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1. There are 480 species of Animal that exhibit homosexual behavior, but only one species of Animal that exhibits homophobic behavior.

2. Poverty and lack of resources can, of course, make it more difficult to seek help in an abusive situation, and a 2013 Department of Justice report found that women in “economically disadvantaged neighborhoods” were more likely to experience intimate partner violence.

3. Homosexuality is unnatural says the book where snakes talk, apples set an eternal curse, people come back from the dead, a man walks on water and a virgin has a baby

4. “MEN GET RAPED TOO” ask him “What do you do before you leave the house to avoid getting raped? Do you make sure you’re not dressing in a provocative manner? What tactics do you use to avoid having your drink spiked? Have you talked with your friends about ways you’ve learned to prevent rape and violence? Do you consent for every step of a sexual interaction and do you communicate your limits clearly? Do you carry a rape whistle? Do you avoid dimly lit places? Do you plan your route and know what “safe” places are on it (police stations, hospitals, etc.)? If you’re in public do you arrive and leave with a group of people you trust? Do you have a code word with your friends or family in case you don’t feel comfortable you can call and communicate your discomfort without the person you are with knowing? Do you try to think of an escape route, how would you try to get out of a room? Where are the doors? Windows? Are there people around who might be able to help you? Is there an emergency phone nearby? Do you always stay alert and aware; know where the exits are if you’re in a building, a crowded places such as nightclubs and always let someone know where you will be? Do you always turn around and look at whoever may be behind you? If you walk or jog do you vary your route and time on the street? Have you taken a self-defense course? Do you avoid parking lots and garages that are poorly lit? Do you always make sure you lock your car doors, whether or not you are in the car and check under the car, the floor and rear seat before getting into your car? What areas and times have been identified as high-risk? How many of your make friends have cried on your shoulder after being raped? Which men’s magazines offer tips to escape a rapist? …. Because women all have detailed answers to those question.

a. It’s the way that we collectively think about rape, situations in which sexual assault, rape, and general violence are ignored, trivialized, normalized, or made into jokes.
b. A university in Canada that allows the following student orientation chant: “Y is for your sister. O is for oh-so-tight. U is for underage. N is for no consent. G is for grab that ass.”
c. Pop music that tells women “you know you want it” because of these “blurred lines” (of consent).
d. A judge who sentenced only 30 days in jail to a 50-year-old man who raped a 14-year-old girl (who later committed suicide), and defended that the girl was “older than her chronological age.”
e. Mothers who blame girls for posting sexy selfies and leading their sons into sin, instead of talking with their sons about their responsibility for their own sexual expression.
f. Photo memes
g. Supporting athletes who are charged with rape and calling their victims career-destroyers.
h. Companies that create decals of a woman bound and gagged in order to “promote their business.”
i. People who believe that girls “allow themselves to be raped.”
j. Journalists who substitute the word “sex” for “rape” – as if they’re the same thing.
k. Politicians distinguishing “legitimate rape” and stating that rape is “something that God intended to happen,” among other horrendous claims.
l. Calling college students who have the courage to report their rapes liars.
m. The ubiquity of street harassment – and how victims are told that they’re “overreacting” when they call it out.
n. Victims not being taken seriously when they report rapes to their university campuses.
o. Rape jokes – and people who defend them.
p. Sexual assault prevention education programs that focus on women being told to take measures to prevent rape instead of men being told not to rape.
q. The victimization of hospital patients, especially people with mental health issues and the elderly, by the very people who are there to protect them.
r. Reddit threads with titles like “You just have to make sure she’s dead” when linking to the story of a 13-year-old girl in Pakistan being raped and buried alive.
s. Reddit threads dedicated to men causing women pain during sex (I’m not going to give the thread credence by linking to it).
t. Twitter hashtags that support accused rapists and blame victims.
u. Publicly defending celebrities accused of rape just because they’re celebrities and ignoring or denouncing what the victim has to say.
v. Assuming that false reporting for sexual assault cases are the norm, when in reality, they’re only 2-8%, which is on par with grand theft auto.
w. Only 3% of rapists ever serving a day in jail.
x. Women feeling less safe walking the streets at night than men do.
y. 1-in-5 women and 1-in-71 men having reported experiencing rape.
z. The fact that we have to condition ourselves not to use violent language in our everyday conversations.

6. The religious right loves to talk about biblical family values, some Bible-believing Christians play fast and loose with their sacred text. When it suits their purposes, they treat it like the literally perfect word of God. Then, when it suits their other purposes, they conveniently ignore the parts of the Bible which are, inconvenient.
According to biblical morality: eating Pork (Leviticus 11:17), eating Shellfish (Leviticus 11:9-12), eating hamburger (Leviticus 3:17), Homosexual Acts (Leviticus 18:22), wearing clothes of Mixed Fabrics (Leviticus 19:19) (Deuteronomy 22:11), Menstrual Impurity (Leviticus 15: 19-20) Coitus Interruptus (Genesis 38:9), Shaving (Leviticus 19:27) Lust (Ezekiel 23:20), Working Saturdays (Exodus 31:14–15), Rounded Haircuts (Leviticus 19:27), Trimming Beards (Leviticus 19:27), Women speaking in Church (1 Corinthians 14:34), Football (Leviticus 11:7–8) JUDGING Others (Matthew 7:1-5) (Luke 6:37-42) (John 8:7) and 34 other scriptures are all wrong and evil…
Slavery (Exodus 21:7) (Leviticus 25:44-46) (Ephesians 6:5), Rape (Deuteronomy 22:28-29), Child Abuse (Proverbs 22:15), “Filicide” deliberately killing one’s own child (Deuteronomy 21:18-21) Disabilities (Leviticus 21:17-23), Prejudice (2 John 1:10), Misogyny (1 Timothy 2:12) Pimping (Genesis 19:1–11) (Judges 19:25-28) and Incest (Genesis 19:30–38) Revenge (Psalm 137:9), Genocide (1 Samuel 15:3), are all perfectly natural.

7. There is no passage in the Christian Scriptures condemning same-sex committed relationships or same-sex marriage.

a. Romans 1 condemns Christian apostates who apparently had a heterosexual orientation and who engaged in what was for them unnatural sex: engaging in sex with members of the same sex.
b. 1 Corinthians 6 and 1 Timothy 1 are ambiguous. They might possibly relate to homosexual behavior; but they might well refer to men who sexually abuse boys, or to male gigolos, or to male temple prostitutes. We just don’t know. If these passages actually referred to persons with a homosexual orientation, they probably would not refer to loving, consensual same-sex behavior in a committed relationship. Paul was writing before the existence of a homosexual orientation was known. The only forms of homosexual behavior of which he was probably aware would have been males sexually abusing boys, and men engaging in same-sex orgies during Pagan worship.
c. Jude 1:7 appears to refer to the desire by the men of Sodom to engage in bestiality with another species “angels”. There is none of this going on in by either homosexuals or heterosexuals today.

6. A man is commanding – A woman is demanding.
a. A man is forceful – A woman is pushy.
b. He’s assertive – She’s aggressive.
c. He strategizes – She manipulates.
d. He shows leadership – She’s controlling.
e. He’s committed – She’s obsessed.
f. He’s persevering – She’s relentless.
g. He sticks to his guns – She’s stubborn.
h. A man is uncompromising – A woman is a ball breaker.
i. A man is a perfectionist – A woman is a pain in the ass

7. GAY/HOMOSEXUAL… HOMOCLIPHOBIA: The fear gay men will treat you the way you treat women.

8. GAY/HOMOSEXUAL… I know you have fantasies but you should keep them to yourself.

9. GAY/HOMOSEXUAL… Most gay-bashers have a pink-streak hiding within themselves.

10. GAY/HOMOSEXUAL… When someone accuses another of being homosexual it’s simply to cover-up their own fears, insecurities and to rationalize their own homoerotic excitement.

11. GAY/HOMOSEXUAL… Are you dropping hints, and if you are, I’m sure you’re not his type.

12. GAY/HOMOSEXUAL… You want him to be homosexual so you can hook up?

13. GAY/HOMOSEXUAL… Why? Are you looking for a date?

14. GAY/HOMOSEXUAL… Would it significantly raise your IQ if he was?

15. GAY/HOMOSEXUAL… Envisioning your voyeur fantasy becoming a reality?

16. GAY/HOMOSEXUAL… Your internalized homophobia is attributed to experiences of cultural heterosexism. In the 1954 Allports Theory `Traits Due to Victimization’; which regards stigmatized individuals who engage in defensive reactions as a result of the prejudice they experienced equating readily with contemporary understandings of internalized homophobia. This is a normative inevitable consequence because all children are exposed to heterosexist norms, and research suggests most gay men/lesbians adopt negative attitudes towards (their) homosexuality early in their developmental histories. Stop internalizing your homoerotic tendencies and start actualizing them by accepting your lust and desire for other wo/men.

17. You’ve proving to be a racist with homoerotic tendencies which makes me wonder if those 2 young children on your profile are part of a pedophile ring you host.

18. Women in the U.S. earn 79 cents for every dollar a man earns, Black women earn only 63 cents and Latinas only 54 cents.

19. Jesus Christ had nothing at all to say against homosexuality. As much as you’d like to blame homosexuality for destroying the institution of marriage, Jesus never once spoke out against gay people. He preferred, it seems, simply to refer to them as “people,” just like everybody else.

20. Women come from virtually every demographic sector. But year after year the statistics reveal that black women and economically struggling women — who have above-average rates of unintended pregnancies — are far more likely than others to have abortions. About 13 percent of American women are black, yet new figures from the Centers for Disease Control show they account for 35 percent of the abortions.

21. Black and Hispanic women account for 55.4% of the 405,795 abortions reported by race. This number is disproportionate considering the fact that black and Hispanic women only comprise roughly 29% of the total U.S. population.

22. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even as the U.S. abortion rate is at its lowest since Roe v. Wade, Women of Color are five times as likely to terminate a pregnancy as White woman, and a Latina woman more than twice as likely

23. Please explain how the word homosexual, which didn’t even exist until more than 1,800 years AFTER 1 Timothy was supposed to have been written get into the New Testament?

24. 1 Timothy is one of the most virulently anti-woman books of the New Testament. Women can’t hold any position of authority over men and aren’t even allowed to be teachers, meaning, if they truly believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God women can’t be in politics. In fact, while 1 Timothy has just one parenthetical clause which can be interpreted as being about homosexuality, it contains six verses on the shortcomings of women and the limitations on what they are allowed to do.

25. Most so called Christians have no idea where references to homosexuality are in the New Testament, much less what the surrounding verses say so they always fall back on Leviticus, the Old Testament book loaded with dos and don’ts. They seem to have the words memorized about it being an abomination for a man to lie with a man as he does with a woman. Yet every time they make that argument, they demonstrate that they know next to nothing about the New Testament.

26. God doesn’t need the help of Christians in determining what should be done in the afterlife with the prideful, the greedy, the debaters or even those homosexuals. Which could well be why Jesus cautioned his followers against judging others while ignoring their own sins, in fact, he had a specific word for people obsessed with the sins of others. He called them hypocrites.

27. Pansexual sounds like a new porno genre – videos of people having sex with kitchen utensils.

28. SLUT – a woman who has many casual sexual partners or a woman with low standards of cleanliness
SHAMING – the act or practice of attempting to embarrass a person by drawing attention to their perceived offence
OPINION – a view or judgment formed about something

29. History, as we know it, is still a story that’s largely told by men. An analysis of America’s most popular recent history books found that the vast majority ― 75.8% ― were written by men. And most of those men wrote about other men: 71.7% of biographies were about male subjects. Many women who wrote biographies ― 31%― wrote about men, too, while only 6% of male biographers chose to document a woman’s life.

30. So let me get this straight. God didn’t judge America over the 100 million 1st Nation Indigenous Native American’s who murdered men, women and children, raped and forcefully stole the land you’re standing on. God didn’t judge America over the millions of African’s abducted from the native homes, enslaved, raped and murdered them. And God didn’t judge America over not taking care of the homeless, hungry, sick and dying poor. But not God will judge America over abortion and gay marriage. Yeah right