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1. ABORTION: Churches are so afraid of losing their tax deductions status they use their followers emotions (abortion) to sway votes. They claim evil democrats want pro-choice BUT fail to realize most of the democrats are Christian themselves. The only difference is the Christian Democrats Rule with God granted Free Will and for don’t want to play God.

2. ABORTION: We live in a country Evangelical Christians demand burial for a fetus but will applaud a casually bulldozed Indigenous grave site for an oil pipeline.

3. ABORTION: The Bible really doesn’t say anything about abortion. Christians have adopted it as a pet issue because the Bible says that murder is wrong and they’re assuming abortion = murder. Until about 30 years ago, many prominent Evangelical Christians believed life didn’t begin until birth? Jerry Falwell and the “Moral Majority” happened. In the late 1970’s, Evangelicals formed an alliance with the Catholic Church, which stood staunchly against birth control, abortion, and homosexuality in an attempt to form a voting bloc which opposed the sexual revolution.

4. ABORTION: If God’s so omnipotent, then why would he keep putting babies into women who he knows are just going to have abortions? Do not abortions come under the title of “Free Will”?

5. ABORTION: Christ never preached against abortion or homosexuality, even though both were common during the Roman Empire.

6. ABORTION: Pro-Life Lawmakers claim to fight for children. They claim abortion is murder but won’t say Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley Jones, Tamir Rice or Jeremy Mardis’ names. Yell for unborn fetuses but are silent about children drinking poisonous water in Flint MI or starving children in Appalachia. Politicians do n’t give a shit about life

7. ABORTION: If they make abortion illegal they should also make it illegal for men who desert these women after getting them pregnant. If women can’t back out of pregnancies, men shouldn’t be able to either.

8. ABORTION: Researchers have created a new fetal cell line for vaccines from an aborted 12-week-old baby girl. It’s called Walvax-2, and it’s already been tested for chicken pox, rabies and hepatitis vaccines. Did you know many vaccines including the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) are made with the cells and DNA of aborted babies? Understand, if you’re pro-vaccine you’re pro-abortion.

9. ABORTION: So let me get this straight. God didn’t judge America over the 100 million 1st Nation Indigenous Native American’s who murdered men, women and children, raped and forcefully stole the land you’re standing on. God didn’t judge America over the millions of African’s abducted from the native homes, enslaved, raped and murdered them. And God didn’t judge America over not taking care of the homeless, hungry, sick and dying poor. But not God will judge America over abortion and gay marriage. Yeah right

WOMEN: Can I have birth control?
WOMEN: I couldn’t get birth control so I got pregnant. Can I have an abortion?
WOMEN: You prevented me from getting birth control, then prevented me from getting an abortion so I’m carrying the fetus, but my employer won’t provide reasonable accommodations and is threatening to fire me. Would you please pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act?
WOMEN: I had the baby, but I’m out of work. Can I have WIC and Food Stamps until I get back on my feet?
WOMEN: I found a job, but it doesn’t offer insurance. Can I have government guaranteed insurance?
WOMEN: My child got sick and I got fired because I missed time caring for him/her. Can I get unemployment?
WOMEN: I’m having a hard time getting my child from school consistently. Can we fund after-school programs?
WOMEN: I’m prepared to work to support my family. Can you make sure a full-time job’s minimum wage is enough to do that?
REPUBLICANS/CHRISTIANS: NO. What’s the matter with you and your family that working two jobs can’t lift you out of poverty? Stop being lazy, what kind of a mother are you, letting someone else watch your child? If your child doesn’t do well in school or gets in trouble, it’s entirely your fault. You shouldn’t have had a child if you weren’t prepared to take care of him/her.

11. ABORTION: Republican women are just men without the male reproductive organs. Nothing more and nothing less. They tow the same party line as the men. There is no difference at all. If they don’t care about their own rights, that’s fine. But it doesn’t give them the right to mine or anyone else’s.

12. EVANGELICAL – The growing cancer of Christian Nationalism is an ideology fusing Christians’ love of God and country and hinging on the narrative the US has a special covenant with the Christian God. They think Jesus voted Republican, hated adulterers and “gays” all the while ignoring their pastors who get rich on the backs of their congregants while banging a mistress on the side and molesting children.

13. EVANGELICAL – According to a recent poll, 72% of White Evangelicals believe an elected official who commits an immoral act in their personal life can still act ethically and carry out their duties in office.

14. EVANGELICAL – “I’m a Christian” no longer means “God loves me deeply, and therefore I’m to love you the same way (regardless of your beliefs). Oh, and I’m to seek justice for the poor, marginalized, and the oppressed because my faith informs my actions, not my political identity.” Jesus was a man who rejected political power and taught his disciples his Kingdom would be brought about through their love for each other and their neighbors.

15. EVANGELICAL – Christians are backing child molesters and covering up rampant sexual abuse in their church. Christian leaders reject the immigrant and penalize the poor and marginalized. The church is in a bitter battle over White Supremacy and Racism while Nationalism grows like an infectious cancer.

16. EVANGELICAL – When you look to policy and leaders as political messiahs it warps your perception and erodes your compassion for your fellow man and those with different beliefs than you. You seem to have forgotten the important part of Evangelical is “Angel” which means messenger from God; benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God or Heaven and Humanity, not invoking political go-to ideology and pushing the boundary between religion and politics by interweaving national identity with religious piety.

17. EVANGELICAL – White Christian Evangelicals claim women need to see their “own responsibility in their own rape”, blaming victims for what they wear.

18. EVANGELICAL – Evangelical/Fundamentalist Christian Republicans believe babies are a miracle gift from God for those who can afford them and a punishment from God for poor choices.

19. EVANGELICAL – We live in a country Evangelical Christians demand burial for a fetus but will applaud a casually bulldozed Indigenous grave site for an oil pipeline.

20. EVANGELICAL – The Bible really doesn’t say anything about abortion. Christians have adopted it as a pet issue because the Bible says that murder is wrong and they’re assuming abortion = murder. Until about 30 years ago, many prominent Evangelical Christians believed life didn’t begin until birth? Jerry Falwell and the “Moral Majority” happened. In the late 1970’s, Evangelicals formed an alliance with the Catholic Church, which stood staunchly against birth control, abortion, and homosexuality in an attempt to form a voting bloc which opposed the sexual revolution.

21. EVANGELICAL – Evangelical Christians are in love with power, and they will sell their souls to get it or to keep it. The teachings of Jesus are cast aside whenever they become inconvenient.

22. EVANGELICAL – Self-proclaimed evangelicals, led by hypocritical religious leaders who are anything but Christian.

23. EVANGELICAL – The leaders of the Evangelical Movement have sold their souls to the devil in leading their flock to support someone whose policies are the very opposite of Christian charity and love.

24. EVANGELICAL – Not all White people, but Evangelical Christian White people in particular, even when their vote might mean acting against their own best interests in other areas still vote for the oppressor, the racist, the sexual deviant, the pedophile.

25. EVANGELICAL – White Evangelicalism is a segment of modern evangelicalism led and shaped by a cultural agenda defined by ‘Whiteness’ which is morally bankrupt.

26. EVANGELICAL – Fundamentalists and Evangelicals are those who identify with the original tenants of Biblical truth and holiness. Fundamentalists directed their efforts more at defending historic doctrines and activities against anti-Biblical teachings which crept into churches, schools, and institutions. Evangelicals directed their efforts at promoting the preaching of the Gospel and living holy lives regardless of theological differences. Many fundamentalists today have taken a more militant stand on the truth of Scripture at the expense of love. They demonstrate this by their attitudes and actions toward those who are less conservative. Many Evangelicals today have taken a more militant stand on the love of Scripture at the expense of truth. They demonstrate this by their attitudes and actions toward those who are less liberal.

27. EVANGELICAL – Christ is doing a face-palm for the so-called ‘evangelicals’.

28. EVANGELICAL – Cease being a one dimensional insufferable peon and Evangelical Crusader of sub-mediocrity

29. EVANGELICAL – 55% of Americans believe that Christianity was written into the Constitution and that the founding fathers wanted One Nation Under Jesus. This includes 75% of Republicans and Evangelicals.

30. EVANGELICAL – The idea of a Christian nation in American history has always been wrapped up with protecting the power of Whiteness and Protestantism. The KKK, targeted not just African-Americans but also Catholics and Jews as threats to their ideal of American society, one more important piece of empirical evidence which illustrates the connections between race, institutionalized religion and economic inequality.

31. EVANGELICAL – Christian Nationalism has done tremendous damage to the overarching mission of Evangelical Christianity, which brings justice to the poor and oppressed. White Evangelicals have a responsibility to make racial justice central to their faith rather than support White Christian Nationalism. Therefore you need to lift your voices up and say being a follower of Jesus means rejecting Christian Nationalism and embracing care for the most vulnerable in the image of God.

32. Strive to be more like Christ, not to make Christ into what you want him to be.

33. My club is better than your club. We called debs on Jesus first. Now we own Jesus, the Bible, the Constitution, the Flag, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Everyone in our club is good. Everyone not in our club is bad bad bad. In short, you’re all screwed ’cause we said so.

34. You might want to read up a bit on the Founding Fathers. The majority was either Deists or Unitarians and neither of those religions considers the Bible as the word of God.

35. Most of the US’s founders were deists in the sense they believed in a supreme being, but they didn’t define it in conventional terms. They believed in “Providence”, a general belief in a supreme being who would grant success, on the whole, to believers. These founders also believed no specific religious precepts beyond this should be used in government, and instead we should use reason to figure out things, including how best to live and work together.

36. The Angel of Death is not a skeletal creature or evil demon carrying a large scythe clothed in a black cloak with a hood. The Angel of Death comforts the dying, making the transition from life on Earth to the afterlife by escorting them into their new state of existence.

37. Homosexuality is unnatural says the book where snakes talk, apples set an eternal curse, people come back from the dead, a man walks on water, 40 years to make a 6 day journey, and a virgin has a baby.

38. 2,476,635 people were killed by God in the bible alone.

39. The worst tragedy of sin isn’t that it produced your bad behavior, but that it produced the idea that your bad behavior is strong enough to deflect pure logic.

40. Luke 12:58 … “When you go with your adversary to the magistrate, make every effort along the way to settle with him, lest he drag you to the judge, the judge deliver you to the officer, and the officer throw you in jail.”

41. Funny how the Bible has been historically used to demonize Black skin when the only time God cursed someone with skin color was when he turned Miriam “white as snow.” (Numbers 12:10) An illiterate mind is a gullible one

42. Everyone says they want to discover the *Truth*, right up until they realize the Truth will rob them of their deepest held ideas, beliefs, hopes, and dreams. Discovering a Truth will turn your view of self and life upside-down. For one who is truly ready, this will be unimaginably liberating. But for one who is still clinging to old ways, this will be extremely challenging.

43. The bible has been rewritten over 500 times. The full Bible has been translated into 554 languages, and 2,932 languages. Jesus was not White; slave masters did not follow the Bible properly nor demonstrate any Christ like characteristics.

44. What Christianity has done to Indigenous people on earth is one of the most evil crimes ever committed.

45. So, you’re religions have murdered, raped, tortured, abused, coerced, pillaged, persecuted, sacrificed, harassed, rampaged, terrorized, swindled, exploited, endangered, threatened, corrupted, committed genocide and lied its way around the world to spread it’s messages, but I’m the one who’s going to hell for not believing in this bullshit???

46. The Nobel Peace Prize comes from war, blood, murder and death created by Swedish industrialist, inventor, and armaments manufacturer Alfred Bernhard Nobel best for known for inventing dynamite. Nobel owned Bofors an iron and steel producer he converted to a major manufacturer of cannons therefore profiting from the sales of weaponry for the Crimean War, however he had difficulty switching back to regular domestic production when the fighting ended so he bequeathed his fortune to institute the Nobel Prizes assuaging his guilt, his motives in creating his prizes suggests they were intended to improve his reputation. The synthetic element nobelium, a chemical radioactive metal was named after Nobel and Ballistae, a smokeless propellant made from two highly explosives; nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine, was developed and patented by Alfred Nobel in the late 19th century. Noble’s name survives in modern-day companies such as Dynamit Nobel and AkzoNobel, descendants of mergers with companies Nobel himself established.

47. Ever wonder why in church the flesh of Christ is a cracker?

48. The problem with Organized Religion, in any form is the concept that adherents Proselytize to convert others to their beliefs.

49. If you order the “BSK” (Bible Starter Kit) within the next 9 minutes, you’ll also get a free autographed picture of Joel Osteen, signed by one of his personal Asian child sex slaves!

50. If you don’t want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying that you want a country based on Christian values, because you don’t.

51. Ezekiel 23:19-21~ (19:Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt. (20: There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. (21: So you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled.

52. Ever wonder why so many Christians believe they get to protect their Constitutional Rights by denying them to others?

53. Sept. 2017 ~ 400 Rohingya people were burned alive and more than 2,600 houses were burned down in Rohingya-majority areas of Myanmar’s northwest in one of the deadliest bouts of violence toward the Muslim minority in decades. Myanmar officials blamed the Arakan Rohingya *SALVATION ARMY* (ARSA) for the burning of the homes.

54. How can a Christian claim God gave him free will, yet in the same breath argue “everything is according to God’s will”?

55. In 2010 the American Catholic Church gave only 2.7% of their annual spending to charities. Over the past 15 years, they have spent $3.3 billion for the settlement of cases of molestation and child-rape by priests.

56. 1939 Richwood, W.Va., the police forced nine Jehovah’s Witnesses who refused to salute the flag to swallow large amounts of castor oil. Jehovah’s Witnesses were attacked in Illinois, tarred and feathered in Wyoming and castrated in Nebraska. One of the worst incidents occurred in Kennebunk, ME, where a mob of 2,500 people sacked and burned the local Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall. But being a good God Fearing Christian that’s okay with you, right?

57. Patriotism and Nationalism are not synonymous. Patriotism is “love for or devotion to one’s country” while Nationalism is “loyalty and devotion to a nation.” Nationalism means to give more importance to unity by way of a cultural background, including language and heritage. Patriotism pertains to the love for a nation, with more emphasis on values and beliefs. Nationalism is feeling one’s country is superior to another in all respects, while patriotism is merely a feeling of admiration for a way of life. Patriotism is based on affection and Nationalism is rooted in rivalry, resentment and intrinsically a cause of war and imperialism. When a Citizen of the United States make a virtual religion out of the nation with their reverence for national symbols such as the American flag, Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem they deteriorate into idolatrous worship of such symbols. National pride arrogantly inflates into a narcissistic superiority which spurns and aggressively derides other nations as being objects of shame and disgrace. Nationalistic idolatry sinfully presumes God actually hates people from other nations.

58. To even give the appearance of worshiping the flag or treating the USA as an object of sacred importance crosses a line of faith that no believing Christian should dare approach. It is the sin of idolatry!

59. The real danger of Nationalism lies in the fact that, like many of the tools of Satan, it is deceptively evil, yet easily accepted as a good and worthwhile thing. You quickly reason that even God would want the nation to be great and, as faithful stewards of the blessings God has bestowed upon us, you easily feel a compelling desire to serve the nation as if it were God because you understand it to be a faithful gift from God. The temptation is real and really dangerous! The Bible tells a different story. When God’s people, even the people called into being a nation named and led by God chose to put nationalism over faith in God, the nation failed. When Nationalistic Pride placed power, conquest, and dominance as a nation over care for the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the traveler, God did not honor the nation. As a Christian, you need to show your faithful Patriotism and say “no” to the satanic lies of Nationalism.

60. Americans worked millions of Blacks from 1619 to 1863, and never paid them. Blacks had to work from sun up to sun down, often times working 7 days a week. White slave owners even worked children as young as 10 years old. Not only did white slave owners make money by working blacks and not paying them, but white slave owners made money by selling black slaves. White slave owners broke up black families, by selling family members to different plantations. Black slaves were seen as property of white people. A baby born in slavery died a slave; they worked their whole lives and never got paid. There is nothing on earth more evil than that. Yet White people went to church on Sunday and called themselves Christians. The Bible says treat other people the way you would like to be treated, have White Americans lived by that rule?

61. You can’t use prayer like a credit card.

62. Some of the first known mentions of such wicked alliances can be found in Biblical scripture. One of the most compelling descriptions of demon sex comes in Genesis 6:4. The King James Version (KJV) states: “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bear children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

63. Since “you are either good or evil, there is no in between” look deeply within and ask yourself have you, or are you committing any sins?

64. Don’t be surprised “Good Christian” when you’re told at judgment you’re being judged by how you’ve treated people. James 4:11-12 Do not speak against one another, brethren He who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks against the law and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge of it. There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge your neighbor?

65. Immigration is not a Bible issue. Lev. 19:33-34 “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born.” Mark 12: 31 “Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” And Matthew 25:40 “Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

66. Social justice, which is mentioned in Bible verses over two thousand times, has been replaced with hardline political ideology. Principles over people. Indifference over involvement. Judgment over generosity.

67. Religious institutions are political movements, firmly embedded with the ruling elite in every religious country. Therefore, they maintain a deafening silence on unjust laws which benefit the rich at the expense of the poor, wars-for-profit, etc. In return they get the usual perks bestowed on pillars of the Establishment. This church/state mutual back-scratching goes all the way back to Emperor Constantine. It became more prominent in ’70’s U.S. to coincide with the increasingly right-wing church which has resulted in the U.S. now being a corporate-controlled oligarchy, confirmed by a Princeton University 20 year-long research.

68. The Religious right isn’t religious or right!

69. Christians in the USA overwhelmingly reject the teachings of Jesus, in fact they have an insane livid hatred for what Jesus taught. But they still call themselves “Christians:” so are they really Christians even though they hate Jesus?

70. Mark Twain ~ But who prays for Satan? Who in eighteen centuries has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?”

71. All of you need to help because Jesus isn’t doing the trick, so maybe some well-reasoned words from one of your own will help.

72. In 1823, the Supreme Court said “The Indian Nations do not have title to their lands because they weren’t Christians. That the first Christian Nations to discover an area of heathen lands has the absolute title.”

73. Ancient texts reveal Jesus Christ was NOT Divine

74. Silence makes you complicit. If you are religious and someone within your faith contradicts what you believe or they use religion to be cruel and control, it is your moral responsibility to deal with these others.

75. Silence is the enemy of change

76. How can a flag be such a big deal to people who burn crosses?

77. Prayers and grief do not preclude action

78. I’m not going to excuse prideful Christian behavior, attitudes, and hardheartedness. History shows there are many Christians such as yourself who don’t act very Christ-like. Much could be said about the great need for Christians to walk in love, have good character and demonstrate the fruit of the spirit.

79. Millions of ‘believers’ claim that God is good, when the ‘evidence’ from his alleged behaviors and teachings is so comprehensively the opposite. Throughout the bible there are numerous accounts of God dishing out divine punishment by way of genocide, plagues, ethnic cleansing, and the like. If the bible were the word of god, then god supports infanticide, slavery, torture genocide and all manner of death destruction and suffering. I do not know of any mention of the devil being blamed for such things.

80. The foundation of the Christian religion is Crucifixion. This is nothing less than a human sacrifice, and purportedly to allow sinners to go free of punishment for their sins. What father would have his own son, a ‘good man’ by all accounts, brutally tortured and murdered so ‘bad’ people could be free of their crimes? If the answer is god loves us all and wants us to be forgiven why did he not just do that? Why insist on a bloodthirsty Crucifixion first?

81. Christianity is tantamount to the Stockholm syndrome, the captor who convinces the captives he is capable of ending their life and is willing to do so, the captives believe it is safer to align with their captor and endure their captivity than to resist and face death. Captives view the captor as being benevolent simply by virtue of his lack of malevolent actions, and are willing to overlook malevolence on the captor’s part if some kindness is shown. How does this compare to Christianity? Being God-fearing is a staple of classical Christian practices, and even outside of those religions, most religions, including Western religions, include something in their dogma about how being a believer in their religion is the only way to achieve salvation, and all who deny that religion, regardless of how they lived their lives or whether they were a moral person, will face eternal damnation. As such, it’s better to believe in a potentially non-existing deity for the chance at salvation than to reject that deity and risk damnation. The captives’ motivation to live outweighs their impulse to hate the person who created their dilemma. The idea of personal tragedy as a “test of faith” serves as testament to the legitimacy of this analogy.

82. There’s a big focus on Christian worship being thankful for the things you still have, the things the Lord ‘hasn’t taken away’. Things like your family, your eyesight, your health, things most people take for granted. Captives begin to mistake a lack of abuse for kindness and develop feelings of appreciation for this mercy, which they perceive as actual benevolence, much like how religious people perceive not losing the things important to them as a blessing from their God.

83. There are over 350,000 churches in America. So why are there 200,000 people sleeping on the streets?

84. So of the thousands of religions which exist, the one you were exposed to as a child is the “Only True Religion”? Wow what an amazing coincidence!

85. I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot more as they get older. Then it dawned on me… they’re cramming for their final exam.

86. The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the world; the Ten Commandments say “thou shall not steal”. Why is not the most recovered book, can’t those people read?

87. Can atheists get insurance for acts of God?

88. If heat rises, then shouldn’t hell be cold?

89. All hate speech is inherently Un-Christian.

90. If you’re circumcised this applies to you: (Deuteronomy 23:1) “He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord.”

91. Jesus Christ had nothing at all to say against homosexuality. As much as you’d like to blame homosexuality for destroying the institution of marriage, Jesus never once spoke out against gay people. He preferred, it seems, simply to refer to them as “people,” just like everybody else.

92. Religious fanatics think they know it all so look up your own scriptures to prove or disprove

93. Someone who takes a perfectly good creed and assumes because they pretend to follow it, they are allowed to do anything they want even if they don’t really follow the creed at all.

94. Insisting if others do not follow their ways, they will be damned.

95. Religious fanaticism comes not from deep faith, but from a lack of it.

96. The only thing religious fanaticism really demonstrates is weakness on the part of the fanatic. Weakness in his/her own faith. The fanatic believes their simple faith is not enough. He must do more. And if there is nothing reasonably more to do, he’ll invent something.

97. Imposing religious practices on someone else is inherently absurd.

98. Inevitable corruption of the original underlying belief system. Jesus didn’t hang with them and didn’t like to associate with them. The Bible clearly tells us Jesus hung out with regular working people. Carpenters, fishermen, stone masons, people who drank and chased women, tax collectors, prostitutes. Who judged him for it? The religious fanatics of his day and time. Who judges us for doing what Jesus did ? The religious fanatics of our time.

99. They chase people away from God and the churches.

100. The Bible explains in several places how religious fanatics will judge others then rationalize to themselves how they were justified by doing so. Without realizing it they not only nullified the laws of God they found themselves to be guilty by those same laws.

101. God is the symphony conductor, we don’t see past our own pages- only the conductor knows/sees the entire score

102. Jesus only needed 12 followers before he walked on water, healed the sick and drove merchants from the local temple.

“Yes, Jesus did say that. However, Jesus also said, ‘Neither do I condemn YOU; go and SIN NO MORE!’ I’m condemning you for your sin, but telling you in the light of the Bible your own sin has condemned YOU before God already!” (Please note John 3:14-21.) Moreover, Jesus has already commanded YOU in the very story you referenced to stop it! Thus, you have just confirmed even more strongly YOU need to repent. Confrontation of sin is NOT the same thing as condemnation of the person. So please don’t confuse the two, regardless of whether YOU are on the “sending” or “receiving” end of the correction. There is a difference. Jesus clearly confronted the woman’s sin BUT openly said He did NOT condemn her when He did so. Jesus also confronted the sins of her accusers very plainly.

104. The bible has been abused by people who claim to revere it but don’t read it, in the process of attempting to create misery for others.

105. Please explain how the word homosexual, which didn’t even exist until more than 1,800 years AFTER 1 Timothy was supposed to have been written get into the New Testament?

106. No television preacher has ever read the Bible. Neither has any evangelical politician. Neither has the Pope. Neither have I. And neither have you. At best, we’ve all read a bad translation, a translation of translations of translations of hand-copied copies of copies of copies of copies, and on and on, hundreds of times. About 400 years passed between the writing of the first Christian manuscripts and their compilation into the New Testament. The first books of the Old Testament were written 1,000 years before that. In other words, some 1,500 years passed between the day the first biblical author put stick to clay and when the books which would become the New Testament were chosen. There were no printing presses beforehand or until 1,000 years later. There were no vacuum-sealed technologies to preserve paper for centuries. Dried clay broke, papyrus and parchment crumbled away, primitive inks faded. The Bible is a human book. It was written, assembled, copied and translated by people.

107. 1 Timothy is one of the most virulently anti-woman books of the New Testament. Women can’t hold any position of authority over men and aren’t even allowed to be teachers, meaning, if they truly believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God women can’t be in politics. In fact, while 1 Timothy has just one parenthetical clause which can be interpreted as being about homosexuality, it contains six verses on the shortcomings of women and the limitations on what they are allowed to do.

108. Most so called Christians have no idea where references to homosexuality are in the New Testament, much less what the surrounding verses say so they always fall back on Leviticus, the Old Testament book loaded with dos and don’ts. They seem to have the words memorized about it being an abomination for a man to lie with a man as he does with a woman. Yet every time they make that argument, they demonstrate that they know next to nothing about the New Testament.

109. God doesn’t need the help of Christians in determining what should be done in the afterlife with the prideful, the greedy, the debaters or even those homosexuals. Which could well be why Jesus cautioned his followers against judging others while ignoring their own sins, in fact, he had a specific word for people obsessed with the sins of others. He called them hypocrites.

110. (Jesus) Matthew 6:1 “Beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen by them; for then you have no reward from your Father in heaven.”

111. 1st: The bible you read has been tampered with and was assembled sometime in the 3rd century by crooked, violent and tyrannical romans at the council of Nicaea so its contents are not verifiable as any sort of historical document. To live your life based on a badly edited collection of stories told to illiterate nomadic tribes is proper mental. 2nd: Coming on here telling people you don’t know that you think pro choice folks are satanic baby murderers is hardly very Christian, neither is it very nice telling them that their afterlife is filled with suffering because they have the intellect to doubt your bible.

112. In 1901, Theodore Roosevelt had to take the oath in a hurry after receiving word that President William McKinley had been assassinated in Buffalo. During the ceremony, at Roosevelt’s friend’s house, no Bible could be found and Roosevelt was sworn in as president without one.

113. Article VI, Clause 3 of the US Constitution states “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” An affirmation has exactly the same legal effect as an oath but is usually taken to avoid the religious implications of an oath; it is thus legally binding but not considered a religious oath. Some religious minorities hold beliefs that allow them to make legally binding promises but forbid them to swear an oath before a deity.

114. Out of the 31,102 verses in the bible, please point out any Bible passage where Jesus or his apostles took oaths.

115. The First Amendment of the US Constitution that prohibits the establishment of religion by Congress. The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause prohibits the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” This clause not only forbids the government from establishing an official religion, but also prohibits government actions that unduly favor one religion over another. It also prohibits the government from unduly preferring religion over non-religion, or non-religion over religion.

116. A bit hypocritical don’t you think, taking an oath on a book which specifically states to swear no oaths? Matthew 5:34 “But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne.”

117. Expecting people in court to swear an oath to God while using a Bible only reinforces Christian supremacy. It’s not just a “privilege” for Christians that courts incorporate Christian beliefs and text into legal procedures. It is also a form of supremacy because they’re receiving official state approval and citizens are expected to actively participate. Even if other religious texts are permitted, it still means the government is favoring religion in an inappropriate manner.

118. The U.S. Constitution prohibits a religious test for public office in Article 6: “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust.” Judicial decisions apply. The U.S. Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling in Torcaso v. Watkins, 367 U.S. 448 (1961), in a case brought by a nonbeliever in Maryland who was given a religious oath when he applied to become a notary public. The Supreme Court ruled the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which is applied to state and local governments by Amendment 14, prohibits government forcing a person to profess a belief in God or in any religion as a condition of obtaining public services or benefits. Despite the Torcaso decision, a few states are holdouts and have retained unconstitutional religious tests for public office, for jury duty, etc. However, there have been a variety of lower-court decisions on the matter, including People v. Velarde, 616P.2d 104 (1980), in which the Colorado Supreme Court held that, although jurors are required to state affirmations, they are not required to swear an oath to a god.

119. Spouting bible verses is the cookie you want everyone to give you for not being a_____ .

120. What Christianity has done to Indigenous people on earth is one of the most evil crimes ever committed.

121. Funny how so many Christians don’t know that these days were taken from the Pagans. It was a great way to get rid of paganism and because they already celebrated on December 25th the Sol Invictus, they thought it was a perfect way to get people convert. The Christmas tree and Christmas lights are a Pagan Tradition, just like giving gifts and the Yule log and Mistletoe.

122. If you think you need a particular system of faith and worship ascribing supreme importance of a superhuman controlling power then you’re not conscience. Being conscious means you’re capable of thinking independently. Conscience people don’t need to be told what to believe because their logic and reason allows them the ability to use their minds.

123. Thanks for the prayers but I don’t need your kind. They seem to be a bit propagated. I do love those who have nothing left to debate and know it they use the “prayer for ya” quote. Why do you need to pray for me…. because I won’t don a uniform, follow dumb orders. Self enslave myself…. is that it?…. your argument is so weak, you need a God to force me into your image?

124. You claim to follow Christ’s word but you cannot provide the source of which of the 500 times the bible has been translated, the 2,932 languages including but not limited to the 900 English language translations and paraphrases you’ve read is true. You do realize when the Bible was first written, there were no chapters or verses. In fact, handwritten manuscripts were written without spaces between the words. Stephen Langton divided the Bible into chapters in 1228 A.D.. The Old Testament was divided into verses by R. Nathan in 1448 A.D., and Robert Stephanus divided the New Testament into verses in 1551 A.D. The first complete Bible with chapter and verse divisions was the Geneva Bible of 1560 A.D.

125. THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS BIBLE: The Oldest Known Bible Translated for the First Time into English is the first full English translation of the Hebrew Scriptures used by the Essene sect at Qumran.

126. The King James Version also known as the King James Bible or simply the Authorized Version is an English translation of the Christian Bible for the Church of England, begun in 1604 and completed in 1611. However, the King James Bible of today is not the King James of 1611. It has undergone four revisions, incorporating more than 100,000 changes.

127. KING JAMES AUTHORISED THE NEW BIBLE TRANSLATION FOR POLITICAL REASONS. King James issued over a dozen rules that the translators had to follow. He disliked the Geneva Bible, the Bible used by the Puritans, because he believed that some of the commentary in the margin notes did not show enough respect for kings. King James favored the hierarchical structure of the Church of England and wanted the new translation to keep words supporting a bishop-led hierarchy.

128. THE TRANSLATORS OF THE KJV 1611 WERE UNTRAINED IN KOINE GREEK which had been a dead language for over a thousand years when the KJV was published for the first time in 1611. The KJV translators of the New Testament were scholars of Classical Greek, but they didn’t even know what Koine Greek was. The 1611 edition of the KJV relied on critically edited Greek texts that were “for the most part based on about half a dozen very late manuscripts (none earlier than the 12th century AD)

129. You label yourself Christian then proceed to go against everything Jesus supposedly ever said or believed.

130. Australia’s most powerful clergy, Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart, says the Catholic practice of confession is satisfactory for dealing with pedophilia in the church as it helps priests absolve “their own guilt” after sexually abusing children. “Sexually abused children can experience “a spiritual encounter with God through the priest” while being molested.”

131. Many people may technically not be slaves, but they’re subjected to those with virtually unquestioned authority and face a condition similar to that of a slave; the prison inmate, or one living in the ghetto who, because of poverty or minority/marginalized status is _______ believes he has virtually no rights.

132. Christ’s suffering was a path *He* chose and not a destructive and miserable consequence imposed upon Him.

133. If Christian’s must suffer in order to glorify God and be pleasing to Him _________________

134. Metzitzah b’peh is a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony performed by on the eighth day of a male infant’s life. A Mohel (a Jew trained in the practice of brit milah, the “covenant of circumcision) sucks a baby boy’s circumcised penis, which is called metzitzah b’peh, or “oral suction circumcisions”. The process has the Mohel place his mouth directly on the circumcision wound to draw blood away from the cut. After the Mohel cuts off the foreskin, he uses his mouth – oral suction, rather than a sponge to clear the wound on the baby’s penis of blood, lest it clot and decay. At least 11 infant boys contracted herpes in New York City since 2000, and two died. It seems that for some infants the exact meaning of the word Metzitah is the difference between life and death.

135. Jesus Christ was killed by law enforcement who were ‘just doing their job’

136. SATAN: Satan hasn’t bothered authoring a book and telling his side of the story. What if God was actually the evil one and Satan was in fact good? After all, God is responsible for 250 million deaths, while Satan is responsible for only 10, all of which God commanded of him. If something bad happens like an earthquake or a Tsunami, we tend to call it ‘an act of god’ not an ‘act of the devil’. Why? God threatens us with punishments for not adhering to his wishes. But Satan tells us that we should enjoy our lives and be happy and free to do what we think is right.

137. SATAN: The only thing Satan is accused of doing ‘wrong’ was encouraging the naive Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. Is knowledge a bad thing? Knowledge has enabled mankind to cure infectious diseases, perform lifesaving surgery, feed the hungry, rescue victims of natural disasters in helicopters, lifeboats and the like.

138. SATAN: The real danger of Nationalism lies in the fact that, like many of the tools of Satan, it is deceptively evil, yet easily accepted as a good and worthwhile thing. You quickly reason that even God would want the nation to be great and, as faithful stewards of the blessings God has bestowed upon us, you easily feel a compelling desire to serve the nation as if it were God because you understand it to be a faithful gift from God. The temptation is real and really dangerous! The Bible tells a different story. When God’s people, even the people called into being a nation named and led by God chose to put nationalism over faith in God, the nation failed. When Nationalistic Pride placed power, conquest, and dominance as a nation over care for the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the traveler, God did not honor the nation. As a Christian, you need to show your faithful Patriotism and say “no” to the satanic lies of Nationalism

139. SATAN: You can’t reason with Satan’s servants, they have willingly chosen to serve the darkness.

140. SATAN: ALBERT PIKE was instrumental in forming the Ku Klux Klan. Pokes book “Morals and Dogmas” is one of the founding doctrines of Freemasonry explicitly stating how to worship Satan as the son of the morning star and how Kabbalah is at the root of Freemasonry. “Illuminati” –> Freemasonry –> Kabbalah….this is where all your sexual deviancy, greed and corruption, euthanizing, etc. all come from. It’s not conspiracy. It’s written, documented, evidenced, and factual. “I took my obligations from white men, not from negroes. When I have to accept negroes as brothers or leave masonry, I shall leave it. Better let the thing drift.”


Disturbing Facts and Stories That Will Change How You See Mother Teresa
a) She Encouraged Secretly Baptizing Dying People. Former Missionaries of Charity member claimed Teresa told the nurses to simply ask if the dying wanted a “ticket to heaven” before inconspicuously baptizing unwilling Hindus and Muslims.
b) She Called AIDS A “Just Retribution For Improper Sexual Conduct”
c) She Called Leprosy A “Very Beautiful Gift Of God” which could be used to “learn to love the unloved.” Sounds like an insistence the poor have been placed among us for the primary purpose of affording the comfortable a chance to discover how virtuous they are.” Essentially, Teresa’s claim those with a disfiguring disease can be tools for learning empathy puts the afflicted in the position of compassion homework, treating them as things rather than as agents in their own right. In her formulation, lepers are objects which can be used for the fulfillment of the unafflicted.
d) She Accepted $10,000 From A Known Cult Leader
e) She Wasn’t All That Interested In Relieving Suffering: the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, earned hundreds of millions of dollars when she was alive. Researchers discovered her 517 “homes for the dying” worldwide all had “a shortage of medicine, supplies, and care.” In 1997, she said “the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people,” claiming it was “very beautiful for the poor to share their suffering with the passion of Christ.” This belief may explain why Teresa’s clinics “work so pitilessly not to prolong the sufferer’s earthly existence but to teach him how to die”. This “work” included denying narcotic pain relief and opting for thin cots over real bed the] point is not the honest relief of suffering but the promulgation of a cult based on death and suffering and subjugation” and she told a terminal cancer patient under her care about his pain: “You are suffering like Christ on the cross. So Jesus must be kissing you.” That sufferer’s amazing reply? “Then please tell him to stop kissing me.”
f) Hygiene at her clinics is abysmal “needles were washed in cold water and reused.” Soiled and infected clothes, as late as 2010, were still washed by hand and reused
g) She received her personal medical care in California – not her clinics. Mother Teresa herself “checked into some of the finest and costliest clinics and hospitals in the West during her bouts with heart trouble and old age,
h) No one knows what she actually did with all the money. A paltry 7% of it at that time was actually used for charity. The money has been controlled by the Vatican since 1965
i) Not only did Teresa accept more than $1 million from famous financial fraudster Charles Keating in 1988, but she also wrote to the court in 1991 asking for clemency for his crimes, considering his history of charitable giving.

Many years ago (1978 or 79) I was the executive secretary to the Director of North San Diego County Salvation Army, Oceanside. Our main function was to place women in safe houses and work with them rebuilding their lives with free classes and job referrals. The office was ground level with storefront windows and one day a lady walked in and handed me a $10 bill, asking me to put it toward helping an abused woman with children.

The Director wasn’t in at the time so I held onto the cash until she returned 30 or so minutes later. After she settled into her office I went in, handed her the donation and explained where it had come from and to what was requested it be applied to. The director smiled, held out her hand, took the money, and as she stuck it into her purse said “Good, I needed gas money”.

Part of my job was to solicit donations from local upscale vendors for charitable fundraisers. Contributors made sizeable grants and endowments which ended up in administrator and board members pockets. Less than 3% of money actually found its way into the programs.

A short time later I found myself and 2 children in desperate need of a safe house and because my abuser had an incredible knack for finding me I went to the Salvation Army in downtown San Diego about 40 miles south. What I discovered were the rudest self-absorbed condescending employees with holier than thou attitudes. We were placed in a room with 4 other mothers and children, 1 pillow provided per family, not per person, but 1 pillow per family and a single bed per family, regardless of how many people were in said family, many women with 5 and 6 kids.

The downstairs cafeteria was marginally clean but the food was disgusting beyond belief. The bread was green with fuzzy mold and the lunch meat was green and pink-gray colored, extremely slimy and omitting the putrid stench of sulfur. I asked the cook why the food they were serving was moldy; I was openly scolded and chastised for being ungrateful along with the threat of eviction. I walked out; there was no way I would allow my kids to eat that ptomaine poisoning waiting to happen bacteria laden slop.

I didn’t have much money, but enough to manage a little packaged coffeecake to split with my kids down at the 7-11 on the corner. I felt fortunate I didn’t have to subject them to meals of rotten garbage unlike many of the other mothers.

Needless to say I went back to my abuser, at least we had a clean house and fresh food but because of the dirty shared pillows we all ended up with the worst case of conjunctivitis of the century. It took months to heal emotionally and physically and another year to leave to a real safe house.

I will NEVER EVER donate, shop, support or have anything to do with the Salvation Army and I take every opportunity to tell people just what a horrible un-charitable organization they run.

Skeptics Annotated Bible:

As of September 2016 the full Bible has been translated into 554 languages, and 2,932 languages and have at least some portion of the Bible.

American Standard Version 1901
American King James Version 1999
Amplified Bible 1965
An American Translation 1935
Art Scroll Tanakh (Old Testament) 1996
The Beloved and I: New Jubilees Version of the Sacred Scriptures in Verse 2005
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Berkeley Version 1958
Bible in English 1949
The Bible in Living English 1972
Bishops’ Bible 1568
Book of Mormon Bible 1820’s
Catholic Public Domain Version 2009
Children’s King James Version 1962
Christian Community Bible, English version 1986
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Common English Bible 2011
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Concordant Literal Version 1931
Concordant Literal Version 1966
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Dabhar Translation 2005
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Divine Name King James Bible[6] 2011
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Douay-Rheims Bible (Challoner Revision) 1752
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English Jubilee 2000 Bible 2000
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Recovery Version of the Bible 1993
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Roman Catholic Bible containing Deuterocanonical books 16th century
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Wycliffe’s Bible 1388
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The Orthodox Jewish Bible 2002
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Messianic Aleph Tav Scriptures In Progress
New Messianic Version 2013


GE 1:3-5 On the first day, God created light, then separated light and darkness.
GE 1:14-19 The sun (which separates night and day) wasn’t created until the fourth day.

GE 1:11-12, 26-27 Trees were created before man was created.
GE 2:4-9 Man was created before trees were created.

GE 1:20-21, 26-27 Birds were created before man was created.
GE 2:7, 19 Man was created before birds were created.

GE 1:24-27 Animals were created before man was created.
GE 2:7, 19 Man was created before animals were created.

GE 1:26 Man is to have dominion over fish, birds, cattle, and all wild animals, yet–
GE 2:15-17 It is wrong to be able to tell good from evil, right from wrong.

GE 1:26-27 Man and woman were created at the same time.
GE 2:7, 21-22 Man was created first, woman sometime later.

GE 1:28 God encourages reproduction.
LE 12:1-8 God requires purification rites following childbirth which, in effect, makes childbirth a sin. (Note: The period for purification following the birth of a daughter is twice that for a son.)

GE 1:31 God was pleased with his creation.
GE 6:5-6 God was not pleased with his creation.
(Note: That God should be displeased is inconsistent with the concept of omniscience as well as with the fact that God allegedly does not change his mind: NU 23:19-20, 1SA 15:29, JA 1:17.)

GE 2:4, 4:26, 12:8, 22:14-16, 26:25 God was already known as “the Lord” (Jahveh or Jehovah) much earlier than the time of Moses.
EX 6:2-3 God was first known as “the Lord” (Jahveh or Jehovah) at the time of the Egyptian Bondage, during the life of Moses.

GE 2:17 Adam was to die the very day that he ate the forbidden fruit.
GE 5:5 Adam lived 930 years.

GE 2:15-17, 3:4-6 It is wrong to want to be able to tell good from evil.
HE 5:13-14 It is immature to be unable to tell good from evil.

GE 4:4-5 God prefers Abel’s offering and has no regard for Cain’s.
2CH 19:7, AC 10:34, RO 2:11 God shows no partiality. He treats all alike.

GE 4:9 God asks Cain where his brother Able is.
PR 15:3, JE 16:17, 23:24-25, HE 4:13 God is everywhere. He sees everything. Nothing is hidden from his view.

GE 4:16 Cain went away (or out) from the presence of the Lord.
JE 23:23-24 A man cannot hide from God. God fills heaven and earth.

GE 6:3 The Lord said, “My spirit will not be in man forever, for he is only flesh; so the days of his life will be a hundred and twenty years.”
GE 9:29 Noah lived nine hnndred and fifty years.

GE 6:4 There were Nephilim (giants) before the Flood.
GE 7:21 All creatures other than Noah and his clan were annihilated by the Flood.
NU 13:33 There were Nephilim after the Flood.

GE 6:6. EX 32:14, NU 14:20, 1SA 15:35, 2SA 24:16 God does change his mind.
NU 23:19-20, 1SA 15:29, JA 1:17 God does not change his mind.

GE 6:19-22, 7:8-9, 7:14-16 Two of each kind are to be taken, and are taken, aboard Noah’s Ark.
GE 7:2-5 Seven pairs of some kinds are to be taken, and are taken, aboard the Ark.

GE 7:1 Noah was righteous.
JB 1:1,8, JB 2:3 Job was righteous.
LK 1:6 Zechariah and Elizabeth were righteous.
JA 5:16 Some men are righteous, (which makes their prayers effective).
1JN 3:6-9 Christians become righteous (or else they are not really Christians).
RO 3:10, 3:23, 1JN 1:8-10 No one was or is righteous.

GE 7:7 Noah and his clan enter the Ark.
GE 7:13 They enter the Ark (again?).

GE 11:7-9 God sows discord.
PR 6:16-19 God hates anyone who sows discord.

GE 11:9 At Babel, the Lord confused the language of the whole world.
1CO 14:33 Paul says that God is not the author of confusion.
GE 11:12 Arpachshad [Arphaxad] was the father of Shelah.
LK 3:35-36 Cainan was the father of Shelah. Arpachshad was the grandfather of Shelah.

GE 11:26 Terah was 70 years old when his son Abram was born.
GE 11:32 Terah was 205 years old when he died (making Abram 135 at the time).
GE 12:4, AC 7:4 Abram was 75 when he left Haran. This was after Terah died. Thus, Terah could have been no more than 145 when he died; or Abram was only 75 years old after he had lived 135 years.

GE 10:5, 20, 31 There were many languages before the Tower of Babel.
GE 11:1 There was only one language before the Tower of Babel.

GE 15:9, EX 20:24, 29:10-42, LE 1:1-7:38, NU 28:1-29:40, God details sacrificial offerings.
JE 7:21-22 God says he did no such thing.

GE 16:15, 21:1-3, GA 4:22 Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac.
HE 11:17 Abraham had only one son.

GE 17:1, 35:11, 1CH 29:11-12, LK 1:37 God is omnipotent. Nothing is impossible with (or for) God.
JG 1:19 Although God was with Judah, together they could not defeat the plainsmen because the latter had iron chariots.

GE 17:7, 10-11 The covenant of circumcision is to be everlasting.
GA 6:15 It is of no consequence.
GE 17:8 God promises Abraham the land of Canaan as an “everlasting possession.”
GE 25:8, AC 7:2-5, HE 11:13 Abraham died with the promise unfulfilled.

GE 17:15-16, 20:11-12, 22:17 Abraham and his half sister, Sarai, are married and receive God’s blessings.
LE 20:17, DT 27:20-23 Incest is wrong.

GE 18:20-21 God decides to “go down” to see what is going on.
PR 15:3, JE 16:17, 23:24-25, HE 4:13 God is everywhere. He sees everything. Nothing is hidden from his view.

GE 19:30-38 While he is drunk, Lot’s two daughters “lie with him,” become pregnant, and give birth to his offspring.
2PE 2:7 Lot was “just” and “righteous.”
GE 22:1-12, DT 8:2 God tempts (tests) Abraham and Moses.
JG 2:22 God himself says that he does test (tempt).
1CO 10:13 Paul says that God controls the extent of our temptations.
JA 1:13 God tests (tempts) no one.

GE 27:28 “May God give you … an abundance of grain and new wine.”
DT 7:13 If they follow his commandments, God will bless the fruit of their wine.
PS 104:15 God gives us wine to gladden the heart.
JE 13:12 “… every bottle shall be filled with wine.”
JN 2:1-11 According to the author of John, Jesus’ first miracle was turning water to wine.
RO 14:21 It is good to refrain from drinking wine.

GE 35:10 God says Jacob is to be called Jacob no longer; henceforth his name is Israel.
GE 46:2 At a later time, God himself uses the name Jacob.
GE 36:11 The sons of Eliphaz were Teman, Omar, Zepho, Gatam, and Kenaz.
GE 36:15-16 Teman, Omar, Zepho, Kenaz.
1CH 1:35-36 Teman, Omar, Zephi, Gatam, Kenaz, Timna, and Amalek.

GE 49:2-28 The fathers of the twelve tribes of Israel are: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Zebulun, Issachar, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Joseph, and Benjamin.
RE 7:4-8 (Leaves out the tribe of Dan, but adds Manasseh.)

GE 50:13 Jacob was buried in a cave at Machpelah bought from Ephron the Hittite.
AC 7:15-16 He was buried in the sepulchre at Shechem bought from the sons of Hamor.

EX 3:1 Jethro was the father-in-law of Moses.
NU 10:29, JG 4:11 (KJV) Hobab was the father-in-law of Moses.
EX 3:20-22, DT 20:13-17 God instructs the Israelites to despoil the Egyptians, to plunder their enemies.
EX 20:15, 17, LE 19:13 God prohibits stealing, defrauding, or robbing a neighbor.

EX 4:11 God decides who will be dumb, deaf, blind, etc.
2CO 13:11, 14, 1JN 4:8, 16 God is a god of love.

EX 9:3-6 God destroys all the cattle (including horses) belonging to the Egyptians.
EX 9:9-11 The people and the cattle are afflicted with boils.

EX 12:12, 29 All the first-born of the cattle of the Egyptians are destroyed.
EX 14:9 After having all their cattle destroyed, then afflicted with boils, and then their first-born cattle destroyed, the Egyptians pursue Moses on horseback.

EX 12:13 The Israelites have to mark their houses with blood in order for God to see which houses they occupy and “pass over” them.
PR 15:3, JE 16:17, 23:24-25, HE 4:13 God is everywhere. He sees everything. Nothing is hidden from God.

EX 12:37, NU 1:45-46 The number of men of military age who take part in the Exodus is given as more than 600,000. Allowing for women, children, and older men would probably mean that a total of about 2,000,000 Israelites left Egypt.
1KI 20:15 All the Israelites, including children, number only 7000 at a later time.
EX 15:3, 17:16, NU 25:4, 32:14, IS 42:13 God is a man of war–he is fierce and angry.
RO 15:33, 2CO 13:11, 14, 1JN 4:8, 16 God is a god of love and peace.

EX 20:1-17 God gave the law directly to Moses (without using an intermediary).
GA 3:19 The law was ordained through angels by a mediator (an intermediary).
EX 20:4 God prohibits the making of any graven images whatsoever.
EX 25:18 God enjoins the making of two graven images.

EX 20:5, 34:7, NU 14:18, DT 5:9, IS 14:21-22 Children are to suffer for their parent’s sins.
DT 24:16, EZ 18:19-20 Children are not to suffer for their parent’s sins.

EX 20:8-11, 31:15-17, 35:1-3 No work is to be done on the Sabbath, not even lighting a fire. The commandment is permanent, and death is required for infractions.
MK 2:27-28 Jesus says that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath (after his disciples were criticized for breaking the Sabbath).
RO 14:5, CN 2:14-16 Paul says the Sabbath commandment was temporary, and to decide for yourself regarding its observance.

EX 20:12, DT 5:16, MT 15:4, 19:19, MK 7:10, 10:19, LK 18:20 Honor your father and your mother is one of the ten commandments. It is reinforced by Jesus.
MT 10:35-37, LK 12:51-53, 14:26 Jesus says that he has come to divide families; that a man’s foes will be those of his own household; that you must hate your father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, and even your own life to be a disciple.
MT 23:9 Jesus says to call no man on earth your father.

EX 20:13, DT 5:17, MK 10:19, LK 18:20, RO 13:9, JA 2:11 God prohibits killing.
GE 34:1-35:5 God condones trickery and killing.
EX 32:27, DT 7:2, 13:15, 20:1-18 God orders killing.
2KI 19:35 An angel of the Lord slaughters 185,000 men.
(Note: See Atrocities section for many more examples.)

EX 20:14 God prohibits adultery.
HO 1:2 God instructs Hosea to “take a wife of harlotry.”

EX 21:23-25, LE 24:20, DT 19:21 A life for a life, an eye for an eye, etc.
MT 5:38-44, LK 6:27-29 Turn the other cheek. Love your enemies.

EX 23:7 God prohibits the killing of the innocent.
NU 31:17-18, DT 7:2, JS 6:21-27, 7:19-26, 8:22-25, 10:20, 40, 11:8-15, 20, JG 11:30-39, 21:10-12, 1SA 15:3 God orders or approves the complete extermination of groups of people which include innocent women and/or children.
(Note: See Atrocities section for many other examples of the killing of innocents.)

EX 34:6, DT 7:9-10, TS 1:2 God is faithful and truthful. He does not lie.
NU 14:30 God breaks his promise.

EX 34:6, DT 7:9-10, TS 1:2 God is faithful and truthful. He does not lie.
1KI 22:21-23 God condones a spirit of deception.

EX 34:6, DT 7:9-10, TS 1:2 God is faithful and truthful. He does not lie.
2TH 2:11-12 God deludes people, making them believe what is false, so as to be able to condemn them. (Note: some versions use the word persuade here. The context makes clear, however, that deception is involved.)

EX 34:6-7, JS 24:19, 1CH 16:34 God is faithful, holy and good.
IS 45:6-7, AM 3:6 God is responsible for evil.
EX 34:6-7, HE 9:27 God remembers sin, even when it has been forgiven.
JE 31:34 God does not remember sin when it has been forgiven.

LE 3:17 God himself prohibits forever the eating of blood and fat.
MT 15:11, CN 2:20-22 Jesus and Paul say that such rules don’t matter–they are only human injunctions.

LE 19:18, MT 22:39 Love your neighbor [as much as] yourself.
1CO 10:24 Put your neighbor ahead of yourself.

LE 21:10 The chief priest is not to rend his clothes.
MT 26:65, MK 14:63 He does so during the trial of Jesus.

LE 25:37, PS 15:1, 5 It is wrong to lend money at interest.
MT 25:27, LK 19:23-27 It is wrong to lend money without interest.

NU 11:33 God inflicts sickness.
JB 2:7 Satan inflicts sickness.

NU 15:24-28 Sacrifices can, in at least some case, take away sin.
HE 10:11 They never take away sin.

NU 25:9 24,000 died in the plague.
1CO 10:8 23,000 died in the plague.

NU 30:2 God enjoins the making of vows (oaths).
MT 5:33-37 Jesus forbids doing so, saying that they arise from evil (or the Devil).

NU 33:38 Aaron died on Mt. Hor.
DT 10:6 Aaron died in Mosera.

NU 33:41-42 After Aaron’s death, the Israelites journeyed from Mt. Hor, to Zalmonah, to Punon, etc.
DT 10:6-7 It was from Mosera, to Gudgodah, to Jotbath.

DT 6:15, 9:7-8, 29:20, 32:21 God is sometimes angry.
MT 5:22 Anger is a sin.

DT 7:9-10 God destroys his enemies.
MT 5:39-44 Do not resist your enemies. Love them.

DT 18:20-22 A false prophet is one whose words do not come true. Death is required.
EZ 14:9 A prophet who is deceived, is deceived by God himself. Death is still required.

DT 23:1 A castrate may not enter the assembly of the Lord.
IS 56:4-5 Some castrates will receive special rewards.

DT 23:1 A castrate may not enter the assembly of the Lord.
MT 19:12 Men are encouraged to consider making themselves castrates for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

DT 24:1-5 A man can divorce his wife simply because she displeases him and both he and his wife can remarry.
MK 10:2-12 Divorce is wrong, and to remarry is to commit adultery.

DT 24:16, 2KI 14:6, 2CH 25:4, EZ 18:20 Children are not to suffer for their parent’s sins.
RO 5:12, 19, 1CO 15:22 Death is passed to all men by the sin of Adam.

DT 30:11-20 It is possible to keep the law.
RO 3:20-23 It is not possible to keep the law.

JS 11:20 God shows no mercy to some.
LK 6:36, JA 5:11 God is merciful.

JG 4:21 Sisera was sleeping when Jael killed him.
JG 5:25-27 Sisera was standing.

JS 10:38-40 Joshua himself captured Debir.
JG 1:11-15 It was Othniel, who thereby obtained the hand of Caleb’s daughter, Achsah.

1SA 8:2-22 Samuel informs God as to what he has heard from others.
PR 15:3, JE 16:17, 23:24-25, HE 4:13 God is everywhere. He sees and hears everything.

1SA 9:15-17 The Lord tells Samuel that Saul has been chosen to lead the Israelites and will save them from the Philistines.
1SA 15:35 The Lord is sorry that he has chosen Saul.
1SA 31:4-7 Saul commits suicide and the Israelites are overrun by the Philistines.

1SA 15:7-8, 20 The Amalekites are utterly destroyed.
1SA 27:8-9 They are utterly destroyed (again?).
1SA 30:1, 17-18 They raid Ziklag and David smites them (again?).

1SA 16:10-11, 17:12 Jesse had seven sons plus David, or eight total.
1CH 2:13-15 He had seven total.

1SA 16:19-23 Saul knew David well before the latter’s encounter with Goliath.
1SA 17:55-58 Saul did not know David at the time of his encounter with Goliath and had to ask about David’s identity.

1SA 17:50 David killed Goliath with a slingshot.
1SA 17:51 David killed Goliath (again?) with a sword.

1SA 17:50 David killed Goliath.
2SA 21:19 Elhanan killed Goliath. (Note: Some translations insert the words “the brother of” before Elhanan. These are an addition to the earliest manuscripts in an apparent attempt to rectify this inconsistency.)

1SA 21:1-6 Ahimalech was high priest when David ate the bread.
MK 2:26 Abiathar was high priest at the time.

1SA 28:6 Saul inquired of the Lord, but received no answer.
1CH 10:13-14 Saul died for not inquiring of the Lord.

1SA 31:4-6 Saul killed himself by falling on his sword.
2SA 1:2-10 Saul, at his own request, was slain by an Amalekite.
2SA 21:12 Saul was killed by the Philistines on Gilboa.
1CH 10:13-14 Saul was slain by God.

2SA 6:23 Michal was childless.
2SA 21:8 (KJV) She had five sons.

2SA 24:1 The Lord inspired David to take the census.
1CH 21:1 Satan inspired the census.

2SA 24:9 The census count was: Israel 800,000 and Judah 500,000.
1CH 21:5 The census count was: Israel 1,100,000 and Judah 470,000.

2SA 24:10-17 David sinned in taking the census.
1KI 15:5 David’s only sin (ever) was in regard to another matter.

2SA 24:24 David paid 50 shekels of silver for the purchase of a property.
1CH 21:22-25 He paid 600 shekels of gold.

1KI 3:12 God made Solomon the wisest man that ever lived, yet ….
1KI 11:1-13 Solomon loved many foreign women (against God’s explicit prohibition) who turned him to other gods (for which he deserved death).

1KI 3:12, 4:29, 10:23-24, 2CH 9:22-23 God made Solomon the wisest king and the wisest man that ever lived. There never has been nor will be another like him.
MT 12:42, LK 11:31 Jesus says: “… now one greater than Solomon is here.”

1KI 4:26 Solomon had 40,000 horses (or stalls for horses).
2CH 9:25 He had 4,000 horses (or stalls for horses).

1KI 5:16 Solomon had 3,300 supervisors.
2CH 2:2 He had 3,600 supervisors.

1KI 7:15-22 The two pillars were 18 cubits high.
2CH 3:15-17 They were 35 cubits high.

1KI 7:26 Solomon’s “molten sea” held 2000 “baths” (1 bath = about 8 gallons).
2CH 4:5 It held 3000 “baths.”

1KI 8:12, 2CH 6:1, PS 18:11 God dwells in thick darkness.
1TI 6:16 God dwells in unapproachable light.

1KI 8:13, AC 7:47 Solomon, whom God made the wisest man ever, built his temple as an abode for God.
AC 7:48-49 God does not dwell in temples built by men.

1KI 9:28 420 talents of gold were brought back from Ophir.
2CH 8:18 450 talents of gold were brought back from Ophir.

1KI 15:14 Asa did not remove the high places.
2CH 14:2-3 He did remove them.

1KI 16:6-8 Baasha died in the 26th year of King Asa’s reign.
2CH 16:1 Baasha built a city in the 36th year of King Asa’s reign.

1KI 16:23 Omri became king in the thirty-first year of Asa’s reign and he reigned for a total of twelve years.
1KI 16:28-29 Omri died, and his son Ahab became king in the thirty- eighth year of Asa’s reign. (Note: Thirty-one through thirty-eight equals a reign of seven or eight years.)

1KI 22:23, 2CH 18:22, 2TH 2:11 God himself causes a lying spirit.
PR 12:22 God abhors lying lips and delights in honesty.

1KI 22:42-43 Jehoshaphat did not remove the high places.
2CH 17:5-6 He did remove them.

2KI 2:11 Elijah went up to heaven.
JN 3:13 Only the Son of Man (Jesus) has ever ascended to heaven.
2CO 12:2-4 An unnamed man, known to Paul, went up to heaven and came back.
HE 11:5 Enoch was translated to heaven.

2KI 4:32-37 A dead child is raised (well before the time of Jesus).
MT 9:18-25, JN 11:38-44 Two dead persons are raised (by Jesus himself).
AC 26:23 Jesus was the first to rise from the dead.

2KI 8:25-26 Ahaziah was 22 years old when he began his reign.
2CH 22:2 He was 42 when he began his reign.
[Note: Some translations use “twenty-two” here in an attempt to rectify this discrepancy. The Hebrew is clear, however, that 2CH 22:2 is 42. The Hebrew words involved are Strong’s H705 and H8147, “forty” and “two,” respectively.]

2KI 9:27 Jehu shot Ahaziah near Ibleam. Ahaziah fled to Meggido and died there.
2CH 22:9 Ahaziah was found hiding in Samaria, brought to Jehu, and put to death.

2KI 16:5 The King of Syria and the son of the King of Israel did not conquer Ahaz.
2CH 28:5-6 They did conquer Ahaz.

2KI 24:8 Jehoiachin (Jehoiakim) was eighteen years old when he began to reign.
2CH 36:9 He was eight.

2KI 24:8 Jehoiachin (Jehoiakim) reigned three months.
2CH 36:9 He reigned three months and ten days.

2KI 24:17 Jehoiachin (Jehoaikim) was succeeded by his uncle.
2CH 36:10 He was succeeded by his brother.

1CH 3:11-13 The lineage is: Joram, Ahaziah, Joash, Amaziah, Azariah, Jotham.
MT 1:8-9 It is: Joram, Uzziah, Jotham, etc.

1CH 3:19 Pedaiah was the father of Zerubbabel.
ER 3:2 Shealtiel was the father of Zerubbabel.

2CH 19:7, AC 10:34, RO 2:11 There is no injustice or partiality with the Lord.
RO 9:15-18 God has mercy on (and hardens the hearts of) whom he pleases.

ER 2:3-64 (Gives the whole congregation as 42,360 while the actual sum of the numbers is about 30,000.)

JB 2:3-6, 21:7-13, 2TI 3:12 The godly are persecuted and chastised but the wicked grow old, wealthy, and powerful, unchastised by God.
PS 55:23, 92:12-14, PR 10:2-3, 27-31, 12:2, 21 The lives of the wicked are cut short. The righteous flourish and obtain favor from the Lord.

PS 10:1 God cannot be found in time of need. He is “far off.”
PS 145:18 God is near to all who call upon him in truth.

PS 22:1-2 God sometimes forsakes his children. He does not answer.
PS 46:1 God is a refuge, a strength, a very present help.

PS 30:5, JE 3:12, MI 7:18 God’s anger does not last forever.
JE 17:4, MT 25:46 It does last forever. (He has provided for eternal punishment.)

PS 58:10-11 The righteous shall rejoice when he sees vengeance.
PR 24:16-18 Do not rejoice when your enemy falls or stumbles.

PS 78:69, EC 1:4, 3:14 The earth was established forever.
PS 102:25-26, MT 24:35, MK 13:31, LK 21:33, HE 1:10-11, 2PE 3:10 The earth will someday perish.

PR 3:13, 4:7, 19:8, JA 1:5 Happy is the man who finds wisdom. Get wisdom.
LK 2:40, 52 Jesus was filled with wisdom and found favor with God.
1CO 1:19-25, 3:18-20 Wisdom is foolishness.

PR 12:2, RO 8:28 A good man obtains favor from the Lord.
2TI 3:12, HE 12:6 The godly will be persecuted.

PR 14:8 The wisdom of a prudent man is to discern his way.
MT 6:25-34 Take no thought for tomorrow. God will take care of you.

PR 14:15-18 The simple believe everything and acquire folly; the prudent look where they are going and are crowned with knowledge.
MT 18:3, LK 18:17 You must believe as little children do.
1CO 1:20, 27 God has made the wisdom of the world foolish so as to shame the wise.
PR 16:4 God made the wicked for the “day of evil.”
MT 11:25, MK 4:11-12 God and Jesus hide some things from some people.
JN 6:65 No one can come to Jesus unless it is granted by God.
RO 8:28-30 Some are predestined to be called to God, believe in Jesus, and be justified.
RO 9:15-18 God has mercy on, and hardens the hearts of, whom he pleases.
2TH 2:11-12 God deceives the wicked so as to be able to condemn them.
1TI 2:3-4, 2PE 3:9 [Yet] God wants all to be saved.

PR 8:13, 16:6 It is the fear of God that keeps men from evil.
1JN 4:18 There is no fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear.
1JN 5:2, 2JN 1:6 Those who love God keep his commandments.

PR 26:4 Do not answer a fool. To do so makes you foolish too.
PR 26:5 Answer a fool. If you don’t, he will think himself wise.

PR 30:5 Every word of God proves true.
JE 8:8 The scribes falsify the word of God.
JE 20:7, EZ 14:9, 2TH 2:11-12 God himself deceives people.
(Note: Some versions translate deceive as “persuade.” The context makes clear, however, that deception is involved.)

IS 3:13 God stands to judge.
JL 3:12 He sits to judge.

IS 44:24 God created heaven and earth alone.
JN 1:1-3 Jesus took part in creation.

IS 53:9 Usually taken to be a prophecy re: Jesus, mentions burial with others.
MT 27:58-60, MK 15:45-46, LK 23:52-53, JN 19:38-42 Jesus was buried by himself.

JE 12:13 Some sow wheat but reap thorns.
MI 6:15 Some sow but won’t reap anything.
MT 25:26, LK 19:22 Some reap without sowing.
2CO 9:6, GA 6:7 A man reaps what he sows.

JE 32:18 God shows love to thousands, but brings punishment for the sins of their fathers to many children.
2CO 13:11, 14, 1JN 4:8, 16 God is a god of love.

JE 34:4-5 Zedekiah was to die in peace.
JE 52:10-11 Instead, Zedekaih’s sons are slain before his eyes, his eyes are then put out, he is bound in fetters, taken to Babylon and left in prison to die.

EZ 20:25-26 The law was not good. The sacrifice of children was for the purpose of horrifying the people so that they would know that God is Lord.
RO 7:12, 1TI 1:8 The law is good.

EZ 26:15-21 God says that Tyre will be destroyed and will never be found again.
(Nebudchanezzar failed to capture or destroy Tyre. It is still inhabited.)

DN 5:1 (Gives the title of “king” to Belshazzar although Belshazzar was actually the “viceroy.”)
DN 5:2 (Says that Nebuchadnezzar was the father of Belshazzar, but actually, Nebonidus was the father of Belshazzar.) (Note: Some versions attempt to correct this error by making the verse say that Nebuchadnezzar was the grandfather of Belshazzar.)

ZE 11:12-13 Mentions “thirty pieces” and could possibly be thought to be connected with the Potter’s Field prophesy referred to in Matthew.
MT 27:9 Jeremiah is given as the source of the prophesy regarding the purchase of the Potter’s Field. (Note: There is no such prophesy in Jeremiah.)

MT 1:6-7 The lineage of Jesus is traced through David’s son, Solomon.
LK 3:23-31 It is traced through David’s son, Nathan.
(Note: Some apologists assert that Luke traces the lineage through Mary. That this is untrue is obvious from the context since Luke and Matthew both clearly state that Joseph was Jesus’ father.)

MT 1:16 Jacob was Joseph’s father.
LK 3:23 Heli was Joseph’s father.

MT 1:17 There were twenty-eight generations from David to Jesus.
LK 3:23-38 There were forty-three.

MT 1:18-21 The Annunciation occurred after Mary had conceived Jesus.
LK 1:26-31 It occurred before conception.

MT 1:20 The angel spoke to Joseph.
LK 1:28 The angel spoke to Mary.

MT 1:20-23, LK 1:26-33 An angel announces to Joseph and/or Mary that the child (Jesus) will be “great,” the “son of the Most High,” etc., and ….
MT 3:13-17, MK 1:9-11 The baptism of Jesus is accompanied by the most extraordinary happenings, yet ….
MK 3:21 Jesus’ own relatives (or friends) attempt to constrain him, thinking that he might be out of his mind, and ….
MK 6:4-6 Jesus says that a prophet is without honor in his own house (which certainly should not have been the case considering the Annunciation and the Baptism).

MT 1:23 He will be called Emmanuel (or Immanuel).
MT 1:25 Instead, he was called Jesus.
MT 2:13-16 Following the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary flee to Egypt, (where they stay until after Herod’s death) in order to avoid the murder of their firstborn by Herod. Herod slaughters all male infants two years old and under. (Note: John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin, though under two is somehow spared without fleeing to Egypt.)
LK 2:22-40 Following the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary remain in the area of Jerusalem for the Presentation (about forty days) and then return to Nazareth without ever going to Egypt. There is no slaughter of the infants.
MT 2:23 “And he went and lived in a town called Nazareth. So was fulfilled what was said through the prophets: He will be called a Nazarene.'” (This prophecy is not found in the OT and while Jesus is often referred to as “Jesus of Nazareth”, he is seldom referred to as “Jesus the Nazarene.”)

MT 3:11-14, JN 1:31-34 John realized the true identity of Jesus (as the Messiah) either prior to the actual Baptism, or from the Baptism onward. The very purpose of John’s baptism was to reveal Jesus to Israel.
MT 11:2-3 After the Baptism, John sends his disciples to ask if Jesus is the Messiah.

MT 3:12, 13:42 Hell is a furnace of fire (and must therefore be light).
MT 8:12, 22:13, 25:30 Hell is an “outer darkness” (and therefore dark).

MT 3:16, MK 1:10 It was Jesus who saw the Spirit descending.
JN 1:32 It was John who saw the Spirit descending.

MT 3:17 The heavenly voice addressed the crowd: “This is my beloved Son.”
MK 1:11, LK 3:22 The voice addressed Jesus: “You are my beloved Son….”

MT 4:1-11, MK 1:12-13 Immediately following his Baptism, Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness resisting temptation by the Devil.
JN 2:1-11 Three days after the Baptism, Jesus was at the wedding in Cana.

MT 4:5-8 The Devil took Jesus to the pinnacle of the temple, then to the mountain top.
LK 4:5-9 First to the mountain top, then to the pinnacle of the temple.

MT 4:18-20, MK 1:16-18 (One story about choosing Peter as a disciple.)
LK 5:2-11 (A different story and the key word is “They”)
JN 1:35-42 (Still another story: The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the Messiah” (that is, the Christ). 42 And he brought him to Jesus.)

MT 5:1 – 7:29 Jesus delivers his most noteworthy sermon while on the mount.
LK 6:17-49 Jesus delivers his most noteworthy sermon while on the plain. (Note: No such sermons are mentioned in either MK or JN and Paul seems totally unfamiliar with either the sermon on the mount or the sermon on the plain.)

MT 5:16 Good works should be seen.
MT 6:1-4 They should be kept secret.

MT 5:17-19, LK 16:17 Jesus underscores the permanence of the law.
LE 10:8 – 11:47, DT 14:3-21 The law distinguishes between clean and unclean foods.
MK 7:14-15, MK 7:18-19 Jesus says that there is no such distinction.
1TI 4:1-4 All foods are clean according to Paul.

MT 5:17-19, LK 16:17 Jesus did not come to abolish the law.
EP 2:13-15, HE 7:18-19 Jesus did abolish the law.

MT 5:22 Anyone who calls another a fool is liable to Hell.
MT 7:26 Jesus says that anyone who hears his words and does not do them is a fool. (Note: The translation now prevalent, “like a foolish man,” in MT 7:26 is a dishonest attempt to alleviate the obvious inconsistency here in that the oldest Greek manuscripts use the same Greek word translated “fool” in MT 5:22 and “like a foolish man” in MT 7:26.)
MT 23:17-19 Jesus twice calls the Pharisees blind fools.
MT 25:2, 3, 8 Jesus likens the maidens who took no oil to fools. (Note: This is the same Greek word translated “fool” in MT 5:22 and MT 23:17-19.)
1CO 1:23, 3:18, 4:10 Paul uses “fool” with regard to Christians becoming fools for Christ. (Note: Again, this is the same Greek word translated “fool” in MT 5:22 and MT 23:17-19.)

MT 5:22 Anger by itself is a sin.
EP 4:26 Anger is not necessarily a sin.

MT 5:22 Anger by itself is a sin.
MT 11:22-24, LK 10:13-15 Jesus curses the inhabitants of several cities who are not sufficiently impressed with his mighty works.
MT 21:19, MK 11:12-14 Jesus curses a fig tree when it fails to bear fruit out of season.
MK 3:5 Jesus looks around “angrily.”

MT 5:32 Divorce, except on the grounds of unchastity, is wrong.
MK 10:11-12 Divorce on any grounds is wrong.

MT 5:39, MT 5:44 Jesus says: “Do not resist evil. Love your enemies.”
MT 6:15, 12:34, 16:3, 22:18, 23:13-15, 17, 19, 27, 29, 33, MK 7:6, LK 11:40, 44, 12:56 Jesus repeatedly hurls epithets at his opponents.

MT 5:39, MT 5:44 Do not resist evil. Love your enemies.
LK 19:27 God is likened to one who destroys his enemies.

MT 5:39, MT 5:44 Do not resist evil. Love your enemies.
2JN 1:9-11 Shun anyone who does not hold the proper doctrine.
MT 5:43-44, MT 22:39 Love your enemies. Love your neighbor as yourself.
MT 10:5 Go nowhere among the Gentiles nor enter a Samaritan town.
JN 8:58-59 Jesus hid himself, apparently to avoid being stoned.

MT 5:45, 7:21 God resides in heaven.
MK 13:32 The angels reside in heaven
AC 7:55, HE 12:2 Jesus is at the right hand of God, in heaven.
1PE 1:3-4 Believers will inherit eternal life in heaven.
MT 24:35, MK 13:31, LK 21:33 Heaven will pass away.

MT 6:13 God might lead us into temptation and it is better avoided.
JA 1:2-3 Temptation is joy.

MT 6:13 Jesus’ prayer implies that God might lead us into temptation.
JA 1:13 God tempts no one.

MT 6:25-34, LK 12:22-31 Take no thought for tomorrow. God will take care of you.
1TI 5:8 A man who does not provide for his family is worse than an infidel. (Note: Providing for a family certainly involves taking “thought for tomorrow.”)

MT 7:1-2 Do not judge.
MT 7:15-20 Instructions for judging a false prophet.

MT 7:7-8, LK 11:9-10 Ask and it will be given. Seek and you will find.
LK 13:24 Many will try to enter the Kingdom but will be unable.

MT 7:21 Not everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.
AC 2:21, RO 10:13 Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.
AC 2:39 Those God calls to himself will be saved.

MT 7:21, LK 10:36-37, RO 2:6, 13, JA 2:24 We are justified by works, not by faith.
JN 3:16, RO 3:20-26, EP 2:8-9, GA 2:16 We are justified by faith, not by works.

MT 8:5-12 The centurion himself approaches Jesus to ask to heal his servant.
LK 7:2-10 The centurion sends elders to do the asking.

MT 8:16, LK 4:40 Jesus healed all that were sick.
MK 1:32-34 Jesus healed many (but not all).

MT 8:28-33 Two demoniacs are healed in the Gadarene swine incident.
MK 5:2-16, LK 8:26-36 One demoniac is healed in this incident.

MT 9:18 The ruler’s daughter was already dead when Jesus raised her.
LK 8:42 She was dying, but not dead.

MT 10:1-8 Jesus gives his disciples the power to exorcise and heal…
MT 17:14-16 (Yet) the disciples are unable to do so.

MT 10:2, MK 3:16-19 The twelve apostles (disciples) were: Simon (Peter), Andrew his brother, James the son of Zebedee, John his brother, Philip, Bartholemew, Thomas, Matthew the tax collector, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus (Labbaeus), Simon, and Judas Iscariot.
LK 6:13-16 The above except that Thaddaeus (Labbaeus) is excluded, and Judas the son of James is added (and Judas Iscariot remains).
AC 1:13, 26 Same as MT and MK except that, like LK Thaddaeus (Labbaeus) is excluded, Judas the son of James is included, and Mathias is chosen by the others to replace Judas Iscariot.

MT 10:2, 5-6 Peter was to be an apostle to the Jews and not go near the Gentiles.
AC 15:7 He was an apostle to the Gentiles.

MT 10:10 Do not take sandals (shoes) or staves.
MK 6:8-9 Take sandals (shoes) and staves.

MT 10:34, LK 12:49-53 Jesus has come to bring a sword, fire, and division–not peace.
JN 16:33 Jesus says: “In me you have peace.”

MT 10:22, 24:13, MK 13:13 He that endures to the end will be saved.
MK 16:16 He that believes and is baptized will be saved.
JN 3:5 Only he that is born of water and Spirit will be saved.
AC 16:31 He that believes on the Lord Jesus will be saved.
AC 2:21 He that calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.
RO 10:9 He who confesses with his mouth “Jesus is Lord” and believes in his heart that God raised him from the dead will be saved.
1JN 4:7 He who loves is born of God (and presumably will be saved.)

MT 10:28, LK 12:4 Jesus says not to fear men. (Fear God only.)
MT 12:15-16, JN 7:1-10, 8:59, 10:39, 11:53-54 Jesus hid, escaped, went secretly, etc.

MT 11:7-15, 17:12-13 Jesus says that John the Baptist was a prophet, and more.
JN 1:21 John himself says that he is not a prophet, nor is he Elijah.

MT 11:25, MK 4:11-12 Jesus thanks God for hiding some things from the wise while revealing them to “babes.” He says that he uses parables so that the meaning of some of his teachings will remain hidden to at least some persons, and specifically so that they will not turn and be forgiven.
MK 4:22 Jesus says that all things should be made known.

MT 11:29 Jesus says that he is gentle (meek) and humble (lowly).
JN 2:15 Jesus makes a whip of cords, drives the money changers from the Temple, overturns their tables, and pours out their coins. (Note: The presence of the money changers in the outer court of the Temple had been authorized by the Temple authorities and was, in fact, a necessity since the Jews would not accept Roman coin for the purchase of sacrifices.)

MT 12:5 Jesus says that the law (OT) states that the priests profane the Sabbath but are blameless. (No such statement is found in the OT.

MT 12:30 Jesus says that those who are not with him are against him.
MK 9:40 Jesus says that those who are not against him are for him.
(Note: This puts those who are indifferent or undecided in the “for him” category in the first instance and in the “against him” category in the second instance.)

MT 12:39, MK 8:12, LK 11:29 Jesus says that he will give no “sign.”
JN 3:2, 20:30, AC 2:22 Jesus proceeds to give many such “signs.”

MT 13:34, MK 4:34 Jesus addresses the crowds only in parables, so that they would not fully understand. He explains the meaning only to his disciples.
JN 1:1 – 21:25 (Throughout the book of John, unlike the other Gospels, Jesus addresses the crowds in a very straightforward manner. He does not employ parables.)

MT 13:58, MK 6:5 In spite of his faith, Jesus is not able to perform mighty miracles.
MT 17:20, 19:26, MK 9:23, 10:27, LK 17:6, 18:27 Jesus says that anything is possible to him who believes if he has the faith of a grain of mustard seed. All things are possible with God. A mountain can be commanded to move and it will move.

MT 5:37, 15:19, MK 7:22, JN 8:14, 44, 14:6, 18:37 Jesus says that you should answer a plain “yes” or “no,” that his purpose is to bear witness to the truth, and that his testimony is true. He equates lying with evil.
JN 7:2-10 Jesus tells his brothers that he is not going to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Tabernacles, then later goes secretly by himself. (Note: The words “not yet” were added to some versions at JN 7:8 in order to alleviate this problem. The context at JN 7:10 makes the deception clear, however.)

MT 16:6, 11 Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.
MK 8:15 Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Herod.

MT 16:18 Jesus founds his church on Peter and will give him the keys of the kingdom.
MT 16:23 Jesus calls Peter [a] “Satan” and “a hindrance,” and accuses him of being on the side of men rather than that of God.

MT 16:18 Jesus founds his church on Peter and will give him the keys of the kingdom.
AC 15:1-21 James presides over the first Council of Jerusalem and formulates the decree regarding the accepting of Gentiles which is sent to the other churches. (Note: Tradition has it that James was appointed as the first Bishop or Pope, not Peter.)

MT 17:1-2 The Transfiguration occurs six days after Jesus foretells his suffering.
LK 9:28-29 It takes place about eight days afterwards.

MT 20:20-21 The mother of James and John asks Jesus a favor for her sons.
MK 10:35-37 They ask for themselves.

MT 20:23, MK 10:40 Jesus responds that it is not his to give.
MT 28:18, JN 3:35 All authority has been given to Jesus.

MT 20:29-34 Jesus heals two blind men on the way to Jericho.
MK 10:46-52 He heals one blind man.

MT 21:1-17 The sequence was: triumphal entry, cleansing of the temple, Bethany.
MK 11:1-19 Triumphal entry, cleansing of the temple.
LK 19:28-48 Triumphal entry, cleansing of the temple, daily teaching in the temple.
JN 12:1-18 Cleansing of the temple (early in his career), Supper with Lazarus, triumphal entry, no cleansing of the temple following the triumphal entry.

MT 21:2-6, MK 11:2-7, LK 19:30-35 The disciples follow Jesus instructions and bring him the animal (or animals, in the case of MT).
JN 12:14 Jesus finds the animal himself.

MT 21:7 Jesus rides two animals during his triumphal entry.
MK 11:7, LK 19:35, JN 12:14 Only one animal is involved.

MT 21:12-13 The cleansing of the temple occurs at the end of Jesus’ career.
JN 2:13-16 It occurs near the beginning of his career.

MT 21:19-20 The fig tree withers immediately after being cursed by Jesus. The disciples notice and are amazed.
MK 11:13-14, 20-21 The disciples first notice that the tree has withered the day following.

MT 23:35 Jesus says that Zacharias (Zechariah) was the son of Barachias (Barachiah).
2CH 24:20 Zacharias was actually the son of Jehoida, the priest.
(Note: The name Barachias, or Barachiah, does not appear in the O.T.)

MT 24:29-33, MK 13:24-29 The coming of the kingdom will be accompanied by signs and miracles.
LK 17:20-21 It will not be accompanied by signs and miracles. It is already within.

MT 25:34 Heaven was prepared before the Ascension of Jesus.
JN 14:2-3 It was prepared after the Ascension of Jesus.

MT 26:6-13, MK 14:3 The anointing of Jesus takes place in Bethany at the house of Simon the leper.
LK 7:36-38 It takes place at the house of a Pharisee in Galilee.

MT 26:7, MK 14:3 The oil is poured on Jesus’ head.
LK 7:38, JN 12:3 On his feet.

MT 26:7, MK 14:3, LK 7:37 An unnamed woman does the anointing.
JN 12:3 It is Mary.

MT 28:6-8 The women ran from the tomb “with great joy.”
JN 20:1-2 Mary told Peter and the other disciple that the body had been stolen. (Would she feel “great joy” if she thought the body had been stolen?)

MT 26:8 The disciples reproach her.
MK 14:4 “Some” reproach her.
JN 12:4-5 Judas Iscariot reproaches her.

MT 26:14-25, MK 14:10-11, LK 22:3-23 Judas made his bargain with the chief priests before the meal.
JN 13:21-30 After the meal.

MT 26:20-29, MK 14:17-28, JN 13:21-30 Jesus forecasts his betrayal prior to the communion portion of the supper.
LK 22:14-23 After the communion portion.

MT 26:26-29, MK 14:22-25 The order of the communion was: bread, then wine.
LK 22:17-20 It was: wine, then bread.

MT 26:34, LK 22:34, JN 13:38 Peter was to deny Jesus before the cock crowed.
MK 14:30 Before the cock crowed twice.
MK 14:66-72 The cock crows after both the first and second denials.
(Note: These discrepancies have been “translated out” in some Bible versions.)

MT 26:40-45, MK 14:37-41 The disciples fall asleep three times.
LK 22:45 One time.

MT 26:49-50, MK 14:44-46 Jesus is betrayed by Judas with a kiss, then seized.
LK 22:47-48 Jesus anticipates Judas’ kiss. No actual kiss is mentioned.
JN 18:2-9 Jesus voluntarily steps forward to identify himself making it completely unnecessary for Judas to point him out. No kiss is mentioned.

MT 26:51, MK 14:47, JN 18:10 The ear of a slave is cut off and left that way.
LK 22:50-51 The severed ear is miraculously healed by Jesus.

MT 26:52 Dispose of swords. All who take the sword will perish by it.
LK 22:36-38 Buy swords.

MT 26:57, MK 14:53, LK 22:54 After his arrest Jesus is first taken to Caiphas, the high priest.
JN 18:13-24 First to Annas, the son-in-law of Caiphas, then to Caiphas.

MT 26:18-20, 57-68, 27:1-2, MK 14:16-18, 53-72, 15:1 Jesus’ initial hearing was at night on Passover. In the morning he was taken to Pilate.
LK 22:13-15, 54-66 The initial hearing took place in the morning on Passover.
JN 18:28, 19:14 It took place the day before Passover, on the Day of Preparation.

MT 26:59-66, MK 14:55-64 Jesus was tried by the entire Sanhedrin (the chief priests and the whole council).
LK 22:66-71 There was no trial but merely an inquiry held by the Sanhedrin.
JN 18:13-24 There was no appearance before the Sanhedrin, only the private hearings before Annas and then Caiphas.

MT 26:63, LK 22:70 The high priest asks Jesus if he is the Son of God.
MK 14:61 He asks Jesus if he is the Son of the Blessed.

MT 26:64, LK 22:70 Jesus answers: “You have said so,” or words to this effect.
MK 14:62 He answers directly: “I am.”

MT 26:69-70 Peter makes his first denial to a maid and “them all.”
MK 14:66-68, LK 22:56-57, JN 18:17 It was to one maid only.

MT 26:71-72 Peter’s second denial is to still another maid.
MK 14:69-70 (Apparently) to the same maid.
LK 22:58 To a man, not a maid.
JN 18:25 To more than one, “they.”

MT 26:73-74, MK 14:70-71 Peter’s third denial is to bystanders (two or more).
LK 22:59-60 To “another” (one).
JN 18:26-27 To one of the servants.

MT 26:74 The cock crowed once.
MK 14:72 The cock crowed twice.

MT 27:3-7 The chief priests bought the field.
AC 1:16-19 Judas bought the field.

MT 27:5 Judas threw down the pieces of silver, then departed.
AC 1:18 He used the coins to buy the field.

MT 27:5 Judas hanged himself.
AC 1:18 He fell headlong, burst open, and his bowels gushed out.

MT 27:11, MK 15:2, LK 23:3 When asked if he is King of the Jews, Jesus answers: “You have said so,” (or “Thou sayest”).
JN 18:33-34 He answers: “Do you say this of your own accord?”

MT 27:11-14 Jesus answers not a single charge at his hearing before Pilate.
JN 18:33-37 Jesus answers all charges at his hearing before Pilate.

MT 27:20 The chief priests and elders are responsible for persuading the people to ask for the release of Barabbas.
MK 15:11 Only the chief priests are responsible.
LK 23:18-23 The people ask, apparently having decided for themselves.

MT 27:28 Jesus is given a scarlet robe (a sign of infamy).
MK 15:17, JN 19:2 A purple robe (a sign of royalty).

MT 27:32, MK 15:21, LK 23:26 Simon of Cyrene carries Jesus’ cross.
JN 19:17 Jesus carries his own cross with no help from anyone.

MT 27:37 The inscription on the cross read: “This is Jesus the King of the Jews.”
MK 15:26 “The King of the Jews.”
LK 23:38 “This is the King of the Jews.”
JN 19:19 “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.”

MT 27:44 Both of those who are crucified with Jesus taunt him.
LK 23:39-42 Only one taunts Jesus, and he is rebuked by the other for doing so.

MT 27:46 Jesus asks God, the Father, why he has been forsaken.
JN 10:30 Jesus says that he and the Father are one.

MT 27:46-50, MK 15:34-37 Jesus’ last recorded words are: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”
LK 23:46 “Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit.”
JN 19:30 “It is finished.” (Note: Even though both MT and MK allegedly represent direct quotes and are translated similarly, the actual Greek words used for God are different. MT uses “Eli” and MK uses “Eloi.”)

MT 27:48, LK 23:36, JN 19:29 Jesus was offered vinegar to drink.
MK 15:23 It was wine and myrrh, and he did not drink it.
JN 19:29-30 Whatever it was, he did drink it.

MT 27:54 The centurion says: “Truly this was the son of God.”
MK 15:39 He says: “Truly this man was the son of God!”
LK 23:47 He says: “Truly this man was innocent” (or “righteous”).

MT 27:55, MK 15:40, LK 23:49 The women looked on from afar.
JN 19:25-26 They were near enough that Jesus could speak to his mother.

MT 27:62-66 A guard was placed at the tomb (the day following the burial).
MK 15:42- 16:8, LK 23:50-56, JN 19:38-42 (No guard is mentioned. This is important since rumor had it that Jesus’ body was stolen and the Resurrection feigned.)
MK 16:1-3, LK 24:1 (There could not have been a guard, as far as the women were concerned, since they were planning to enter the tomb with spices. Though the women were aware of the stone, they were obviously unaware of a guard.)

MT 24:9 Even some of the disciples of Jesus will be killed.
JN 8:51 If anyone keeps Jesus’ words, he will never see death.
HE 9:27 [All] men die once, then judgement follows.

MT 28:1 The first visitors to the tomb were Mary Magdalene and the other Mary (two).
MK 16:1 Both of the above plus Salome (three).
LK 23:55 – 24:1, 24:10 Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and “other women” (at least five).
JN 20:1 Mary Magdalene only (one).

MT 28:1 It was toward dawn when they arrived.
MK 16:2 It was after sunrise.
LK 24:1 It was at early dawn.
JN 20:1 It was still dark.

MT 28:1-2 The stone was still in place when they arrived. It was rolled away later.
MK 16:4, LK 24:2, JN 20:1 The stone had already been rolled (or taken) away.

MT 28:2 An angel arrived during an earthquake, rolled back the stone, then sat on it (outside the tomb).
MK 16:5 No earthquake, only one young man sitting inside the tomb.
LK 24:2-4 No earthquake. Two men suddenly appear standing inside the tomb.
JN 20:12 No earthquake. Two angels are sitting inside the tomb.

MT 28:8 The visitors ran to tell the disciples.
MK 16:8 They said nothing to anyone.
LK 24:9 They told the eleven and all the rest.
JN 20:10-11 The disciples returned home. Mary remained outside, weeping.

MT 28:8-9 Jesus’ first Resurrection appearance was fairly near the tomb.
LK 24:13-15 It was in the vicinity of Emmaus (seven miles from Jerusalem).
JN 20:13-14 It was right at the tomb.

MT 28:9 On his first appearance to them, Jesus lets Mary Magdalene and the other Mary hold him by his feet.
JN 20:17 On his first appearance to Mary, Jesus forbids her to touch him since he has not yet ascended to the Father.
JN 20:27 A week later, although he has not yet ascended to the Father, Jesus tells Thomas to touch him.

MT 28:7-10, MT 28:16 Although some doubted, the initial reaction of those that heard the story was one of belief since they followed the revealed instructions.
MK 16:11, LK 24:11 The initial reaction was one of disbelief. All doubted.

MT 28:1-18 The order of Resurrection appearances was: Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, then the eleven.
MK 16:9-14 It was Mary Magdalene, then two others, then the eleven.
LK 24:15-36 It was two, then Simon (Peter?), then the eleven.
JN 20:14 – 21:1 It was Mary Magdalene, then the disciples without Thomas, then the disciples with Thomas, then the eleven disciples again.
1CO 15:5-8 It was Cephas (Peter?), then the “twelve” (which twelve, Judas was dead?), then 500+ brethren (although AC 1:15 says there were only about 120), then James, then all the Apostles, then Paul.

MT 28:19 Jesus instructs his disciples to baptize.
1CO 1:17 Although he considers himself a disciple of Jesus, Paul says that he has not been sent to baptize.

MK 1:2 Jesus quotes a statement that allegedly appears in Isaiah. No such statement appears in Isaiah. (Note: IS 40.3 is seen by some as equivalent to MK 1.2; MA 3.1 is a much better fit, however, given that Jesus is allegedly quoting word for word in MK 1:2.)

MK 1:14 Jesus began his ministry after the arrest of John the Baptist.
JN 3:22-24 Before the arrest of John the Baptist.

MK 1:23-24 A demon cries out that Jesus is the Holy One of God.
1JN 4:1-2 Everyone who confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God. (Note: This would mean that the demon is of God.)

MK 3:29 Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin.
AC 13:39, CN 2:13, 1JN 1:9 All sins are forgivable.

MK 4:11-12, 11:25 Jesus says that he uses parables so that the meaning of some of his teachings will remain secret to at least some persons. He explains the meanings of the parables only to his disciples. He thanks God for hiding some things from the wise while revealing them to “babes.”
JN 18:20 Jesus says that he always taught openly, never secretly.

MK 6:16 Herod was the source of the belief that John had been raised from the dead.
LK 9:7 Others were the source. Herod was perplexed by the belief.

MK 6:52 The people were so unimpressed with “the Feeding of the Multitude” that they did not even understand the event.
JN 6:14-15 They were so impressed that they tried to force Jesus to be their king.

MK 6:53 After the feeding of the 5000, Jesus and the disciples went to Gennesaret.
JN 6:17-25 They went to Capernaum.

MK 15:25 It was the third hour when Jesus was crucified.
JN 19:14-15 It was after the sixth hour since Jesus was still before Pilate and had not yet been sentenced at that time.
MK 16:1-2 The women came to the tomb to anoint the body.
JN 19:39-40 The body had already been anointed and wrapped in linen cloth.

MK 16:5, LK 24:3 The women actually entered the tomb.
JN 20:1-2, 11 They did not.

MK 16:14-19 The Ascension took place (presumably from a room) while the disciples were together seated at a table, probably in or near Jerusalem.
LK 24:50-51 It took place outdoors, after supper, at Bethany (near Jerusalem).
AC 1:9-12 It took place outdoors, after 40+ days, at Mt. Olivet.
MT 28:16-20 No mention is made of an ascension, but if it took place at all, it must have been from a mountain in Galilee since MT ends there.)

LK 1:15 John the Baptist had the Holy Spirit from before his birth or the birth of Jesus.
LK 1:41 Elizabeth had it long before Jesus went away.
LK 1:67 So did Zechariah.
LK 2:25 So did Simeon.
LK 11:13 It is obtained by prayer (presumably at any time).
JN 7:39, JN 16:7, AC 1:3-5 The Holy Spirit cannot come into the world until after Jesus has departed.

LK 8:12 The Devil causes unbelief.
MK 4:11-12 Jesus is responsible for unbelief in at least some cases.
2TH 2:11-12 God is ultimately responsible for unbelief in at least some cases.

LK 14:26 No one can be a disciple of Jesus unless he hates his parents, wife, children, brothers and sisters.
1JN 3:15 Whoever hates his brother is a murderer.
1JN 4:20 If anyone claims to love God but hates his brother, he is a liar.

LK 18:9-14 Do not boast of your virtue.
RO 11:20, 1PE 5:5 Do not be proud.
RO 15:17, 2CO 1:12, HE 3:6, 2CO 2:14, 5:12, 11:17 Paul boasts of his faith and says that one should be proud of it.

LK 22:3-23 Satan entered Judas before the supper.
JN 13:27 It was during the supper.

LK 23:43 Jesus promises one of those crucified with him that they will be together, that very day, in Paradise.
JN 20:17, AC 1:3 Jesus was not raised until the third day and did not ascend until at least forty days later.

LK 23:55-56 The women followed Joseph to the tomb, saw how the body had been laid, then went to prepare spices with which to anoint the body.
JN 19:39-40 Joseph brought spices with him (75 or a 100 lbs.) and annointed the body (as the women should have noticed).

JN 1:1, 10:30 Jesus and God are one.
JN 14:28 God is greater than Jesus.

JN 1:1 Jesus was God incarnate.
AC 2:22 Jesus was a man approved by God.

JN 3:17, 8:15, 12:47 Jesus does not judge.
JN 5:22, 5:27-30, 9:39, AC 10:42, 2CO 5:10 Jesus does judge.

JN 5:22 God does not judge.
RO 2:2-5, 3:19, 2TH 1:5, 1PE 1:17 God does judge.

JN 5:24 Believers do not come into judgement.
MT 12:36, RO 5:18, 2CO 5:10, HE 9:27, 1PE 1:17, JU 1:14-15, RE 20:12-13 All persons (including believers) come into judgement.

JN 5:31 Jesus says that if he bears witness to himself, his testimony is not true.
JN 8:14 Jesus says that even if he bears witness to himself, his testimony is true.

JN 5:38-47 Men have a choice as to whether or not to receive Jesus.
JN 6:44 No one can come to Jesus unless he is drawn by the Father.

JN 7:38 Jesus quotes a statement that he says appears in scripture (i.e., the OT).
(No such statement is found in the OT.)

JN 10:27-29 None of Jesus’ followers will be lost.
1TI 4:1 Some of them will be lost.

JN 12:31 The Devil is the ruler (or “prince”) of this world.
1CO 10:26, RE 1:5 Jesus is the ruler of kings–the earth is his.

JN 12:32 Jesus implies that all persons will be saved.
1TI 2:3-4, 2PE 3:9 God wants all to be saved.
JN 12:40, AC 2:21, 2:39, RO 9:27, 10:13 Some will not be saved.
RE 14:1-4 Heaven will be inhabited by 144,000 virgin men (only?).

JN 13:36 Peter asks Jesus where he is going.
JN 14:5 Thomas does the same.
JN 16:5 Jesus says that none of them have asked him where he is going.

JN 17:12 Jesus has lost none of his disciples other than Judas.
JN 18:9 Jesus has lost none, period.

JN 17:12 Mentions a “son of perdition” as appearing in scripture (meaning the OT).
(Note: There is no “son of perdition” mentioned in the OT.)

JN 18:37 Jesus came into the world to bear witness to the truth.
RO 1:18-20 The truth has always been evident.

JN 20:9 Jesus quotes a statement that he says appears in scripture (meaning the OT). (No such statement is found in the OT.)

JN 20:22 In his first resurrection appearance before the assembled disciples, Jesus gives them the Holy Spirit.
AC 1:3-5, AC 2:1-4 The Holy Spirit was received much later (on Pentecost.)

JN 21:25 The world probably could not contain the books if all that Jesus did were to be written.
AC 1:1 The author of Acts has already written about all that Jesus began to do.

AC 5:19, 12:6-11 The disciples take part in a jailbreak made possible by an angel.
AC 5:40-42 The disciples disobey the Council and continue to teach and preach Jesus.
RO 13:1-4, 1PE 2:13-15 Obey the laws of men (i.e., government). It is the will of God.

AC 5:29 Obey God, not men.
RO 13:1-4, 1PE 2:13-15 Obey the laws of men (i.e., government). It is the will of God.

AC 9:7 Those present at Paul’s conversion heard the voice but saw no one.
AC 22:9 They saw a light but did not hear a voice.

AC 9:7 Those present at Paul’s conversion stood.
AC 26:14 They fell to the ground.

AC 9:19-28 Shortly after his conversion, Paul went to Damascus, then Jerusalem where he was introduced to the Apostles by Barnabas, and there spent some time with them (going in and out among them).
GA 1:15-20 He made the trip three years later, then saw only Peter and James.

AC 9:23 The governor attempted to seize Paul.
2CO 11:32 It was the Jews who tried to seize Paul.

AC 10:34, RO 2:11 God shows no partiality. He treats all alike.
RO 9:11-13 God hated Esau and loved Jacob even before their birth.

AC 10:34, RO 2:11 God shows no partiality. He treats all alike.
RO 9:18 God has mercy on whoever he chooses, etc.

AC 16:6 The Holy Spirit forbids preaching in Asia.
AC 19:8-10 Paul preaches in Asia anyway.

AC 20:35 Quotes Jesus as having said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (No such statement of Jesus is found elsewhere in the Bible.)

RO 2:12 All who have sinned without the law will perish without the law.
RO 4:15 Where there is no law there is no transgression (sin).

RO 2:13 Doers of the law will be justified.
RO 3:20, GA 3:11 They will not be justified.

RO 2:15 The law is written on the heart. Conscience teaches right from wrong.
1JN 2:27 Anointing by Jesus teaches right from wrong.

RO 4:9 Faith was reckoned to Abraham as righteousness.
JA 2:21 Abraham was justified by works (which made his faith perfect).

RO 10:11 (An alleged OT quote; no such statement in the OT.)

RO 14:21 It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor anything that might cause your brother to stumble or be offended.
CN 2:16 Let no one pass judgement on you in matters of food and drink.

1CO 7:8-9 Widows should not marry (although it is better to marry than burn).
1TI 5:14 Young widows should marry, bear children, rule the household, etc..

1CO 8:4 There is only one God.
2CO 4:4 Satan is God of this world (therefore there are at least two gods).

1CO 10:33 Paul says that he tries to please men (so they might be saved).
GA 1:10 Paul says he would not be a servant of Christ if he tried to please men.

2CO 12:16 Paul says that he does use trickery.
1TH 2:3 Paul says that he does not use trickery.

GA 6:2 Bear one another’s burdens.
GA 6:5 Bear your own burden.

1TH 2:2 God gave Paul the courage to continue his work.
1TH 2:17-18 Satan hindered Paul.
(Note: Who is stronger, Satan or God?)

1TI 1:15 Paul says that he is the foremost of sinners.
1JN 3:8-10 He who commits sin is of the Devil. Children of God do not sin.

1TI 6:20, 2TI 2:14-16, 3:1-7 Do not argue with an unbeliever.
2JN 1:10-11 Anyone who even greets an unbeliever shares his wicked work.
CN 4:5-6 Be wise in your behavior with outsiders. Let your talk be with grace, mixed with salt, so that you may be able to give an answer to everyone.
1PE 3:15 Always be ready to answer any man concerning your faith.

JA 4:5 (Quotes an alleged OT scripture verse not found in the OT.)

RE 8:7 All of the grass on earth is burned up, and then …
RE 9:4 An army of locusts, which is about to be turned loose on the earth, is instructed not to harm the grass.