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Dec. 30, 2015
The greedy fucks from MDARD raided one of the cleanest and healthiest organic fed wild pig farms. The farmer is afraid for his life, is shutting down and moving from MI. This is what the USDA does for conventional farmer$ and the board members who happens to owns the largest factory pig farm in MI……and who also seats MDARD. This is the same group who watches over organic….. and do not for a second forget the USDA received hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow tip bullets and untold weapons from the US government.

Yeah, just label your shit!!!! These are the facts the label movement is deliberately keeping from you. Know your fucking enemy!!!!!
More info coming soon

Dec. 29, 2015
Used a bloodroot mix to brush my teeth this morning. The goop it removed from my mouth was to say the least, gross…..but wow, my mouth feels alive, and clean. Medical science wants you afraid of this plant because of its strength. And the natural producers wants you to over indulge in this sacred herb, just like they do with all their products. It’s not a plant to be used without proper respect. You also should know if this plant is male or female before using. Sometimes men need female medicine and vise versa, and sometimes you need the sex you are. It doesn’t surprise me, but it blows my mind how much we don’t know about our sacred ancestors….. all the knowledge we have lost, and all the knowledge we choose to ignore based on fear based science. I haven’t myself figured out how, but we need to learn to hear our ancestor medicines. Every now and then, I almost understand their instructions.

Dec. 26, 2014
When you fund the enemy you claim to hate…..Don’t you just make them more powerful and you foolish…..Guy Fawkes masks are owned by Ted Turner….for every mask paid for, money goes to Time Warner enterprises……and on that note, you should….um…….look into all those time warner supports and who their shareholders are….let me give you a hint……Anything to do with centralized banking and weapons manufacturers and the media who paints you as terrorists. I double dog dare you to prove me incorrect. Please, look into all Ted Turner affiliates……one last thing id like to throw at ya…….Georgia Guidstones. Yep, lots of circumstantial evidence pointing to Ted being the guy who funded the land, building, labor and materials for the Guidstones……and exactly what do the Guidstones mean, well then you may want to check out the United Nations Agenda 21. While you are at it, check out their before and after land maps, and ask yourself “where the fuck did all the people go?

Dec. 27, 2015
A warning to whites. ….and this is a warning to colors….. the rich don’t care who makes their money or gives them power…. it’s the products you fund which make war on the rich who haven’t learned to exploit their wealth yet (un-mined lands). The goal shouldn’t be lifting yourselves with ideals of agriculture rape. The goal is remove the rape so all may have a chance at true wealth, without it being forced by any government or perceived power.

Remember, Mandela was placed into power because the super rich didn’t want to lose their power….. so they said what the hell, give the poor what they always wanted, false equality, and we were will have rich slaves who will always fight to keep us in power.

Dec. 23, 2015
“It sad to think, when you move to a safe white neighborhood you wouldn’t have to think there’d be nigger crimes. It’s scary. The world is so dangerous, nowhere is safe anymore.”

I am so fucking pissed right now….no, the neighbors didn’t exactly say it this way, but that’s exactly what she fucking meant. And this is exactly why she won’t allow her son to play with ours….her wonderful, white, pure children may become a victim of nigger crimes…..ya know, because whites have never involved themselves in hate or violent activity. No, they never stole land and beat and owned slaves or created mass genocide of 100 million colored people. No, they don’t participate in hate crimes, steal, lie and cheat. No, good Christian white folks are above all this. For the love of jesus, can we make this place a safe haven for whites the world over! Come on all you other nations, stop thinking of just yourselves, we have to either move out or change our ways so the whites can live their peaceful fucking lives!!! How fucking dare you niggers, spicks and wagon burners subject the pure white race to your colored ways and criminal activities.

I’m so livid right now….we live probably in one of the whitest and safest neighborhoods in all of Michigan….and so far, all I have seen are prejudice whites who are so bored, they make up crime stories so they may justify their fear of other races. They literally make up stories so they can play victim roles, all because they moved to a place where virtually nothing of interest happens.

If I offended you just now, remember, I’m talking about the superficial cowards I am forced to deal with all the time. Lying fucking cowards who somehow believe they are better…… all because the TV and education told them so.

Dec. 22, 2015
Ya wanna know why….because the stupid label campaign. .that’s why!!## they absolutely refuse to fight for a ban. They absolutely refuse to fight for anything except coexistence while protecting chemical makers rights to poison you. Blame March Against Monsanto and Moms Across America!!!! They are at fault. It is your job to expose these groups if you want a fucking ban!!!
These are the people who are protecting Monsanto And Co from you:
Tami Canal
Zen Honeycutt
Angie Morelli
Anne Temple
Sheryl McCumsey
Susan Case
Tony Mitra

Dec. 21, 2015
The founder of March Against Monsanto Tami Canal, her bio on Wikipedia was written by a major PRO GMO site called The Genetics Literacy Project. (Let me repeat this. Tami’s bio was written by a PRO GMO Site) The proof is found on her wiki page. Look near the bottom, it says “CRITICISMS”…. this is a common word used in this site when they debunk an anti gmo ideal or person. (Notice there isn’t anything negative said about her..) but more importantly, note she copied her bio “FROM” The Genetics Literacy Project and pasted it “as her bio” on her wiki page!!!!
Why would they write her bio and why would she copy her bio and “then” use this as her wiki? If the genetic literacy project had copied from her page, the “CRITICISMS” word would not be there.
Tami Canal bio from The Genetics Literacy Project…/march-against-mon…/
Tami Canal bio from wiki page
Here is the Intelius report showing Tami Canal at one time worked for Monsanto.
Remember folks, Tami is the founder of March Against Monsanto. ….how is it she has so many ties to this evil company?
We have 4 confirmed leaders in the Label GMO movement who have ties to Monsanto Biotechnology.
Zen Honeycutts husband Todd works for Bio-rad
Anne Temple who right now works for HMGC Genetics lab
Kevin Folta who was just outed for receiving a $25,000 grant directly from Monsanto
And now we have Tami Canal. Does this really sound like a coincidence????
Here is why the label campaign exists, to hide everything biotechnology is trying to do in secret. …ask your leaders why they consistently refuse to speak about these matters.…/…
Ask your leaders these questions:
1) I’m confused as to why the labeling campaign wishes to label toxic products who are already labeled by their brand name; Kraft, Kebbler, coke McDonald’s, subway etc……whats the point of labeling toxins when the whole thing is one giant chemical.
2) I can’t understand why the labeling campaign refuses to mention what is happening inside the NSOB. How the NSOB now seats mostly conventional agriculture producers who get to change the definitions, laws and bylaws for the term of organic. Or how they are allowing chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides inside of organic farming, while hiding these deeds behind closed doors in secret. Knowing this, why do you flat out refuse to tell your supporters and activists about this vital information?
3) I also notice the label campaign refuses to mention how almost all major store brands of organic are now owned by conventional producers. Knowing this, why do you flat out refuse to tell your supporters and activists about this vital information?
4) I don’t understand why the labeling campaign never ever mentions these things….never. Will you answer why this is so.
5) Why do the leaders consistently block more and more of their loyal supporters and activists who ask these simple questions concerning food freedom?
Every person does have the right to know what goes into their body, but if the terms are being reworded and definitions are being changed for these toxic allowances in organic, how are these foods different from conventional phudes?
Please note, I also added a pic of Mercola where they used the word criticisms.

Dec. 12, 2012
Ever since I was a little kid, I remember seeing those little god comic books some churches give out. I remember seeing a few different ones that talk about end times. Starting with people fighting and leading to world war. From all the years I can remember going to church, this came up a few times. I’m older now, and have since turned my back on the church. I am responsible for my outcomes… And have no savior but myself. I think back to all the religions and am reminded of the beliefs expressing and pushing a higher power grants us the right to enslave all, that this planet is here to conquer, and all its beings. That its even in the Devine power we conquer our own blood relations if they do not follow gods plan…. I see many also turning their backs on this god for Devine light…. But this also scares me, because I notice these same people talking about giving away all fears (and that is a good thing) and do nothing but pray…. They say things like manifest destiny….. While living in large homes, turning off their minds to what’s happening all around them, ignoring what went into the products that surround them…. The foods they eat, the medicare they depend on… For Peace and enlightenment…. This scares me badly. Peace is a great thing and so is living in balance….. But how can you jump past personal guilt straight into bliss…. Do you not have a conscious? If this is the peace you want, then we will all continue to make others suffer for our pleasure and peace of mind, our conveniences, in the exact same way the church has allowed so many others to do. Ignoring the pain, the humiliation and perversion for personal comfort. I see a lot of people just skipping straight to total bliss. Today is the day. Today marks our chance to be greater. Balance is not in just yourself but in the way the world is treated around you. The little things we do to be as fair as possible to all life and spirits. You can’t find balance in just your mind and heart, it also must be found in your actions. Belief only take us half way, action takes us past it…. And that’s were balance is found. I pray the world does end today because this isn’t the world I wish to live in. The world so may people follow so blindly. A world where genocide is praised. A world where it’s glamorous to throw away a whole shark for its fin, but it’s unlawful for the shark to bite a human. A world where it’s fine to kill a pack of starving wolves because they just might steal the flesh we fence, feed and water, on the land stolen from them. This is the death of the world so many ancient people talk about… Not the end of life…. Just the world you live in…. Those I believe are the real translations. I hope it doesn’t take us fighting each other to make this possible. I pray we learn before the lesson is forced on us…. anything can be manifested by force…. Even peace

Dec. 17, 2015
The BPP (Black Panther Party) were created to protect its black citizens from police and government inside the ghetto or city prison. The idea actually comes from the Latino/Chicano Movement who they studied from.

There are two parts to this story so id like to start with the second part first. The way the movement was broken up was a combination of assaults from many directions. Police used assassination and police brutality as a fear tactic, while the Feds placed groups of agents and …… start rumors, fighting and cause paranoia among the groups. In many cities, the government built freeways through the neighborhoods to break up activist clusters, causing displacement of families and friends and eliminating jobs. This caused an East/west or North/South type of border. Next, major drugs were introduced like crack causing groups to form and fight and kill each other for territory profit, the same groups who at one time were working together for the protection of the people.

This is very important to know, but what’s more important is the reason why…..

Groups like the Black, Red and Brown power groups created what some would call a utopia. No, it wasnt all peaceful, but they were on the verge of getting there. These groups had created a police force of their own to protect themselves from city police. They were also creating a new education system where the stories and struggles of their ancestors could be told uncensored. In addition, they had created health clinics and legal council for themselves……But the glue that was holding this all together was food. They were creating community gardens in unused space and using food as a healing mechanism for community. They fed adults and children. No one was to be left out and go hungry. Food was to be hand made in schools, homes and other centers and delivered cooked to the elderly.

What was once a ghetto prison, was fast becoming its own private country inside the united states, without any corporate ties or government regulations. Imagine what would have happened to the entire United States if the good white amerikkkans found out they “ALSO” didnt need a corporate ruled government. What if whites learned the struggles of the Red Brown and Black people, and realized they themselves were also a slave to labor, taxes and war, but with certain entitlements? Imagine what would have happened if all these colors started learning from one another, doing free trade and bartering. This whole country would have collapsed and the corporations would have no items to offer or government to control.

I have spent the last 6 years learning the techniques of slavery and mind control. I have studied patterns of forced circumstance and manipulation. During these 6 years I have shared everything I have learned to anyone and everyone. It wasn’t till I met up with a group of other food activists who also had different puzzle pieces of restoring our humanity on this planet, did we combine our strengths into combining all our ideas into one complete system of activism which could be applied to every township, city and state.

In other words, we are attempting a clean food movement which brings all activist groups together into one force, so we as a unit, can protect our planet from those who rule governments for slavery and genocide.

To create an understanding of the true nature of Organic farming practices.

To have a complete database to the public looking for pure organic techniques for trade and market

To combine efforts of those who wish to create free garden spaces for the public

to flood the market with free food so no one will go hungry

to create a free education system of different food growing practices which promote all life forms.

To create internal laws which protect people from police and political laws based on traditional methods of preservation and not control.

To remove the prison system and it’s for profit and mind control generated for fear and free labor based on slave trade.

More soon to come….looking for individuals who are willing to give up their belief a lessor evil will somehow become the miracle which provides our freedom from their political/corporate ownership.

Dec. 15, 2015
There’s nothing wrong with diversity so stop pretending there is. Your color is yours. I don’t see color my ass. You do see color, what you don’t want to see is the history covering the skin. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it……… look what Israel is doing. So hell no, I refuse to forget because I refuse to have my children treat another race as subhuman. Do not forget your history!

Mon. Dec. 14, 2015
Patriots. ….give me slavery or give me debt….. no wait, gimme gimme gimme….mine mine mine… murikkka! “All lives matter” you stupid dirty faggot Mexican pagan sinner….get off our freedom land or I’ll shoot you in the face! Praise god and our forefathers…..liberty and the constitution for all. What’s the difference between a pizza and a black man? A pizza can feed a family of 5…..naw just kidding, you color’d folks are just as good as I am. Your free now, so stop saying I’m the racist here. Don’t blame me because your own people sold you…
And them injuns, they just want to be like us, that’s why they got themselves casinos….too bad they waste all their money on alcohol and court fees. Wanna see my dream catcher tattoo? It was passed on to me by my great great grandmother, a Cherokee princess.

Sun. Dec. 6, 2015
I am so fucking fed up with people being deliberately poisoned. Our medicines are sick and are of little help with the deep layers of Mico plasmas and engineered DNA debilitators and modifiers. I’m so fucking angry seeing all these people being harmed, and they don’t know what’s wrong….the medical community doesn’t have the knowledge and resources because it’s being buried under the term conspiracy and quackery. There is an ancient science for rebalance that’s being hoarded and utilized by those who are making us sick spiritually, physically and mentally. I have the access to help but not the resources. … so we, my wife and I are stuck. We want to help everyone, but time and perceived value notes prevent this…. we know why people are sick, we know how to help them, we know it works and we want to bring this knowledge to the masses. I don’t know what to do….even though we are desperately trying to create a plan which can help all those who seek it. I look around and all information can think is, this is all on purpose. People are victims to this plan the world over… I need to help.

Mon. Nov. 30, 2015
I don’t give damn if you dont like what I’m about to say because what I’m about to tell you is true… The label GMO project is fraudulent!

You don’t need a government to label foods, you need to remove government from dictating what foods are.

Fact : the only reason we have government is because we raise food in the manner for profit. Food is currency. If you remove “stated value” of foods and return it to “traded value”, no money controls it. Money becomes extinct. Chemicals for war will have no value and no need.

There is more than enough land in use to feed the entire world here in amerika with plenty left over.
Poverty is used to control the planet. Without it, there is absolutely nothing to fight for.

The labeling GMO’s are a false ideal, it still grants foods structuring to a government entity. They still have control over who eats and who doesn’t.

This is nuts and bolts… Not a band aid! Labeling GMO’s does not in any way return power to the grower or buyer. What is does do is keep the stolen power in the hands of genocidal fanatics.

We have a lot of brilliant minds out here, we need to figure how to regain our power.

If we do this, in a matter of months, pollution would drop at least 50–80%. We would concentrate our efforts on free non slavery power. We wouldn’t have to fight fracking or oil.

Now that so many people are starting to wake up, now will you hear me. I have stated this many times in the past. Food, non poison, non slavery food is the world’s cure.

It is the only option we have never tried to regain. And it’s the only one that will work! This is a fact!

If you are sick of the way this world works, change what and how you eat. Talk to people, put your heads together…. And by all means, ignore all you have ever learned in school about agriculture! Agriculture is lie. Agriculture is slavery, genocide and separatism piled onto greed. Agriculture in no way is cultivation. It’s the complete opposite.

Thanksgiving Nov. 26, 2015
And when this didn’t work exactly as planned, they brought freeways right through neighborhoods, claimed eminent domain, and displaced thousands of families at the same moment they brought in Crack and guns for future displacement……. All because the people were able to create a sovereign nation, totally independent of the US. They traded food, provided medicine, uneducated themselves from assimilated engineering and worked in trade….. Blacks and Indians learned all this from the Mexican brown movement. Same shit happed to all the people of color. This is why we say fuck all lives matter, cause people want us to fight with them to return the government back to its former self…. What’s funny is, it’s always been this way, they’re just to stupid to realize it, nor did they care about people of color until they became exploited like the rest of us. These *All Lives Matter* folks want equality, and that’s exactly what they’re getting… A police state! How can these people be so stupid to think we will fight by their side against government just help them reclaim their entitlements over us again…. Sorry *All Lives Matter*, you freely gave up your rights to govern over others when you exchanged your freedom for more government and perceived security …. Dumb asses

Nov. 25, 2015
I know most of you won’t believe me, but you, we- are trained to believe this world War 3 is to occur based on crumbs left for us to find. These crumbs have been placed in government files and dislodged by the freedom of information..crumbs have been placed in movies, Novels, cartoons and even card games called illuminati…. We are supposed to find these crumbs and link it back to history, the history all of a sudden being (sic) accidentally released…. This is a game…. And the game has 2 choices, complete surrender or genocide. Either way the NWO may Commerce. There is another road for those who have prepared, but you can’t accept any other governmental powers above you. This is a road of in-between, taking responsibility for your own actions. Sure, they will use police for conformity and death, but aren’t they already killing you through the phudes, water, vaccines, medications, Chemtrails, jobs, banking, debt, education, laws, wars and peer pressure and brutality? All these things mentioned are their weakness… All because that’s what they need to control little tiny you.

Nov. 24, 2015
(Isn’t queer, we live in fear of our peers who cry crocodile tears…… promote media smears with jeers, laughing and poking our gears, while drinking beers, screaming racial sneers………)
We’re in that awkward age, so they hand us our next hero sage.
All this we learn from the whores page, practicing rape on the main stage. Hoarding Rotisserie slave wage……., medicate – dont feel the rage, nor attempt to disengage, or your ass will be moved to the freedom cage.
Vladimir Putin doesn’t lie, yet ignores Chemtrails in his skies… And he makes
Monsanto shake in fear, While they buying up Russian – Frontier.
Fighting the Senate and Congress, Barack angry, shakes his fist…
…. But I know Vlady hiding Bush in his bathouse, with obamas wife’s dick – stuck- deep in his mouth…
You expect me to believe he’s for global democracy, and the eye doesn’t wink in mockery……..
That’s it’s an accidental catastrophe, and ISIS wants to convert or waste it’s bullets on me.
I’m not some mental amputee, and know you part of the triangle – thirty-three.
….. And amerikka says I’m just supposed to agree…….. Fuck you, a pretend master ain’t free to own to me.
~Rudy TwoMoon© 2015

Nov. 22, 2015
I’d love to hear the logic behind supporting the bombing of innocent Syrians by France from some of you dumb mother fuckers with French flag overlays. Hundreds of men, women, and children who have known nothing but blood and fear all of their lives. Do you feel better yet? Is this the cause you want to support? If so, you are a shitty, worthless human, and I want nothing to do with you.
Fuck France.
Fuck the USA.
Fuck Israel.
Fuck ISIS, the CIA, and Mossad.
Fuck your false sense of empathy.
Fuck your abhorrent ignorance.
Nov. 21, 2015
We “do not” have a lack of resources which prevents us from helping the homeless, vets AND refugees… 80% of all farmland is dedicated to biofuel, animal feed, filler for toxic phudes, cotton and plastic….. Also there are enough abandoned homes in the US to provide every citizen with 3 homes… No we do not lack resources at all…. What we lack is judgment in distribution of power and lack the judgement to do it ourselves.

Nov. 19, 2015
What would you think if I said it was OK to pray for Paris and Israel while you also pray for Palestine, Syria, Africa, Russia, Turtle Island, the Christian, Muslim, atheist and Jew. What if I said it’s OK to pray for your enemies healing along with others. What if I said it’s OK to pray for yourself, to ask for the strength to be the medicine you take from the plants and water…. To be strong for the lands and water… To be the medicine of the earth for others around you. What would you say if I told you it’s OK to be human and you can be thankful of it. What would you think if I said it’s OK to pray out anger for peace.

Nov. 19, 2015
You “say” you wanna support homeless vets and Americans instead of refugees? Let’s clear some shit up ok….. Till a few weeks ago did you actually help any homeless vets? Did you know there are enough empty houses on this land to give every single person 3 homes? Did you know almost 80% of all wheat, soy and corn are used not only for biofuel and animal feed, but also as filler in toxic chemical ridden products called food? Did you know military protects these practices of food hoarding for corporate statehood? Did you know the vets you ignored until a few weeks ago are probably the cause to the human displacement happening around the world? Did you know many of these vets went to other lands and killed people, stole their land and resources for your under priced conveniences? Did you know many vets didn’t warn the youth about the genocide they committed for your banks? Let’s get real here, you didnt give a fuck about your vets in the exact same way you don’t give a fuck about refugees….. Only you are too cowardly to state what everyone already knows, that you are nothing but a selfish asshole. If you did care about vets, you would have banned together and fixed this problem instead of waiting for a voted in sorry excuse for a human to do it for you. I bet you also say “all lives matter” when the word black or Indigenous comes up to describe a certain situation you benefit from… Instead of finger pointing and racial profiling victims all the while skirting the real issues, why don’t you take this knowledge and use it as a weapon against those who caused all this. You people make me sick.

Nov. 19, 2015
Its frustrating and both hilarious to witness a person struggle with new information which conflicts with a forced assimilated ideal. If you are on my friends list, you will learn something different, like it or not. I will challenge you and demand you provide evidence to your claims if you promote state mandated ideals. I don’t give a damn who you are or how long I’ve known you. To be my friend, you must be a leader who helps others to think or act. To be my friend, you have to be loyal to helping more than yourself in some small way at any given chance. To be my friend, you must be smart and compassionate. In other words, you have to be a warrior… If your body is too weak or brittle to fight anymore, you still have your mind and mouth, you can lead or teach. I accept nothing less.

Nov. 16, 2015
One thing we must always remember is, the goal is to create a one world order… So the question is, are we being cattle herded?? By fighting the NWO aggressor, and allowing people to be, are we also projecting the ideal for these goals? Destroying the leader roles, is this also not part of the agenda? It’s for certain we project the NWO goals when we agree with authority…. So doesn’t this sound like it leads to the same destination? So if either one can work in behalf of the agenda, what is it we can do to stop following the hallways provided? The way I see it is, yes, strip power with non compliance actions…. Such as seed shares, food sharing, corporate blockage, dis-enroll from taxes, military and police, and stop participating with media trained peer pressure, practice non nationalism, and inform, Inform Inform the public to the Injustices of the state(s) …. And allow zero corporate entity the title to create laws and jurisdictions over and around us. We need to create local communities where all politicians and their laws are removed from any and all power…. And provide think tanks to our activists so they may work with other activists who’s interests lay elsewhere but is just as equal in their fight for justice. We also need to be loud and public with our engineering because secrets lead to coopting. These are just a few ideas, Im sure if we start working together, publicly and unafraid, we can easily remove these perceived threats. Our number one fight is to obtain our food supply back, while in tandem, protecting our waters from state and corporate sponsored terrorist acts….

Nov. 15, 2015
The French government was expecting massive protests they alleged could potentially become violent, by activists opposed to globalization and energy austerity. Interestingly enough, France had already planned to impose border controls starting on November 30th in anticipation of the U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Paris “because of the terrorist threat or risk of public disorder.” Needless to say, there will be no massive protest now considering the fact that 2015 France resembles the 1943 version of itself more than anything else.

Nov. 14, 2015
Thoughts and prayers going out to everyone who will be affected and brutalized by this false flag event. Praying this false flag is exactly like Sandy hook and no one was actually harmed. Praying we wake from this mass hypnosis together and stop agreeing to this occupation, that we stop with the acceptance of forced images and forced beliefs. Praying we stop accepting the choices of genocide or slavery. Praying we wake to all the life this planet holds and return to a state of Consciousness without the forced agenda being played out or agreeing to its terms of genocide. Praying we disagree with the vegan cannibal agenda or its opposite….. “The destruction for slave profit and single minded conformity” . Praying we can be human again without it being mandated by an authority at gun point. Praying we realize the 2 choices supplied to us are useless and a danger to ourselves, wake and follow the path of in-between. Praying for “no more deliberate harm.”

Please don’t pray for things. If your gonna ask for anything, ask for strength and peace so you may be of positive service to others….. When objects are prayed for, it’s removed from another to supply your desires… At least that how I see it

Nov. 13, 2015
Everyone is so concerned with a war and Americans being killed, but don’t know about the genocide program being committed on its own people by its own governing masters…. Bombs, invasion and guns aren’t the real threat… Your water, medical and foods are. Your entertainment is… The US are in alignment to kill you through poison. The wars being committed in other lands are being maintained to remove those people…. All government is involved… All strings are attached to them by a small group of religious genocide maniacs for ownership of this planet. If humans agree to peace under their terms, they may stop the out and out genocide in exchange for complete and total slavery.. But the soft kill will always be there…. . If we don’t comply, they just continue as before… This war isnt what you think it is. It’s all an illusion with real casualties. This population maintenance called war is nothing but that… Maintenance. Thinning. Agreed upon by both parties and acted out by none other than ourselves

Nov. 12, 2015
The devil is real alright but all he can do is whisper. It is “we” who breathes life into his spirit. It is we who mold him in our image from mud. He had no power till we as a believing force freely gave it to him though desires. He couldn’t deliver his promises so we did it for him and thus, made him real. We manifested his power like a tornado and threw it in all directions then blamed him for the destruction.

In the same way we turn green cotton into wars, guard it in vaults with armed security, hide it from the poor, make people work and slave for it, trade products for it, donate and horde it, its all nothing but perceived value…. The devil whispered it and we made it real.
The devil is a perceived force, made even greater by actions, accusations and blame.

Nov. 12, 2015
Counting coop… Isn’t about aggression or insult. It’s the act of touching what one fears. The act says “you frighten me. I am afraid, but I am willing to face my fears and look you in they eye as an equal. You must be a great warrior to make me feel this way. Should you and I be forced to battle, we will do so on equal terms, with mutual respect. Should we part ways without a fight, both of us will have a tale to tell about the great unknown warrior who stood before the other, unwavering, unafraid.

I’m sure this wasn’t always the case, but overall, this is why we counted coop… To engage without fighting… To show the spirits you are worthy of a good life or a good death. To show respect to our enemies, in the way we wish to be treated.

A great warrior doesn’t need weapons to hide behind. A great warrior doesn’t bully. A great warrior is kind to their enemies as well a protector to their people or surroundings. A great warrior is open to change and knows their greatest enemy is “them”self.

A true warrior knows they are made from many personalities, outside and within, and actions change like weather and terrain.

An enemy needs to be treated as one would “them”self and question if this enemy is real or perceived.

Counting coop is many stories linked to a single action, and dependent on the gesture and the intention.

Are we counting coop to prove our worth, or to prove our enemy is worthy of our interactions. Is our enemy the threat to our environment or is it our”selves”.

Nov. 11, 2015 Veterans Days
At Least 22 Veterans Kill Themselves Every Day and No One Gives a Shit
I have a difficult time feeling sorry for people who went to another land and killed innocent men women and children…. Maybe they’re killing themselves because they know they should have fought for those they killed, yet bowed down to peer pressure and Conformity. Maybe this is the real lesson, to stop endorsement of soldiers for any reason…. And to stop promoting stupid patriotism for a police state who commits genocide on its very own people. I dont feel sorry for these people, their soul knew better.

Nov. 11, 2015 Veterans Days
This is so true… When I learn or create something, and know exactly why it works, I’m done. Which is funny, because that’s when your supposed to really promote it…. But I literally can’t. I can also see patterns way, way before most others can. I also go long stretches of nothing, then bam, long stretches of doing something no one else does… It drives me crazy…. And I hate… No, despise being interrupted when I’m visualizing, leave me the hell alone! Now I gotta start all over…. Also, I notice, if I can see something in my mind, and picture exactly how it works, I don’t need to create it, because I already did. It’s crazy

Nov. 11, 2015 Veterans Days
Stop trying to have a shamanic experience…… And just experience life. If you need shamanism or spiritualism to make you a better person, then you’re hiding from life and using the spiritual as your personal scapegoat to avoid being alive. “Real” spiritual people need life to express themselves, not the other way around. The spiritual is to help you learn to live life, not avoid it.

Oct. 30, 2015
Total Bullshit …. Look where his hand is… It’s pulling up on her pants leg, her pants in pistol grip, pinched …. Pistol grip is a jujitsu term, meaning how you grip material, it allows you to control your aggressor and keep them off balance …. He threw her just like the move allows one to do…. He also had help by pulling back her head and lifting her leg…. The leg hits the bottom of the desk and flips…. Then still in pistol grip, he yanks and drags her away. This author knows zero about weight distribution and balance…. As far as her back talking and such, I’ve been hoping more would come out. Either way, cops are allowed way to much power in tandem with being trained in mossad fighting tactics.

So let me get this straight…. According to this, a cop throwing around a child was him showing respect and being responsible. Bullshit! This was a challenge to his beliefs that his authority had the right to abuse another because they questioned his supposed authority. Parents, teach your kids respect so they dont grow up to be abusive self entitled pigs working to enslave others for their paycheck!

Remember in school when they taught you fact vs opinion…. And anything found in writing or recording was considered a fact and anything else is opinion…. Talk about grooming ya to believe in media. I guess that’s why they passed a Law stating anything media say is for entertainment, but tried to keep that quiet from the public …… NPR CNN also fit this meme.

Oct. 29, 2015
We know (because it’s proven time and time again) ISIS is the creation of the US…. So this doesn’t make them Muslim controlled as much as it makes them Christian controlled. Why do I say this, because amerikkka has always been Christian ruled… Isn’t through christ this land was invaded and destroyed for constitutionalists? Isn’t it the Jews who rule over the Christian Bible history?

As far as I can see, the Christian constitutionalist doesn’t have a clue to who they fight, because they keep forgetting their entitlements arrived through genocide and slavery, all the while complaining about their rights to govern over another are being stripped away. So again I ask, how is it when the jew throughout history claims to be the victim, owns the publication and the history of the Bible, owns every single destructive corporation, owns the Fed reserve, owns all laws over the land through ownership of the Vatican, owns all media, pharmaceutical, oil and fracking, owns slavery in every conceivable form through laws, banking and food hoarding…… How is it the Muslims are the threat to anyone’s freedom?

Oct. 28, 2015
The NAZI is the supporter of fascism…. Whether they realize it or not. House negros think they have more power over field negros because they get to taste the masters food and sleep inside his home…..they will defend their position…. And when their position is removed, then and only then do they demand the field negros fight on their side. Never realizing we know that they are demanding that we put them back in power over us.

The very word america means “less than equal, entitled ruler”.

When you try and extinguish the existing to make room for yourself, while using slavery to create the paper and ink the terms of freedom is written on, then you absolutely know with 100% certainty, there are 2 different rules of equality…… Equality among the slaves…..and equality to rule over said slaves.

Fact: you could not vote if you were a person of color of even a white woman. You could only vote if you a) owned large amounts of land for the sale of agricultural products….b) or owned people to use for the sale of agricultural products c) both.

America is a figment of imagination….. For the continuation of corporate state ownership from other lands, ruled by families and nothing less.

I can’t wait till amerikkka is removed from my native lands. Fuck amerikkka, its idiotic white foreskin fathers and its idiotic ideals.

Most of these idiots are not concerned with the loss of rights of the constitution; they’re pissed because their personal entitlements to participate in slavery as partial owners are being removed from their grasp.

They are pissed they are being treated just like Indians and blacks. They didn’t give a fuck about freedom till they were placed in our category.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a United States federal law specifying the budget and expenditures of the United States Department of Defense.

Stanford Experiment August 14–20, 1971 = 44 years ago
Milgram experiment 1961 = 54 years ago

Oct. 18, 2015
Really? Please provide me with proof where TMP has ever been in trouble with the law and how this warrants your slanderous (that should have said libel) statement regarding “TMP has a history of criminal level harassment.”

As a food activist, I know for certain almost 100% of all American politicians have something the gain by protecting biotechnology. There is always some major connection to their party whether it be financial or in the support of war.

You being a leader in the food activist community, this gives us 3 choices for your involvement in protecting these so called sources of yours.

you actually don’t have any communication with these politicians and Lawyers and therefore they don’t exist thus making you a liar to your members to you push your agenda….
you don’t know who these people are and are just taking the word of another…..
you DO know who these politicians are, and by withholding their names are actively working on their behalf and in compliance to hiding the going ons as biotech take over the organic and Non organic food supply, making you an active participant in the takeover. This also shows us where your true loyalty lies in the promotion of the super profitable label being sold to both organic and Non organic.

Furthermore, these figures have made it their life’s goals to be in the public spotlight and have accumulated enough tough skin to fend for themselves as did the lawyers who’s names you choose to withhold.

The deeper I delve, the more and more proof I accumulate which shows just how much the label campaign is being engineered by the biotech industry.

Rudy Twomoon Angie makes a claim 2 politicians and 2 lawyer who she won’t name, laughed about T. Matthew Phillips label he had designed for them. They also say the lawsuit against Monsanto is fraudulent…. Hmmmmmmmm… Hey trolls…. Please report to your brainless leaders I said this. Thanks

Oct. 7. 2015
I Don’t steal children and sell them to the sex trade, I’m just the secretary…. I’m absolutely against child abuse!!
I’m a 100% vegan, except on Wednesdays, that’s when I eat steak.
I don’t endorse war whatsoever, in fact I March against it. But my wife works in the CIA and her paycheck affords me to protest.
That how stupid Anne Temple and Zen Honeycutt sound when they defend themselves or their significant other and justify why they make money from the same sources they are fighting… Biotechnology. Aka… GMO makers.
Here Comes the next round. Expect to be outed as the shillz you are.

Sept. 26, 2015
And a world wide government who is in Control of all the land and water by the same forces who destroy it. Yes, Bernie is part of this psychological ploy to manipulate your heart strings…

There’s an evil on this planet so powerful and vile, compassion can’t harm it in the least. This evil uses compassion to spread disease into all parts of humanity. It uses our pain and the need to help others to spread it’s agenda. Love is its true power to convince the masses of its necessity. It uses trickery, lies and disinformation to coopt real movements, knowing we humans are capable of goodness, it captures our emotions for its purposes. This evil uses compassion to suppress it’s will on others. It creates the suffering so love will deliver this evil disguised as healing . Donations, churches, war and Media push this agenda. Trained ideals ingrained through education and peer pressure, we feel we must comply. Compassion and love cannot harm this evil, because love and compassion are it’s greatest weapon.

Sept. 24, 2015
You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm
This is the last time I repeat this, you don’t trust my sources, then prove me wrong, I’d love to change my stance. If you don’t like my posts then you know there is a simple answer….. And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. No normal person who is aware can only post positive crap. If you actually believe I only post negative then you only pick and choose what you want to see. If you want happy lies and bullshit, friend request Disneyland, Goldman Sachs, Vatican or Coca-Cola….. If you are looking for truth as I am, then stay around. It’s not that you think I’m negative, it’s that you really can’t stand knowing because this means you have to make the “conscious” choice of ignorance or acting out against Injustice. That shits on you….. I won’t tell you again!

Sept. 24, 2015
Mother Teresa raised hundreds of millions of pounds during her lifetime, although much of that money apparently appears to have vanished into several ‘secret’ bank accounts reportedly kept by the nun.
The Missionaries of Charity, the organisation founded by the late Mother Teresa to help the poor and dying, was facing grave embarrassment last night after the order and one of its nuns were accused of torturing a seven-year-old girl.
Three of Mother Teresa’s teachings that are fundamental to her religious congregation are all the more dangerous because they are believed so sincerely by her sisters. Most basic is the belief that as long as a sister obeys she is doing God’s will. Another is the belief that the sisters have leverage over God by choosing to suffer. Their suffering makes God very happy. He then dispenses more graces to humanity. The third is the belief that any attachment to human beings, even the poor being served, supposedly interferes with love of God and must be vigilantly avoided or immediately uprooted. The efforts to prevent any attachments cause continual chaos and confusion, movement and change in the congregation. Mother Teresa did not invent these beliefs – they were prevalent in religious congregations before Vatican II – but she did everything in her power (which was great) to enforce them.
The letter goes on to assert Mother Teresa’s own “confidence and trust in Fr. McGuire” and states that she wishes to see “his vital ministry resume as soon as possible.” And indeed his ministry — and abuse of children — resumed soon afterwards.

Sept. 24, 2015
To be a saint you have to abuse others. You have to believe in eugenics and pain so strongly, the suffering being committed is justified for God’s purpose. Evil, true evil rules this planet, educates you, and creates your laws. There is not a single moment in history which shows the opposite.

Sept, 23, 2015
A scientific “theory” summarizes a “hypothesis” which have been supported with “REPEATED” testing. If enough evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, it moves to the next step….. — KNOWN AS A “THEORY” —
Two or more people engaged in creating a set of circumstances for a planned outcome, by design, in secret

Sept, 22, 2015
I’m so proud to live in a cultureless culture where sports create more anger then the blatant genocide and legal slavery all around us. I love that sports take away our thoughts and create a nationalism of loyalty and violence to a subject which has absolutely no bearing to our lives whatsoever. I love the wasted energy and devotion given to a team who’s only claim to enrich humans is to consumer drugs, alcohol while creating violence on women. Fuck yeah!
Everyone knows you never go full retard!

Sept. 20-2015
Huh….. Just hit me…. If his father is creation and mother human, doesn’t that make Jesus just another demigod? Does Jesus have a half demigod brother? That wouldn’t be Satan or Lucifer… One is a fallen angel, and the other is the morning star. So is his uncles Zeus and Hades….. is he the relations of Sons Of Thunder…. Who once asked Jesus if they should call upon “their” father to destroy thy enemies….. So many questions Christians are incapable of answering … Thanx king James for hiring Shakespeare to rewrite history for your Agenda to combine the Catholic and masonic codes for mental slavery, assimilation and power.

Sept. 13, 2015
Ive been telling ya this for yrs……but the question now is, why would the New York Times finally come out……its because the movement is already coopted! Organic is already in trouble because most of it is now owned by biotech. Biotech has also put their guys into NOSB, the ones who create laws and definitions defining organic. Don’t promote labeling!!!! Promote organic standards as originally intended….. Labeling is a complete and total fraud drafted by biotech!!!!! Get out there and teach people! Get off your fucking asses!

Sept. 7-2015
We care for your safety so we the police have created a simple video so we don’t have to beat you to death or shoot you in the back 5 or 37 times. These simply instructions, if followed properly, may even keep you alive… least to the station. In this fascist state, it’s important you follow all our orders and do exactly as we say. We have the right to pirate your belongings for personal profit and rent out your being to a state ward for corporate gain.
Thank you

Sept. 6, 2015
Voters……lol…..hahahHahahahahahahahahHahahHHaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahaha
Changing the batteries in a toy doesn’t change the function or design of the toy, no matter how many times you exchange the batteries……. it only gives the toy more power to continue as it was designed to behave. …..Duh…..

Let’s pretend for a moment Bernie is the real deal…… Do you actually think the left or right is gonna count that vote or allow him in as prez? Do you really believe the corporation would allow any changes to their perfect program? If you do, then you should stop right now and unlearn your schooling and start over with the fraudulent claims of the constitution and the history of those who wrote that garbage.

Sept. 4, 2015
Murder by police caught on surveillance tape

Rudy Twomoon And you Wonder why I laugh when people say cops are human, that they are just doing their jobs protecting. They wonder why I feel zero remorse when they get killed. None. I don’t feel it because this is what cops have always been allowed to do with impunity. In fact, they are given more weapons and protection by this government. This disease needs to be extinguished. This uniform allows the removal of humanity from the human wearing it.

Laura Jenkins West You have to treat all acts on individual merit Rudy. I have some dear friends who are peace officers. Compassionate, wonderful, moral men. According to your logic then all the generalized comments about any group of people are true? Being an officer is a ” job” a way to feed your family . Like any other job. Unfortunately some of them are horrible , power hungry, abusive, jackasses. But that also goes for, doctors, lawyers and school teachers. Some people just suck:( the world is at war with itself. Somethings gotta give:(

Rudy Twomoon I’m only gonna say this one more time. If anyone fails to see this, I dont Care anymore.

There is no such thing as a good cop. The moment they put on the uniform, they agree to the terms of capitalist profiteering. In 2005, an executive order was mandated, that peace keepers were no longer able to save lives, but to generate financial profit for the state. They were granted immunity from prosecution and given more weapons and free reign to use them. It is actually illegal for United States police to save lives, unless their body is in danger.

The job of police is to create a criminal within the justice system so the justice system can milk resources from the individual and his or her family for a specified time period. This is the only job of the officer!!!!. There is no such thing as a good cop!!!!!!

On that note, there are sometimes a good human who resists the laws while wearing the uniform and does in fact create or keep peace.

Amerikkka has the largest legal gang member population and these guys wear blue. They are in fact a gang….. A good old boys club keeping the tradition of protecting the crown or the royal bloodline safe from the people while its military were raping and pillaging …..this crown or bloodline is now called corporations.

You may fault me for not caring about the lives of police….I don’t care. Not one little bit. They have used legal rape of other humans to support the lives of their own family.

I put them in the same category as conventional farmers…..those who poison another to feed their own family, while making the false claim of giving to the planet and protecting the citizens. They can all fucking die

Laura Jenkins West So on that logic every child who joins the military is also ” the devil” war mongering? Policing the world? Maybe they just come from rural Idaho? No job oppurtunity except cooking crack. This is the gray area I talked about. Be compassionate and you will get compassion. I wish I lived in the black and white world you do. Life would be much simpler but I just don’t

Rudy Twomoon Sorry this offends you. I’m very clear on these issues to everyone…especially those who served. They understand I despise the uniform. Until that uniform is removed in distaste and revolt, I consider the human inside an enemy.

Laura Jenkins West I know so many 18 year olds that have life figured out Rudy. I never served nor any of my children ( i raised them) but I certainly dont hate people for not thinking like me. Peace to you brother:)

Rudy Twomoon I dont hate them, I just consider them my enemy. ….and the enemy to any and all human. …..Enemy to all life and enemy to all freedom. I live in a black and white world because the grey world allows justification to do injustices. The military have never ever fought for my freedom. They were used to capture us for removal or for enslavement…… Same with police. I do not hate these people, I feel sorry for and respect exactly how dangerous they are.

Laura Jenkins West And the murderer who killed the cop. Somebodies Son, father, husband & husband? Your all good with him? Hes not an enemy of peace?
Like · Reply ·

Rudy Twomoon Not if its in defense. Out and out murder is always wrong if intention is just for the sake of killing without consumption or defense. Why is this so hard for people to get? Its rather simple

Laura Jenkins West And a guy that walks up and shoots a father, son, husband, in the head? Your okey with him? He’s nobodies ememy?

Rudy Twomoon Let me ask you this, why is it imperative to you that I agree with your logic to your question? I already answered your question. Not sure why, but it seems your trying to trap me with a logic I disagree with.

Laura Jenkins West Nope, just trying to understand you my friend?

Rudy Twomoon I’ll answer you this way, I dont care if the cop died…. Nor do I care if it also happens to the perp if this was murder without defense.

Laura Jenkins West I feel so much of what you post but i also think you would help more brothers and sisters into the fold if you didnt seem so angry all the time. Almost hateful? It puts me off at times. I try to understand you because I respect your work:)

Rudy Twomoon Why don’t I care, because this cop, as very clearly stated above, used many others in support of himself and family.

Laura Jenkins West I know you probly don’t care, but you asked?

Rudy Twomoon Again, I don’t care what people think of me. Here’s the info. Now you know and now your choices cannot go unaware without consequences.

Rudy 9-4-15
This post is absolutely not about promoting hate or the blaming of whites whatsoever! What this study doesn’t cover is the media imagery. In over 95% of all movies and TV, white is the savior, the leader, the smartest, boldest and fair. Look at black movies and TV, they are always fighting each other using violence, yet in white shows they tend to be portrayed with fighting with words and logic.

In horror movies the blacks always die first. In native movies, whites are always the one to teach the indigenous how to win.

Most parents don’t teach racism, it’s the damn TV!!!!!! Over and over and over, someone is controlling our thoughts using peaceful or violent imagery through this box. It’s imbedded in our minds because of news, TV, and movies.

Racism isn’t by choice but by programming. Most people of color see and understand this…….while many whites don’t…..they have never been trained to hate their own color. They have never had to fight themselves due to imagery. This is white entitlement. I don’t mean this in a bad way. Just take notice. This is why people of color have never recovered from the brutality of amerikkka, we’ve never been allowed the chance. How can one recover when one race is always portrayed as clean and sin free and the other dumb and violent? How can we recover when we aren’t allowed to love ourselves without guilt?

Becca Sorber There was a thing called the ‘Red Scare’ where our media started putting forth anti-communist rhetoric saying we were going to taken over by the Russians or Castro. The government jumped on that band wagon and put tremendous fear into people’s minds. She’s not crazy she is of that Era. Xenophobia !!
Samantha Leigh Keep in mind that the natives of America did not speak English either

Rudy 9-2-2015
If you say I’m anti-Semitic, what you’re really saying is, anti-language of these people: Sumerians, Elamites, Hattians, Hurrian’s, Lullubi, Gutians, Urartian’s and Kassite’s. Indo-European language speakers included; Hittites, Greeks, Luwians, Mitanni, Kaskians, Phrygians, Lydian’s, Philistines, Persians, Medes, Scythians, Cimmerians, Parthians, Cilicians, Armenians, Kartvelian, Colchians, Tabalites and Georgians, derived from the lands or these people: Asia Minor, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Ahlamu; Akkadian (including Assyrian and Babylonian, Amharic; Amalekite; Ammonite; Amorite; Arabic; Aramaic/Syriac; the Canaanite languages (Phoenician, Punic or Carthaginian and Hebrew); Assyrian; Chaldean; Eblaite; Edomite; Ge’ez; Old South Arabian; Modern South Arabian languages; Maltese; Mandaic; Moabite; Proto-Sinaitic; Sutean; Syriac; Tigre and Tigrinya; and Ugaritic.

The term Semitic (from the biblical “Shem”, Hebrew: שם) was first used in 1848 to refer to a family of languages native to West Asia (the Middle East).

Anti-Semitic – the term was popularized in Germany in 1873 as a scientific-sounding term for Judenhass (Jew-hatred).

How did anti-Semitic became; “anti-Jew” when it encompasses so many different types of people? And how is it possible anyone who questions Zionist media and school trained propaganda is instantly anti-Semitic?

Is it anti-Black to look to see if Blacks owned slaves? Is it anti-1st Nations to look and see if we Natives did commit genocide against other natives before colonization? Is it anti-peace to look into Mandela’s past to see what he supported or if he did in fact co-opt the African movement for a more peaceful corporate state ownership? Is it anti-women to study the history of corporate sold feminism?

Of course it is according to those who wish to believe all $tate mandated propaganda!!!!!

If your gonna label me anti anything, please use the term Anti-Zionist because, yes, I am against pedophilia, eugenics, genocide, war, corporations linked to the chemical industry, propaganda media and propaganda education promoting assimilated capitalist ecocide created entirely by a Rothschild banking system.

Now it’s time for me to research to see if the word “anti-Semitic” was actually coined to introduce war for the creation of Israel…… I hope it wasn’t.
(A subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic language group that includes Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic, and Aramaic – The Semitic languages are a branch of the Afroasiatic language familyoriginating in the Middle East. Semitic languages are spoken by more than 470 million people across much of Western Asia, North Africa and the Horn of Africa, as well as in large expatriate communities in North America and Europe. – Words composed solely of consonants, unlike the Hawaiian language where words are composed of vowels *does that make Hawaiian’s anti- Semitic?* … Anti-semantic – Someone or something that is against meaning. To not be logical; lacking the ability to make something meaningful. – Antisemantic: A person who is against words, meaning and usage.)

Rudy 8-30-15
Social acceptance is lost on me.
Moral vs legal
Its acceptable till an authority says different. What makes an authority worth following? The peer group! What makes the group opinion? The authority provider! Being an individual is looked down on as being ego… A sin…… Selfish…..yet being a group mind is selfish without ego. Humans are fucking weird. You have no standards for preservation yet murder for creature comforts. You witness ego in the action of separation, yet refuse to fight it due to it being an act of violence, even if this is just defense against violence…..all because an authority said so because the group agreed to the terms.

Kristeen T Hernandez Laws implemented by authority/politicians who have picked and chosen which best benefit their personal agendas, swayed election votes, and grabbed the most contributions. Then “authority” repents at church on Sunday after having been exposed claiming “I asked for and received forgiveness from God” and the cycle continues because “authority” knows us better than we know ourselves…. Breathe, Sin, Repent…Repeat

Co-authored Rudy & Kristeen 8-28-15
All Lives SHOULD Matter but if you believe All Lives actually do Matter ask yourself this; how much did it take to buy you away from reality?

Why is it “All Lives Matter” the most when Blacks and Natives try to speak out against injustice? Why didn’t all lives matter just 2 yrs. ago when we were being arrested and gunned down and before the NDAA didn’t include Whites? Why now? What about during the crack epidemic? Aids epidemic? What about now with Palestine? Where were you when Trayvon’s murderer was being celebrated? Where are you when we demanded the release of Leonard Peltier? How can all lives matter when they’re just using this phrase to ignore other colors because privilege is being stripped away? How can All Lives Matter when they stand on this land regurgitating freedom for all while calling us primitive or ignorant? All lives don’t matter…..what matters is to speak out louder, above us so we can’t be heard. So go fuck your “All Lives Matter” stance……because if you really believed that, you would allow us to speak for once.

If All Lives Matter there wouldn’t be any need to protest killing unarmed Black and Indigenous men, women, boys and girls. If All Lives Matter, people would never have been enslaved, oppressed, sexualized, brutalized, or discriminated against for their ethnic origin, disability, mental illness, homeless, sexual orientation, financial stability or any and all real or imagined indiscretions. They would not have been abused, harassed, made war upon and killed.

NO… All Lives Do Not Matter otherwise 100 Million 1st Nation Native American’s wouldn’t have been slaughtered and lost their homeland… btw Most of the people doing the slaughtering were Christians.

If All Lives Matter nearly 500,000 military personnel between 1861 and 1865 would not have died in the U.S. Civil War nor approximately 210,000 US civilians have died violent deaths as a result of wars caused by elected political deviants.

If All Lives Matter 48% of Sierra Leones children between the ages of 5 to 14 wouldn’t be subjected to child labor nor would Chinese children work under extremely hazardous conditions 12 hours a day, 7 days per week.

If All Lives Matter why do so many people want convicts to rot in jail, why do they support the death penalty?

If All Lives Matter why take away Food Stamps and Health Care from children? If All Lives Matter there would be no sickly children dressed in torn clothing begging for food on street corners.

If All Lives Matter why are low income elderly kept locked away in substandard senior care facilities with uncaring, abusive and corrupt staff?

If all Lives Matter why is there so much sex trafficking and sexual exploitation? There are approximately 800,000 people trafficked across international borders annually and, of these, 80% are female and 50% of them are minors.

If all Lives Matter why are college and university administrators so eager to keep campus rape and sexual assault numbers artificially low and seldom report the crime to authorities? Why are the victims’ being threatened with expulsion for speaking out?

If all Lives Matter there would be no men standing over trashcan’s warming their hands over fires and sleeping in cardboard boxes.

If all Lives Matter why are so many women hiding in dark dirty trash filled alley’s protecting shopping carts filled with their worldly belongings?

If All Lives Matter there would be no mentally ill locked away and forgotten in unsanitary asylums?

If All Lives Matter how come families are denied affordable housing and forced to live in squalid rodent infested ghettos?

If All Lives Matter why are town officials allowing their water systems to be poisoned?

If All Lives Matter why are there Weapons of Mass Destruction designed to blow up entire cities?

I could go on and on pointing out how Lives Don’t Matter, because IF ALL LIVES MATTERED, I wouldn’t have anything to dispute, bitch or write about.

Enlightened people are allowing this planet and its people’s to be killed with neglect of action. Groups are plotting and committing acts of violence while mediating and “just” thinking good thoughts. Defense isn’t violence, but the schools, media, religion, laws (all corporate owned mind you) new age movement and police want you to believe it is. You have the right to question, know and act against violence! Do you realize land rape is violence? Animal abuse is rape, is this not a violent act? Oil spills, poisoning of food water and natural resources not violence? Yoga mats are made from violence. Our technology is made from violence. Our foods are especially made from violence and rape. It can’t be thought or prayed away. We have to make deliberate changes in our lives. Government will never change it for us, especially when government is violence in all its symbolism and imagery.

This is the exact same bullshit we keep forcing on victims. A lot of people have and do benefit from *White Privilege*, but way too many others don’t. People are getting fucked over, the world over by men sitting at tables, figuring out another way to keep colors from communicating with each other.

Some people’s comfortable livelihood absolutely relies on others pain through homelessness, starvation, anger, death, war, poison, incarceration, destruction, drug addiction and depravity.

For those of you, who feel “All Lives Matter” or as White Republican Sen. Rand Paul wants, “Innocent Lives Matter”; please ask yourself who these lives matter to; certainly not the *Powers That Be* because the government is the bulletproof glass protecting corporations simply because we the public are a commodity to be banked on, traded and discarded when no longer of use.

PS from Rudy and Lady2Soothe: I’m sorry to those I sometimes offend, and I’m also not sorry for speaking out the truths as I see them. Sometimes we have to be offended because it contradicts the world as we’ve been brought up to see. And sometimes I make a statement that doesn’t include you whatsoever. I’m just doing my best to unlearn illusions and break habits that are contradictory to life for this entire planet. My belief is; we all have the right to know what the choices are, how these choices are forced on us and who’s behind the illusion of these choices and forced circumstances. Again, if you feel these posts don’t pertain to you, realize they may to someone else. Again, I apologize if I have offended you. My offences are because I do care about you and the world around you.

Comprehending the depth of bigotry and degradation Black’s and Indigenous peoples suffer daily ain’t calling for killing. Not all lives do matter, nor am I worried about sounding impoliticly correct. There are child rapists who deserve to die. There are those who wage war on all of us. There are those who continue ownership of slavery. Some lives don’t matter anymore. Fuck them.

“I hate the way they portray us in the media. If you see a black family, it says, “They’re looting.” You see a white family, it says, “They’re looking for food.” Kanye West

In the days following Hurricane Katrina, an image widely circulated on the Internet contrasted two photos and their captions. In one, a white man and a white woman walked through the high waters left by Katrina. The accompanying AFP/Getty caption explained, “Two residents wade through chest-deep water after finding bread and soda from a local grocery store …”

In the other photo distributed by The Associated Press, a black youth could be seen walking through high waters left by Katrina. The caption, however, read, “A young man walks through chest deep flood water after looting a grocery store …”

To anyone who thinks I’m racist, let me ask you, have I ever said a lie concerning the history of the white race? Have I ever told a deliberate lie to make my point? Have I ever attacked you based solely on color? Do I hate whites? Nope. But I do dislike those who haven’t a clue to the real history of amerikkka…. And this goes for all colors, especially those who histories are the most repressed and abused. What I do hate is the actions of those who promote an overlord through votes, petitions and lack of actions. If you really want to think of me as a racist, go for it. But let me tell this this, you ignoring history and the entitlements of the master race makes you much more racist than I will ever be.

Something else you should know, I bring up these issues and call em like it is not to shove entitlements in your face, but because your entitlements are actually a slavery to yourself, gifted to another out of convenience, or through an education media system that eternally lies. You, your parents and grandparents have been used as a weapon for the state….. In the exact same way police are used. A real racist either hates another color, or enforces/endorses the actions of injustice for their personal entitlements.

And people of color, wtf is up with you always trying to please the master? Why do you compete against your sisters, brothers and this planet for special petting and trinkets? You hate the system so much you’re willing to sell out the battles of your ancestors so you can eat from the palm of the oppressor. You are an embarrassment to all generations before and after you.

To anyone who is willing to step away, go against the grain, think for yourself, self educate, drop trained assimilation, share what you learn and find creative ways to break from an amerikkkan corporatist slave system created by the real racist forefathers…….thank you. Thank you for doing your best to stand against Injustice and stupidity, even when you lose family and friends by speaking truth.

by Rudy 8-10-15
Why is it “All Lives Matter” the most when blacks and natives try to speak out against injustice? Why didn’t all lives matter just 2 yrs. ago when we were being arrested and gunned down and before the NDAA didn’t include whites? Why now? What about during the crack epidemic? Aids epidemic? What about now with Palestine? Where were you when Trayvon’s murderer was being celebrated? Where are you when we demanded the release of Leonard Peltier? How can all lives matter when you’re just using this to ignore other colors because your privilege is being stripped away? How can all lives matter when you stand on this land regurgitating freedom for all while calling us primitive or ignorant? All lives don’t matter…..what matters to you is to speak out louder, above us so we can’t be heard. So go fuck your “All Lives Matter” stance……because if you really believed that, you would allow us to speak for once.

Dick Proenneck: Who died and made you judge, jury, and executioner. Yes, there are those that are evil and karma is a bitch. How does that mean that life doesn’t matter? Just because they are choosing to not be what they should at the time, anyone has the ability to be a better person. I think you are fighting demons, not men.

Kris @ Dick Proenneck You made your race baiting comment for the sole purpose to race bait all pro comments on Rudy’s post. Pathetic & ignorant troll people such as yourself have the inferior mentality Rudy’s speaking of and if you cannot comprehend the depth of bigotry and degradation Black’s and Indigenous peoples suffer daily please do everyone a favor by crawling back in your hole since your stomach can’t digest the severity of this topic.

Aaron Pringle: All life matters. Not everyone deserves to live once they put other lives at risk because all life matters. No matter the size, color, species or intelligence.

Rudy: I ain’t calling for killing. Never said that Aaron Pringle. But I disagree. Not all lives do matter nor am I worried about sounding impoliticly correct. There are child rapists who deserve to die. There are those who wage war on all of us. There are those who continue ownership of slavery. Some lives don’t matter anymore. Fuck them.

Kris: If All Lives Mattered there wouldn’t be any need to protest killing unarmed Black and Indigenous men women, boys and girls. If All Lives Mattered, people would never have been enslaved, oppressed, sexualized, brutalized, or discriminated against for their ethnic origin, disability, mental illness, homeless, sexual orientation, financial stability or any and all real or imagined indiscretions. They would not have been abused, harassed, made war upon and killed.

NO… All Lives Do Not Matter, because if they did nearly 500,000 military personnel would not have died during the U.S. Civil War. As of March 2015, approximately 210,000 US civilians have died violent deaths as a result of wars caused by the political deviants you and your forefathers elected. If All Lives Mattered 48% of Sierra Leones children between the ages of 5 to 14 wouldn’t be subjected to child labor nor would Chinese children work under extremely hazardous conditions 12 hours daily, 7 days per week.

If All Lives Matter why are there so many people who want convicts to rot in jail, why do they support the death penalty? If All Lives Matter why take away Food Stamps and Health Care from children? If All Lives Matter why are low income elderly kept locked away in substandard senior care facilities with uncaring, abusive and corrupt staff?

If all Lives Mattered there would be no men standing over trashcan’s warming their hands over fires and sleeping in cardboard boxes. If all Lives Matter why are so many women hiding in dark dirty trash filled alley’s protecting shopping carts filled with their worldly belongings? If All Lives Matter there would be no children dressed in torn clothing begging for food on street corners. If All Lives Matter there would be no mentally ill locked away and forgotten in unsanitary asylums or family’s living in squalid rodent infested ghettos.

If All Lives Matter why are there Weapons of Mass Destruction designed to blow up entire cities? Why are towns water systems being poisoned? If All Lives Matter how come people are denied affordable housing?

I could go on and on pointing out how Lives Don’t Matter, because IF ALL LIVES MATTERED, I wouldn’t have anything to dispute, bitch or write about.

For those of you, who feel All Lives Matter; please ask yourself, who these lives matter to; certainly not the powers that be.

So please explain just how All Lives Matter and to whom they matter because the way I see it, people are simply a commodity to be banked on, traded and discarded when no longer of use.

If you think differently ask yourself; how much did it take to buy you away from reality?

Enlightened people are allowing this planet to be killed with neglect of action. Groups are plotting and committing acts of violence while you mediate and “just” think good thoughts. It was King James who said “turn the other cheek”, not Jesus. Defense isn’t violence, but the schools, media, religion, laws (all corporate owned mind you) new age movement and police want you to believe it is. You have the right to question, know and act against violence! Do you realize land rape is violence? Animal abuse is rape, is this not a violent act? Oil spills, poisoning of food water and natural resources not violence? Your yoga mats are made from violence. Our technology is made from violence. Our foods are especially made from violence and rape. You can’t think or pray it away. We have to make deliberate changes in our lives. Government will never change it for us, especially when government is violence in all its symbolism and imagery.

I’m sorry to those I sometimes offend, and I’m also not sorry for speaking out the truths as I see them. Sometimes we have to be offended because it contradicts the world as we’ve been brought up to see. And sometimes I make a statement that doesn’t include you whatsoever. I’m just doing my best to unlearn illusions and break habits that are contradictory to life for this entire planet. My belief is; we all have the right to know what the choices are, how these choices are forced on us and who’s behind the illusion of these choices and forced circumstances. Again, if you feel these posts don’t pertain to you, realize they may to someone else. Again, I apologize if I have offended you. My offences are because I do care about you and the world around you.

This is the exact same bullshit we keep forcing on victims of another kind. A lot of people have and do benefit from white privilege, but way too many others don’t. People are getting fucked over the world over by men sitting at tables, figuring out another way to keep colors from communicating with each other.

Some people’s comfortable livelihood absolutely relies on others pain through homelessness, starvation, anger, death, war, poison, incarceration, destruction, drug addiction and depravity.

Sorry, but there is no such thing as a good cop!!!!! A cop wears the fascist uniform to control the population from attacking the heads of state. A cop produces unlimited perceived value notes for this corporate state.

Now this doesn’t mean there are no peaceful people who wear the gang uniform…..

But a cop in all its symbolism is a weapon to control the masses and for legal slavery. We don’t need cops, what we need are peace officers who protect the people from banks and not protect banks from people!

It is that….and always has been….. Police were installed to watch over the crown when the military were out raping and pillaging profits and land for the king.

Cops always tell people things like “that’s what you get hanging out with people like that” or that we are guilty by association…….. And then expect us to separate them from their gang.

Let me get this straight, “the so called” proven theory is, On this entire planet, with all this space and land, there were no people until a group of monkeys decided they we’re gonna miraculously turn themselves into humans.

Then after many, many generations, a group decides to travel. And when they do, they completely turn into another type of human being, while the ones who stayed on the original lands continue to stay the exact same.

Remember, there isn’t another type of human to mate with, so all the characteristics would still be the exact same no matter where they are. Yet they change color, body type, head shape, facial features and DNA. I repeat, the original people on the original land stay exactly the same.

Then another group leave the original land, travel to a different place and again become a different form of human race than the original monkey people “and” the other group who traveled. This 3rd group is totally different than the other two. How? What changed. Same male and female DNA sequence no matter where they are, because there is no other DNA to mix with.

How can this be? Let’s say evolution depends on the terrain…… So what about the original monkey people who traveled across into the same terrain, the same plants and animals, the same temps, and for some reason they changed DNA, all the while those who stayed in monkey land remain the same.


I ask one more time; How is it the original monkey people on monkey land stay the exact same for millions of years, yet those who traveled become Asian, white, aboriginal and US indigenous? How could they change DNA if there is no other human DNA to mix with?

How does one move to the same terrain, with the same conditions, animals and plants, and yet they change DNA while the original monkey people stay the exact same for millions of years to this very day?

Please tell me why you have never questioned this. More importantly, are you going to continue with this way of thinking with these questions now available to you?

Think… still have time!

An educated person trying to persuade a hoam skuul’d one that school is the better choice is the same as:

A slave trying to convince a freeman to be a slave because after working the fields, the master will also feed you and leave you a place to sleep.

When the Freeman states, the entire world are my meal and bed, the slave can only imagine how unsafe and unknown it is out there with all that space.

Do you really think my wife who is a doctor will allow our children to grow up to be stupid?

Do your children know how to tell what plants can be eaten and what are poison? What about emergency medicines, do your children know this? What about cancer prevention in foods and proper nutrition? Can your kids cook or know how to make weapons or fire from nature? Can your children tell the difference between lawful and moral? Do your children follow rules blindly because a perceived authority told them to? Would your child follow a herd because the flow is simpler? Does your child know how to avoid debt slavery?

Just because you “THINK” your way is better (based on your training and assimilation) please don’t confuse education with smarts.

I’m not saying anyone’s kids are dumb, I’m saying mine know how to think creatively and in ways your ancestors could.

Remember, this Amerikkka who teaches your kids to be slaves in school, media, and peer groups is also collapsing itself to the time before colonialism arrived. Have you taught your kids to prepare for this?

KRIS…. The way our system is set up is that those that get the good grades are those that repeat what the teachers want. We are not teaching people how to think, but how to pass a test. Learning things by being told to memorize things that the outcasts don’t believe. Outcasts have learned to question the answers, not just answer the questions.

For 520 yrs the only true terrorist I’ve seen carries a bible and a cross. You claim Muslims kill their own children for their religion…. But you don’t think feeding your kids McDonald’s and aspertame while injecting time bombs under their skin isn’t a sacrifice to your jesus consumerism GOD? A gun to anyone’s head doesn’t prove your god is love….for a people who have such loyalty to this “all powerful deity”, why must you kill every perceived threat to protect “HIS” holy name? You people are such delusional entitled cowards. You say want to go to heaven so badly…..stop resisting.

Eric Belsey And, I would add, THE RITUAL GENITAL MUTILATION of just about every male child. The difference between the bulllshit we tell ourselves about our gentle, free moral superiority, and the actual reality is staggering. Don’t know if you’ve met many actual Muslims, but the real living ones I have met, taken collectively, have been actually patient, loving and generous. We are fed a cartoon image by our controllers because it keeps us at each others throats, keeps us right where they want us.

(From Zen Honeycutt creator of MOMS ACROSS AMERICA)
Are you aware that I did not dsay one word about labeling when I spoke at one of the most toxic companies in the world?

And who exactly is going to ban GMOS? YOU? NO the legislators. When is the last time you called your legislator or met with him/her? What are YOU doing?

What I did took courage. Peopel asked me to do it again. People asked me to do a fundraiser. Why are YOU Not spending hundreds of dollars and three days of your time to go speak at these companies? What are YOU doing? Are you aware that the gene gun Bio Rad makes is used for Leukemia and Alzheimer’s research too? Shame on you ffor critcizing a person who has sacrificed 60-90K a year for two years to work 6-11 hours a day on this cause. It took courage what I did to speak at Monsanto and it will take courage to speak at the other shareholder meetings. If you don’t like it, DO SOMETHING besides criticizing other peope. .- Zen

And if you read what Is written if I raise the money I go. No matter what. I am not keeping any of the money for anything else. If there is EXTRA money I will need a couple hundred to pay an editor to get the story out about the cause. To RAISE AWARENESS. _ Zen

(Rudy’s Reply)
Thank you for contacting me Zen. First of all, I have a question for you. Are you going to reply, cut and run again? I hope not this time.

For the record what you did, didn’t take courage, what you did do was take the cowards approach. In fact, it is your moral duty to speak out! Nothing you said makes you a target of anything. Nothing you said places you in danger of anything. All you did was regurgitate the same old media sponsored hogwash. You mentioned what, two different chemicals and GMOs? What about canola oils, MSG, the other thousands of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, fungicides?

Did you happen to mention all Monsanto pesticide products were invented as bio weapons first, then sold to the public? Did you mention all these pesticides were in fact used to kill millions of people in the most horrific ways? No, not even close!

Did you happen to mention how chemical fertilizer is the major cause for most of the so called climate change issues? No again.

Did you mention Monsanto and big banking are the actual cause for starvation in 3rd world countries? Did you mention their global plan of taking over the food supply? What about mentioning Monsanto now owns +80% of all seed production companies on the planet including heirloom?

Did you mention the great Monsanto rBHT milk cover up?

You see, you call yourself a leader, but as a so called leader, the only thing you have done is promote chemical companies and your book. You have zero idea what you are even fighting. You actually think the government can stop a company like Monsanto or any of the other chemical makers? Are you kidding me….if these companies went down, we wouldn’t have a government anymore. You have absolutely no clue to who you claim you are fighting. Not a one!!!

Who do you think supplies the chemicals used for ALL wars? And you have the audacity to ask if I have spoken to any representatives. The same people who promote war. Come on.

As far as leukemia and Alzheimer’s…… you do realize the so called war on these sicknesses are because of the toxins caused by these foods, medicines and chemicals from Monsanto and Co. right?

So I’m supposed to endorse one company so it may fight itself through another? Yeah right!

I don’t give a damn what you think you sacrificed in pay, not at all…..I repeat, it’s your moral obligation to remove yourself from these genocide companies!!! How dare you demand I praise you for something everyone should be doing.

You buying stock to visit the companies who promote violence against this planet is idiotic…..they know exactly what they are doing and why they do it. You need to wake up to what the hell is going on around you and get out of your little self-serving world of consumerism and self-entitlement.

Your GMO label campaign is a joke as I explained before. But just in case you didn’t read it, I will send you the copy I share with everyone.

I used to endorse the label campaign, that is till I understood what they (Monsanto and Co.) are really doing……it’s all in that article. I highly suggest you read every word and visit every link so you may better inform yourself if you plan on running a true fight against the genocide makers. Personally, I don’t really believe you are for the betterment of this planet, I believe you are a fraud. Everything about you and your actions screams Big Agriculture promotion. Either way, until you actually do wake up and fight the real war, you are not my leader, and I will do everything in my power to expose you as a fraud to anyone and everyone.

You see, I am expendable. I have nothing left to lose in this fight. These criminal organizations have been poisoning my foods and water way before I was born. They have tried to poison my family, and what poisons we avoid, they use the law to force on me and my family. Hell, they use law to protect these companies from people like myself……and you want to use their rules and regulations to fight them.

Its time you wake up, stop patting yourself on the back and demanding praise.

Its time you really spoke out for all the mothers and their children! You want to lead, then put it all on the line! What is there to lose? You must remove your ego from the equation if you are to accomplish anything.

We as a society seem to eat only certain parts over and over again. If they would eat the rest, we wouldn’t see so many heart problems….these missing proteins cancel out the disease.

You don’t see heart problems in the 3rd world, unless they are eating American junk. You almost never saw heart disease till the meat industry removed the natural wildlife and traded it for a commercial brand.

The heart disease issue is a lie for a few reasons. I repeat, meat is the fall guy for vegetable/plant agriculture…..the reason is, plants are the top. You can feed plants to animals, but you can’t feed animals to plants. So in other words, the plant agriculture are in control of the meat industry.

These meats are raised on chemical fertilizer, fungicide, pesticide, GMO feed while being given mass doses of vaccinations, growth hormones and antibiotics.

The disease rate in meats is a direct link to plant based agriculture. The meat issue is a total and complete hoax.

There has never been a long term vegetarian culture. There is always an animal protein in the diet. The absolute most healthy are those who eat every part, plus the native plants and medicines for their area. The studies you refer too are all fraudulent for an agenda. These studies are covering up a crime.

Agriculture is the problem. Not cultivation. The meat industry is taking the fall for vegetable agriculture….its a set up

Before now, we were spirit. We are spirit in physical form and when we walk on, we remain spirit. We dont need to find spirituality, what we need to find is humanity on this planet right now. Ceremony was gifted to us because we forgot long ago how to be compassionate. Once we learn this, we don’t need all these so called sacred “objects” to hide behind. We don’t need churches or lodges to show we are thankful. We don’t need to prove we are holy to the congregations. Maybe ceremony was created so we find the holy is everything. Maybe that’s the lesson, ceremony is the place where you “DON’T” need to go to find creator!!!!!!!

In legal terms I am not considered Native American cause the Govt. does not consider anyone to be Native American unless they belong to a “Federally Recognized Tribe”

Who the hell is the Govt. of the United States to dictate who is Native and who is not?! Want to know what is even more pathetic? The F**ken stupid indians who buy into that crap and being proud of having numbers identifying them as being Native and being off the Rez…

You morons! you didn’t see Jews during the holocaust being proud of having being identified with numbers or claim there more jewish cause they came off the Camps which is exactly what the reservation system was, where you think Hitler got that idea from!?

I cannot stress to you all enough just how much this subject pisses me the F**k off especially moronic injuns who embrace this sick Nazi system which is still in effect today!

Time to abolish the BIA system completely and all the Apples that work there, reclaim your birth right, you are the people of the earth! start to act like it damn it!!!!!!!!!

If you are afraid to speak out because of what your police or government may do to you, then you have absolutely nothing left to fear. You already lost and live under a Nazi banner. You have absolutely nothing left to lose!

Police uniforms are the fascist logo of money generating corporations. Many people falsely believe fascist is the same as racism…, fascism is living under corporate control pretending to be government, as we see our current lifestyle of right now. Police are the protectors of those in corporate control.

They may be the most wonderful people when naked, but the moment the uniform covers the skin, their job is to prevent “YOU” from “stopping” chemtrails, oil spills and fracking. THEIR JOB IS TO PREVENT YOU FROM “DEFENDING” YOURSELVES FROM CHEMICALS AND TOXINS. THEIR JOB IS TO PREVENT YOU FROM DEFENDING YOURSELVES FROM BANKS AND TAXES. Their job, their only job is to prevent you from living a free existence of trade, cultivation and healing in a peaceful environment.

I’m sure, most people became police to protect and defend against crime. But let’s face it; most times we have a criminal because criminals were created by the very same circumstances and environment which allows poverty.

All you defenders of police, you need to realize this here and now. Police were created to protect the riches of the crown from the common folk when the military were out raping pillaging for more crown riches.

You have been told lies as to why police exist so you would accept their presence with open arms.

Enlightened people are allowing this planet to be killed with neglect of action. Groups are plotting and committing acts of violence while you mediate and “just” think good thoughts. It was King James who said “turn the other cheek”, not Jesus. Defense isn’t violence, but the schools, media, religion, laws (all corporate owned mind you) new age movement and police want you to believe it is. You have the right to question, know and act against violence! Do you realize land rape is violence? Animal abuse is rape, is this not a violent act? Oil spills, poisoning of food water and natural resources not violence? Your yoga mats are made from violence. Our technology is made from violence. Our foods are especially made from violence and rape. You can’t think or pray it away. We have to make deliberate changes in our lives. Government will never change it for us, especially when government is violence in all its symbolism and imagery.

Yes, all cops are evil….that doesn’t mean the human Inside the uniform is, but when they wear it, then yes. Evil for corporations. Cops are not peace keepers. This is In the law. An executive order. I repeat, they are not peace keepers. They are profit makers for a criminal state.

I stated we have the right to defend ourselves and if a few pigs end up getting themselves killed because they were in violation of human rights, then they caused their own demise.

I’m making another public apology. My apology are to those who I have offended by using the term white in a all consuming manner when in fact I should have instead said colonizer. This is not fair to anyone. While my ideals are true, they are also inaccurate to many. I have been a fool, and thrust myself into the battle without properly thinking about my articulation and it’s grave impact. I am always willing to attempt to unlearn anything I brought up to believe in. It may be a struggle and a fight, and it may take some time for your point to sink in. Bear with me during my progress. I owe a major thank you to anyone and everyone who has or has tried to share with me any lessons they themselves had to learn or already know. ….. My deepest and most sincere apologies to you all. Thank you

I’m sorry to those I sometimes offend, and I’m also not sorry for speaking out the truths as I see them. Sometimes we have to be offended because it contradicts the world as we’ve been brought up to see. And sometimes I make a statement that doesn’t include you whatsoever. I’m just doing my best to unlearn illusions and break habits that are contradictory to life for all this planet. My belief is, we all have the right to know what are choices, how these choices are forced on us and who’s behind the illusion of these choices and forced circumstances. Again, if you feel these posts don’t pertain to you, realize they may to someone else. Again, I apologize if I have offended you. My offences are because I do care about you and the world around you.

Racism isn’t even real! It’s just some made up word by Niggers, Spics, and Jews to make slavery enforcers sound like bad people!!!!!!

Who owns the banks? Is there a derogatory word for white other than white….. And last but not least, are not black cops slave enforces?

There are currently more slaves on the planet RIGHT NOW than there were during the entire period of colonial slavery in ameriKKKa COMBINED, and it’s being perpetrated by Blacks, Arabs, Orientals, Hispanics, Jews…oh yeah, and WHITES.

Understand the difference between Indigenous White and Banker White….. This is the problem. Up until this very second, no one else has been able to describe the difference. That’s why I used to use the word Agriculture instead of White…. But no one got that either. The Banker White has never created a definition for who they are. Never. They’ve given us a definition for every other race except for the split in theirs. The Banker White hides its identity inside the Indigenous White. This confusion causes strife, because no one knows how to properly separate the 2. No one seems to understand, WE, the people are our own slavery enforcers for the Banker Whites.

I have always tried to explain the difference. I’m doing my best here trying to remove the definition veil.

Zionist isn’t even correct, this word only goes back 120 yrs. Who controlled the Nazis? Who controlled the Vatican before they controlled the crown? Who controlled Rome? Who controlled Sumaria? The ones who created Controlled Agriculture.

Do you have another word we can use here?

This isn’t about buying people. This is about the ownership of everything. Everything in our modern world is about slavery….. It’s called agriculture. Who owns agriculture? White Banker’s. Everyone is a slave…. And we all enforce it.

It’s a shame, my words overrides someone else’s actions. I’m more prosecuted for reminding, than those who to this very day are profiting from it. I have never blamed a color for the actions, just the mentality. Like I stated above, I’m not going to negate all of American history just because it’s been bought out by another group…. We all should be reminded; slavery goes back to before Greek times.

And for the record, because I already know it’s going to come up eventually, there is not a shred of evidence to show any indigenous group right here on this land ever owned or traded people! Not one shred.

A people who created one of the greatest calendars of all time, have thousands and thousands years of historical writing never once mentioned slavery on anything ever written. There is no mention of cannibalism or sacrifice, yet “White Banker Funded Science” insists it happened. Know why???? TO JUSTIFY THEIR ACTIONS AND NOTHING MORE.

My history is written by my enemies, yet every single passed down teaching contradicts their written history.

You think because I use the word White, you must defend. You want me to forget all the factual racisms committed because you feel it doesn’t apply to you. That’s not my problem. Our lands and human rights have been stripped from us for 520 straight years by Whites. This is fact. It has never stopped, not once. In 1979, Whites finally allowed us to praise our way of spirituality without jail. That doesn’t mean them trying to prosecute us stopped. Nor have the land grabs. Yep, many Fuck Head Natives sold us out because they want to look good to that White Man and make the same money. I accept this. I even understand it. I also understand we Natives here fought each other, but we didn’t use genocide. Until I hear from that nation about slavery, I’ll stay on this side of the fence. I’m very open to all truth and more than willing to put aside anything I think I know to learn. I do it every day. I spend all my days unlearning.

I’m not condemning a whole race. I never have. If you’re too ignorant to separate your mind from someone else’s actions, then that Shits on you.

The confusion of the term “White Privilege” stems from those who don’t experience authority racism……. Try this…. Have a white driver and a black driver get pulled over…. And both make the statement “Am I being detained?” who do you think will be shot? What’s the likelihood one will be waved away. This doesn’t mean police brutality doesn’t happen to all colors, it just means the darker you are, the more likely you become a victim… While the lighter one is, will be considered in good standing- and this is by planned design through media and past histories which have never ended.

As a people who survived a holocaust of almost 100 million people and 520 years of enslavement, I agree with most of this article. One just doesn’t open their arms after being invaded, having your land stolen, treated like a prisoner, re-educated and assimilated into the hostiles world. As for the crimes these people allegedly committed, I have no idea….. But I do know here, 90% of the prison population is in fact those deemed less than by the conquering people’s. What is it exactly we do to be imprisoned for…… Mostly for resisting assimilation of someone else’s religious ideals. Just like here, we also have many who have stood up for us to no avail…… I have witnessed the 10,000 rabbi March against the Zionist state of Israel. I have witnessed the rabbi’s state very clearly, the deception in propaganda being committed to Palestine and the Israeli people. I can’t imagine a people who claim to have suffered through so much, treating another group of people in many of the same ways they were treated. Only when we realize our governments, the ones who decide how education should be installed into our minds, and how almost all the information they supply fits the agenda of total compliance of its citizens, only then will we truly know we have been tricked into hating for no other reason than to provide some form of profit to their gains. When we realize what all we have been tricked into believing, only then can we stop banker wars, starvation, pollution, toxins and prisons for profit.

@gmofreeUSA…. Refrain from speaking for the people when you cIearly have no idea as to what you are fighting. These companies use Bio weapons and you are coming to battle with paper! Your passive stance is what gives them power…. This isn’t a punch for punch fight! These people use every single resource to create out and out genocide including the fraudulent information you supply! I spend more time correcting the bad information you give than I do fighting this deliberate genocide ring! In no way is this about profits at all. This is a war…. A real war…. These companies are conducting out and out genocide. People who can’t clearly see this need to remove themselves from the fight because they are allowing the enemies to co-op our actions. Seriously, this isn’t about profits, this is planned murder of our environment and our bodies. Its planned, thought out and executed. For 30 plus years these companies have done everything in their power to cover it up. Somehow we believe Kelloggs, del monte and others are not co+owned by Monsanto/Cargill /Syngenta and Lockheed Martin! If you delve, you find I’m more than correct! Properly educate yourself or step down now! Stop being the passive enemy. You, not these companies are the goddamn problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m of the rather well-studied opinion that the term “hero” gets thrown around WAAAAAYYYYYY to god damned much these days. Fucking sickens me, and heinously cheapens the term. a Marine ain’t a fucking hero just because he’s a fucking Marine…it’s his fucking JOB to be one. Marines kill people. that’s what the Corps is there to do. there’s nothing heroic about that. it’s state-sanctioned murder. anybody who thinks differently can kiss my Marine Corps issue ass. there ain’t a single motherfucker over in Afghanistan or Iraq killing Afghanies or Iraqis for your or my or my children’s freedom. they’re over there committing murder for one reason, and one fucking reason alone: EMPIRE. I fucking HATE empires. I cordially invite any motherfucker who wants to argue this point with me to go read a book about retired Marine Corps General Smedley Butler. he stated it far more eloquently than I’m inclined to. anybody wants to argue after that, I’ll stick my Marine Corps issue boot up their fucking clueless ass.

you shouldn’t try to legalize the Marijuana plant… Its never actually been made illegal. What they did do was make it a Criminal act by labeling it a schedule 1 substance…. You should be concentrating your efforts to remove this title…. This would make it not owned or controlled by the corporate state… By removing this label, no one can have ownership or regulate this plant. It would be open use for anyone and everyone. Legalizing makes it taxable and creates a ruler who decides who gets to decide every aspect of its use.

The problem with those who believe in climate change, do so based on fraudulent science. If climate change is in fact real, science claims it can’t be reversed. Total bullshit! The reason this science is flawed is because they refuse to admit to the current growing practices of agriculture tied in with geo engineering! By admitting to these factors, we see the damage is in fact reversible! By not admitting to these factors, it appears the also fraudulent claim of over population is the cause, and the only way to reverse climate change is through genocide and herding the flock into designated areas. Capitalism is being used as a weapon so you will demand government “defined” socialism.Top of Form
Bottom of Form

Ya know what we need in this country? A white history month. A factual study focused on the uses of assimilation, slavery and genocide by corporations and enforced by government in order of events. A dissection of laws pretending to be human rights and how they were co-opted by those who rule the money and religion system. Also, how the school education was built on the ideals of other colors one day being equal to another color, but only with the strict permission and values used by those entitled and ruling.

And even more proof you have been lied to…. Again. The foods are what causes lung cancer!!!! The lab made chemicals in cigarettes cause cancer! Tobacco is a medicine!!! When tobacco is fermentated, this kills the medicinal properties…. So we guess, because the food manufacturers won’t release the real information. Tobacco has always been the fall guy for the foods… Its designed this way so you will believe it’s not the food and blame the medicine! Look what they did to Marijuana! They have lied to you since the 50s because they know for a fact Marijuana and tobacco kill cancer!!!!!!!

So far, every article about ebola I’ve seen so far has been about some form of fear mongering. While some are calm and others screaming, they both still beg for airport shutdowns. Do you understand the danger for demanding this?
We see all these so called professionals running around demanding to stop international airports because of this disease, yet all these same people are walking around unprotected around those sick.
So what we have here is a clear case of people demanding fences and forced vaccines. If we demand self martial law, they’re gonna give it to us.
If the airports are shutdown, so will anything carrying food. There are only 4 hospitals in the US who supposedly can contain ebola. If anyone who has a respiratory sickness is even thought to walk into a hospital, this hospital will be shut down. This means only military medical is capable of health care.
So food is stopped, medical is stopped, and only government can dole these out. To do this, people need to be moved into sections…..
The media is spitting lies, and people are demanding martial law based on lies without realizing what they are demanding.
Even if there is truth of this becoming a pandemic, there are ways to protect yourself. Its imperative this government doesn’t become the sole provider of food and medical distribution. Let’s not forget the 2.6 billion rounds of hollow tip bullets given to fema, FDA, USDA and local police. Or how this government helped infect 150,000 people with Aids in a vaccine…. . Or the spraying of Lyme and Micoplasmas over US cities… Or the cover up of fluoride in water…. Or the deliberate poisoning in foods and plastic…. Or the bio weapons sprayed onto food….
I’m not trying to scare you, I’m warning, calm the fuck down, and remember, no place in history is it good for a government to be the sole entity of all your basic human needs! At no point in history has the law ever been used to protect you, but used as a back door entry for other laws and rules you must comply with.
You do not want more government! You do not want this government to allow private corporations, owned by the world’s worst polluters and war Makers, to be the sole beneficiary and providers of water, vaccines, medicines, food and land!!!
It’s time to calm the fuck down and really think about the world you want for your children’s children!!! Do you want them a slave to a system you despise, or free them even at the cost of your life?
I will die standing for the sake of mine and your children!
That’s my warning. Now do you see what I’m saying? And you may want to share this if you agree.

Fuck ebola! And fuck the fear surrounding it. We know the goal for end game, so what’s to worry about? They’ve been poisoning your food, water and medicines for over 40 yrs. They been fumigating the skies since the 70s. They’ve made it illegal to protect yourself from this shit and make new laws everyday against you. Guess what, you’re still here. If you are so worried about this ebola thingy, look into natural preventatives. Whatever you do, DO NOT listen to mainstream media OR FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE!
The War is aimed at your body and mind. They need military, laws, war, disinformation, drugs, sickness, disease, toxins, peer pressure, government, paper, police, media, forced circumstances, science, religion, conformity, compliance and “YOUR” permission…that’s how powerful you are! They are so weak they need to combine all this shit to “to use” against little “you”.
Realize this now, you are afraid of an illusion of power. This is all you need to know.
Fuck fear. You just keep living.

Maybe we should be asking what else this government is doing behind closed doors to allow the media to spray so much disinformation and fear mongering about ebola.
They have deliberately kept pesticides, vaccine, gmo, pharmaceutical and oil spill research away from you all these years. They have suppressed this and deliberately allowed millions to become sick without a single word…. They hid the the truth about infecting hundreds of thousands with Aids and hep. What is it you are not supposed to know right this moment!?!
Oh, Btw, this government owns the patent on ebola and bill Gates and Monsanto get to own the patent on the future mandatory vaccine. Stop demanding your own government protect you from your own government! You are making me a slave to your false, and media made ideals.

America has always created the enemy with propaganda. America is a terrorist state. 520 years should have proven this by now… Unfortunately, people haven’t realized media have always been controlled by war Makers. I don’t understand how people can’t see this by now. All wars are banker wars. All sides fighting owe the same banks.

America has a bad habit of starting wars and calling anyone who fights against injustice terrorists.

Those foolish enough to keep feeding from these lies of media, will always enslave themselves for (sic) more freedoms.

Put 2 and 2 together…. Take someone’s land, they fight back.

These is tons of circumstantial evidence pointing to the fact isis is controlled by mossad and CIA.

For the record, all you bitching about terrorism are sitting on my native land….. So I’m not going anywhere. America needs to be removed from native lands… All of them. All you people bitching used these same tactics against us, and now benefit from the actions of your terrorist forefathers. You didn’t care about safety or welfare until the media created an image you should hate.

If, and I mean a big IF… these groups are real, they didn’t just wake up one day and say, I want to kill Americans because of my religion…. No, they are tired of being bullied, bombed, family and children indiscriminately killed, resources stolen by a government you endorsed and cheered on because you refuse to think for yourselves!

You refuse to ask how the US is so powerful… You refuse to ask how this country obtained these oversea resources. As long as all your conveniences are always there when you want them, you dont care from who or how these arrived for your taking.

You endorsed these ideals, now you live with em. You are what you eat!

In school they teach natives are nothing but sun worshippers…. The truth is, it’s always been the water. Education can’t even get this right. Most of you won’t get or understand this…. That’s OK.. Here’s a hint…. The grand feminine isn’t the sun. Life doesn’t start in light, but in darkness. The ether is water which a current travels. You don’t need a spark when you have a current.

This isn’t a chicken or egg question. One most definitely came 1st in this situation. …Light bearer ideals are the same ones which crafted Christianity. We are born into light not created from it. Light comes from darkness and this can be proven with the black hole theory.

You need one to define the other… True. But maybe the original thought to creation was, “I am darkness, let’s create light so I may see myself”.

I’m not going to assimilate my spirituality into yours. I’m not going to drop mine for yours. I don’t need to visit your place of worship because you somehow believe it’s in my best interest to do so. I may have picked fights because of others expectations of me to do just this. Look, I don’t force my religion on anyone… What I do is express how it’s very uncool that it’s expected of me or others like myself to explore your religion. If we are on the same paths spiritually, then you have absolutely no need or right to ask that I join yours. I don’t care what your religion is as long as you don’t try and cover mine with it… Or ask me to assimilate mine into yours. I don’t need or want your religion. If you say god needs to be put back in schools, then you better be willing to accept all GODs!!! If you say our religions are the same, but I should also try your faith, then you don’t believe our faiths are the same at all. You believe yours has something mine is missing. That’s the same as saying “we are all equal here, but I’m a bit more equal than you are”.

If we are all children of God, or science, or whatever, then god doesn’t have a favorite…. As a parent which child is your favorite? Which one would you sacrifice the other for? This is the same for all creatures and disease. We are all children of the source. If you don’t like me tearing into you, then please don’t tell me what I should be doing with my spirituality. Don’t you force your god on me!

I’m sick of saying this over and over. I don’t need to be saved. I’m saving myself thank you.

I’m getting a little tired of these race baiting articles. Yes, it exists. No, those who don’t understand will not just wake up after looking at some race baiting cartoon and say…._______________ (fill in the blank with some amazing personal awakening reflection). This is the same propagated bullshit as the 80s and 90s politically correct talk….. This is a tool of the verbal enemy, created to once again keep us fighting amongst ourselves while the culprits escape through the trapdoor and make new laws against having thoughts and emotions. The whole PC crap was created to keep us away from communication and healing. It made us all uptight and afraid to speak. This is the exact same bullshit we keep forcing on victims of another kind. A lot of people have and do benefit from white privilege, but way too many others don’t. People are getting fucked over the world over by men sitting at tables, figuring out another way to keep colors from communicating with each other.

Some people’s comfortable livelihood absolutely relies on others pain through homelessness, starvation, anger, death, war, poison, incarceration, destruction, drug addiction and depravity.

These people control your government and laws. Government is created around these ideals, and petitions and voting only allows them the knowledge of how well they are doing.

This is awesome; yesterday’s debate has weeded out 3 people on its own with one forced removal! God does work in mysterious ways.

Let me point something out… If you use your god like a noun, (person, place or thing) then your god is nothing but an object to you. God is a verb, action, non-stop creation. Did god stop creating after a book was written? Nope! God is never ending expansion…. And a book limits creations magnitude. Yes, I am a bigot when it comes to Christianity, and I have this right based on the lies forced on me by the church. Just because I am angry at the church doesn’t mean I don’t believe in a infinite being…. I myself am proof of this infinite being. Right here right now I contain creation in its verb… I’m still growing, expanding and making new.

When I speak against the bible, I speak out against the black one… The king James…. This isn’t even close to the original. These set of books have been manipulated with intent to govern. They have the original teachings removed for the sole purpose of mental slavery. Yes, I despise this black book. So yes, damn straight, I’m a bigot when it comes to this book and how religion is manufactured by its falseness.

I’m a bigot because I’ve spent the hours and hours looking into the history of this book. I’ve earned the right to be this type of bigot. I survived mental slavery by breaking free, I re-educated myself against all odds.

Just because I despise Christianity, doesn’t mean I despise Christians. One’s a belief, the other is a people. Christianity will never change, but people do it all the time. I am able to despise the belief and love the person….. Even if this love is tested by the belief.

I understand what Constantine had planned and how it was used back then. He created the NEW WORLD ORDER from aboriginal teachings. He was a power hungry thief, rapist and a murderer.

You gotta ask yourself, why did Constantine only choose these specific and limited books out of 1,600 or so other books? Why put it to a vote on what should this volume contain, and why did he pay off people for these votes?

The short of it is, I love creation. Creation is my god in verb form. I don’t want to use the noun as a weapon. I’m too small to even believe I have the right to say creation is anything less than infinite.

I absolutely despise the church for the lies, murders, genocide, land stealing, and schools forced on us, then the demand we fight for god and country. I’m supposed to love my rapist?

I agree 100%! We are at a place where hope is in truth. Without it, no matter how painful, we will suffer. I’m not gonna dumb myself down for anyone! I don’t care if you are old friends, family, Elders, rich, poor, democrat, republican, liberal, gay, straight, blind, sick or a child. If it goes against the freedoms of life and Creation, I’m gonna call it out and do whatever to expose the lie or assimilation it creates. I made this promise and I damn well intend to keep it! If you can’t handle this, leave now. People are waking up, and I won’t allow them to go back to sleep or fight with half a heart. We humans are at stake… Only we can prevent our demise. How it’s done is with personal responsibility and never allowing someone else to contain or dictate the power we are instructed to preserve within us.

You’ve tried to build your churches over my god…. But when not paying careful attention, my gods seep through the cracks and destroys the foundation of your god. The Christ god is so weak; he needs millions of armed soldiers to deliver him to our doorsteps. If people forget to remember their Christ god, he just disappears to nonexistence while our gods grow more strong and deeper roots. Our god casts the natural light over the tomb in which your son god is held prisoner.

I gotta give you credit, for 2,000 yrs, you’ve tried to suppress and hide our spirit from us. You tried to make us learn your ways. You tried to force a weak and feeble god over ours….. With all the human hands throughout time, you still to this day can’t remove nor control what you think you understand. With or without belief, this god of yours will always live under the shadows of creation.

Its time to let him go now. Its time to embrace the true existence of creation. Its time to stop locking it away in pages of deceit, hate and genocide called “love”.

If you truly believed in this christ god, and he was as powerful as you claim, you wouldn’t need to defend him with weapons, or force us into accepting him through violence and peer pressure.

Her assimilation was so complete and thorough; all she could see was the progress of her education. She knew everything about the artist. She had learned about the brushstrokes, the paint and pigment used. The color vibrance and how these colors weren’t even possible during those times. She could see the magnificent frame, and the realness. The lighting was perfect as were the shadows….it was a masterpiece, plain and simple! But her mind couldn’t see the image of the very young dark skin naked girl being chased by the kings men, the Knights. She couldn’t see the terror on the young child’s face as the dogs ran foaming in bloodlust behind her. She couldn’t see the hatred from the eyes of the men chasing this child, wielding swords, bows and blunt instruments above their heads, nor the blood seeping from between the child’s legs or the wounds where the arrows lodged. All she could see is what she was trained to see, the brilliance of each stroke of the brush. She couldn’t see the injustice, the brutality or the real meaning and history of these dark skin people of another race, far across the ocean, a human being not so different from herself …. All she could feel was adoring love and pride of the artist as he depicted the scenes of these destroyed, ignorant, pagan dirt people. The painting was, was beyond perfection. The artist was a genius of pure complex talent. She could only feel the joy of seeing for herself all she’d been instructed to see. It never dawned on her she’d been trained to glorify and ignore the actions of her ancestors by focusing only on what she was conveniently trained to believe. No, she couldn’t see her own assimilation and ignorance through this paintings beauty…

Let’s start at the beginning. Although it had a different name, Christianity started way before the supposed birth of Jesus. It was wasn’t till 60-80 years after his supposed death did the religion take on the new name “Christianity” and also stole the stories of the Jesus (a man who would have fought to his death against the injustices the church stands for). Before they did this, the religion now known as Christianity sprung out of nowhere with death and destruction, conversion of pagans and new royalty. The king James bible makes these Christians sound like they were the victim, yet fail to mention why everyone wanted the Christians dead. They brought war upon people for lands and riches. The original concept of Christianity has always been about war, total control through dominance, assimilation, force and re-education.

All parts of Christianity were based on pagan ritual, changed throughout the years, so a more natural form of assimilation could occur. Rules and laws changed to make an easy adaptation for the unsuspecting. At no time throughout history was Christianity a peaceful loving religion… Not once… Again, Jesus was stolen, and placed into the books of this religion. These are facts and nothing more.

The myth of “authority” is ancient and simple. One person, or group of people, has the right and duty to issue commands, and all of the rest of the people have a duty to obey those commands, and if they don’t obey, it is moral that they be punished by the rulers with death, violence, or loss of freedom. Otherwise, we are told every day since our birth, it will be chaos! People cannot run their own lives, they’re too stupid, violent, greedy and selfish! So we will take a small subset of those same stupid, violent, greedy and selfish people and charge them with running all of our lives, and allow them to use any violence necessary to do so.

I was so assimilated, I went out of my way to hide my Mexican blood while chastising anyone else who did this. I look back now and see how much the education system taught me to self hate. I look back and see how much the media caused me to self hate. I look back and see how this government caused me to feel dirty, unclean and distasteful of any brown/red blood. Nationality pride really is a form of genocide. I didn’t want to see it before, but it is true. Pride for your ancestors is one thing, but we never really earned our color at birth, none of did. Our pride stems from someone else’s agenda

Why do I not care about robin Williams or any other actor death? Because they are actors. Nothing more. The emotions they portray are written by someone else. To add even more emotions, music and special effects are added. These people played parts. They didn’t design. They acted…. And you the viewer, have been woven into a magic spell of someone else’s belief. You have been manipulated by a writer and a crew. You watched these people produce a form of imagery linked to your emotions. These images are designed to capture your attention. These emotions you feel are the brain child of the writer, not the actor. They have been “paid” to make “you” believe they care about you. All the images are made up….. Not real. You have been Hypnotized into someone else’s prayers. You shut down and allow someone else thoughts to enter your mind and soul without a fight. This is why I don’t respect actors, because they steal from me, or manipulate my thought patterns for someone who doesn’t give a fuck about us.

If a law is made to protect a corporation from the people, then police are obligated to enforce that law. What this means is, even if a corporation is poisoning your food and water, police are paid to prevent you from protecting yourself. You do not pay police from your taxes… You pay the state or government, who in turns gives out the paycheck. They are the actual employers, you just hand over the money…. And as the employer, they have the right to dictate the rules police must follow. You are not the employer!

Haliburton and other government security group’s pay people big bucks to troll news feeds. They get money for starting fights, insults and misinformation. They even pose as one of us, then use insults and name calling, give incorrect information to make real activists look bad…. That’s right, your government pays people to do this.

Nothing sends creepy chills down my spine like native Christians cheering on the demise of Palestine. Do you not see the resemblances? Does this mean you cheer for the genocide of your own people too? Are you really so hypnotized and assimilated by the church and it’s propaganda you don’t see any truth as what’s happening? This isn’t a left vs right wing deal here…. This is out and out genocide against aboriginal people! These are our mirror reflections! This is exactly like the executions done to us for the trains across America. This is the same land grabs for oil. People are not being punished for the injustice of terrorism, they are being flat out murdered for corporate rule. These people have been under police martial law since 1948, a crime against the Geneva convention… Every year more and more land is stolen, homes stolen, food stolen, water stolen and lives stolen for Israel power. This is out and out genocide! Hamas are the resistance. They are tired of being beat down and killed. They are done trying to survive while being bullied. They are resisting genocide… And you have the gall to call them terrorists! How dare you.

What if I did this to you? What if I say something like Hitler was killed for our sins? How could you possibly prove this untrue? What if my personal congress mandated you follow this, even if your ancestors were killed in the most unholy ways by Hitlers following? How would this make you feel?
Please stop saying christ has been removed from this great culture of ours. Please stop saying christ died for my sins when in fact his following to this very day is guilty of the enslavement of peaceful people, raping and murdering and is overlord of my sacred lands. You have no right to say your holy good is being removed by evil especially when your evil was used to destroy our holy.

AIM Staff Feathers by Rudy
See the new Michigan AIM Eagle Staff…. I beaded all those feathers. I am so thankful to these feathers for allowing me to be a part of history. My work will one day be considered the work of the ancestors. People will gather behind those feathers to bring peace and prayer to all…. To drum and dance for all. I did this for my children’s, children’s, children.

I know I’m gonna piss off a lot of people with this statement, but here goes anyhoo. AIM isn’t what it used to be…. They used to fight for the common good. To educate and uplift… Lots of shit happened to AIM, and it’s a very different organisation now… Lots of showboating, and flexing. Too many just want to wear the logo. The fight they choose is pretty safe. There is so much more going on this planet than name calling and mascots. We have oil spills, fracking…. We feed poison to the starving and congratulate our efforts. Banks stealing homes with the help of military police. Corporations stealing water, poisoning what’s left, then having the government go after people. We have corporations calling seed exchange terrorism. Where is AIM? At ted nugent concerts with signs, protesting to people who absolutely enjoy calling us racists. I love AIM. I loved what they used to stand for, but screaming at a rock, because it’s a rock and demanding it change doesn’t make sense to me…. It used to, but not anymore. Self recognition is so small compared to the damage happening to this planet by military protected corporations, and law makers. I’m not sorry for what I’m saying. Unfriend me if you must, that’s fine. Best wishes to you.

I don’t come from the mind of science, I believe in the world of magic and spirits. When it’s all said and done, science can’t explain why electricity is what is…. It can only explain how to manipulate it…. Therefore life is magic. We don’t need a panel of thinkers to tell us what they dont even know. Science is about Control….. Spirituality is about the release of control. The only thing we own is laughter and pain.

Every now and then, I feel this power to do something great, positive, make changes… Then I get stuck, because I have nowhere to go, few to share it with… Then I ask myself why. When i think deeply, I understand those who surround me, can’t, don’t want to or just can’t understand.

This electricity inside is confined, ready to explode in glee, then frustration. This is when look to the words of those who fought oppression, then I realize, I’m not the only one… Then I also realize, what they understood then, has taken me years to catch on… I’m floored, humbled, that i, a small human mind, am one of them. A screamer. A fair seeker. A seer. The accused.

The frustration these people had, while yelling at those who box themselves in plastic wrap, with painted on pictures of enlightenment… The blind, who think they see… The grey people, who believe fairness is fair as long as they are not afflicted by someone else’s class. Business suit bi…kers, $300 poverty jeans….demanding equality while eating a slave burger, with tosseled hair gel tested on pets. Really, is this who I keep trying to speak to? So I say fuck them, what is it I can do, that creates less slavery… That’s when I get really scared. Another truth I’m forced to see. Another question in the mirror of self deception. How much pressure can my children take from the looks and lives of their peers? Why do they suffer for myself and my neighbors? Shortness of breath. Panic.

My peers… My fucking peers! My sins.

Grateful slaves. Educated slaves. Entitled slaves. Angry slaves. Happy slaves. Slaved slaves. Still wrapped in plastic… Demanding we join them and step out of the rain.

And I pray to creator, what the Fuck am I supposed to do? What else do I do? What should I do next. Please fucking show me!

Julie Antoun Zauner Really? Because I think the American people voted for an ungodly union between the sexes, the killing of innocent God created life, and a free ticket to increased immorality. If you really want to know the TRUTH, Jesus lays it all out in the bible. Maybe that would be a great place to start investigating; it will surely clear your head a lot clearer than your pot does. Just a suggestion…

Julie Antoun Zauner Just seek the truth Rudy and you will find it. Deception is clearly in your life. You eternity looks a lot different from mine. I don’t have to defend the Lord but you clearly seem determined to defend whatever belief system you ascribe to. Your response was a typical non-christian angered view. One day you’ll see………..

Julie Antoun Zauner…. You’ve been totally and completely schooled by each and every commenter above; however I can’t let your remarks pass without putting in my 2 cents.

“Jesus lays it all out in the bible. Maybe that would be a great place to start investigating” So going by what you wrote I’m sure you’ll agree you’ve descended to the depths of destruction and are wallowing in the following bible verses state Matthew 7:5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. And then there’s James 4:12 There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor? … So by your own admission you don’t live by the morality you inflict upon others and you’re an admitted hypocrite and judgmental sinner. Correct?

Kristeen What do you know of the TwoMoon family’s lifestyle and beliefs? Have you done YOUR homework? I’m sure you realize it is your job to present the burden of proof by adequately justifying your allegations with legitimate documentation, authenticating your claims with corroborating evidence, facts and exhibits to substantiate your accusations against Rudy and Julie. Remember Exodus 20:16 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor…. Julie Antoun Zauner state your proof, show the world you can back up your accusations.

You’ve made it abundantly clear for all who see your comment you’re a practitioner of pompous selective perception without the benefit of any understanding of the bible or its intent. Matthew 6:1-2 “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. Julie Antoun Zauner your anomie shows a constriction of the mind with an elevated level of unwarranted authoritarianism. Matthew 7:1-2 “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured unto you.

So I say to you Julie Antoun Zauner, James 1:26 If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless. Flat out you owe the TwoMoon Family an apology. 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Repent Julie Antoun Zauner, repent… Acts 3:19 and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out. Repent and save your soul from the eternal fires of hell. Julie Antoun Zauner Hellhounds on your tail girl, hellhounds on your tail.

Julie Ernzen TwoMoon Rudy Deuce Michele Renee Elizabeth Odd, Odd Man…. I find it interesting that Julie Antoun Zauner was so quick to point the finger, attacking Rudy and Julie without any means to support her allegations. The fully deserved embarrassment she’s now suffering for her condescending false assumptions and slanderous rant has forced her into hiding so she has conspicuously disappeared when in fact an apology to the TwoMoon’s is clearly in order. I think Odd said it best; Julie Z is a “non christian acting christian” and she evidently hasn’t invested much time thinking about the consequence of her disparaging remarks being recorded by the judgmental God of her own understanding.

for Matthew 12:37 states “For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

You “the American people voted for an ungodly union between the sexes”

Ezekiel 28:19 All who know you among the peoples are appalled at you; you have come to a dreadful end and shall be no more forever.”

Ephesians 4:29 Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths

Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that you be not judged.

Galatians 5:22-6:5 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law. And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another. …

of social characteristics
such as, subjectively perceived threat, conformism, and an absence of diminution of standards and values with your narrow breadth of perspective and predominately
Ethnocentrism leads us to make false assumptions about cultural differences. We are ethnocentric when we use our cultural norms to make generalizations about other peoples’ cultures and customs. Such generalizations — often made without a conscious awareness that we’ve used our culture as a universal yardstick — can be way off base and cause us to misjudge other peoples. Ethnocentrism can lead to cultural misinterpretation and it often distorts communication between human beings.
By evaluating “them” by what we are best at, we miss the many other aspects of life that they often handle more competently than we do.
Studies indicate that education has an effect on Ethnocentrism; higher educated people are less prejudice than those with a lesser degree of knowledge.
Rigid adherence
Proverbs 24:28 Be not a witness against your neighbor without cause, and do not deceive with your lips.
Proverbs 14:21 Whoever despises his neighbor is a sinner
Jean Paul Richter Never does a man portray his own character more vividly than in his manner of portraying another’s.
Acts 10:34 So Peter opened his mouth and said: “Truly I understand that God shows no partiality,
Mark 12:31 ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”
Romans 2:11 For God shows no partiality.
Kathleen Patel “With ignorance comes fear- from fear comes bigotry. Education is the key to acceptance.”
Proverbs 15:2 The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouths of fools pour out folly.
Exodus 20:16 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
James 2:12-13 So speak and so act as those who are to be judged under the law of liberty. For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.
Romans 14:10-12 Why do you pass judgment on your brother? Or you, why do you despise your brother? For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God; for it is written, “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” So then each of us will give an account of himself to God.
Matthew 18:10 “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.
Matthew 7:1-5 “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.
Matthew 6:14-15 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.
give others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.
Charles Caleb Colton We hate some persons because we do not know them; and will not know them because we hate them.
Lydia Maria Francis Child “We first crush people to the earth, and then claim the right of trampling on them forever, because they are prostrate.