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1. How soon you forget where your roots come from and your sea-water wetbacks illegal immigrant White Racist Forefathers who started illegal immigration, never learned the native language…Europe sent its worst people…murders, rapist, sick with deadly diseases, racists, muggers, and when asked to leave they proceeded to murder men, women and children, rape, and forcefully stole and from you standing on from American Indians.

Doug Stanhope – Immigration

3. The land bridge was a theory created out of thin air in 1902… 6 yrs later, it was busted…. in fact it’s been busted 1000s of ways and proved a lie yet you never hear the truth….why is that? If the land bridge is 10 to 20 thousand yrs old….. why do we have extinct cultures throughout the US who died out 50 to a 100 thousand yrs ago. Why is Michigan copper which can only be found in Michigan, how is it found in the tombs of Egyptian mummies? Why is cocaine and tobacco, which is only found in the Americas also found with these same mummies?

a. The education you have been trained to believe is a lie to propagate the injustices used to this very day. To erase history is how one conquers nations.

b. You have only been trained to believe there is only one way fights and battles happen, but there are other ways which aren’t occupier methods.

c. One of my bloodlines are yuqui apache. We roamed all the way up to the center of Canada to below the center of South america…. when they laid down a border, depending on which side a person was on, they were either Indian or Mexican right then. Bam.

d. What you’re not taught is the people would dedicate the 1st 2 rows of all crops to travelers…. all the way up and side to side throughout the Americas. What wasn’t used by travelers was thanks to the other creatures. Ask a native. Ask an elder. To this day, we still try and practice these ways.

e. You were taught your education for the simple fact you would reply as you did… a discarding.

f. Like I said, long ago we fought like the colonist did, we found it didn’t work…. so went back to our original teachings….the same teachings which are being lost due to education.

4. Illegal immigration is not a new problem. Native Americans used to call it White People.