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1. Muslims are made to answer for actions of Muslims everywhere but, you bring up slavery to a White American and it’s “I had nothing to do with that”

2. Those with guns and badges that don’t believe for one moment that Black Lives Matter.

3. Muslims are made to answer for actions of Muslims everywhere but, you bring up slavery to a White American and it’s “I had nothing to do with that”

4. Between 1970 and 2012, out of the approximately 2,400 terrorist attacks on US soil, approximately 60 were carried out by Muslims, averaging 2.5%. Approximately 112 or 4.9% were Jewish terrorist attacks. Zero terrorist attacks by Blacks or Latinos however other approximately 2,228 terrorist attacks averaging a whopping 92.60% of terrorist attacks on US soil were carried out by White Christians.

5. MUSLIMS (who got harsh sentences) vs WHITES (who got virtually no sentences)

a. This Muslim man got almost 12 years for making threats over the internet (he had no bomb…/Muslim-man-Jesse-Morton…
This man got 17 years for ATTEMPTING to build a dirty bomb
These men got 20 years for TRAINING for holy war
These men got life for being in a jihadist camp:
13 years for videotaping buildings and sending the videotapes to jihadists
For a PLOT to bomb a plane these men got life

6. Irony: People who hate people from the Middle East; but they follow a religion from the Middle East, based on the words of a man from the Middle East.

7. SYRIA: Put yourself in their shoes for one minute. Imagine yourself reaching the point where you place your family including infants into a piece of crap, overcrowded boat and gamble against sea rather than stay in your home.

8. SYRIA: The USA caused the massive instability all over the Middle East and have now walked away from the carnage while Europe is forced to mop up the mess.

9. US conservatives filed lawsuits to keep Syrian kids and their parents out of their states. Now that is Christian values!

10. The Living Constitution (or loose constructionism) is the claim that the Constitution has a dynamic meaning and the properties of an animate being in the sense it changes. The idea is associated with contemporaneous society views should be taken into account when interpreting key constitutional phrases.

11. Unboxing Islamophobia –

9. Never trust anyone who says they do not see color. This means to them, people of color are invisible. ~ Nayyirah Waheed

10. Feb. 16th White Supremacist Benjamin McDowell was arrested for plotting a mass shooting against Blacks and Jews. Feb. 17, 2017 Mark Barnett was arrested for plotting to plant 10 bombs in a Target store up and down the East Coast…. Neither man was Muslim. Neither of them were refugees. They weren’t immigrants. They were not Black, Brown, Red or Yellow. These men were natural born WHITE United States of America legal Citizens.

11. Maybe the bigots who try and make Muslim’s feel like the USA isn’t their country should consider going back to their own homeland to learn why their ancestors left it.

12. Kudos for your response, you’ve realized social media comment boards are a very good medium to express seething hated while comfortably belching bitterness so you can quickly run away to your dark little corner.

13. If you were to face someone face to face you might have to confront your own fears.

17. Anyone on US soil, regardless of citizenship is covered under the Constitution. The 14th amendment and the Supreme Court ruled on this.

18. The framers of the Constitution were adamant the United States not represent any religion, above any other religion, or above no religion.
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”.

19. Sept. 2017 ~ 400 Rohingya people were burned alive and more than 2,600 houses were burned down in Rohingya-majority areas of Myanmar’s northwest in one of the deadliest bouts of violence toward the Muslim minority in decades. Myanmar officials blamed the Arakan Rohingya *SALVATION ARMY* (ARSA) for the burning of the homes.

20. “Which church radicalized him?”
“Why didn’t his White neighbors report him?”
“Don’t you know it’s your duty as a White person to find and denounce White terrorists?!”
Humiliating, dehumanizing questions that Muslim Americans never ask White Americans, even though they get these questions from White Americans constantly.

21. To hold socially-defined and categorized groups of people up to scorn or derision, or to fear them en masse, on the basis of limited personal experience or horribly misinterpreted and misunderstood data, is to put not only those “others” at risk for mistreatment, but yourself and family at risk as well: at risk of failing to see the dangers posed by non-stereotypical threats, while you stay on guard against the dangerous “other.” It means worrying about Islamic hijackers, but not so-called Christian warriors seeking to impose their version of faith upon unbelievers by blowing up clinics or government buildings. It means worrying about carjackers, but not the drunk drivers (eighty-five percent are White), who kill and maim far more White people each year than all the Black and Brown street hoods combined. It means worrying about being killed by a gang member, but ignoring the risk of death or injury from corporations cutting corners on workplace safety or product quality, hospitals and doctors engaging in unnecessary medical procedures, genetically engineered foods, air and water pollution, few of which has been contributed to by folks of color.