 2017
Rosie O’Donnell Supports ‘Martial Law’ to Delay Trump’s Inauguration
See the trump hate is being used against you….. and Trump agrees and loves this ploy…. just like hillary Obama and Bush do. Stop agreeing to any of this. You don’t need to be ruled or watched over. You are your own responsibility!

Jan. 11, 2017
Don’t celebrate this…. I knew something was up when he showed up at Standing rock. He is the Cabal, same as trump. You just haven’t recognized the symptoms yet.

Jan. 10, 2017
Why do American journalists, whistleblowers and truth seekers get demonized, disappear, have to hide in foreign embassies? David Seaman has now had his Paypal shut down. His long history as a reliable journalist has been deleted from Wikipedia, He is being disappeared because he investigates John Podesta’s strange language and alleged pedophile references to “pizza” and “hot dogs”. Podesta needs investigated and America needs to get the seriousness of good people always getting silenced, slandered and killed for wanting goodness and truth.

Jan. 10, 2017
I can’t stand having to defend trump or any other so called politician…. but you should take the time to watch this… all trump haters….and hillary supporters, and bernie supporters

Jan. 10, 2017
If Christianity were looked upon less as a church and more as a Mystery School, the modern world would rapidly gain a clearer understanding of its tenets. Every priest of Christen-dom, every minister of the gospel should be an anatomist and a physiologist, a biologist and a chemist, a physician and an astronomer, a mathematician and a musician, and above all, a philosopher. By a philosopher we mean one who could study
intelligently all these different lines of thought and discover the interrelationship existing between them, and use all the arts and sciences as methods by which to interpret the magnificent emblematic pageant and mystery drama of the Christian faith. If they were to intelligently consider the secrets handed down from the priests of pagan antiquity (whose stupendous genius soared far above the rutted prejudices of modern thought), they
would make a number of important discoveries.

Jan. 10, 2017
More Hard Hitting Words From The Dalai Lama About The Mass Brainwashing Of Society
Maybe the “dolly llama” should say this to the leaders and genocide providers he “comfortably” rubs shoulders with….. like bush and cheney.

Jan. 10, 2017
I absolutely hate this video…it’s a lie….a whitewash to every single color who has to fight against this criminal government. Notice it never mentions the fight of the people throughout history, especially indigenous resistance. This is a “leave it to beaver/Andy Griffith show” of rewritten history. A total fabrication of education with propaganda pushed at the end. This is the exact definition of brainwashing.

Jan. 9, 2017
Forbidden History: Did You Know that Raggedy Ann is an Iconic symbol for Vaccine Induced Injury and Death?
Never forget!!!

Jan. 9, 2017
That Time The United States Sterilized 60,000 Of Its Citizens
I worked in development disabilities. …and some of my clients had been forced into these surgeries. This happened to them in the late 80s ….so I know 1st hand, the 60,000 number is a drop in the bucket. I also know doctors were testing torture on these patients for MK ultra stuff in these institutions before being shut down in the 90s!!! Institutions are nothing but eugenic study centers and this includes child welfare and adoption. Drug companies are allowed and even paid by government to study drugs on to use these unprotected children for evil. Your government isn’t what you were told in school. Your government has always been used against you. Please take the time to learn what they are. Stop supporting government with votes and petitions and actions. Your government isn’t corrupt at all… literally is a vile evil entity based on demonic practices posed as protection. Do not fall for the United Nations trade of government.

Jan. 9, 2017

The objective of the “project” was to infiltrate the black community by presenting birth control as a health option for women to kill off the black race.Kill them off by limiting the growth of the population by abortion and sterilization.

They knew that some blacks would figure out their sinister plot so it was decided by Sanger to take the plan to the clergy and charismatic members the black community to have them deliver the death message to their congregations.

In a letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble Sanger stated, “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. And the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Jan. 8, 2017
I wish people would realize, behind the curtain lies a religion, not a human. Zionist Vatican mason mafia are the Cabal behind every politician, bank, agriculture, pharma, oil, wind and water rapist. Politics are just the choice of outside packaging made from the exact same ingredients. Trump, Obama, hillary, bernie, stein, Reagan, bush….. they are all made from the same religion of lies, destitution, genocide and slavery. They were and are the pets of this Cabal. You have no choice.

Jan. 7, 2017
If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day..if you teach a man to fish, you can rob him when you’re hungry.

Jan. 5, 2017
Judge rules doctors can refuse trans patients and women who have had abortions
This is what happens when you fork over your private power to criminals…. while you have to fight to be poisoned by what you been trained to think of as health practice. Wake up

Jan. 5, 2017
Funny this says this country wasn’t founded on christianity…. when that was the very weapon used to enslave, genocide and make mockery of Indigenous and blacks to ensure this land for their exploitative pleasures…
These very names signed laws which made it legal mandated placement of Indigenous into Christian run concentration camps and re-education centers. This meme is a flat out lie

Jan. 3, 2017
The biggest trick the devil did was convince the Christians he was the holy christ. You worship the lucifer, the Satan and the devil…yes, the trinity.

Jan. 3, 2017
Facebook Secrets: Want to See Who Is Monitoring Your Page?

Alright folks… this isn’t real. These are not trolls for the most part… if you put your nickname “Facebook security” than YOU will be “unblockable” and will be able to view everyone who has ever blocked you, and you can even see their posts. That’s all that’s happening. For the record, many people.are doing this and are coming up as FB security… like I said, for the most part they ain’t trolls.
So this psyops being passed around is to make you all paranoid… don’t worry… the CIA, NSA, Homeland security already has all your Dick pics stored.

Jan. 3, 2017
Christians for the most part are the dumbest, most audacious forgetful idiots I have ever had to deal with. Really? You think Islam is the only religion to kill people… what about these fucking israel jews sitting on stolen land… what about your own people who killed 100s of millions under the Christian banner…. learn your christian history you fucking morons! You are exactly why this world is so fucked up…. your self proclaimed entitlements allow you to justify every sin committed as holy. If your weak ass pathetic God is so strong, why doesn’t he fight the other gods instead of having your dumb asses killing his opponents followings? Jesus would slap the shit from your mouths if he was real!