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1. If violence doesn’t solve anything, why do police carry guns?

2. Those with guns and badges that don’t believe for one moment that Black Lives Matter.

3. The true threat to our society and all lives on this planet are White males with guns who have the law behind them.

4. It’s sick how undertrained and incompetent our police are! Police officers should be trained to deal with different types of people and situations. They should be able to control their guns and emotions.

5. The only type of gun laws that ever pass are those which keep guns out of the hands of people of color.

6. First came the Badges, then the Fences. Now the Automatic Weapons. The terrorists win. We are sacrificing our Freedom and the Freedom of our Children. Thank you regressives and HATERADIO for convincing us that the “OTHERS” are everywhere waiting to kill us, when for the most part it’s been good white nra members who have been racking up the mass shooting episodes.

7. Anyone using their 1st Amendment rights on the internet to tell me the 2nd Amendment only covers muskets because the AR was not invented yet. Get off your computer and write me a letter with a quill pen, then have it delivered to my house by some guy on a horse and then and only then can we start the discussion of why you are wrong.

Every genocide in history has been preceded by civilian disarmament. Governments murdered 170 million unarmed innocent civilians in the 20th century. This century will be in the billions if the UN is able to disarm the world as they plan.