Dakota Pipeline Protest for Dummies ~ Rob Reiken

Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe

Authored by Rob Reiken
Dakota Pipeline Protest for Dummies who do NOT understand what this is about. Six or so years ago when the BP Gulf Oil Spill happened, the native Indians put Barges in place to stop the oil flowing up their river but instead the Feds being the parasites they are didn’t allow this so “they” removed them. About 2 years after that there was a documentary exposing how many of those Indians are dying because of the contamination with no alternative but to use that water from the contaminated river to live.

Do realize that this is modern day Genocide? So once the government poisons the water, its then game over. The Government does this all the time through their LUV Child Corporations especially with a thing called Fracking contaminating all artesian based, Bore Ground Water.

So with this Dakota Pipeline they want to run it in through and across the river. American Government has proven itself time and again it doesn’t care to upgrade or repair its infrastructure; this has been proven with just about everything. Such as pipelines for the Nuclear Reactors which are leaking. The last recent bridge that fell down killing 16 and over 50,000 other bridges in need of repair. But “they” say they don’t have the money to fix them. They even intentionally put Pesticide in the water called Sodium Fluoride and Chemtrail the whole planet spraying from planes terraforming the earth. “They” always have plenty of money for military, and weapons of war but never enough to feed the poor. The government has traitor’s hidden within, and behind closed doors, in the shadows running it called Globalist, hijacking the whole system through, right down to mainstream media.

The 1st Nation realize if this pipeline is laid then it is a ticking time bomb before it fails just as has many before it have failed, doing irreversible environmental disaster.

Do realize there is no Circle Of Life without The Water Of Life. American Imperialism has resulted in the bloodiest Massacre in world’s history ever known, which is never taught in schools. Just ask yourselves why is that? Do the ones in power have something to hide? Like one word >Truth <. Around 100 million Natives slaughtered along with 60 million buffalo wiping out an entire species of Buffalo and all to kill the Indians food source. They are the wise ones who respect the land and killed for food, using it all and wasting none of it. The ones in power speak often with fork tongue who are Corrupt to The Core only working for the demise of humanity for a Plan called Agenda 21 Depopulation towards a Trans-humanist world.

Personally I will always stand with the Indians, Natives and Aboriginals opposing the greedy sold out vermin who rape the land for the all mighty dollar with destruction following resulting in wastelands. People need to wake up and realize the government cares nothing about human rights, only to enslave and loot our money by whatever means.

All I ask is for you all to OPEN YOUR EYES; Research, Educate yourself and Open your mind, because all around us the truth is mixed up in the lies to deceive so many of you. Give up your arms, then you’re as good as dead cause the power will do as it pleases when you can no longer can defend yourself.

Here’s a song I wrote some years back in regards to this matter…

(2nd Frett)
Verse 1.
In the time this land was few & there was peace
Then the white man came & changed all that
Outnumbered by so many men & guns, Where the Indians had no chance
Only to be driven so far away from their homeland.
To be given rugs as gifts to seal their fate
Spread the disease that will hit like wildfire to wipe them out
Didn’t take long to catch on n learn of white mans fork tongue
Only to feel the brunt of the dark side of man.

Do we not share the same laughter, Underneath these blue skies
Can we not learn to coexist as neighbors
Living side by side by side

Let the freedom bells of prosperity, Ring out for all of mankind
May we never forget the wrongs. History in past, it has done
For the history now written in the domains, of us all.

Verse 2.
Now they just wanted an existance, Of living of the land
To be denied to live among, A settlers land
Now once where forefathers lived, In prairies among wild buffalo
For all that may be left now, Is their spirits in the wind.
Now curse the darkness, & strike the light
For the wholly ghost, as this can never be right
Be done with all injustice, That be so wrong
Until all the toriture in these lands, Now let it end.

(To Chorus)……………………..

rob-reiken-nodapl-letourvoicesechoComposer: John Loughton (aka Rob Reiken)
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