Steven D. Jennings


A short story by Steven Jennings:

She slapped him hard across his old, wrinkled face.

“Open your damn mouth and eat, you old stubborn son-of-a-b*tch,” she demanded.

He just sat in his wheelchair with a sour look on his face. Every emotion within him wanted to cry, but physically he couldn’t shed a tear.

She brought the spoon full of mashed peas to his lips again and said “OPEN” in a curt voice.

He turned his head to the left, then the right, and then the left again as she tried to feed him. Finally she grabbed him by his thin, white hair and jammed the spoon deep into his mouth. He let out a silent cry as the pain shot down his spine.

Seven years earlier he had suffered a massive stroke that would’ve killed many. But not old James Earl Killborn. He was too stubborn to die. The…

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