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1.  “The choices Black families make today are inevitably constrained by a legacy of racism preventing their ancestors from buying quality housing then passing down wealth which might have allowed today’s generation to move into more stable communities. Even when Black households try to cross color boundaries, they’re not always met with open arms: Studies have shown White people prefer to live in communities where there are fewer Black people, regardless of their income.”

2. Stop attempting to derail the Black Live Matter Movement by throwing around Black on Black crime. People like you have used the phrase to describe interracial violence in Black neighborhood for decades and there a huge problem with that. It implies Black people are inherently violent and interracial violence in unique to Black people. Studies show that every race commits the most crimes against its own race. 83% of White murders are committed by White people. 91% of Black murders are committed by Black people. The numbers aren’t far apart but we don’t use race to describe crimes committed by any other race. Proximity plays a big role in crime and American cities are very segregated.

3. The countries history of housing discrimination is one of the biggest reasons why interracial violence in a thing. In the 1930’s the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) came up with red lining. Redlining is a real estate rating system literally separated neighborhoods by race. Neighborhoods marked in green were predominately White neighborhoods, and neighborhoods where Black people lived were marked in red. Redlining limited Black peoples access to mortgages and new housing developments. The FHA decided redlined areas were socially and economically unstable because of the people who lived there.

4. So while White people were granted to highly funded real-estate, Black people were funneled into redlined neighborhoods where many properties were economically abandoned. These practices continued for over 30 years contributing to unstable living conditions and a cycle of poverty in predominately Black neighborhoods, and research shows poverty and crimes are undeniably linked.

5. So let’s get things straight. There isn’t high crime in Black neighborhoods because Black people are more violent than anyone else, it is however because it’s largely a product of government-sanctioned racism in the land of the supposed free.