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1. From the 1793 Fugitive Slave Act forward, public-safety officers have been empowered to harass Black bodies in the defense of private capital and the pursuit of public revenue. As a result, no generation of black Americans has been spared the macabre tradition of drilling into its children tips for avoiding death at the hands of the state—not during slavery, not during the era of black codes that followed war, not during Jim Crow, not during the indiscriminate war on drugs, and not in the current era of cops functioning as tax collectors on the poor in decimated municipalities.

2. Van Jones talks about how the United States imprisons more people than any country, and how that’s hurting communities. “You got people who are doing more drugs on college campuses, yacht clubs, country clubs, we all know that’s goin on. But the SWAT team never shows up there. The SWAT team shows up in the housing project where you got poorer people doing fewer drugs and those people will go to prison.”

3. 174 individuals charged under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance (NDPS) Act have died in prisons — 88 in 2014 and 86 in 2015.

4. The Black Panthers was never a terrorist group.. The Black Panthers was created to combat the KKK, the police officers who were and are still members of the KKK – since our wonderful government wouldn’t… You’ve never heard of Black Panthers burning crosses, bombings White churches, using Whites as alligator bait, pumping poisonous experimental drugs into their systems or lynching White people.

5. Because majority of the people getting caught with drugs are of color (which was put into the neighborhoods by the police) are getting hit with 10+ yr sentence for dime bag money, and people the molest children and rape women are mostly White are getting hit with 2-5yr sentences.. why is that? How can you rape someone and get 2yrs in prison. White privilege means the system itself was setup more for you than it is for someone of color.

6. Belt wearing isn’t the reason White children are educated in wealthier schools. Haircuts and etiquette classes don’t lead to the technological innovations. Lower incarceration rates aren’t because Whites use drugs less often. The wage gap isn’t caused by White men’s hard work ethic.”

7. When addiction was a black problem, there was no wave of national compassion. Instead, we were warned of super predators, young, faceless black men wearing bandannas and sagging jeans…

8. Black Americans… did not own or control a single bank or financial institution that financed and laundered the drug trade…. Did not own or control a single poppy field, cocoa plantation, or weed farm that produced the drugs….. Did not own or control a single shipping line… airline…trucking line which smuggled the drugs to America….. But… all we ever saw on the “War on Drugs” was the arrest of young Black Men on the street with a bag of rocks… ounce of coke… dime bag of weed. Chicken feed…but enough to do the mandatory 10-20 years. Enough to convince White America that the drug problem was a Black problem…. The real crimininals and kingpins in suits got rich, got away, and became Republicans….. Sadly for the last half century, White America, The News Media, The Police,The Judicial System, and now The Chief Executive are the conspiracy that destroyed the lives of millions of Black Men and the Black Family…. Consider this the next time you say that “The playing Field is Level”. Then go read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and ask yourself where would I be if this was done to me.

9. The very first drug law was aimed at the Chinese opium dens in San Francisco, circa 1878…then Cocaine was outlawed circa 1908 because it was associated with black rapists…Cannabis was outlawed because of Mexicans in Louisiana in 1927

10. The heroin came in hidden in dead G.I.’s during Vietnam. The cocaine during Iran Contra. The CIA has been the source for many years. Without the drug cash the banks would have collapsed from the debt money system. Cannabis keeps the for profit prisons full of customers. Its all about the fast stacks of cash.

11. Systemic racism and discrimination from slavery to Jim Crow to drug wars to harsh and unequal sentencing to last hired to 1st fired to no loans to unfair housing to gentification to gerrymandering to title car loans to unfunded education to felony charges for misdemeanors to shooting the unarmed to denying that Black lives even matter.

12. Minorities of the 60’s remember it well and black leaders like Dr. King and Malcolm X spoke of the a system the US was planning to flood drugs in the inner cities across the US. Most don’t realize the GOP were forced to vote for the civil and voting law because of threats from LBJ. Keep in mind some Republicans disagreed with their party but could not speak up but did assure black leaders learned the plans. Dr. King knew he would be killed and Malcolm X knew of his plan assassination. Nixon lost to Kennedy and the GOP had to find a way to full jails with blacks and keep blacks in poverty. Think of it as a mole in both the government and FBI. Now many will say prove it or it is not true. Well Dr. King was arrested 29 times and each arrest bail was set high. Now King had bail posted by a person no one knew who it was each time. NAACP had no clue as they did not have that kind of money. Well as usual we learn after all parties are dead it was Gov. Nelson Rockefeller who secretly sent bail money to King’s lawyers. Yes not all Republicans were racist. But FBI director J Edger Hoover made it known he hated blacks and did not investigate any of the threats on JFK or King. Apparently Hoover’s Mothers told him his father was a black man and everyone knew Hoover was gay.

13. It is FACT the stats generated by the war on drugs are 100% PROOF positive that indeed it was and IS used to target blacks……..since by a wide margin MOST of the sellers and users are WHITES.

14. In 1986, the Reagan Administration acknowledged funds from cocaine smuggling helped fund the Contra rebels. Payments to drug traffickers by the U.S. State Department were authorized by Congress. In the 623rd paragraph, the report described a cable from the CIA’s Directorate of Operations dated October 22, 1982, describing a prospective meeting between Contra leaders in Costa Rica for “an exchange in the United States of narcotics for arms, which then are shipped to Nicaragua. The CIA had requested the Justice Department return $36,800 to a member of the Meneses drug ring, which had been seized by DEA agents in the Frogman raid in San Francisco. The CIA’s Inspector General said the Agency wanted the money returned “to protect an operational equity, i.e., a Contra support group in which the CIA had an operational

15. Hemp takes 90 days to grow, trees take 15 years. If the government didn’t ban hemp on April 14, 1937 in the PROHIBITIVE MARIHUANA (Marijuana/Cannabis) TAX LAW we’d live in lighter than concrete, no expansion joint, high insulating, high indoor air quality, bug and mold resistant, water and fireproof Hempcrete homes now.

16. Let me remind you, your government brought the drugs and made the neighborhoods as they are today.