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1. Pointing a gun at a reporter means you quite literally believe “the pen is mightier than the sword”

2. Presenting a world where Black characters are not slaves or the hired help forces white viewers to truly see the people harmed for decades by racial injustice.

3. Anyone old enough to remember the old Amos ‘n’ Andy television show where every single character in it was Black: Black politicians, Black judges, Black cops, Black business owners…. all of them Black. The reason for that was, of course, White people simply couldn’t tell their funny little stories involving racial stereotypes using a visual medium without focusing on the Black neighborhood, the characters been well defined by the White guys who did the radio show. And it simply would not do to have Black characters interacting with White people…. it would have been offensive to the Whites, who would never DREAM of living in the Black part of town, or patronizing a Black business, or subjecting themselves to being judged by a Black judge or ticketed by a Black cop. Yet the show was popular and no one seemed to concerned the judge graduated from law school and the doctor from medical school and the teachers had degrees and all the professional people in the background seemed competent: it was just they were NOT to be mixed with Whites, where portraying them as intelligent professionals worthy of respect by the larger White culture simply would not fly.

4. We’ve grown more accustomed to seeing a Black face or two in the background, or as a funny sidekick, or as a “White in all but skin color” upper middle class family with lots of White friends. We’ve even grown to accept as normal a Black leading man as long as he interacts with plenty of White people.

5. A Black man is killed by cops and media prints his prior records. A White teen rapes a girl and media prints his swim times.

6. The media must include arrest records, supplied by the police agencies that killed them, as though anything in those records could possibly explain their deaths.

7. Who do you think is doing more damage to our public discourse? Is it the random amateur who exceeds the bounds of all decency by attacking someone on social media, or the professional paid a handsome salary to insert pins and needles into the soft spots of our collective prejudices and fears?

8. The household wealth gap between Whites, Asians, Latinos and Black Americans is particularly staggering, the median household net worth for White families now standing at 15 times that of Black households.

9. You’re throwing out the Irish “the first slaves” slogan you read on social media as a way to derail conversations about slavery and modern-day racism.

10. Black Americans… did not own or control a single bank or financial institution that financed and laundered the drug trade…. Did not own or control a single poppy field, cocoa plantation, or weed farm that produced the drugs….. Did not own or control a single shipping line… airline…trucking line which smuggled the drugs to America….. But… all we ever saw on the “War on Drugs” was the arrest of young Black Men on the street with a bag of rocks… ounce of coke… dime bag of weed. Chicken feed…but enough to do the mandatory 10-20 years. Enough to convince White America that the drug problem was a Black problem…. The real criminals and kingpins in suits got rich, got away, and became Republicans….. Sadly for the last half century, White America, The News Media, The Police,The Judicial System, and now The Chief Executive are the conspiracy that destroyed the lives of millions of Black Men and the Black Family…. Consider this the next time you say that “The playing Field is Level”. Then go read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and ask yourself where would I be if this was done to me.

11. Media protection: advocates had to go all the way to the United Nations to seek laws protecting the rights of Native people to own their own media, and for the prosecution of those who persecuted their journalists

12. I wish White people were as offended by police brutality and mass incarceration as they are by Black people using the N-word which they’ve absorbed from a cultural soup of media, advertising, and entertainment.

13. I wish White people were as offended by police brutality and mass incarceration as they are by Black people using the N-word which they’ve absorbed from a cultural soup of media, advertising, and entertainment.

14. You’re throwing out the Irish “the first slaves” slogan you read on social media as a way to derail conversations about slavery and modern-day racism.

15. Indentured servants were not branded like African slaves on their arrival in the colonies. The tattoo design you might see on social media was based on a stamp of the East India Company or the RAC African Trading Company, not a branding iron.

16. The “Irish slaves” meme you so frequently see on social media is used to deny the existence of White privilege. It is often accompanied by an image of the Damm family taken by the photographer Mary Ellen Mark in Los Angeles in 1987.

17. Common media for transmitting propaganda messages include news reports, government reports, historical revision, junk science, books, leaflets, movies, radio, television, and posters.

18. It’s interesting media uses the word “war”, as if civilians were armed to the teeth and shooting at every law enforcement vehicle/officer they come across. It’s also interesting they use the term “officer-involved shooting”, as if somehow it makes killing justifiable…. One is an exaggeration, and the other is an understatement. Both, however, are chosen to sway people the way they want them to go.

19. Government has flooded social media with videos of “nice guy” cops playing basketball with kids, interacting kindly with community members, having a barbecue with Black people, and they have even hosted “hug a cop day” events in which people gather to hug police officers, as the police dance and act goofy. These are obviously staged PR stunts. Whose interests does this heartwarming police propaganda serve? Does it decrease the level of police violence? Does it increase accountability? Does it lessen the power of the police? Does it increase the strength of communities? No, it does not. These barbecues and hug a cop events are not community initiatives, they are police initiatives, they happen on the police’s terms in the interest of protecting, perpetuating, and expanding police power. It is disempowering for those of us who have been victims of police violence to meet with our oppressors on their terms for heartwarming propaganda events.

20. The median bail bond amount nationally is almost a full year’s income for the typical person unable to post a bail bond.

21. Police media, government, states, townships, judges, politicians they all love the criminal. Don’t let their words fool you. They love the criminal so much they make everything illegal, so they can build super prisons to fund more unjust laws.

22. Animal aggression is not on the rise, we’re just more aware of such incidents due to social media.

23. Our entire system which includes our government, media, voting, and Internet services are corrupt and rigged by the people behind the curtains running everything!

24. So if you have never experienced or considered how damaging it is/was/could be to grow up without myriad role models and images in school that reflect you in your required reading material or in the mainstream media, that is White privilege.

25. Subliminal messages infiltrate and inform one’s psyche – especially developing young minds. Certain Christian textbooks at private schools (a famous example in TX if I remember correctly) are still racist and use biased language and cartoons. Television shows and movies stereotype different races. In a top-tiered GRADUATE school, I noticed wording in a public speaking class textbook that made me do a double take. I pointed it out to my [White] professor who later wrote me a letter of recommendation for writing to the editor of that textbook and getting their next edition changed. It’s part of how racism is SO ingrained in American culture and how it keeps getting passed on from generation to generation. It’s no surprise the horror movie The Purge has a sociopolitical bent to it – wealthy Whites in a fictional America a few years down the line – legally “purging” undesirables who happen to be mostly poor Black and Brown citizens. The medium is the message. That includes texts, cartoons, commercials, advertisements, posters, billboards, internet clicks, tv shows, webisodes, comedy shows, magazines, photos, comic strips – we are all subjected to absorbing messages about American culture, society, morality, values, class, gender and race – each and every day. Intentional? Hell yeah. Who runs the media? Nobody who looks (or votes) like me, that’s for sure.

25. OVERREPRESENTATION in negative story-lines

26. Produce homegrown TERRORISTS like Dylann Roof who murder in the name of hate, spewing the SAME rhetoric and messaging they

27. Researchers found that 59% on a regular basis get at least some news from local TV, 47% from national TV news shows, and just 23% from the Internet.

28. “The news isn’t there to tell you what happened. It’s there to tell you what it wants you to hear or what it thinks you want to hear.”

29. I have a responsibility to inform and educate people about the truth since the media continues to suppress information and mislead the public.

30. PLAGIARISM ACCUSATION … You’ve probably read one of my many research dissertation thesis published in academic journals. Thank you for your point d’appui (support)

31. John McCain ~ “When you look at history, the first thing that dictators do is shut down the press, “That’s how dictators get started”

32. Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color Of Change ~ “Make no mistake—every time ‘The Factor’ goes to commercial, the ads we see are from the businesses and corporations that keep the show alive. United pays O’Reilly’s salary. Capital One pays for attacks on an esteemed Black congresswoman. IBM pays for the lawyers who fight the victims of O’Reilly’s sexual harassment. And Microsoft pays to help Fox News keep trying to cover up its toxic workplace culture that, to this day, continues to protect its powerful white men at the expense of their female and Black colleagues.”

33. Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck’s race-baiting witch hunts and divisive rhetoric vision for a country where Black people and women are targets of harassment and discrimination, while rich, corrupt White men get to abuse whomever they want with impunity because corporate sponsors and advertisers send powerful messages these men’s actions are acceptable as long as their brands endorse racist misogynist behavior and simply choosing to look the other way.

34. Facts have no place in media; those who invoke facts are shamed and silenced (fired from jobs, expelled from schools or bullied into a state of suicide on social media). Anyone invoking facts such as the actual statistics of police shootings is told they’re “part of the problem” they have the “wrong attitude” about social justice.

35. Voices of truth are silenced and replaced by meaningless, distracting babble (Kardashians), sports events and other trivial garbage to dumb down the entire population to the point of cultural lunacy.

36. You clearly get all of your news from a single source. If you only follow a single television station or newspaper, you’re hopelessly ignorant. Journalists and media sources like to boast about being “unbiased,” but every person carries biases based on their life experience determining how they see the world (and report on it). As a consequence, world events are covered extensively at some places, and completely neglected at others. Want to stay informed? Cast a wide net or expect to be deceived

37. If you accept restrictions on free speech it means you didn’t have an education, you had an indoctrination.

38. “free speech” is a joke when one side literally wants to eliminate others because of their skin color or religion. It’s a convenient phrase to hide behind when people don’t want to actually discuss the nuances and repercussions of hate speech.

39. ESPN is owned by Disney

40. Rich people paying rich people to tell middleclass people to blame poor people

41. GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer, are owned by the same financial institutions and groups who own Time Warner (CNN, HBO etc.) and General Electric (NBC, Comcast, Universal Pictures etc.).

42. The silent war on humanity, the mainstream media is a clear and present danger. With its mind-controlling propaganda and mindless distraction factor, our society is in danger of becoming irreversibly enslaved without ever realizing the ulterior motives connected to their enslavement.

43. For 526 straight years, we people of color have been trained to despise our nationality….. you are now understanding what we have always survived, because the media in the last 10 yrs. or so are now training people to hate Whites….. Media is in fact attempting to create ‘White Guilt’…. I absolutely agree with you on this point!!!!!! 100% agree, because it’s wrong…… but let me point out, you are suffering from the institutions of White Privilege. White media are now attacking their own…. because they HAVE THE POWER TO DO SO.

44. The news isn’t the news. It’s all about protecting certain people and destroying others while shoving their agenda down the collective throats of others, all bought and paid for by 7 Billionaires who control all major news outlets