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1. It’s your personal responsibility to do your own research. There really is no reason why I or anyone else should do that for you. It’s there, look for it.

2. I’ve given you more than enough information to get off your lackadaisical behind, do your own research

3. Investigate, acquire some new knowledge then integrate previous knowledge in the mix. Hey you might even learn a few things!

4. You made the claim, now YOU provide the evidence to back it up. We’re not doing your research for you.

5. I feel no responsibly to conduct the quick and easy google search confirming reality for you.

6. I don’t have a problem with ignorance, only if you don’t utilize the resources readily available to you, such as the internet. Look up things in order to inform yourself, and if you still stand by whatever your “belief” is, then, at least sound intelligent when arguing for it.

7. I’ve given you more than enough information to get off your laxidasical behind, do your own research

8. Investigate, acquire some new knowledge then integrate previous knowledge in the mix. Hey you might even learn a few things!

9. They (racist government systems) try to criminalize our children from the time they can walk. Incarceration is the new slavery. It breaks up black families and takes away any power we have. Our young male black children are suspended, expelled, profiled, arrested for things that whites would not be over and over until they are finally locked up often for things they would not lock up a white person for. Not to mention the beatings and killings by law enforcement and the courts look the other way.

10. “Google” is not a synonym for “research”

11. People don’t want facts, they want ideological fodder. The stats on this are widely available and easy to find. But few actually take the time to google information that might actually inform their opinions. It boggles my mind! In an age where the verification of facts takes 30 seconds, people are even more entrenched in unsubstantiated, racist rhetoric. It’s sad!

12. Troll, get a job and stop trying to support your entire family on 5₡ a click

13. It isn’t my job to educate you

14. I see facts as they really are, distinguishing their matter, cause, relation; however it’s up to you to do your own investigation

15. Research has proven to educate, try it you might actually learn something

16. Research has proven to educate those who are will to learn the truth.

17. You realize there is a difference between those who continue to grow and succeed through exploration of fact and those who end up becoming trolls because they’re too busy to trying to make a fortune with 5₡ a click.

18. You’d be amazed how satisfying it is to research your own data by actually utilizing the verified information written above.

19. Instead of hovering about the edges of this discussion trying to come up with a derogatory question I suggest you take a trip courtesy of the world wide web and discover what you looking for there.

20. The time will come when diligent research will bring to light things which now lie hidden to those who refuse to see.

21. Many discoveries are reserved for those are willing to search for them

22. Nothing can illustrate these observations more forcibly than clearly defined facts.

23. Facts have been laid open for your scrutiny, however since you come with none of your own I suggest you return when you can stand behind your questions

24. Research not only wins the war, it’s the key to victory over stupidity

25. Look around, accept the truth because what you find will changes who you’ll become

26. The measure of greatness is the extent to which it stimulates thought and opens up new lines of knowledge.

27. Research is simply common sense at its best, rigidly accurate, and merciless to fallacy in logic

28. “It is my sincere desire my research and hard work will help create a world where we all learn to walk this Earth, safe, enlightened and free from the perils of cruelty, ignorance, and all the other dark and sinister forces, which make assholes possible.” ~ Alexei Maxim Russell

29. An important reason to self-research is it provides an important long-run perspective on the issues.

30. Research creates knowledge, try it

31. The only way of discovering the truth is to venture past your preconceived notions

32. “The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before.” ~ Thorstein Veblen

33. Don’t be afraid to take a big step and Google it yourself

34. Research is the quest for knowledge, a useful investigative tool, believe me it’ll make you feel better about yourself

35. I have no responsibly to conduct a quick and easy search confirming reality for someone too lazy to look for themselves. You want to accept ideological fodder and propaganda rather than checking available data which is widely available and easy to find for those willing to pursue it.

36. I have no responsibly to conduct a quick and easy search confirming reality for people too lazy to discover it for themselves.

37. You are the victim of propaganda because people such as yourself are not intellectually competent enough to search for truth.

38. You’re immune to truth therefore you want me to do your homework, then tell me it’s incorrect so you can call me a liar when shooting it down… lol, no thanks, do your own homework

39. You became a slave the moment you handed over the keys to the definition of reality. The truth won’t go away or stay hidden forever; it will keep resurfacing until it’s recognized.

40. Truth will outlast any campaigns mounted against it, no matter how mighty, clever, or long. Truth is invincible.

41. Studies have concluded when people do homework for others the student fails

42. When you’ve been deluded long enough, you tend to reject any evidence of the delusion. You’re not interested in finding truth; your sole purpose is to deflect.

43. I could provide you with 100 resources but you wouldn’t look at even one.

44. I could provide you with 100 sources but you wouldn’t even take a second glance

45. “You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can’t convince one man by logic.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein,

46. “It is always a much easier task to educate uneducated people than to re-educate the mis-educated.” ~ Herbert M. Shelton

47. I’m not here for your amusement, but you are here for mine.

48. Oh, did you honestly think I post information for people who refuse to remove their blinders?

49. I could turn your own logic on you by using the same argument on you

50. If you want me to do your homework you’re gonna have to pay me. Your name as it appears on your Credit Card is?

51. Most people don’t really want the truth; they just want constant reassurance what they believe is the truth